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Matt & Vulpix
10-03-2004, 12:39 AM
[WARNING: This fan fiction is rated PG-13 for the following reasons: it contains mature themes that I'm not sure everyone is able to comprehend, and that are very, very descriptive and mature. Swearing is occuring a lot.]

Dr. Lily Viera has been a pilar in the town of Charity, and a well-known person who has been respected by all.

But Lily made some bad, bad choices in the past, and has lied about those to everyone she loves and cares about for years. But now, her sister is back, and wants to see Lily fall to the ground. Lily must fight for her secret to stay intact, or the consequences could be dire, for everyone.

Don't get me wrong- Charity isn't a very dull place. There are secrets just looming left and right! There are ruthless families- such as the Flans- and there are kind families - such as the Vieras- and all kinds of different people, it's just no wonder that the town hasn't exploded yet!

But Lily's secret is one that will cause pain and misery to a lot of residents of Charity. Watch this good-hearted person cause more pain to the people she loves the most.

[Coming Soon!]

Matt & Vulpix
10-03-2004, 04:21 PM

“I’m going down…” Lily sang with the recent events fresh in her mind. The grief and the sorrow she felt just wouldn’t go away. Singing at the Green Melody brought back all the memories she had, back in her days in Lilycove. Those days that would haunt her for the rest of her life…

“Taking the fall…” Lily continued to sing, the sorrow still apparent in her dark blue eyes. Bellossom was dancing behind her, feeling the pain her friend was going through.

People watched on from the many tables in the small club. They must have known Lily; heck, everyone in Charity did, but most probably didn’t know the recent events that had occurred in her life. Well, all except for two who were looking on with much hatred, and another two that didn’t show too much hatred, and all four had their companion Pokémon along with them.

“Now I’ve got nothing,” Lily sung beautifly, as two more faces and their companion Pokémon entered the Green Melody. One was looking on with much hate, and the other smirked, knowing it would work right into her hand.

“I’ve never heard Lily sing before…” the man said with pain surging through his voice. Lily’s voice was stinging his heart and his very soul.

“Yes! Lily is digging her own grave!” Donna thought maniacally, putting her hand on the man’s shoulder.

“And I know it’s my fault,” Lily continued to sing. A frown was now very apparent on her face, and everyone knew it was from the heart.

“Some things that are broken…” Lily sang with much talent.

“We can leave, if you want, Fiona,” Rick said to the person he loved. He tried to hug her as he said this.

“No, I want to see this side of my mother, Rick. I’ve never heard her sing before,” Fiona replied, pushing away Rick’s hug.

“They’ll never mend, ‘cause this is the beginning of the end,” Lily chanted.

“Father, Lily sings so beautifully,” Colin said to his father, as he sat down. He had gotten two drinks for himself and his father.

“Of course, and she still sounds like she did twenty years ago,” David replied to his son, never taking his eyes off of his dearly beloved Lily.

“Here’s a cookie, guys!” Colin whispered to his companion Pokémon, Growlithe, and to his father’s, a dark Sneasel, as he handed them cookies.

“Ain’t never felt so lonely, ain’t never been so alone…” Lily chorused.

“I hate my mother.” Fiona whispered to her Vileplume, her companion Pokémon.

“You think you’re the only one to hate your mother, sister dear?” Hope said sarcastically to Fiona, her sister, “Hey, Poliwag, Fiona hates mom! Like I don’t!”

“Poli!” Poliwag replied to his human friend.

“Oh, shut up Hope. Get over it!” Fiona hushed to her sister.

“Break it up guys!” Rick interfered, not wanting this predicament to get out of hand.

“Smearg!” Smeargle, Rick’s companion Pokémon, said, liking Lily’s performance, oblivious to the pains Lily had caused.

“I’m moving way too slowly, I’ve got nowhere to go now!” Lily sung.

“I never thought that Lily had such a terrible past. Never even suspected it,” Simon said with grief, hating his own stupidity.

“It’s okay, I’m here for you. So is Roselia, and Bayleef,” Donna replied, referring to her own Pokémon companion and then to Simon’s.

“And all of these tears, like rain on the ground,” Lily continued to chant, “I’m making a river, where I just might drown.”

A single tear dripped down Lily’s face slowly, down her neck, and down her whole body until it hit the ground.

“This is the beginning of the end,” Lily chanted once, and repeated three more times.

The music started to fade out slowly, until it stopped. Everyone clapped, except Fiona, Hope, Rick, Simon and Donna. David and Colin clapped at the performance, as it was brilliant.

“Thank you, you’ve been far too kind,” Lily said in the microphone to the audience, and then thought, “Far too kind.”

This was the beginning of the end.