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Plot: Pokemon around the world have come to Hoenn, leaving their other regions. Trainers are catching these Pokemon and training them, bringing them to the Pokemon Battle Stadium in Sootopolis City. Three main Pokemon are left from these Pokemon, and they are Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno. They are reigning over Hoenn and taking Trainers' Pokemon. Soon, trainers from the other regions are coming to get the Pokemon back. Some trainers Pokemon are too weak for the Battle Stadium. So they start training, but something goes wrong, they start becoming oddly stronger. Gym leaders Pokemon start to get weak, and the Elite 4 are coming to be trainers at the Battle Stadium. Two Pokemon are also loose, helping the three legendary birds they are Latias and Latios. Gym leaders from the other regions are loosing their Pokemon. Citizens are wondering what is going on. Soon, groups of trainers meet and discuss, and soon start training their Pokemon to battle eachother at the Battle Stadium. Their Pokemon get stronger and stronger, and the Professor's from each region are missing, where are they? Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Latias, and Latios only know the answer, and they will only tell the trainer who wins the Battle Stadium.....


1. No Cursing
2. No Spamming
3. You can't choose legendary Pokemon for your six pokemon.

Sign-Up Sheet:


My Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: Luke
Age: 14
Pokemon: Venusaur LV.89, Blastoise LV. 72, Charizard LV. 79, Rhydon LV. 90, Mr. Mime LV. 60, and Typhlosion LV. 70
Appearence: A blue t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers with blue stripes, and has blond spiky hair.
Personality: Luke's personality is outgoing (he wants to travel everywhere and he wants to help the trainers beat Battle Stadium and Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Latias, and Latios.)
History: Luke's history is very exciting, he was born in Hoenn, but moved to Kanto soon after where he enrolled in a school for Pokemon Trainers, there he captured many Pokemon. After he graduated, he moved to Johto, this time he traveled through Johto meeting many new people, and catching more Pokemon. He soon went back to Kanto get many different Pokemon. He made friends, but they moved away. So he made new ones soon after.
__________________________________________________ ________________________

Object of the Roleplay:

The object of the roleplay is to battle trainers (the trainers are the many different people who sign-up) and gain points, the person with the most points soon goes to face the Master Trainer (Lance from the Elite 4: whoever wants to be Lance needs to have his Pokemon listed on the sign-up form) if you beat Lance you get to go to the Legendary Pokemon (Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Latias, and Latios) and get the secret why the Pokemon are acting so odd.

I'll start off:

Luke walked up the steps in Sootopolis City to the Poke Mart to buy items for the Battle Stadium. He figured there would be many people inside the Poke Mart, but he was suprised, when the door slid open, nobody was inside except the clerk who was watching the widescreen television for news on the weird happenings. Luke walked over to the Potions section. He looked at the Super Potions and Full Heals and picked up 50 each, he needed all of the help he could get for when he went to the Battle Stadium. He walked towards the clerk and looked at the television, the Battle Stadium was almost full so many people were there trying to battle. Luke bougt the items and walked outside.

Lord Fedora
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:wall: *<--to the rythym of the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song.* Simply making it longer doesn't change anything. Your character has incredibly high leveled and mostly cliched pokemon (c'mon, all three starters?), a cliched history, and all we know about him is his hair color, his cothes, and that he's outgoing. I can barely follow the plot, and from what I gathwer, it's just an elongated version of your laxst one with a few twists and turns that barely change anything. Here's a suggestion, which is also a rule. Join some RPs first, and then once you actually understand what an RP is, only then are you allowed to post your own.

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Join some RPs first, and then once you actually understand what an RP is, only then are you allowed to post your own.

i agree, he made one in the normal rp too, hes gonna get a warning by the mods or something.

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Four word rule, even though it's long, it's not good, keep trying.