View Full Version : Tales of the Abyss help?!

06-01-2007, 11:47 PM
Hey guys,

Has anyone here played a lot of Tales of the Abyss? I'm almost to Akzeriuth, and am completely stuck on a boss - Legretta. She's got craptons of HP (31K), and I just can't beat her. I can dodge her physical attacks and spells alright with Luke, but the other get killed pretty quickly.

I can get her down to ~10K pretty consistantly, and got her to 4K once, but it's just not enough...I'm stocked up on items as well.

My party level is about 20. Is that my problem? Are my levels just too low? I'm getting rather fed-up with the bosses in this game - I'm finding a lot of them to be absurdly hard.

Any ideas?

06-02-2007, 07:17 AM
Seeing as she's the hardest boss in the main game, yeah it's no surprise you have trouble with her. I think I was only a level or 2 above you when I challenged her the first time (and got pwnt), safer to level up to about level 23 or so. I think the key to winning this match up is simply to not have melee other than Luke. Use only your spellcasters (Tear, Jade) as the main offense you have. For the last slot, Natalia is better simply because she's got healing (and she attacks with range). If you want the offensive route, use Anise instead and have her on only magic. The idea here is the same as when you face against Sword Dancer 1. Keep running and dodging Legretta (and keeping her distracted) until your party members sweep her. Better use Guy instead of Luke though, since he's got demon fang, which will get her attention even if he's far away from her.