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Scourge of Amaranth
05-31-2007, 03:30 AM

In the great library of Tarkus, a document has been unearthed. This document has hinted at the location of a large treasure, situated in the bowels of a mountain far across the Seas of Suremus. Supposedly, piles upon piles of precious metals and jewels lie within Aare mountain’s depths. This alone is enough to make any human drool with greed… however, the ancient documents spoke of an even greater treasure.

The Scrolls of Aare.

These scrolls have been long sought after by the monarch of Suremus and the surrounding lands for some unknown reason. Suremus’s king, King Volgnik, has issued a decree- whoever brings him these scrolls will have eternal wealth and power.

Sailors, adventurers, and young dreamers from all over the world are flocking to the port town of Suremus, located in the country of Suremus by the Seas of Suremus, in the hopes of finding this treasure. Unfortunately, the news has not yet reached city of Suremus itself.

Additional Information

This is set in an alternate universe that is home to both Pokémon and humans. Said universe has a large number of fictional places, but still possesses real-world countries. It is currently in what we would probably consider to be the ‘medieval’ times.

Our characters will be treasure hunters who join the crew of Hakim Kiya. I need a person willing to RP a rival treasure hunting group (PM me if you're interested- you have to be willing to follow my basic instructions). Also, people may have more than one character if they so wish. Once I get the rival treasure hunter, it's alright to make a character in his/her group. At least one character must be in Hakim's group. Also, mention which group you wish your character to be a part of. I'll be needing at least five characters for Hakim's crew to start, although eight to ten would be preferred.

Be rest assured this will not be a simple ‘go find the treasure, come back, yay, we win’ RP. There will be twists and twists galore…


Swearing is alright.
No godmodding.
No cheesing.
No doing anything else that’s bad.

You know, I really shouldn’t have to type all the rules out, so I’ll say this:

If you become a huge pain and cause problems, I reserve the right to remove you from the premises.

.../|\...Human Sailor Profile.../|\...








.../|\...Pokémon Profile.../|\...







Fighting Style:

.../|\...Human Sailor Profile.../|\...

Name: Do I really have to explain this? A so-called ‘name’ is what your character is addressed by. First, nickname, middle, and last should be included in that order, unless, for some reason, your character does not have one or more of aforementioned name portions. Be sure to include a ‘why’ if your character has a nickname. By that, I mean, ‘Does your character hate his original name? Does he/she just prefer a shorter/more affectionate name? Is he/she just used to hearing the nickname?’ Explain it to me.

Age: I can make a safe bet that most of you know what this is too. This is how long your character has lived upon this earth...

Gender: … If you don’t know what this is, you probably shouldn’t be here.

Appearance: This is what your character looks like, and why. ‘Why?’ you ask? Well, you aren’t born with with battle wounds, are you? The same applies to your character. If your character has tanned skin, is it because of his/her nationality, or because he/she spends a large amount of time in the sun? Why does he/she prefer the clothing style they wear? Does said style fit a character’s fighting technique better, or do they just find it to be more comfortable?

Personality: Notice I don’t put a section for a biography. I did that for several reasons. One of them happens to be that ‘why’ thing again. Take your character’s personality, for instance. ‘John Doe is quick to anger and slow to trust people’. Why? Why doesn’t John Doe trust people? Was he abused as a child? Does he have some particular reason to distrust them? That would count as a part of the biography, would it not? Well, in my signups, it goes here. Instead of writing ‘John Doe is quick to anger and slow to trust people’, write ‘John Doe was abused as a child. Because of that, he finds it hard to trust people. He angers quite easily, also because of his hard childhood.’ People aren’t born distrustful/extremely happy/extremely depressed. They’re made the way they are by how the world has interacted with them. I also think that you shouldn’t be made to make up a bio on the spot with barely an inkling of what it should look like. Weave in your character’s past as you go along.

Weapons/Armor: Describe your character’s weapon, why they use it, and write a bit about their fighting style.

Kaas: Your character’s Kaas are his/her Pokémon. You get a maximum of two, because this is set in a time before Pokéballs. It’d be rather hard to keep track of six large beasts… Be sure to mention the Pokémon’s name and species.

.../|\...Pokémon Profile.../|\...

Name: See above.

Age: See above…

Gender: … Maybe… see above?

Appearance: Hmmm… well… let’s see… Pokémon can be any color scheme on this side of the moon.

Personality: *coughs*

Hing: A ‘hing’, otherwise known as an ‘elemental aura’ is an invisible force of energy that lends additional power to attacks of a certain element. All Pokémon have them. Describe what your Pokémon’s hing looks like, (ignoring the fact that it’s invisible ;D) and how it lends an occasional helping hand to one element or the other.

Fighting Style: All people have a way that they prefer to fight, correct? Well, I’m saying that Pokémon do too. Explain the preferred fighting style of a Kaas here. Do they like to strike quickly and effectively, then run? Or barrel straight into a foe and knock them over?

Scourge of Amaranth
05-31-2007, 03:34 AM
Alright… here’s my profile. Your profile does not have to be this large… but I want good quality. If I feel you’re not a decent enough writer to join this RP, bye-bye you go.

.../|\...Human Sailor Profile.../|\...

Name: Hakim ‘Hak’ Kiya.

‘Hak’ is pronounced ‘hawk’, and ‘im’ is pronounced ‘eem’. ‘Ki’ is ‘Kee’, and ‘ya’ is ‘yuh’. He has no middle name, plain and simple. Hakim is know as Hak only to those who worked with him while he was still in Persia.

Age: 29

Gender: Male


Hakim is what most would consider ‘a fine specimen of the male spectrum.’ He stands taller than most at roughly six foot four, a height that is complemented by perfectly sculpted muscle. His broad shoulders taper into a muscular, flat abdomen, and his long legs are lean and strong. Hakim is handsome in a rugged way- his dark skin, courtesy of his Persian heritage, offsets eyes the color of whiskey, and a small scattering of stubble makes him look slightly older than his twenty-nine years. Straight, jet-black hair hangs to both sides of Hakim’s face, and a few strands are always lying across his eyes. He has a few scars gained from various places, but none of them are worth of specific mention.

Hakim is a firm believer in color coordination- he’s not sure why… but his friends have informed him it gets on their nerves. Despite the fact that he recently fled Persia, he has made no effort to change his wardrobe. Hakim enjoys the movement his clothes give him, and is by no means going to alter his dress. He wears a pair of loose, baggy black silk pants known as a ‘chalwar’ that are tied at the base with lengths of red cloth. This cloth starts around mid-calf and snakes down Hakim’s legs to wrap around his ankles and the base of his feet. Other than the wrap, Hakim is barefoot. He also wears a long-sleeved, loose-fitting shirt that one might call ‘poofy’. It’s made of black silk. A length of red silk is wrapped around Hakim’s waist, over a black leather belt. A cord wraps around the belt and weaves through the sash, and a black leather scimitar sheath hangs from it.

Hakim has several pieces of jewelry made of a strange black metal. No one but him knows where it came from, although several who have seen it have connected it to the legendary metal mythrile. These implements hold no magical power, but they do attract quite a number of thieves.

First among these pieces is an armlet on Hakim’s right arm. The front of the armlet (the portion which faces away from the right side of his body) has the face and body of a black hawk with eyes and a beak made of rubies. The hawk’s talons are clinging to a large round orb of ruby, and the wings of the hawk stretch around Hakim’s arm to meet in the back.

He also has a torque of similar design. The ends of the torque are formed of a hawk’s talons; each talon grasps at half of a ruby orb. If you look closely, you can make out a pattern of feathers etched along the lengths of twisted metal. At the very back of the torque, a hawk’s face with eyes and a beak made of ruby peers out from the base of Hakim’s neck.

An earring in his right ear is also formed of the same metal. It depicts, like the others, a black hawk with rubies for its eyes and beak, along with a ruby orb attached to its claws.

Hakim’s ring is also of this very same metal. Surprising, isn’t it? He wears it on his right index finger. The ring has a similar pattern to that of the armlet, with the hawk’s body completely on the front and its wings wrapped around back.


Hakim is a myriad of contradiction. He can be charming, kind, and gentlemanly one minute, then act like a complete rogue the next. Maybe this is because he possess all these personality facets, but they refuse to show themselves all at one time… or maybe it’s because he likes to throw new acquaintances for a loop. Your guess is as good as Hakim’s own.

Hakim acts however would be best in a certain situation. Because of his former occupation, that skill has become very valuable. When there is no particular outlook best used in a situation, Hakim is generally quiet and relaxed, watching and waiting. He prefers to spend time alone when possible, simply because when you’re in his business, you don’t get much time alone.

For the most part, Hakim is good natured. Not many people try to provoke him, but he is easily annoyed and has a rather short temper. Hakim avoids killing people at all costs, although sometimes, in his line of work, that is not possible. Hakim is quite fond of irritating people, a trait that most find… well… irritating.

Hakim is slightly… pessimistic. Or agnostic. Or skeptic. Maybe cynical, scornful, or sardonic might do. Perhaps I should just stick with pessimistic. Yes, let’s just go with that. It is, of course, an extreme understatement… but it works. He’s hesitant to believe in anything that he doesn’t see proof of.

He also happens to possess a certain… charisma. People are willing to follow him almost anywhere, and do almost anything. This, too, is a trait that he has found to be extremely helpful throughout his life.

Hakim enjoys writing poetry, and he is quite good at it. He also plays a variety of Persian instruments, although his specialty is the sorna, which is a great deal like an oboe. Also among Hakim’s many artistic talents is the ability to draw. He prefers to sketch natural environments, rather than people and other living creatures, although he has compiled a book of Pokémon sketches. In this book, he has compiled a collection of poems, sketches, and information about particular Pokémon species.


Hakim fights with a thick-bladed scimitar and a topkapi dagger. A topkapi dagger has a small, curved blade. Hakim uses it as a main-gauche, or, rather, a secondary weapon to deflect thrusts while he does the major fighting with his scimitar. His topkapi dagger also matches the black hawks on his jewelry. On the tip of the dagger’s hilt you can see a hawk’s head with ruby eyes, and the hawk’s body is etched into the handle. An orb of ruby is clasped between the hawk’s talons in the center of the handle. The blade and hilt are composed of the same black metal as the other pieces, but in this case, the metal is Damascus steel. Ornate patterns etch their way along the blade.

Damascus steel is a type of metal produced in the Middle East. It’s folded steel, and because of this has very distinct ‘wave’ pattern. Damascus steel is frequently folded and carved to produce particular results, and is quite a rare, expensive steel. According to legends, Damascus steel can cut through a rock without dulling and slice a piece of dropped silk in half before it reaches the ground. It also is supposed to be quite a deal stronger than all other blades. Unfortunately, these are all legends. It is true that Damascus steel does not easily break, but it is in no way as effective as legend makes it out to be.

He also has a thick-bladed scimitar made with an identical color scheme and detail design to that of the topkapi dagger.

Obviously, with no armor and light weapons, Hakim’s fighting style is more of a light, fast-on-your-feet kind of thing. His weapons are specially suited to his ‘dodge first, strike later’ philosophy.

These pictures are not true to detail- they simply show the basic shape of Hakim’s weapons.

http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/2453/jjqy6.th.png (http://img172.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jjqy6.png)

http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/300/topkapilx6.th.png (http://img172.imageshack.us/my.php?image=topkapilx6.png)

Kaas: Qalaf the Lucario

.../|\...Pokémon Profile.../|\...

Name: Qalaf

‘Qa’ is pronounced ‘Ka’ and ‘laf’ is pronounced ‘lahph’.

Age: 10

Gender: Male


Qalaf was specially bred to fit Hakim’s color scheme. That means, as you can probably guess, that he has red fur instead of blue fur. Qalaf has no cream fur- the section that would be cream on a normal Lucario is black. His ‘bandit’s stripe’ is also thicker than that of most Lucarios.

Qalaf has his left ear pierced twice. He has a black mythrile hoop with a chunk of ruby in it, along with a stud of the same colors. Qalaf’s right ear flops around instead of sticking straight up.


Qalaf is almost exactly like Hakim personality-wise… if you take away the artistic ability and all of the synonyms of ‘calm and quiet’.


Qalaf’s hing is a rusty red color and applies to the Steel element. Occasionally, when he uses a steal-type move, a burst of raw energy is released along with the attack.

Fighting Style:

Qalaf, like Hakim, fights quickly and effectively, sacrificing power for speed. It’s a fighting style that he’s always found to be easy and enjoyable.

Scourge of Amaranth
05-31-2007, 03:55 AM

~Hakim 'Hak' Kiya