View Full Version : opion.yugioh question

05-27-2007, 04:58 PM
Is yu-gi-oh world chamionship '07 worth it?
I need people's tottaly unbiased opinions.

Also,whats a good RPG for the DS?

I have Pokemon pearl and Final Fantasy 3.

05-28-2007, 03:59 AM
Most World Championships games are good for if you have buddies from outside your play area that are in your team to play around with the games. This way you can gauge how strong your decks are from say the net decks (that is, it's used mainly as a tool rather than a game). As a game, the game seems to be relatively challenging mainly due to the lack of cards you get, and later on from the fact that the computer knows exactly what's in your hand (it's called "cheating", but games do that all the time). Outside of that, the gameplay is just like the rest of them, with the theme duels and what not as well. The puzzles were pretty good overall though.

RPG games that are good? Well If you liked pokemon mystery dungeon, Izuna, Legend of the Unemployed Ninja is a half decent dungeon crawler like PMD. It's quite some bits shorter, IIRC.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time is an RPG (somewhat). Can't really go wrong with a formula that's exactly the same as all of the GBA ones. lol