View Full Version : Rate My Team, Please

Zan Sabrefang
05-31-2007, 04:55 PM
This is my team at the moment. Please bare in mind I will be breeding and re-training before I go up against the Elite 4.

Current Team

-Thunder Fang


-Close Combat
-Aerial Ace
-Quick Attack

-Petal Dance
-Mega Drain
-Giga Drain

-Confuse Ray

I currently have a Riolu @ Lv.2, but it's of a Calm nature and I would like to breed a Naughty/Lonely one.

I am severely lacking a Fire type, however I am simply thinking about breeding Riolu to have Blaze Kick. Ta da!

I would like to train my team to level 100 as they are (Only with their evolutions: Empoleon, Luxray, Bronzong/Allakazam, Staraptor, Lucario & Roserade) and better movesets. I already mentioned I want a Naughty/Lonely Lucario, but what should the others be?