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green gyarados
09-29-2004, 05:11 PM
This is a fanfic about a family who live in a big city named Summerwood. It includes of the man Max Sindon, the woman Bella Sindon, the boy Percy Sindon and the girl Sue Sindon.

To begin the story, we start as how the family formed, so let the story begin in the '80's!


Max and Bella Sindon were at the same secondary school, Summerwood High. Bella was in Yr. 9 and Max in Yr. 10. This was coming to the end of the school year in around July 1986. It was the last day and the assmebly was going on. Bella's mum arrived in the room and so did Max's Dad.Max's Dad is called Trevor as Bella's mum is named Gracia. They were chatting as they knew each other well. As the assembly finished, Max and Bella came to there mum and dad. This was the first time they had both met. When Trevor introduced Max to Bella they instantly... well you get the idea when I say instantly. Bella was a Scottish girl as Max was a stupid english boy, although he was clever. So then many years later they have two children in 2004!

So that is how it goes. Now to wait for Chap. 1. And you can comment on it with a rate of 1/10 to 10/10 and state why. Bye for now!