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Treecko 93
10-07-2004, 01:37 AM
Okay, I've been thinking about doing this fic for a long time. This is just a sneak preview of what it is, and then the prolougue will be after it.

It's about the Olympics, Pokemon style. Also, it's in script format. Oh yeah, and it's a comedy. So, let's get on with it!

[] = actions,
: = someone is speaking
** = person who is speaking's mood.
( ) = a place

Announcer is a Ledyba. Music Manager is a Growlithe.

P.S. I'm not new to fan fiction, I have a few fics. And you're allowed to post it here, not in the feedback thing.

Sneak Peak:

Announcer: *in a mysterious voice* Here it is. You've been waiting for it all your life.

[A newborn Shellder thinks, "I've been waiting for this my whole five seconds!"]

Announcer: A time no one will forget.

Old Clamperl: Yay! The Olympics! ...What? No, I don't want TOFU! ...Where did I leave my pearl again?

Announcer: Where the best of the best come from around the Pokemon World for one prize; The PokeWorld Trophy.

[A Togepi tries to lift a 100 lb. dumbbell, but it crushes the Togepi]

Announcer: The Pokemon Olympics!

Whispery Voice: Don't miss a second...I mean it.

Prolougue: Pre- Ceremony

Announcer: Are we on air? Yes? Oh! And here we have it, the first a- …Wait a minute…Music Manager, we need some dramatic background music!

[Music Manager walks into the studio]

Music Manager: Du du du da da da dee dee! Do do do da! Dee dee! Scatta boop! Da da, dee da do do! D-

Announcer: STOP! I mean, we can't use that music. Get us something else.

[Music Manager walks out of studio. Suddenly, the Star Wars theme song starts playing]

Announcer: Ah, much better. Now, as I was saying…Here we are at the first Pokemon Olympics! Pokemon from all the over the Pokemon World will compete for the PokeWorld Trophy! But not yet. Anyway, we are hosting this from New London, Wisconsin!
[A cricket crickets in the audience, and they just sit there. Music Manager walks into the studio]

Music Manager: *whispering* They don't like it. Let's move.

[A map of the U.S. pops up, and it shows the stadium moving around the country]

Announcer: Here we are in Miami, Florida for the Pokemon Olympics!

Audience: NO.

[The Announcer slaps his forehead, and the map is displayed again. The stadium moves again]

Announcer: Here we are at Nashville, Tennessee with the first Pokemon Olympics!

Audience: Ye-haw!

Music Manager: No…Just…No.

[The stadium moves across the map again]

Announcer: *irritated* Here. We. Are. At. The. First. Pokemon. Olympics. From. Chicago. Illinois.

Audience: YAY!

Announcer: FINALLY! I mean, let's take it to Sally Snubble, who's inside the stadium.

(inside the stadium)

S. Snubble: Thanks, Larry. We are inside the stadium with some of the coaches from the regions. Right now, we are with the Orange League team coach, Coach Ho-oh!

C. Ho-oh: Hello.

S. Snubble: So, what do you have to say about this? It's the first ever Pokemon Olympics!

C. Ho-oh: We are nervous,

[the screen shows a flashback memory of C. Ho-oh. It shows a Maril chasing her own tail in a circle, and C. Ho-oh slaps its forehead with its wing.]

C. Ho-oh: But we have had a lot of practice.

[a different Snubble tires to lift himself over a bar while using a long stick to pull him over. He takes a running start and crashes into the bar. The stick topples onto the Snubble's head]

C. Ho-oh: And I believe that we can win.

[this flashback shows C. Ho-oh saying, "We'll never win."]

S. Snubble: Umhmm…Now what training methods did you use?

C. Ho-oh: Let's see…For gymnastics, we starched like taffy. For swimming, *singing* we swam and we swam all over the dam, *stops singing* and more useless- er, helpful tactics.

S. Snubble: Well, that's great to know. Thanks for your time, Coach Ho-oh.

C. Ho-oh: No prob.

S. Snubble: Back to you, Larry.

(at the studio)

Announcer: Thanks, Sally. Let's check out the athletes' locker rooms! Let's go to you, Norman Numel!

(in locker rooms)

N. Numel: Heeeelloooo…I…Am…Norman, and I am…Here to…Report…From the locker…Rooms…Weee…Haaave…Athletes with…Major…Body odor…And athletes with…Lots of…Skill. Let'ss…talk…to…Someone…You, the Feebas.

Feebas: Oh, hello.

N. Numel: Who…Are you…Representing?

Feebas: Orre, of course!

N. Numel: Whaat…Are you…Doing?

Feebas: I'm in the swimming part.
N. Numel: Iiii…Seee…N-

[suddenly, the camera gets cut off, and it goes back to the studio]

Announcer: Why was he hired? He's so slow with his speech! …I mean, that's all from Norman. Anyway, join us next time for the lighting of the Olympic Torch!

[Norman appears from out of nowhere]

N. Numel: Thaat…Waaasn't…Niiice…I…Wasn't done…Yet…


N. Numel: Buut…Iii…Aaam…What…Do…You…Mean?


N. Numel: Buut yooouu…Told..me…too…Speeeaak!

Announcer: *very angry* And now I'm telling you to shut. UP!

N. Numel:
You're…Funny…Larry…Mumbling…About…Nothingness…Try… To…Make…Snese, will yooou?

Announcer: *explodes with anger* THAT'S IT!

[Announcer chases N. Numel around the studio]

N. Numel: Nooooooooooo…oooooooooooo!

Announcer: COME BACK HERE!

[the camera cuts out, and the screen has rainbow stripes. It says "Please Stand By"
That is the prolougue! Hope you guys like it! And I'd like to know if it's too short/too long. I'm used to SPPf rules, so I'm not really sure…

Oh yeah, you are allowed to post here. You don't have to do it in that feedback thread.

10-07-2004, 02:00 AM
Excellent! Man did I enjoy that. Reading this post was the funniest thing I've seen or done today. The announcer is a whacko and brings a lot of life to the fic. With fics like this, you must be careful not to get someones characteristics out of place, it happens a lot. The fic is looking great though and luckily you will post more soon! Awesome, Brillant, Hilarious!

Neo Emolga
10-07-2004, 03:19 AM
Ha ha, wow. That was priceless. I'd have to say, nice job, it brought a smile and a little chuckle to me when I read it. Keep it up, I like the way you started this and I think it has great potential.

Treecko 93
10-07-2004, 11:29 PM
Thanks to everyone who replied, here and the reply thread. I planned the next chapter already. It should be up in about thirty minutes. So hang tight for the edit!

Treecko 93
10-08-2004, 01:01 AM
Okay, here's chapter one. Oh yeah, is there a rule againest double-posting here? Anyway, Chapter One!

*Note: Announcer turns into Larry over time

Chapter One: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v253/Quilava1/ptitle.bmp

Announcer: Welcome back to the Pokemon Olympics, hosted from Chicago, IL!

Audience: YAY!

Announcer: Today is a very special day. Do you know why?

Audience: No.

Announcer: *with a blank look* Uh...That was a retorical. Anyhoo, today is the Lighting of the Olympic Torch! Do you know why that's special?

N. Numel: Nooo...


N. Numel: What's thaat? ...It...Sounds...Painful...

[Announcer slaps forehead]

Announcer: The Lighting of the Torch marks the opening of the Olympics!

N. Numel: They're...going to...torch us?!

Announcer: *irritated* NO. The Olympics OPEN once the TORCH gets here.

N. Numel: Weee...haaave...too save...the Olympics...Before it...is torched!

Announcer: THAT'S IT!

[Announcer chases N. Numel]

N. Numel: Noooot again!

[Music Manager runs into the studio]

Music Manager: Larry! Come take your medicine!

[everyone starts chasing each other. Music Manager crashes into the camera, and it cracks. Then the screen flashes to another reporter.]

S. Sandshrew: Hello, I'm Sandra Sandshrew, reporting for the Route 119 Desert! We've trkked for a year and a half with the never-dying Torch-

[Torch burns out. S. Sandshrew stands there with a blank look. "Please Stand By" covers the screen.]

(back in the desert. The Torch is re-lit)

S. Sandshrew: We've trekked for a year with the sometimes-dying Torch! We've been through the Kanto Cycling Road,

[a flashback shows S. Sandshrew getting run over by a bike]

S. Sandshrew: Pinkin Island,

[S. Sandshrew eats a pink berry which is really a curled up, Pink Poliwag. It chases her around, angrily]

S. Sandshrew: Mt. Silver,

[an angry Urasing chases crew]

S. Sandshrew: The Lilycove Shopping Department,

[girls mistake the crew for talking dolls. They poke the dolls and squeeze them to death]

S. Sandshrew: and Pyrate City,

[thugs run over the crew and try to Snag them]

S. Sandshrew: to get where we are today. We only have about four hours before we cross over into the Human World to bring the Torch.

[suddenly, a Trapinch grabs the Torch and runs off with it. S. Sandshrew faints.]

Cameraman: Too dramatic.

[S. Sandshrew stands up]

S. Sandshrew: I suppose so. But what about the Torch?

Mystery Voice: I shall retrieve the Torch!

[an airborn shadow swoops across the sand. The hero is not visible]

S. Sandshrew: Who is this? Let's check it out!

[Trapinch suddenly pops out of the ground, sensing danger. The shadow whams right into its head, and the Trapinch falls down its ditch]


Mystery Voice: I'll save you! Even though you stole! Which makes you a bad guy! So I shouldn't save you! But I save everyone! ...Or do I? *raises eyebrow* Well,if I-

S. Sandshrew: *bored* Just get the Torch!

Mystery Voice: Of course!

[The shadow swoops down the ditch. Punches and kicks can be heard. After a few moments of cringing, Trapinch appears from the ditch with a black eye]

Trapinch: Make it...Make it stop...The ringing...In my head...So loud...Can't you hear it?! *starts getting psycho* The ringing! It's rings! Like a bell! A-

S. Sandshrew: Coughyouneedtherapycough.

[the shadow comes out of the ditch, but it still isn't visible because a black cloak is covering it]

Mystery Voice: Many people need therpay once I am done with them.

S. Sandshrew: SneezeIneversaidthatsneeze.

Mystery Voice: *raises eyebrow* Anyway, whenever you need me, just call.

S. Sandshrew: But...Who are you?!

Mystery Voice: I am the shadow in the sky. I am that ray of hope. I am the ninja in the darkness. I am the faith of the weaker people. I am-

S. Sandshrew: Get on with it.

Mystery Voice: Just call for..Metaknight.

["Metaknight" drops thorch.]

S. Sandshrew: ...Wow...Did you get that?

[Trapinch comes up]

Trapinch: *singing* Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. Where'd you get that?

[S. Sandshrew moves away from Trapinch, nervously]

S. Sandshrew: Well, that's all for now. Let's go to Larry!

(in the studio)

Larry: OW! I hate shots!

Music Manager: There's your medicine! Now get to announcing!

Larry: ...I feel woozy...

Music Manager: That;s okay. Now get out there!

[Music Manager and N. Numel run out of studio]

Larry: Hello, I'm Larry Ledyba, repoting from...From...from...Neverland! And the stars are gray and pink. When Kenticky Fried Chicken runs out of buisness, I'm gonna adopt a crab and name it Gangsta! Yo! We'll jump off of the moon, and then we'll...

[Music Manager carries Larry out of the reporting room. N. Numel comes on instead.]

N. Numel: Hiii...I'm...N. Numel...taking over...for...Larry..because he's...kinda cooky...So, let's go...to Peter...Pelliper...who has...the weather...

(in the studio, in front of a weather map of Kanto)

P. Pelliper: Hello, I'm Peter Pelliper with the weather. For Kanto, the east coast will get lots of thunderstorms because Zapdos is not a happy camper right now. A waiter at its restaurant gace Zapdos soup...With a fly in it! Talk about a disgrace. Anyway, everywhere else will be in the seventies. For the Orange forecast-

[Trapinch digs a hole nito the room]

Trapinch: OOOOH! I'm your biggest fan, Paul!

P. Pelliper: ...Uh...It's Peter. And who the *beep* are you? And how did you get here?

Trapich: OOOOH, you're in truoble! You said a bad word on television! OOOOOH! I'm telling teacher!

P. Pelliper: *confused* ...Uh...Security?

[a team of Nidorans dressed in blue take Trapinch away, yelling]

P. Pelliper: Um...We should stop for today. Tune in later to see the actual Lighting of the Torch!

[Larry comes]

Larry: You stole my line! Now I'm gonna...eat a piece of bread...Yuuuum...

[Music Manager runs up]

Music Manager: It's the medicne!

[the screen fades out]
That was today's chapter! ANd let me know if I update too fast or too slow, okay?