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Saraibre Ryu
06-02-2007, 05:00 AM
Warning: This is a PG13 RPG. This is a long running RPG, and only players that stay in for a long amount of time when they sign up will be accepted.

Plot: There have always been two sides of everything. Including the real world, and a paradox space and time, only known as the Otherworld. For years, the barrier has been completely intact, but when humans began trying to speak to the deceased and de[parted, it weakened the barrier, allowing mythical and demonic creatures now well known to humans around the world. Lychen's, Vampire's, Elven's, Dragons, Demon's, half breeds, multi-breeds, demi gods ectetera. What they didn't know, was that they live among human civilization, walking the same streets and learning in the same schools as normal people.

What has been happening for those humans who do know, they've hunted and slaughtered anything that isn't fully human, infuriating half of the Otherworld kind. That has started them, on a vengance rampage, seeking to kill all human life they see fit. Those of the Otherworld who are against sucj actions, fight those, trying to kill off the human race. A war between the Sadavior blooded, the good, and the Rangage, the evil. It has been going on since who knows how long, but the attacks have gotten worse, more vicious, and more world wide.

There are two groups: The Rebelion, those of Sadavior blood work to help save humanity, and the BL, or Blackened Lesovoen, those of the Rangage blood. Within that, Deminos, demonic beings, and Mytsera, mythical beings and even some humans work and fight in the war. It is unknown to human government that this is happening, or even the public eye.

You will play as your character, being whatever you want, working for whatever side you please. Once you have submitted your profile, after I accept it, I will work out your bloodline, as the whole process seems to confuse people.

No god modding
No flamming, spamming, harassing, bunnying
Keep it PG 13
Romance is allowed.
Follow all other RPG rules.

Terms you should know:

Hybred: one that can totally control all their bloodline form(s)

Deminos: The blood trait for demons, or demonic beings. No one of deminos blood can be born a hybred, but can train to become one if a multi-breed.

Mytsera: the blood trait for mythical, or angelic beings, and can be born hybreds.

Multi-breed: More than one species all at once

Orga'mech: Cyborg-like, not all flesh and blood.

Breed Classification: (You do not have to be one of these, but this is only to give you a heads up)
Demino's only
Nagas (Humans with a snake torso insstead of legs)
Drakens (Lizard people)

Mytsera only:
Elven (Elves)


Things you should know:

-You can be whatever you want, you can be a human, or anything that isn't listed or is listed. Be creative with your species, its more fun!
-treatments can be given for lychen bites, and vampire bites
-no one can be immortal, even if they are a demi-god
-you cannot kill anyone or thing, unless it is a NPC, and you cannot claim that someone is dead, unless it is your character(s) you are controling.
-everyone has racial restrictions, even if you are a multi-breed
-everyone has a strength and a weakness
-you do not have to have an alias if you do not leave your HQ. You do if you do leave it
-the only god will be NPC's and will not take part in alot of the battling

Occupations: These are needed whether you are good or bad, this is NOt your alias. You may pick more than one within reason.
Assasin - pretty straight forward
Bodyguard - Again, same as above
Scout - I hopefully don't have to explain that
Spy - Same thing
Healer - Again, straight forward.
Technitian - builds, works, fixes and machinery, including robotics
Tracker - Locates, follows people, places physically.
Weaponsmith - makes weapons, mostly blades.
*Guardian - Has an elite level in the assasin, tracker, bodyguard, and scouting. This can be given by me when I feel you are ready for this occupation, you can not chose it.

Sign Up Template:
Bloodline: (I will do this for players)
Who do you work for, or plan to work for? BL or Rebelion?:
Distictive Features:
Other forms: (This is only if you have any, if they have others names, please say what they are, what the form is, and what it looks like
Occupation: what you are on your side of the war
Alias: Only needed if you leave your HQ on a regular basis
Otherworld training: Any magic, or special tactics you can use
Abilities: What you can do without the help of magic
Birthplace: The real world or Otherworld
History: This is a big part of your profile

RP Example:

Any questions, please PM me.

06-05-2007, 02:23 AM
Name:Halt Lauvel




Bloodline: (Waiting)

Who do you work for:BL

Appearance:Halt always has a 5'oclock shadow beard. He has a cut going down on an angle, which he got trying to fend off th vampire who bit him. Has a dirty blond flat top, brown eyes that sometimes change color depending on his mood. When he isn't in his HQ he wheres the U.S. Marine Corps standard Issue Recon armor because he loves to not be seen. When he is in the HQ he always wheres his black suit, tie, socks, pants, and shoes, with a red tie. He has a cigarette above his left ear that is about a three years old which he took form the first person he drank blood from. Also Halt carries all of the dog tags from his former friends who died in the line of duty.

Distinctive Features: Always looks casual, no matter what.


Weight: 140

Personality:Halt is a shy guy who doesn't have a lot of friends but the friends he does have he knows like him for him not for the fact that he's rich or drives a sweet car. He has a great sense of humor but when it comes down to it, if Halt isn't smiling then he isn't kidding, Halt falls head over heels for his girl friend Melony Roman who he has been dating for almost two years now. Also, he has a sly, fox like, quality that people don't really trust. Halt has a tendency to do more ten people, mainly his superiors, expect him to do. Also, Halt goes all of the way on missions. Like, never leaving his men behind, never sending people wear he isn't wiling to go, and doing both primary and secondary missions without complaining.

Occupation: Was in the Marine Corps

Alias:(Name)Bradly Cabot, (Job/what ever) Doctor, so I can steal blood from people with aids!!!!!Muhahahahaha!!!!!!

Weapons: Halt carries two modified pistols. One a Glock 9, which has a laser sight on it. And the other a desert Eagle which has an extended barrel, both to excel the bullet faster and farther. And which enables it to fire quieter. Also he carries a Standard issued Marine Assault Sniper Rifle, which he kept from when he served.

Abilities: Is very computer savvy, and has almost 94-98% chance of hitting his target.

Strengths:Physical, as well as mental augmentations

Weakness's: Halt has Asthma which effects how far he can run.

Birthplace: Was bitten by a Vampire in The Real World

History: Halt grew up dirt poor and figured out that in order for him to survive in our cruel and unforgiving world, he needed to steal and fend for him self. One day he got caught, and was sentenced to go to Military school to learn some respect and discipline. So, Halt grew up around, and knowing the military. He was getting such good remarks that even his own teachers, requested that he be promoted to squad leader. But, the night he was promoted, Halt was viciously attacked by a vampire. Putting up one heck of a fight, he wore both him and the vampire out. Even though it seemed that Halt had won, the vampire came at him for one last attack. Both suffering from defensive wounds, and a slight concussion, the vampire laid his curse upon Halt. During the eight days it took for the curse to take full effect, Halt had gradated from boot camp to become a full pledged Marine. During one of the practice Judo sessions, Halt was pulled to the side by his CEO, Commander Lister. They both left the room and Halt was kidnapped to a secrete medical facility, tested on and, after the eight days were up, broke out, killed all of his captors, including Commander Lister, and kept the few gifts the marines gave him. Little did Halt know, he had just been part of a secrete Super Soldier program, so now he had augmentations that allowed him to run faster, see farther, endure more, and was a heck of a lot stronger. So know he is fighting against his old race with the weapons that they gave him. Now, because of his curse, he has joined the BL, and hunting down, and KILLING, all of the people who opposed him when he was in his, weaker, state of mind.

Legendary Wolf
06-05-2007, 12:20 PM
I would really like to join as a Dragon, so would I have to join the BL or Sadavior, I just want to be sure, because dragon's are awsome.

06-05-2007, 01:54 PM
Name: Ryu Gatuki

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Werewolf

Bloodline: Sadavior Deminos

Who do you work for, or plan to work for? BL or Rebelion?: The Rebellion

Appearance: Yes, I'm too lazy to write so... let's hope a pic will do XD (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c375/RyuMyoto/Anime%20Guys/e59a15b7.png)

Distictive Features: He's very lazy, which is why his eyes are almost always half closed.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 121

Other Forms: He can look pretty much like his old human self, which is pretty much the same as his were form, but without the wolf ears, tail, claws and fangs. Just an ordinary human. He can also turn into a wolf (Clickeh!) (http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t262/FLAR30N/Wolf%20Stuff/shisuta.jpg), and a feral form, which is his human form, but with all of a wolf's features (i.e. fur, snout, etc. Clickeh! (http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t262/FLAR30N/Wolf%20Stuff/AnthroMua.jpg)) He also has barely no control of his feral form.

Personality: Ryu is always very lazy, never bothering to get up without a good reason. He'll only get up if his friends are in trouble or if he's assigned a job of great importance. He's very loyal nonetheless, and he'd gladly give his life for a friend.

Occupation: He is a very good tracker, managing to find almost anyone easily.

Alias: Haru Karanara

Weapons: He uses his own claws, fangs and a three foot long katana.

Abilities: He can read what a person is thinking by looking at their faces, he seems to be able to pick up on their auras, feeling their emotions as well.

Strengths: He's extremely fast on two legs, but on all fours, he's a speed demon, almost turning invisible.

Weakness: His earing is quite poor, getting a blow horn sounded near his ear when he was a kid.

Birthplace: The Real World, got bitten by a werewolf.

History: Ryu wasn't always as lazy as he is now. A few years back, he used to be very active. Let me get more in detail...

When Ryu was seven, he met his two best friends, Mikasha and Rin. They were always together, pretty much inseparable from each other. A few years passed and Ryu was ten. Rin was nine and Mikasha was ten. Ryu seemed to become more and more attached to Rin, getting a crush on her a few weeks after his birthday. Rin, also fell in love with Ryu but she was too shy to tell him. And Mikasha... well... no one really knew.

A few years passed and Ryu, Rin and Mikasha were fourteen. Ryu finally had the guts to tell Rin how he felt. He left his house, running towards Rin's house as fast as he could, which wasn't that much. By the time he made it... he was horrified of what he saw...

Rin was lying on the floor, bleeding and near-dead. Mikasha was already dead, lying against the wall with tons of scars on her face and blood everywhere.

Ryu quickly rushed towards Rin, nudging her to see if she'd respond. She slowly moved her head and managed to smile, coughing up some blood as she grabbed Ryu's hand. She starred at his eyes as they slowly closed, managing to whisper something, loud enough for Ryu to hear.

"I... love you... R... y.... u..."

Her eyes closed as her hand let go of Ryu's, sliding down to the ground, motionless. Ryu slowly stood up, looking down at Rin, then turning around, only to get kicked in the stomach by a werewolf. His eyes quickly closed shut, sliding down the wall and lying on the floor, knocked out. The were wolf smirked, picking Ryu up and biting his neck, the curse that would turn him half werewolf days later starting to take effect.

RP Example: Clickeh! f you need any other examples, check "The Merines" (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1137009&postcount=2)

06-05-2007, 02:06 PM
Considering signing up, but I've got questions first...

Exactly what are the 'dragons'? Are they actual four-legged monser dragons, are they partially human, do they have a human form that they can change into, ect... This applies to pheonixes as well, I'm considering them both.

Also, do shapeshifters have a limit on how many shapes they can take? Or is it just however many we want? Can they change into animals or Otherworld denizens?

Your answers decide what race I choose...

06-05-2007, 02:08 PM
Yay! Espy ish joining! Haven't RP'd with ya in so long @.@

06-05-2007, 02:13 PM
Sorry that I couldn't keep up with The Merines. You guys went so fast... I'm gonna give this a shot, though. I'd like to use a character I haven't done much with yet, but I have to wait for the answers to my questions. Werewolves and vampires are pretty straight foreward, but not dragons, at least not in my book. :oops:

06-05-2007, 03:12 PM
Espeon, I think unless you are hybrid that you are literally, a phoenix or a Dragon.

Legendary Wolf
06-05-2007, 07:50 PM
I just want to make sure of some things, I wonder where the creator is?

06-06-2007, 02:49 AM
I'm really interested in joining this.
It sounds really cool.:smile:

I'll sign up later.

Not much later,tonight or tomorrow.

Lord Fedora
06-06-2007, 11:01 AM
I may join later, it'll take a little while to debate though. Save me a spot, m'kay?

06-06-2007, 12:01 PM
((Alright, so I'm a little confused. You'll probably have to help me with this...))

Name: Cyan Trikeri

Age: 16 elf years, approx. 122 human years.

Gender: Male

Species: Elven

Bloodline: (I will do this for players)

Alliance: Rebellion

Appearance: He's tall, with fair hair and skin. His hair is kept at about half of shoulder-length, hanging loose. Due to this, he's very sensitive to comments about having 'girlish' looks from non-elvish folk. His eyes are such a clear green that they approach an inhuman color. His usual attire is a white shirt (alternates between long-sleeved and t-shirt) with blue jeans or kakhis when formality is necessary. This is covered with the white jacket and green cross of the healer's profession.
Distictive Features: Pointed ears (of course). In addition, he has a faint, old scar running down one arm where he was injured long ago by vampires.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 134 lbs.

Other forms: He has the power to change into a perfect, illusionary 'disguise-' a human version of himself, with dulled eye color, lessened height, a more human hairstyle, and rounded ears.

Personality: He's calm and level-headed usually, although when he's riled he can be a bit unreasonable. Having travelled a lot, he has gathered quite a bit of information on different places and people, making him a kind of auxilary intelligence service to the Rebellion when the spies fail.

Occupation: Healer. He also has some Scouting skills.

Alias: Kyle Faran. This is the name of his alternate form.

Otherworld training: Basic illusionary skills (conjuring false images and sensations) and telekinesis.

Weapons: Bow and short sword.

Abilities: He is especially skilled with herbs, both for healing and for poisoning, when necessary.

Strengths: Healing, ranged combat, dealing with humans.

Weakness's: Close combat, diplomacy with the Deminos.

Birthplace: Otherworld

History: He was born in an elven village in the Otherworld. Early in his childhood, his village was attacked by Deminos, and he fled with his grandfather. They spent awhile sheltering in another elf village, then they heard about the real world from a pair of travelling merchants. Intrigued, Cyan left his grandfather and found a portal. Once in the real world, he travelled around for several years, observing and basically being an interwordly tourist. One of the things that shocked him was that some of the Otherworld beings were trying to wipe out humans, a species that struck him as mostly harmless. He heard from some underground sources about the Rebellion, and on an impulse joined. Since then, he has worked with the Rebellion to restore peace to their worlds.

06-06-2007, 12:03 PM
Name: Vampyro Helsin
Age: 30,000
Gender: male
Species: vampire
Bloodline: (I will do this for players)
Who do you work for, or plan to work for? BL or Rebelion?: BL
Appearance: He is pretty tall. he has long black hair that comes down to his nose. he has black eyes that resemble cat eyes. he has a black cape with a big collar. he wears a black shirt that has a picture of a heart-o-gram in the center. he has black pants that are tight. his shoes are big army boots, of coarse black.
Distictive Features: the skull axe on his back
Height: 6' 4
Weight: 180
Other forms: a giant vampire
Personality: he is very up-tight and emo.
Occupation: assassin
Otherworld training: none
Weapons: Skull axe
Abilities: suck life out of other beings
Strengths: very strong
Weakness's: has to drink human blood to survive; slow
Birthplace: Otherworld
History: He was born in the otherworld. He was born of royalty. his father was king and his mother was queen. he went to battle with other places in the Otherworld. When he returned home, he decided to kill his parents and rule the Otherworld. he attempted to overthrow, but was quickly stopped be the kings guards. He left and went to the Real World. he is now an assassin by night.

Saraibre Ryu
06-06-2007, 02:22 PM
OMG people signed up! Sorry, I was getting teeth pulled out of my skull, so that's why I wasn't around. Anyway, if you are a dragon, you can walk on all fours, be bipedal, its up to you. Dragon's are hybreds, but its who you chose to work for depends on if you're good or bad. You'll have to eventually work for one of the two groups, but it doesn't have to be right away.

BL: Ragene (bad)
Rebalion: Sadavoir (Good)

Also, all accepted, except for the few that need Role Play examples, and those who need to tell me who they're going to work for/join.

These are peoples bloodlines:
uxie: Sadavior Mytsera
Absolman: Ragene Mytsera
Gaby: Sadavior Deminos
free2rhyme: I need to know who you are going to work for.

Now I realize I forgot my profile. Well I'll post it now.

Name: Ryuujin Kiryu
Gender: Female
Age: 17 Human, 236,798 years(real age)
Species: 1/3 human, 1/3 metal demi-god, 1/3 dragon demon.
Bloodline: Sadavior Deminos
Who do I work for: Rebelion
Appearance: (The one next to the tree on the ground.)http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs13/300W/i/2007/078/9/d/Two_Sides_by_Infinite_Twilight.jpg
Distinctive Features: Arm constantly wrapped in bandages and gloved, eyes are two different colors(Left indigo, right amber, scar on the right) Silver hair, rune mark on her left shoulder.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 110 pounds
Other forms:
Ryuujin Gekkani(The half form on the picture put for appearance. Full Control.)
Ryuujin Temna(pic coming soon, Partial Control)
Ryuujin Metaru(No control) http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs14/300W/i/2007/056/7/5/Namami_Metaru_the_God_of_Metal_by_Infinite_Twiligh t.jpg
Personality: Keeps to herself, stubborn, calm, collected, seems to be skitsofrantic but really isn't. Lone worker, protective, talented, self sacrificing. Under all that she is smart, protective, and perceptive
Occupation: Guardian Elite
Alias: High school student.
Otherworld training: Full metal sense and control, form shifting, mind sight
Weapons: Kama's, chakram's, pair of katana's, lance, naginata, kunai's and shurikens.
Abilities: Speaks mytheros (Otherworld language) Otherworld training abilities, significantly heightened agility, endurance and dexterity.
Strengths: After dusk operations, close combat, endurance, tracking anything down without being noticed.
Weakness's: Being repeatedly injured where her rune mark is. (She can die)
Birthplace: Otherworld
History: Ryuujin has been a part of the Rebelion since the war started. Well, it was more when Shiruba, the leader of the Rebelion, found her in an alley way with BL members dead at her feet. Whenever its night when the moon is out, she turns into Ryuujin Gekkani, her half demon form. It took her little under a year to control Gekkani, but when she started with Ryuujin Temna, she nearly destroyed an entire block of sky scrapers within moments. Still having some dificulties controling such a strong form, Ryuujin Metaru, a form she rarely uses, because of its cataclysmic strengths, which is still uncontrolable and its full potential is unknown. Ryuujin Kiryu can colapse anything mealic, regardless of whats inside it, and crush it into as small of an object as she wants and other powers relating to metal as having the metal demi-god form without using it.

Kiyru was in the war far from the begining, before the two groups even took form. Learning to obtain a completely human form when she came to the real world never really worked out for her, hence her dragonic fore arm constantly masked from the public. Not being entirely immortal, she can die, but a complex ritual that takes all the moon faces to work can be done to 'resurect' her. She has been trying to take down the BL from the begining, even when her parents were killed by humans in the 'Dviib Masacre', the one that killed alot of Mytsera and Deminos, right in front of her. Kiryu is a master at paired weapons, rarely uses a gun. She will only use them for temporary stunning and tranquilizing if need be. In the Otherworld, she was known as the 'Piym Pekad Riis', which translated into english, says 'Four Faced Moon', by demons, dragons, lychen, vampires, and drakens. Being talented at tracking, fighting, and capturing the above four species if she is assigned to.

Kiryu doesn't warm up to full humans that easily, based on what she has seen in High School. Unless you can really change her mind about you, she won't give you much respected attention. Kiryu had few friends, but even fewer are human.

RP Example:

06-06-2007, 02:35 PM
Hm... Your new stuff has given me an idea. One last question before I work on sign-ups.

The Orga'mech... How do they come into being? Are they made, or are they created by adding machine parts to a living being? And, can they be one of the Mystera or Deminos?

06-06-2007, 03:10 PM
Yay I got accepted ^^ I put a few pics up (for the feral and wolf forms)


*hands a glass of... whatever it is you would like to everyone*


06-06-2007, 03:21 PM
i cant believe i got accepted into such a sweet rp. thank you so much.
whenever i go to my friends house to study 4 finals, i will put a picture of my dude here.

06-06-2007, 03:52 PM
I want to join this so ridiculously much, but I'm not sure if I have the team. I'll try to join though.

06-06-2007, 05:04 PM
Yeah, still looking for a good RP example. Problem is, the only other RPs I'm in right now are n00bish ones, so I don't think any of my good RPs are still around... what should I do?

Darth Murkrow
06-06-2007, 05:05 PM
This is a pretty cool-sounding story, and I would really like to join. Finals will be over by the end of this week, so I'm pretty much home free. :biggrin:

Name: Etozin
Age: 160
Gender: Male
Species: Phoenix
Bloodline: (Pending)
Who do you work for, or plan to work for? BL or Rebelion?: Rebellion
Appearance: Etozin resembles a real-world blue peacock, but his plummage is a scarlet color rather than blue, and his tail feathers are not as awkwardly large or flambouant. His tail feathers are tinged with some gold, and his eyes are black and beady. He has a small crown of feathers on his head, similar to a cocketeil's, that rise whenever he becomes frightened or angered.
Distictive Features: A golden band wrapped around his left talon that nothing can remove
Height: 2'6
Weight: 90 lbs
Other forms: An illusionary human named Ean. Ean is about 5'0; he's not unhealthily overweight but definitely not thin. He has freckled skin and red hair, an allusion to his true form.
Personality: In the nature of his species, he is an extreme altruist and will die for his cause. He constantly puts others' needs above his own, and will push his own physical limits to help any cause. He is not very easily trusting, making him come across as arrogant. Once he trusts someone, however, he will follow them around and help them so much that he becomes annoying and they reject him.
Occupation: Scout with some healing abilities
Alias: Ean Ode, high school graduate
Otherworld training: Etozin has empathy powers that can be used to heal others. He is a skilled tactician from his training, and has increased his flying strength greatly.
Abilities: Flight, can carry a large amount of weight in relation to his size.
Strengths: Long life span, healing powers, very loyal
Weakness's: If he absorbs too many injuries before he dies, he loses his strenght and will never be revived from ashes
Birthplace: The Overworld
History: Etozin was born in the Overworld from the ashes of a forest fire, and has had to fend for himself since. He was always independent, though he struggled to survive for 45 years. Once he was 50, though, he discovered the Rebellion. He joined shortly after using his empathy powers to heal some of the wounded.

He doesn't warm up to other easily, especially since he has seen other beings capture phoenixes for the use of their healing powers. He has made only a few friends in his history; he became so enthused and involved in their lives that they eventually shunned him out of annoyance. Crushed, he continued to work for the Rebellion, coming across as cold and arrogant since.

He enjoys flying, which he uses to take his his mind off of problems he experiences indirectly through empathy. This is the reason he chose to become a scout rather than any other position in the Rebellion.

RP Example: Etozil preened himself compulsively, pausing every time his short beak struck the golden band around his claw. The mark placed on him by the humans, and the only time he had ever used his healing empathy powers against his will. The humans had only themselves to blame for his aversion to their species.

He sighed and spread his wings, checking the air. The air was dead, but this was no problem for him. He took off; he flapped only occasionally, but still hovered comfortably near the cloud line. He allowed air to flow through his feathers, sending chills up his spine from the enjoyable feeling. He loved to fly, and would not give up his wings for anything in the Overworld.

A sudden stab of pain swept through his entire body, starting in his heart but working his way through to his wings. He was forced to land eventually, searching for the source of the pain he felt. He fluttered down, finding a badly injured sparrow with help of his empathy.

He pitied the small bird; so similar to him, yet so frail and weak. It was holding on to an inch of its life, its wings both bent at odd angles, blood dripping steadily from its back. Etozil closed his eyes, tears springing to them as he took the small bird’s pain as his own. Once he felt his wings throb and blood drip down his back, he knew his work was completed.

He opened his eyes just as the bird hopped up and flew away as though nothing had happened. Etozil flapped his wings, ensuring that they weren’t broken. No; the bird was too small for the injury to magnify. He was, however, bleeding from his back in between his wings. He cared not; he would not die from this injury. As long as he could help others, like he had helped the bird, he did not care that he would not be reborn from the ashes of his death because of his overt altruism.

Psychic Oats
06-06-2007, 08:19 PM
Ack! I hope I'm not too late to join...I'll start typing my sign-up now. I think I'll be on BL, only because there are already tons on Rebellion. Hey, Saraibre, can you post who is on what team? It would be much less confusing for me. Thanks ^_^

06-06-2007, 08:30 PM

Now it's a party ^^

Saraibre Ryu
06-06-2007, 08:52 PM
Anyone else who joined is accepted, and I'll make a discussion thread and post who is on what side. There is still alot of room to join, as this, I'm planning, is going to be a big RPG. I also forgot to mention, and players should take note of this:

All players will NOT start out working for whoever they have said they want to work for, but will shortly after we start Role Playing, unless you want to start out working. This is just so more info about each side can be revealed about the story.

Darth Murkrow
06-06-2007, 08:58 PM
Oh! I've been accepted! :biggrin: First official role play I've been accepted in on this site! Thank you much. I can't wait until this thing starts! :biggrin:

06-06-2007, 09:00 PM
Yay! I was hoping it would be like that. I wanted Ryu to start off the day before he went off to find the rebellion or w/e. Is that okay?

Saraibre Ryu
06-06-2007, 09:13 PM
If Ryu knows about it already, then yes, but only after you've become a member of your group will you know then how to get to it on your own.

06-06-2007, 09:15 PM
Ah... good... so he'll be like.... escorted or something?

Ryu: *in wolf form* Duh... *lazily wags tail* Wish this would start already... *yawns*

Me: >> Yes, thats how he'll act more or less

Darth Murkrow
06-06-2007, 09:19 PM
I have to eat dinner right now, but I will be back online ASAP.

Etozil: *Flutters onto a perch and observes Ryu*

Saraibre Ryu
06-06-2007, 09:20 PM
This is to answer Dragonic Espeon's question:
An orga'mech is an Otherworld term meaning cyborg. Anything can be an orga'mech, it has nothing to do with one's bloodline, your species that isn't mechanical is. If your an all orga'mech, then you have a bloodline based on what you used to be. If you're all machine, then you don't have a blood line.

Most characters Ryuujin will stumble upon, or be rescued from random BL members that aren't controled by anyone.

Psychic Oats
06-06-2007, 09:22 PM
Ah... good... so he'll be like.... escorted or something?

Ryu: *in wolf form* Duh... *lazily wags tail* Wish this would start already... *yawns*

Me: >> Yes, thats how he'll act more or less

*Coughcopyofsujimecough* >.>

Sorry about that, folks. I'm typing my sign-up as we speak (Err..type).

Saraibre Ryu
06-06-2007, 09:25 PM
Well, here is the Discussion page: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22424&page=16
All questions will now be answered there.

Legendary Wolf
06-07-2007, 01:37 AM
I'm just here to put my RP Sign-Up here, I'm finishing it up.

Name: Lygono Hugami
Age: 183 Human years, 27 Dragon Years
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Bloodline: (I will do this for players)
Who do you work for, or plan to work for?: BL

Appearance: Lygono is a Dark Blue Dragon, and has the scales the size of fists, Lygono has scales that are blue some are red although those are the ones that show he had been in a fight and had been knocked off during that fight. Lygono has green eyes as dark as Emeralds. Lygono has a dark blue nose, and his eyes are shaped inward so he can see cross-eyed. Lygono has a dark red tongue that is shaped like a fork. Lygono has big arms that are as fat as watermelons and are aslong as two golf clubs. Lygono has his legs shaped like long sticks and have three very sharp claws at the end of everyone of them, Lygono has stripes on his belly that are horizontal. Lygono has a little patch of dark blue hair on his head and two horns that come out from both of the sides.

Distinctive Features: Lygono has a red scar across his stomach that he gained in a fight for a female.

Height: Lygono is a tall dragon that can stand straight up to 11'5" Feet tall
Weight: Lygono with his height and massive insides is 543 Pounds(he needs to go to the gym)

Other forms: Nope none

Personality: Lygono had always had a dark Personality ever since his history. Lygono used to be nice and very protective of everything. Now Lygono is very strict and needs everything done his way. Lygono is also very protective even after what happened. Lygono has very few friends the ones he does have can't be told as his "friends" in war though.... Lygono seems different and strict, he yells very often, but in times where he can't help anything he is sad, his tears turn to ashes. Lygono only has one friend out of everyone and that is Derito[comes back later]. Lygono never lets anything get touched that he treasures such as his helmet he wore in the war long ago. Lygono tries to improve though.

Occupation: Spy/Tracker sorta the same job.

Alias: Well not sure, I won't leave to often.

Otherworld training: Lygono went through harsh magic times, and learned how to use his mind to move things around, sort of like the force from Star Wars but can't use it often, and can not pick things up that are over 1 ton.

Weapons: Doesn't really have any, uses all four paws to walk

Abilities: I can fly and I have the power to throw fire at enemies that build up inside Lygono's mouth then are sent out, and cause much pain to anybody or anything.

Strengths: Lygono's strength are his energy that build up inside of him, they can burn anybody. Lygono can hold many things on his back and still fly around peacefully without any stress. Lygono can take down anything green or any Ice, he can keep himself warm with the fire built up inside of him.

Weaknesses: Lygono doesn't have many weaknesses but the ones he does have weaken him greatly. Lygono cannot stand any water and is scared by it, Lygono has a weak barrier around his mind, and can easily be read or someone can control it easily, Lygono also is scared from sharp points, and if they touch him, he has a big chance of passing out. Lygono is strong after that.

Birthplace: Normal World

History: Lygono was born in the normal world with only his mother with him, his father was forced to join a empire war side after his first battle he was never seen again, they don't know if he was kidnapped, killed or anything else. Lygono's mother never told him any of this, and when she finally did, Lyongo was furios that it had been kept a secret, and that his father was captured, or even worse, KILLED! Lygono and his mother traveled often around searching for new things that they could live on.

When Lygono turned 49 in human years, Lygono set off to be on his own, after what had happend he was happy to be alive. Lygono tried many different things to get more attention and raise his authority, he was always ignored and when something bad would happend he would take the blame, and then imprisoned. Lyongo's mother heard about it often but never helped him get through it, she couldn't do much anyway. Lygono's mother died two years later when a bad disease went through the town killing many mystical cretures, Lygono had been infected but luckily it hadn't killed him. After he heard of the death he vowed he would gain respect by everything he was sure he was going to make it through. It was going to cost him much, but at this point he didn't care he would do whatever he could to do it. No matter what, what he didn't know is what he was going to do to prove himself. Lygono never suspected what he had to do.

Dertio and Lygono had always been good freinds no matter how bad things would get, Lygono always bossed Dertio around though which annoyed him quite a bit although his anger would always build up everytime something new was in store. Dertio was a young male dragon who had been born by a dragon, and another otherwordly form. Dertio was always mad at his parents and taught himself to do things, like blow fire by himself. Lygono met Dertio in the forest they were both trying to fly and ran into each other. Since then they had always been freinds no matter what the case was which didn't bother either. One night Lygono had pushed it over the limit in bossing Dertio over. They had a fight and battled fiercly, Dertio showed how tough he was and won it over which made Lygono feel he had to be stronger, he toughened himself up, while he and Dertio seperated his freindship. Lygono wanted to be invinable now, he wouldn't let himself stop practicing whatever he could, he went everywhere to get help from the Overworld he got his mind abilities though, the ability scared many people, and some tried to stop Lygono from using it. Lygono never stopped.

Forces tied in Lygono telling him he would be stronger if he joined with their team, Lygono thought a long time about it, he decided to join, nobody was surprised they knew he wanted power and he was risking anything for it. Lygono became a fierce ally with the BL and became high standard, Lygono liked to fight and was great fighter he was prepared to go through anything to do it aswell. He wanted power now he had it, he wanted high authority he somewhat had it, it wasn't enough for him, he was a spy, he knew he could do better, he was a tracker to. He was going to give it all he had when the time came and the next war would start.

RP Example:

Lygono's eyes shined brightly under the hot sun. Lygono got up from his sleep, a rabbit sprung in front of him then bounced away hastily, it was scared of him, he wasn't surprised, alot of things were scared of him, sometimes even he was afraid of himself. Lygono got up onto all four's he was going to venture farther into the forest today. He knew he was going to.
"I wish I wasn't doing this for power, I want to redo my life and start over" Lygono thought in his mind he wanted that as much as anything, but aslong as he stilled lived in that life he was going to do what he was doing he would fight for his side no matter what it was. Lygono looked over to a rattleing bush. "Breakfast is served" he thought to himself coldly.

Lygono went behind the bush to see a rabbit lying softly sleeping, he lowered his head and sunk his head into the thick's rabbit body. Warm blood filled his body. Lygono relaxed himself chewing on the thin bones. He threw them away one by one. Lygono walked towards a path inbetween the trees, his body was warm under the hot sun. As he walked down the long path he heard little elves warn others of him, he wanted power at first but he didn't wanted to be feared no matter how much he was talked into it, he knew he had to live the way he was though, and if he was re-born he would make many safer choices.

06-07-2007, 01:38 AM
Name: Verdronian "Drone" Pexa

Age: 3 146(Drakel form appears 35-45)(Human form appears 17-23)


Species:Feral Spirit(Body-Snatcher)

Bloodline: Rangage Deminos

Appearance:His Feral Spirit form appears as a faint orange glow,nearly impossible to see,and feels no different than the air. He can become two other forms; A human,and a drakel. There are pictures at the bottom of the form.

Distictive Features:As a Feral Spirit, the gaseous-type energy he is made up of follows around one point,that point being the exact center.

Height: Human:5'8" Drakel:7'3"(6'11" when not in combat)

Weight:Human::177 lbs. Drakel:312 lbs.

Other forms:I don't think it's nescessary to elaborate here.

Personality:Verdronian is a pure warrior,and loves to be right in the fray of a conflict. Everything he appears to be on the outside,strong,courageous yet foolish,and bold. He is not the diplomat type,he lets his spear do the talking. His priorities are his honour, and who his work as a mercenary. He is tough,but anyone who is smarter than him can manipulate him,due to how naive he is.He prefers his Drakel form.


Alias: In his homemade human form,he calls himself Gabriel "Gabe" Vier,though he prefers not to use his last name to avoid being traced.

Otherworld training: He knows how to store heat in his body for later use,this is important to lizard beings,being cold-blooded.(I can explain this further for you if needed)

Weapons: Before he left the Otherworld,he received a spear,called the Birlith,for the mission. He plans to keep it.

Abilities: His Feral Spirit abilities cost him energy. Here is the list of what he can do:
He can possess the bodies of people and animals,and depending on how strong and trained their minds are,it will vary how long he can do it for.A stronger mind takes longer to possess,and takes more energy.Depending on how much work the host will do,the time will vary how long before the host starts to show signs of possession such as:red eyes,and a distorted sounding voice.

Strengths:A myriad of powers.

Weakness's:If he uses his powers to much, his energy runs out. His lizard form can't take much cold. A time delay before he can switch forms again.

Birthplace: The Otherworld

History: Every time an Otherworld being dies,their energy is left behind. If enough of this energy comes toghether, it becomes a Feral Spirit. A Feral Spirit is very much a living being, with a unique personality. Verdronian is one of these Feral Spirits.

A Feral Spirit is used by Otherworldy leaders (etc.) for warfare. Verdronian was only recently discovered to be a Feral Spirit. Before that, he would always remain in his Drakel form as a mercenary. Otherworldly beings have been seeking to capture him and use him in combat, so he fled to the Human World, and stole the body of a European backpacker.

For the past twenty-three years,he has been looking for something to do with his life. Over those years, he has become very aggressive, and kills people he comes across. They are usually gangsters and the like.

RP Example: I will add this later. I don't have a real one, so I'll just make one up.

Human Form (<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t96/rumble2552/Guy.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>)

Drakel Form (<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t96/rumble2552/Uhndeck_by_UdonCrew.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a)

EDIT:I must type very quietly,because it's like 2:30am
Those two links don't work for me. If you have the same problem,go to Photobucket and search Rumble2552;it's my userid.If you have further issues,e-mail me at MSN (I don't often check my yahoo),or PM me,and I will get them to you somehow.

06-07-2007, 02:16 AM
Whoo, mine's done. Redid it completely. Hope it works. ^^

Name: Tamaki Atawa

Age: 21, but is really... 21

Gender: Female

Species: Elven/Dragon/Orga'mech

Bloodline: Sadavior Mytsera

Who do you work for, or plan to work for?: Rebelion

Distictive Features: Robotic arms, small stature, pointed ears.

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 237lbs (a lot of this is the weight of her arms)

Occupation: Weaponsmith (Further explained in history)

Alias: College Student

Birthplace: Otherworld


Tamaki looks rather small, with a tiny body structure. Her arms are somewhat short, but she does have long legs. Both her arms are robotic- they were torn off by her father when she was young, and were gradually replaced as she grew. When she changes forms, they do as well. She has shoulder length black hair, calm, almost serene blue eyes, and light colored skin. Her clothis is usually simple, consisting of a dark blue-green shirt with long sleeves and khaki colored capri pants. She also wears a pair of plain white gloves, almost at all times. Altogether, she doesn't look like much of a threat. She does have the telltale pointed ears of an Elven, but hides it with her long hair.

Other forms

In addition to her human-ish form, she has two others as well.

Elven/Dragon Form- She gains two light blue wings on her back, a long, whip-like tail with a feathery frill at the end, and a variety of light blue spines. The first of these are arranged like large, spiky bangs, and grow from just below her hairline. The others are wave-shaped, starting at her neck and running down to her tail. The nails on her fingers grow to become claws, and her teeth grow sharp. She is more feral in this form, and more outgoing as well, but she still has control.

Dragon Form- She becomes a huge blue dragon. Her spines are the same as in her Elven/Dragon form. She isn't particularly bulky, but stream lined, made for flight rather than walking. If she's not careful, she can easily loose control in this form, but can't take it for very long.


Tamaki is rather quiet and shy, one who listens rather than talks. She is somewhat embarassed of her metal limbs, and would rather hide her She doesn't like hurting others, but has a deep hatred of the BL and their cause. She'll do anything to stop them from wiping out the humans, even if it means her own death. Still, she can be reluctant to fight.

Otherworld training

She has the use of ice magic, for she is a dragon of the ice element. She is trained in making weapons of ice, swords, daggers and the like with blades of ice that will never melt. Creating them is difficult and time consuming, but worth it, because they stay sharp longer than your average blade and are sturdier. They can last for ages. She can also use basic ice magic, mostly causing cold temperatures and turning water to ice and further molding it.

Weapons: She has a single weapon, an ice sword created for her by her former mentor. It has a sapphire in the pommel.

Abilities: She's a fairly good sword fighter, quick on her feet. She can also take hits on her arms in stride, for they are made of metal.

Strengths: Her arms are metal, she can make weapons, she is quick.

Weaknesses: She is reluctant to fight and moreso to kill, making weapons takes a great deal of time, and she doesn't like to speak out. She's also weak against fire and beings of fire.


Born in Otherworld, Tamaki only knew her Elven mother for a few years. Her conception was an accident, for her mother was lowly but her father was a great dragon lord, named Garfagh, that ruled a portion of the Otherworld. He wanted them both dead, to have them erased from time like his bad choice had never happened. His cronies killed her mother, but could not kill Tamaki. In a rage, the young child reverted to her Dragon form. Though young and inexperianced, she was the child of a powerful dragon, and nonetheless killed many of them before they could finally capture her.

Tamaki was taken back to her father's domain, where the two fought. It was no contest at all, and Garfagh merely toyed with her. Tamaki transformed in fear and pain after her arms were ripped off, but this time only to her Elven/Dragon form. It was still enough to escape, though she would later black out in the countryside.

Tamaki was found by an Orga'mech engineer that fixed her the arms. He took care of her, eventualy creating the arms she has now that transform as she does. When he discovered her talent in ie magic, he sent her to the Real World, to a friend of his that lived there. This friend was a human and ice dragon hybrid that was skilled in making. She stayed with the other hybrid for nearly five years, learning to make them as well, until her mentor was killed by the BL for her half-human origins. With no where else to go, Tamaki was forced to wander the streets, trying to find some way to fight the BL and avenge her mentor...

RP Example

Erik Kurokawa
Kantoan Labs International

The building was huge, almost bigger than Erik thought possible. What could they possibly do with all that space? The boy shook his head. It wasn't his problem. He just wanted to get his Pokemon.

As he walked inside, he really began to think. What Pokemon did he want? He hadn't thought about it, not really, but there were three great choices for a starter- Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. But, every beginning trainer in Kanto had one of those. In a way, they seemed almost boring. Still considering, he almost didn't notice the girl in front of him, until he lightly bumped into her.

"Oh!" he said, surprise evident on his face as well as in his voice. "S-sorry, I didn't see you there..." The girl hardly seemed to notice. She appeared to be intently listening to something. Taking a quick look around, Erik realized that he was in a small crowd of children. All but him were listening to something, which Erik realized was the Professor who handed out the starter Pokemon. Feeling embarassed, he looked down at his feet and listened, too.

"Excellent! There's 7 of you! One short, but that'll work just fine," the Professor said happily. "Please, all of you come with me to a special room. I have a special discovery for you all, and I could use your help."

Erik and the others followed down stairs and hallways, with absolutely no idea where they were going. Are the starter Pokemon this way? Erik wondered. And what did he mean, seven of us? Are there only eight left? Erik's silent questions stopped as the group did, and he simply waited, hoping to see what would happen next. The Professor began to speak as he revealed a glass case full of what looked like strangely colored orbs.

"I want you all to take one for yourselves. These orbs, or what I believe to be eggs, hold a tremendous power. However, they just wont hatch, but I think they're close to. I want you all to hatch them and find out what they contain. Though this is no simple gift. I want you all to take great pride and responsability in this assignment. When they hatch, show them to me via your pictophones, an option in your PokeMechs. Now, feel free to choose the egg that best suits you." He finished, looking at them expectantly. It seemed easy for one girl. Without hesitation, she grabbed a bright green egg. Acting excited, she asked another girl, the one he'd bumped into, what egg she would pick.

Letting the others approach, Erik stayed back. He wanted a good look at all these eggs. Who knew what could be in them? It was a red egg, no, a ruby egg that first caught his eye. It, and the sapphire egg beside it. They intrigued him at first, but no. They seemed to give off a violent aura, one Erik didn't want to think about. No, they certainly weren't for him.

He then saw two eggs of lighter tones, pink and a clear icy blue, almost like ice itself. The pink seemed bland, far too feminine for him. Let one of the girls choose it. The clear egg, though... Its colors seemed to draw him in, like and endless current tugging at his waist. Without really thinking about his actions, he stepped forward and on, making his way to that beautiful egg, lightly pushing others aside if need be. When his hands closed around it, soundless joy, like a cool wind, crept through his fingers and out through to the rest of his body. There was no denying it. This egg was his.

He picked it up, gently cradling it in the crook of his arms. He gazed at it hopefully, letting himself drown in its icy shell. What creature could lie beyond that thin barrier, waiting for the right moment to come out and greet him? tearing away his gaze, he watched the others, finally falling on the Professor. What would they be doing next? He wanted to ask, but he was too shy, too scared to, even with the cool assurance of the egg in his arms. No, someone else was bound to ask. He'd wait until then.

From P3K I: Return of the Legends.

Saraibre Ryu
06-07-2007, 01:49 PM
Okay, both are accepted, I'll add you to the list of who is where.

Dragonic Espeon: Sadavior Mytsera
Vedros: I'm assuming you're working for the BL
Dark Rider: Ragane Mytsera

Lord Fedora
06-07-2007, 03:57 PM
Alright, this has grown popular enough to be worth my interest, and looks pretty good. I might even be willing to stomach Absolman/Vampyro/Lio/Does anyone here know what his other alias is? I'v been pulling myself apart from the inside out trying to figure it out.

Name: Amelia
Age: Apparent: 15. Actual: 78. So yeah, still young for an angel.
Gender: Female
Species: Angel (technically 1/3 Angel, 1/3 Human, 1/3 Elf)
Bloodline: So why put this in the form?
Alliance: Rebellion
Appearance: I have no pics, so... Amelia is somewhat small, a bit unnoticable. She has an unremarkable face and body, an uninteresting voice, very beautiful and melodious but still goes unnoticed. She also happens to wear a backpack, blue, as well as uninteresting blue clothes.
Distictive Features: Um... her wings I would think.. But they can fold up and be absorbed into her skin, making her all the less noticable. Do you see the pattern I'm developing here?
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100 lb. approximate
Other forms: None
Personality: Cute little girl, not so cute attitude. For an angel, this girl is pretty devilish. Amelia takes a small pleasure out of killing demons. It makes her feel powerful to be an angel. Yes, classic, I know. Making herself feel good by making others feel bad.
Occupation: Doubles as a spy and an assassin.
Alias: Molly Clock
Otherworld training: A perfect archer. She can hit a bullseye from 30 feet away, right on the mark.
Weapons: A bow of course, specially designed so that when not in use it can be hidden in a backpack.
Abilities: Make herself invisible in an instance where she's seen, as well as enhance her field of vision and power of it to see what might happen if she shot something in particular, allowing her to make her assassinations seem mre accidental.
Strengths: Perfect marksmanship, as well as some strength in flight.
Weakness's: Get's stressed out very easily, and has a bad habit of getting caught.
Birthplace: Otherworld
History: Though Amelia was raised in some of the "nicer" parts of the Otherworld, her dark personality drew her to the darker parts. She would often be attacked by demons in that area, and so taught herself to become invisible. This allowed her to sneak up on her attackers and kill them before they killed her. This gave her the first taste of the kill. though she believes strongly in the force of good, she always found the pleasure of the hunt too intoxicating, and it always drew her back in. In the end she joined the Rebellion so that she could hunt more demons. Not much else is known about her.

RP Example: The silence. The darkness. Not undertood by people, feared by them. But is it truly us which should fear the darkness, but the darkness which should fear us? A whole new world lies in wait, just outside our reach until now, that we can take charge of in press of a button, in the form of a computer program. That's what makes it so simple, so easy. Just an ordinary, simple program. No one can get hurt in that, it woud be just like a dream. Simple, harmless fun. Right?

A woman's voice sounded over the PA device, waking 15 year old Cole Reiken from his peaceful rest.
"Attention all passengers, this is your captain speaking." The voice said this in three different languages before moving on. "We are now cruising over Tokyo Japan at an altitude of 15000 feet and dropping, we will be landing in just a few minutes. The current time in Tokyo is now 10:30, approximaetly 12 hours ahead of New York time (OOC: I honestly have no idea what the time difference is between Japan and American Eastern.), so set your watches forward." Again, three languages, giving Cole time to set his watch. Not that it would really matter anyway, the time would probably be much different in the game, but still, he would probably have to stay for a little while after the testing was complete and it never hurts to be prepared. Cole pulled out his letter from the Digimon: Online company and read the time requirements, which said he should probably get there at around noon. Well, considering taht it would take about half an hour to get from the airport to the building, and that he had slept through the in-flight meal, if he got something to eat (he realy wanted to try sushi while he was in Japan at least), and then went over to the Digimon: Online building straight afterwards, that would give him about ahlf an hour to cool his heels. And so, once the plane landed, he did just that. The next thing Cole knew, he was standing in front of a very tall skyscraper with a giant sign bearing a blue dinosaur creature breaking through a blue portal on the top, his belly full of raw fish, which, quite frankly he had found disgusting. So, he went inside to find a lovely looking lobby with couches, arnchairs, and a few endtables inside and another guy sitting in a couch filing through a bunch of papers. That was odd, since according to what his mother had told him no one else was in the testing. This guy must have been there for a job interview or something. So, Cole just ignored him, sat down in a comfy chair next to an internet port, plugged in his laptop computer, and started playing a Digimon game he had downloaded off the internet against some guy in Paraguay.

Sorry for the shortness. So busy today, so very very busy.

Lord Fedora
06-07-2007, 04:15 PM
Hehehe. I know what you mean, eeveeking. We'll all just have to try and figure out what he's saying... not to mention who he even is at any given time.
I remember his other name now, it was Tygur. Finally! Anyway, I sort of promised him I wouldn't actually give him out, so to make up for that, I'm making each and every one of you promise not to pick on him too much until he *coughinevitablycough screws up and does something n00bish.

06-07-2007, 06:28 PM
free2rhyme: I need to know who you are going to work for. BL. I thought I mentioned that in my sign-up, oh well. Again BL.

EDIT: I finished editing my sign-up, for now at least. Saraibre, you will know if this is a good Rp if a legend like Neo Pichachu joins. Or if Rust doesn't lock it. I don't think he will because you have like what *Counts fingers* 8 members. That's more then I had. Good for you.

Lord Fedora
06-07-2007, 07:16 PM
BL. I thought I mentioned that in my sign-up, oh well. Again BL.

EDIT: I finished editing my sign-up, for now at least. Saraibre, you will know if this is a good Rp if a legend like Neo Pichachu joins. Or if Rust doesn't lock it. I don't think he will because you have like what *Counts fingers* 8 members. That's more then I had. Good for you.
Also this is completely and fully explained, while yours, well, if you haven't played the game that the RP is based on, then, well, you don't really know what the heck it is you're talking about in the plot, hence why I had no idea that that one RP was Halo.

Saraibre Ryu
06-07-2007, 10:36 PM
Okay, Eeveeking, you are accepted and your bloodline is Sadavior Mytsera.

free2rhyme, your bloodline is Rangage Deminos

Psychic Oats
06-09-2007, 03:28 PM
I finally got my sign up ready; I hope it's not too late ^_^"

Name: Nikassu Hidusuke

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Shapeshifter

Bloodline: ~Waiting~

Alliance: BL

Appearance: His appearance varies, and never stays on one shape for long. This comes from the fact that he has never revealed his true shape to anyone. For this, no one knows what Nikassu truly looks like. However, all of his shapes have red eyes and pale skin or fur. This indicates that his true appearance may be albino.

Distinctive Features: All of the shapes he takes have red eyes and white skin or fur.

Height: Varies/ Unknown

Weight: Varies/ Unknown

Other forms: Nikassu can take on the shape of anything he has encountered or heard of.

Personality: Being a spy for BL, Nikassu has a somewhat roguish personality. He very rarely tells the truth to those who have no affiliation with BL, and instead attempts to lie for the sake of fumbling their judgment. He will also never give away a secret, and is very hard to get along with in that he is never friendly. Instead, he pretends to be friends with someone in order to get information on them.

Occupation: Espionage

Alias: Dokozou

Otherworld training: N/A

Weapons: Most of the time, Nikassu simply uses his different shapes in combat. He very rarely uses a weapon.

Abilities: Sense Confusion, Shapeshifting

Strengths: Very fast, extremely intelligent, sly.

Weaknesses: Nikassu underestimates opponents far too much.

Birthplace: Otherworld

History: As a child, Nikassu was ridiculed for being born with a mutation. However, at the age of 12, Nikassu was crowned the greatest fighter of his village, and ruled as such. Eventually, after taking a great interest in the many beasts of the Otherworld, Nikassu abandoned his village and left to hone his ability to take on shapes. After a few years, he was found by minions of BL, and, seeing he had great potential, they took him in.

RP Example:

A shadowy man strolled into a bank, tightening his gloves and adjusting his sunglasses. He walked quickly up to the counter, where his hidden eyes met those of the bank attendant. An unoticable smile crept across the shadowy man's face as he slid a card across the counter, towards the banker.

"I would like to make a withdrawal," he stated, his round sunglasses allowing no visual of his blue eyes. As he spoke, his fingers twitched slightly in his gloves.

The woman at the counter looked slowly away from the man, her eyes guiding her to the card. After surveying it for a few moments, she looked up, examining the man.

"Hughes, Octavius?" she asked in a monotone voice.

"Yes, that's correct," he said, his slight smirk disappearing as he looked around the room, hoping no one had heard his name.

"Says here you have no money in your savings account," she said, staring at her computer screen.

"Oh, does it?" he questioned, leaning in to take a look at the screen as well. He raised his hand to his face and lowered his sunglasses a bit, squinting his eyes.

"Oh, you're that famous doctor," the banker said, recognizing his face, "Doctor Octavius Hughes, the world-renknowned skeletal geneticist, right?"

Octavius' smile returned, as he replaced his sunglasses back into their rightful spot.

"That sounds about right."

He turned around, heading towards the huge vault door. The woman stood up, watching him walk. "Excuse me, sir, you are not allowed to go near the vault!". He continued walking, ignoring the woman's words as he looked up at the massive metal door, guarding the millions of dollars within. Realizing a potential threat, two police officers stood up and ran into the path of Octavius, blocking his way to the vault.

"Put your arms up!" one of them yelled, raising his gun towards Octavius.

"As you wish," Octavius muttered, raising his arms towards the two men. A spurting noise was heard as bones burst through his arms, speeding towards the two officers. Their weapons were knocked out of their hands, and they started to run towards the doctor. Octavius tensed up, making a crunching noise in his arms, and more bones came out, stabbing both officers.

"Money, money, makes the world go 'round," Octavius muttered, putting his hands to the vault door.

06-09-2007, 04:01 PM
YAY OATS! FINALLY! Also, when I started reading your Sample, I thought it was when Attila went to the bank and such, which reminded me of-


...Sorry? Well, anyways, Saraibre better hurry up and accept you =O

Psychic Oats
06-09-2007, 05:23 PM
Yeah, they do bear a resemblence to eachother, but the one I used is from Rohan's RP.

Psychic Oats
06-09-2007, 09:06 PM
~Vedros leads his parade~

Yay, Oats!
He smells good!
He is cool!
I love Oats!



That was kinda spammish >_<

Saraibre Ryu
06-10-2007, 04:09 PM
Sorry, I wasn't really here yesterday. Anyway Phsychic Oats is accepted!

06-10-2007, 05:27 PM
eh ok here goes!

Name: Sin Stoneheart
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Bloodline: (I will do this for players)
Who do you work for, or plan to work for? BL
Appearance: Sin has blood red eyes, almost always filled with hatred and mischief. Her hair is Midnight black, She has pallor skin like moonlight. Fangs poke out slowly from her pale lips. Her black nails are shaped into perfect little points. Always clad in a black Corset with red strings and a black skirt. She wears her hair down the curls falling neatly to her shoulders.
Distinctive Features: She is known for her Bright glowing red eyes and Pointed claw-like nails.
Height: 5”7
Weight: 175 lbs
Personality: She is a sarcastic evil, seductive person. If she wants something she will stop at nothing to get it. She fears neither death nor pain. She doesn’t think anything of killing for no reason, she just does it. But sometimes gets in way over her head.
Occupation: Assassin
Alias: Serena
Weapons: The only weapons she uses are two daggers, but she prefers to kill with her hands. Or claws. Or fangs
Abilities: She is extremely flexible and speedy, she has inhuman strength, but since she isn’t human that makes sense
Strengths: Friday and Saturday nights are when she is most evil and powerful.
Weaknesses: The light, she hates too much light. It burns her eyes and makes her extremely angry. If it is bright enough she can be temporarily blind.
Birthplace: Other world
History: When she was younger, she didn’t mind the humans so much. They came and they went. They fought among them selves. She had no idea what was going on in the war. She thought there was peace, but she was wrong. One day Humans invaded her home, when she was the tender age of 7, with their guns that shot fire and giant rolling hunks of metal. They killed her whole family, over the years she hid among them killing all those she could find. When she was old enough she joined BL as an assassin. She worked very well luring her prey in before striking the final blow. So their last minutes on earth were filled with misery and defeat. She would bring back there haunting memories, tell them all what they had done wrong in there life, then drain life’s liquid from there veins.

RP example:

Marissa trudged along the sidewalk, cars whizzing by at alarming rates. She kept her green gaze towards the ground. Her normally smiling eyes filled with confusion and worry. The street light cause shadows to dance about her face. She didn’t look up, not once until the call of “Rissa!” echoed from across the street. She looked up briefly. “Great!” she said quietly turning away. It was Rick the assistant coach, he must have heard about her break-up and wants to get her on the rebound. He always out on a “Nice Guy” act for those who were recently dumped, even though Marissa knew how greedy he was, One look into his soulful brown eyes and she was done for. So she walked the other way hastily pretending not to hear him. She heard the soft pitter-patter of his Nike shoes as he followed. Quickly without think she ducked into an alleyway clinging tight to her soccer ball. Resting her back against to smooth cold surface of a brick wall, she relaxed a bit. A loud CRASH! Made her scream out, she whipped a hand to her mouth covering it so the scream came to a stop. She looked around for the source of the noise. A stray cat knocking over a garbage can. She looked up at the apartment complex she most certainly disturbed, a balcony hung 10 feet above her blonde little head. She sat back down, realizing that Rick was probably waiting at –her- apartment. Might as well wait here till he leaves…she thought gazing down at her wristwatch. 10:00pm it read in small carefully made numbers. She blinked and whipped a smudge of the semicolon. Hugging the soccer ball tight against her chest. She waited, 11 o’clock I am going home she told herself over and over in her mind. 11 o’clock he won’t be there… the thing that made her most uneasy was the fact her Boyfriend had dumped her because he saw her using telekinesis and she didn’t admit it. He went about telling everyone, but no one believed him. He was taken away at the mall by security. It scared to see how close everyone was to finding out about it. She needed to be a lot more careful this could NOT happen again.

Saraibre Ryu
06-10-2007, 05:42 PM
You are accepted, welcome! Your bloodline is Rangage Mytsera

06-10-2007, 05:52 PM
Ok do i just hop into the RP?

Saraibre Ryu
06-10-2007, 05:55 PM
You might want to find your fellow evil members, as you havent really met each other anywhere in the RP yet. But other than that yeah.

06-10-2007, 06:05 PM
Saraibre, you need to find a way to spell Rangage(w/e) and stick with it.XP

Alana, I encourage you to come find me.

Saraibre Ryu
06-10-2007, 06:10 PM
I'm in too many Role Plays. I'll fix it. It's hard to keep track of what when you're as busy as I am.

06-11-2007, 11:34 AM
ok, can i ask a favor, please erase the posts about me incase LZ sees them. he'll narc for sure. i really want to stay here.

Saraibre Ryu
06-24-2007, 01:11 PM
Anyway, here's a list of NPC's (non Playable characters) or PMC's )Pre-Made Characters) For each side that I will write profiles for when I have time:

Rebellion NPC's/PMC's:
Shiruba (Group Leader) Phoenix/God of Sadavior-Female (Unsuable in battle)
Riyune-Fire Fox/Pyro Demon/Human-Male
Batsu-Shapeshifting/Bat Demon-Male

Dantrous(Group Leader) Pryo God/Draken Lord-Male (Unusable in battle)
Teru-Insect Shapeshifter-Male
Bakongu-Serpent Demon-Male
Siress-Vampire/Sea Deamon-Female
Blake'kin-Fire Fox/Pyro Demon-Male