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The End
10-02-2004, 06:55 PM

Welcome to The Pokemon Guild. This is a place where Talking Pokemon can gather. It is simple to sign up. Just tell us your name and talking pokemon you would like. You can make yourself a banner featuring your talking Pokemon in it. We will start an RP in the Pokemon RP and hopefully I can get some people to create fun teams and we can have a three way NB tournament or brawl. >:] It will be great fun. I will show you the form, you can fill it out, and I'll add it to the member list. If you do not wish to join the team, but wish to create another team to participate in the RP and NB brawl with, then by all means, please, tell me via posting or PM.

NOTE: You have to either be able to do NB or RP to join this club. If you cannot even do the simplest of those two things, then you suck. Get over it. :] I will make a few exceptions though.



Talking Pokemon:

RP or NB:

All constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated.