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05-27-2007, 01:31 AM
Key: Nickname (Species, Nature, Gender, Ability)

Hit Ctrl+F, then type the species name to search by species. Nicknames can be changed on request, unless otherwise indicated.

I will accept just about any offer, so don't be shy.

Untouched lvl 1s:

Nico Robin (Snorunt, Hardy, Female, Ice Body)
Belue (Turtwig, Docile, Male, Overgrow)
Vulcan (Chimchar, Naive, Male, Blaze)
Kasib (Turtwig, Gentle, Male, Overgrow)
Amy (Smeargle, Docile, Female, Own Tempo)
Liz (Smeargle, Naughty, Female, Own Tempo)
Utah (Chikorita, Impish, Male, Overgrow)
Hyrule (Scyther, Hardy, Female, Swarm)
Hachi (Eevee, Adamant, Male, Run Away)
Eimos (Gible, Quiet, Male, Sand Veil)
Landon (Mudkip, Impish, Male, Torrent)
Riley (Rhyhorn, Rash, Male, Lightningrod)
Denna (Rhyhorn, Impish, Female, Rock Head)
Vaym (Gible, Bold, Male, Sand Veil)
Ezra (Scyther, Adamant, Male, Technician)
Roze (Smeargle, Bashful, Female, Technician)
Buddy (Smeargle, Naive, Female, Own Tempo)
Fiona (Magby, Serious, Female, Flame Body)
Redlin (Scyther, Lax, Male, Technician)
Kirara (Psyduck, Modest, Female, Damp)
Sonja (Scyther, Brave, Female, Swarm)
Cseo (Scyter, Naive, Male, Technician)
Vaeder (Scyther, Timid, Male, Swarm)
Qox (Scyther, Timid, Male, Swarm)
Neone (Scyther, Serious, Female, Swarm)
Tank (Magby, Naughty, Male, Flame Body)

Looking for:

Modest Ditto

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06-30-2007, 05:31 PM
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