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Dr Scott
05-20-2007, 09:39 AM
Important Rules for the Sign Up

You must have the alignment of your team
No guns / missiles / etc. Pokemon are your weapons, though you may know simple martial arts. However, you cannot excel in them to the point where you can beat any old person with your martial arts. Focus on Powers and Pokemon for your weapons, hand to hand is the last resort. Those without an offensive power may use blunt weapons (such as clubs) but it is the same rules as above. Like a Mage using a Staff for hand to hand in any old D&D game.
You are SIMPLY A MEMBER of your team. I do not care if you are Sent himself (just joking bro, you know we cool), you are still not a leader of the team. In fact, you do not even KNOW the team leader, the most you see is a lieutenant. This is to down the grunt complex.
No Grunt Complex: You may only use up to 2 other NPC's for offensive means at a time, but you can have as many peaceful friends as you want. The teams are made up of those with powers only, as these are special groups for said RPers, others are friends and thugs.

After World's End: Jirachi's Sacrifice

General History
Inspired By: City of Heroes, X-Men

Years ago, the end of the world began. Four legendary horses, each carrying a single rider, the harbingers of Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence. Starting at the continent known as Greyland, these four beings and their steeds traveled the four corners of the continent, killing each and every person they came in contact with. The land was in turmoil, with everyone doing what they could to survive, hiding in bomb shelters and killing each other over small hiding places that might save them from the horrible fate that was coming there way. However, those who chose to hide had an even worse fate, thousands of year’s worth of pain shot into their very soul, leaving them chained to the core of the world itself without the luxury of death.

It was during this time of suffering that the world’s legends, large, small, winged, or cute all banded together to strike back at the four horses, leading armies of the Pokémon of the world. The site brought hope for the inhabitants, rising the human’s fighting spirits once again. Though having never before needed firearms such as guns or rifles because of their Pokémon partners, the various humans had studied martial weapons and arts, as well as trained their Pokémon specifically for wars and battles. It was at this time that the two sides, Pokémon and Human alike decided to ban together, whether it be by a Mew’s pleas or another human’s briberies. The various armies of the continent and the world itself all massed for one large strike, old enemies working together for the first time in ages.

Some of the most powerful armies were led not by the various governments, but instead by the groups that inhabited them. This was the most prominent in Greyland, where the different teams all fought for control of the land, each ruling a portion. Each different group sent out their own squads, most sending all they could to help the effort, but some keeping their best out of the fight, in case the attack failed.

The war took place on various spots of Greyland, though the largest and deciding battle was fought on Mount Salic. With the outcomes of the various battles already decided, and Famine and Death already defeated but with Famine’s stead surviving, and Pestilence’s stead dying while Pestilence himself lived, the survivors on both sides all gathered at the same point, all ready to make a final strike.

Though it took a full day, Pestilence was finally defeated, as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres launched a deadly tri attack at the Pokémon, draining their energy and killing themselves off in the process. However, War and the surviving stead of Famine proved to be too much as they wiped out all of the surviving legendary Pokémon before setting their sights on the leaders of the various groups themselves, murdering them all one by one.

It was at Jirachi’s death, sacrificing himself to save a surprised Mewtwo, that the battle finally swung in the favor of the humans. As the blood of the Wishmaker mixed with the cloned Pokémon’s tears, that the body of Jirachi glowed, reviving a dying Mew and Arceus as well as filling random humans with a strange energy. This energy gave the humans different powers, each with the power to match the various legendary Pokémon. Now, with newfound power, War and the two horses were suddenly on the defensive. As a last strike, War slammed his massive Warhammer into the ground, obliterating the mountain. Though many humans and Pokémon alike died, some still managed to escape. Inexplicably, a few hours after the battle was finished, the powers faded away as if they were never there.

Many years later, the land where the final battle once took place, and where Mount Salic once stood, was turned into a tourist attraction. Many from around the world traveled to the land to see where the great battle once took place. After a while, a city was built in the ruins of the mountain, called Vittoria.

After time, and the city grew, some of the citizens noted small powers. Though they were nothing like what was once used to defeat War, they were noticeable nonetheless. Some could change the color of their eyes by blinking, while others could take off the pants simply by jumping into the air, those this trick quickly became embarrassing as the user got older.

Over time the history of the land was forgotten, as the final documents blew into the wind, though the powers themselves were slowly growing in magnitude. Some chose to use these powers for good, saving small children and becoming super heroes, others chose to use them to become the heads of businesses, or well paid hitmen. Still others chose to use their power not for good or evil, but to keep the balance and protect the city. Some of the more down to earth types simply pretended they had none, not wanting to be treated any different, because there were those who despised the ones with powers. Inexplicably, if one traveled too far from the city the powers simply vanished. A powered hero even erected a wall around the and where the powers vanished to hint to others where the stopping point was.

As the powers became more evident, more groups rose up to spite them. Some did this simply out of jealousy, while others were simply afraid of those who were more powerful then them. It was this that caused the gifted men and women to join together, supporting each other or just going around doing good deeds together. It was a while after the individuals banned together that the groups came back.

Some groups had not survived the war, such as the tragic falls of Aqua and the Typhoon Alliance. However, after time some of the teams that had existed came back. No one seemed to know the leaders, but each powered individual seemed to have picked their own side. These six teams, NRSK, Syndicate, Alpha Guild, Rocket, Swarm, and Trainer soon grew as more joined, each taking a particular part of the city as their own. Now the lines have been drawn, and each member seems to have their own goals, while those of the leaders are still totally unknown.

The Violent Path: The City
Inspired By: Full Metal Alchemist
Note: May be edited/ have stuff added

With the various powered individuals just getting started into their various groups, many are forced to meet new people and get settled into their own group. With the different team having different goals, while Syndicate might try to corrupt a small business, NRSK might try to feed the homeless. While the path of the individual is determined by the teams alignment, each team will do their own thing, decided and changed by the people themselves, within limits.

However, one new side remains a mystery. A new group, led by a man simply known as Superbia has emerged. While it’s purpose and actions are random and unknown, they still manage to cause damage against the city and the various members. One thing is known for sure, they all seem to be faster, stronger, and smarter then any normal humans could be, giving the various groups pause.

At the same time, the groups are still building, trying to expand their influence and build up their group. Though each has a small area of influence, this is just because the locals have put up small to no fight, the groups themselves are just starting to grow and find themselves. Teams themselves must find their own way to persuade or beat the locals and other teams into giving up neighborhood, taking control of more area. Then once they establish a hold, teams can try to hire and build new buildings, take over a nearby bank, try to make some of the children join their cause …

This is a more open area of the RP, but do not try to take advantage of this. It takes time to take over area, make people join your side, whatever you want to do. Cops in this town have the state of the art anti-power devices, giving them some of the same powers that we do. If you draw too much attention to yourselves, the government may step in with their own super soldiers.

As well, the storyline itself will change and grow as the RP goes along, adding new characters and obstacles to stand in the way. Take your time and enjoy the openness, I really do not want to have to limit it ^^;. I thought it would be fun to keep it more like that one TOD one, where we are just coming back, don’t go as fast as you did there. You are a growing team, not a one post building machine <3.

The School: A path for both
Inspired By: The Magickers, Myself
Note: May be edited.

Straight in the middle of town lies the college known as Marc University, named after the legendary Light of the town. The college is well known for teaching famous trainers such as Lance from the Elite Four, professors such as Professor Oak. Of course, regular majors and minors can be handed out, but the college is frequented by students hoping to learn from the various Pokemon experts.

This year, special scholarships were handed out to various new students (the roleplayers), but also forcing them to live in a brand new dorm, Jirachi Hall. This dorm is as advanced as can be, the living spaces generously large.

It was on the very first day that Fred Lodiab, the man who sponsors and heads the dorm, handed out a large document, which held the entire history of the great war of the past. The professor then went on to give them a speech …

”It was on a dig that I found an ancient manuscript. Though the language was not entirely as that which we use today, most of it was still readable, and I managed to type out that which you now read. Further studying led me to believe that the land where the battle once took place happened on the very land on which this city now takes place.

I moved here last year, studying the war itself. During my search I discovered clues to something that might change the world around us as we know it. I knew, however, that I could not get to it by myself, as one of the researchers with me was murdered in pursuit. I was forced to lay low, and in this time I started to study the powered individuals, just like those in the past. With the help of one I was able to create an object that helps me find these special citizens. I chose you all for a certain reason, I think that you will be able to help me out.

If my notes are correct, something very important might be found in this school, though I am not quite sure yet. However, I believe that some of the teachers were involved in the murder of my researcher. All of you should try to keep an ear out, but for those of you who are less pacifistic, stop them if you can.

Now I know that not all of you are on the best of terms, as I have heard about these apparent groups you have all started, but try to keep it civil, okay? Or at the very least, keep the pranks and fighting from me, or I will be forced to keep things civil.

For those of you who are more pacifistic, there is the new Pokémon habitat and training zone, where you can battle and bond with Pokémon. However, catching is prohibited unless given the ‘ok’ from a teacher.

Also, thanks to the miracles of modern Pokémon, a rift in the world was somehow opened in one of the college’s many rooms. This is a small land, with not even a single Pokémon inside. Professor Nagina’s Pokémon Mysteries class will be able to study and explore it, while Professor Cheftun’s Shop class will be building a small house the college will be able to later use, so make sure to sign up for one of those classes.”

-Thanks to Mikey for helping me with the power rolling
-Thanks to Finch for the idea and the random power idea
-Thanks to KB and Sakura for ideas with the School bit of the RP
-Neptune for help with ideas
-Firefly for the Teachers
-Mikey (again) for the map ...

Dr Scott
05-20-2007, 09:44 AM
Sign-Up Sheet

Name: Characters Name

Age: If you are doing the school, 18-24. If not, any age is fine, though make it sensible. No 3 year olds walking around with a fire power.

Looks: Describe as much as possible, even if you have a picture. If you do, just link it, do not put the actual image in your post.

Personality: What is he/she actually like mentally? What does he like to do?

History: Tell me everything about his / her past. When did they notice their powers? Etc.

Power: Your given power

Team: Which WAR team you are on

Pokémon: 1-4, more can be caught later.

Which You Are Doing: School, pacifist, Violent Path, or both

-Charizard Mike
-Draconic Espeon
-Tyra Banks

05-20-2007, 06:12 PM
I'll be reserving my spot for now, until I'm assigned my new power.

05-20-2007, 09:35 PM
I'll be reserving my spot for now, until I'm assigned my new power.
Um, I don't think you need to reserve a spot. xD It's open for anyone who has a power.

Charizard Michelle
05-20-2007, 09:41 PM
Name: Michelle Elena Annason (Aka Mikey when doing things for the team)

Age: 19

Looks: Michelle is a tall and thin girl with black hair reaching down to her shoulders. Michelle has brown eyes on her long tanned face. While walking around the campus she mostly wears black boots and a pair of blue jeans. A red top covers her chest with a black jacket. She wears a long white belt that carries her pokeballs and long white bag is slung against her side.

At night when she is doing her work for Trainer, Michelle wears a black skin tight jumpsuit and confortable black shoes for running. A black bandana covers her month and Michelle wears black extentions to make her hair look longer. Around her waist she wears a black belt to carry her pokeballs and other small items.

Personality: Michelle is mostly a friend kind of person to be around with. She is honest and tries to be helpful towards others. Isn't easily embrass but is very bright. Kind of secertive when it comes to her powers and does like to keep things hidden from others. She likes to help out others as often as she can and is willing to go out of her way if she needs to. She is also a bit bossy but has a good reason to be still that is just part of her outgoing leader-like personity.

As Mikey when working with Team Trainer, Michelle developes a more colder like attitude around her fellow members and tends to act a bit distant even to go as far to calling everybody by some nickname starting with Mr. or Ms. (depending on gender). Michelle as Mikey is a bit creul when she is on the field and willing to hurt others if they are doing something she disapproves of. She tends to sound bossy when she speaks in an angry tone but that is only her trying to work with her leader-like personity.

History: Michelle was born into a well off family across the lake in the area where Trainer calls their own. With her father being a police captain and her mother being one of the top doctors in the Medical Center, Michelle was able to learn the right and wrongs about life. A few other family members including her aunt, uncle and cousins share the house with her family. She was mostly a normal girl growing up with pokemon, took gymnastics and self defense classes when she was a child along with her pokemon, and enjoying life, hanging out with friends, until her freshmen year in high school when her power began to show up in her every day life. It first started when she was at home waking up. Mitchelle got out of bed and literally out of her clothes. She walked around her house naked not noticing the reactions that her family was giving her until she reach the bathroom to see that she was wearing nothing when Michelle saw herself in the mirror. At that moment Michelle thought that maybe she had slipped out of her PJs during the night and that what she told her family. Later on during the school year she was at a haunted house when she was frighten. She literally jumped out of her clothers and ran out of the haunted house with just her under guardments. Many people thought it was just some way to pubicize the haunted house and what was assumed and Michelle would have believed it too but she notice that she did something else that night too. Walk though the walls. While running in that attraction, she hit a few walls but nothing happen to her, no bruises or anything.

After the event at the haunted house Michelle began to investigate more of her power to discover that she ahd the ability to phase though walls and other things. She kept it a secert her whole high school career and was able to graduate as one of the top in her class while During high school that she found out about a small group known as Team Trainer who wish to help others and the local police in the area with the recent raise in groups with speacil powers. Michelle notice, espectually around the time she recieve her powers, that her father would complain every day after work that super powered groups were making it hard to do their job. Seeing that Michelle joined Trainer to help assist the police force in keeping these groups to a minmum in the area that Trainer controls even if the police doesn't seem to always want their help and tries to stop the Trainer members. Still with this group Michelle has been able to help others and developed her power to even phase her clothing along with herself.

Since graduation Michelle was acceptted into Marc University with a full scholarship. Michelle thought it was for her top grades while attending high school but since receiving the letter from Mr. Thread she believes there were other factors involve. Now attending the university she plans to still work with Trainer like she did during high school but also try to solve the mystery Mr. Thread had given her and the others. Michelle plans on during the day attend her classes and unraveal the school's mystery and at night work with Trainer under the name Mikey which was developed from her first name and her middle intial.

In Trainer, Michelle uses her leadership quaities to help command a few people to do things that she can't a the moment do while she is helping others or keeping an eye out for any unwanted people.

Power: Phasing (will edit later to describe power)

Team: Trainer

Pokémon: Char (Charizard), Brons (Bronzor), Rotom, and Gryrados

Which You Are Doing: Both

05-20-2007, 09:45 PM
Name: Sonic Kendrick

Age: 21

Looks: Sonic is a tall young man. He has light black peach fuzz, as well as some hair covering his arms and legs. His hands are moderately big from working with so much computer and technological mechanisms as a child. He is light in color, a slightly tanned peach. His face is long and oval shaped, with dark brown eyes set in the middle that seem to ask the question, "why?" He has thin lips and a slightly wide mouth, however. His nose is small and shadows his small mustache. Above his eyes are a smooth forehead, and above that is a dark blue jean hat, the same color as his long jean pants that conceal a bush of untidy, scrambled hair. On his wrist is a small digital wristwatch he has had for seven years and has always worn to tell the time. His shirt is a light green color that almost blends in with grass. His shoes are dark red sneakers that have been ripped and torn slightly in several places and with frayed laces that have been double knotted for months.

Personality: Sonic is a quiet, very internal person. He doesn't express feelings often, and usually doesn't say much. The unknown is a place he tends to stay away from, thus, strangers are kept at a distance mentally. He won't communicate with people he doesn't know very easily, but when he does know the person, he is an entirely different person. At this point, he can be a very loud, almost obnoxious person with very childlike views. He's a kid at heart, despite his shyness. He is not offended by much, so is generally a psychologically tough young man. Fighting isn't one of his strong points, however. Sonic's strengths lie in his vast knowledge. Sonic loves to learn, and is more gravitated toward reading a book or compiling data, rather than pulling out a sword and slashing away. While he can shun off anyone he doesn't know, he is totally loyal to those that he does warm up to, regardless of how much of a pest he is. Sonic has few friends, and is a loner for the most part. He doesn't say much to an outsider but mostly thinks by himself, observing the world but not integrating himself into it. Sonic prefers to step back from the chaos rather than dive into it. He thinks everything he does totally through and does not rush in brashly. Every move he makes is calculated beforehand, but he is not too quick of a thinker, so improvisation on the spot is not a strong point. Sonic can be clumsy, and is not very attentive except to studying and his schoolwork. (((Mostly copied from Team RP II)))

History: Sonic has lived in Olivine City during his childhood. He does not have a particularly exciting background, but he grew up there until he was thirteen years old, finding interest in the Light Tower there and watching day after day to observe the mechanims of the tower. At that time, he moved to Goldenrod, where he changed his eyes from the Light Tower to the Radio Station and the Train Station, becoming more and more obsessed with watching the technology run, and learning how to use the different tools and electrical workings of the Radio and Train Station. His classmates and peers began to make fun of him for this, though. His constant hovering around in the stations brought loads of mental torment from the children around him, pushing him away from the world and into his own bubble of thought. Sonic slowly began to shelter himself from their taunts, forming a sheild around himself that confined him and caused him to slide away from even compliments. However, when he was eighteen, he was sent directly off to to Vittoria to get away from all of this and to try and crack open his mind once more. However, upon setting foot inside of the city limits, strange things began to happen. As he was flying down in his plane from Goldenrod when the plane touched down, his backpack had been lost while he was asleep. Sonic became panicky and desperate to recover it, but only a few minutes later, he found it at his feet under the chair in front of him. As he moved into an apartment payed for by his parents, other things began to happen. Every time he had lost his keys, he always found it sliding across the door toward him. He found that he never lost his grocery list with no effort of holding onto it, despite his rather forgetful nature and the constant "disappearances" of it when he lived in Goldenrod. Then, he became frustrated one day. Toilet paper had been strung over his apartment building by a couple of people. He found the prank as he came home from a movie one day. Angry, he began to climb up the wall to remove it. But about halfway up, it simply slid off without struggle. The day after, the same people had thrown a few pebbles through his apartment window while he was away. However, Sonic had come home while they were still throwing the rocks. One person had the nerve to chuck a rock at Sonic. Sonic's first instinct was to cover his face with his hands, but the rock stopped in midair. Sonic dropped his hands and the rock fell to the ground. Soon, the entire group of people was trying to hit him, and the rocks kept on falling to the ground as Sonic became angrier. Suddenly, he held up a fist, and a rock that was thrown at him was U-Turned and sent flying back at the attackers. As he realized that he had this power, he slowly honed it over the days, using it to lift pots and pans and allow dishes to clean themselves. And about one year later, he was sent to Marc University, which brings us to the present.

Power: Animation

Team: Trainer

Pokémon: Kadabra, Fearow, Marshtomp, Gallade

Which You Are Doing: School

05-20-2007, 11:58 PM
Name: Tamaki/Reeah Kurokawa
Age: 19
Power: Duplication
Team: Rocket
Which You Are Doing: Both

Tamaki is fairly tall, at 6 feet, and is fairly physically fit. Her legs are well muscled, more so than her arms, and she's a fairly fast runner. Her eyes are a light sapphire blue, and her hair is charcoal black, cascading down her shoulders to her mid back. Often, she has it pulled up into a ponytail. Wispy bangs cover her large forhead.

Tamaki most often wears bright colored shirts and jeans, though Reeah's influence often causes her to wear a black jacket at well. For most of the roleplay, she'll be wearing dark baggy jean capris with pockets along her legs, a creamy orange tee, and a black leather jacket. Around each wrist is a single plastic ring, light blue on her left and dark maroon on her right.

Tamaki has Dissosiative Identity Disorder, better known as having multiple personalities. Rather than simply being Tamaki, she also has another side to her, known as Reeah.

Tamaki is somewhat quiet, prefering not to get involved with others and rarely makes friends, mostly because she's afriad of what Reeah might do to them if she gets loose. She instead studies in school, or trains to be a Pokemon Breeder, which is what she wants to do with her life. She is caring, and worries more about the feelings of others than her own. Despite the fact that she hates Reeah, in a way, you could call them sisters. She has a deep sort of love for her other personality, and honestly wouldn't know what to do without her.

Reeah is more outgoing, but openly degrades others, and enjoys scaring and embarassing Tamaki in any way she can. She is usually shoved back, for Tamaki is almost always in control of the body the two share, but when she gets loose, she wreaks havoc. She cared little for the feelings of others, and thinks nothing of bringing someone to tears. She much enjoys tormenting Tamaki. She enjoys battling, and two of the four Pokemon they share belong to her. As far as fighting goes, she'll fight to protect Tamaki, if only because if Tamaki dies, they both do.

For as long as she could remember, Tamaki had always lived in Vittoria, though her parents had alway been among the poorer families. She lived in a small apartment as a child, shared with her father. Her mother died when Tamaki was five, murdered, though the killer was never found. Her brother, Daisuke, was also murdered, in a gang fight. It was around the time of their deaths that Reeah appeared in Tamaki's mind.

For many years, Tamaki thought she was a freak, or maybe insane, because there was someone always talking to her in the back of her mind, degrading her, doing their best to make her sad or angry. It took the name of Reeah, which was the name of a giant evil snake in a book Tamaki's father read to her, because Tamaki was terrified of snakes.

It is very rarely that Reeah manages to take control of the body she and Tamaki share, but one such time was when Tamaki was ten and had a particularly bad day at school. Tamaki had barely put up a fight. Once taking control, Reeah wanted to simply push the other weak mind away, to have a body of her own- and quite suddenly, she did. The two were seperated, each residing in a different yet identical body. They would later find that the seperation only lasted so long, but they soon were able to master the ability.

Tamaki would eventually leave to become a Pokemon trainer, but the two discovered that their power no longer worked outside Vittoria and returned soon after, although they each had two Pokemon. It was later that Tamaki was offered the scholarship to Marc University, and would end up taking classes on Pokemon battling and breeding.

Tamaki would eventually join Team Rocket mostly on Reeah's influence, for it was Reeah who wanted to join in the first place. While Tamaki has little to do with the team, prefering instead to focus on schoolwork, it has become common that Reeah would take over their body at night and work for the team.




Ashitaka the Luxray
-Appearance: Ashitaka is a very normal-looking Luxray, though a bit smaller than the norm.
-Personality: Ashitaka is loving and carefree, and usually comes off as little more than a large kitten. Its difficult for him to truly think badly of anyone. He doesn't particularly like Reeah, though he will follow her commands. He is more closely tied to Tamaki, and would protect her with his life. Like all of their Pokemon, Ashitaka can tell the difference between Reeah and Tamaki.


Niera the Flygon
-Appearance: Niera is strangely colored for a Flygon. A majority of her skin is yellow, while the darker parts that should be dark green are blue. Where a normal Flygon is red, Niera is a pinkish shade of lavender. She's also more lithe than the average Flygon.
-Personality: Niera loves attention. She loves being in public places where others can admire her beautiful hues. Though a flop at battling, she eccels in Contests, where she can show off her artistic flare with moves. She dazzles audiences with her amazing moves and strange coloration. She's more critical of others, less likely to trust, and she absolutely hates Reeah, with a passion.



Takeru the Murkrow
-Appearance: Fairly normal looking for a Murkrow, though his beak is a little smaller and straighter than the norm.
-Personality: Takeru is generally quiet, keeping to himself instead of conversing with others. He only ever talks to Reeah, and exactly about what is difficult to tell. As is how she can manage to understand him... Primarily, he acts as a kind of spy, flying about the city and listening in on conversations in the hopes of hearing something important. No one notices the odd Murkrow perched nearby in a large city. He doesn't even acknowledge Tamaki's existance.


Daisuke the Nidoking
-Appearance: Daisuke is your average Nidoking, to be sure. Big, bulky, and purple.
-Personality: Daisuke was named after Tamaki's deceased brother, though he soon became Reeah's Pokemon rather than Tamaki's. He's a fair battler, with lots of strength and bulk, but very little intelligence. He relies upon Reeah's battling know-how to win, nd to get things done. He'll listen to Tamaki, but he's devoted to Reeah.

I like messing with my sign-up sheets, and making them look pretty. ^^

05-21-2007, 12:31 AM
Name: Rhauk Valeth

Age: 19 years old.

With an average height (6´4´´), and a physical complex that doesn't inspire much fear, Rafael easily blends into the daily mixture of people in the busy streets.
Behind his silver-rimmed dark glasses, his gray eyes appear to be examining everything, as if the world never ceased to amaze Rhauk. His hair retains only small portions of the golden glow it once had due to excessive amount of certain types of rituals.
Trying to cover as much skin as he can, he'll never be seen on the streets without his pair of leather gloves and boots, a ragged blue cape and his multi-pockets belt.

Personality: In his school days, Rhauk was a brilliant student and a devoted researcher. Perfectionist in his daily assigments, he never tolerates the incompentence, doubt, or failure of himself or others in which he puts his trust.
When he was expelled from Marc University, his personality was brushed with traces of agressiveness. Power is what moves Rhauk, and to him the end is more important than the means. It is not rare to him to employ any tactics that others would find... unscrupulous. His tongue is as sharp as a sword, and won't hesitate in saying the painful truth in presence of others.

History: Born to a wealthy family, Rhauk was labelled as a troublesome boy by his Kindergarden teacher. Further tests revealed that his brain had an astonishing learning capability, and thus his rich parents gave him the adequate environment for his desires. He took interest in the mechanical technology that impered in the world, and soon became a crafty machine builder and apparatus inventor.
He discovered his powers in a less dramatic way than his classmates. During one of his long-night experiments, he noticed his hands had an eerie glow surrounding them. Fascinated, he forgot about the experiment and instead tried to augment or descend the light particles he emanated.
The next morning, his parents weren't happy that his precious boy had adquired some sort of mutant powers. They gave him his pair of gloves, and told him never to remove them in the presence of others.
Rhauk didn't like this. He finally convinced them to pay him Marc University, where he was top in his class.
His crave for power had a newfound interest - Magic. He could be seen reading tons of books in the library, and practicing the spells in secrecy.
Somehow, a copy of a forbidden book, "The Other Side of Magic", fell into his hands. Inside, he researched a forbidden ritual that would allow him to achieve the opposite power he possessed - light absortion.
Though the ritual was successful, the Professor Nagina noticed a few rare ingredients missing from her cupboard.
Rafael didn't deny the charges, and was inmediatly expelled. He walked out of the school grounds carrying a book with an obscure cover, and with his characteristic smile.
He offered some of his patents to a local company, and got enough money to buy himslef a modest house with a large basement.
The company leader, after realizing his potencial, offered him a rank in the Syndicate, an organization devoted to expanding his power thorough the city...

Power: Light Manipulation.

Team: The Syndicate.

Pokémon: Haunter, Alakazam, Umbreon and Espeon.

Which You Are Doing: Violent Path

05-21-2007, 12:43 AM
I might add more later, but this should be everything. X3

Name: Andromeda Tellerson
Age: 19
Gender: female
Team: Trainer
Power: Bone Manipulation
Violence/School: Both

Appearance: Andromeda is 5’6”—making her of average height, and is of average build. She has dark brown hair that falls at shoulder length, and it always looks a bit messy. Her eyes are light green. Her outfits vary, but are always simple: she wears jeans or denim shorts, depending on the weather, and a simple sweater or t-shirt. Usually these are in darker colors; Andromeda favors blues and greens. She has two pairs of sneakers, both of which are identical (black sneakers with white rubber soles and no shoelaces), except one pair is more worn then the other. She wears no makeup and no jewelry. All of her teeth are pointed, and her canine teeth are literal fangs.

Personality: Andromeda is quiet, but not shy; she only speaks when she feels it is necessary, letting her actions represent her. She holds grudges, never forgetting them. She often comes across as cold, as she has never been one to suck up, and she won’t pretend to like someone she doesn’t like. She believes actions are more important than words, and thus refuses to take people on their word unless they have proven they can be trusted. If someone can prove that they are trustworthy, she is loyal to a fault—it takes a lot to break her trust, but it also takes a lot to earn it. If someone does manage to later lose her trust, she will never forgive them, and will often seek revenge.

She is not unnecessarily cruel, but she won’t go out of her way to help anyone, either. She is willing to help when told to, however, and will go out of her way to help a Pokemon. She can be off-putting, as she spends much of her time speaking with Faye, her Ninetales, or her other Pokemon. She trusts them above anyone else; even if someone has earned her trust, if her Pokemon don’t like them, she will distance herself. If Faye doesn’t think someone is worthwhile, then her opinion trumps that of anyone else. She will defend her Pokemon herself if necessary, even to the death; they mean the world to her.

Andromeda is interested in the paranormal: ghost-type and psychic-type Pokemon fascinate her. She is interested in how these Pokemon work; if all Pokemon become ghost-types after death, for example, and how non-psychic-types can learn psychic-type moves. She shares this interest with Faye; one of them got the other interested in it, but neither can remember who.

History: Andromeda is the youngest of a large family: as well as her mother and father, she had seven brothers and sisters (three brothers, four sisters). The gap between Andromeda and the next oldest, Flora, is ten years, and as such, Andromeda has always been treated as a baby. Her family owns a Pokemon grooming shop, and most of the family works there. The Pokemon Andromeda encountered as a child were the most pampered; she was not aware of trainers until she was six.

When she was six, she was given her first Pokemon: a Vulpix she named Faye. They were quickly inseparable, and began exploring the city’s every nook and cranny. Away from the grooming parlor, she saw the trainers passing through, and would often watch matches with Faye. She became interested in becoming a trainer as a result. By the age of ten, she already knew all of the city and most of the surrounding area.

It was when she turned ten that she became aware of her abilities—it had never really come up before, although she did seem to be completely unable to break a bone. But when training Faye, the Vulpix accidentally broke one of her legs. Andromeda managed to wish it fixed, and that was when she knew. It was then a matter of exploring exactly what they were and how far they extended. She practiced on herself, first, and what she originally thought was some sort of healing power (disproven when cuts didn’t go away) grew into a more specified power over bone. She delighted in the fright it caused those around her. She especially liked giving her siblings horns as a prank, although she couldn’t do anything really interesting to them. Her own bones, however, seemed to have many talents. This was the reason she decided to have a Cubone bred for her. Bred Cubone do not come with a skull helmet and bone club, so Andromeda made some for him. Most of her Pokemon are enhanced in small ways by her—sharpened teeth, horns, etc.

Andromeda applied to Marc University in part to please her parents, and when she got in with a full scholarship she was pleased, but not particularly excited until she attended the speech. Realizing why she had been accepted to the school, and to this particular dorm, she decided to try to figure out just what was going on.

Andromeda’s motivations for joining Trainer were in part selfish ones: safety in numbers, and a way to learn more about what was going on. She works with Pokemon, and not humans, as much as she can, for she far prefers the former for company. She does genuinely enjoy helping Pokemon, however, and has been known to do quite a bit for them. She also does have loyalty for Trainer--when given any orders, she will obey, unless they conflict directly with her morals (injuring a Pokemon for no reason, for example).

Name: Faye
Species: Ninetales
Age: 19
Gender: female
Appearance: Faye only has eight tails, and her teeth and claws are sharper than normal; other than that, she looks like any other Ninetales.

Personality: Faye is pragmatic and a bit selfish. She believes in taking care of herself before others; she is very protective of Andromeda, however. She believes people and Pokemon have to earn their worth; she abhors those who cling to others and cannot survive on their own. She puts up a good fight in battle, and has the most experience out of Andromeda’s team. She views battling as a way to prove her worth to Andromeda, and keeps track of her win/lose record. She would rather leave Andromeda than be a burden to her.

Faye knows that Andromeda trusts her, and feels it is her duty to make use of that trust by protecting Andromeda. She is the one whose trust one must earn before they can interact with Andromeda for any reason except necessity. Faye knows more about Andromeda than any of her other Pokemon, but feels that this is yet another bond of trust between them, and would never disclose Andromeda’s secrets.

Name: Evi
Species: Espeon
Age: 17
Gender: female
Appearance: She looks like an ordinary Espeon. Her teeth are sharper than normal.

Personality: Evi is manipulative; she especially enjoys toying with the emotions of males. She doesn’t think anything good comes out of relationships like that, and comes across as cold because that’s how she wants to be thought of as, except when she’s trying to get something she wants. Her personality does a complete 180 when she needs something out of someone else. She uses her psychic powers to allow Andromeda to speak to her Pokemon (but only her own Pokemon).

Name: Thane
Species: Marowak
Age: 18
Gender: male
Appearance: He looks like an ordinary Marowak, but his skull helmet and bone club are black and heavier than normal—enhanced by Andromeda.

Personality: Thane is quiet, and some consider him shy. He certainly doesn’t talk to others much, even those he trusts. He is obsessed with becoming stronger and trains almost constantly. His skill with his club is something he takes pride in. He trusts Andromeda above all else because she was the one who fashioned his weapon and helmet, which is something Cubone and Marowak believe is a very special bond. He will do anything for Andromeda without question.

Name: Zachariah (Zack)
Species: Kabutops
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Appearance: He looks like an ordinary Kabutops, but his sickles are sharper than usual.

Personality: Zachariah isn’t that smart, although he is loyal to Andromeda. He provides mindless muscle and a ride across water for her. He speaks rarely, in a language even Evi isn’t perfect at translating, and has memories of life before he became a fossil, which is of great interest to Andromeda. He sometimes speaks in riddles. He enjoys fighting, and enjoys getting blood on his scythes. He will protect Andromeda no matter what.

Neo Emolga
05-21-2007, 12:26 PM
Name: Hank Blackstone
Age: 25

Looks – Hank has a larger muscular build from intense bodybuilding, and his a fair color skin tone. Meanwhile, he has short, brown hair combed over his forehead, brown eyes, and usually wears a stern and adamant expression on his face. Typically, he wears gray camouflage cargo pants, black field boots, and a black tank top. Also, he wears a black leather belt, keeping his Pokéballs on his left side.

While slow, unlucky, and having only average intelligence, Hank does make up for these faults with superior strength and endurance through having a larger frame. While trying to sneak around and climb into small and tight spaces is impossible for Hank, he can be a bruiser if anyone gets in his way.

Personality – Dense, hard to please, and generally aggressive, Hank never takes crap from other people, and gets easily frustrated with stupidity and incompetence from others around him. On top of this, his patience is very low, will only work for reward and never to please, and people that try to stand up to him and put their interests on him at his expense usually find themselves taking a serious beating in very little time. On top of this, he doesn’t put up with frustration very well. If expectations get too high for the reward or Hank doesn’t see the worth in doing it, he’ll back off, not because he can’t do it, but because it wouldn’t be worth the extra effort.

Meanwhile, Hank doesn’t really have a “good” or a “bad” side. He knows the difference between the two, but he definitely doesn’t believe in karma or anything like that. If “good” is willing to pay well, he’ll do good. But, if a criminal underground wants to pay Hank for his services, his choices all come to whoever pays more. To Hank, money talks, and more money talks louder and more persuasively. However, Hank knows how to handle money, always being the controller and never the controlled.

History – Hank’s mother and father were generally uncaring people, feeling that Hank really had to build his own future himself. Never caring about his grades, his performance, or his standing in school, Hank had to learn everything for himself. Money was never given, it had to be earned through chores, work, or service. In the school yard, many looked at Hank thinking he would be a bully for the thrill of picking on kids that weren’t able to fight him, but he was more on the neutral side, never picking on less able kids, but never coming to defend them when they were picked on by notorious bullies. As for Hank’s grades, he averaged a C+ to a B-. Typically, failing first then catching up later was often how school classes worked for Hank.

At a young age, Hank was able to realize his power while on the beaches close to Vittoria. At first, he thought everyone could move and control the sand around him the way he could, until he realized it was only him who could. However, that wasn’t the case as Hank realized he could make the sand become a part of him, turning his appendages into solid, sandy shapes, or even take those sandy appendages, and let them break down into smaller sand grains before forming them into a solid shape again. And yet… it was all painless.

As Hank grew, he realized he could use this strange ability as strength as well. He could form his arm into a sandy, solid hammer shape or other blunt weapon and use it against those who opposed him. Now, Hank carries the sand he needs to do this in his own body, becoming one with this sand.

Hank attempted to go to college, worked moderately well for two years with the same C+ to B- average he got in high school, but then ran out of funds to continue paying for tuition, and was already backed down with student loans that only now he was able to pay off. Joining Swarm provided to be an opportunity to earn money to make up for what Hank lost, as well as provide his living expenses. Not to mention, Hank’s skills and powers definitely attracted interest within the organization.

Power: Sand Manipulation (Using it in similarity to Sandman from the Spiderman series)

Team: Team Swarm

Pokémon: Flygon, Sandslash, Yanmega, and Ariados

Which you are doing: Violent Path (Has no intentions of going back to school to finish college)

05-21-2007, 01:31 PM
Name: Loki Draconifer Galeon

Age: 17 (Soon to be 18)

Gender: Ma... Female (ZOMG! KB's gonna RP a GIRL?!)

Looks: Loki stands at about one hundred and seventy two centimeters tall, a fact that she pretty much hates for quite a while. Having emerald green hair that is tied into a (rather messy) ponytail with a simple red hair band, she has a rather sharp chin, and a thin scar goes along her right jaw. She usually is seen donning a loose black shirt, along with light grey Bermudas and equally grey beach sandals (with maroon straps), making her lanky form look all the more… lankier. She has slightly tanned skin, black eyes and a nose that has an annoying blackhead on it, and her face usually covered with several remnants of pimples. A red and black digital wristwatch is always seen worn loosely around her left wrist, and Loki has said that ever since she bought it, she has never taken it off – not even when she’s bathing.

Personality: Loki, to put it simply, is a dreamer. She likes to fantasize about possibly everything – from about the manga she reads and the anime she always watches, even novels that entertain her. She’s always seen in class doodling on a random piece of paper or on her personal sketchbook instead of paying attention, but still manages to scrape (or at times, even perform well) in her tests and exams, being a natural - but lazy – genius (in the previous school she was in, Loki actually was the 13th student out of 158 overall). The girl also tends to exaggerate and is rather loud and brash at times, but really hates being at the center stage, especially when she’s forced to stand at the middle for photo shoots. Due to the unfortunate habit of picking her nose in front of everyone, most of the other classmates shun her due to it, making Loki sort of a loner as well – proved when she prefers to sit at the corner of the class, away from everyone else. However, she has a rather kind and soft heart, and cannot bring herself to really hate them, but at the same time, cannot forgive them for their taunting and bullying as well.

Loki has frighteningly violent tendencies as well, being punished once for punching a boy older than her, and detention later on in the year for destroying a table and injuring several other students that had been constantly bullying her for the past week before hand. Thus, everyone has all the more reasons to get away from the strange Asian-like girl, who merely contends herself with sucking on cola-flavored lollipops (her secret vice!), which she usually ends up biting on the stick as well until the day ends, or otherwise munching on ice cubes (another quirk), as well as constantly doodling. However, when people get to know her better, they then can see her cheerful and optimistic personality, both of which usually covered by the sarcasm she constantly uses around the others to annoy the hell out of them, most usually for the girl’s own amusement. Being named after the Norse god of Trickery, Loki lives well up to her namesake, causing mischief and pulling the most random pranks upon the other students in the school, sometimes even the teachers if she’s frustrated. Of course, she has never been caught once, and always performs her acts in secret – she hates attention after all.

History: Loki grew up in a relatively simple life. Her parents had divorced as long as she could remember, only to find out later that her father had been running from loan sharks. Her mother single-handedly had to work two jobs to support her and her four-year older elder brother. She grew up in the bustling city of Celadon, and studied in the Pokemon trainer school there, excelling quickly and graduated at the mere age of eight, two years before the official age. She then helped her mother in her office work, usually sorting out files and simple administrative stuff like that. Life was like that until the age of eleven, where her mother then died in a car accident. Her elder brother was unable to raise her (being a worthless slacker) and her father was uncontactable, so Loki was sent to the Lavender orphanage, where she then helped old Mr. Fuji with his Pokemon care house. It was there when she discovered and later on, developed her powers of Pokemon Mimicry.

Then two years later, when she was thirteen, a bunch of agents from the Syndicate came by, hearing about ‘the young girl who can act like Pokemon’. After a bit of negotiation (which mainly consisted with good housing, some allowance, make-up for her education and cola lollipops) Loki joined the group as its youngest member. She was then sent to an elementary school, where she quickly breezed through despite the lack of two years. The Syndicate then pulled a couple of strings, and Loki found herself accepted into the Marc University as the youngest-ever student, partly due to her natural intelligence and also due to some… power-playing.

Power: Pokemon Mimicry

Team: The Syndicate


Name: Javas

Gender: Male

Species: Sneasel

Description: Javas looks vastly different than any other Sneasel. The tip of his pink ear is distinctly ruffled, like the crop of fur upon his head. A scar is seen cutting downwards on his left eye, and the golden coin upon his head his missing as the one on his chest. He has two different arms; a normal one on the left, and a bionic one on the right, made and improved with the help of Loki. The mechanical arm, resembles a bit like Edward Elric’s from Fullmetal Alchemist, except the end ends in a Sneasel’s claw. The length of it ends a couple of inches above the ground, and a few inches longer than his other arm. He wears a Meowth charm around his neck, and a dirt-brown cloak most of the time to hide his eccentric arm.

History: Javas was abandoned by his pack a few years back when he had his arm bitten off by a savage Nidoking. He was left there to die, but the Sneasel miraculously managed to survive and drafted his bionic arm (One made with scrap metal but still managed quite well) with his gift. From there, he lived the life of a thief, stealing all in the name of his daily bread. It was one day when he stole Loki’s stuff and ran away, only to meet the same Nidoking who attacked him. He was saved, with the help of the teenager. Therefore, it was from there that the two would make a pact to help each other until the end.

Personality: Javas, being about one in the same mind with Loki, is the girl’s main Pokemon of choice. The Sneasel is one of, if not the most, intelligent Pokemon around, only barely surpassed by the likes of Alakazam. He can’t use psychic attacks, but his vast intelligence allows him to plan tactics that not many can think of. He hardly believes in the term ‘logic’, rebutting that it is too bland a word. He is however, very lazy, and so many usually call him the ‘lazy genius’. Like Lucied, he just loves to kick back and relax and let nature take its course. He treasures his comrades as close friends and worthy companions as well. Being smart, Javas has a tendency to yell/scold/taunt in rather complex, scientific terms. He also swears in different, colorful languages that not many can comprehend, and usually confuses them rather than making them angry. He also usually relies on trickery to battle, making use of his gift, small size and speed quite well. XD

Name: Lucied

Gender: Male

Species: Mightyena

Description: Lucied is slightly smaller and more streamlined than the average Mightyena due to his many travels around the world. His paws and arms are all muscle and whipcord sinew, with the blackest tuffs of fur imaginable. Due to radiation as well, his skin is a tad paler compared to the others, and the tip of his tail is strangely, blood red, along with twin streaks of crimson running down the sides of his raven fur, giving the wolf a very strange and unique look altogether.

History: Ever since young, Lucied never knew his parents. He was found as an abandoned orphaned cub by another Mightyena pack and taken in. He grew up, gifted with sharp wit and graceful reflexes. However, tension slowly grew within the pack as Lucied gained some stardom for his abilities. Things took a turn for the worse when he was elected to be heir for the new Alpha. Riots broke out within the pack. Clashes and fights occurred daily, leaving many injured and several dead. The pack, sole enemy of a Houndoom pack as they lost their territory to them a few years back, took the chance and decided to take back their land. Lucied fled when the war started, only to bump into a Houndour. The two was about to fight each other when an earthquake occurred. A fissure swallowed the two packs instantly. Only the two managed to escape the incident. It was then they decided to befriend each other and settle their grudges behind. The duo traveled together until they met got themselves caught in a blast from one of the human’s bombs, where he and Ifrit was fortunately found by Loki, who saved them with the help of Javas. It was then when they decided to join the girl.

Personality: Lucied is a relatively carefree Pokemon, always letting his team doing the decisions rather than imposing his eh… leadership position upon others. He loves to joke a lot, usually cracking hilarious jokes and phrases to lighten up the otherwise glum mood. However, his mouth can get the team into trouble at times, even when he is the leader. The Mightyena never takes anything seriously, and thus hardly loses his cool, maintains his cool composure and continues on, gaining his title as ‘The Calm of the Storm’. However, when his compatriots’ lives are in danger, he would not hesitate to save them, even at the cost of his own life, for he strongly believes in friendship and trust. In battles, Lucied prefers speed to brute strength. He usually confuses the foe with his swift movements before taking him down alongside Ifrit.

Name: Ifrit

Gender: Male

Species: Houndoom

Description: Ifrit looks similar to the other average Houndoom, but the horns on the sides his head has a visible crack on it due to an accident he had. A bit of the bones on his back are also chipped. He also has a scar on the side of his snout, and has exceptionally messy fur, giving others the impressions of a very rough ruffian.

History: Like Lucied, Ifrit grew up as an orphan when his parents died when the Mightyena killed them. As such, he hated them with a passion, and wanted to take the chance to pay them back when the pack attacked the opposing Mightyena pack, where he met Lucied. After escaping from the earthquake, Ifrit was reluctant to go alongside a Poochyena, but when Lucied whole heartily saved him from a run in with some of his own kind, Ifrit befriended the carefree dog and traveled together until they decided to join Loki.

Personality: Ifrit is brash, always fighting head-on without second thoughts. Hotheaded and headstrong, the puppy is usually the butt of many jokes due to his slow understanding. He hates leaving things unfinished, and would do it alone if he had to if the others are too lazy to continue. He also talks without thinking at times, but he usually thinks. XD He is a tad prideful, and holds grudges for an exceptionally long time. A strong believer in morals, Ifrit will never allow any other team to interfere in his work. He also appreciates greatly the friendship he has with Lucied, and treasures him almost like a twin brother. Brash and rash, Ifrit fights until the end, as the words ‘give up’ don’t exist in his vocabulary. No ingenious tactics, just the classic ‘run head on and beat ‘em up’. Fire works well when he’s in a clinch too. XD Oh, and he bickers with Javas quite a lot too. XD

Which You Are Doing: Both


The Crimson Rose
05-21-2007, 09:12 PM
Name: Cress Albane

Age: 22

Looks: http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m315/Kaileo/Tales%20of%20Phantasia/CressAlbane.gif

Cress looks exactly like in the picture, except he has a large scar on his left cheek that was created by a sword swipe. His sword, Gilgamesh is kept on the belt on his waist. Other than these minor alterations, he looks like in the picture.

Personality: Cress is a man who enjoys to do many different things. He is very generous to people who he feels needs help and to his friends as well. He can become stubborn if an idea he thinks is right gets shot down. He often drifts off in a dreamlike state and he can't be easily awoken. He takes his job seriously and tries to do everything in his power to complete it. He enjoys helping people and making sure every situtation is good.

History: Not much is known of Cress' past or even how he joined Swarm. The only definite information that is known is, he was born as Cress Pezzero Albane 19 years ago in the town of Fortree. His mother and father died when he was at a very young age and was forced to live with his uncle and aunt. During the decade he lived there, he learned how to wield a blade and his uncle gave him Gilgamesh, the legendary blade of the ancients. His uncle told him if he could focus his attention to the blade for long enough, he could unlock the power of it.

A year after his uncle gave him Gilgamesh, he was meditating in his room, when his cousin kept running in and out of his room. Cress started to become angry and asked him to stop. His cousin still kept going. Cress became very angry and pointed his finger at him and yelled to stop. Then, a lick of flame came out of his finger and burned his cousin. Cress looked at his hands in disbelief and went back to meditating.

Four years later. when he was 15, his uncle and aunt gave him a suit of light-weight armor and silver boots before being killed by Swarm. Cress, in order to prevent being killed, swore his life to Swarm until the war ended. He is now in Swarm and still meditates to try to unlock the power of Giglamesh.

Power: Control over Fire

Team: Swarm

Pokémon: Scizor, Torkoal, Dragonair, Pineco

Which You Are Doing: Violent Path

Diesel 34
05-21-2007, 10:28 PM
Name: Jack Arzon
Age: 18

Looks: Jack has jet black hair going all the way down to his neck. He wears a black jacket zipped open over a red shirt. Jack has a necklace with a dragon on it that he keeps for good luck. He wears blue jeans on cold days and Basketball shorts on hot days. He wears crimson blue and white sneakers.

Personality: Jack is a nice guy. He always likes to help others out even when it can mean consequences for him. Don’t let his kind nature fool you though. He can be aggressive and he never stops fighting till either him or his opponent are lying on the ground. A lot of the time Jack plays tennis or basketball when he gets the chance. Jack is shy though at time and thats only when he is around girls. A lot of the time he doesn't give up. If he gets rejected one time by something he'll keep trying until he finally gets accepted. Don't take him as a person who tries to get popular though. Jack likes to hang with friends that accept him him and not for being someone else. On occasion he can become very quiet for what people think is no reason, but because he is reminded of his father by the simplest things. Like say a roll of sushi.

History: Jack had a pretty tough childhood. When he was only 7 his father passed away and his mother got very ill. Jack was afraid he would lose her, but she luckily pulled through in the end. He got his first pokemon when he was 10 years old. At age 11 his house was burned down. Everything that had reminded him of his dad or was his dads was destroyed. All except for a Dragon Necklace that he gave him. Jack first discovered his powers around the age of 13 when he was playing with some friends in the park a tree just started falling on him and suddenly a force field formed around him saving him from being a flattened tomato. Jack really still has a bit of trouble controlling his powers, but he can get force fields up 95% of the time. He also learned on how to use his power to make his punches and kicks stronger by putting a field around them to enhance the attack. Jack got his first pokemon around his 14th birthday. It was his Milotic. He discovered his Milotic when he was just at the beach lying down in the nice warm sand. Milotic came from no where and attacked him. Jack not having any pokemon though he would have to flee, but he deicded to try and catch the pokemon with the one pokeball he had. It happened to be all he needed. Amazed that all it took was that he decided to just let it be. Ever since that day Jack has trained all his pokemon to be top notched fighting macine. The strangest thing to ever happen was when he was fighting with his Squirtle when it was losing he felt a connection between him and Squirtle where they were one. While this feeling happened Squirtle came back to win the match yet ever since that day Jack has felt nothing else between him and his pokemon. Jack growing up without a dad had to learn things about pokemon on his own. Everyday he would fight with his pokemon to combine two moves to create one strong one and he had his pokemon practice fighting together so they would be ready for tag battles.

Power: Force Field (Self)

War Team: Team Trainer

Pokemon: Milotic, Blastoise, Infernape, and Luxray

Which you are Doing: Violent

Negative Zone
05-22-2007, 12:00 AM
Name: Rachel Nesnej

Age: 20




Power: Power Mimicry. :D

Team: Trainer

Pokémon: Scyther, Ariados, Caterpie

Which You Are Doing: School

I'll finish this, don't worry. :D

Dr Scott
05-22-2007, 06:20 AM
Charizard Michelle: Bro, you change from Michelle to Maria half way in the history :P. So predictable though, you and your women or men looking like women ways ~!~

Anyways, you're accepted.

Draco ESPeoN: I love how you explained the Duplication power with two personalities, instead of just having one person who can turn into many people. A great touch if I do say so myself, and … well, I do say so myself.

Accepted as well

Marthinator: Nice and dark, of course. You take the power of LIGHT, and make it seem like it’s some horrible Harry Potter potion xD. Make sure you don’t go around building giant attacking machines, though :P.

Accepted, of course.

Tune: Such a creepy power … Very Pokémon oriented, and very … evil, for a neutral character. Might want to play up the neutral bit a little bit more, so you don’t seem as though you belong in Syndicate instead! And the characters name reminds me of the show with Kevin what’s his last name begins with an S.

Green Acceptance Thing Here

The One: Nopitchoo: You and your odd gruff men with simple names … And you even mentioned what grades you got, haha.


Knight B…Holy crap Power Rangers is still on TV with new seasons?: Hehe, lollipops … Oh, and what abou… Ahhh, you’re playing a girl!? *World Ends* Picking her nose? XD


Crest: Don’t use your sword too much, as one of the rules is that you cannot use melee weapons, at least not well ^^;. And I dun care what your grandpa told you, it doesn’t have any magical powers :P.

Accepted as long as you go with the above

Big D: I would like to see a little more on personality and history, please

Not accepted just yet.

05-22-2007, 10:46 PM
Name: Kayla Crowe

Age: 18

Looks: Kayla has slightly messy, shoulder length hair of a red-brown colour. She has dull steel blue eyes, and sometimes wears dark sunglasses. She is a bit short, around 5 1/2 feet tall, but wears thick-soled boots that make her appear a bit higher. Her usual outfit is a dark grey hooded vest left unzipped, covering a white long-sleeved shirt, black baggy pants that cover most of her boots. She also carries a brown leather bag over her shoulder.

Personality: Kay is fairly easily angered and irritated, and often impatient, but rather than showing it she always keeps herself calm. She never takes blame for anything and hates to admit her faults, and and feels as if other people are the cause of her problems. Kay is a quiet and lonely person who doesn't talk much, and has difficulty getting along with others and making friends. She prefers to keep to herself, spending her time working on new inventions or training her Syther and Lucario. After pushing her Syther too hard and nearly having him killed, she has been more caring towards her Pokemon, a trait which she rarely shows to other people.


Power: Technology Expertise

Team: Rocket

Which You Are Doing: Both
Cyrus (Persian) Different than most Persians, he has black fur rather than yellow.

I shall add more to the Pokemon a little later. Also changing around the personality and history to make it more workable for me, coming soon.

05-23-2007, 10:31 PM
Personally I see no point in posting placeholders or unfinished forms, but who am I to know stuff?!

Name: Kai Storm

Age: 18

Looks: Kai is, on first sight, the dorky kid you'd wanna pick on so that nobody tries it with you. Typically scrawny and scruffy, with wide-rimmed glasses and a dark-blonde mop of hair, he doesn't seem very intimidating to the onlooker. He's pretty short for his age, too, at around 5'7", and he likes to wear comfortable clothes like baggy sweaters and shorts without worrying about fashion. Kai's got the same spotty complexion we all hope to grow out of by the time we hit 18.

Personality: Kai is quiet. He tries not to attract too much attention to himself by speaking up, and so he's often treated like a doormat by his peers. He spends a lot of time with his one true friend, Staraptor, and passes the rest of it by reading about various school subjects to get ahead. He is very focused on his studies and wants the best for himself, to prove his worth if nothing else.

History: At a very young age, Kai's father had begun to teach him the art of Falconry. Originally, Kai had been practicing the art with a pet Hoothoot, but the time came when his skills surpassed him and he ended up moving on to bigger birds. When his father thought he was ready, Kai was entrusted with his very own Starly. The two became partners and have remained together ever since. It was a result of this partnership that Kai learned of his true power, which he still fears and tries to hide as much as he can to this day.

Straying away from his cabin and into the forest one night, Kai did something he had been forbidden from since the beginning of his training as a falconer and practiced unsupersived. Without the watchful eye of his father he was far from safe, as he found when his Starly didn't return and he was attacked by a Poochyena. He ran and ran for what must have been hours, his legs willing to give way, wishing deeply that something would just stop it all and he'd be able to get away. His wish was deadly, though. Time froze momentarily, and the scene behind him begun to change dramatically. Branches and twigs formed a mesh in front of the dog-like Pokemon which was in pursuit of him and hovered menacingly. A second later, the Pokemon rocketed straight into the deathtrap and was diced into thin strips of flesh, blood, fur and bone on the leafy forest floor. Gagging and throwing up next to the mess he had created, Kai ran straight home and found that his Starly was sitting there on the chimney, unharmed. He was terribly shaken, though, and would never leave the house again without permission.

Kai's parents learned of his power through a similar incident years later, and set upon enrolling him into the Marc University as soon as was humanly possible.

Power: Reality Warping
Team: Swarm
Pokémon: Staraptor

School Path

Sent Reglay
05-23-2007, 10:41 PM
Name: Sent Reglay

Age: 19

Looks: Pic (http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/3417/rocketme2tm4.png) About 6 ft with black hair, a Rocket trench coat is draped over his shoulders. Of asian(indian to be specific) descent. Has dark brown eyes to the point of being nearly black

Personality: A negotiator who prefers to manipulate people rather than fight. He would be called a pacifist if he didn't use his skills to purchase children from parents for recruitment, or if he didn't trick shop owners into wiring their life savings into Rocket accounts. He handles even the most tense situations with maturity. He is quite a dominating personality that makes even the most hardened drug dealer tremble. Outside of situations that require command, he is quite an amicable person.

History: His parents moved into the city with big dreams and small budgets. The land of opportunity they called it. Once they arrived, they found a much different story. Within an hour of their arrival, a pickpocket had their life-savings in an envelope. His mom began working in a factory, and his dad ran drugs for some thugs in the area. A year after they arrived, his dad was dead, and his mom was having her life threatened on a daily basis. By the time he was seven, he was all alone. With his power discovered[see Espeon], he used his ability to trick school children for food(it’s quite easy to trick people when you know exactly what they want) and win card games for money. By the time he was eleven, he was in employ of Rocket, and rigging casinos all over town. At thirteen, he was a full-fledged grunt, working deals and out-witting cops. He rose through the ranks until he became a sergeant at age seventeen. He was astounding, and one of the best agents his lieutenant had ever seen. He was given his own cell, and even though he was still under the judgment of superior officers, he could command anyone he could convince to join. Those two following years were the most defining in his life. They shaped his personality and outlook. He had seen more than most war veterans, much more. From his mom getting her throat slit before his eyes to the sight of his childhood home burning at the torch of an enemy gang.

He has made enemies of many of the other teams by tricking their members into joining Rocket(xD), and this has made his distrustful of other people. He often runs at the sound of sirens, and is frightened to death when he sees the signs of other teams. He doesn't get much sleep, because his tough life exists in his reality and dreams. Every night, he witnesses the killing of his mom in his dreams. He used his power to search his subconcious, and found the symbol of The Syndicate in among his memories.

His cell operates out of a small office building about a mile from the wall. Most of the people in the building are not Rockets, but the few Rockets present are the dominating figures of the company. They have resources in the form of money, and can use their balck maret assets to purchase many supplies.

Power: ESP

Team: Rocket


Espeon: His first pokemon. He found the young Eevee scrounging near a trash can. The Eevee's vast knowledge flooded into hs mind like a book opened before him. This was the first time he used his power. The Eevee had alot of street smarts, and helped Sent through is younger years. The day before he joined Team Rocket, it evolved, as if sensing that he needed a powerful friend for the events to come. That was the day that Espeon found that it could read Sent's mind in turn.

Gallade: Found him as a small Ralts. It wandered into an alley he was sleeping in, and stared at him as he slept. Sent of course knew the Ralts was there all along, but he pretended to sleep so he could analyze its thoughts. He found it to be quite a scaredy-cat, and decided to watch out for it. When it evolved into a Kirlia, it was able to communicate with him like his Espeon, but after wandering near a trash can, it evolved into Gallade, and lost its complexity of communication. It can still battle under only the guidance of Sent’s mind, but has lost all the comradeship it experienced with Sent earlier, it is now just a partner not a friend.

Alakazam: Alakazam was purchased from a factory worker in the city who fell down on his luck. Alakazam can communicate with Sent, and as a result, their friendship quickly grew.

Metagross: Found as a silver Metang who had been hit with a gun-shot from a police officer. He acts like Sent’s super computer, and can even connect to wireless internet. Most people cannot use the vast intelligence database within its mind, Sent can.

Which You Are Doing: Violent Path

Other: Any Rockets who want to join my cell, just PM me, I promise it will be fun.

05-23-2007, 11:12 PM
Born Jane Beth Baker. Her name was legally changed when she was adopted, to Hotaru Avaria Amiko.




Standing at a mere 5'2 or so, Jane would never be described as tall. Nor does she make up for this in weight- even a generous person would not find any way to describe her save 'scrawny', though she is gradually beginning to fill out a little.

Jane may be 18, but she was definitely a late bloomer. She has a body somewhere between that of a child and a woman. Small arms with toothpick wrists make her look either malnourished or very young, while her body from the waist down has a more curvy look, like that of a woman. She's not quite flat up top, but she's close at this point.

Though she is pale skinned, Jane doesn't burn very often. She doesn't tan much either, however, but seems to remain the same color year round. The more obvious change, when she's been in the sun, is to her hair. The straight, long strands are normally dark brown. However, in the summer they lighten considerably, and reveal natural red highlights.

Like her hair, Jane's eyes are brown. They do, however, become purple while she is in any of her shapeshifting forms, regardless of what Pokemon she is at the time.

Shapeshifting. Can become a Taillow or Mightyena.

Both forms seem to fit her. Like Mightyena, she has a strong sense of loyalty- to Eden, if not to anyone else. She also won’t go out of her way to torment someone, but if they hurt her or a friend of hers first, Hotaru will go after them. For someone who’s prone to evil, she has an unusually strong moral compass- hers just has different morals than those of most people.

And, like Taillow, Hotaru is small, preferring flexibility and speed to pure power.

Natu: Shiloh. He was named after the beagle from the book series, yes, though Hotaru still likes the name even though she's outgrown the books. A fairly easy-going Pokemon, he is often found with Hotaru or Arcanine, but rarely with Bayleef.

Persian: Private name is Kaizy. Publically, to those other than Hotaru and one or two close friends, she is Dzaxey. (Like Lacey, but with sharper sounds for the first and middle consonants. ;) )

Arcanine: Private name is Deraun, though Hotaru refers to him as Dery. Public name is Brazen, a nickname given to him by Bayleef.

Bayleef: Real name Kirei, but if you use this, she’ll be quite upset… If you ever find it out. She goes by Baylie, since ‘Bayleef!’ gets answers from lots of Pokemon who are of her species. ;)

The 'private' names of Hotaru's Pokemon would not be known to anyone except Eden Fay. Around everyone else, they're called by their public names.

History is too long to fit! To see it, go here: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1136952&postcount=36

05-24-2007, 12:58 AM
Name: Kenneth (Kenny) Itari

Age: 19

Looks: Kenny stands at just under 6' even and weighs a small 137 lbs. He is kind of skinny, yet he still has a little muscle mass about him. He has brown hair that is spiked, almost looking like a spiral, that would go no further than his neck if it were straight. His eyes are grey, yet still are said to sparkle with feeling by those close to him. He mostly wears a dark green or black muscle shirt or T-shirt, black shorts, and light boots varying between brown and black in color. His skin is slightly tanned, because of his time spent underneath the sun.

He is fit, though in no way particularly superior in any strength or ability. However, he is a bit strong, because of his days on his own and his martial arts "training" he gave himself. He is most often seen with a smile, unless he is deep in thought or in some mental turmoil.

Personality: He is a determined individual, hard to give up on much anything. He feels that giving up is a personal failure that'll always stay with him. He won't accept that, and therefore refuses to give up. He is somewhat of an optimist, looking for the good in things he comes across. He abhores evil or dark deeds.

He likes to talk to friends when the topic is right, but tries not to be a bother or an annoying little twit. He tries to have friends close by, because he didn't have friends throughout his childhood. He accepts everyone, especially those no one else accepts because of some frightful appearence or ability they have. On the few occasions he is lonely or in need of assistance and nobody else is around who'll help, he might summon one of the Legendaries and ask for their company or help politely.

He practices his crude martial arts every night, trying to keep himself fit and polished for the future. He knows there are those who would do him intentional harm, so he stays ready. He doesn't like to fight, but knows that sometimes he must fight.

History: Kenny grew up not knowing his own origins, only that he was taken in at the Vittoria orphanage until he was adopted at the age of 5. The ones who adopted him weren't particularly wealthy or caring parents, but they were mainstream. They never spoiled him, but gave him the occasional gift and love he needed. He went to a school that they could afford, and he was modestly educated and cared for. This all changed one day in his fifth-grade year.

He, like many others, had fallen prey to bullies and pranksters at his school, and he had very little friends; the ones he DID have, however, were either coaxed into not being his friend or moved away. On one particular day, he was entirely on his own on the playground, crying to himself. He began to wish he had one friend in the world who'd stay with him, when a small, glowing bubble appeared above his head. The bubble expanded and, in a flash of light, one of the last Legendaries appeared: Mew. Seeing his tears, Mew floated down and began to tease and play with him, eventually making him laugh and enjoy himself. Other students who'd witnessed this couldn't believe it; how could lame-old Kenny become a friend of a Mew, and not them?! Still, they thought it was a one time thing, and let it go. Eventually, Mew bid Kenny farewell, and disappeared. Because of Mew's appearence, Kenny was much happier, and looked forward to the day Mew would appear again.

Over the following summer, Kenny would often wish for Mew to appear, and Mew would do so if Kenny was concentrating on it. Others began to notice this, and determined him to have a special power over Mew, if not all remaining Legendaries. Some were pleased, others were jealous, and some, like Kenny's foster family, hated him for being so abnormal. Finally, in July, they'd had it. Kenny was thought to be a threat by his foster parents, and they plotted to dispose of him. Kenny never noticed these happenings, and continued to call for Mew to be company for him every few days. Mew became very familiar to him, and also enjoyed his friendship.

One warm summer night, he came inside to a dark environment. He called out for his foster mother and father, but recieved no answer. Still he searched, and soon began to become worried and scared. When he entered his room, the world went dark, and he fainted. When he awoke, he realized he was in a sack. About that time, the sack was pulled off of him, and his hands were tied behind his back roughly by a strong-armed individual. When he sat up and was finally able to see, he noticed his parents and a bunch of other people just glaring at him. When he asked what this was about, they spat at him and said he was a freak, and deserved nothing more or less than death. Growing more and more frightened, he decided to try to escape, but he kept the adults distracted by asking them how they had planned this. The ruse worked, and while they explained away, he was busy loosening his bonds. His wrists were rather small, so this was easier than first thought. Finally, just as the adults were about to kill him, he threw off his bonds and ran towards the nearest exit he saw. He only kept ahead of the pursuing blood-thirsty adults by constantly hiding in any room he passed, but they were all dead-ends.

When Kenny finally found an exit, he was found by his father. He grabbed a hold of Kenny and tried to strangle him, but Kenny bit his hand, which caused him to release his foster son. Kenny ran down and alleyway, still being chased by the angry adults. Finally, he collapsed out of exhaustion. Just before the pursuers ran him down, he wished and pleaded for someone, anyone to help him.

A bright flash later, and an angry Arceus appeared between Kenny and the mob. Scared, most of the adults fled, but Kenny's parents persisted. They attacked Arceus, and in return, lost their lives. Arceus turned to Kenny and helped him back up, and the two walked the dark city paths, careful to not draw attention. Eventually, Arceus disappeared like mew did, and Kenny hid within an abandoned house to keep away from those who still wished to kill him. He would live out his life away from all those who would do him harm...

The years passed, and Kenny continued living by himself. He constantly had to scrounge for food, usually ending up stealing some, just to survive. His weight diminished, and he was rather skinny by the time he reached his 18th birthday. He was on the edge of death, and things weren't looking up for him. To keep dangerous people away form him, he stole a book used to teach defensive fighting and martial arts, and taught himself to defend himself. He caught a couple pokemon by stealing pokeballs as well. He kept these pokemon as well cared for as he could manage. Things continued like this for another few months, when his life drastically turned for the better.

One day out, he was found by another person as he finished an attack on two criminals trying to steal from a mother and her child. Kenny fled, and thought he lost this one, until the person who he fled rounded the corner, effectivelly trapping him. As Kenny began to work on a Summoning, the person introduced himself as a friendly individual of the Nightstriders: Renagade Knights. He explained that he thought what he witnessed was kind of heroical, and offered to recommend him to his Team to join. Still wary of the situation, Kenny followed him, hopeful of his future. Another week later, he was accepted into NSRK, and he finally began to regain his physique with his meals he worked off for the Team.

Kenny wishes to help this Team increase their influence, because their goals suit his look on life. So, to this day, he shows his face to others more often, especially those also in NSRK, and helps those in need of it.

Power: Summon: Legend

Team: Nightstriders

Pokémon: Male Combusken-Horath
Female Ampharos-Beatris
Female Staravia-Cynthia
Male Shinx-Lyon

Which You Are Doing: Violent Path.


I believe that this might be good enough :oops:. Well, we'll see.

05-24-2007, 04:58 AM
Name: Kenneth Aevum (pronunced "I-vum")

Age: 24

Looks: In the School, he wears a pretty normal uniform, and running at 5'4". He also shows a side of himself that is essentially just the cute bishounen type that is prone to get the girls' maternal instincts drawn out of them, with his large eyes and fluffed up blond hair.

In the dark, he wears a black suit, showing a less innocent side, as seen here (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v297/Kenny_C002/Picture1-1.jpg) in that crappy drawing. ^^

Personality: Klutzy and weak, he is prone to error in front of others. He shows many weaknesses to better him in a position where he could not be framed for any major problems.

He is calculating, but loyal. His secretive side allows for little to no error, a perfectionist in ways thought not possible. He is ruthless to those that bother him, and can outmaneuver many. He lacks many emotions, as he had to dull them during his childhood.

History: He came from a long line of people that practice ninjitsu and a form of martial arts called "drunken boxing" (which is pretty useless in the School environment XD). They have long rigorous training on these techniques ever since he was a small child, as the elders of his clan sensed that he had some talent for these skills.

He was admitted to the school mainly to keep tabs on the going on's in the school. He remained the klutz character in order to steer attention away from him, in case of any potential screw ups and what not. This was effective, but sometimes a little too effective, as swarms of girls seemed to be around him at any given point. However, this also meant that he always had a sort of a shield to protect him during day time. His missions happen during the night anyway.

Unfortunately, the elders were killed in an accidental test explosion when they were testing a nerve gas device. This also meant that Kenneth just lost all of his connections and was no longer tied to an organization. What was interesting was that Syndicate somehow saw through his capabilities and asked him to join. It would be rather interesting to join this team. After all, to him it's almost like second nature. He works now with the intelligence portions of Syndicate.

He never notices his powers, because it's passive. He just assumes everybody else has it, with the exception of being somewhat capable of seeing through thin walls, which he discovered during his stay at the school.

Power: Superman senses + enhanced vision

Team: Syndicate

Pokémon: Smeargle

Which You Are Doing: School

05-24-2007, 11:59 AM
I'm nearly done with my sign-up, but I've got a question, and for lack of a better place to ask it, I'm asking it here. If we're doing both the Violent Path and the School one, then what should our history be? Do we write up two separate histories, or do we just do a vague history? I'm a bit confused, so any help would much be appreciated. Coughscottcough.


Alyssa Himura
05-24-2007, 12:37 PM
Name: Alyssa Saku Himura

Age: 22

Looks: Alyssa is a short girl, averaging no more than 5'2. She has long golden blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back. She is also very skinny, weighing no more 125 pounds, very skinny for a girl of her age. She has a slight tanned complexion. She wears mostly simple things, normally black, t-shirt, jeans, and some slacks that always fall down to her ankles. She normally wears a pair of wooden sandals or white tennis shoes with white socks.

Personality: Alyssa is a kind person. She doesn't like to resort to violence, but will fight for what she belives in. Her power fits her well, she has a very imaginative mind, able to come up with almost anything. As a child, she was a daydreamer, always the loner and away from almost everyone. She has a soft heart, she tries tobe kind, and nice to every individual. She is yet very mysterious and very unopen, she doesn't share her feelings or past expereinces with many people, keeping everything she saw a secret in her own heart. She really likes to make her power stronger, more real, she really wants to become the best illusionist and pokemon trainer of all time.

History: Alyssa has experienced a lot through her twenty two years. She was born to a rich family, though no one would notice such since they rarely spent their money, and they were loners. They kept to themselves like hermits. Her mother and father both worked as spies for the military, something Alyssa didn't know. She spent most of her childhood with her parents locked in her room or studying, which later made her really intellegent, but really she spet most of her free time daydreaming, coming up with magical places and lands and things.

At the age of eight her parents were murdered. Someone from a opposing team found out that her parents were spies and found their home. Alyssa hid with her brother, but he came out to the open and joined his parent's. They never found Alyssa. She was sent on boat away from the country with her mother's pichu. She lived her days on the streets, keeping herself alive after she was left alone.

She discovered her powers around the age of ten, when concentrating hard on her daydreams. Something came up, though it didn't have much of a touch of reality, since the power was untrained and uncontrolled at that point. Since then she gave her time entirely to practcing with both her powers and her pokemon. Her goal was simply to be good at something.

When she turned eighteen she joined the war. She found the Nightstriders and soon was welcomed into the team. She loves the magical school and the team she had joined, though hates having to use her powers for the war at times, she struggles to do her best at all times.

Power: Illusionist

Team: Nightstriders

Pokémon: Pikachu, female; Ninetales, female; Lapras, Female; Dragonair, female.

Which You Are Doing: Both

((Yeah, yeah, not too great, but yeah...))

05-24-2007, 03:35 PM
I'm nearly done with my sign-up, but I've got a question, and for lack of a better place to ask it, I'm asking it here. If we're doing both the Violent Path and the School one, then what should our history be? Do we write up two separate histories, or do we just do a vague history? I'm a bit confused, so any help would much be appreciated. Coughscottcough.


I'd assume you could write one history... ;) Just have your character be involved in the violent path during school breaks, or before/after school. Or maybe even through cutting class?

Ninja Emperor
05-24-2007, 04:26 PM
Name: Kaito Nobunaga Yoshikuni

Age: 24

Looks: Kaito is taller then average young man, around 5'8" or 5'9" in hight. He have semi-atlethic complection, weighting 145 pounds. He have dirty blonde, medium sized hair and clear blue eyes, light mustache covers his upper lip and occasionaly goatie covers his chin. For the most time he wears black turtle neck shirt, night camouflaged pants, army boots and a black trench coat over that, his hands are often covered by gloves from brown leather and a katana sword is hidden underneath his long trench coat.
Personality: Kaito got a very kind heart, some may even think that he's naive, but that's a really false assumtion. In fact he is actually have a certain sense of seeing a kind of person he's dealing with. It's only because of his outwardly kind nature such an assumption can be made. He's not usually solves things by violence as he believes in reasoning. However, if he got no choice left, he will fight fiercly. All it takes is to make his blood boil, but that is extremly hard since he got a great deal of patience. He can only snap if he is feeling frustrated at the moment and cannot hold in that frustration anymore.

History: Kaito didn't have an easy childhood, in fact his magical training began very early, at the age of 6. His mother died when he was around 8 years old.

All of the time of his early training, his father strived to make him a magician worthly of Yoshikuni clan. That meant that he had to endure trough intense physical and mental training. He studied tons of ancient books and scrolls learning the arts of magic, as well as the martial art. His father wasn't only a great magician, but also an exceptional swordsman, so he though his art to Kaito as well.

Even though his father trained him rather hard, his father was never mean or rough towards him. When Kaito needed rest, he was given rest and he never was hungry at all. That was until his father dissapeared when Kaito was around 18 years of age. It was at that time when his father left on an important quest and never been heard from again. That was when Kaito decided to join NSRK and continue his studies of the magical arts while putting his skills in a good use as well.

The hardest part of growing up for Kaito was coping with his powers. He was gifted with kinnetic absorbtion which allowed him to absorb most of the energies and use them to increase his strenth. He learned how to control that when he got older, but it was harder as a child. Then he could easily hurt another child, if he absorbed energy on accident. Because of that it was really hard for him to make friends as a child, it changed when he became older.

Power: Kinnetic Absorbtion

Team: Nightstriders

Pokémon: Jolteon, Male; Charizard, Male; Gyarados, Female; Umbreon, female.

Which You Are Doing: Both

Dr Scott
05-24-2007, 05:23 PM
I'm nearly done with my sign-up, but I've got a question, and for lack of a better place to ask it, I'm asking it here. If we're doing both the Violent Path and the School one, then what should our history be? Do we write up two separate histories, or do we just do a vague history? I'm a bit confused, so any help would much be appreciated. Coughscottcough.


Both basically means you do the whole "check out the teachers to see if they art doing bad!" and the "oh, hey, take over the 'hoods" stuff, both.

Make of this what you will :P

I'll accept and deny (dun dun dun) when I can ^^;

05-24-2007, 07:21 PM
Name: Gonzap Akahiko III

Age: 26

Looks: Wears a deep green jacket, covering a light grey sweatshirt. He wears a hood over his brown hair, and his baggy grey pants are held up by a belt with a Ninjask-like belt buckle. His eyes are deep blue, and his black sneakers have white laces. He stands about 6 feet tall.

Personality: Even though in the past he was constantly drunk, he has become mentally stable once more. He listens to the opinions of others, but can be short-tempered at times. He is often reckless in battle because of his power, but this may lead to his downfall.

History: Gonzap comes from a long line of Akahikos, which can be traced back thousands of years. His family has become fairly wealthy, and Gonzap was neglected by his father (Gonzap Akahiko II). At six, he started his private school, and flew through school getting A's and B's until he was eleven. In his free time, he would challenge many boys in his neighborhood to pokemon battles. In the midst of a close battle, he was burned horribly by his opponent’s charmander. However, to his shock, the pain soon disappeared and the scar healed rapidly. At the age of 12, he noticed his strange power after a broken arm healed in less than a week. He soon ran away from home with his rhydon, and became quite successful in his own right. After the loss of his brother (when Gonzap was 23), his closest friend, he went on a drinking binge. He began to commonly participate in Russian roulette, until he was helped by a mysterious man. When Gonzap asked how he could repay the man, the man convinced Gonzap to join “the swarm”. Gonzap bought a small apartment in the city and joined a rising organization, team Swarm.

Power: Accelerated healing

Team: Swarm


(Nin) Ninjask
Gonzap named his Ninjask Nin because of its incredible speed. Ninjask is troublesome and loves to play pranks

Gonzap’s Shedinja has no emotions. It simply follows orders given to it, and has incredible dark powers.

(Pandora) Rhyperior
Gonzap named his Rhyperior, his first pokemon, Pandora because of an ancient myth regarding the pains of sufferings of the human world, something which his Rhypeior (then a rhydon) helped Gonzap endure.

Gonzap recently caught his Bronzong while in Sinnoh (this was after he had achieved sobriety). This pokemon is quite moody, and has not had much training

Which You Are Doing: violent

Dr Scott
05-24-2007, 09:47 PM
Yes, I am harsh. But I want to see stories people, stories! XD, this is an Elite RP, and I'd like to see a lot of effort and creativity put into this. Make it fun for me to read :biggrin:

sonic: I'd like to see a little more on the personality and background ^^;.
-Denied for now.

Oh Kay ... La: I'd like to see a little more on the personality and backgroudn :P.
-Denied for now.

Finchy: Mmm, I'd like a little more on the personality, but the history makes up for it. Try to not abuse the power too much, I'd hate to have to limit it more :P. It was a gift for liking Bucky xD.

Sent: More per and hist.
-Denied for now.

Fireflyk: Talked to you about your character. Nothing to put here but this <-.

Kennah: Obviously accepted. Drunken boxing xD.

Alyssa and NE: Both nice ^^;. Sorry, I'm not feeling describey :P.

Wario: More pers and Hist
-Denied for now.

Wow :o. That's nuts. Yeah, I'm sorry, I just wasn't too thrilled with some of them ^^;. This isn't some RP where you can make your skills better, or half ass. This is the War RP for War points, an Elite RP, and I want to see you all try really hard on the personality and history. Give your characters life even BEFORE the RP :D.

Legendary Wolf
05-24-2007, 10:43 PM
Name: Nautas Turbo

Age: 16

Looks: Nautas has two thin arms, that resemble spaghetti, Nautas' arms are strong though as looks aren’t anything. Nautas has long curly hair that can sometimes block out his eyesight. His never really does bother him though. Nautas' eyes are blue and turn green if he ever feels the need to scare someone. Yes he controls it himself it doesn't just happen. Nautas nose has a little bump on it but none-the-less it’s still unnoticeable. Nautas’ chin is fine. Nautas neck is a little long but again seems normal. Nautas can also bend his finger to the back of his wrist although that has never pleased anyone, as most who see this run to the can. Though he can bend his finger. Nautas cannot snap his fingers very well because he uses his pointed finger instead of his middle finger, and he still hasn’t found out about that. Nautas has no facial hair at all; he has both little ear and nose hair, which is a relief at this point. Nautas stand at around 5’8 and can’t bend his body back like his wrist, and making him not so good at limbo.

Personality: Nautas is a jolly person who is always smiling around and laughing at his friend’s joke even if they aren’t funny, to at least make them feel well. Nautas is also smart; Nautas confuses his friends often with his mind-boggling vocabulary as they always asks. “Huh” or “Excuse me good mate” as a genitive reply to the vocabulary recently thrown to them. Nautas is also clumsy though, he stumbles on multiple things as he crosses one area sometimes. Some people think Nautas is to unstable and try to trip them if he passes by.

History: Nautas was born in a bleak house in Fortree City, and was raised with his parents. Nautas and his family got along well, especially Nautas and his brother. Nautas and his brother, Esera. Esera got lost easily in forests and caves so usually he wasn’t let around a lot. Though one day Esera found away to get away by himself, Esera traveled into the woods and was never seen again (Cheesy I know). Nautas was devastated of his brother’s loss and ran outside when he heard the news, he was furious and he forced something with his hands, strong winds blew from his hands repeatedly. Nautas kept doing releasing tons of airs from his hands blowing over trees. Flying Pokemon always got a free shot at it to.

When Nautas turned eleven people forced his family to leave his home. Nautas fled to Lilycove having to leave his parents behind in Fortree, Nautas never knew what the people looked like since they had masks, but he hated them, all of them. In Lilycove Nautas had no luck finding someone to help him, he only had his Tropius, which at this point was his best friend and the only one that wasn’t rotting with some unknown thieves. Tropius and Nautas were close and knew each very well. Tropius became a super-strong Pokemon with Nautas leading it, they were the best team there was. They were Invincible. Nautas had forgotten about his Power’s until this point and suddenly remembered them, after he remembered though he used them quit often, sooner or later it would turn harmful, that’s what everyone thought. They were wrong. Nautas caught a Mantine with the help of his Tropius, and made them both stronger as time passed on.

Power: Elemental Control: Air

Team: Team Swarm


Name: Treetop

Age: 14

Species Tropius

History Nautas met Tropius while he was searching along the city of Fortree, Tropius protected Nautas from a wild group of Mighteyena and then decided to come along with Nautas, Tropius and Nautas have became each other’s best friend while going over rough times, and have helped each other survive each other by giving each food and shelter, although Tropius does most of both of it with it’s big body, and it’s banana neck thing on it’s neck.

Name Fiishi

Name: 11

Species Mantine

History: Tropius and Nautas were striding along the seas when they encountered a wild Mantine in the sea, Mantine and Tropius became friends and adding Nautas to the friendship was even better. When they battled Tropius was able to blast it away with a single Solar-Beam signaling that Mantine wasn’t a very strong Pokemon but either way both Tropius and Nautas was glad to have him on the very unique team of Nautas Turbo.

Which You Are Doing: Mix of both

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Also, on the topic of school...I GRADUATED! Now, I'll be able to stay for the entire WAR, so I'm giddy with excitement! Yay!

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Name: Ayra Branigan

Age: 19

Looks: Ayra is certainly not a tall young adult, nor can she truly be considered average height. Standing at 4’11, she only just misses the five foot mark she so hoped to reach in her childhood. Although she is nineteen, Ayra has an almost child-like appearance, and as such is often thought to be several years younger than she really is. While she is very thin, she is not frail, but has a lithe, cat-like build. Ayra’s hair is jet-black, and falls without any waves or curls down just past her shoulder blades. She has a smooth, round face, devoid of freckles or acne, with dark, dramatic eyebrows and eyelashes over her eyes. These are a light, sea-colored mix of blue and green, with a heavy black ring around the iris that lets the color stand out against the whites of her eyes. They seem too large for her face, adding to her innocent appearance, and can be very expressive. Her skin is neither pale, nor dark, nor tan, but a sort of colorless, medium tone. In fact, her eyes are the only real color that stands out on her body, given her usual clothing choice of gray and black shades. Her clothes are intentionally loose fitting, and usually consist of a shirt and a pair of light pants, covered by a long coat that consumes most of her body; from her neck to her ankles. Soft boots adorn her feet, and make little noise when she walks. Ayra carries herself with a willowy grace, and seems to glide soundlessly along like a specter in the night. She has a knack for blending in wherever she is at night, although this is not the case in the daytime.

Personality: For nearly all of her life, Ayra has very much been required to fend for herself in the world. In addition, she has somewhat taken on the task of providing for her younger sister and brother, as neither of her parents is present or competent enough to do so. As such, she feels a moral responsibility for young, underprivileged people. Ayra has developed a thick skin, and is not easily angered or hurt. However, she has a knack for finding other people’s ‘buttons’, and will not hesitate to push them when she sees fit. Ayra usually seems a quiet, solitary person, who always seems to be hiding in the shadows and watching others. Once she feels a certain amount of comfort in the situation, she uses her knowledge accumulated from her observation to devise how she can join in without seeming out of place. While her behaviors will adjust slightly to the situation, when she decides to join in the conversation, she is usually upbeat, fast-talking, sarcastic, and quick-witted. She is rarely prudent when she doesn’t feel that she has to be, and as such, finds that making friends can be difficult, for few can stand her indiscriminate sarcastic treatment of all around her. Ayra prefers to work alone, for she is accustomed to it and independent by nature, but she is certainly not a leader, and will assume the role of a follower in a group situation. While she usually follows orders, she will not tolerate others telling her how to use her powers, and will use them to complete her given task as she sees fit. This usually works very well for both leader and Ayra, so she does not expect this to be contested.

Ayra’s own biggest ‘button’ is that she cannot stand being judged by others, especially for her often less-than-clean and less-than-well-dressed appearance, her background, and her past actions. She is willing to work somewhat with those whose families have money, although she still harbors a bit of resentment toward them. However, she cannot abide anyone judging her, especially these people, for the petty crime and conning she did in her youth. In her opinion, she did this to survive, and only those who were in the same situation can truly understand. Ayra is smart and has a quick, sharp tongue, although she is usually not-so-hardworking in school. She is rather comfortable with herself, and does not feel the need to hold herself to high standards. Ayra knows her abilities and her limits, and will not exceed them. She can be a bit selfish at times, except when it comes to protecting the weak and underprivileged. This shows that she does have a noble streak in her, despite her often seen as shady background. Ayra also has pride, although it is not damaged by petty insults, or harmed when she surrenders a fight or runs away. Survival is and always will be very important to Ayra, for this is the trait which her youth most firmly instilled in her.

History: Ayra was born into a highly dysfunctional family. Her father left Ayra’s mother and two younger siblings, one brother and one sister, when Ayra was seven, leaving her mother to make the money to support the family. However, she had long been an alcoholic, and had no interest in caring for her three children. With the family living in squalor and on welfare, Ayra was robbed of a carefree, happy childhood. Hungry and unhappy, she would often wander the streets to get away from her family. As she grew older, the farther she would travel, until she left behind the world of broken glass and poverty, and found herself suddenly among massive, beautiful houses, inhabited by happy, smiling people. No one here bothered to stick to the shadows as they walked, as she had known was necessary all her life. Children dashed around corners without a thought, and seemed almost sickeningly carefree. Yet when the adults happened to see her, they would quickly shepherd their children away, casting dark and suspicious looks toward the grubby child.

Such were Ayra’s first encounters with the rich people. To her, it was as different from what she knew as another world, and while she didn’t like the way she was treated there, she couldn’t help but wander back and watch the wealthy, and puzzle at their strange lives. They were never hungry, or dirty, and although they did seem to have some troubles, they almost always seemed rather petty, and nothing like the life or death situations Ayra’s people found themselves in often. They had money, and lots of it, yet they were so few compared to the crowded streets of Ayra’s home! Why was it that but one of them had more wealth than all of Ayra’s people put together? The more Ayra saw, the angrier she became. Her brother and sister were hungry, and the rich people had more than enough food, yet they clearly had no interest in sharing. Rather, they seemed to keep a jealous hold of their possessions, and dedicate their lives to obtaining more.

It was about at this time that Ayra obtained her first Pokemon. A small creature, covered in short black fur, scurried through the shadows of the wealthy neighborhood very much like Ayra did herself. The girl was captivated by the Pokemon, with its bright feathers and shining gold stone. As night was just slipping over the sky, it scrambled through a carelessly open door, made its way to the kitchen by hiding behind the many furnishings, and stole a large chicken that the family had planned to eat for dinner. It was discovered just as it almost finished making its escape, and a man began to chase it. Sympathizing with the hungry creature, Ayra beckoned to it from a nearby cramped space between two walls that she had been hiding in, and in its desperation, it darted in and the two hid in the shadows. Grateful, the creature offered Ayra some of its catch, and for the first time in months, Ayra ate her fill.

The rich people, she reasoned, had plenty of food and money. Would it really hurt them to ‘share’ a bit? With her mother either away or intoxicated, no one was going to tell Ayra that taking food was right or wrong. And so, Ayra and the Sneasel formed a tentative partnership, and Ayra began her life of petty crime. Together they would steal food, pick a pocket, or con someone to obtain a bit of money. Ayra never took anything from her own people, or those who didn’t seem to have more than enough to spare. She gained another Pokemon later, a starving Absol she shared her food with, and who remained loyal to her after. Her next Pokemon was an Eevee, which had been given as a present to a child in the neighborhood of the rich. It was clearly miserable, for the child was spoiled spent no time with it after the novelty wore off, and it became lonely. When the family had a baby that became quite fond of ripping out its fur, it could take no more, and snapped at the baby. While the Eevee had intentionally missed and the baby was not harmed, the parents became frightened and planned to have the Eevee taken away by Pokemon catcher. Before this happened, Ayra snuck into their house and took the Pokemon instead, and gave it the love and attention it had long craved, much as she herself had.

Life was better for Ayra, for with the money she obtained she was able to provide somewhat for her siblings, ensuring that they always had clothes to wear and food to eat. She had never been caught stealing, and her innocent, child-like appearance became a useful tool in that she was rarely suspected. Living as she did and where she did, she was bound to find herself in a few skirmishes at times. In that way her size proved a hindrance, for she knew she could never hope to stand a chance in a battle based on physical strength. Rather, she saw no shame in running when possible. Living was most important, and if she ran away, it was to see another day. She was surviving. As such, her tactics usually involved using her speed to dodge, countering with the crude street-fighting skills she had picked up in her life on the streets, mostly mixed martial arts styles. She found that, due to her own lack of strength, it was best to find a way to use that of her opponent against him. Ayra was never above using ‘unsportsmanlike’ moves like tripping to knock her opponent down, giving her the chance to run as fast as possible. And that is usually what she sought to do. All the same, she was always a very poor fighter.

However, she could not hope to be so lucky as to never be caught. One day, moving along a busy street, her hand snaked out unseen to grab a man’s wallet from his back pocket. And oh, was it the wrong pocket to pick!

“Hey! You, kid! Whad’ya think you’re doin’?!”

Startled, she accidentally bumped into her victim just before her hand retracted, and the man in front of her whipped around immediately, moving to grab her. Just in time, she ducked under his arms and was racing away as fast as her feet would carry her. He gave chase, and many others made to stop her. While she managed to avoid them, she was slowed down considerably, and the man was gaining on her. Victim had become pursuer, and pursuer had become victim. Suddenly, Ayra was terrified that she would be captured, and taken away to the distant, horrible place where bad people went. She knew she wasn’t a bad person, and the thought of never seeing her brother or sister again filled her with dread. She darted down an alley, the men in close pursuit, and noticed vaguely that tons of various papers had been blown in and trapped. She made to turn down another alleyway, but was terrified to find that her was blocked by another pursuer. Ayra had no choice but to keep running, but it was then that she realized: the alley was a dead end. She was trapped.

The rooftops towered above her, beckoning her to freedom, yet they were three stories tall, and she couldn’t hope to jump high enough to find safety there. It was over, she was caught. Prison, that’s what awaited her now, prison, and a life without her Pokemon and her family. Suddenly, she realized that her siblings would no longer have her to care for them. No, she couldn’t give up! She wouldn’t leave them alone, there had to be something she could do, something she could use! And then she saw the paper. Without hesitating or thinking, she drew several of the countless pieces toward her, and they came zipping through the air in response to her call. They rose above her in a row like stepping stones, leading from the ground to the safety of the rooftops. Each hardened and was as capable of bearing her weight as stone or metal, and she raced up the makeshift stairs, dropped her control over the papers as she moved off of them, and ran away across the roof without looking back.

The men could only stare as the papers drifted slowly, harmlessly back to the ground again, as though they had never been used in such a strange and wondrous way. One man attempted to step on one before it completely reached the ground, but it only crumpled under his foot. Whatever magic the girl had put into them was gone.

When her heartbeat finally settled back into its normal rhythm, and she had recovered from the shock of the whole event, Ayra felt like a new person. She was not just another child in her poor neighborhood, forced to risk her life daily in order to survive: she was special. She had what money couldn’t buy; what was given only to select individuals within the city. She had a power. And of course, who can suddenly discover something so new and amazing about themselves without testing it, practicing with it, honing this new skill? Ayra found that she could do nearly anything with paper; folding into useful shapes, defending and attacking, reaching places that would have been inaccessible before. Yet the more paper she had to use to achieve her goal, and also, the harder and sharper she had to make the paper, the more she found herself physically, mentally, and emotionally drained after using it. She will never forget the first battle in which she openly used her paper power; creating a sort of blade with it and creating nearly impenetrable shields. However, while she won the fight easily against the other person, who had nothing but his fists, she went so overboard with it that she found herself ill and confined to her bed for a week afterward. It was an important lesson for Ayra, for she suddenly became aware that her power had limits, and consequences. Rather, she needed to rethink her strategy.

Using paper was, of course, a valuable fighting tool. With it, she was no longer required to run from all battles and conflict. However, it clearly needed to be used sparingly, so that when she did have to block or attack, the move would be as effective as possible. She learned to perform basic techniques using as little paper as possible. Her new way of fighting involved using her powers to supplement her speed and movement, so that she could move away and then throw a razor sharp piece of paper like a knife. At close combat, she will still be overpowered nearly all the time, because fighting effectively at that close of a range consumed too much energy too quickly. However, she could not move too far from her target, or her control over the paper would weaken considerably. Only in truly desperate times can she perform such techniques as slicing through metal, creating large paper creations, or preventing such projectiles as bullets from reaching her. Using her power to this scale could cause her to collapse on the spot, depending on how much energy she had consumed beforehand, leaving her at the mercy of her opponent. While her power seems limitless in terms of what she can do creatively with the paper, overuse can cause severe consequences.

Two years later, when Ayra was 17, she learned of a shadowy group who called themselves the Nightstriders. She was entranced by hearing of their ways; upholding good at all costs, yet having little regard for laws if they were to get in the way of the greater good. They were not afraid of taking from the rich to give to the poor, as Ayra herself had been doing for many years. For perhaps the first time, Ayra thought about having friends, not just her Pokemon and siblings. Would it not be nice to be around others who shared her views, and had powers as well? People who understood her? Within a week of learning of the organization, Ayra joined. In fitting with their strict moral code, she makes an effort to better herself as a person, and eliminate her crime when not sanctioned by the group. However, old habits die hard, and Ayra can not help but hear the call of the streets and all they have to offer her, and temptation has a way of gaining ground in everyone’s lives.

At the age of nineteen, Ayra was shocked to receive a letter of acceptance from a college in the area, for her grades in school had always been average. She had applied merely because applications were readily available in her high school, and she had often been encouraged to apply if only ‘for the heck of it’. It was a year after she had left high school when she found the finished application with her old school things, and she decided to turn it in rather than to use it as practice paper, for reasons unknown even to her. She was not unhappy to learn that she had only been accepted because of her power, but rather, was glad for knowing the truth. Being at college, she has realized that for once, she has a chance to become someone, and rise above the poverty in which she was raised. This realization lead her to stay in college, despite her Nightstriders work and the call of the streets.

Power: Paper Manipulation

Team: NightStriders: Renegade Knights

Absol: Ayra’s second Pokemon, who she found wandering the streets. His nickname is Fallon, which means ‘leader’, which she chose because he acts as the leader in her team of Pokemon. His most significant qualities are his loyalty, and surprisingly, his sense of humor, for he enjoys playing minor pranks on Ayra when he can. See History for more information.
Espeon: Once a pampered pet, but soon forgotten and left unhappy, he was ‘rescued’ by Ayra just before being taken to a pound of sorts for unwanted Pokemon pets when their owners do not want to simply cast them off into the wild. His beginnings show in him, for he acts very different from the rather rough bunch of Ayra’s other Pokemon. He is called Saran, or ‘noble’, for his aloof personality. However, he has a better understanding of his trainer’s feelings and mood, so she values him as much as the rest of her Pokemon for his ability to relate to her. He evolved into an Espeon a year after he joined Ayra. See History for more information.
Fearow: Called Shayeen, or Shai for short (name means ‘hawk’ for her appearance and rough, war-like personality), she was found by Ayra as a Spearrow. She became Ayra’s fourth Pokemon when she was seen locked in a cage, belonging to a shopkeeper. He had hoped to sell the Spearrow, but Ayra simply took her with the intention of setting her free. However, Shai proved to be a fiercely loyal and noble creature, and was determined to settle the debt she owed to Ayra by becoming her companion. She later evolved into a Fearrow, and the two, as with Ayra and all her Pokemon, are quite close.
Sneasel: Nicknamed Eanna by Ayra, she was Ayra’s first Pokemon. The two became partners in crime when Ayra was young. She is very sneaky, intelligent, and has a love of anything and everything shiny, which is why her name means ‘little bird’, like a magpie. Her feathers are purple instead of pink, although this is the only difference between her and the average Sneasel. See History for more information.

Which You Are Doing: Both, but mostly Violent Path, I think.

Done, finally! Let me know if anything needs tweaking or fixing! =)

05-26-2007, 03:55 PM
Scott, I fixed what you said. Just notifying you. Lengthened history and personality, check.

05-27-2007, 05:07 AM
Okay, here's my sign-up.

Name: Anita Yvette Lyn Hales

Age: Nineteen, born July 22nd

Looks: Anita is a small girl, standing only at five foot one and weighing in at exactly a hundred and ten pounds. She is lean and toned, but her muscles are not noticeable from first glance. Her skin is pale, almost white with lack of pigment, smooth and blemish free. Her hair is chin length and styled in a cute pixie cut, also a stark white color that glimmers with its reflective natural shine, while her eyes are a very pale pastel pink color. She is an Albino, meaning she has no pigmentation of the skin or hair. She has a heart shaped face, that gives her an innocent look, and her legs are quite long compared to others her height. She appears taller than she really is at first glance.

She likes to wear a verity of things, but most commonly it is black and red of some sort. Through most of the RP she will be wearing a dark red tank top with think straps that ends mid thigh, a pair of black yoga pants with a dark red strip around the bottom of both legs, a black belt that has dark red gems embedded in it at several places, and a bright golden ribbon tied around her neck. Her shoes are a pair of white cross training tennis shoes with golden laces.

Personality: Anita is, to say it lightly, spontaneous. She can be a verity of things, but it is almost always tinged with barely hidden sarcasm or dislike. If she does not like you, she will tell you, and forgo the later consequences. She’s one to say things off the top of her mind without thinking them over, and she rarely ever thinks before she acts, preferring the element of a swift defeat to surprise attacks. She’d loud, she’s brash, and she rarely cares about what other people think of her, but if you do manage to anger her she will do her best to beat you down, one way or another.

She has hardly even been seen quite, but there are a few things that will get her to shut up. One of which would be if she finds someone so obviously more powerful than her, which usually invokes her ‘Oh em gee, he’s so cool!’ fan girl reaction. She has been known to stalk people like that, though rarely even do they know she’s following them. On that note though, if you gain her fury she is unrelenting; pranks, public humiliation, and mental warfare are all within her arsenal and she will use them as needed until she sees you have been punished enough.

Atop of these straightforward tendencies, she has plenty of quirks to be used against her. Mainly known is her fan girl like mentality, she has started more than one fan club for something she likes, but she also has an obsessive need to be chewing on something, thus the fact that she will carry around a big bag of candy or sweets with her. Everywhere. She’s got a liking for novels that touch on a bit darker things, though she absolutely loves romance stories, as odd as it is. She’s always carrying around the novel ‘Twilight’ with her, as well as her bag of candy and chocolate.

History: Anita moved to Vittoria on her fifteenth birthday, after a fight with her family. She found out about a secret they had been keeping since her birth, one that tore the family apart. The two people, who took care of her for as long as she could remember, weren’t her birth parents. Her birth parents abandoned her when she was born, and she was adopted at the age of five months, after which nothing has been heard of her missing parents.

Shocked and revolted at the fact that they kept that from her, she ran away in a spur of the moment decision, taking everything she owned with her including her Pokemon. She only accidentally stumbled upon Vittoria, but liking it she readily settled down within the walls of the tourist city. It was then that she found a strange change happening to her. At times, when she was mad or in a tough spot, she’d stop feeling pain, and she could move faster, dodge things better, last longer than she normally would. It saved her life once, when she got into a small gang fight with several boys in her neighborhood. Three people jumped her one night, all wielding knives, and she just snapped, entering that state when her life was threatened. She managed to take on all three, even when they cut her left arm open and nearly killed her with a wound to the abdomen, she didn’t feel a single thing.

This state lasted until the police arrived, at which time she collapse from loss of blood and pain. It seemed to be doubled, and the whole time she could only place the pain in a category of ‘Kill me now’. She barely made it to the hospital, at which time they had to sedate her due to her constant whimpers and cries to make it stop, but by then her energy was completely drained. She slept for five days, the doctors told her, before she could return to her normal self.

This new power she found was exciting, but if frightened her as well. The prospect of nearly dieing because she couldn’t feel the pain was a startling thing, but she found that, eventually, she could control how much she used of her ability. It she concentrated enough, she could simply increase her strength, agility, or stamina slightly, and her tolerance to pain by a little amount, enough to deal with everyday injures she could get around her house. She found she could run for over twenty-four hours without tiring in this state, and it was with this that she focused her powers.

Shortly after her control of this new power was formed, one of her classmates told her about a university she should try for. Marc University, as they called it, was apparently a rather exclusive school, and while she thought she’d never have a chance to get in she sent in an application anyway. Three weeks later, on her birthday, she received an acceptance letter. During the same time though, she decided that it was a good time to start her torment of the gang that had jumped her, being as vengeful as she was. She set into motion soon after, several weeks before school started, and began to infiltrate their base, a small warehouse, to find out more about them.

After stalking them for several days, she started her plan, taking them on in groups of twos or threes but never actually harming them. Most of the time she set to hiding in the shadows and messing with their minds, throwing rocks at one and making them think it was one of their comrades. But then, when she had scared off everyone but the leader, she ran into trouble. He had with him a rather vicious Umbreon, and it just happened to be the only time she didn't have a Pokemon with her. None of her tricks worked, and when all else failed she attempted to run away, only to be tracked down by the Umbreon and cornered. Her power kicked in again, this time when she called it, but she didn't get away before they dealt a bit of serious damage to her formerly injured arm.

She hasn't once cornered them again, though the remains of her failed mission are still there. Her right arm, the one she uses the most, has lost alot of its former strength, making it harder to lift certain things, or generally do much of anything with it, as the muscles were sliced completely through and will never heal the same.

Power: Blood Lust

Team: Rocket


Aiko: Aiko is an Umbreon, a tad bit smaller than the rest of her species but a bit more bulky. She had very toned powerful legs, and can run much faster than any creature her size. Her fur is actually longer than normal, and just a little curly at the end, giving her the appearance that she is bigger than she really is as well as protecting her from most scratches or attempted bites. It is a deep blue color, nearly black but with a slight sheen in the light that shows it’s true color, while the golden rings are a dark navy blue color. Her eyes, too, are the same navy color, with a lighter crescent shaped pupil in the middle. She’s fiercely loyal to Anita, and will not listen to anyone unless Anita tells her to.

Riori: Riori is a Ninetales, looking almost completely like a normal one of her species save for a few minor details. Her eyes are a deep coal color, rather than crimson, and her tails are bushier than normal. She is, in fact, missing three of her tails, and the bushiness saves most people from knowing that. She lost the tails when she got into a fight with a Charizard, before Anita took her in, and all that is left of them are three very small stubs at the base of the bushy mass. She’s extremely shy of others, mainly females, and it took Anita a very long time to get her to trust her. She still has a horrible fear of others, that Anita can’t figure out why, and at times of great stress will completely freeze.

Which You Are Doing: Mixed

05-27-2007, 03:20 PM
Even without a Personality, my sign-up is too long for one post... D=
So I'm posting the rest here, and linking to it from my first post.


Early Life
Born in a middle class home in the midst of the suburbs of Johto, Hotaru spent her first few years in an average home. When she was 2, her sister was born. Being a fussy and often ill child, she got a lot of attention, causing sibling rivalry to spring up between the two. Hotaru had been watched part time by a mother's helper before, but now, she was relegated to a nanny more and more often, and grew resentful of this.

As she continued to grow up, Hotaru saw less and less of her father. He began to work longer hours. Her mother was rather grouchy, and being the youngest of 6 herself, was strongly biased towards believing her sister Elizabeth. The rift between them soon grew, and Hotaru began to spend more and more time at the house of her former nanny, Tamae, who lived down the street. Eventually, though her sister had become less sickly, the strain in the family grew. Without her mother working, Hotaru's family was short on money, and were used to a more expensive lifestyle. Several other factors, too, contributed to this, and eventually, at the end of her patience, Hotaru's mother sent her to life with Tamae for a few months. Both promised to visit each other, but this rarely happened- Hotaru visited her dad infrequently, but that was all. Eventually, Tamae decided to legally adopt her, and changed her name. Now 7, Hotaru had a little trouble adjusting to this at first. The environment, however, was much better for her, and once they moved away, she continued to improve.

Life with Tamae
Knowing Hotaru's family had some severe issues by the time she was adopted, Tamae tried to be as welcoming as possible. Normally, such a permissive attitude might lead to an undisclipined child. Hotaru, however, was not too destructive. The girl internalized much of her anger once Tamae started doing her best to cheer her up. Though Tamae did not buy her everything she wanted, not wanting to be too open, she did give her a lot of leeway. Hotaru behaved properly anyway, however, and soon began to spend her afternoons reading in the living room with her adopted mother, instead of locked up alone in her room. The girl also became more outgoing, though her sharp tongue, quick reflexes, and knowledge of body language and how to best placate or anger a person are a testament to her past life. Though she refuses to speak of her old parents, Hotaru does have, as many mistreated children do, a tendency to pick out the things that a person prides themself on, fears, and so on. She's also good at picking up subtle clues about mood from people. While this isn't nearly as good as an emotional ability, she does usually have a bit of a clue at these things, which keeps her out of trouble. Certain types of fear triggers this response- without it, she's not as good at this. The best way to trigger that sort of response from her is to pin her against something, or try to keep hold of her shoulders or wrists, though there are other ways, as well. Nor is this Hotaru's only 'learned' oddity. She also has a tendency to tilt her head when she's listening closely to something quiet, moving her left ear up in the air.

Fears and School
Aside from these reactions, Hotaru's greatest fear- and a more inhibiting one- causes many issues for her. Though she keeps this secret hidden away, and has not told anyone about it aside from a single friend who she trusts not to tell, she is terrified of drowning. Even then, she hasn't told her friend why she's afraid of it. Still, to some, it might be easy to at least discover that she's afraid of large bodies of water. Water types and the like scare her, and should one get her near a pool, she'll be very cautious. If someone can get her in the water with them- and it would take considerable force to do this- she will do literally anything they want to get out, if she doesn't panic and dissociate immediately. Hotaru loses her ability to shift forms while in the water- she can't make her powers work. She also has trouble remaining in her shifted form if she's in one, and may sometimes change back, causing even more problems... As she will then be more helpless, and naked, since clothes don't survive a transformation. Obviously, this is not a good thing, especially when stuck in the water with an enemy.

This second fear, however, can not be attributed to her home life. Rather, it is part of Hotaru's 'new' life. At eight, she was enrolled in a new school. As she was still not very social, preferring to read or draw or study the few things she found interesting instead of talking to others, Hotaru became a bully magnet. Her small stature didn't help. Though she always fought back, there were often more of them than her, especially when one of the bullies attacked her on his own and was beaten by her. Despite this, she refused to give up, continuing to fight each time, and ending up with more and more injuries from this. Though Tomoe's Chansey healed her when she could, the situation grew worse until Hotaru befriended Eden Fay.

Though she knew she should be paying attention, Hotaru had still fallen into the habit of finding somewhere quiet to sit and read at recess, usually near the back of the school where the dumpsters stood, since no one ever went back there. However, the boys she was trying to avoid eventually found her hiding spot. Distracted by her book, she didn’t notice their soft footsteps, or even realize they were there before they grabbed the book out of her hands, shoving her down towards the ground. Luckily for her, however, they weren’t the only kids who had gotten curious. Eden had, also, decided to take a look around when she saw other children wandering around the back of the school. The tall girl hauled them off Hotaru, succeeding in scaring them off.

The two became friends, and were often seen together. With Eden around, Hotaru wasn’t picked on very much anymore, either, and so Tamae was eager to invite her over whenever possible. Glad to be able to have her friend around so often, Hotaru began to settle in more, getting comfortable with her new school.

She also began to practice martial arts. Wanting to encourage her, now that she had found a sport she liked, Tamae paid for her to have Aikido lessons. While Hotaru can not fight well anyway, being very small, she's good at finding people's balance and disrupting it when they are attacking her or someone very physically near to her, leaving her with a useful defensive skill.

Middle School, High School, & Discovering her Powers

Middle school brought a few changes for Hotaru. For one, her school accepted kids from three elementary schools, leading to a large class. She also met (Larvinator's char) at this point, though the two did not really become friendly until later. However, since she still had Eden, as well as a few other friends, Hotaru didn't mind so much at first. She also had the sense to avoid the bullies when Eden was absent. The rules against bringing Pokemon to school, however, made her more wary. Although she had gotten Shiloh, a Natu, for her 10th birthday, she couldn’t take him with her, leaving her without a way to defend herself if she was caught alone when Eden was absent. At first, she was cautious, and avoided trouble. In high school, however, she ended up in a bad altercation at one point, when Eden was absent from school. Brave when Eden was fighting with her, Hotaru had not had a problem with the other kids since she had met Eden. Without her, it was hard to fight back, especially since the boys she hated were now on the football team together, and had new friends to help them out. They had grown more than her, too, their frames widening, bodies bulking up with muscle.

Nor had the boy whom she had once managed to beat forgotten the insult. His friends, after all, had never managed to lose to a girl, and he had been the object of much teasing ever since.

On a day when Eden was absent, she ended up falling prey to their bullying again, thanks to her own carelessness. The lesson she had learned from the earlier fights, which she had lost rather painfully, had been forgotten long ago. When their brief lunch break came, she went outside, mindlessly walking through the group of other kids without a worry in mind. At first, the boys left her alone, despite Eden’s absence. Soon, she reached her usual place, a large, shady oak tree. Climbing into the lower branches, Hotaru settled in against the tree, with a book since Eden wasn’t around to keep her company.

However, the grove, while normally quiet, was filled with life today. As she turned the page, someone shoved her roughly from behind, knocking her out of the tree. Getting back up, the girl stooped to pick up her book when she spotted a few of the bullies standing in among the trees. Because they had left her alone for so many years, aside from a few exchanges of insults, her pride overcame her common sense. Instead of running, she strode towards them boldly, looking between the four until she picked out the one who had pushed her. Sneering, she walked straight up to him, shoving him backwards, demanding to know why he was bothering her instead of wasting his time tossing a ball around with his cronies. Angry, the boy shoved back, and soon it became a fight. Though boys fighting with girls was uncommon, without the other teens around to criticize them, this group didn’t seem averse to it. Then again, Hotaru had managed to get on the bad side of the boys most people tried to avoid, anyway. If there had been an award for those most likely to get arrested, or for being the sleaziest, they would have won it.

The other boys ringed Hotaru and their friend loosely, watching the struggle. However, when Hotaru managed to duck the punch the boy threw, and twisted his arm swiftly behind him, they immediately jumped in to help. Prying her off him, the three of them spun her around, chasing her through the trees as she finally had the sense to try to escape. Finding the gardener’s shed, all four cornered her against one of its walls. Mouth set in a firm line, the boy whom she had shoved stepped forwards. As his friends grabbed her arms, holding her against the wall, she closed her eyes, knowing what was coming. Last time they had fought, they had been much younger- and smaller- but she had still managed to bloody his nose with a lucky swing. And, indeed, when her struggles begin to weaken, though she refused to give up entirely, he slammed a fist into her face. Now, however, with a rather large size gap between them, he had done far more damage than she had. Her nose wasn’t quite broken, but it was damaged, and blood began to spill out of it. Eyes tearing in an involuntary response to the pain, Hotaru tried to pull her arms up to her face, but they were held tightly. The boy ordered his friends to let her go, however, and though they seemed reluctant, they obeyed. Taking a few steps away from her, they leaned against the wall, one crossing his arms as they watched their friend grab Hotaru’s hair and neck, yanking her down to the ground. Though the two struggled briefly, wrestling for control and throwing punches when they could, Hotaru was quickly overpowered. The boy pinned her, his weight blocking her from being able to escape, but once he had her restrained, he didn’t try to hit her again Instead, resting his weight on her torso, with one of his friends watching to be sure she didn’t try to kick him off with her legs, he grabbed her neck, leaning down to smirk smugly at her as he slowly began to choke her. “Don’t ---- with me,” he whispered malevolently in her ear, keeping his face close to hers as he closed his hand quickly around her throat. Air cut off almost entirely, Hotaru fought to move again, but he only pushed her head back against the ground. Thankfully, her nose had stopped bleeding by now, or she surely would have choked. As it was, the stray drops of blood that remained, now trickling down her throat because of the angle her head was it, were irritating, thick and bitter.

As his friends closed in, however, things blurred quickly. His grip had yet to loosen, and though she could breathe a little bit, it wasn’t nearly enough. Even knowing that having his friends there would spur him to be worse, however, to impress them, couldn’t really jolt her from her apathy. As spots began to dance before her, Hotaru closed her eyes. To her surprise, however, something in her mind seemed to snap, and suddenly, the pressure on her neck was gone. Opening her eyes again, she was surprised to find the boy had been thrown off her- and was staring at her fearfully. Nor was her nose bleeding anymore. In fact, it didn’t even hurt now, though the smells around her had suddenly sharply greatly. Reaching up to rub it, she was surprised to see a thick, black paw going towards what was not a nose, but a muzzle. The yelp that escaped her, too, was not in her regular voice, but that of a Pokemon- a Mightyena.

Though the unusual change was unnerving, Hotaru was tired, angry, and in pain, all of which helped distract her. Rather than sit and ponder her form, she leapt at the boy who had hurt her, baring her now-pointy teeth. Even now that she was free, adrenaline was still rushing through her body, and years of pent up anger- caused both by him, and others- was entirely directed at him. Springing forwards, noting in the back of her mind how much faster she could move like this, Hotaru flung herself into him, knocking him to the ground. This time, she realized with a snarl, she could easily hold him down, giving him a taste of her own medicine. A faint, bitter smell reached her nose, but realizing it was fear only seemed to egg her own. Though she normally wouldn’t attack someone, unless it was to protect herself, her anger at his mistreatment, and her own helplessness, won out. Vengefully, she glared down at him as he raised his arms, trying to protect his face. The rest… Well, she didn’t get expelled, but only because no one believed she was responsible. Rather, it was thought that he’d been throwing rocks at a Mightyena again, and it had gotten to him and attacked him. There was, however, one rather unpleasant discovery in this for Hotaru- clothes did not survive a change. Her pants had fallen off as she had changed, but her shirt had not, and the girl had had to wear her light jacket for the rest of the day once she changed back, since a large tear had opened up down the front of her shirt.

Obtaining her Team & Developing her Power
At first, Hotaru did not know how to use her power intentionally, nor how to explain it to Tamae. She did, however, try to practice it on her own, with Shiloh. Though the Natu had not ever seen her do it, it trusted her, and could see in her mind that she was telling the truth.

Hotaru's other Pokemon were all caught before she learned to properly harnass her power. A week after she first changed (Which had been during her sophmore year of highschool), she ventured back to the shed. Ignoring the dried blood on it, she tried to change again, hoping the unpleasantly familiar setting would help. It did not, but she did discover something interesting- the boys regularly hung out there, and seemed to have a thing for hurting Pokemon, too. It was there that she found Kirei, then a Chikorita.

The Pokemon had been scorched and slashed, and was badly injured. Luckily, Tamae's Chansey was able to heal it. Hotaru kept the Pokemon, getting along well with it due to their common enemy. The two grew very close. Hotaru did grow concerned when Chikorita began to train herself so much, wanting desperately to be able to get her own revenge, but at the time, she said nothing. Later, when Chikorita evolved, and grew increasingly paranoid, she would wish she had said something when she could have.

Only a few months after she had obtained Kirei, Hotaru got her Arcanine, too. At that point, he was a Growlithe, who had caused too much trouble and was too energetic to be a police dog. After being rejected, he had taken it upon himself to find someone to protect. Finding him to be cute, Tamae gave him a place to live for a while, referring to him as her guardian angel-dog. Deraun, however, did not take to her, especially after seeing what condition Chikorita was in. Since she was clearly in need of more help- especially psychiatric help, at this point- then Tamae, he began to care for her, and also for Hotaru. Hotaru did not officially 'catch' him until her last year of highschool, but was often seen with him and even using him in battles long before that.

As to Persian, Hotaru's last Pokemon, she was a friend of Bayleef's. Though the grass type can be very ruthless and sadistic, she did begin to feed the little Meowth who lived on their street. Kaizy did not need the help, but she did appreciate it, and became Bayleef's pupil, taking in her lessons, and teaching in turn. The Meowth had the street-smarts and knowledge of makeshift weapons, as well as dirty fighting tactics, that Bayleef lacked. Bayleef, in turn, had taught herself to be very tough, learning to deal with pain and withstand many sorts of attacks, as well as fight quickly and intelligently. Eventually, Hotaru caught Kaizy, who soon evolved to a Persian.

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Also, for those who may have noticed, as well as for those who may have been confused as to my description, I modeled him a bit after Heero, from Gundam Wing. Here's a pic for more reference here (http://bishounen.info/heero/heero02.jpg).

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Name: Shin'ichi Kudo

Age: 21

Looks: Shin'ichi has a light-skinned tone to his skin along with black hair. He has black eyes. He wears a a black cloak just like Itachi, but it has yellow raindrop signs on it. He keeps one arm in his cloak and lets the other arm hang. He wears blue sandals and has his left ear peirced. He is about five foot eleven and weighs in at about 170 pounds. He always wears a black socks, but for some strange reason, he lets his sock on his right leg raise all the way to his knee. He wears a bullet-proof vest under his cloak along with dark blue jeans under also. He usually keeps his hair down all the way. He has a special ring that girl gave him. It is yellow and resides on his left ring finger.

Personality: Shin'ichi Kudo is a lonewolf-type of guy. He doesn't really talk to anyone. He doesn't like to take the spotlight all the time. He has trust within his friends to win battles also. Yeah he likes his glory moments, but he like to let other people to have moments too. He respects a lot of people. Anyone who disrespects him will get away with it. He doesn't get revenge foes for stuff like that. But if someone messes with his friends or him in the wrong way, they'll definetely get what's coming to them. He is also very smart. With his analytical thinking skills and honed observation skills, he cand decipher lots of codes and mysteries. Shin'ichi is trustworthy and no one needs to be afraid of him, because insde he's a really good friend.

History: Shin'ichi was born to a poor family. His family worked so hard to get a roof over his head, food for his mouth, and clothes to wear. His family was barely making it in life. He really loved his family. So he decided to support them by getting the best grades that he could in school. But one day as he was sleep, a gang came into his house and murdered his father. They sent his mother to a coma. Shin'ichi was in shock after that. He wanted to basically kill himself after the tragedy. He continued to keep his grades up to honor his father and keep his promise. One day he saw the gang again. The gang walked up to him and decided that they should finish him off also. He was so mad and wished that they were dead. With that wish, all of a sudden the whole gang ran away. It was heard that they all committed suicide. It turns out that Shin'ichi had the ability of illusions. He worked and worked with his illusions until he finally mastered them. He became a master illusionist. He soon got an offer from a group called, " Team Swarm." He honored Swarm for 4 straight years. He wants to do whatever can to get his mother out of the coma.

Power: Your given power is Illusionary Arts. He can give people an immense shock of paranoia. Ir came sometimes cause people to kill themselves.

Team: Team Swarm

Pokémon: Charizard: Was earned from a fellow childhood friend. Shin'ichi's best friend.

Which You Are Doing: Violent Path.

Dr Scott
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Hehe. No problem, Scott. I can really get into RPs good if I tried ^^.

Also, for those who may have noticed, as well as for those who may have been confused as to my description, I modeled him a bit after Heero, from Gundam Wing. Here's a pic for more reference here (http://bishounen.info/heero/heero02.jpg).

Oh, I know Heero :P. I have Gundam Wing's box set ^^;.

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Guess this is a bad time to point out I haven't even written a personality for her yet, eh? ;P I may need 3 posts... =X

See, this is where you have to be lazy and paraphrase. That's what I do! =D

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Name: Lett Le Shigeki (Leh - Ett - Reh Shee - Gehk - ee (How you would normally pronounce shigeki) - [Meowzorzz :3])

Age: 18

Looks/Description: Lett is a 18-year old female that has often wears her school uniform when going casual, as she ventures out most often after campus hours. Although her studies have left her a point short at 6'0'', she still appears as cheery and elegant as some would expect her to be. Born with poor vision from a traumatic accident at a young age, Lett wears glasses that, most assume, look better on her than most others. Her long hair is, most of the time, not very managable, and gets in tangles if she is under stress. She appears to be 6'0'', with long hair that she ties up with ribbons, and, although not very well endowed, has more accentuated curves at some areas of her body. Her slim figure and intelligence makes her popular among people who know her, but she is pretty shy among strangers she deems to be "dangerous". Being very cautious outside of campus, she always wears clothing that she would sooner or later "grow into", as wearing tight clothing will encourage harassment towards her later on if she were to appear in such clothe.

She always buys and wears clothes from the brand "Chrysanthemum", which makes clothing that are specially made to appeal to botanists and civilians of all sorts, even to the point of giving off an odor that resembles the flower the piece of clothing is based on. Lett's favorite set of clothing from such a company consists of a white and faintly yellow T-Shirt that pictures a visual of a Chrysanthemum flower on the left shoulder side, and a thin skirt that is tinted dark purple.

Lett does not very care for her appearance that much, however does keep up a excellent rate of hygiene.

Personality: Lett is a very kind, caring, and generous person, with her student half being a very hard worker that is more than willing to share lunch with a student and so on. She has a very manipulative side in her as well, utilizing her abilities soley to meet the requirements of a mission given to her by her most respected authorities: those of Team Swarm. Lett is, unnoticed by only herself, very shy towards those she wish to be romantic with, strange enough as it be. With a slight infatuation with Kai Storm and Hank Blackstone, she often gives into a nervous feeling that disables her chances of talking normally, none the less acting normally, around them....at least, that's the case with Hank Blackstone.

Her manipulative capabilities reside in her intellect, which has deemed her the right to squander farther into the world of possibilities. Planning out her strategy before hand, she has been able to use her mentally strong abilities to bring justice to abused and harassed others, but has yet to confront opposing forces that support their threats with vitality, strength, violence, all being the same opposite towards mentally strong attributes.

Lett believes that it is not right to use others that she loves and cares for, and so she has known to let her guard off around people she care about, unfortunately giving hints to those she trusts, and those she may not give much thought about. She oftenly is very timid, hesitating to do this or that if she is alone. When around company, she has more faith and confidence to complete her tasks.

Concluding the brief facts that Lett is a very kind and caring, but very manipulative, girl, she still is very naive about her own theories and decisions. Her decisions are supported mostly by those she trust, as decisions made on her own do not always result as planned.


3 years old
Incident that left Lett with bad vision: Zapped by an Electric Type Pokemon near the skull.
- Left Lett with the phobia of Electric Types.

Due to Lett's intelligence, her guardians and parents agreed on the fact that it may not be necessary for her to go to certain grade levels, ultimately resulting in Lett reaching Middle School at 7 years old. Although she had accomplished such a feat at her age, she, on her own, decided to study much more than she could comprehend, resulting in her mental capabilities from what she had assimilated from books and life itself.

She, from the heavens, was awarded her first Pokemon, a small Vulpix, which was stranded on the beach one day. The Vulpix was washed into the rocky areas of the shore. Lett had swam in to rescue the Vulpix, but ultimately got them both stuck in a cave underneath the cliff. Although Lett had enough food for both of them to survive, she insisted the Vulpix should eat it, as it was as young as she was. Weeks later, Lett almost died from hunger, but the Vulpix returned the favor by finding her good berries, and becoming a loyal pet.

In High School, Lett had almost failed the entrance exams that were required because she had transferred the wrong papers. Going through High School quickly, Lett was given five years to relax in the country side, where she befriended more Pokemon, and has gotten more out of life.

At age 17, during a lightning storm, Lett saw a hurt, bleeding Aron outside in the fields from her window. As she was going to retrieve the Aron from such a dangerous condition conjured in the sky, a bolt of lightning struck down on the Aron. Although she had an intense, if not severe, case of fear against electricity in its raw form, she gathered up herself, and charged towards the Aron to shield it from the lightning. Moments later, Lett and the Aron were staring at a sphere of lightning in the grasps of Lett's palm, clenched together by her fingers. Lett, taking a guess at what happened, gestured her finger at the sky in a cleaning motion, and the clouds had lost their furious, gray appearance.

Realizing her abilities, she instantly migrate to great distances to try and cure this "curse", as she deemed, but at the same time enjoy life, and learn something from her experiences.

Power: Weather Manipulation / Power to eat strawberries in 10 minutes >:O

Team: Team Swarm


- Summer is a female Vulpix that was saved from drowning by the efforts of Lett. Being a very young, two month old baby Vulpix at that time, it had to eat a lot to stabilize its metabolism at all times, saved by Lett again as she had given her all the food she had on her. When Lett was dying from hunger after both of them were saved by officials that found them, Summer went into the woods, searching for berries that she would give to Lett. Summer became Lett's closest family member and loyal pet afterwards.

Years passed, as Summer and Lett both went to places with each other. Summer had obtained Psychic abilities after her consuming of nearly a hundred Dark Stones, and five Dawn Stones. She has the ability to speak human language, but is limited to the single Dark Type move of Faint Attack, and Psychic Type move of Zen Headbutt.

- Skeith, found by Lett as a Sneasel, used to be a Sneasel that roamed the streets of Hearthome City, looking for materials it needed to survived. One day, Skeith had met Lett, Summer, and Albis in a Bread Shop it was robbing of its pastries. Skeith was defeated by Summer's Flamethrower attack, and was brang back to Lett's house, where Lett took care of it, nursing it back to health. Moved by this, the Sneasel finally stopped rampaging the streets of Hearthome City, and settled in to live with its new family.

As Skeith progressed with training, he eventually encountered a swarm of Weavile that attempted to destroy Eterna City, the current location Lett and the others had visited for the time being. Although his tactics he used to try and stop the Weavile resulted from failure and his brutal defeat, the Weavile looked at the Sneasel as an equal for what he did, and gave him a Razor Claw, which Skeith trained with for months until he evolved into a Weavile. Skeith usually gets jealous of the other two Pokemon that follow Lett around, but is able to keep himself stable and calm....for a certain amount of time.

- Albis is the Aron that Lett had saved during the lightning storm. Loyal to his owner since that day, Ablis has learned in the ways of Lett's philosophy, and eventually led himself to evolve to meet the requirements of protecting his owner.

Not much is known of this mysterious Aggron.

Which You Are Doing: Let's head for the books: School Style.

....Must....practice.......WRITING!!!!.......*fain ts*

05-31-2007, 03:12 AM
I feel like such a loser because i suck so much when it comes to length.

Name: Michael Westen

Age: 18

Looks: Michael is about 6 feet tall and built. He has small wings on his back and sharp teeth. His eyes are slightly narrowed and he is well built. He wears a huge grey hoodie that he wears over his head. He also wears gloves on his hands and black glasses like the ones Secret Service agents wear. He wears normal blue jeans and black skate shoes. He also has short blonde hair that is about 1 inch away from the bottom of his neck.

Personality: Michael is extremely nice and generous despite his covering look. He cares about his friends deeply and is the guy that would “take the bullet” for you no matter what. Michael is inhumanly brave and won’t take no for an answer. Michael however gets very annoying sometimes and talks too much. He has to explain everything to the last detail. He also tends to eavesdrop on a conversation 10 feet away. Michael is very passionate and makes big speeches a lot. He pours most of his emotions into his songs. He also is very insecure about his Hybrid look due to that his family shunned him away once they saw what Michael truly looked like. Michael hates opening up to people for he is afraid to have to show him his real self. Michael also hates any person who does bad deeds and immediately will go to fight them no matter what.

History: Michael was born in Vittoria into a normal average family. His father however was off being a gym leader in another region. Michael was raised by his mom and older brother. He was smart in school and was also athletic. When he got into middle school is brother decided to leave to become a trainer. Michael looked up to his brother and got in a lot more trouble without his positive influence around the house. Michael became a loner and only had one friend: A charmander who was also alone like him. At high school Michael cleaned up more and his Charmander evolved into a Charmeleon. Michael noticed that his appearance was changing. He felt two vertical bumps on his back. He also felt his ears were pointier and teeth sharper. He dismissed it as an illusion and he continued living his life normally. He went to a pokemon school later on after high school to become a better trainer. Then he noticed he sprouted wings and then he could breathe fire to a certain level. Michael noticed his power. He was a hybrid of his Charizard an a human. It was through his close bond with Charizard that he even developed some of Charizards genetics allowing him to take on some of the powers and traits of a Charizard. He decided to cover up his body and sever all ties with his family and friends so he wouldn't scare them. However some of his family saw him anyways. They begged to know what was wrong with Michael and he revealed his true self to his family. They were horrified and tried to kill him. Michael was shunned from his family and thought the only way he could gain their trust was to become a good person. He thought that with his power he could fight the forces of evil. He goes out with his pokemon and is determined to use his power for good.

Power: Hybrid

Team: Trainer

Pokémon: 1-4: Charizard, Aggron, Weavile, Floatzel

Which You Are Doing: Both

05-31-2007, 04:58 AM
Name: Scrud (scamp and crud =-P)

Age: 30

Looks: Scrud looks like a short thin man about 5 feet 6 inches in height and has thin fingers that are unusually long for his size (8 inches for them and 6 inches for the thumb o.0). On his left hand he has a scar because of a time when the person tried stabbing him because he had a power. His eyes are a light shade of turquoise and are only a centimeter from the bottom of his eyes to the top of his eyes and two inches across with thin eyebrows and black hair that is relatively short that doesn’t pass the start of his forehead on the front and the start of the neck on the back and an inch above his ears on the sides, he also has thin lips and a scar on his right cheek from the stabbing incident. He also wears shabby jeans that have holes around the knee’s and below the knee’s. He also carries around a big basket of clay on his back which he used to use to patch up holes on walls but now he uses it to create weapons on demand... usually two dirks.

Personality: He is usually carefree except when he is in battle but other than that he is a nice and generous person but has an attention span of a rodent and when he is paying attention he usually is listening to someone talk on and on about a boring thing like why he has a power and if it continues for so long he acts as if he was a totally different person a.k.a. yelling at them to shut up and that crud. After that he takes a good long break alone and tries to calm himself down and blame himself for every bad thing that has ever happened in front of him. After that he usually has a depressed look but when people ask him what is wrong he just replies with a simple “everything is fine, thanks” with a smile that lasts for a second and disappears the next. He usually just stays curled up in his room waiting for a mission to come and when it does come he acts as if the people in his group if they’re his best friends. Usually when he is on missions he will try to become emotionless but when he tries and sees his friend’s heart he gets in an anger that it seems as if he is not even there but kills everyone in his path even his friends. After the mission is done he is consulted by a captain about the mission and how he is always the only one back. He would just say something like “they didn’t cover themselves in every direction and were stabbed” or something like being stabbed. Recently since he has about no more friends (most of them killed in missions by him) he becomes more of the emotionless person he tries to be in mission’s. His friends now treat him more like a piece of crud now seeing as he has killed most of his other friend’s on missions. Every time they do that he becomes more “emotionless.” He has almost turned completely emotionless now. He only shows emotion’s on a few occasions.

History: Scrud’s family were alway’s close to the poorest people in town and with the team’s running about the street they couldn’t get much more than they had resulting in Scrud being raised by being given hand me down’s and seeing reasons not to join Syndicate when he was older. Other than that his life was ordinary until one day when he was 15 his friend was slaughtered by someone where he through an anger fit and while trying to calm down put his hand on the wall where it turned to a mush like substance. After that happened he tried making it hard again but failed. Over the next 3 years he trained in private and mastered his power somewhat. After his 18th birthday his parents found out of his power and shunned him from the family. After being shunned he trained until he mastered his skill and started a repair service for things like having a wall fall down, door won’t open, etc but when the people saw how he fixed stuff he literally got thrown out of the building and sometimes he got a few dollars for repairs. One time he had been lucky after doing one of these repairs because the old man who hired him didn’t have any money and instead gave him an egg. A few days after that the egg hatched and he had a little Eevee as a friend. Whenever Scrud saw the man he would great him and give him free repairs. Usually once a day he visited the old man but recently he has been to busy. The reason he had been busy is people had seen what he had done for the old man. They finally had accepted him if only for fixing their walls. Even though they had accepted him he was treated the same but he was payed a bit more for his services. Ever since he kept doing the business and only got money but on day a swarm member walked by as Scrud was using his power to make a wall solid again. The Swarm member then went over to Scrud and Said “nice power, but like this it is a little bit useless... but with Swarm you could extend it to more possibilities like helping us in the war or would you rather stay here and fix walls?” Overjoyed that someone offered him something for once he eagerly took the offer and joined swarm and from that point has served with the best of his ability to the leader of Swarm. Only on a few occasions have people actually gotten close to killing him.

Power: density

Team: swarm

Pokémon: Jolteon, Cloyster, Wailord, Vespiquen

Which You Are Doing: Violent Path

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Dog of Hellsing
06-02-2007, 12:57 AM
Name: Chara (pronounced car-uh) Doman

Age: 21

Looks: Chara Piccy ^^ (http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l47/cooldragonkid/Anime/Girls/Girls%20with%20Animals/02.jpg) Chara is about 5'6'' tall and weighs about 110 lbs. Her hair is stark white, like the hooded robes she wears (which are actually a bit longer than in that pic: they go a little past her knees). Her eyes are a sharp crystal blue, and she wears white wooden sandals on her feet. She usually wears her hood up, but in times when she's concentrating hard on something or when she gets deathly serious, she'll lower it. It doesn't hang low enough to hide her eyes or face, but it does cast a shadow over her face, which sometimes gives her an eerie appearance.

Personality: Chara is quiet, but by no means shy or withdrawn. She only speaks when she feels the need or when asked of her opinion. She's kind and gentle, despite her sometimes unnerving appearance, and uses her powers for the good of others. She doesn't shout or yell unless she's in pain, and even then she won't actually scream.

Chara doesn't usually express her emotions openly unless she's around those she trusts entirely, which is pretty much only her Pokemon. When she does show emotion, you can bet she's really, REALLY feeling it. Even though it's usually hard to know what she's feeling because she hides her emotions so well, it's actually kinda easy to tell when she's angry, as her voice gets an edge to it and her eyes turn cold. Fortunately, angry is something she doesn't get easily, though once you've stired her ire, you can be sure she won't let you forget it anytime soon.

Chara is a very loyal person, though her trust and loyalty are hard-earned. However, if you prove your worth to her, she is a very good friend and ally to have. However, her trust and loyalty are hard-won, but easily-lost. She won't forgive a trespass or betrayal lightly, and oftentimes though who hurt her must work hard for years to show their truly sorry for what they did. For those she is loyal to and cares for, she'll not hesitate to throw herself in danger's way to defend them. If she must, she'll lay down her own life for one she loves; if need be she'll use the very last ounce of energy her body possesses to heal someone she cares about.

Chara's strongest dislike is petty, arrogant people. She can't stand those who are rude and pompous, and egotistical people irk her. She won't give a thoughtless person five seconds of her time, unless it's to step in if another is in danger.

History: Chara was born to poor parents, and she grew up living on the streets. Because of this, she learned early on to disguse and hide her emotions so as not to make her parents worry about her, and she had to grow up relatively fast. By the age of ten, she was as mentally mature as a person two or three times her age.

Her life was, despite being homeless, quite bland. She met a young Buneary one day while she and her family were looking for food, and the two became fast friends when Chara shared a bit of food with it. She named the Buneary, which turned out to be a female, Kichi, in honor of her mother (Kichi was her mother's maiden name).

At the age of fifteen, Chara's mother became sick, and despite their best efforts, Chara and her father could do nothing at all to help make her better. They had no money for medication or to take her to the hospital, and since they constantly had to move around in search of food, she rarely got the substantial amount of rest she needed. One night, a storm opened up on the family, and Chara found herself soon crying in sorrow. She wanted to badly to help her mother and to get her parents out of the pounding, cold rain. It was that night that she discovered both her powers. She went to her mother and, still crying, put her hands on her arm, willing and wishing with all her heart that her mother would get better. To her surprise, her mother's fever, which she'd had for nearly a week, went away almost instantly. Then, as her mother gave a little cry of surprise, she felt, actually FELT, her getting better. Within minutes, her mother's sickness had fled completely, and the family celebrated with joyful hugs and tears. As Chara was squished between her parents and Kichi clung to one of her legs, Chara wished her family could get out of the rain, and a shield seemed to bloom from nowhere around them.

The next morning, Chara and her parents discussed what had happened, and her mother finally decided that Chara's desperation had resulted in her latent powers coming to the fore. From that day forward, Chara and her family never lived on the streets. Chara used her powers to heal those who were sick or hurt, and even though she never asked for it, she often got money, shelter, food, or a mix of the three in exchange for her services. Finally, she'd had enough to buy her parents a nice home, and had gone out to continue helping those who needed to aide. Everyone two months she sends her parents enough money to keep them going with enough left after paying bills that they can live in comfort.

At the age of nineteen, Chara met her second Pokemon, a stray Scizor. The Pokemon had been hurt badly in a fight with another group of wild Pokemon, and she instantly went to help the poor thing. Not knowing at first she wanted to help it, the Scizor attacked her with a vicious Slash, opening a nasty gash in her right arm. Not afraid or angry, Chara insisted that the Pokemon let her heal it. However, the Pokemon soon fainted from its wounds, and Chara took the opportunity to heal it. When it came to, it fled, and Chara didn't try to chase it. Two nights later, she was surprised when it came out of nowhere and started to follow her. Since then, the Scizor, a male she named Spirit, has never left her side.

When she turned twenty, she heard about a group named Trainer and decided to join. At first she considerd joining one of the others teams cropping up, but something about Trainer drew her to it. Even though she rarely talks with any of the members, she does her best to carry out the vision and mission of the team she joined, and will come to meetings when she must. Her Pokemon are always with her and never travel in Poke Balls.

Power: Heal + Force Shield: Other

Team: Trainer

Pokémon: Kichi- Female Buneary: Kichi is closely attached to Chara and is quite close to evolving. She's somewhat shy and never strays far from Chara's side. Despite her small size, she's a fierce fighter and oftentimes shocks her opponents when she beats them with little effort. Her considerable speed make her hard to target and hit, and also makes her an effective spy when Chara needs her to be.

Spirit- Male Scizor: Spirit is very untrusting of other Pokemon except for Kichi, due to the fact that he was attacked several years ago by a group of vicious wild Pokemon. He is never more than a few feet from Chara and is deeply loyal to her. Anything he sees as a threat to her (or Kichi) is instantly "dealt" with: this usually means he attacks it with a vengance. If it isn't physical, he makes Chara follow behind him in an attempt to protect her. He does this even when there's no real threat. In battle, he's not as vicious as most Scizor, though he does give his best. He likes to sleep a lot, but is by no means lazy.

Which You Are Doing: Violent path FTW!

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CP: Awww, shoulda told me, I woulda held it so you could be the first ;P. Onna my favorite RPers :o.

Too lazy to make it bigger ... Accepted.

Rohan: I wanna see a little more in terms of history and personality, and you need to pick a 'mon that you're being a Hybrid of.

Pending and whatnot.

FR: See above, without the Hybrid part ;_;


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Those, btw, will be posted with the RP.

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Heh, Finally got around to posting this. It's actually been done for a while now.

Name: Tiana Morenza
Age: 19
Chosen Path: Both

Looks: Tiana stands fairly tall at five feet nine inches with fair freckled skin. Her long wavy hair flows down to the small of her back and is colored much like the coat of a cocker spaniel, maybe just a tad darker. She has eyes that are as green as a forest of new leaves with nearly as many different shades. Her clothing is pretty simple and very down to earth. She usually wears jeans and a leaf-green cotton t-shirt along with sandals, though when she can she prefers to be barefoot. When it is cold out she usually wears her favorite cinnamon colored fleece-lined jacket and similarly colored leather boots. The only thing unusual about her is the henna tattoo of a plant that is spread over her right shoulder-blade and shoulder joint. The unusual bit about it is that the tattoo changes both daily and with the seasons.

Personality: Tiana has always been an outdoors kind of person. She has always loved being in the garden with her mother when she was younger and now keeps a small one of her own. Given her ability, this love of the outdoors baffles no one. She is a gentle soul who generally doesn’t like fighting, but like a tree is steadfast and will hold her own when it is necessary. Tiana is also very caring and is fascinated with the healing abilites of plants and herbs. She has a very different pace of life from most city folk. Tiana does not like to be rushed and can’t stand deadlines, though she can work well enough under pressure. One of her favorite past times is to simply sit out in any garden, public or her own, and read a good book.

History: Tiana grew up in a good home. Her mother and father cared for her deeply. But, Tiana lost her father at the age of seven. He died of a horrible and inexplicable sickness that the doctors could not explain nor cure and none of her mother’s herbal remedies helped all that much either. Since then she has always been interested in the healing abilities of different plants and herbs. She went to school instead of going on a pokemon adventure like many children do and so, when she wasn’t doing her homework she was usually to be found in the garden with her mother, Clara.

It was at the age of 14 that her power began to manifest itself. At first it was not overtly evident, but the flowers in her and her mother’s garden began to grow larger and prettier than those in other gardens. It only really became a problem when Tiana began to try and grow a bonsai tree. Bonsai trees are meant to stay small and in a particular shape, but even when Clara was trying to help her take care of it, it just kept growing at an unnatural rate and didn’t want to stay small. Clara realized at this point that the family gift had skipped her generation entirely and was showing itself again in Tiana.

Clara sent Tiana to be trained in her powers at a private school for the gifted. It was something of a boarding school and Tiana didn’t like being away from home at first, but she got used to it and even came to enjoy it. But, she still liked going home in the summer and winter months to be with her mother.

It was at the beginning of this time that Tiana obtained her henna Tattoo. Her friends had all gotten one and Tiana didn’t realize at the time that when the henna was absorbed into her skin, it would react with her magic. As the tattoo had been made to reflect her power it was already a flower, but the henna spread and began to look more and more like a real flower, just in black and skin-tones. It covers most of Tiana’s right shoulder and changes both daily and with the seasons, though she did manage to figure out a way to keep it from growing any larger than it is now.

These school years were a very fun and carefree time in Tiana’s life when she was made new friends and learned to control her powers. The more she learned about her power the more it developed and even after those four years of training, she is still learning new things about it.

When Tiana was 17 her mother was out shopping in an open air market when a drunk driver plowed through the place. Tiana’s mother was one of the people hit badly and though she did not die there on the street, she had been hurt too badly for the doctors to do anything about it. This was the second time, and the last in Tiana’s life that doctors had tried and failed to save someone she cared for. That was the vow she made to herself, she would become so proficient in the use of healing herbs and even in modern medicine that if it was within her power, no one else she loved would die because they needed healing.

At the age of 18, Tiana graduated from the private boarding school and was accepted to Marc University on full scholarship for a degree in medicine. This is to be her second semester there. She has also joined the new organization known as NightStriders: Renegade Knights. Any time not to be devoted to her studies will likely be spent working for the group.

Elemental Control: Plants
Outside of the University: Ability to animate, control, and accelerate the growth of plant life. User may also understand basic plant thought (Or whatever you want to call it).
Within the boundaries of Marc University: Ability to control plants / grass, but not for offensive means, and weaker power.

Team: NightStriders: Renegade Knights

Name: Esperanza
Breed: Espeon
Gender: Female
Brief History: Esperanza was Tiana’s first pokemon, given to her as a gift from her parents as an Eevee at the age of five. Because they became such close friends and were so happy together, Esperanza evolved long before Tiana learned of her own powers. Despite Tiana’s newfound interest in plants and grass types, Esperanza remains Tiana’s best friend and closest confidant, pokemon wise.

Name: Dante
Breed: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Brief History: Tiana received Dante from her father when he died. Though she had always feared the fiery pokemon she accepted him without question out of love for her father and still has him to this day. When she learned of her power she understood why she didn’t love Dante as her father had, but she still wasn’t going to abandon him or anything. She has grown used to him being with her, though she still is a little uncomfortable around him when he is angry, even if the person he’s mat at isn’t her.

Name: Briar
Gender: Male
Brief History: Tiana captured Briar as a Bayleef at age 15 when she was still pretty new to her power. Because of Tiana’s inexperience with her power, Briar was able to absorb some of that loose power that escaped Tiana’s control and so is rather larger and has a tougher more dark-green skin than most Meganium. All of his grass-type powers are also a little higher in power because of this siphoning of loose power. Tiana has since gained much better control over her powers, but when she is refreshed and doing nothing all that taxing Tiana will sometimes "feed" briar a little more of her power or store some excess power in Briar’s neck petals and Clara’s head and tail leaves. This power, because Tiana stores it a particular way, cannot be “stolen” by either pokemon. She may call on this stored power at any time, so long as either one of them is out of their pokeballs.

Name: Clara
Gender: Female
Brief History: Clara was captured shortly after Tiana’s mother died, and so was named after her. Though Clara was not able to take advantage of Tiana’s power the same way Briar had, Tiana saw the benefit of having stronger grass pokemon and so has given a little power to Clara from time to time. The magic has made Clara only slightly larger because Tiana was able to control what her power went into and Tiana made sure that most of it went to helping with Clara’s abilities to attack instead of towards growth as it had with Briar.

06-08-2007, 11:10 PM
Name: Constantine Saranethi
Age: 19

Looks: Constantine’s most dominant feature is the general detached air he has about him. His eyes are an icy blue shade that have arrogance, hate, and intelligence all wrapped up into one in them. They set a standard for the rest of his facial features, mainly his nose, mouth, and hair. His nose, as a result of an unfortunate accident involving a brutal thug and the brutal thug’s fist, has been permanently made to be crooked and slightly twisted to the left. His mouth, framed by thin lips and filled with unnaturally white and orderly teeth, is seemingly held in a perpetual scowl or elitist sneer. Meanwhile, his hair is the exact opposite of his teeth, as it is raven black and hanging around his face in a type of organized chaos. Overall, it provides a stark contrast to his rather pale skin and often looks like an inverted halo over his head, with black replacing the brilliant gold.

His clothing is far from normal for the average teenager, but then again, what is one to expect from someone raised in an isolated, occult society? Around his neck, at all times, hangs a talisman made of a metal not known to Constantine that is perpetually cold and shaped like a reptilian eye, with the slit in the eye being made of a bar of silver. He tends to wear shirts of either black, white, or dark red and almost no other colors. There are many times when he wears a black coat over his clothes, reaching down to his knees. It is made of skin of a snake of black coloring, and provides a slight deterrent to some weak weapons.

Personality: To be honest, he really doesn't treat many people that differently. He keeps the same aloof, sarcastic attitude with just about everyone, believing himself too intelligent to talk to them as equals. Adults or kids, it doesn't really matter, he does not discriminate in his broad range of arrogance. This gets him into trouble often, and his twisted nose is proof of the negative effects. Yet, he still seems unfazed and keeps on going with the attitude. Still, his power suits him well, for he's also manipulative, and likes to mess with other's heads for either his own enjoyment, or revenge for one act or another. His power just gives him another way to do it, and he has learned how to make use of it. Many an annoyance or enemy of his has found themselves in a situation where they have no clue what got them there. He also can't stand incompetence, in any way, shape, or form, and shuns or mocks those who he considers such. The one thing he does not mock though is literature. From his large, leather-bound, ancient occult tomes to his modern paperback poetry collections, he enjoys reading anything and everything he can get his hands on.

History: He grew up outside the city, in the country side among a group of occult worshippers. Both his parents were among the believers, and he was taught according to their laws and rituals. He would, however, come into the city every so often with his parents to purchase various supplies for their religious activities. It was during one such outing that his powers were revealed. A thief attempted to steal from them, and he wished in his mind that the man would just simply go away. Much to his surprise, and that of his parents, the man changed his mind about robbing them and fled. He explained what had happened, and all three returned to their cult, which would eventually hail him to be a prophet of their occult deities, to have such powers.

He was given his Gengar, then a Gastly, when he was twelve as a kind of initiation into the cult. It has stayed with him and been his companion in mockery and arrogance ever since. He eventually joined the Marc University when he was given a scholarship, though for what he wasn't sure. He'd just assumed that they found out how intelligent he was, which only served to feed and boost his already massive ego.

Power: Mind Control
Team: Swarm
Pokémon: Gengar
Which You Are Doing: Both

Dr Scott
06-09-2007, 08:45 AM
Tia: *Giggles* Henna sounds funny.


LZ: Accepted

Dr Scott
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Name: Revan Stormwind

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Looks: At 6’1 and 187 pounds, Revan has not trained his body to be built, however he shows the natural signs of manual labor, in shape. He has wavy short hair, though longer for short hair, which is a black color, his eyes a mixture of blue and green. He has little special marks or scars, perhaps for a few small scars around his body that would be gained through ones everyday life. The only thing that stands out at all on his body is the small birth scar on his ankle, which almost looks like a grinning skull.

His dress varies, from khaki shorts and a sleeveless shirt in the summer to blue jeans and hoodies in the winter days. He also sports a necklace at regular intervals.

Personality: A care free man, Revan has no idea what’s going on most of the time. His outlook is mostly optimistic, always making sure to look towards the good of everything. To him, life is simply a gift. Though that’s not to say that he’s a overly cheerful freak of a man, he thinks and acts much like any normal human being would, just more light hearted then most tend to be. His emotions vary like anyone else’s, though leaning more towards the happier set.

Revan walks around with a constant smile, most of the time accompanied by a whistle or some other showing that music is constantly, as if music is always going through his head. He tends to joke around to everyone, using jokes in many different situations, such as when he’s nervous. Because he’s so happy go lucky, he tends to seem ditzy at times, though he is not stupid.

History: Revan lead a simple enough life, born to a mother and father with two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. The five got along fine, though they had their scuffles like any other family would have. Whenever there was trouble, the five would band together to strike out against the problem together. The family was in charge of a small business in Vittoria, selling various antiques to the public.

More then anyone else, this family knew more about the age old war then anyone else. That is to say, every great once in a while they would find something from that era, whether it be a corpse buried far in the ground, accompanied by Poké Balls filled with long dead Pokémon. The most eloquent of these items was a simple piece of cloth, filled with some of the huge power of one of the legendary heroes.

The cloth was disregarded by the family, later cut in half to be used as a simple dishrag. However, when it was cut the cloth exploded with power that the house simply could not contain. The house exploded from within, killing off all of Revan’s family, except his sister. Revan himself was left bleeding, dying, his eyes lifelessly staring into the sky. A large figure emerged from the house, reached into the boy, and pulled out a blue glowing orb, his soul.

With this sinister figure holding Revan’s soul, his sister suddenly appeared, staring in disbelief. She quickly threw a Poké Ball at it, not knowing what else to do. Out of the ball appeared a bright light, hitting the demon head on and knocking it back. It dropped the orb, where a bit of it splintered off before the larger portion fell into Revan himself. Upon his return, the demon instantly started to change, turning into a bunny and hopping away.

After finally getting settled in his new life, living with his sister, Revan started to change. It wasn’t a big change, he became more of a loner, though in the same time his optimism grew. Experts chalked this up to emotional difficulties from the past, though he never showed any pain from what happened.

His sister’s changes were much more noticeable. After stopping the mourning for their family, she started to become obsessed with searching for objects like the cloth. After a while just looking every once in a while wasn’t enough, and she tried to get Revan to go with her to help look for these objects, learning their power. He turned her down, wanting to keep his life normal.

After a year or two he started to miss the only link to his previous life, looking around the city for the strange and powerful objects of the past, or any clue of the past, thinking it will bring him to his sister. He studies in the school to try to find information of the past, or information that will help him later.

He has no idea of his power.

Power: Probability Manipulation

Team: Syndicate, though Revan is truly neutral

Pokémon: Linoone, Sandslash, Zangoose, Drowzee

Which You Are Doing: Both

Name: ‘The Prophet’

Gender: ?

Age: ?

Looks: Totally covered in a black robe, nothing is known about this figure except a pair of large, darker eyes. If one looks into the hood, the eyes seem to glow slightly, though no one knows why.

Personality: Not much is known about this character, not even the gender, for the voice is covered by some sort of device that turns the speech into a inhumanly deep voice.

He/She seems to know a lot about many things, and seems interested in most anything he/she can find out. Other then that, it’s only known that this character seems to have a strange and sarcastic sense of humor, and that he/she does not seem to be on anybody’s side.

History: Nothing is known about the Prophet, other then he/she popped up a while ago, giving random tidbits to the various teams, appearing to give them optional side missions and other random trinkets and information.

Power: Unknown

Team: None

Pokémon: Onix, Abra, Mew

Which You Are Doing: Any and Everything

06-09-2007, 09:33 PM
I absolutely cannot believe the WAR RP has already started. I thought it was supposed to be in July?! -runs around screaming-

Anyway, I suppose that means my sign-up will need to be done really soon, so here it is.


Silver Etherlight



Silver's looks tend to strike people in an instant, since it tends to be rather loud, and it immediately presents him to be very, very, dangerous. Silver Etherlight's name was given for a reason, and that being the shade of his hair that was already growing out from the moment he was form. Silvery-white, a rather otherworldly shade, but that was one of the many marks of the Etherlight clan, which currently served under Team Rocket. Other than that, he also possesses red tinted eyes, which glow a deep crimson when his powers are activated, which simply means that he has become practically completely immune to elemental attacks.
As a whole, he is not very tall, and for the most part is rather slim. This is no disadvantage to him, as he prefers to move quickly and strike fast when he has to, although for the most part, he lets his Pokemon do most of the labouring.
When not in school, Silver Etherlight tends to wear a cloak made out of flame retardant material, as even though he is immune to burns, his clothing are not, and he has previously discovered that fighting naked was a rather uncomfortable experience. At the same time, he is attempting to get his hands on a suit of kevlar or better, to allow him some defences against physical attacks.

For the most part, Silver is more a thinker than a doer, although he does relish battle when it presents itself to him. However, one should never challenge this person to a duel of any sort, as most of the strongest combative abilities are elemental, and he never fights fairly in a Pokemon battle.
He is, for the most part at least, a quiet person, usually engrossed in some thoughts or another, but he is still more than capable of being social when the need or want arises, for whatever reason it is that motivates him. However, that does not mean that he is above being cold and cruel either, but considering his allegiance to Team Rocket, which he does not hide particularly hard, even if he does not show it openly, that should be hardly surprising.
He does hold a soft spot for his Pokemon however, and he made sure that they did not become heartless killing machines, for two reasons. The first being that Pokemon who knew to love and knew to hate could fight with both passion and dispassion, and the second being that even the greatest of men could get lonely sometimes.

There is little to say about the history of a rich child, since they are all pretty much the same. However, what little there is to say does bear merit, as what little there is, made Silver Etherlight into who he is today. Born to the Etherlights, Silver did know the love of his parents, and all those around him, he also knew what it meant to have everything he wanted, and then some. What he did not know however, was compassion, that would have to wait a few years. Eventually, at the age of ten, like so many children his age, he got himself a Pokemon Trainer's License, along with his first Pokemon, a Charmander, which he named after the Greek God of the Forge and its fires, Hephaestus. He spent two years on his journey, frequenting the mountainous areas where he picked up how to use a simple walking stick for simple combat by experience, and during this time, he caught himself a Magnemite, Abra, and a Shiny Magikarp, since it was well, shiny.
Upon returning home, Silver continued his necessary education, being primarily home-schooled by tutors at an extremely fast rate, owing to his near-genius intellect, and the fact that not only were his teachers the best money could buy, they could also focus on him and him alone, which was only beneficial to him. This also meant that he was given the free reign to continue his Pokemon training, and after throwing a bit of money around on double trading and a short trip to Mt. Coronet, his Pokemon quickly grew to their extremely powerful final forms. Still, it would be quite soon after that that he was revealed to Team Rocket, which he joined almost instantly, not really seeing anything wrong with it. And so, he continues to act as a member of the Team, even to this day, as he begins his education in the Marc University, being particularly interested in the Myths class and the Pokemon Mysteries lessons.

Elemental Resistance


Hephaestus the Charizard
Hagane the Magnezone
Horus the Shiny Gyrados
Seele the Alakazam

[Which Are You Doing]

Dr Scott
06-10-2007, 12:02 AM
Notes for Rust: The Water Lugia is OK for short time if you don't abuse it ;P.

Also, Team Aqua was alive back in the legendary war long ago, it'd be totally unkown of now :o.

The teams have just came back after a long time after the war of having none. I set it up to before there was a lot of teams *All the teams that signed up* then the War *think of it as voting? XD* weeded them out.

06-10-2007, 12:18 AM

Reoccuring NPC friends/enemies of Hotaru
(Yes, yet ANOTHER post of mine clogging teh signup thread!)

19 years old

Appearance: At 5'6, Hiro would never be called tall. He's also on the petite side, though not entirely scrawny.

Hiro has slightly messy brown hair, which is a bit long. It's not long enough for him to be mistaken for a girl, but it isn't a buzz cut, either. His eyes are of a medium brown shade.

Hiro is, well, not the most masculine looking guy around. However, he doesn't capitalize on this. While he does sometimes wear jeans that aren't too roomy, he doesn't wear girls jeans. Nor does he otherwise wear makeup, or other girly stuff. However, even in normally sized jeans and a T shirt (And again, he tends not to wear really huge ones), he looks a bit feminine. Hiro is cute, to be blunt. However, the boy doesn't seem to have a problem with this- Nor, in fact, really try to be this, either. It's just what comes naturally for him.

Hiro is a nice guy. He's also shy, and very timid. For the most part, he keeps to himself, but that's just because he doesn't dare approach anyone first. He's not always the most open and caring with people, either, but he does feel for people who are in trouble or sad, even if he can't or doesn't dare always help.

Hiro has been described as being a bit emo before; this, however, is a misnomer. He's quiet and thoughtful, but when he stares off into space with a sigh, he's not sulking. He's puzzling over something. Hiro may be soft spoken, but he's generally content with his life.


Little Tilli is of the excitable sort. She loves to explore, and is not afraid of anything found in nature. She often talks to inanimate objects, in fact.
People, however, are another matter. She doesn't speak to them, aside from Hiro, ever. She does love playing with hair and dangly earrings, however, so be careful if you hold this little one.
She was Hiro's fourth and final Pokemon.

Hraio is quieter than Tiili, and also, more polite. If you are on his good side, that is. Hraio has a Saving People Thing, unfortunately, particularly when it comes to friends of Hiro. A lot of the time, however, his energy is misdirected.... He won't be there when someone's being picked on, but when it comes time for the bully to get his, Hraio will save him. He likes to think of himself as a hero, but as one who prefers the dark to the light. Hraio has a flair for dramatics, and loves the theater, as well as contests, where he feels he is underappreciated. He competes frequently.

He is Hiro's 3rd Pokemon.

Azra, as she is often called, is a fairly calm Pokemon. She's friendly to Hiro, and adores swimming. Azra participates in Beauty, Cute, Smart, and Cool contests. However, she rarely does well in them. She's a touch too cute and childish for beauty contests, but mature and out of her awkward stage, leaving her out in the cold in Cute contests. Cool contests, too, are not easy for her, since her control over her abilities is iffy at best. Smart contests are all she does well in... And while she's smart, she's no match for many other Pokemon.

Azra, all in all, is rather boring, but cute. Hiro adores her, and dotes on her almost as much as he does to Tiili. She is his second Pokemon.

Väinämiönen, AKA Väinä

Hiro's first Pokemon, dear Väinä is named after a character from a book. The shiny Pokemon does, indeed, seem mythic, compared to the rest of Hiro's bumblers. Väinä is a talented Pokemon, both in contests and in fights, and is protective of Hiro. He can, however, be very distant sometimes.


19 years old

Appearance: Standing at 5'9, Koiple isn't the tallest guy around. He is, however, built enough to make up for this. Koiple is built like a brick ---house, to put it bluntly. He's more muscular than bulky, too, making him someone that is less than pleasant to fight.

Koiple has dark, messy hair, and azure eyes.

Personality: Belligerent would be an understatement; nothing less than sadistic would do Koiple justice. He's mean. Koiple is, of course, nicer to his friends.... But those who aren't among his friends are often bullied for even the silliest of reasons. Koiple knows what he likes- Being stronger, or smarter than someone else, winning fights, swimming, his Pokemon, his few friends, and drinking. He's not the sort to get bombed right before a test or anything, however. Koiple enjoys sports and will drink while watching them, but he's not a drunkard or an alcoholic. He's nasty without excuse.

One of his secret pleasures, however, is his love for collecting action figures. Yes, he's 19 and still collects them, go figure.



Cosette is small, cute, and innocent looking.
She's also a murderer. To be precise, she killed her cousins, all 3 of them, and turned her uncle over to a gang of Pokemon whom he had angered.
Cosette is adorable, the sort of Pokemon whom many admire. She has confidence, poise, grace, and knows just how to comfort a person. However, she prefers to use this only to get close to them, before ripping them to shreds- Sometimes figuratively, but sometimes not.

Cosette is a very unpleasant character, and thus Koiple's other Pokemon, despite being bigger, often bow to her authority. None of them truly want to challenge her.

Cosette is not sure what, if anything, she wants to evolve into. She does, however, have an overpowering hatred for Espeon, Umbreon, and in fact, other shiny Eevee.

Murchadh Nasir, AKA Murc

Murc's name translates to Sea Warrior Helper, which is fitting. He is, after all, a water Pokemon, and he's more of a helper- or a pawn- than anything else to Koiple.
Murc is occaisonally entered in contests, but he's not particularly beautiful. How he evolved is a mystery, really.
Murc isn't cruel, per se, but he does like to examine other beings, and doesn't feel bad if they are in pain. He's not really a sociopath, because he can feel some sense of loyalty to Koiple, but he's not really good at emphathizing or sympathizing, either.

Vittorio, AKA Vitto or Vittor

Vittorio is rather cruel, much like Koiple. However, he can separate sadism from his daily life. Vitto once had a lover, though she left him. He would like to find another, and eventually have a family.

When he's not fighting, or near someone whom Koiple or himself despises, he can actually be somewhat nice.


The brawn of the group, but also the reluctant one, Sunitha has a strong sense of what is and isn't right... And more often than not, Koiple's orders fall on the 'not right' side of things. She does, however, usually obey him anyway.






06-10-2007, 12:32 AM
Wow, recurring characters too? I only have groupies...

06-10-2007, 01:11 AM
Wow, recurring characters too? I only have groupies...

Just NPCs. You know... The 2-3 we're allowed to have to move stuff along.

Or the people who can be used for plot stuff, or to be the one to trip your char so they happen to fall into the trap door... Etc.

I just like to use the same NPCs, not make a new one each time, 'cause I'm a sucker for character development.

And why does Rust get to transform into a legendary? WTF? The rest of us can't even own them... And that kind of kills the summoning power of the people who can summon legendaries.

Lord Celebi
06-10-2007, 02:35 AM
Notes for Rust: The Water Lugia is OK for short time if you don't abuse it ;P.

Also, Team Aqua was alive back in the legendary war long ago, it'd be totally unkown of now :o.

The teams have just came back after a long time after the war of having none. I set it up to before there was a lot of teams *All the teams that signed up* then the War *think of it as voting? XD* weeded them out.

Logia... It has nothing to do with the bird ;)

And by what you said, you lumped Aqua in with the teams that had died out shortly before the new teams. You'll make a plot change for me... right?

06-10-2007, 05:37 AM
Alright, I changed the name of the team I'm aligned with. Other than that, there wasn't much else to change. I made her profile so that it would work with either Syndicate or Rocket, since I knew they wanted me. ^_^

Dr Scott
06-10-2007, 07:15 PM
Note to Rust:

First off, I haven't OK'd you yet.

Second, it was an afterthought, but the old teams died out IN THE OLD WAR long ago. So, no one knows about Aqua :o.

THIRDly, no swords. Read the rules, man xD

AND no one knows how they got their powers yet, the big battle long ago is all but forgotten.

Rusty, read the rules ...

06-10-2007, 07:18 PM
Updated my sign-up. Go see.

Lord Celebi
06-10-2007, 08:04 PM
Note to Rust:

First off, I haven't OK'd you yet.

Second, it was an afterthought, but the old teams died out IN THE OLD WAR long ago. So, no one knows about Aqua :o.

THIRDly, no swords. Read the rules, man xD

AND no one knows how they got their powers yet, the big battle long ago is all but forgotten.

Rusty, read the rules ...

*Stabs eyes out*

WTF? I had assumed I was accepted since you hadn't said declined. Furthermore, you said that people who didn't have offense powers could have weapons... I don't think turning my body into water is that offensive unless I got up right next to the guy and drowned him, which would make me utterly useless anywhere...

Furthermore, what's the point of saying I can't have Aqua? I mean, it could be entirely plausibly for me to restart Team Aqua/found my own team, which I could work into my sign-up. Its only my history, meaning it won't affect anyone in the RP, and gives me an interesting plot so I can do something in the RP besides sit around and do nothing with my weaponless character who can't kill a damn thing making him completely useless to everyone...

How did Marth convince me to join this again...?

Dr Scott
06-11-2007, 02:51 AM
You're so uncreative. If you don't have a sword shoved under your nose you dno't know how to do anything, or a giant button to press, eh?

This is an RP. Not some large Risk game where the largest G Modders win.

Water can EASILY be turned into a weapon. Hell, ask Neo, I'm sure he has a few good ideas.

I dno't trust you with swords, I'll be honest. This is a powers RP, people want to train that and not other weapons. By non offensive powers I mean things like Wall Crawling and whatnot.

Your precious Aqua ... is NOT in this RP. It DIED. X_X. You're SWARM. Really now, are you unable to RP if you're not the UBER BOSS?

If you don't want to RP, don't. I don't like your Team RP II business, so the thoughts would be equal both ways. All I can say is you'd be missing out on an actual RP.

Or are you afraid? Afraid of a challenge, of course. Backed into unfamiliar territory, Rusty runs.

Fine with me, guess no points for you :D

06-11-2007, 03:07 AM
Ladies, ladies! Come on, enough with the fighting. rust, chill out, you're on Swarm, not Aqua, it's the same basic thing. Water can easily be used as a weapon. Tidal waves, whirlpools, scalding hot boiling water to rip people's skin off, steam burns, jets of hard pressure water that can break bones, etc... I think that's more than enough.

Scott, the harshness is unnecessary. Both of you stop acting like old women and deal with your problems.

Why can't we be friends? (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2499767946540411859&q=why+can%27t+we+be+friends)

Lil Bro of Doom
06-11-2007, 10:23 AM
is it too late to sign up? please say no i really want to do this!

Lord Celebi
06-11-2007, 02:16 PM
You're so uncreative. If you don't have a sword shoved under your nose you dno't know how to do anything, or a giant button to press, eh?

This is an RP. Not some large Risk game where the largest G Modders win.

Water can EASILY be turned into a weapon. Hell, ask Neo, I'm sure he has a few good ideas.

I dno't trust you with swords, I'll be honest. This is a powers RP, people want to train that and not other weapons. By non offensive powers I mean things like Wall Crawling and whatnot.

Your precious Aqua ... is NOT in this RP. It DIED. X_X. You're SWARM. Really now, are you unable to RP if you're not the UBER BOSS?

If you don't want to RP, don't. I don't like your Team RP II business, so the thoughts would be equal both ways. All I can say is you'd be missing out on an actual RP.

Or are you afraid? Afraid of a challenge, of course. Backed into unfamiliar territory, Rusty runs.

Fine with me, guess no points for you :D

I'm the only one creative enough to use a sword in a RP. Nowhere have I seen anyone employ the use of a Katana other than myself. That's pretty damn creative if you ask me.

You know what, BHK (It makes me feel more vetty to call you that)? I don't give a damn if I'm accepted or not. I, personally, would rather not be in this RP, but Marth miraclously convinced me, and I need to earn Swarm points. I was going to back out until you made the scaredy cat comment.

Now you're going to suffer in this RP by my hand...

*Redoes Sign-Up Later*

06-11-2007, 04:06 PM
I'm the only one creative enough to use a sword in a RP. Nowhere have I seen anyone employ the use of a Katana other than myself. That's pretty damn creative if you ask me.

You know what, BHK (It makes me feel more vetty to call you that)? I don't give a damn if I'm accepted or not. I, personally, would rather not be in this RP, but Marth miraclously convinced me, and I need to earn Swarm points. I was going to back out until you made the scaredy cat comment.

Now you're going to suffer in this RP by my hand...

*Redoes Sign-Up Later*

Lots of people use swords in RPs. Oo Or do you mean War RPs? *had a couple characters who used swords a few years back, although now prefers hand-to-hand combat or magic*

If you really don't think you're going to enjoy the RP, why be in it? I mean, why do something that isn't fun? I'd drop out if I wasn't enjoying it. Oo

is it too late to sign up? please say no i really want to do this!
If you've signed up for the War it's not too late to sign up for the War RP. If you haven't signed up for the War then sorry, but it is too late. ^^;

06-11-2007, 04:27 PM
XD I'm so late on this...

Name: Annabelle Smith/Katlyn Joseph

Age: 19

Looks: Annabelle stands at around 5’8”. She is somewhat on the thin side and has next to no muscle power, though she can still be imposing in more mental ways. Her aquamarine eyes and a braces-filled smile that would make the coldest man melt would seem to be very cute, but her appearance is wrecked by far too many scars to count. Burns, cuts, and other types of scars practically cover her body. The most noteworthy scar is one running over her cheek, a burn mark that turns her normally tan face pale in that spot. A short, plaid skirt that barely covers her knees goes nicely with her white short-sleeved shirt whose only notable feature is the white buttons down the middle of it. Her feet are covered by long, white socks that are just barely longer then the black boots she wears over them. Though she normally has bangs, she thinks of them as a simple nuisance and holds them back with a bright red headband sitting neatly in her long, brown hair.

Personality: Annabelle always tends to not care about what’s going on around her. She does, however, tend to make small, sarcastic comments about quite a few things. She’s amazingly down-to-earth and very disbelieving of many things, even though she has two unbelievable things with her: Katlyn and her power. Somewhat self-conscious about what people think of her, she keeps her power and her alternate personality secret from even some of her friends, like Hotaru.

Katlyn is everything Annebelle should have been after her terrible past. She is cold, calculating, and practically craves the taste of blood and death. She would do anything for a chance to kill slowly and painfully. In less combat oriented situations, she is amazing at manipulating enemies with smooth talk and meaningless promises of power and wealth, only to kill them after they serve their purpose. Should there be no enemies, she will simply sit in the back of Annabelle’s head, making snide remarks about everything she does. Because Annebelle cannot deal with death and killing, she will often let Katlyn take over during battles.

Towards Annebelle, Katlyn is very motherly and caring in an oddly mocking sort of way. She was unintentionally made from Annebelle’s hate after the torture, for one purpose: to protect Annebelle and help her.

History: A lifetime of pain. A head full of disgusting memories that have been locked away by Annebelle herself, as they are far too painful to remember…

Childhood: Torturous Living

Annebelle looked like an ordinary child. She acted like an ordinary child. She went to school like everyone else, played games like all the other children, and had a few friends. None of these friends ever went over to Annabelle’s house, however. Annebelle wouldn’t let them, for the acts that took place behind the doors of the apartment were so horrible that Annabelle shut them out from her mind…

She rarely ate, because her mother neglected to feed her and often even refused to. She never slept, because her mother was too mental to realize that the screams of pain were coming from her own daughter. Annebelle has and never had a father. Her birth came from her mother’s first and only date. No marriage at all.

Her mother was legally insane. She had no feelings of remorse and treated Annebelle like a 6 year old might have treated a small bug. To her mother, torture was amusing, and she couldn’t find the line between bug and human, unlike a small 6 year old.

12 years. 12 years of agony. 12 years of “experiments” by her own mother. 12 brutal years of knives, fire, chemicals, and too many others to count. From infant to teenage, hardly a single night passed without agonizing pain. It was terrifying, and each day the scars built up. But that was nothing compared to the mental horrors she would experience soon.

Katlyn Joseph: An Alternate Mind

As the years went by, Annabelle noted something odd in the back of her head, almost like a presence of some sort. Then terrifying symptoms began. Splitting headaches, blackouts, and temporary amnesia were only some of the things that began to wrack Annebelle’s life. Thinking that these were caused by the torture, the now nearly teenage Annebelle quickly realized that the only way she could survive was to kill her own mother…

One night, when her mother had fallen asleep without the normal anguish, Annabelle crept out of bed and grabbed a deadly cutting knife from the kitchen. She went into her mother’s room, intending to end it once and for all. But she couldn’t do it. She wasn’t strong enough to overcome the horrible feeling of knowing that she had killed someone. Trembling, she turned around and started to head for the door, but she suddenly felt like her legs were made of lead. She felt darkness creep around her peripheral vision, a sign of the now common blackouts.

But this time, something completely different happened before she slipped away. She heard a voice in the back of her head.

Let me handle this, you weakling, Annebelle.

Then the darkness took her over completely.

She awoke far more quickly than she was used to. She found herself standing next to her mother’s bed. She felt her hands gripping a handle of some sort with a choking grip. Then she looked down…

…and saw her mother dead, with the knife she was holding embedded in her throat, blood still gushing from the wound.

With a terrified cry, Annebelle yanked the knife from the throat and felt the warm blood fly from her hands, shaken from the sudden motion. She moaned and stared at her mother, her dead mother, as laughter filled the back of her head.

I killed her, Annebelle. You didn’t. I did. The cruel voice filled the back of her head. I mostly did it for you, to protect you, Annebelle. But, hey, some of it was for me. It’s my body too, you know.

Your body? Annebelle thought. But…how…

It was partly your cruel, terrible mother. But the rest of it was you. You needed to kill her, but couldn’t, because all your anger and hate at your mother went towards my birth. I was really empowered right now, though, because you needed me. I’m here to protect you, Annebelle. Did you ever wonder why you had headaches and amnesia? It’s a rather common side effect of what you have…

What do you mean? What do I have? And who are you?

So many questions…you have me. What you really have is such a nasty term. Split-personality disorder. Such a terrible, terrible, name. It isn’t a disorder. It is a gift. You have someone else to protect you and help you with what you can’t do now. You have me…isn’t that a gift? High-pitched giggling resonated in Annebelle’s mind, sending chills up and down her back.

Then…you’re an alternate personality? Annebelle felt like screaming. Why are you here?

Why, to protect you, of course. Did I not just end the torture that you have gone through for 12 long years? I’m here to help…to make sure you have a good, long life. And now, I feel like everything from your past will make you as crazy as your mother. I can’t let that happen. I’m here to protect you…

My name is Katlyn Joseph. I will be meeting you in the very near future, trust me. Goodbye for now, Annebelle…

“Wait! What are you…” Annebelle stopped abruptly as a pounding pain filled her head, making it feel like her head was going to split apart. Then she blacked out.

She could remember nothing beyond that moment. No mother. No torture. And this time, the amnesia would be permanent. Katlyn would make sure of that…


Of course, the discovery of her power came a bit later. Near the beginning of high school, Annebelle was in a particularly difficult class. In all her other classes, she scraped by with mostly B’s and the occasional C. In this class, there were more C’s than B’s for sure. The fact that the teacher had a terrible hatred for Annebelle didn’t help, either.

When papers for a grueling end of the year report were being handed back, Annebelle couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t get hers back. The bell rang, signaling the end of the day and causing all if the teenagers in the class to run out the door. Not particularly caring about the report, Annebelle lazily made her way to the door, right before Ms. Hankins stopped her.

“Are you wondering what became of your report, Annebelle?” she sneered, obviously enjoying this.

“Not really,” Annebelle replied lazily. She had no reason to. She had no parents, after all.

“Well, I’ll tell you anyway. I found it to be very unsatisfactory, so I have given that example of such terrible work to the principal. He has told me to enroll you in the special needs class.”

That stopped Annebelle. Knowing that people would tease her and insult her for being in that class, she turned around and felt her anger grow with every passing second. Then the all too familiar “voice” of Katlyn floated from the back of her mind.

Is she hurting you, Annebelle? I can fix that… With the childlike laughter still ringing in her head, Annebelle tried to move towards the door.

But the familiar feeling of Katlyn taking over made her stop before turning towards the teacher. Katlyn was in control now, and there was no telling what she would do.

With a smirk on her face, Katlyn suddenly started moving her arms in odd patterns. Then, the unthinkable happened.

About a quart or so of liquid acid suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Laughing insanely, Katlyn manipulated the poison into a dagger shape. The teacher finally got her senses and screamed before trying to run, but it was too late.

The liquid poison suddenly hardened into a sharp solid. With a swing of her arm, the dagger flew towards the teacher and stabbed her right through her chest, killing her instantly.

“Katlyn, what have you done!?” Annebelle shouted as soon as she regained control, not knowing at all what had just happened.

Annebelle, you have another gift, it seems. You can manipulate and even create poisonous substances. Use it well…

Power: Poison Manipulation

Team: Swarm

Pokémon: Seviper, Nidoqueen, Pidgeot, Rotom

Which You Are Doing: Both

Lil Bro of Doom
06-11-2007, 04:54 PM
If you've signed up for the War it's not too late to sign up for the War RP. If you haven't signed up for the War then sorry, but it is too late. ^^;
i don't know what that means! but here is my entry:

Name: Nathaniel Beldin (Known as Athan to those close to him)

Age: 18

Looks: looks exactly like the picture, he usually wears a loose black T-shirt, and long black windbreakers, on hot days he will wear jean shorts instead of windbreakers. http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m31/SexySnapeLover/untitledas-1.jpg

Personality: Athan is an often seen as a relaxed teenager who is more than a little full of himself. If one does not have the proper attitude to handle him he can be found not useful. Athan is stead fast loyal to his friends though and often will act first and think later when it comes to protecting them. Athan can always be seen with a smile on his face and always seems to make even the coldest person grin once in a while.

Athan has developed a slight attitude towards authority over the years. He will take orders but not from just anyone, were someone to give him an order it must come from someone he fears and respects. When battling he is serious, stubborn, and very focused. Some see him as a dirty player because when push comes to shove he will use anything to bring about a win, including the cheap shots.

History: Athan grew up in a middle class surroundings. He knows what it is like to have to struggle to make ends meet. His father had a average job working at a local business as a manager. His mother was a stay at home mom. In the resent years his father and mother both died trying to defend themselves from the violence that has been occurring increasingly through out city.

Due to the loss of his family the house that he once called home has become run down and appears abandoned to most. Athan lives in this house and can be seen stealing food for himself when he is unable to make ends meet. Despite this rather sorrowful history he manages to be a very up beat person.

His powers were discover during a school day when he was going through his daily beating by the class bully. It was just after he had taken the final blow and the bully began to walk away. Athan’s temper rose to a new height that day and as the bully was about to walk away Athan found himself thinking very hard at making the boy trip himself and fall down the stairs. What surprised him was that it actually happened. This didn’t lead him to the direct conclusion of what his powers were but after a few more random and spaced out incidences he was able to grasp the concept of what his powers were.

Power: mind control (can only last for 15 minutes, if the person has a strong mind they can release themselves from him, people may still fight when there mind is being controlled unless he tries really hard too stops them, using it wears him down mentally and physically)

Team: neutral

Pokémon: Scizor- a very strong pokemon that is able to find the weak spots on opponents, Umbreon- clever and fast, average strength, Gardevoir- very loyal, will do anything too protect Athan, average strength.

Which You Are Doing: Violent Path

Lord Celebi
06-11-2007, 05:48 PM
I'm resigning up to cause trouble for everyone.

Name: rust Makuta
Age: 35
Looks: rust Makuta is a strong man with a light tan. He wears gray, baggy pants, and a blue and white striped sleeveless shirt. Over it, he wears a black trenchcoat and a black bandana.
Personality: rust Makuta is a psycho. He watched his village all killed in front of his eyes when he was younger, bringing him onto the path of murder. He wants nothing more than to kill for pleasure.

rust Makuta was born in a relatively small town just outside of Mount Salic consisting of thieves and rogues. One day, when rust Makuta was a small child, an army from the top of Mt. Salic came and murdered everyone in the town to stop the thieves from stealing and killing up on Mt. Salic. rust was the only survivor.

rust raised himself until he was 15. He cracked from loneliness and went up to Mt. Salic, with a farming sickle in hand. The first person he saw, he murdered, as revenge for his village. rust Makuta then took residence in the city, and killed people at whim, to avenge his town. When people began to experience the leftovers of Jirachi's magic, rust Makuta found his power; Water Manipulation.

He was able to, at first, only manipulate the water around him. He could make shapes with the water, and make water float. Later, he was able to move heavier water and water from longer distances. Finally, he was able to train himself into a Water Logia, and be able to transform his entire body into water for travel (OOC: Its LOgia. Not Lugia. Logia. This means I can transform my entire body into water. Not the bird. M'Kay?)

rust Makuta, interested in his new powers, used them in his next kill, creating a circle of water around a man's head and drowned him. These left no fingerprints, and left no mess. He travelled around as a mere puddle, watching the streets, trying to determine who to kill next. He became feared as the 'Hydro Killer.'

He now stalks the streets, waiting to kill his next prey until everyone on Mt. Salic is dead...

Power: Water Manipulation
Team: In the RP, rogue, but earning points for Swarm (Finch did this in last year's RP, being on Trainer in the RP but earning points for Aqua, so I'm sure this is okay. Besides, the Violent RP has absolutely nothing going on. Someone can try to stop me :P)
Pokémon: Swampert, Rhyperior, Electrivire, Dragonite
Which You Are Doing: Violent

06-12-2007, 08:33 PM
Hey Scott_Man. I just wanted to know if I was accepted. My sign-up is on page 3.

06-12-2007, 08:36 PM
i don't know what that means! but here is my entry

WAR is a forum-wide competition participated in by many members. If you don't know what it is, then you didn't sign up for it, and if you didn't sign up for it, you're not allowed in the RP.

Lil Bro of Doom
06-12-2007, 08:40 PM
oh why didn't you just say that well i guess i'll go do something else

06-12-2007, 11:06 PM
Name: Christos Saschen (Chris)

Age: 19

Looks: Chris has wavy, dirty-blonde hair down to his ears, letting strands fall loose in no particular style. He pushes it down with a black golf cap, a crescent moon design stitched on. He has white skin, giving him a ghost-like appearance, and a scar on his cheek. He wears a deep orange pokeball tee with a hood, sleeves rolled up. He keeps a pair of goggles loose around his neck, and wears one silver earring in his left ear. He also wears camouflage basketball shots and long, white socks to his knees with a pair of black sneakers. A long staff is attached to his back, and his pokeballs are in a pouch hanging from his waist. His golden eyes give a creepy effect and seem to reflect light like a cat’s.

Personality: Chris is a strange person. People pick on him a lot. He’s fairly silent, but you never know when he’ll get aggravated. He spends most of his time alone, but if you knew him you’d know he was lonely. Chris is a timid and caring person, although he doesn’t show it. He's a bit crazy.

Chris knew about his abilities since he was a toddler. He accidentally scared all of the other kids away. Even his parents seemed afraid of him, although they tried their best not to be. They were never able to teach him things other kids would have been taught.

Eventually, Chris went away to a boarding school for mentally ill children, where he accidently killed one of the other kids in frustration. He was scarred for life.

Power: Shadow manipulation.

Team: Swarm!

Pokémon: Ledian(Laser),Lucario(Luke), Flygon(Drifter), Umbreon(Echo) .

Which You Are Doing: Both.

Dr Scott
06-16-2007, 11:42 PM
Hakken: More to pers and hist please.

Arsues: Sorry for missing you ^^;. THAT was a mistake on my part. You're in ^^;.

Larvy: :o, yeah, you're in.

Rust: Welcome to the RP. Accepted. Play by the rules, and yes, killing IS allowed, just not MASS murdering. Play it SMART, it's like GTA, you don't want the cops after you.

06-17-2007, 06:25 AM
What about meeeeee?! My sign up's on page 4.

06-17-2007, 08:31 PM
Name: Reyes

Age: 23

Looks: Standing at barely 5’ 10” and weighing a bare 120lbs, Reyes is a lithe, olive skinned young adult, jet black hair covers the cap of his skull while a thin but noticeable mustache lines his upper lip. With his slight of build most clothes look bulky on him causing him to run in fatigues and a t-shirt a majority of the time. His eyes are something of a mystery as at times they can appear in the form of golden hourglasses; however the reason for this remains hidden to him.

Personality: Once a carefree, fun-loving teen, Reye’s outlook on life changed when he was sent to reform school. He emerged a more serious, methodical and calculating individual. This was further hardened years later when he would join a small group called ‘Aqua’, it wasn’t until a few years ago that a glimpse of his real self would again be seen. Under the tutelage of the Alpha Guild Reyes is slowly finding himself again. Those that around him would probably describe him as a quiet type, bordering on scary monk but, as he continues to study and work in service to the light he is slowly becoming more open.

These days he is still reserved and methodical; a master of his emptions and feeling but, now more open to people and his friends, working in service, Reyes has no problem cutting people down in the right situation but now works to avoid that at all cost. He also works to provide an image of caring for the Guild but his laidback manner sometimes interferes with this.

History: From the beginning days of his childhood Reyes found he possessed the ability to create objects from surrounding energy. Of course this was lost on him early on, with him caught up in the fact that he could do things other kids his age could not. Unfortunately this eventually lead him in to trouble as with most kids he had a strange fascination with war and as such loved to pretend that he was at war with the neighborhood kids. This was amplified when he started to use his powers in the games and wound up hurting several people. Distressed his parents sent him to a reform school in an attempt to rid him of his carefree and somewhat reckless love of fun. To an extent it worked as his carelessness left, replaced with a more critical, serious outlook on life. However his fixation with all thing related to war remained. When he left the reform school his focus was entirely on finishing his education and getting out in the world.

As he progressed through his high school years, Reyes found himself increasingly set apart from everybody else, undoubtedly due to his unabashed use of his powers, whether peppering the halls with energy darts, or using daggers to cut out shapes in art classes, Reyes had few qualms about using powers in public or in fights. Despite his troubled outlook and behavior he did well enough in the school to stay and graduate. Elated that he was now free in terms of age, Reyes opted to skip College for a few years and instead get an early start out in the world. Unfortunately he found it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be, he didn’t have any money, any place to stay, and nobody to help him out. Undeterred he turned to his powers for survival and became a thief, moving from town to town he moved relying on his powers to keep him fed and alive. Increasingly Reyes found himself becoming disheartened, he had always thought the he would lead a life to be eventually envied, but from the looks of his current situation he was beginning to have doubts as to what he was destined to accomplish.

Completely disgusted Reyes gave up on his epic journey of the world and decided to head back to his hometown and school to finish his education. On his way back he briefly ran into a group calling themselves ‘Aqua’ although in the midst of disbanding the group still had considerable activities going. Bored with the aspect of returning to school Reyes decided to join them, it wasn’t long before he was reveling in the relative freedom and power he was able to wield in public while with the group. over the next year Reyes continually kept up his unlawful activities, finally feeling like something was coming out from his life. For almost a full year he enjoyed this lifestyle until, finally Aqua collapsed upon itself, more disheartened than ever Reyes left in search of another group he he could, this one located somewhere were he could call home, a place where finally the purpose of his life would be revealed. Eventually he linked up with another group, this one on the ‘right’ side of the law, they called themselves: ‘The Alpha Guild’, somewhat wary of joining a group completely opposite of Aqua, Reyes merely hung around trying to get a feel for the Guild. but as unrest settled over the land Reyes found himself in need of protection and shelter, knowing the Guild could provide both Reyes finally submitted and joined the Guild.

It has now been two years since Reyes joined the Guild, but it seems as if the irritation and unrest plaguing the land is only reaching it’s apex. And as Reyes tirelessly studies the teachings of the Guild and works to safeguard he is cautiously aware it might not be enough for those like him.

Power: Your given power:Energy Construct; the ability to create and form small, solid objects from surrounding energy.

Team: Alpha Guild

Pokémon: Porygon Z Reyes most trusted Pokemon, can be found always on his person, Aggron nicknamed ‘Ironman’ And Rhyperior called Rhino.

Which You Are Doing: Violent Path

Dr Scott
06-17-2007, 10:59 PM
Ski's in *coulda sworn I let you in mumble mumble*

C'mon ST, I expect more from you ;P. Add some more!

Flame: In

06-18-2007, 06:02 AM
>>Cedric Byron


>>Where his looks are concerned, Cedric is on the thin side. Most people see him as the type who works out in the gym to lose weight, but it has nothing to do with the gym. His metabolism is just different form most people, digesting his food quicker than other people. But that’s not to say he’s unnaturally thin. He has a little fat gathering around his stomach. His arms are a bit stronger, as he does his daily push-ups, and plays the guitar; both of which keep his biceps and triceps in good shape. He’s not much of a runner, but is good and short distance sprints, and so his legs are suitably muscled. He has no unnatural scares of bruises apart form the every day bumps. Recently, he suffered a punch to his right shoulder, and has a slightly blue bruise building up.

His hair is a lustrous black in colour, and matches with his sparkling blue eyes. The combination is slightly unnatural – considering he has a relatively brown complexion –, but Cedric thinks it matches his highly unusual personality as well. He wears his hair emo-style, the front part falling elegantly in front of his left eye. He’s been debating whether or not to get red highlights, although at the moment, the side against the colouring has more pros than cons. His clothing sense matches his hair, so to speak. He wears low-waist emo-jeans, and smaller-than-normal-tee-shirts. Despite being shunned by society sometimes for this, he feels most comfortable dressed so, and doesn’t change because other people want him to. He has an unusually large assortment of jewellery for a guy. He has various chains with pendants of stars and skull, and one with a wasted bullet. He also has several wristbands than he wears almost religiously.

Oh, and he wears eyeliner.

>>Cedric, right form birth, has always been the deep-thinker. While most infants cry in their cots, he would be found with his eyes closed, humming tunelessly to himself. But as he grew, so did this trait – but his singing got better. Cedric soon grew to become the type that daydreamed a lot. This daydreaming, however, was hardly wishful thinking, but actually deep, contemplative thinking. And as he grew to recognise his talent in music, he began to put all of this thought into deep, powerful lyrics for his songs. These songs were instantly hits amongst the more thoughtful of listeners. While not singing, Cedric is usually a rather silent person, preferring to keep to his own counsel than to ask advice of others. That’s not to say he doesn’t take to company happily, but he’s perfectly content to sit with someone in complete silence.

Cedric is not the type of pick fights just because he can, but he won’t turn down a challenge. In his life, he’s gotten into many fights, none of which he’s ever started. The most he’s done to ever spark off a fight was insult a person who was getting on his nerves. And out of those fights, he’s won a fair few. He’s not an almighty fighting machine, but ever since he discovered his power, he has been winning his fights a lot more often. However, these fights are usually because of his friends. He’s quite loyal, and can take insults to himself, but nothing to his friends or his Pokémon.

>>Cedric was born to Minerva and Oliver Byron. His mother worked as a teacher, and his father as a doctor. Both were extremely respectable people in society, and earned a relatively good salary too keep up a family of three. And so, there was nothing unnatural about Cedric’s upbringing. But as he grew older and older, his apparent ease with which he took things began to worry his parents. How as a baby, he would eat his food without complaint, even if it tasted horrible. How as a child when he fell over, he would get up immediately, dust his hands, and continue what he was doing. Most parents would be glad to have a child like that, but Cedric’s parents were worried that this was something wrong. Of course, it was merely his different personality, and way of dealing with things.

When he turned seven, his father decided that he should learn an instrument so that his musical talent would not be wasted. He made Cedric listen to various instruments, and then asked him to choose which he liked best. Cedric bonded with the guitar immediately, and so, he began to learn. At thirteen, Cedric decided that six years of guitar were enough for him to start a band. He gathered a few fellows from school that were interested, and had a jam session. The four of them clicked instantly, and they formed a band. Since then, the band – christened “Tattoos and Lip Rings” – has grown in fame, and by the time the four of them graduated, they were doing tours around the city of Vittoria.

During his years while the band was progressing, Cedric noticed an odd talent of his. If he concentrated – simple enough for him, as he had been doing it for years – he could change small objects into other small objects. For example, he could hold a pencil, and could change it into a piece of paper, or anything of the same quality. He didn’t let his friends know about his skill, as Cedric knew the discrimination people like him received, and kept it secret. However, he wanted his talent to improve, and so began to “train”, as it were, and get better. He soon found he could change large objects as well, but it left him weakened. He also discovered that he could make objects change into air particles, and effectively disappear. And vice versa, changing air particles into objects, and effectively making them appear out of thin air. Literally.

>>Elemental Transmutation

>>Nightstriders: Renegade Knights (NSRK)


Which You Are Doing

Yes, we have a Pete Wentz in the making. Is that a problem? XP


06-20-2007, 11:29 PM
If it's too late to sign up, ignore this post

Name: Rayne Fox

Age: 19

Looks: Rayne is around 6'5" and weighs around 180 pounds. He doesn't have a huge muscular body, but he isn't scrawny. Rayne has shaggy dark brown hair that flips out a bit on either side. His eyes are slate blue, but tend to change color depending on the colors he is wearing. He usually wears a white t-shirt under every shirt, faded light denim blue jeans, and running shoes. He also wears a black band tied around his left arm, covering a scar from a gruesome incident that occured a few years ago.

Personality: Rayne is smart and athletic. When he isn't studying for school, he is outside training, either by himself or with his pokemon. He is generaly kind to others, but won't allow other people to walk over him like a doormat. Rayne is not quick to fight but won't hesitate to defend himself. Most will find that if they befriend Rayne, they don't have to worry about being bullied. Rayne stands up for what he believes in and can't stand to see wrong done to undeserving people or pokemon. He is always loyal to others and would never hurt or abandon his pokemon.

History: [cue theme music]Rayne is the son of Nate and Samantha Fox. His father worked for the government, his occupation unknown to Rayne, and his mother worked for an orthodontist. His parents brought in plenty of money for him to be satisfied as a child. Rayne was what most kids considered spoiled. This did not affect what he thought of others, however. He would gladly share with kids who did without. When Rayne turned 8, his parents decided to introduce him to sports.

He always made A's in school and still had extra time so they thought it might be a good idea. Rayne's dad took him to a variety of games over the next few years. By the time he was 10, he was playing football, basketball, and taking interest in Track. As he grew older and progressed through school, he decided to devote his time to basketball as he seemed to have an unnatural talent for it. One day, while playing at home on his private basketball court, he attempted to make a shot but forgot to let go of the ball. His arm stretched out to the other basket. He was shocked by this and worried how he would retract the ball. He learned that he could control it as easy as he could breathe. He then stretched himself to an enormous height.

At the age of 15, he decided it would better himself to have a part-time job. The best job he could find was in logging, so he lowered his standards and went to work. Two weeks into the job, a chainsaw malfunction caused the chain to snap off and hit Rayne, nearly severing his left arm. He was rushed to the ER and, after a short time in the hospital, recovered. He spent time in physical therapy to regain his muscle mass and was soon back to normal. Rayne was back and better than ever. He finished high school 3rd in his class.

Now 19, Rayne decided that it was time to get into college. Unsure of his desired occupation, Rayne transfered to Marc University in hopes to learn a bit more about pokemon. Determined to become more knowledgeable, Rayne set out for his first day of school, ready for new friends and a new adventure! [/theme music]

Power: Elasticity.

Team: Swarm

Pokémon: Flygon, Lucario, Umbreon, Garchomp

Which You Are Doing: Both

06-21-2007, 09:52 PM
Name: Poltergeist

Appearance: Poltergeist stands at 5’10 feet tall with an average weight. He is eighteen years old. He has purple died hair, originally brown, that falls over one of his eyes his red one while his other is green and he is Caucasian. He wears a jungle cameo jacket along with a matching long pants, headband and gloves while the headband has a red R on it along with each glove. He also keeps his jacket unzipped with a white short underneath. He wears white sneakers with red mixed in and a belt containing a skull and crossbones buckle.

Personality: Poltergeist is someone who tends to keep to himself. He tends to care only for himself and likes to be alone compared to hanging out in a large crowd. Basically he is a loner. He constantly dwells in his mind and questions life and reality itself where he also hears voices. He rarely shows his emotions and usually has a blank expression on his face. He likes to get his way and tries to always try to change the situation so that it moves to however he sees fit. Finally he is lazy and tends to slack off from his work as well. His powers can sometimes cause him to act strangely though like getting violent and angry easily or start rambling on about odd things out loud.

History: Poltergeist’s past is a mystery to everyone around him and himself. He can only remember of his past at the age of six. It was at that time that he remembers living on the streets alone, abandoned by his parents. Life was hard as he ate whatever he could get his hands on whether it was fresh, alive or in the trash. He wore tattered rags as an excuse for clothes and had to steal any toy he wanted. Finally he lived in an abandoned house that no one wished to buy because it once was the scene of a murder. At least the place had running water and electricity. At the age of seven is when Poltergeist’s powers first began to emerge. It started with him hearing voices, their where somewhere from around seven to eight of them. Some where kind and helpful while others where mean and annoying. The voices where his only companions and guidance and tended to know beyond what Poltergeist himself knew. It was the voices though that actually first began to explain to him about what his powers could do which they accurately called the powers of insanity. He soon began to learn of how he could persuade people and create illusions. Sometimes he would create the illusion of fake adults paying fake money to the clerks at stores so that he could get whatever he pleased with slim chances of getting caught. At this point he updated his look to cameo the modern cameo gear.

Poltergeist was at this point curious of the world and how he received his powers. The voices tell him about how school could help and he decides to finally enter school at the age of eight through fake information. His voices sometimes help him through the work but also sometimes purposely give him wrong answers. Either way Poltergeist could just persuade the teachers to change his grades if need be. By the time Poltergeist entered high school he decides to enter the infamous team Rocket for money and the hope to one day rise up in power so that the team would be his to command and do whatever he sees fit for a perfect life. With the power of persuasion and illusion on his side he easily makes the grade to become a rocket grunt. His codename becomes Poltergeist as before he had no name and has been called whatever he saw fit. As time flies Poltergeist is now 18 and has been assigned to enter Marc University for Rocket’s purposes. He willingly goes along as he is given 3 new Pokemon companion to help his goal and is told that it is a good opportunity from the voices. He decides though to still follow his own heart and do whatever he pleases.

Power: Insanity

Team: Rocket

Pokemon: Haunter (Nickname Poltergeist Jr.)

Path: School

If I'm too late or I did anything wrong just tell me and I'll fix it post haste.

Dr Scott
06-23-2007, 05:10 PM
Sorry I'm slow ;_;

More from Gama please

Polter is in

06-24-2007, 01:12 AM
Which area do you want more in?

06-26-2007, 12:13 AM
Sorry I'm slow ;_;

More from Gama please

Polter is in

If you could take a look at my redone sign up it would be nice.


07-09-2007, 02:20 AM
Ok, I updated mine. Can someone take another look at it?

07-09-2007, 01:28 PM
Name: Marcus Blacksteel

Age: 20

Appearance: http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h131/blackhenna/AnimeBoy51.jpg

Personality: Marcus is a quiet yet fun person to hang around with. Marcus is usually quiet since he is shy and such but if you get to be his friend then he'll talk and have fun. He's not affected by negative comments but instead he makes better ones of others unless they have ticked him off. No one knows him that much he doesn't even know much about others except for his friends. He tries to show no emotion if he is hurt but he wipes his tears off and continues on with his dull life. You could call Marcus a calm person.

History: He has lived in Eterna City his whole life till he moved out of the house. Ever since he was little his father taught him how to battle till he was 8 years old when his parents got divorced so for 2 years his didn't see his father till they got a contract saying that every weekday Marcus stays with his mother while on the weekends he stays with his father. His mother got him a pokemon when his turned 10 which was a Magnemite. Through out many years he has competed in pokemon leagues, tournaments, etc. till he got a scholarship from Marc University. Strangely ever since his parents were divorced he had a power that allowed him to recover from an injury quickly such as a broken arm, it would be healed in no no more than 2 minutes. It seems like the breaking of the love between his parents gave him the power to recover. He would love to use his power in public to show off but he don't and keeps it a secret.

Before he all of that he went to Hearthome High School where he plans to graduate. During the school years he discovered an elite group known as Team Trainer, a group that wish to help others and the local police in the area with the recent raise in groups with special powers. He wanted to join Team Trainer but he had to keep it a secret like he does with his powers. After helping the police for 2 years he was accepted in Team Demor and he was sent a full scholarship from Marc University. Although Marcus makes Average grades he was still accepted because of his community work and service for others.

Power: Recovery

Team: Trainer

Pokémon: Exploud, Cradily, Swampert

Path: School

Diesel 34
07-10-2007, 07:16 PM
Name: Marcus Blacksteel

Age: 20

Appearance: http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h131/blackhenna/AnimeBoy51.jpg

Personality: Marcus is a quiet yet fun person to hang around with. Marcus is usually quiet since he is shy and such but if you get to be his friend then he'll talk and have fun. He's not affected by negative comments but instead he makes better ones of others unless they have ticked him off. No one knows him that much he doesn't even know much about others except for his friends. He tries to show no emotion if he is hurt but he wipes his tears off and continues on with his dull life. You could call Marcus a calm person.

History: He has lived in Eterna City his whole life till he moved out of the house. Ever since he was little his father taught him how to battle till he was 8 years old when his parents got divorced so for 2 years his didn't see his father till they got a contract saying that every weekday Marcus stays with his mother while on the weekends he stays with his father. His mother got him a pokemon when his turned 10 which was a Magnemite. Through out many years he has competed in pokemon leagues, tournaments, etc. till he got a scholarship from Marc University. Strangely ever since his parents were divorced he had a power that allowed him to recover from an injury quickly such as a broken arm, it would be healed in no no more than 2 minutes. It seems like the breaking of the love between his parents gave him the power to recover. He would love to use his power in public to show off but he don't and keeps it a secret.

Before he all of that he went to Hearthome High School where he plans to graduate. During the school years he discovered an elite group known as Team Trainer, a group that wish to help others and the local police in the area with the recent raise in groups with special powers. He wanted to join Team Trainer but he had to keep it a secret like he does with his powers. After helping the police for 2 years he was accepted in Team Demor and he was sent a full scholarship from Marc University. Although Marcus makes Average grades he was still accepted because of his community work and service for others.

Power: Recovery

Team: Trainer

Pokémon: Exploud, Cradily, Swampert

Path: School

You aren't even in war. You also aren't a member of Trainer. Also You have to get assigned a power and Recovery isn't even one of the powers.

07-11-2007, 05:41 PM
Haha... that happens frequently...