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Many years have passed since the catashrophic event in Sinnoh. The day when Dialga and Palkia fought. Their blasts nearly destoyed the region. If it wasn't for Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf the human race wouldn't exist today.Those three use their powers to seal Dailga and Palkia in the Beginning dimension. The Beginning Dimension is not only the home to Dialga, Palkia, and the Creator Aruseus. It is the place where Aruseus created pokemon. If the beginning Dimension were to be tampered with or destroyed, all pokemon as we know, would no longer exist. Now in this New Era there are four kingdoms. Those kingdoms names are Carion, Entiaca, Lucamia, and Aurania. These kingdoms are the home to four princesses. There is a princess for each kingdom. The each have their own guardian pokemon. After Lucario died and went with his master Sir Aaron, the power of aura was left to those princesses and four other humans. Each of the princesses has a time limit. There aura is what helps keep the Beginning Dimension sealed. If their aura were to run out, the Beginning Dimension would be destroyed and pokemon would no longer exist. Dialga and Palkia would also reign their terror on the planet once again. But there is a way to prevent this from happening. There are four chosen ones out in the different regions. They each have a fate to become a prince. They will need to make it to their rightful kingdoms and marry to the correct princess. The ones to guide them will be each of the princesses guardians. Time is running out. With the guardians gone, will the princesses be able to run their kingdoms? Will the chosen one make it in time? Will the guardians be able to aid the chosen ones? Will all pokemon be extinct as we know it. Only time can tell...

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Kingdom City

Raoa was dancing in the depths of Kingdom City. All of the townsfolk were extremely happy. It was the year when the princesses would have to send their guardians to find a prince for them. Raoa was happy. He quickly hid and transformed into his Celebi form. He flew in the clouds and watched over all four kingdoms as they were preparing to send there guardian. Raoa gave a cheergul yell for all of the kingdoms to hear. It was time.

06-02-2007, 01:35 AM
As the festivities began on the earth below in preparation of the leaving Guardians, a shape could be seen in the sky, if anyone had just looked up. As far away as it was, it looked like a purple dot, nothing more. But in actuality, it was much, much more...

Riding a thermal with her leathery wings flared, Ryuki watched the scene below. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get her heart into the occassion. She was leaving her princess, after all. What would the girl do without her?

"She's had my guidance," Ryuki assured herself, her tail twitching uneasily even as she flew. "And, she's smart. We'll both get through this." But would they? A more worrying thought crossed through her mind. What if the Chosen one was not suitable? Not just anyone could marry her princess, oh no. If need be, Ryuki would certainly whip them into shape- or, if need be, prevent them from coming altogether, whatever the repucussions. Her will once more set, she flew onward with more purpose. She was, after all, a Guardian. That had to account for something.

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He must find the chosen one whom his majesty sent him after, If only I knew who he was and where he was DeathFang screamed in his mind. With a swift glance DeathFang looked around and saw the trees had started to thin a little bit. Jordan then felt a presence nearby that seemed a little bit.... different than any others he had felt before. He had only felt a presence like this before when standing or sitting nearby the princess. With a final look at the castle he turned his head back to what was in front of him. As soon as he turned his head around he tripped and felt dirt in his mouth and the pain of a headfirst fall. “What’s up with me today, I keep falling over into something, first the lake now this” DeathFang sighed in the language of pokemon. He then stood up, spat the dirt out of his mouth, and shook any dirt that got on his spikes or face off then he was off at a run again. After a few minutes of running through the shrubs and jumping around the trees he noticed a town. As the town started to get bigger he started to slow down. Making a quick inspection DeathFang noticed that he was apparently entering through a more poor part of the city seeing as it only had small apartments and small houses on either side.

Trotting a little further on he started to notice middle-class homes on either side of him. Looking over his shoulder he noticed the sun was starting to sink beyond the horizon. At that moment he noticed how tired he was. Looking around he noticed a small park nearby. While walking over to the park he made the inspection of a few benches on the right side of the playground and some small playground equipment on the left. Trotting over to the right side of the playground he looked around and selected a bench to curl up on. He picked a more cozier looking one but when he got on it he felt a little uncomfortable, being so used to sleeping on a cushion at home. This will have to do for now Deathfang thought as he curled up.

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Several towns away from where the princesses' were, a blonde-haired boy with aqua eyes sat on a stump in the middle of a forest. In his hands was a branch from the tree, which he was whittling out of boredom. Most poke'mon stayed away from this area of the forest, and truthfully, Marcus didn't blame them. It was dark, and God only knew what kind of dark, dangerous creatures could be just behind the next tree. Marcus himself liked the place, and had been staying there for a week or so. So far, all he'd seen were a couple of sneazel and some bug-types. Nothing he would ever want to catch, even if he planned on doing that.

Marcus got up from his stump, and walked over to the tent he had pitched by a tree on the opposite side of the clearing from the stump. Inside was his sleeping bag, pillow, a bag of clothes, food, and other necessities, and one healball laying on top of his folded up blanket. He sighed as he looked at it, knowing he would most likely not have a poke'mon inside it for some time. He had to admit, he was lonely. He had come out here to get away from people, but now he was doubting his choice, wanting to be around other people. He sighed again and shook his head, it might have been bearable if he had had a poke'mon, but no, he hadn't ever had one, unless you counted the eevee his mom had kept as a pet. He crossed the clearing again, and starting whittling the twig again.

(Could he maybe catch a poke'mon? It's kinda weird with him not having one.)

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(( Hm, I wonder who's the guardian that is getting me? XD ))

Somewhere, in the middle of a wooded area in between the four grand kingdoms, a humble little village resided. At first, the original settlers had found a clearing the middle of the woods and started a small town there. Eventually, as they cut the tree's and flora around them, the town got larger into a moderate town where everyone knew everyone. At this moment, a group of men were in the woods, each with an ax. These people made up the richest of the town, as the town's major export was wood and wood products. These men spent their log, grueling day's heaving at tree's, cutting them down one by one.

However, one of the men stood out. He was not like the other men. In fact, he was considerably less buff than the rest. He did not have the muscles the others had, for he was not one of the profession the others where. Johan Fuchs is a new-coming bodyguard at 23, hired merely for the sake that his father was one of the lumberjacks.

Johan sat on a stump, not unlike another person some miles away, not that they knew or really cared, watching the other lumberjacks hack away at the wood. His brown hair blew in the wind as it blew lightly across the area. His chin rested in the palm of his hand with rested on his knee. To be frank; Johan was bored. He liked looking important and had the strength to prove he was a bodyguard, but he did not have much of the same spunk for violence as others would. And even other bodyguards would say that guarding capable and armed lumberjacks would be ridiculous.

He sighs inwardly. 'Just a few more hours of this....gah, I hope time flies...'

But, unfortunate for Johan, time passed like a snail's rush to food. The sun was within an hour of setting before they finally got home.

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((You get to choose your own guardian))

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DeathFang couldn’t sleep so after a few minutes he got away when he heard something coming through this small town. It looked like..... lumberjacks. As he got up as he sensed the presence getting stronger. The chosen one must be in the group but all of these men seemed either to buff for his majesties liking or just to stupid.... DeathFang thought. He then saw someone that wasn’t a lumberjack. Is that a bodyguard... he seems a little to weak to be protecting these giants but since he’s the odd man out of them I guess I will follow Deathfang said a little bit puzzled with what he said. DeathFang then Started to go to a slow walk trying to match the pace of an abandoned Jolteon kicked out into the streets for some reason. As he caught up to the bodyguard he quickly nipped at him and ran away trying to make the bodyguard follow him(the nip actually hit you katosen =-P).

Ugh Deathfang thought, I will never try nipping at someone again as he spat out some blood. He then Jumped up onto a garbage can. Now to see if he took the bait or just ran home trying to get a band-aid. DeathFang then scratched his right ear with his paw on the right side of him. I am starting to wonder if or if not I should have just contacted him through telekinesis before trying that but what is done is done.

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(( Huh, well, no offense, but Flame, you need to work on your structure. For instance, if your character, please indicate it with quotations around the sentence. And, not to mention, a common role playing rule is to not control the other character unless its an NPC. As such, you could've said you nipped at him, but then ran off. After a minute, you have this metallic taste in your mouth and thus you spit out Johan's blood, thus implying you probably hit him, but its still a small mystery as if its Johan's or the Jolteon's blood. Either way, you can take this advice or leave it to the dogs. I'm just trying to help ^_^ ))

As he trotted back home, yellow, spiky fur caught his eyes. He turned for a moment and took in the sight of what seemed to be a wounded and beaten Jolteon. For a second, he thought, that he was in fact just abandoned by some soulless trainer.

Johan's eyes widened as he then saw the Jolteon flash at him, hearing a fierce yet short snarl, then dashed away. Johan watched, in mild amazement, as the pokemon ran away.

"Gah!" he suddenly exclaimed, then falling to one knee, clutching the front of his right leg. He brought his hands from where the pain from coming from, blood slipped in his hands. It was a light cut, but it was bleeding. His eyes narrowed, jumping back into stance he ran after the jolteon.

"That little yellow dog...let see if I can catch him...he would do well with the local vet." Johan mumbled to himself as he ran full speed in the same direction as the Jolteon, skidding to a stop as he reached an alleyway.

Slowly, the human walked into the alley, staring into the ears of the Jolteon, who sat on his haunches on a garbage can.

06-03-2007, 01:48 AM
OOC: katosen I didn’t put quotations because it was him thinking not talking and I will be making longer posts once I get more into the roleplay.

“Ah so you have taken my bait” DeathFang said in telekinesis. DeathFang smiled a little bit as he anticipated what the human’s name would be. Before the human could reply DeathFang jumped onto the humans head and out of the alley. After the jump he just sat down at the end of the alley. Turning his head to a 45 degree angle he just sat there as he waited for the human to reply. Oof I had just realized I had gone into this dirty ally and I didn’t mean to look this bad. As he spotted a tiny puddle in the alley he started to walk towards it. When he was by the puddle he started to splash in the puddle trying to get the crud off of him that he used for his disguise so he could be shown as his majesties guardian Jolteon as if just by a little bit of what he looked like when he was clean. If only he had the clean pond in which he bathed in daily at his majesties palace DeathFang thought with a hint of being slightly sad. Ah well I have what I have and now what about the human? DeathFang wondered as he turned his head to the bodyguard.

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As Ryuki passed over a small forest, she scented something familiar on the wind. A human... With the Aura. Her Chosen, the one that would marry her princess...

In a quick movement, Ryuki landed in a tree, a ways away from the human she was searching for. Moving quickly and silently, she jumped from tree to tree, flaring her wings to glide over long jumps. Finally, she saw him, sitting on a stump across from tree she herself sat in. Deciding to observe him rather than announce herself immediately, she settled down to wait, almost sure that she was unseen, at least for the moment.

The human continued to do nothing but whittle down a twig with a knife for the next fifteen minutes or so, and Ryuki quickly grew bored. She inspected her claws, checking for sharpness and that there were no hunks of wood stuck under them from her jaunt through the forest. Satisfied that at least those on her front paws were clean, she looked up again, in time to see a pair of red eyes behind her chosen one. She recognized it quickly as a Weavile. Nasty creatures, and very territorial.

/I might suggest looking behind you, and maybe using that knife for something more skillful than clawing at wood?/ Ryuki projected to the young man. She was a Psychic type, after all, or mostly, at least. She'd become skilled in the art of telepathy with her Princess, and didn't find it difficult to communticate with most humans. She just didn't like many enough to talk to them.

(Hope you don't mind me claiming you, Patchfur.)

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Eye arched up, he placed one of his hands akembo and watched the Jolteon as he took his little bath. To be frank, Johan was...amazed. And, he was also slightly, ever so slightly, confused.

'Wait, I may not be a trainer, but...Jolteon's are electric types...'

His eye's narrowed at Jolteon. "Ok, psychic type, just what the heck are you, really? Jolteon's do not have the capability for mind speaking!" Johan exclaimed, pointing his right finger at DeathFang. He was clearly having a dislike for the spiky pokemon, but thats to be expected. This pokemon just talked to him in his mind, taken a small bath in front of him using the nearest puddle as if he had a sense of vanity, and was apparently intelligent enough to work out plan's and tricks like he apparently just played on him.

'I asked for something to happen....' Johan thought to himself, as he awaited this freakish Jolteon to respond.

06-03-2007, 03:00 AM
“I may be electric but that doesn’t mean I can’t uses telekinesis for talking to people, I should have a few powers for being the guardian of the fair princess Julia don’t you agree?” DeathFang asked as if it were a simple question.

“And yes I heard your thought of me cleansing in the puddle, I only did that because of all this filth!” DeathFang said “and before you answer would you want to come with me to her majesty seeing as you have one of the greatest aura’s I have ever seen?”
If there was one thing that annoyed DeathFang it would be telekinesis seeing as he wasn’t a psychic type it gave him a small headache but he had to live with the minor annoyance. "If only this conversation could end and I could sleep" DeathFang barked in Pokemon tongue. I hope he didn't understand that phrase DeathFang thought as he looked suprised at himself. If only every 1 in every .9 billion people didn't have the power to understand certain pokemon when they talked.

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OOC: So we do get to chose our Pokemon Guardians? I would chose Draconic_Espeon but I'm pretty sure she's taken. I'll edit this post later to put my roleplay post in.

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(( Of course I don't. ))

Marcus quickly glanced up, his eyes scanning the woods for the source of the words.

"Wha-What the heck?"He muttered, then heard a crackle from behind him. He whipped around, only to see the Weavile getting very close. "Gah!"He cried out, as it lunged at him, pushing him over backwards. His hand with the knife flew forward, and sliced into the Weaville's arm. The Poke'mon jumped back, letting out a loud hiss.

Marcus scrambled to his feet, not sure what to do now. He didn't want to hurt it too terribly bad, but he wasn't sure what else he could do. Before he could decide, Weaville let out a screech and jumped at him again, claws shimmering as the light hit them. Marcus felt slightly dizzy as he saw how long they were. His aqua-colored eyes narrowed as he felt a wave of determination surge through him. He once more stuck his knife out, giving the Weaville yet another cut, this time on his opposite arm. The blood loss was slowly forcing him to slow down, but it certainly wouldn't be fast enough. Marcus couldn't help but wonder why the voice he had heard wasn't helping him, but shook it off, telling himself the voice must have been just that, a voice he ahd made up in his head. Maybe he was going crazy.

The Weaville hit the ground with a thump. Marcus took this chance and raced towards his tent, where he grabbed the heal ball. He knew he couldn't force himself to kill the Weaville, and he knew it wouldn't go away on his own. Maybe this was fate, giving him a poke'mon of his own. He knew a lot about poke'mon, just not hands-on expierence. Maybe, just maybe, this was his chance. He ran back into the clearing, where Weaville had gotten up and was now standing on its feet again.

"Weaville!"It spat at him.

Gee, he's sure gonna be fun to travel with. Marcus thought, rolling his eyes. This time, he was ready when it leaped at him, and he pushed one hand against its stomach, forcing it back again. This time, it lay winded for a few seconds, just enough time for Marcus to throw the heal ball at it.

The heal ball, bright purple and yellow in color, rocked back and forth, once, twice, three times. Then it stopped, and a clicking noise issued. Marcus had a poke'mon!

"Well, voice, how was that?" He asked out loud, feeling incredibly gulliable and stupid, despite the rising sense of pride welling inside of him at his catch.

06-04-2007, 10:24 PM
/Well enough,/ Ryuki replied, a hint of a purr sneaking into her voice even over a mental link. She was pleasantly surprised. The young man had spunk, and didn't fare too badly with that knife.

/Don't worry. You're not going crazy./ Ryuki leapt from the tree she'd been hiding in, flaring her wings to cushion her landing. She stalked over to stand beside the Pokeball. She flicked it in Marcus's direction with her tail.

/I am Ryuki,/ she continued almost solemnly. /I am the Guardian of Kijara, Princess of Entiaca and holder of Aura. And you, sir, are my Chosen./

(Meh, short... Not much to say...)

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((Sweet! Thanks... I'll post my intro later... when I figure out how to start ^^' The chosen ones get off really easy... the princess have nothing to do...))

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Marcus' eyes narrowed slightly as he reached over and grabbed the pokeball. The Poke'mon in front of him - which was talking to him! - wasn't your average Poke'mon. It looked mostly like an Espeon, but...

He shook his head,"I'm chosen?"He asked. "Chosen for what exactly? I mean, I'm not special. This is my first ever Poke'mon! I'm not strong, or anything." The heal ball was now starting to wiggle slightly in his hand, and Marcus knew instinctively the Poke'mon wanted out.

He shook his head and attached the ball to his belt. "But, just so you know, I'm Marcus."

(Same here. *sigh*)

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(Sorry, had to go, start making dinner. Just has to simmer for the next half hour now, though.)

/Essentially, to be a prince,/ Ryuki said. /You have an aura, like my Princess. It is your destiny to wed her, in this 'time of need'./ The purple feline didn't disguise her laughter. /Not that there's much in need of right now, is there? Basically, you got lucky. It doesn't matter about strength, or intelligence, or know-how. The Aura chooses who it wants, and none of us can argue./ She lifted her shoulders in a shrug.

/In any case, as my mistress's Guardian, it is my duty to find you and escort you to her palace, protecting you along the way. Other than that, your duties are as much a mystery to me as they are to you./

(And Aqua Mew, sorry, I didn't see your post until after I had posted above. I didn't choose favorites, I just kinda picked randomly.)

06-04-2007, 11:23 PM
Marcus nodded, biting his lip,"I guess that makes sense. Though, it doesn't seem very fair to have an arranged marriage..."He shrugged,"Anyway, is it far to the palace?"

The heal ball was still wiggling slightly. Marcus knew he should be training it to stay in its ball, but he couldn't help but want to let it out. "Alright,"He whispered,"Come on out Weavile."

A stream of red light shot from the heal ball, and materialized into Weavile.

"Vile."It said, looking at Marcus with angery eyes.

Marcus stared straight back, determined to eventually earn this Poke'mon's respect. "Alright, Weavile, we're going to the Entiaca Palace. And you,"Marcus pointed at him,"Are going to listen to me, got it?"

"Weavile."He said, sounding bored, but nodded.

"And, I'll call you Ice." Marcus said, knowing it was a not-so-original name, and blushing.

"Vile."Ice said, shrugging as though he didn't care what he was called.

Marcus then turned back to Ryuki.

06-04-2007, 11:29 PM
((Sorry for being inactive. Lots of homework))

Raoa sensed that the chosen guardian "Ryuki" had just found her chosen guardian. He wanted to test them to see if they were truly bonded together. He quickly changed from his Celebi form and turned into his Darkrai form. He flew above Ryuki and Marcus. He was about 20 ft. above them. It was now time to test them. He sent out a hyperbeam. It's radiant glow showed that there was mercy within it. He waited to see what they would do.

06-04-2007, 11:56 PM
Ryuki watched as Marcus released the Weavile, watching them both. The Weavile itself could prove troublesome. If it didn't want anything to do with its new trainer... It could turn and try to kill Marcus anyway.

Oh well, Ryuki thought to herself. That's a bridge we'll cross when we reach it... Her thoughts were cut off as the sunlight above filtering through the trees was masked by a shadow. She looked up and squinted, but she couldn't really believe what she was seeing. It was the outline of Darkrai.

Ryuki immediately crouched into a fighting position, and hissed at the figure above. The sound didn't faze the dark type, as it released a Hyper Beam... Though, Ryuki had seen her fair share of Hyper Beams in her time. There was that instance long before she'd become a Guardian that a village she'd taken to terrorizing had hired a Dragon Trainer to either catch her or kill her. She still remembered the Hyper Beam used by the man's Flygon, full of malice and murderous intent. This Hyper Beam, though, seemed to lack that completely. Almost as if it wasn't meant to hurt that badly...

Whatever it was, it was a potential threat to not only her, but her new charge. Kijara was waiting for her. Ryuki couldn't let things end this way. She tilted her head down slightly, the jewel on her forehead glittering with the light from the attack. Then, it seemed to glow all its own, briefly flashing a rainbow of bright colors, before releasing a powerful Psybeam. Unlike a regular Psybeam, though, this one seemed brimming with untamed energy, its sides trailing out like flames. It was a result of her half fire type heritage. She could use fire moves as well, though the flames she breathed were not as hot as those of a true Charizard.

06-05-2007, 12:03 AM
Marcus looked up as the Hyperbeam came at them. His eyes widened, then he turned to Ice.

"Ice, Icy Wind!" He called out, and was slightly surprised as Ice listened and sent a blast of Icy wind at the Darkrai.

He felt pride fill his heart, and was even more determined. "Good job!"He told Ice, who was still sending the wind up at Darkrai.

"Vile!"He screamed before taking a breath and blowing more air out. Marcus felt the pride of a trainer, and decided he was glad he had caught the Weavile. He ran a hand through his blonde hair, and grinned.

( Blech, short. )

06-05-2007, 12:12 AM
Before the two attacks could hit Raoa, he quickly dove into the forest and turned into his human form. He ran to the location where Ryuki and Marcus were at.

" Damn! I'm too late. Did you guys just fight against a Darkrai?" Raoa had to keep his identity sealed. Aruseus told him that if his identity were to be known, he could possibly die.

06-05-2007, 12:15 AM
"Yeah, we did."Marcus replied, sounding slightly confused, but mostly excited. Ice was standing by his side now, looking more at ease with his trainer than before, but still on his guard. Marcus sighed, it'd be a long time before he and Ice were best friends, but he knew they could do it.

06-05-2007, 01:35 AM
((Lol he turned to Ice. Sorry, it just reminded me of the line from Pokemon 2000, “…And the world will turn to ash, that means you Ash! :razz:))

Kijara sat up in one of the trees in the castle grounds. No one knew where she was, but that was normal, she usually went out on her own for an hour or so. She was hiding from her mom. Lately she had been making Kijara wear dresses all the time. Worst of all, almost all of them were pink.

"If there's anything I hate more than the wearing the color pink, it's wearing dresses. If there's anything I hate worst than wearing dresses, it's wearing pink dresses. If there's anything I hate worst than that, it's being forced to wear them," Kijara said aloud as she stroked her Furret. She was glad that she was alone. She couldn't imagine what her mother would say if she saw her in her blue t-shirt, camo cargo shorts, and her blue and kaki Salamance cap with her dark brown hair coming out the back. Actually, she could imagine what her mother would say. "What are you doing looking like a slob, get dressed and washed up now.” Oh why do I have to be a princess, Kijara thought. Why couldn’t I be a normal person like almost everyone else? I have to marry someone I don’t even know, can see the aura, and have to carry out Sir Aaron’s duties all because I’m a princess. She trusted her guardian to make a right decision, but she was still nervous. Kijara felt a sudden flutter in her stomach, and she knew Ryuki had found her chosen one.

(( Mew, you claimed Espeon first, so you should get her. As long as it's ok with Espeon, I don't mind. You guys are so lucky... Wish I could have some action. :neutral:))

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(Whoever wants me can have me. XD)

Ryuki left off attacking once it was clear that Darkrai. Her eyes narrowed. Something wasn't right here. Why would Darkrai back off from a battle? And why was it not fighting to its full potential, or even half?

Her ears perked up as she heard a sound of rustling leaves behind her. She turned, ready to attack if it was another wild Pokemon, or Darkrai. However, it was neither; rather, a human. Still, there was something... Strange about him. She couldn't put her paw on it, but he definitely wasn't normal.

"Damn! I'm too late. Did you guys just fight against a Darkrai?" He exclaimed, looking almost hopeful.

/Who are you?/ She growled back, both verbally and telepathically.

"Yeah, we did," Marcus answered, though he sounded confused.

/And what if we did?/ Ryuki accenuated her harsh words by growling. /What business do you have with Darkrai?/

(Sorry, I typed this once, but it didn't go through. 0.o)

06-05-2007, 05:06 AM
Lucia sighed as she stared into the clear, vast sky. She stood there, on the balcony, thinking about all of the wonderful things she could do in the town. She looked down into the town to see what exactly everyone was doing. Even though she was far away from it, she could still see people laughing and dancing. They were eating and playing games with their friends and family. They seemed so carefree and happy... She wished she could had freedom as they did, but, alas, she was a princess. She would soon had to marry someone she probably never met, but she hoped that it was the same boy that she danced with at the ball when she was younger. There was a tiny chance that it actually was. She just wished the chosen one wouldn't acted like those princes in other kingdoms. They all acted as if they were better than anyone else. They were so rude to the people who worked in her castle. One of the prince had made one of the servant girls worked twice as hard just because she accidently stepped on his foot. Lucia felt bad for her, twice as bad since that girl was one of the people who listened to Lucia's problems. Those princes were probably doing that just to impress her. She sighed once again, to breathe the fresh clean air.

"Young lady! What do you think you are doing?" said a voice from behind Lucia. It startled her but Lucia soon calmed down once she learned that it was only her grandmother. She was dressed in her usual clothes. A purple dress with white buttons, a lighter purple collar, and at the end of her sleeves was a button that was in a shape of Misdreaveus. She had her gray hair in a bun. She didn't had many wrinkles since she was actually a bit young for a grandmother but she could be pretty scary if she's mad. Along her side was her beloved pokemon, Misdreaveus.

"Uhhh... I was...just standing here..." Lucia said as an answer to her grandmother's question.

"You do not have any business here! You should be ready! Your chosen one could be here at anytime!" Lucia's grandmother warned.

"But Grandmother!" Lucia protested.

"No buts! Get out of those filthy, ridiculous clothes and get dressed!"

"Fine..." Lucia said, going into her dressing room. She looked at herself in the mirror. With this blue shirt and jeans, she actually looked like a normal person. She could run away and no one would suspected her as the princess. They would just say that she looked a bit like the daughter of the king of Lucamia. She thought this plan over and over again through her mind for years but she knew that it would never work. Her father would send guards to find her. Another problem was if she didn't marry the chosen one, pokemon would cease to exist. She would never want that to happen. Everyone loved pokemon, people depended on pokemon and they depended on people to survive. The balance would be out of place. She could never do that.

"Lucia! Get dressed already!! Stop dreaming!" said a loud voice which was obviously her grandmother again. She knew Lucia a bit too well. She decided to get dressed, just so that her grandmother would stop bugging her. She picked out one of her favorite dresses. It was a pink dress with white lace at the bottom, and next to it were designs of Luvdics. The same designs were around the end of her sleeves as well. Pink wasn't her favorite color but she loved it because it used to be her mother's dress. She slowly changed into it and then slipped on her shoes made out of a dark blue and light purple crystal. It was her favorite since it would shine pink when she was nervous and because it was also her mother's.

"Lucia are you ready?!" Her grandmother shouted.

"Almost!" Lucia yelled back. She then opened a small jewelry box. It was painted pink, her mother's favorite color, and also had designs of Luvdiscs, her mother's favorite pokemon. Inside, was a small pendent. It was a light pink heart with a darker pink wings connected to it. It was a locket that held pictures of her loved ones. Lucia opened it just so that she could see her mother's picture, with her father, grandmother, and herself around her. In the other side, was a picture of her grandfather. Her grandfather died because of a terrible sickness that killed him when Lucia was in a boarding school for two years. She would never forget that cheerful man. She then looked at her mother's picture again. Her mother had traveled to become a great trainer and pokemon doctor. Her father expected this, since her mother was always the adventurous type, always wanting to amuse people with battles and help pokemon. She could never keep still. Her father had always said that Lucia was the spitting image of her. Lucia even acted like her when her mother was younger. She finally closed it and walked down the stairs slowly.

OOC: Sorry it took so long... I had many distractions in my way. (A.K.A. my twin sisters.) Well actually, bekah_the_pikachu, you can have Draconic_Espeon if you really want to. I can choose another guardian. But still... I love to have an Espeon...that's part Charizard...but I can live without it.

06-05-2007, 11:01 PM
" Ha ha ha....Calm down Ryuki. DarkRai is my pokemon. It's on a mission. Oh whatever...I'm sorry Aruseus, but this girl is on me. I think she thinks that I am suspicious. I have to tell. Ryuki and Marcus this is who I truly am." Raoa transformed into DarkRai. He looked at them with his eyes closed tightly. He thought he was going to die.

" So are you a chosen one Ryuki?" Raoa looked at them expecting for them to be in shock.

06-06-2007, 12:19 AM
Sorry everybody! But it seems like a lot of people are confused about the RP. I will be starting it over with new rules. MewAqua you're guardian is Dragonic_Espeon. Angel_Fire you're guardian is FlameRyushin. Tombi you're guardian is Legendary_Pikachu. Bekah_the_Pikachu you're guardian is Pokefan Silver. You all get two choose you're own chosen ones. Also only two posts a day for each person, because it gets so confusing. We'll start all over when I make a new thread.

Neo Emolga
06-06-2007, 01:51 AM
Sorry everybody! But it seems like a lot of people are confused about the RP. I will be starting it over with new rules. MewAqua you're guardian is Dragonic_Espeon. Angel_Fire you're guardian is FlameRyushin. Tombi you're guardian is Legendary_Pikachu. Bekah_the_Pikachu you're guardian is Pokefan Silver. You all get two choose you're own chosen ones. Also only two posts a day for each person, because it gets so confusing. We'll start all over when I make a new thread.

Thanks, because I... had no clue what was going on and didn't know where to start either...