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06-01-2007, 06:48 PM
I'm wanting to use crobat on my team but i can't decide on a moveset and not sure bout which nature to use. I'm wanting to basically use him as an annoyer

-Air Slash
-Confuse Ray

Any help will be appreciated.

06-01-2007, 07:38 PM
If you're going strictly for the annoyer moveset, I'd have to say the last move should be Mean Look.

1. Confuse
2. MeanLook/Toxic
3. Toxic/Meanlook
4. Start inducing a Flinch-fest

But if this is the case, your primary rival will be Blissey. With high S.Def, it'll be able to keep taking the Air Slashes, and with Natural Cure / Aromatherapy / Healing Bell, it'll either use one of those or switch out when you stick Toxic. Also, it just may come after you with a Thunderbolt or IceBeam.

While Crobat makes a nice Annoyer due to its speed, I used mine as a lure. Tie-ing with Aerodactyl and Jolteon for the 3rd highest (legit) speed, you are almost guaranteed first hit. You can usually peck away at most enemies with Cross Poison and Bite (STAB w/ Poison proc and 30% flinch but with Atk vs Air Slash's S.Atk) after sticking a Confuse Ray.

Here's where the lure comes into play. Confuse Ray is awful tempting to make your opponent switch out, especially to Poison type's most common weakness, Psychic. As this is ofter the case, follow up your Confuse Ray with Bite (50%confuse x 30% Flinch = 35% chance of opponent attacking back). If the opponent happens to switch out to a Psychic type, that's a free "super effective" hit from bite. When the next turn rolls around, use U-Turn, which deals super effective Bug Type damage, and hopefully you can switch out to a Dark type to negate any Psychic Damage (that is, if Bite and U-Turn havent 2HKO'd the opponent yet...)

Annoying is fun, but you can still pull it off without the "keep the opponent in play" obligations of Toxic. Remmber, Cross Poison can still proc poison, just not as lethal as Toxic. But keeping your opponent guessing works just as well as keeping them annoyed.

In conclusion:

Crobat @ Razor Fang / King's Rock
Nature: Jolly
-Confuse Ray
-Cross Poison

06-01-2007, 07:55 PM
hmm i'm pretty interested in cross posion instead of toxic but i'm kinda confused on how to get it. According to serebii its a move that he gets when you capture him i'm assuming seeing how the level next to the cross posion move has a dash. But yet in order to get a crobat you have to get it from evolving a golbat.

06-01-2007, 07:57 PM
get a heart scale and go to the move-relearner in pastoria city, then he can learn cross-poison