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Me: This story came all the way from FanFiction.Net, but for those of you who are just too lazy to go look, I posted it here! It's based off of my Crystal Version and is sorta Romance/Humor, butPG-13 to be safe! And for all you people who get easily confused, here's rundown of who everybody is:

SkyBound=Salamence (She's not in the story, just my companion for now)

So don't ask who they are! XP


It's My Baby

Chapter 1: A Night to Remember


~Aquamarine's POV~

Stars twinkle above in the pre-dusk sky, meaning that it was starting to get late. Chillingly calm winds rush over head and through my mane. I sighed and gnawed at a mosquito bite on my hind leg. It was the same thing: day in, day out. Fighting, winning, partying, and for what? A crummy triumph over a feeble excuse for a Pokémon trainer? Ridiculous... it made no sense whatsoever... at least to me. Crystal was a wonderful trainer and I would give my life for her, but sometimes she did some pretty redundant things.

As I sit perched on distant cliff on the edge of the nearby forest, I can hear the chaotic noise from the Pokémon party down below. With my thoughts finally together, I leap off the cliff, soaring through the air for all to see before I rest on my feet in the midst of the celebration. I surprise no one with this dashing feat, as I have been doing for years. This party was the celebration of our 50th win over the Elite four. And they STILL won't let Crystal be the Champion...

"Hey, watch it! Comin' through!"

I turned to my left to see Lightning and Blaze bringing in a large keg of a beverage of some sort... The dimwits always did have a knack for ruining things and I guess this is just the beginning of one of another one of their hare-brained ideas... Lightning set the keg down, while Blaze snorted in irritation over my sudden presence.

"So you finally showed up?"

"Got a problem with that?"

"Yeah... battle! Right now! In the forest!"

I pushed Blaze over and advanced to the other side of the party to meet up with my trainer, Crystal.

"So, what's goin' on?" I ask nonchalantly, leaning against a tree stump nearby Crystal.

Crystal refused to turn around from cooking loads of hot dogs. "Nothing really. The whole thing just started."

I frowned and looked up at the sky. "And it's only 9:00? Gosh, Crystal! What on earth have you been drinking?"

Crystal giggled and whipped around, handing out hot dogs to various Pokémon. "Nothing, Aqua. I'm not alcoholic, if that's what you're thinking."

That's Crystal for ya; always meaning something and saying the opposite...or something like that...I dunno...


I was brought out of my confusing state of mind as Lightning trotted over to me. A very lively one he was, but kinda dim...

Lightning then promptly tripped over the keg and ended up running into me.

Okay, so he was more like brainless...

I pushed the overgrown ignoramus off of me. "Knucklehead! Get off! You're messing up my fur!" Lightning leapt off me and wagged his tail playfully.

"Aw, come on, Aqua!" He gestured to the large keg. "I brought some root beer for us to party with!"

I cocked an eyebrow. "Why?"

Lightning didn't answer, which was something that I expected from him; he never took time to actually think about what he was really doing before he did it.

Either way, a few of the Pokémon were helping themselves to the root beer. Only a few, though. About 15 out of the 50+ Pokémon there. Reluctantly, I stepped over to the keg and got myself some root beer in a cup. Lightning followed up and did that same.

"Well," he said, holding up his drink, "bottoms up!"

"Whatever, you dope," I smirked at my comment and sipped my beverage. The taste was fairly sour, or maybe that was just me. It certainly didn't taste like root beer. I looked up to see Lightning going back again and again to get more of this 'beverage'. After that one swig, I considered compelled to get more, which I did. I eventually lost count of the refills I had gotten after a while...

A couple hours later, I began to notice that a bunch of the Pokémon were beginning to act a little under the influence, if you know what I mean. Apparently, Crystal had noticed this, too, as she was showing signs of concern. I felt somewhat hazy as I looked on towards Lightning, who had a small crowd of Pokémon around him.

"Dun ya think itz weird?" he slurred. "I mean, WE can't talk! Just say our names! Wuz up wit dat?!"

A round of amusement came from the listening Pokémon. Evidently, they found that funny.

Crystal walked over and took a good look at the 'root beer' inside the keg. "Where exactly DID you get this stuff, Lightning?"

"Uh... you see? Tha's wut I mean! People are always so...nosy!" Lightning laughed stupidly, obviously intoxicated.

Crystal shrugged and faced Blaze. "Any ideas?"

"This Entei couldn't be more clueless, C..."

My ears began to fail me right then and there. I felt lightheaded and dizzy. I didn't like this strange feeling coming over me and I tried my best to get away from it. Walking fast, I soon took off and sprinted into the forest. My ears chose that time to work again.

"Aqua! Where are going?!" I heard someone cry out. It was probably Crystal, but I didn't have time for her right now. It was then that I realized what was wrong; Stupid Lightning had gotten me drunk! Delirious, I sped off further into the woods. Then all went black...

~Normal POV~

Thunder rumbled across the sky as the clouds became dark and threatening. A storm was brewing a little ways off of Crystal's party. The Pokémon peered into the darkness from whence the storm came, not sure whether to carry on the party or stop and go on with it later.

The thunder boomed in the distance, but it was relatively close enough to call the party quits. Crystal stood on a refreshment table and cupped her hands over her mouth, in order to be heard over the deafening rumbling. "Everybody!" she called out, "It's time to go! We'll continue this later!" Just as she finished her announcement, a bolt of lightning struck a tree behind her, causing it to go up in flames.

Sweatdropped, Crystal bounced off the table. Recalling the Pokémon, she hoped aboard Springleaf. Just as she was about to take off, she looked back in horror.

"Hey, wait! Where are Lightning and Aqua?!" Another bolt of lightning struck just a few yards away. Springleaf reared back in surprise, but managed to get herself back together. "I have to go look for them!" Crystal finished.

Springleaf grabbed Crystal with one of her Vine Whips just as she was about to run for it. "You can't!" she called. "It's far too dangerous! The lightning is strangely accurate tonight and you could get hurt!" At that moment, rain began to cascade down. Springleaf continued. "Let's just go home for now. New Bark's not to far from here!" Hesitantly, Crystal agreed and got on Springleaf's back and the two took off towards their destination. One of them in a world of worry...

~Aquamarine's POV~

Still somewhat drunk, I took cover in a hollow tree that was pretty sturdy and big enough for me to fit in and have a lot of room left over for another one of me...how convenient...

I sat in silence for a little while until I heard a noise. My hearing could let me hear anything for miles and miles away, even over a lot of background noise. I sat up straight and prepared for a trainer wanting to catch me. Instead of seeing human legs and feet, I saw a loud coat of yellow hurry over and into the tree. I sneered. It was none other than Lightning.

The dog of thunder shook water off him and lay down close to me. I scooted away and continued to sneer.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were the master of thunder," I say, refusing to look at Lightning.

"Even masters of thunder don't like to get soaked," came the reply.


Lightning faced the wall. So did I.

"Why'd you bring that keg?"

"I bartered it from a Sneasel..."

"Why'd you do that?"

"Thought it was a good idea."

"Again, why?"

"Because I was trying to be impressive."

"What'd you trade?"

"A six-pack of root beer."

I began to get irritated. "Now why'd you go and do something stupid like that?!"

"Thought is was a keg of root beer. I figured I got the better deal."

Another wave of silence passed.

"Are you still drunk?"

"Possibly. You?"

"I refuse to answer that."

Lightning came over to me and lay down. I pulled away.

"I'm really sorry. I was just trying to prove that I'm not as dumb as I act."

"That's one idea that went over like lead balloon."

"I guess so," chuckled Lightning.

I soon found myself cuddling him. "When this storm passes, I'm never speaking to you again."

Lightning put a huge paw on my back and moved closer to me. "Maybe...you'll change your mind..."

Rain kept on falling outside... it was one of the few things that put me at ease...


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