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Zan Sabrefang
05-21-2007, 06:46 PM
I really really need to moan about this, especially since I tried to order it online yesterday and it was just one disaster after another.

Release Date: 27/07/07
UK Price: 29.99 ($54+/-)
US Price: $34.99 (19+/-)

Yes, yes. I already mentioned the whole Licencing issue and extortionate UK 17.5% Tax on everything, but it really is a pain in the back-side... Amazon won't ship the product to the UK (Which is Nintendo's doing) and I think it's bloody ridiculous.

Been a fan for years. Imported Gold and Silver Versions when I was in my early teens. Why, oh why are we paying so much over the odds and why do we have to wait over 3 months for the product?!

I have e-mailed Nintendo a while ago with a basic query regarding my Advance SP and I never got a reply, so I'm not gonna bother trying to contact them again. It was bad enough contacting them about the snapped sensor bar that came with my Wii...

Have Nintendo told us why we are being treated so ridiculously as consumers? Needless to say I will be buying from eBay from those who bought the damn things from the states, just so I can play the damn thing and not be 1/4 of a year behind everyone else. Shrewd move Mr Nintendo Europe. I will not pay above the odds and I sure as hell won't be buying the UK release.

</rant> Thank you.

05-21-2007, 06:51 PM
Sorry to hear it, sounds like it really sucks.

I hope everything works out for you, be careful with eBay while your at it.

Good luck and remember they may make great games but that's about it :wink:

On another note at least I still know I'll be destroyed by the Euro if I ever visit any countries within the EU.


Zan Sabrefang
05-21-2007, 07:32 PM
The $ to € ratio isn't that bad.

€1.3891 to the £1
$1.8837 to the £1

So divide your dollar by 0.45 and that will be your exchange rate (That's assuming my brain worked that out right. I'm 11.5 hours into my 12 hour shift and my brain feels like mush). I'm in the £ zone. UK doesn't use the Euro and nor shall it ever... I hope.

Edit: I bought it from eBay. I'll be able to post here and actually know what I'm talking about within the next few days.