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Neo Emolga
10-09-2004, 01:07 AM

Surprised? Well guess what? It's back. It's the sequel of the same fan fic trilogy that got me the nickname of "Juno."

The original Trial of Juno trilogy was started a year ago, even back when the Proboards forum was still around. For the longest time, my only intentions were to start it and keep it as a single episode, called The Gray Battlegrounds (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15). In that one fic, Jake Kossak as the main character finds himself and his two friends submerged in the world of his worst enemy, Randy Ferguson. In that fic, Jake seems to be nearly trapped in Randy's world until he tricks Randy by fighting him as the one Pokémon that Randy wanted for the longest time, a Pikachu that Randy would have named Juno.

After that story was completed, I was then asked to do a sequel, and after I thought it over for a few days, I decided to go with it, and so The Twisted Fields (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62&page=1), was finally created, which took the main character Jake Kossak from the world he found familar, to the world of Kivistal where he found himself as Juno submerged in the war between the Crimson Stars and the Silver Rebellion.

After many trials and challeges, as well the hard experience of the bitter pain of battle, the Trial of Juno trilogy finally concluded with The Blazing Skies (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=860&page=1), where Juno leads the desperate Silver Rebellion to their final victory. And finally, Juno confronts the mastermind behind the war known as Zander, but in the end, it is Juno who makes the ultimate sacrifce to destroy Zander forever, giving the world of Kivistal one last chance at peace.

With that said, I hope you find this fic to be an interesting twist based off of an old story.

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w00t, I'm glad to see you writing anotehr Trail of Juno NP! I can't wait to see what it looks like! :D

Neo Emolga
10-09-2004, 01:30 AM
Wow. I haven't even started posting it yet and already I'm getting feedback.

The first part will be coming soon, just give me a few moments.

Neo Emolga
10-09-2004, 02:17 AM


Ten years after the cold, hard war between the Silver Rebellion and the Crimson Stars, a period of reconstruction had begun on the fields of Kivistal. The fallen shells of the cities were soon replaced by the dawn of the developing metropolis, and the scarred fields once again returned to the bright, green grass that they used to be before the rains of fire. And probably the biggest change was the sky. No longer was it in the constant fiery agony that was above during the time of Zander’s existence. And for once, the citizens of Kivistal had finally gotten something that they had long fought for and had sacrificed so much to obtain. Now, they had earned an age of peace, a time when they could set the times conflict aside.

To obtain those long years of tranquility, a single foreign warrior had arisen, and had taken the troubled nation by the reins and drove it to victory with the cause of his own hand. That warrior’s name was Juno, a Pokémon like the rest of the citizens of Kivistal. The Prophecy had spoke of his arrival long ago, when the Silver Rebellion would need his help the most. Through decisive action and bravery, he managed to turn the tide of the war against the Crimson Stars, and brought his people to victory. However, in doing so, he sacrificed his life to destroy Zander, the mastermind of the Crimson Stars. While the Silver Rebellion would have rejoiced in jubilee from the fall of the Crimson Stars, the death of their hero was far too much for them to bear. The place where Juno was laid to rest was the most highly decorated site of any graveyard in Kivistal, an honor of deep respect that the people of Kivistal had for their fallen hero. But what they didn’t know was that while Juno died in their own world, he lived on as someone else in another.

That someone else was a man known as Jake Kossak. But he was no longer the teenager that he was during his time in Kivistal. Now, he was a full grown adult, living on with his life after facing that one nightmare against the Crimson Stars. After that nightmare, memories of those dark skies and harsh battles still flashed in his mind. Occasionally, even his dreams were restless because of it. But as time went on, it slowly disappeared, and he moved on with his life. As he soon submerged himself in the normal world and put those memories back in his mind almost forever, like a freakish accident it all came back to him in very little time.

Even though it was small and almost innocent in outside appearance, Jake had been issued a draft notice, a call and request to fight for his country during a time of scandals, assassinations, and bloody cruel injustice. Already he had been aware of the current war in Orre between the Free People’s Republic and the Narzek Dictatorship, whose army had already slaughtered thousands of innocent civilians in the name of genocide and control. Already, most of the free world had been struck in the heart from this cruel slaughter of human life, and now it was Jake Kossak, one man among many who had been called to fight against the Narzek Army. Caught between mixed emotions, he found himself soon to be within the ranks of Kanto’s army, fighting in the fires and pain of war once again.

But even while the world that Jake Kossak lived in was facing a time of pain and crisis, the world of Kivistal, the realm that he had fought so hard to protect was plunged once again into an even deeper horror than before. Without warning, Kivistal’s massive cities and homelands were plunged into a fiery holocaust of seemingly endless destruction. The remaining citizens found themselves in the ruins of the post apocalyptic world, fighting off an enemy that had no soul or no desire but a complete and unquenchable thirst for destruction. Unlike their previous enemy of the Crimson Stars, this new threat called the Black Onyx Imperials had far superior technology and a tradition for building massive and destruction weapons, and the only advantage that the once mighty people of the Silver Rebellion, now called the Eternal Silver Apex, had were a larger number of willing soldiers. However, despite the fact that they outnumbered their new enemy, that didn’t stop the hopeless and demoralizing slaughter of their army. This time, they were falling victim to a new evil, and this time, their cry for hope was more silent than ever, and more muffled by the ceaseless reach of time and space.

Meanwhile, caught in the middle of the Orre Liberation War was Jake Kossak, the soldier that had once been a leader of an army that no other human soldier could ever imagine. But even as his fellow soldiers gazed upon the first class private, they never knew of what he had been through before many years ago. But to Jake, memories of it weren’t far away at all. And now, at a time like this, they were closer to him than ever before…

Now, among the foreign and desolate desert land of Orre and among his trusted comrades, he finds himself part of the frontline, and immersed back into the nightmare of vicious combat…

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hmmm... Inspiring, I wub insperation. *friend walks up* u talking bout neo's fanfic, me: no this hot dog, but the story was good too. :tongue:

Half a Dollar
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Whoa, great prolouge NP! This fic is going to be good. =Z

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Man, I think my heart just stopped. I never would've thought Juno would be back for another great epic fic! What a great job on getting the setting and names down. I bet this has gone into a good deal of thought and planning so hopefully it turns up just as good as the Juno Trials. Cant wait for more!

Neo Emolga
10-10-2004, 12:29 AM
Man, thank you everyone for such amazing feedback already. I've been thinking really long and hard to try and make this a outstanding sequel to an already highly appreciated fic, and I'm glad to see it's already being warmly welcomed.

Chapter 1
The Still Heat

Phenac City was a complete disaster. As if the fact the Narzek shelled every one of the buildings down to ruins wasn’t bad enough already, the streets were a watery mess as well. Not to mention both Paliski’s and Phagan’s regiments were slaughtered in attempt to liberate the city from the Narzek army. They didn’t expect so much resistance…

The buildings were only piles of rubble now, sitting in one giant puddle that covered the entire city. The streets were holed with plenty of craters that were now filled with water, and there was no sign of life anywhere expect for our three regiments that had removed the rest of the Narzek resistance when we got a call for reinforcements. It was pretty sad and pathetic to hear that the reason why they were losing the fight was because of Johto’s inadequate munitions supply.

We had taken over the city for now, for what it was worth. As I stood by Private Connors and Corporal Harrison in the muddy streets, all of us just looked upon the ruined mess almost with the feeling that we wasted our time.

Private Connors wasn’t that much of a fighter. I’ve seen him slack off and not pay attention to anyone while he was in the bunker, and half the time he had no idea what was going on. His blonde hair was saturated with the sweat from his head, while his face always seemed to wear such a stupid and clueless expression. His uniform was unwashed and he smelled like a dead Ratatta that had been left out for weeks. Plus, his language was completely filthy in the barracks.

Meanwhile, Corporal Harrison was extremely passive. It almost seemed like he would go on for days without saying one single thing. But from what I knew about him, it seemed like he just hated having to kill people. Besides that, he was pretty normal. Unlike Connors, his brown hair and body was actually kept clean and neat. No one liked the showers back at the barracks, but at least he was willing to put up with it…

The three of us just stared at the ruins of the city while most of the other regiment was already trying to look hopelessly for survivors. But I already knew there weren’t any. The Narzek wasn’t going to pull off genocide if they actually left some of the civilians here still live. And obviously it seemed to them that exterminating the people of the city wasn’t good enough. They wanted to make sure there was nothing left of the city either…

“The water mains are going to take forever to fix…” Private Connors sighed, watching the water gushing out of what used to be a fountain in the center of the city, “Not to mention rebuilding this pile of crap. It could take years…”

“That’s if they even decide to do it.” I replied to him, looking at the disaster around me, “Having cities out in the middle of the desert isn’t very commonplace you know…”

Especially at a time like this. Orre was a living hellhole at the moment, and the Narzek were only getting more powerful by the moment. Already I had heard from the 57th division about the ruthless slaughter that occurred at the Realgam Tower. They didn’t even know the Narzek Frankensteined the whole thing into a command post and a defense sentry. Problem was, as much as I feared going there tomorrow, we needed to attack for very good reasons. Otherwise we weren’t going to get much further around Orre without that thing calling on artillery strikes to bomb all over us. And only we could do it. The Air Force division couldn’t even get near that location with all the AA guns that were emplaced all over the place.

What was even worse was knowing that while the Narzek had control over almost everything in Orre, they were depriving the people of everything they needed. Food, medical supplies, and weapons was all they had to get rid of to make the people of Orre desperate. And to say the least, they did a pretty good job at it. We couldn’t find anything like that for miles.

The three of us had headed over to what used to be the Pokémart in Phenac City. Piles of stone were laid out all over the place, while most of what used to be the inside of the mart was crushed under the rubble. Still, Colonel Roberts thought it would be good if we tried to find anything salvageable regardless of how bad reality looked. So, we began digging and rummaging through the hundreds of stones, crushed packages and broken glass.

I didn’t know what we were doing trying to look for medical supplies for Pokémon in this pile of trash. Most of our Pokémon were fine and they had what they needed. And also, it didn’t take me very long to find out the Narzek had already taken most of what was still good. Some of the only things I found were broken glass bottles of potions, and a whole lot of crushed boxes. There was that, and many, many rocks and large slabs and wedges of cracked concrete lying all over the place. Some of it I pushed aside trying to see if there was anything still usable underneath but most of the time it was just more pieces of rubble, or that finding out that the same chunk of rock that I had pushed aside was the main reason for everything under it to be crushed beyond reclamation. After spending an hour with it, our hard search under the blazing hot sun was pretty fruitless…

“Looks like they took everything.” Private Connors finally caught on.

“No really, stupid?” Another First Class Private had responded in an annoyed tone, “I think everyone figured that out by now…”

“Oh shut up.” Someone behind me snapped, wanting to hear nothing of it, “You don’t have to remind me that the Colonel is wasting our time.”

And much of it. After I gave up the search and stood up, I looked back up at the sun and I felt the heat all over me. The best way to describe everything around me was with the word “silent.” The loss of life already incurred was staggering, and as a result, most of Orre was desolate and forsaken. Already things were looking pretty grim…

And I wasn’t looking forward to tomorrow’s attack…

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-10-2004, 01:58 AM
Wow. Wow. Wow.

I'm loving this fic so much, I have a feeling that I'll die from reading it someti-- *dies*

10-10-2004, 02:10 AM
This is a great fic! I wasn't here to read the first trilogy that you wrote but I sure am looking forward to reading the rest of this one!

Tamer San
10-10-2004, 06:49 AM
Neo, you have always stunned me with awsome Fics but honostly, this is even beyond being awsome, it beyond perfection man. Keep it up, I want to know what will happen next ^^

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Great job Neo. You did an excellent job on getting the setting right. I imagined myself there with Jake, looking at the demolished city. I know something was going to come up cause it seemed like they hit it low with finding no supplies and then that last line was a skip-a-heart-beat sentence. You know I love battles... don't disappoint me! Awesome job man!

Neo Emolga
10-10-2004, 09:46 PM
Thank you all for the outstanding amount of support you guys are giving me! I'm also pleased to hear that I've gotten plenty of new readers. You guys are awesome with your undying support and constant feedback, and for that I greatly thank you.

Chapter 2
The Lost Message

We didn’t stay in Phenac City, simply because it was pointless to set up camp for the night with all the flowing water everywhere. We didn’t find much either, even though we searched for a long time to see if we could find anything. Still, it was pretty obvious the Narzek had taken everything that was still worthwhile. After that, we decided to camp outside the city walls. After the sun had set and everything had gotten cold, we then prepared to sleep inside our camouflaged tents.

While I tried to get some sleep early, some of the other soldiers in my tent were up late laughing, playing games and acting like a bunch of idiots. What made me sick was thinking we could all be dead tomorrow, and here they were not even thinking about what was going on. It wasn’t until very late did they finally decide to get with it and head off to sleep. I had been waiting for lights out to occur hours ago, and finally I got the chance to get some much needed rest. Still, I was tense and anxious thinking about the attack tomorrow. Even though six regiments were going to be there, each with their own DG William Tanks and support fire, I still felt we were going to be up against a lot.

For some time, I thought I would never manage to get a wink of sleep considering what I was thinking about. But after I took a deep breath, I managed to shut my eyes and relax…

”You… can’t hear them… can you…?”

I couldn’t hear them or anything, whoever that voice was talking about. Plus, I didn’t know who the heck was talking to me, but for some reason, the voice sounded like I had heard it before. Something in the back of my mind kept telling me that, but I couldn’t put my finger on whose voice it was. After some time, I gave up trying to think about it and assumed I had never heard the voice before.

“I can’t hear them either. Right now, I only hear myself, and you… whoever you are…”

“You will… be one. The one… who knows…”

Whatever the heck that meant. As soon as I thought about it, I realized this was a dream. And usually when I figure that out, the dream ends or it goes completely upside-down. That’s exactly what I expected to see when I suddenly realized that. Still, nothing like that had happened, but even at that moment, I couldn’t see anything. Something wasn’t making sense…

“Long… so long…”

“What are you talking about?”

“Come… please…”

And then it was over, just like that. I woke up only to find several of the other soldiers already getting dressed in their uniforms and putting on their helmets. I only thought about the weird dream for a little while I quickly rushed to get dressed, and then, by the time I had gotten the helmet on and grabbed my assault rifle, I stopped thinking about it. In fact, I quickly forgot it, since I saw absolutely nothing during the dream to remember it by, and the words just seemed bizarre and meaningless. After I had completely forgotten about it, we had headed outside the tent and all I was thinking about was the battle ahead.

We were then quickly hauled into the backs of the camouflaged army trucks and I had joined Corporal Harrison and a few other soldiers from my regiment. It wasn’t long before we then began moving, and soon after, Captain Davidson then began to brief us about the situation during the ride.

“The William Tanks and our Humvees will be providing you with support and cover fire, but they can’t go any further than the first five thousand yards because of the trenches that are all over the place.” Davidson had told the rest of us as the truck made its way along the rocky terrain, “You’re going to have to go in there and clear out the Narzek infantry in the trenches until we can get an engineering team to plant the explosive charge.”

“Wait a minute.” One of the other Privates in the truck had stated, “We’re blowing up the tower? I thought we…”

“Change in plans, Simms.” The Captain replied, looking over to the Private, “The Colonel feels there’s no way we can ever infiltrate that tower without risking too many men. The tower is going to have to fall.”

It seemed strange, but that was so different than what they were telling us yesterday. I had been told that the inside defenses weren’t that strong once we got in there, which meant we could easily infiltrate and take control of the tower. For some reason, it just sounded really weird to change plans all of a sudden like that. Wasn’t Orre enough was a wasteland already? Tearing apart yet another establishment wasn’t going to make things any better here…

Regardless, I didn’t have any say in it. When I could suddenly hear shells going off and the sound of faint gunfire, it was then that the Captain had turned back to us. I could tell we were very close to the location now, and it wouldn’t be long before we reached the drop-off point.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay in the trenches regardless of how much it’s a maze down there.” Captain Davidson warned us, “You poke your head out for one freaking second and there won’t be anything left of it when you go back down.”

After the Captain said that, the truck had come to a stop, and I could hear the gunfire clearly now. Already the place was a war zone, and it was only going to get many times worse. Seconds later, the back door had opened, and then we quickly grabbed our M-16 rifles and spilled out of the truck. Once our feet landed on the arid sand, we then moved around the truck and toward the trenches.

Only for a few seconds, we caught a slight glimpse of the long, daunting network of trenches leading to the Realgam Tower, as well as the large white tower itself that stood in the distances, constantly pounding everything around it with heavy machine gun fire. Already they were firing viciously upon us…

I heard muffled shouting and loud blasting as we quickly ran in an uncontrolled ecstasy for the trenches, possibly the hardest step considering already the mounted machine gun nests up in the tower were already firing upon us furiously. Just as we were about to be sprayed by gunfire, we quickly jumped into the first of the trenches, not caring about how we were going to land in it. After we had thrown ourselves into the piles of dirt and sand below, I saw that Captain Davidson, Corporal Harrison and three other soldiers as well as myself had made it into the first of the trenches.

But we were lucky. As I turned back for a moment, I had seen that some of us never even made it that far…

Neo Emolga
10-12-2004, 04:20 PM
Chapter 3
The Passing

We were safe, for now. As long as we stayed in the trenches, the only threats we were going to face were from the Narzek soldiers. Still, it was nearly impossible to speak or hear anyone with all the pounding of machine gun fire blasting everywhere. I couldn’t see the tower anymore, so I didn’t even know what direction to head in. Still, Captain Davidson knew was he was doing. The five of us followed him as he got back up to his feet and made his way through the trench.

But now we weren’t so safe anymore. Any time we were heading forward and moving closer to the tower, anyone up there in the tower could see us and open fire, and we wouldn’t stand a chance. Our best chance to survive it was to move quickly down the length of the trench as a group. That way by the time they spotted us, it would be too late for them to open fire by the time we reached the other side.

Already we were deep into enemy territory. Just as we quickly made another turn in the trenches, the Captain and two of the Privates in the front opened fire upon the stationed Narzek soldiers. But even after I watched those two Narzek men fall to their death after being shot repeatedly, all we did was keep moving, and just focus on the task at hand. Not once did we even consider that we had just taken another man’s life…

We made it closer to the tower, but once again, we had come toward one of the forward trenches. Again, we had to move quickly as a group, and we had to do it faster now, since every forward trench we came to was going to be worse than the last one, simply because we were getting closer to the tower and it was becoming easier from them to see us running in the trench from the tower’s position.

“We can make it.” The Captain assured us, “Just keep together and we’ll make it through.”

Then after he had counted to three, we furiously dashed down the length of the trench. While we were running, I heard a shout but we didn’t stop. Soon after, they began firing upon us but we quickly made it to the wall, where they wouldn’t be able to see us. But then, it wasn’t long before I had realized one of us had been left behind.

“Captain,” one of the Privates informed him, “Private Sanders is still down in the trench.”

I had quickly looked back and saw one of the Privates laying down back in the middle of the forward trench, lying on his stomach and trying to reach out to us. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but he sounded desperate…

“Come on…” The Captain muttered to himself in frustration, “Just get up and get out of there.”

“Sir, look at his leg.” The Private responded anxiously, “His leg was shot.”

I knew he wasn’t kidding either, after I noticed the pant leg of his uniform was soaked in his blood. I didn’t want to leave Private Sanders there alone in the dirt and sand either, but it was suicide to try and go back to get him.

“I know that, Private.” Captain Davidson replied, looking at the fallen soldier, “But we can’t go back to get him. It’s too risky.”

“Sir, I’m not going to stand here and let that soldier die.” The Private replied, “You wouldn’t want us to do that if you were him…”

After thinking about it for a few critical seconds, the Captain then looked up to the Private. I was already feeling pretty sick looking at his expression.

“You have absolutely very little time to get him out of there.” The Captain warned him, “Grab his arms, and drag him out of there as fast as you can. I’m warning you though…”

But he didn’t even respond. Instead, he quickly dashed out to Private Sanders, and once he reached him, he pulled up his arms and started dragging him furiously. Sanders was screaming from the pain, but there was very little that could be done about it.

And then, out of nowhere, five deep gashes were suddenly ripped into the front of Private’s chest, and he stumbled backward, unable to control his balance. He had looked toward us with a winced face as his contorted hand grabbed the bullet wounds and was quickly saturated with his own blood. After he had dropped his rifle and had fallen backward to the ground, Private Sanders was then silenced with the same machine gun fire that had killed the Private soon after word, never to speak in this world again…

“Damn it...” Captain Davidson growled in anger, “Why the hell didn’t he listen…!?”

I knew why he did it, but I knew the risk as well, and it was from knowing that same risk that stopped me from trying to save the life of Private Sanders myself. I admired him for trying to rescue his comrade, but I knew there was very little chance of him actually successfully doing it. Instead, all we could do was turn around and continue with the mission. However, after seeing one of our own comrades fall before our eyes, we had already lost much of our morale…

We didn’t have much choice but to continue with the mission, and leave their bodies behind. After fighting our way to the second to last forward trench before we arrived at the tower, we took a deep breath. Our walk through the trench would now be easily seen, and we needed to be fast about it. If we stopped at all during the length, we were dead, plain and simple.

“Come on, we can do this…” Captain Davidson told us, urging us to prepare, “One… two… three…”

Then, we began to dash down the length of the forward trench, but then when we had reached the midway point, we had seen four Narzek soldiers appear before us at the end. We were trapped, and going back would be suicide.

“Damn it!” The Captain shouted bitterly, grabbing his M-16, “Fire! Fire now!”

Immediately I was caught in a rush and began firing furiously. My heart almost sank as I watched Corporal Harrison get shot several times, and then fall to the ground, trying to grab air as he dropped his rifle. My heart was racing now as the only thing I cared about was where the bullets I was firing were traveling. It wasn’t until I saw the Captain struck in the chest with the machine gun fire and the Private next to him follow soon after did my soul feel weak. Both of them fell backward, thrown off of their feet from the merciless incoming fire.

I had seen what had struck them, and only a split second later, I felt four hideous explosions of pain suddenly surge throughout my body. I cried out in pain as I suddenly became too weak to hold my rifle or stand on my feet, so I had to fall to my knees.

“Kossak!” The Private behind me shouted, knowing out of the three, I was the only one still left alive.

But after he cried, I suddenly heard him yelp in pain as the machine gun fire was directed upon him, ripping through his uniform violently. I never even knew that Private’s name, yet the fact that he knew mine meant something deep to me as I stood there, unable to move.

I could feel the blood fill in my mouth, and suddenly it became too much for me to contain. I bent forward just a little to spit it out, but then my knees gave in, and as I fell to the ground I knew I didn’t have the strength to get back up again. I coughed and winced from the pain, and I was too tired and cold to keep going. After several painful moments, I didn’t even hear the gunfire anymore. Everything was encased in silence, just before it was taken over by the darkness as I took those last breaths…

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-12-2004, 10:48 PM
Wow... The end of the line for Jake Kossak...

Great story-nya! Can't wait for more-nya!

10-12-2004, 11:57 PM
Awesome job Neo! I never expected him to actually die... or did he? Of course the suprise was ruined for me cause I accidently read JIG's post first but hey, whatever... it was still awesome!

Man, what great description you put in that chapter as well! From the "sick expression on the captain's face' to the brutal dieing of Jake Kossak. Everything about this post was great, fun, awesome, and exciting to read! Luckily I can see more awesome post like this later on in this sweet fic! Great job Neo!

Neo Emolga
10-13-2004, 08:51 PM
Thank you JIG and KCash for your outstanding reviews. I'm glad to see a lot of people are enjoying this story, and I would be more than happy to post more of it. Again, thank you for taking the time to read it.

Chapter 4
The New Homecoming

I felt nothing for a long time. Then, slowly and carefully, I felt myself being lifted up. I didn’t open my eyes, since I still wasn’t sure where I was or if I really wanted to get up for that matter. I could sense something bright and powerful behind my closed eyelids, but I didn’t open them in fear of not knowing what it actually was. But then, I suddenly could feel my senses coming back. I could hear and feel things now, and only then did I slowly open my eyes. I didn’t expect to see what I first saw, but then, very strangely, it had all come back to me, like I had opened a book upon my past life and read and absorbed every fine detail about it.

I could feel a wet and cool sensation under me, and I then lied down in it, thinking the battle was finally over and I could cool myself off in the water to relieve the agony that I had just gone through. But as I did it, I felt different. It was the strangest feeling, suddenly so foreign for one moment, and then in time becoming so familiar with every passing moment. After I fell into the shallow stream, I pushed up on my tiny hands, and looked at myself in the sparkling water.

And then the memory became real. I looked into my shiny black eyes, and I realized I was Juno the Pikachu, a life that I had left behind years ago to continue on my journey as Jake Kossak. But how was it decided that this is how I would spend the remainder of eternity? Was the life of Juno the one that I was really meant to live?

Regardless, it was all gone now. The machine gun fire was replaced by the tranquil sound of the flowing water, and the dirt and sand of the Orre wasteland was now a long mirror of water that stretched for miles between purple mountains as it traced its way back to the everlasting and brightly colorful sunset. I watched the white waterfall in the distance creating a cloud of mist into the pond the water flowed in, and then turned to look at the soaring Wingull head toward the horizon, and then disappear into the distance. It was a place that could only be possible in dreams…

As I slowly walked through the shallow water, trying to get used to walking as Juno once again, only one thought crossed my mind…

It was over. I didn’t care whether we had won or lost, just so long as I could rest. I had remembered this place now. This was the place where I had been after I had died as Juno and continued my life as Jake Kossak. But now, both of those lives were over. Both of them had met their end for better or for worse. The days of living in those two worlds had passed. Tomorrow I would no longer stand, but instead find my comfort here, in this realm of tranquility and peace, a place where violence and hatred could never pierce its adamant foundations of placidity.

And then, like the shadow of an angel, I had seen a winged figure emerge from the distance, never needing to beat her wings to stay afloat as she soared through serene wind that lightly blew around. After she drew closer and closer to me, I had been enveloped by a sensation of revelation as I had recognized the face of a genuine friend that I had left behind so many years ago. I looked upon Blazewing, my Latias, a true companion of mine that had died to save me on the hard battlefield long ago. I had seen in her eyes that while she was finally content to see me here, she still seemed surprised that it had occurred so early in time.

She had landed on the clear water, causing its mirror surface to ripple around her like a pulsing aura. She then turned to me, and looked upon me with her shiny, innocent eyes.

“You’re here earlier than I thought you would be…” Blazewing had told me, looking into my eyes with a sign of dismay, “How could your journey as Jake Kossak be over so soon?”

“For the same reason that the other life was ended prematurely.” I told her in a solemn tone, “War. No matter whether it’s fought with firearms, blades, or whatever, it doesn’t make a difference where the battle wages, war never changes, and it always ends the same way…”

I didn’t want to think about what I had lost. I knew I had lost a lot during those last moments. I lost friendships and memories that were burnt to a crisp as I realized those moments would never be spent that way again. Those times had all met their end, but there would be better times. I could feel it now, and I could sense that a new beginning was going to flourish off of that old beginning’s end. I didn’t need to think about those hard times anymore.

“I’m glad I had another chance to see you again.” I told Blazewing, having missed her a lot during those long years, “But we’re free now. It’s over…”

“It’s been long time, Juno…” Blazewing had replied, looking off to the horizon, “But you’re home now. I’m sure you’ll love it here.”

It sure seemed like it. The cool breeze was refreshing, and the air was crisp and clear. No doubt that this was the perfect place to wash away all the pains and sorrow of the past lives. The hard burdens that I had gone through would no longer hold me down, for they were gone and could not find me here. What happened now wasn’t up to me. My time was done…

“How has Sita been?” I asked Blazewing, knowing it was also a long time since I’ve seen her.

“She’s been wanting to speak with you for the longest time.” Blazewing had told me, looking into my eyes, “Come, I’ll take you to her.”

She then turned around and let me climb upon her back. As soon as I had got on her and made myself comfortable, she then took off into the air, and I was instantly greeted with a pleasant wave of reminiscence as I remembered flying with her long ago. I had only been in this tranquil place for only a few minutes, and already I had been peacefully greeted with more contentment than I could ever experience in a normal lifetime. I couldn’t help but smile as we flew between the purple mountains and as I gazed at our reflection on the water while we flew overhead. Truly these would be better times…

It was a shame that was all going to have to change…

Neo Emolga
10-18-2004, 08:58 PM
Chapter 5
The Restless

We flew for many miles, but it didn’t seem that long considering how peaceful the journey was. Truly I would find more comfort here after many years of hard struggles. Where was my family and friends now? Most of them were gone, but the very few I did have, I tried to hold on to for as long as I could. I’ve come across so many kinds of people, but almost all of them had to be left behind. To say the least, I moved on, and I became someone very different. Someone they might never recognize…

Blazewing had told me that we had crossed into the fields of Utopia after we left the purple mountains and crystal lakes behind to enter a vast landscape of green hills and valleys. I had never seen this area before, but when it was opened up before me, I couldn’t help but be captivated by it. For once, the land seemed so untouched and unscathed. It seemed so different from the world before this…

Soon after, Blazewing had descended toward the ground, and I had seen Sita standing upon the grassy field, just waiting for me. Like me, she was also a Pikachu, and I had been very close to her long ago. But for some reason, she seemed different now. I didn’t think ten years could bring so much change to someone, but at the moment, she seemed so uneasy.

After Blazewing had approached the ground, I hopped off and made my way toward Sita, feeling the gentle brushing of the blades of grass upon my feet as I walked toward her.

“I take it that you were deprived of a normal life...” Sita had concluded from my early presence, “The dawn has just passed, and yet you are already here.”

“War and combat exist everywhere.” I told Sita as a conclusion, trying to explain why was here so early, “They all start for different reasons, but they never change and the result is always the same.”

I would have rather met Sita on happier circumstances, but that clearly wasn’t the case anymore. I knew we could have lived more peacefully if both of us had the chance at a normal life. Despite that, I still had questions. I wanted to know why I was here, for I still didn’t understand what was really going on…

“I still find it strange to be here.” I had told her, looking into her eyes, “Is this really where I belong? And really, who am I in the end?”

Sita had turned away a bit, and still seemed very downcast. I could tell it seemed like even while she was here in this realm of peace, she was still unable to rest from the tensions that surrounded her all the time. I could see this had been very hard on her…

“In one world, a beautiful garden is spread out for nine acres in memory of you.” Sita had told me, still looking off to the side, “It is here where your body lies. There, they commend you for all your acts of bravery, and how you fought in the name of justice, peace, and freedom. Your name has been etched into solid stone so memory of you would never cease.”

And then, she looked toward me, and suddenly I felt very different…

“In the other world, you are one white cross among fields and fields of other white crosses.” Sita continued, looking into my eyes, “The mourning space is only a few feet, and in that world, no one remembers what you went through in your fight for justice. Upon that cross, there is no name, or memory of who you were or why you were there. Please tell me, Juno, which legacy would you rather live…?”

It became clear to me then. I never considered what I had left behind ten years ago. All those memories of fighting and determination to try and pull through to be a part of that brotherhood had suddenly came back again. After that, I knew which destiny I wanted to live from now on.

To me, Jake Kossak was dead. He died in the trenches of Orre, killed by machine gun fire, and was laid to rest bearing no name or no memory. Everything from that life was gone now. I had left so much of it behind, and that too, was buried with the rest of him. I was done with saying goodbye to that past life, more than prepared to cast it away and to never live it again. I knew from that point forward, I told myself I would only live one destiny now, and it was here.

“I understand Sita, but it’s over now.” I told Sita, trying to help her relax some of the tension away, “Please, just try to rest in peace. The fighting has gone and passed. You’ve done all that you can.”

Still, she looked uneasy, and I didn’t even know why. I knew how the past war really brought her down, but it was over. Why was she still so upset?

“Sita, the war is gone.” I continued, still trying to convince her, “Shouldn’t you be happy now that The Silver Rebellion lives in peace?”

And then, she looked toward with a glance of dismay. I still didn’t know what was wrong with her.

“The Eternal Silver Apex no longer lives in anything close to peace.” Sita had informed me, looking very downcast, “Immediately following the war against The Crimson Stars, a nation by the name of Black Onyx, an Imperial kingdom that had taken advantage of the weakened state of our nation, had assaulted our people without mercy. Juno, every one of our cities has become a graveyard. Even the great city of Symarix fell under their control.”

I felt sick. It fact, I believe I felt even worse than Sita did at that moment. Was it really too late now? Was everything we fought for suddenly lost? I couldn’t imagine that the great city of Symarix was nothing now. It seemed so hard to believe…

“They mostly live underground now, just hiding and trying to get back on their feet.” Sita told me, looking miserable about it, “They only have three underground settlements now, all of which are kept a secret. They used to come to your gravesite to pray until it was burned down to the ground, and all that was left were charred stones. Juno, as much as you did for them, it’s hard to see that you were really there…”

No. I couldn’t imagine what Symarix would look like as a fallen city, especially after remembering how beautiful it was. After I looked down at the grass before my feet, I then felt a sudden urge.

“I can’t stay here anymore.” I told Sita, not caring about how those words might hurt her, “I can’t sleep while they struggle to keep alive. We can’t go back to the misery we lived in. We can’t disappear after all we have come through. I can’t allow that to happen. Not to them…”

“Most of us find it nearly impossible to go back to the life we lived before.” Sita told me, trying to find an answer, “We were meant to leave the pressures and burdens of the past life behind. Juno, you of all are the most deserving of the peace and tranquility that comes with this life. I won’t deny that I can’t help but grieve for their loss, but I need to realize my time there is done…”

“Well mine isn’t.” I told Sita, making up my mind about it, “I didn’t fight hard for them only to have them fall to yet another ruthless enemy. Should I let all their prayers go unanswered? No, that’s not fair. Sita, I hope you can forgive me, but I’m going back to Kivistal any way I can. They believe in me, and I believe in them. How can I rest here comfortably when they need my help?”

In my eyes, I had already left this place behind. All I needed now was a way to do it…

Neo Emolga
10-29-2004, 04:01 AM
Chapter 6
The Second Departure

I couldn’t rest, not when the ones who I had struggled so hard to save were being lost. Was I really dead? Was everything meant to be lost in the end? I didn’t think so. There was a reason why I came to Kivistal in the first place, and it wasn’t to have all my efforts lost and to have the citizens of Symarix submerged in hopelessness. With those thoughts in my mind, I had turned to Sita, and looked into her shiny eyes.

“I have to go, Sita.” I told her, feeling a bit in dismay, “I’m afraid of what the people of the Eternal Silver Apex are going through. From what you’ve told me, I’d hate to see what their lives have become, but I can’t stand here and do nothing about it. If I need to be there to bring them back to what they used to have, then I have to return to them. But that means I’ll have to say good bye, one last time...”

I knew it was going to be hard on her, but I was hoping that once this last conflict was done and resolved, we could finally rest in comfort, knowing the ones we had done so much for could finally live in eternal peace, untouched by those who would want to destroy it. Even though we had waited so long for it already, I still didn’t feel like the time was right.

“I want to be with you, but I can’t grab the courage to stop you, Juno.” Sita replied, looking down at the grass, “For even though a part of me begs for you to stay here, the other part beckons for you to continue the destiny that you and you alone were meant to have.”

I hated to leave her alone once again, but I knew she could never be happy again if she couldn’t spend the rest of eternity in peace and comfort if this was allowed to continue. And after they had done so much for me, how could I leave them behind to perish? There was no way I could do that…

“The prophecy mentions nothing about this.” Sita told me, looking down for a moment and then looking back up again, “But I have realized that not all things that are meant to be are written down on paper. There are thoughts and feelings that we have that show we are the ones in control. So please Juno. Don’t worry about me. The very presence of you within their company will be more than enough to bring back their spirits.”

There was a part of me that didn’t want to leave this place behind, but finally I put that feeling aside, and then grabbed the will and courage that had prepared me to finally depart, and say goodbye once again to the one that had been so close to me.

“Head to the Opal Fields, Juno.” Sita instructed me, “There you will find the Well of Harmony sitting in the middle of a vast garden. That well can take you anywhere, as long as you have your mind set on the location. All you need to do is concentrate, and then plunge yourself into the water.”

“I will miss you Sita, but I won’t forget about you.” I told her, preparing to climb upon Blazewing’s back, “But please, don’t grieve while I am gone. There will be a time when we can finally rest in peace. Look forward to it in the future.”

Once I was seated comfortably upon Blazewing, I said a final goodbye to Sita, and then, we had taken off. It felt awful to leave her behind yet again after having only just spent a few minutes with her. Still, as much as the thought burdened me, I couldn’t let her stay in this kind of pain, and I wouldn’t tolerate the destruction of my old comrades either. To think that they had gone through so much hell only to fall to yet another adversary was unbearable. In my eyes, the war was not over, not when my comrades were still fighting.

The journey to the Opal Fields was a long one, one that I didn’t expect to take to last for so many miles. For the first time, I entered into the deep into what this Utopia was supposed to be. We saw nothing but miles and miles of tranquil fields, tropical forests and peaceful mountain ranges. There was an endless feeling of peace here, and I couldn’t help but want to taste it for just a moment. Still, I had to restrain myself and focus at the task at hand. I didn’t know how long it would be before I would see this place again, but for now, I was going to have to leave it behind.

Finally, we had arrived at the Opal Fields, which were vast and seemingly endless plains of glittering white grass. Trees were only occasional, but their leaves were also a pure white and they also glittered in the colorful light of the sunset sky. As we flew overhead, we also passed rivers of water that was so clear, the stone channels and the ripples of the water’s surface was the only indication that there was actually water there.

Miles and miles passed until we had arrived at a golden well, which I figured must have been the Well of Harmony. It was smaller than I thought it would be, only being twice the size of a normal well. Still, there was just enough room for Blazewing and I to dive into the water together.

“So there it is.” Blazewing had told me, even though I pretty much figured it out already, “There is an inscription on it that says ‘The Gateway for those who cannot rest.’ It’s the only real exit from this place.”

“Then let’s go.” I told her, preparing myself to see what Kivistal has become, “All we need to do is concentrate on the place we need to go. Just remember what Kivistal used to be, and with any luck we should be able to reach it.”

“Hopefully…” Blazewing replied, a bit skeptical, “Are you ready, because I am.”

I then told her to go for it, and then she charged forward at a very fast and furious speed toward the well. I could feel the wind rushing past me furiously as she picked up the pace. Then, when she had picked up enough speed, she arched downward directly toward the well. I then shut my eyes, and tried to remember the world of Kivistal, and how it used to be. Even though it was still ten years ago, I managed to get a clear picture of what Symarix used to look like, with its giant buildings, busy streets, and all its splendor. And then all of a sudden, I felt the rush of water all around me. Even though I was unable to breathe, I still focused on that picture in my mind.

And then I lost consciousness of everything…

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10-31-2004, 09:15 PM
Such a wonderful, yet mysterious story, Neo. You have really outdone yourself, bringing back The Trials Of Juno. I shall patiently await for the next chapter, which I know will be good.

Neo Emolga
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Well, I'm glad you enjoy reading it. Here's some more, I hope you find this chapter interesting...

Chapter 7
Dark Surroundings

When I had finally awoken, I took a glace around me, and I immediately felt like I landed in Hell itself. The first thing I saw was the sky, and it looked like a river of blood in the air. The only thing I could hear was a faint howling sound that never seemed to cease. However, as bad as it was, it felt far too real to be a twisted nightmare.

When I finally sat up, I saw the ground, charred black from what I guess must have been a long exposure to fire. I could still see the remains of several trees, only now they were twisted, bare, and lifeless. Scattered around were several carved stones and pillars, which looked like they could have once been true pieces of art now left in ruins. Once I stood up, I felt the cold air blow past me more closely now, and when I backed up a bit, I bumped into something hard and firm behind me. I quickly spun around in fear, and realized it was another stone. When I looked it over, I suddenly realized what exactly this place was.

This was my gravesite. Nestled above the stone was a stone statue of a Pikachu riding upon a Latias. Upon the stone itself were the words, “Juno: We believe. We remember.”

And I was surrounded by it. All the fallen pillars and stones, and all the work that had been put into this place was all for me. Only now, it looked like Hell itself. The entire gravesite had been desecrated by the forces of the Black Onyx Imperials. Meanwhile, Blazewing looked at me, feeling seriously uneasy…

“This is…?” She said, quivering from the sight.

“It is.” I told her, trying to calm her down, “Maybe its better if you don’t see it…”

I then took out her Pokéball, and then after she had agreed to it, I returned her to the Pokéball. I could only barely manage to look at this place myself. Never once did I think I would one day look upon the location to see where I was buried, only to see it scorched to the ground and fallen apart. I turned around to look at the stone once more, and suddenly I heard a noise in back of me. Then they started to come from all around, and then I turned around, and was exposed to yet another hideous sight.

It appeared to be a group of soldiers, all Pokémon wearing black uniforms and carrying long silver rifles. The one in the center, an Azumarill appeared to be the leader of the group, since he was wearing more medals than I could count.

“Well, well well.” The Azumarill stated in a pompous tone, “What do we have here? A completely naked Pikachu. You must be from the Silver Apex, mustn’t you?”

I paid no attention to him. I could already tell these were the same fanatics that had attacked the people of the Silver Apex. I didn’t even want to look at them.

“I am the Elite Commander Cythan of the Golden Diadem League. Tell me, ruffian, what is your name?”

I was silent. Instead, I looked away a bit at the other soldiers. Among them was a Magmar, a Vigoroth, a Nuzleaf, and a few others. I also caught sight of three Altaria, which looked like they were used more for transportation with all the ordinate leather riding gear that was wrapped around them.

“Are you going to answer me or not!?” Cythan shouted, looking very impatient and aggressive, “Look at me, you hideous creature!”

I couldn’t help but look into his angry eyes. After I looked deep inside them, I could tell he had already slaughtered countless members of the Silver Apex. I could almost feel their lost souls screaming from within the hatred in his eyes. Meanwhile, he looked into mine, and then he looked at me differently.

“Well, I’m surprised you even made it this far into our territory.” Cythan stated, almost chortling sarcastically, “We’ve already caught and killed several of your kind at this same site, praying to some lost soldier you call Juno. If you’re here for that same purpose, you’re about to find out you only just wasted your life coming here.”

I then looked up to him, and the stared coldly into his eyes. I almost found it funny that he knew about me, but then again after meeting me face to face, he still didn’t realize who I was…

“Why do you ask for my name when you already know what it is?” I asked him, watching him very carefully.

“What are you saying?” Cythan asked, having no clue as to what I just said.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I looked at the other soldiers, who just stood there confused with their guard completely down. I then turned to them, and focused hard on the world around me. Suddenly, they seemed to move like they were wading through thick sludge. I then leapt toward them, flying toward them with excessive speed. I flew toward the first of the soldiers. I slammed my fist into Nuzleaf’s face, and suddenly the rifle was released from his grasp completely in shock. I quickly grabbed it, and furiously fired upon the other soldiers. As they tried to fire upon me, it wasn’t very hard to dodge the slow moving bullets.

But after some time, I realized there was a lot more than I could handle at the moment. I then headed back for the large headstone, and took cover behind it. I couldn’t fight them all off at once, since there were far too many of them. As their bullets struck the stone, I then took a deep breath, emerged from behind the headstone and returned fire upon them, watching the path of every bullet as I aimed for the most vital areas. Within only thirty seconds, I had the entire squad downed, except for Cythan. I then quickly turned around, aimed the rifle at him, and then I released my focus. Time quickly returned to normal, and now I found him at my mercy. All he could do was step back, completely in shock. He dropped his empty rifle, completely unsure of my next move.

“You know who I am.” I told Cythan in a firm tone.

“No…I don’t…” He replied with uncertainly, “Who the devil are you?”

I then took Blazewing’s Pokéball, and primed it. I then tossed it to the ground besides me, and the glossy red and white Pokéball opened with a bright flash. After the light had emerged, it then formed into Blazewing, my Latias. After the light was gone, she then looked around, and then saw the Azumarill known as Cythan.

“It can’t be…” He stated coldly, “No… this is impossible.”

But, after some cold moments, his disbelief was slowly fading away. He shook his head, completely in disbelief.

“They had clear and evident proof you were killed ten years ago!” He shouted furiously, “They found your body burnt to a crisp! Even your own people think you’re dead! How the hell is this even possible!?”

“It is true that I gave up my life to protect my people.” I told him in a firm and serious tone looking down upon the charred ground of my gravesite, “They had wanted a life of peace for so long. But after hearing news of your reign of terror upon my people in my absence, I could not rest in Utopia any longer. Not while my people suffered, and their prayers went unanswered.”

But instead, he started laughing. He then looked at me with disbelief, and couldn’t help but smile.

“Even if you are Juno, you’re already too damn late.” Cythan snickered, “Your magnificent Silver Apex has fallen to the ground in shame. It was rather easy considering they were so worn out from the war with the Crimson Stars.”

“I’ll give you one last chance.” I told Cythan seriously, “Tell your leader to leave my people in peace and to give back our country, or you’ll have to deal with me. And trust me, I’ve dealt with more than you could ever imagine…”

But, he refused to listen. I didn’t understand why he didn’t even want to heed my warning.

“Juno, the Black Onyx Kingdom is far more powerful than the Crimson Stars ever were.” Cythan laughed, “But, I think it would only be fitting for one of our finest soldiers to have the greatest honor of slaying the legendary Gold Rider. After all, no one alive holds that title. You’d make us very happy with that, Juno. It would do a number for our morale.”

I grew furious from that comment, and then tried firing the rifle, but after a few clicks of nothing, I realized it was completely out of ammunition. In frustration, I threw the rifle down, and turned back toward Cythan with anger in my heart. Then, Cythan turned to one of the awaiting Altarias, paying no attention to me.

“Come Laglacia.” Cythan requested, summoning the Altaria to him.

After the blue dragon bird had spread its cotton swab wings and gently flew to Cythan, he climbed on the Altaria’s back, and then looked back to me.

“It’s you that should be given the warning.” Cythan told me as he prepared to leave, “Go back to the place where you came from. Your people are already dead. You can’t do anything about it by yourself.”

And then, the Altaria spread its wings, and then took flight into the air. I watched hopelessly as the other two Altaria began to follow him. After I saw them disappear, I was filled with uncontrollable anger.

But at the same time, I had never known such misery…

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The latest post was great! :biggrin:

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Chapter 8
Harsh Misery

For now, he was gone, but I knew that probably wouldn’t be the last time I saw him. No doubt I could already feel my new enemy was even stronger than I had imagined. Like Zander and the rest of the Crimson Stars, they were already capable of mass and merciless destruction. All the once thriving fields that had once belonged to the Silver Apex were covered in black and gray, with a dark red sky above. And here, I was surrounded with the presence of death, even the presence of my own death.

I slowly walked away from that charred gravesite, feeling the hard crust of the blackened ground below my feet. I knew there was danger everywhere, and a constant pressure of lost hope. All I could think about was my purpose here. Was it even possible to bring up the already fallen Silver Apex up from a position even worse than before to fight an enemy so many times stronger? It seemed so unlikely, since at their current state, they had nothing to fight back with. No weapons, no manufacturing plants, and only a few surviving soldiers.

I was alone in that barren land, lost like I was in a great black desert. The air around me changed from warm to cold in only a matter of seconds, and the wind was emitting a low howl as it passed me by. I could see for miles around, only I saw nothing, nothing but a sea of black shale around me, with a blazing sky above me that looked like blood and tar swirled together.

I struggled for another hour of walking, and still I found nothing and I didn’t know where I was heading. My vision was blurring, my throat was dry, and I was exhausted, stumbling on my two feet just trying to get around. After my foot had struck the shale awkwardly, I tripped and fell over, finding myself lying on my back, and looking directly up at the sky, immediately feeling sick and dizzy, looking up as if I was being hung upside down and being lowered into the fiery magma of a volcano. I then just shut my eyes, knowing that trying to see with them would only make things worse. I just tried to breathe, regardless of how rancid the air was. After some time, the howling sound had faded, and for a short moment, everything seemed to move so slow. I was too exhausted to move, so I let the silence pass over me as I closed my eyes.

When I finally came to my senses, I was looking down at a red carpet, with my arms being held up. I felt so weak and tired, and I could barely move. I just wanted to fall to the ground and rest, but something or somebody was holding me up. Somehow, it didn’t feel like I was outside anymore, but more like I had been dragged to some indoor area.

I then grabbed the strength to look up, and I saw I was in a highly decorated throne room, with ordinate furniture made of cherry wood and a floor that was made shiny marble. On the left side were giant windows, with crystal clear glass and an ordinate gold frame. All around the throne room were soldiers, dressed in the familiar Black Onyx military uniform. I looked to my sides and realized the ones holding me up and dragging me along were a Combusken and a Charmeleon, also obviously from the Black Onyx. Then, when I looked in front of me, I came face to face with the very king of the Black Onyx Imperials, an Ampharos dressed in very ordinate silk clothing. Standing around him were the rest of the Elite Guard Commanders of the Golden Diadem, also in uniform. I saw a Medicham, a Raichu, a Sneasel, a Grumpig, and last but not least, Cythan the Azumarill, who I had only met a few hours ago. I already knew I was beyond screwed…

“Pathetic really.” Cythan remarked in a disgusted pompous tone, “I say we just execute him and get it over with.”

“Not yet.” The Ampharos responded with a similar pompous English accent, “I want to have some fun with him first. I want to make an example of him.”

Just what I needed. I looked up at him for the longest time, and I hated the way he was looking at me like I was some lower life-form.

“Welcome to the Black Onyx Kingdom.” He told me sarcastically, “My name is King Skepter, and these are my loyal commanders. But you can call me ‘your highness’ if that would suit your fancy.”

He then bent over and looked at me with a slight look of disgust, as if he was looking at a squashed bug. I really couldn’t stand this guy…

“Tell me, vagrant.” He continued, speaking in a lower tone now that he was closer to me, “You really say you are the legendary Juno, who defeated Zander single-handedly? That’s what my compatriot has told me, but I still refuse to believe it.”

I was silent. I knew it would probably send them all on a roll of laughter if I told them the truth, and the last thing I wanted was for them to be happy and merry at a miserable time like this…

“Tell me, dammit!” He shouted, growing angry, “If you do not, I will be forced to kill you either way.”

“He is.” The Sneasel quickly confirmed, looking at me with crossed arms.

Immediately, all eyes had turned to him, and he was silent for a few moments. Skepter then turned toward the Sneasel, and looked at him with curiosity.

“Really?” Skepter asked, looking quite surprised, “How can you be so sure?”

“Because back when I was part of the Silver Rebellion, I worked with him face to face.” The Sneasel had told him, “I saw what he was capable of back then. But now, he looks pretty damn pathetic.”

I then realized who that Sneasel actually was. I felt a very sick and hard feeling in my throat as I remembered Vice, who had helped me back at Macomb. I couldn’t understand what he was doing here though. Why did he betray us…?

“Hmm…” Skepter replied, thinking about it as he turned back to me, “If that’s true, how can he still be alive? Those Silver Apex fools were convinced he was dead, enough to build an entire garden for his burial place. Sickens me though. Not even my ancestors were given that much…”

Sucks to be you. At least I actually did something rather than sit on a chair all day making ridicule of people.

“Just why did you come back?” Skepter asked, looking at me curiously, “Truly you saw the fields of Utopia with your own black eyes. Why leave paradise behind, only to come back to this miserable stinking place, only to find your people have been exterminated?”

“Because of you…” I told him, just barely able to speak, “I can’t rest… while my people suffer…”

He laughed, and I suddenly became very annoyed at that moment, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. All I could do was stand there, suspended and held upward like I was crucified. And I had no choice, it was either look at him or look at the floor.

“Well, welcome back, Juno.” Skepter snickered with delight, “I’m glad you could join us. I’d hate to say it, but we’ve already won the war. You seem to have arrived a bit too late…”

I didn’t want to believe that, but everything around me was telling me otherwise…

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Chapter 9
The Humiliating Torture

The hardest part of trying to understand everything about this was knowing there was nothing I could have done to change this around, even though they thought I could have. They didn’t know I was separated from what was really going on as I lived on as Jake Kossak, but I knew they would never believe me if I told them that.

“Fine, we’re done now.” Cythan replied impatiently, “He’s a menace to us and he should be executed. He alone killed my command squad.”

“Not yet, my dear friend.” Skepter replied to Cythan, looking at him from the corner of his eyes, “That would be too easy. Plus that would only make him look like a martyr again if the Silver Apex ever found what we did to him.”

Everyone around him was looking at Skepter oddly, like it would only be normal for me to be executed on the spot. Even I was surprised that he didn’t just shoot me there and then. But then, the unexpected happened.

“What do you suppose we do to him?” Vice asked him, looking at him with a strange expression in his eyes, “We can’t let him go free...”

“Get me Cadbury.” Skepter requested gently, “I need him for a few moments.”

“Yes, your highness.” Cythan had acknowledged, leaving his position.

I really had no idea who Cadbury was, and I could tell from the look in Cythan’s eyes that he had no explanation as to why Skepter even wanted this guy, whoever he was.

It was only then that I was finally let go from the Charmeleon and the Combusken, and I was able to stand on my own two feet. I didn’t feel as weary at the moment, but still, I was a bit dizzy and tired. While Cythan had left the room, I had looked at everything around me in dismay. I looked out the window with a much clearer view, and I was astounded at the size of the city that lay just outside the window. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but as soon as I started to comprehend what was going on, I heard an odd uproar.

“Well hello, hello, hello, my highness!” a cheery call had voiced out, “What kind of trick would you want to see today?”

I suddenly turned around to where the voice came from to see a Mr. Mime standing only ten feet away behind me, dressed in a colorful jester’s outfit and smiling cheerfully. Every time he moved just a little, the bells on the tips of his jester’s cap jingled a bit. He looked at Skepter with a happy expression, ready to entertain his master. Yet, oddly enough, Skepter wasn’t smiling…

“I want to see you dance.” Skepter replied in a firm tone.

“That’s all?” Cadbury asked, seeming a bit surprised, “Well sure!”

And then, he started dancing back and forward merrily while the bells on his cap jingled even more. I watched him for ten seconds, thinking the entire performance was truly idiotic, but I didn’t say anything. Then, when I least suspected it, Skepter had pulled out a black pistol that was in a small cubby besides his throne and pointed it at him. I then held my breath, just before the handgun had blasted out and spat a bright burst of flame. When I turned to the Mr. Mime, I saw he was struck perfectly between the eyes, where there was now a large bleeding hole. Only seconds later, he completely collapsed to the red carpet I was standing on, totally still and lifeless. Everyone just stood silently and stared at his dead body…

“Well, that finishes off that miserable excuse for entertainment.” Skepter had remarked bitterly, putting the black pistol back where it belonged, “Instead, I want Juno to be our new jester.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Vice replied in disbelief, “Why do you still want him to live?”

“Simply enough,” Skepter replied, looking off to the side with a small smile on his face, “I want him to entertain me. I want him to share all his wonderful adventures with me, about how he defeated Zander and what happened to him after that. But the main important part is… I want him to look like a complete fool while he does.”

Now this was insane. All I could do was look at Cadbury’s dead body, and just watch the blood seep out of his head. I couldn’t imagine myself doing what he used to do…

“Plus, I think Juno would be a much more appealing jester than that hideously stupid Mr. Mine.” Skepter stated as he looked at the dead Cadbury, “I never laughed once with Cadbury, but hearing what Juno has to say should send me falling off my seat screaming hysterically.”

To say the least, it was an incredibly sick thing to do. Not very long after, I was taken to a prison cell, and was told to stay there and keep quiet. I was happy at least they decided to feed me, even though it was just table scraps of what everybody else didn’t want at the evening feast.

Hours later, they came back with the jester’s suit and cap I was supposed to wear. I hated the sight of it, being totally in bright rainbow colors. After they showed it to me, they then forced me out of the cell to go down the long network of hallways into one of the dressing rooms. Once they followed me into the room and handed the suit and cap to me, I really didn’t feel like putting it on, but considering they put me at gunpoint, I wasn’t about to argue. After I grabbed the courage and put everything on, they then put on the white face paint, and when they were finished I felt like a total idiot.

And then they decided to make it worse. As if doing this to me wasn’t bad enough, they wanted to go even further than that…

“Where is that Latias of yours?” The Combusken had asked, still gripping his rifle.

“What the hell do you need her for?” I asked, wondering why he wanted to see her.

“King Skepter wants to see you fly around the throne room with her.” The Combusken continued, “We need to put make-up on her as well.”

This was totally sick and demented, but as angry as I was, there was nothing I could do about it. Sure I could kill him and his stupid Charmeleon friend, but there was no way I’d ever make it out of here alive, even if I knew the way out. And as far as I knew, I couldn’t give up hope for the Silver Apex. I could only hope Blazewing would forgive me…

I had grabbed her Pokéball, primed it, and threw it forward. I watched the glossy red and white Pokéball burst open with a bright flash of light, and the bright light had soon formed into Blazewing, who seemed very surprised at her surroundings.

“Where am I?” She asked, looking around.

“You and your friend Juno are prisoners of the Black Onyx Kingdom.” The Combusken told her, “But instead of executing you, King Skepter has decided he wants the two of you to entertain him as his new jesters instead.”

Without a doubt, she was shocked. She looked at me, and her eyes went down sympathetically. Then she turned to the Combusken and the Charmeleon, and realized she was going to have to through the same thing. I knew she would hate being made a mockery of, but we had no choice if we wanted to buy enough time to find a way out of here.

“Why are you doing this!?” Blazewing demanded, looking down upon the Combusken, “Is this really necessary?”

“You should consider yourself very lucky.” The Combusken corrected her, “Every one of the Elite Commanders of the Golden Diadem thought for sure you and Juno were going to be executed. I myself thought so as well.”

For a moment, she was silent. I knew she didn’t want to go through this, and neither did I, but at that moment, she looked like she had given up as well. But while this was going on, there was only one thing I could think about…

Was this really better than being executed…?

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I'm glad this inspires you, JIG. You've done a great job with your stories, which often help me get that extra push to keep writing. Again, thank you.

Chapter 10The Flight of Shame

Only an hour later, they had completely gutted Blazewing’s pride. She looked down in dismal sorrow after she looked into the mirror, seeing herself surrounded with make-up with strings of flowers attached to her. She just looked away, unable to bear the sight of it.

“You had better not look that miserable when you go in front of King Skepter.” The Combusken warned, “He’s supposed to be laughing when you guys are in there. And if he’s not laughing, you’ll end up just like the last guy did.”

Trying to smile at a time like this was easier said than done. How was I supposed to smile in front of the one who murdered almost everyone in the Silver Apex, made a mockery of my accomplishments, and who didn’t believe anything I would ever tell him? Somehow, I was going to have to find a way out of here if there was to be any hope in making a comeback. All I tried to think of at that moment was how I would repay this misery back to him in pain.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t given that much time to think about it, and it wasn’t long before we were taken to the front door of the throne room, where inside, Skepter was stuffing his face with the evening dessert, just basking in delight of the destruction of my comrades. I didn’t like it either and I really didn’t feel like making a joke about it, but I needed Blazewing’s cooperation for any hope to pull through this. I knew the last thing we wanted to do was entertain this tyrant after what he did, but we weren’t left with much choice…

“Just remember.” I softly whispered to her, “One of these days, he will be at our mercy, and it will be us who will make him miserable. If there’s anything you should be smiling about when you enter into that room, it should be that, picturing his face with a grimace instead of delight.”

“I’ll try…” Blazewing replied in a soft whisper.

Soon after, the doors were thrown open, and immediately Blazewing took off into the throne room. We flew upward and then around and around the room, right above everyone as they watched us from their seats. We cheered in mirthless glee, throwing away everything we ever believed in and worked hard for just for a chance to survive this humiliation. We tried to do as many tricks as we could think of, from flips, last second turns and barrel rolls. Finally, I told Blazewing that we had probably done enough, and I told her to land before Skepter. Then, she flew down and then stopped when she reached the red carpeted floor, and I stepped off of her, facing Skepter as he was eating a piece of chocolate moose pie. I then noticed a Flaaffy standing right besides Skepter, and I could only guess who it was…

“This is your new jester, father?” The Flaaffy asked Skepter in a snotty and pompous adolescent accent, “He looks like a real idiot.”

That immediately caused Skepter to burst into laughter, dropping his fork, causing it to rattle on the plate due to the lack of control. After Skepter managed to calm himself down after laughing hysterically for a few seconds, he then looked to the Flaaffy and smiled.

“Actually Bartholomew,” Skepter told his son, “This is Juno, the legendary Gold Rider.”

And then even his son started laughing. He looked at me and stepped back, covering his mouth with his hand to hide the giggles.

“Him?” Bartholomew asked in disbelief, “The one who led the destruction of the Crimson Stars and defeated Zander? Father, you can’t be serious. Look at him, he looks more stupid than a intoxicated Psyduck.”

“Well, we made him look that way.” Skepter responded, understanding his son’s viewpoint, “We found him nearly parched to death in the middle of the desert after he had slaughtered Cythan’s patrol squad. So instead of killing him, I decided he would be much better as an entertainer. You were entertained by his antics, were you not?”

Great, as if having to deal with one of them wasn’t bad enough, now I had Skepter and his little bratty son to worry about. And this whole entertaining thing was making me sick. I was supposed to be a warrior, not a clown like this…

“He needs a better finish, father.” Bartholomew responded, pulling out his own slice of pie, “It was good, but a little too good. He needs to have a fault somewhere along the line. I’d like to see him… crash into something. Something very gooey and messy. Like a mud pie, same as this one, only much bigger. At least enough for him and his stupid bird to crash into.”

“That can be arranged.” Skepter responded, smiling at the thought of it. “In fact, you’re right, I would fancy seeing that myself. And it should be big. I want to see him crawling out of it with his face dripping and his body smothered with chocolate pudding.”

“But he needs to get rid of that stupid suit.” Bartholomew continued, tearing another piece of cake away with his fork and putting it in his mouth, “He looks nothing like the real Juno, just more like some random idiot Pikachu. It would be far more amusing to see the real legendary Juno the way he’s supposed look be the one to fly around in all his former glory… only to collide with a giant chocolate cake.”

And just the thought of that was enough to send them both on a roll of laughter. This was getting ridiculous. Blazewing and I were certainly no little kid’s toys, and I hated being forced to do all this nonsense just so some war criminal and his bratty son could find amusement in my misery.

“You can see it tomorrow son.” Skepter said to Bartholomew as he tried to comfort him, “It’s late and you should be heading off to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day.”

“But father!” Bartholomew whined to Skepter, “Just another hour? Please…”

Ugh, when was he finally going to shut up? After many pathetic complaints about nothing, the little brat was finally sent up to bed and then put to sleep. Meanwhile, Skepter then just turned to me, and smiled as he looked into my eyes.

“You know, I’m quite glad I decided to spare your miserable little life.” Skepter told me, giving me a solid stare, “You’re a lot more useful than I thought. And far more amusing on your first day than Cadbury ever was. You’ve made me happy, Juno. I’m sure you can live up to my expectations for many years to come.”

I really hated hearing the sound of that. Still, I was silent and managed to keep that dopey smile on my face. After that, we were taken out of the throne room and then thrown into a shower stall where we finally got the chance to take off that annoying suit and wash away that irritating make-up. After we washed up, we were simply taken right back to the prison cell again. I tried to comfort Blazewing as she slept on the floor while I was on the suspended wooden bed, but she was tired and didn’t feel like saying much after that. I then just pressed my head against the single pillow I was given, and then drifted off to sleep.

Even in the middle of the night, the two of us were awaken all of a sudden by that same blasted Charmeleon and Combusken, telling the two of us to get up. My eyelids still felt heavy and my vision was blurry, but still, I managed to get up before they did something violent.

“We’re moving you to the dressing room.” The Combusken told me, “Come with me.”

“Exactly what for?” I asked, wondering why he would want us to sleep in there, “And who the hell are you two anyway?”

“The name is Boris, and this is Mavrik.” The Combusken told me, introducing himself and the Charmeleon, “And don’t question your authority next time. You should be happy that King Skepter actually likes what you do. He wants you in a closer location to the throne room so he can see you perform more often.”

This was a real joke. The two of them pulled us out of the room without any care how we felt. I tried to walk around, but I was awfully tried, and as soon as we reached the dressing room, I didn’t care if there wasn’t a bed around, I just collapsed to the floor and immediately fell to sleep.

I didn’t even consider what hell I would have to go through that next day…

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Once again, you made another great chapter! Skepter and Bartholomew are pretty crazy.

Just wondering, though... How do you come up with the crazy names?

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Actually, sometimes it takes me quite some time to think of some of the names. Some I use from previous stories that have never been posted here, others are usally thought of at the moment.

Again, thank you for your review JIG. I'm glad you like the story. I've been writing it at a fever pitch lately...

Chapter 11
A Voice From The Outside

I had spent that whole miserable morning in front of King Skepter, telling him about the life I lived as Jake Kossak while dressed in that same stupid outfit again. Just watching him giggle while eating a syrup-saturated French toast was one of the many things I truly hated about him.

“So um…” Skepter interrupted, swallowing down a mouthful of his breakfast, “Where is Kossak now, Juno?”

“Well, he kicked the bucket after being shot down in the trenches of Orre.” I told him in a comical tone while continuing the previous conversation, trying to make it sound as amusing as possible, “Boy, that whole thing was suicide. I knew it from the start.”

“Then why did you go in there?” Skepter snickered, plucking away at the toast.

“Stupid I guess?” I asked, trying hard not to really consider what I was saying, “Funny thing about war is, if you croak, you never really find out how everyone else did.”

He started laughing lightly at that, and then he looked at me closely.

“But don’t you find out later in Utopia?” Skepter asked, looking at me with interest.

“Heh, by then you don’t even give a damn.” I laughed mirthlessly, “Hell, its over. Only the really curious care, not like they can do a thing about it anyway. There’s certainly ‘know better for next time’ when it comes to war!”

And again, he started laughing out loud. After he calmed down, he simply looked away for a moment, and then looked back to me.

“Okay, you’re dismissed.” Skepter told me, letting me go for the morning, “I would like to see you back here in the evening though. Until then, see you later.”

And like that, we left, cleaning ourselves off again and spending the rest of the afternoon doing absolutely nothing but waiting in the dressing room. Blazewing kept asking me when we were finally going to get out of here, but I kept telling her that I didn’t want to take the risk until we were certain of which direction to go in. Ending up in the desert again like I did last time wasn’t going to help us. And I knew they weren’t going to give me a second chance if they found me again…

It was very easily discovered my only purpose here was to entertain Skepter, and do nothing else with my time here. When the evening had arrived, I was pulled out of my room again by Boris and Mavrik and was told to wait by the front door while sitting on Blazewing. Ironically enough, they didn’t want me to get dressed in that stupid jester suit this time. I realized that could only mean one thing…

“They’re really going through with this!?” Blazewing asked in shock, thinking it was all a joke.

“Hey!” Boris exclaimed, “Keep it down. You already know what you have to do, but Prince Bartholomew has a special request.”

I couldn’t imagine what…

“And what’s this?” I asked Boris, wondering what the little brat wanted me to do now.

“He wants to hear you scream ‘For Freedom!’ just before you crash into it.” Boris instructed, “He has just as much power over you as the king himself, so you’d better make him happy.”

The only thing I was happy about was these charades really couldn’t get much worse than this. Moments later, the doors were thrown open again, and we immediately took off, flying around the room the same way we did last time, only without wearing the stupid jester outfits.

When I finally caught a glimpse of the chocolate cake we were supposed to crash into, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The whole thing must have been at least fifteen feet tall, large enough for even a Latias to get buried in it. Meanwhile, everyone was just watching us closely, just waiting for the inevitable moment…

“This is ridiculous.” Blazewing remarked, just before we performed another loop around the marble pillar in the front of the room, “That thing is a monster…”

No, I couldn’t deny that either. The whole thing was parked in the center of the room, where everyone could see it while they stood a nice distance away so they wouldn’t be struck with the splatter once we rammed right into it. We performed a few more flips, turns, and rolls before I realized we needed to finish this off soon before everyone started to get impatient.

“We’d better just get this over with…” I told Blazewing, seeing that performing a few more flips was only going to delay the inevitable, “Any longer and they’re going to get annoyed…”

She sighed, and then she flipped around once more, heading right for the chocolate monstrosity.

“For freedom!” I shouted, feeling very idiotic while saying that…

And then, we forcefully slammed into the chocolate monstrosity, right in the middle. The biggest surprise was thinking it was all just chocolate breading, when really the inside of it was filled with chocolate fudge and pudding. I couldn’t see anything as the top of the cake simply collapsed upon us, burying the two of us in a mountain of cold and thick chocolate sludge. I had to swim through it just to get my head up so I could breathe again. And when I finally came up, already everyone in the entire room was roaring with laughter. Moments later, Blazewing had emerged, and she looked completely humiliated. Meanwhile, I looked at my hands and body, and realized there wasn’t a single inch of me not smothered with chocolate fudge.

“That was priceless!” Bartholomew screamed in laughter, “Ah father, it was truly, truly splendid!”

Skepter would have responded if he could have stopped laughing. When he could finally speak again, he quickly ordered me to sing the Silver Apex’s Song of Justice and Freedom. I had no idea where he found out about it, but the only thing I could be thankful for was that it was short. I then just started quickly, singing the whole thing while still standing in the chocolate pile. I sung it a little bit faster than usual to get it over with sooner, because I thought I had already done enough damage to my name for one night. After I had finished and sent everyone on another roll of laughter, we climbed out of the chocolate mess and were taken to the showers again to wash off the chocolate goop. I couldn’t believe how miserable I was…

Nothing changed for an entire week. I found out the hard way that Prince Bartholomew was a play writer, and he wanted me and a few others to act out his stupid and mostly unfinished plays. Every morning we would perform in front of them while they ate breakfast, trying to act out the idiotic and plotless storylines the prince wrote. And since Prince Bartholomew and King Skepter “absolutely adored” my miserable experience last night, they wanted to see it again, only with a vanilla and strawberry cake instead of the chocolate one. And then the evening after that, Skepter wanted me to sing and dance the Ballet of Springtime Flowers, dressed as a Bellossom while throwing flower petals around. It didn’t get any better than that, since every evening he wanted me to do something even dumber than the previous night. And for some stupid reason, each and every evening I was somehow involved with either landing or crashing into the evening dessert.

But Price Bartholomew got awfully greedy. To my surprise, he wrote a play about the Silver Rebellion invasion on Jasandax, only we lost this time, “very miserably” as he described it in the script. He had me as the lead role, but the problem was that he needed other soldiers to play out the other parts. And I was even further surprised upon learning he went as far as ordering the capture of two of the scarce remaining Silver Apex soldiers to fulfill those roles. Both of them were Storm Riders, a Meowth by the name of Echo and a Totodile named Frost.

I didn’t expect to see anyone from the Silver Apex here, but as soon as I realized who I was working with, I had decided now would be the time to act…

Because I had already spent more than enough time here…

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I like it NP! Very good.

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Chapter 12
The Unexpected Act

As if I thought Bartholomew’s actions couldn’t get any dumber, we had all met in the same dressing room that morning. Needless to say, Echo and Frost nearly passed out upon seeing me, still alive and working here. Still, I couldn’t say much with Boris and Mavrik still around. They watched us with sharp eyes like a paranoid Fearow, so there really couldn’t be any funny business…

“Are you really Juno, the Gold Rider himself?” Echo asked me again for the fifth time.

I had told her already, and this time I just gave her the look. Just about the only prop I was allowed to use this time was a fake plastic gun, which really looked nothing like the actual caliber rifle I had even used on that day. I looked it over, seeing the whole thing was pretty silly looking. Then, I became curious and looked at the rifles Boris and Mavrik were holding. I got a glance at them, and realized there really wasn’t all that much difference between the fake gun and their real ones. So the question I had to ask myself was… would anyone ever notice? Considering the distance we would be in the air and the speed we would be flying around the room, the reply was simple.

No they wouldn’t…

My next plan was trying to figure out how to kill Boris and Mavrik without having them fire once. If they fired at any time, forget it, we’d have the entire Black Onyx army in here and we’d be done for. I was still at the dressing bench while they were at the door, and I needed for them both to come over here so I could grab their necks without making too much noise. I pulled out the script again, looking through the pages and trying to look confused as I went through them…

“Are you almost ready?” Boris asked, looking at his watch and realizing we were running out of time, “How much longer is it going to take?”

“I’m just not completely sure what the prince wants us to do while saying these lines in the fourth act.” I responded, pretending to read the script in confusion, “Does it say it anywhere?”

Meanwhile, Echo and Frost just looked at me, wondering what was going on. Then, Boris came over and looked at the script. He too, was instantly confused having never read the thing before. I tried not to laugh, since Bartholomew’s scripts must have seemed more confusing to him than an honors calculus exam would seem to a third grader.

“I don’t know either.” Boris admitted as he gave a shrug, “I can’t tell Act 4 from any other act in here.”

“Let me look at it.” Marvik said as he rolled his eyes, thinking he was obviously smarter than Boris, enough to tell us exactly what Bartholomew wanted us to do.

Then he had a go at it, and I realized now was our chance to act, since both of them were right next to us and very distracted. I looked to the table, and found the craft knife that I had left there earlier. I then grabbed it, and before either one of them could notice me, I drive the sharp knife into Marvik’s neck when he least suspected it.

“What the hell!?” Boris stepped back in bewilderment.

I then kicked the gargling Marvik aside, and tried to grab Boris’s throat. Once Echo and Frost caught on to what I was doing, they also assisted me, and Boris found three sets of hands around his neck, squeezing the life out of him. While Boris tried to use his own hands to slash at us, Frost and I held down his arms with the two hands we had left, leaving him with no way out.

“You’ll… never… win…” Boris moaned, unable to breathe.

“This may be one small victory for the Silver Apex today,” I told him before he was about to die, “But it will become our triumph over the Black Onyx tomorrow.”

And then, he fell limp in our hands, and we let him go. Already the first part of our escape had been done correctly. But now we needed an actual way out.

“What do we do now?” Echo had asked, looking at the two fallen guards.

“We’ll use the central window in the throne room.” I told her, picking up Boris’s rifle, “We perform the first two acts, and right at the part where Bartholomew wants us to pretend we’re retreating, we fire at the window and fly through it.”

Already, Echo and Frost were pleased that they finally found a way to escape, but I could tell they wanted more.

“But why not kill King Skepter and his son before we escape?” Frost asked, wondering why we couldn’t take them out as well.

“Once you fire those guns, you have about three seconds to get out of there before they begin firing upon you.” I told the two of them, knowing how fast Black Onyx soldiers are to react, “Trust me, you kill them and you’ll get killed yourself. Plus that doesn’t solve anything. One of the Elite Commanders will only take his place anyway.”

They both sighed in disappointment, but I already knew we were running out of time. I quickly handed them the firearms, leaving myself with nothing. But as far as I knew, I didn’t need a gun to be able to fight back.

“Come on, we need to get going.” I told the two of them, grabbing a fake gun to use for the acting, “If we don’t hurry to the throne room, someone is going to think something is up.”

Then, we headed to the doors to the throne room, and Echo and Frost released their Pidgeot. Once we were all set and prepared ourselves, we threw open the doors, and we flew inside. After the doors shut behind us, we then started the acting, performing Act 1 just the way Bartholomew wanted it.

“The enemy is upon us!” Echo shouted out, acting out her lines.

“We need to keep moving forward!” I shouted to the both of them, acting like I was actually shooting something.

Most of the time during the play we were in the air flying around, pretending we were fighting an invisible enemy. Bartholomew just watched us from below, smiling at the way we were acting. So far, everything was going well, and no one suspected anything of our plan.

Then Act 2 came around, which was mostly my part. To no surprise, Bartholomew wanted me to look like we were failing to even get near the walls of the imaginary Jasandax Base, and that we needed to call in more reinforcements.

“Come on!” I shouted, acting desperate, “We can’t fall behind now!”

“But this is suicide!” Frost complained, flying around wildly as if he was being shot at from all directions, “We need to retreat! We can’t go on any further!”

That was the end of Act 2, and then I said the one line that wasn’t at all in Bartholomew’s script. But the funny part was no one knew about it except him and us…

“I guess you’re right.” I admitted, as if I was continuing the play, “There’s only one way to escape now.”

Then, the three of us flew toward the central window. Frost and Echo quickly opened fire, and everyone nearly jumped out of their seats upon seeing and hearing that the guns they were carrying were actually real. Just seconds after the central window was shattered into pieces, Blazewing and I flew outside, with Echo and Frost close behind. After we flew out of the building and among the rest of the buildings of Monaraca, the Black Onyx capital city, I realized Frost and Echo were flying south, likely where the last remaining forces of the Silver Apex were stationed.

We were out of the cage for the moment, but we still had a long way to go before we were out of enemy territory…

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=O w00t, an escape. Go Juno! Lol, good job NP.

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Thanks Nick for the response. If you liked that last chapter, I bet you'll like this one even more. Enjoy.

Chapter 13
Inner City Pursuit

We flew briskly above the many skyscrapers of Monaraca, trying to fly through the city as fast as we could. I didn’t know if the Altarias of the Black Onyx Kingdom were faster than the Pidgeots of the Silver Apex, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would find out…

As we flew through the massive metropolis, I couldn’t believe the sight. Unlike the dark skies of the Silver Apex, the Black Onyx Kingdom still got perfect sunlight, just like the skies I had seen as Jake Kossak back in Orre. Meanwhile, the streets below us were infested with vehicles and traffic, while hundreds of flashing and flickering neon signs and television screens overhung outward from the lines and lines of office and apartment buildings. Every building was huge, most of them being hundreds of stories tall. Still, we didn’t pay much attention to anything, just on the path ahead that would lead us out of the city as soon as possible.

We flew a good ten minutes through the massive city before we encountered our first wave of resistance. I was beginning to think no one had been told we escaped until I started hearing gunfire behind us, from two Altaria riders, a Wartortle and a Sandshrew. So much for getting away unseen…

“Infidel!” The Wartortle shouted between firing blasts, “You will not escape!”

I turned to him, and focused my energy. My red cheeks then flared with an intense amount of electricity, and I directed the blast of thunder right at the Altaria he was riding on. However, the blast missed him by only a few feet, just because I didn’t compensate for the usual speed. Trying to hit an Altaria was much different than trying to hit a Skarmory. They weren’t as fast as the steel birds I had been so used to striking down.

“Fire for the mounts!” I shouted to Echo and Frost as we tried to dodge the incoming fire, “They can’t fly without their mounts!”

Immediately, Echo and Frost returned fire, first on the Sandshrew rider’s Altaria. The head of his Altaria was struck five times before she threw the Sandshrew forward from the lack of control, only to send him plummeting three thousand feet into the busy traffic below.

“Damn you!” The Wartortle shouted in fury, trying to return fire.

However, his Altaria was shot viciously in the face and sides from the incoming fire, immediately throwing him off his flying mount. I watched him sail through the air, screaming loudly just before he slammed into a flashing green and red “Star Saffron” neon sign, and was horrifically electrocuted seconds later as the sign exploded, throwing sparks in all directions.

Still, despite the conflict, we kept moving forward, even though we could still see plenty of buildings ahead of us, even for many miles ahead. We still had a long way to go before we free, and already things were getting hectic.

Three more minutes passed of furious flying, and we continued to move quickly through the buildings. And then, seconds later, I had realized they set up a block in front of us, with five Altaria riders just waiting for us to arrive. However, the only problem was we were moving too fast to make a quick turn, so our only choice was to head forward.

Immediately Echo and Frost opened fire, and I used my concentration and focus and suddenly I could clearly see all five riders. I then prepared another Thunderbolt, and sent the destructive fork of thunder and lightning at one of the riders, a Drowzee who hadn’t even opened fire yet. Instantly both he and his Altaria were blasted with an extreme amount of power, throwing them both in opposite directions and then falling all the way down to the streets below.

Frost managed to wipe out one of the targets he was aiming at, but Echo had only missed by a little. Still, all three of us managed to fly right past them, leaving only three of them behind us. They hadn’t prepared for us to be so fast, so it took quite some time before turning around to chase us and grabbing the strength to finally catch up.

When they finally did, both Echo and Frost fired before they even had the chance. The first to go was a Treecko and his Altaria, but then we instantly ran into a very bad problem…

“There’s no ammunition left!” Echo shouted, trying to fire her empty firearm with nothing coming out.

And Frost only had a little left before his rifle spat out the last bullet in the magazine. That left us with no rifles, two angry Altaria riders behind us, and miles and miles of Monaraca still ahead of us.

“Head downward!” I shouted to the two of them, already making the descent myself, “It’s the only way to fight back!”

The two of them didn’t ask questions, and immediately we found ourselves flying up and down, trying to avoid all the suspended poles, traffic lights, and neon signs of the Monaraca streets. We flew only a few feet above the trucks and other vehicles below us, often sending one car banging into another from the confusion as we flew through each intersection. I had looked behind me for a short instant to watch as one of the Altaria riders had forcefully slammed right into a container truck just after it turned through the intersection.

We kept moving through the lower part of the streets, just narrowly avoiding the busy traffic and flashing neon advertisements just over the streets. There must have been at least twenty Altaria riders behind us now, having a hell of a time trying to avoid all the inner city traffic while attempting to shoot us. But then the sight that really got me tense was seeing a massive assault vehicle storming its way through the streets. To me, it looked like a black fire engine with a massive chain gun attached to the top. I knew trying to avoid the incoming fire from a gattling gun like that would be like trying to dance in the rain without touching a single drop of water.

“Move faster!” I shouted to Echo and Frost, who were already quickly descending to avoid a large neon sign.

“We’re moving as fast as we can!” Echo complained, already avoiding so many incoming obstructions as once.

Frost looked back for a second, and then he nearly screamed, just before he looked forward again, actually trying this time to move faster than usual.

“Holy crap!” Frost shouted in a panic, “Echo, there’s a Mox Assault Engine right behind us!!”

Echo quickly turned back to check, and I heard her swear out loud just before she turned around to continue controlling her Pidgeot. Meanwhile, no matter how fast we tried flying, the Assault Engine just kept drawing closer and closer, often smashing the hell out of every single vehicle that got in its way. We could head upward again, but then the mass amount of Altaria riders behind us would have perfect clear shots at our backs. And we were going much too fast to turn down another street and head in another direction…

Suddenly, I noticed the traffic below us was growing much more congested, and then I realized what was ahead of us. I saw that only half a mile in front of us was the entrance to a tunnel that lead out of the city. The Mox Assault Engine kept ripping through every vehicle that got in its path, sending every of them skidding onto the sidewalks wildly just after it smashed each and every one of them to look like crushed aluminum cans. Still, despite the massive damage that was being done to the front of the engine, it still kept pressing forward, showing no reduction in speed despite the massive amount of vehicles it kept smashing into.

We drew closer and closer toward the entrance to the tunnel, our only possible escape to avoid the wrath of the Mox Assault Engine. However, I knew that once we were inside that tunnel, it was going to be a living nightmare to avoid all the traffic that was moving about through the tunnel. Still, we didn’t have a choice…

Just when the engine made it to be only three hundred feet behind us, the turret based on the top suddenly opened fire, roaring and filling the streets with deafening blasts as the gattling gun on the top fired furiously upon us. The gunner didn’t even care about ripping his own Altaria-riding comrades to pieces, they only wanted to kill us…

At whatever the cost…

I was listening to Mona Lisa Overdrive from the Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack while writing this. Can’t you tell?

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High flying chase...gotta love it.

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Needless to say, it's back. Sorry for taking so long to update it once again... :silenced:

Chapter 14
The Dark Passage

The amount of incoming fire was insane, but the three of us had made it inside the tunnel just before to became too much to handle. Inside, the tunnel was dimly lit from the florescent lights, just barely illuminating the white tiled walls. Now, the traffic was moving faster, seemingly trying to escape the wrath of the Mox Assault Engine.

Just moments before the Mox Assault Engine had entered the tunnel, the entire turret based on the top of the vehicle had been ripped off from being too high to make the tunnel clearance. The result was an ear-piercing shriek from the ripping of metal as the turret was uprooted from its metal mount. Still, the loss of the engine’s main weapon and gunner didn’t keep the driver from his insane rage. And the cars and trucks the engine ran into had nowhere to go but be crushed like cardboard boxes against the sides of the massive vehicle. And to make the damage even worse, the twisted metal remains of the turret were running against the ceiling, tearing it apart while unleashing a cascade of bright sparks.

Still, we kept flying furiously, being able to avoid most of the traffic now that there weren’t any Altaria riders behind us. Still, the situation was far from comfortable.

“Will nothing stop that thing!?” Echo asked out loud, looking behind her as the engine continued on its insane path.

But it didn’t stop there. The Machoke based in the passenger seat had smashed the side window, and had attempted to open fire using his own rifle. Still, the insane speed barely gave him enough slack to even hold the firearm, let alone trying to maintain a good accuracy. However, as bad as that sounded, it was the very least of our problems…

Suddenly, all the lights in the tunnel had flickered on to red, filling the tunnel with an eerie red glow, and suddenly I heard a female voice suddenly blare out. Just when I thought it was impossible, everything had just gotten fifty times worse.


It then became clear to me they were going to lockdown the exit of the tunnel, the only way we could escape. Still, there was no way in hell we could ever just turn around and head back into Monaraca where there were more Altaria riders or possibly even another one of these hideous Mox Assault Engines just ready to try and hunt us down. And there was no certainty that the next exit we attempted to take wouldn’t be locked down either.

Regardless, we continued to tear our way through the tunnel, now having an even harder time now that the traffic was completely stopped. Obviously our only way out was cut off with the traffic being totally halted, but that didn’t stop us, nor did it stop the Mox Assault Engine from pushing aside every single vehicle in the tunnel aside as it continued rampaging toward us.

Then, my worst fears came true. Suddenly, I caught sight of the end of the tunnel, but instead of seeing light from the exit, the way out was completely shut from two steel doors large enough so that they took up the entire end of the tunnel. We stopped at least three hundred feet away from the tunnel, knowing it was useless to continue moving forward.

“We’re trapped…” Echo gasped, looking at the locked doors, “There’s no way out…”

“We don’t stand a chance if Skepter gets his hands on us again.” Frost stated, spellbound by the size of the massive doors.

That’s if he got his hands on us again. We would have to make it out of this hell alive if even that was going to happen. And considering the way they were after us, they wanted us dead right now, there were no other excuses.

I looked at the doors, and then the incoming engine. It was raging toward us furiously, and closing in very fast. I knew there was only one way to avoid having it slam right into us and crushing the three of us against the metal doors.

“Pull up into the corners!” I shouted to Echo and Frost, “That’s the only way we can stop it from crushing us against the wall!”

Immediately, I motioned Blazewing to head toward the lights, situated on the top left and right sides of the tunnel. Just when we were finally in position, I told Blazewing to move as close to the wall as she could.

Then, seconds later, the massive assault engine flew right past us, not even noticing we were hovering right above it. Shortly after, it slammed into a squad of cars located toward the end of the tunnel, stopped due to the fact they couldn’t move with the doors shut.

It was then that the back axel of the Mox Assault Engine was destroyed, and the massive vehicle flew right into the doors, unable to stop from the high velocity. Just as the vehicle crushed itself and the cars in front of it against the door, it immediately exploded, filling the back of the tunnel with fire and flames. The whole tunnel was lit up, and we shielded ourselves from the pieces of debris that flew in all directions. An entire car went flying past us completely consumed by flames, heading back down toward the end of the tunnel after the explosion pushed it back.

After most of the fire had cleared, I then looked back toward the tunnel, and saw that the explosion had torn a hole in the doors. I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing we could finally escape and not risk our lives heading back toward the city.

“Come on.” I told the other two, “I see a way out.”

Blazewing and I then headed for the opening, flying past several flaming, crumpled cars and metal pieces of debris everywhere. The whole end of the tunnel was nearly pitch black except from the glow of the flames and the small opening that was cut through the tunnel. Just as I approached the opening, I saw the ruins of the assault engine, now divided into two flaming pieces with the cabin crushed inward.

After I had flown through the hole, I saw a road leading out of the city and away from the main urban area. The area around it was covered with lush forests, clean lakes and vast plains. Strangely enough, it didn’t even seem like we were still on the same planet after seeing the dark skies of the Silver Apex. Soon after, we began heading west, away from the Black Onyx… for now. We had flown for nearly an hour, hoping no one was following us. When it became clear we had escaped, I breathed a sigh of relief, finally glad we were far, far away from that miserable place.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Echo asked me as we flew through the air next to each other, “And it’s just as beautiful as it is unfair. We live in a nightmare compared to this place, one that never sees the light of the sun or has a single a single tree growing throughout all of our country.”

“I still can’t believe you actually came back…” Frost had said to me, still amazed at what he just saw, “There’s nothing in the prophecy that even mentions this. How is it even possible?”

“No one could predict this,” I told him as I closed my eyes, thinking about the whole thing, “I didn’t think someone would attack us after the Crimson Stars were vanquished. I should have known, that in more cases than one, greed and lavish desires and drive many to make the most insane choices, even at the cost of life itself.”

He was silent after that, and as we flew on, the sky itself slowly turned sick and twisted, as if we were making it more miserable by continuing our journey back home. It wasn’t long before we had arrived back at the place that I had once known as my second home, a place I once thought I would never again see or return to. It was then that I finally caught sight of Symarix, the now fallen city that once was the backbone of the Silver Apex.

Sadly, instead of bringing back peaceful memories of nostalgia, I was overcome with remorse as I gazed upon the ruins. Buildings had fallen over, large and giant skyscrapers were now just burnt out shells, and the courtyards had become vacant lots filled with debris, rubble, and twisted metal.

My soul had never felt so cold…

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Anyway, like always, the story is sweet. A few spelling errors, but that's pretty much minor.

So, Juno's back in Symarix, eh? *expects Sinis to make an appearence*

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Ahh, thank you for still reading this JIG. I know I don't update it that much, but I still appreciate it.

Chapter 15
The Gray Hour

There wasn’t very much left now. I had guided Blazewing to head for the ground, and once we had reached the ruined streets, I dismounted, and returned her to her Pokéball. In every direction, there was rubble in the streets, holes torn into the asphalt and ruined buildings with large pieces torn out of them. Only a small few still had all four sides attached, but still, like the others, they were burnt inside out.

It was then that Frost had approached me, looking downcast as well.

“There are only a few who still live here.” Frost had informed me, looking toward the ground, “Most of them are underground, but some of them still try to make shelter out of the fallen buildings. However, sometimes the Black Onyx comes by every two or three months and does a search. Anyone that they find, they usually kill…”

I was silent. We had nothing left, and I could see the only way to survive now was to live like a rat, buried underground with the only intention of mere survival. Meanwhile, the Black Onyx basked in their luxuries, hunting us down purely for sport. As downcast as I was, I felt hopeless, overcome with the feeling that even my presence here could not solve anything. The Black Onyx was an enemy that far surpassed the power of the Crimson Stars, but now we were going to have to find a way to defeat an even stronger foe with a very limited number of forces, much less than what we had used to fight the Crimson Stars. I already knew it would be clearly impossible to do it using conventional means.

“What ever happened to Sinis?” I asked Frost, looking up and gazing into the gray fog of the ruined city.

“He’s still alive…” Frost replied, staring into the distance, “He doesn’t talk very much anymore. Skepter’s been trying to kill him for the longest time in order to disperse us, but we’ve kept him alive. For what… I don’t know though…”

It wasn’t long until I had done a search. I had walked down ruined roads, sometimes having to crawl over a mountain of rubble just to continue. And then, for one dark moment, I stood alone. I was at the center of an intersection, a completely open area where I could even still make out the traffic lines on the asphalt. Several ruined vehicles lay over turned and scattered in various places. But nothing felt more painful than being in a place of death, something that was supposed to be overflowing with activity and life was now nothing but a graveyard of the past. Symarix had become just a mere memory, something that could only be relived in my dreams and imagination.

As I stood there, I knew that starting an uprising against the Black Onyx at a time and state like this would only be a disastrous suicide. My only thought would be to gather everyone in the same location, and assemble whatever resources we had left. An overwhelming part of me felt like saying that we should just live the rest of our lives like that, and hide underground in a place that hopefully the Black Onyx would never find. But as I stood in that ruined intersection, surrounded by the ghosts and lost souls of Symarix, I believed there was still something that could be done. But it involved making a choice, and a decision to give up a lot.

“Look, it’s not safe to stay here, Juno.” Frost had told me, finally catching up, “There’s really not much we can do about it.”

“Frost…” I replied in a soft voice, “I need to know where Sinis is.”

“I’ll take you to him…” Frost answered with a solemn voice, “But… please don’t be shocked if he doesn’t seem to be the way he used to be.”

We then abandoned Symarix, and headed west, even thicker into the stormy despair of the Silver Apex. After several miles of flying across a dark, arid and seemingly hopeless desert, we then arrived at a formation of rocks, which I never would have guessed was the entrance to an underground cavern. It wasn’t long until Frost and Echo had headed to the formation as I closely followed them.

Once we had arrived and landed on the ground, I had seen Frost make his way toward one of the rocks. After he had moved it out of the way, I had seen that there was hole underneath it with a metal ladder heading downward. Frost was the first to go downward, and I soon followed with Echo behind me. After she had moved the rock back into place after her, I soon found myself in an underground cavern, very dimly lit with a few burning lanterns suspended from the ceiling.

I had come face to face with several of the remaining members of the Silver Apex, all of them very silent and very downcast. We had made our way down a long hallway carved out of the dirt, with several open rooms along the sides. I had seen that several pieces of furniture had been saved and had been brought to this underground tunnel, such as chairs, bedding material, carpets, lights, cabinets, and several other items to help make living down here easier, but I knew it could only do so much.

Frost then took me down to the last room down the hallway. After we had stepped inside, I had immediately caught sight of Sinis, lying down on a bed as several soldiers and a Chansey caretaker stood by his side to comfort him. It didn’t take very long until I had seen that Sinis was missing a leg and an arm, which I could easily assume was the result of combat. The three of us had stood by the door, and I had looked at him moving and aching as if he was an elderly man on the verge of passing away.

“Come now…” A Mawile had told the three of us, “The last thing he needs is for a crowd to start coming in here.”

“I need to talk to Sinis.” I told him, trying to justify my purpose in being here, “There’s something I need to tell him.”

Still, the Mawile wasn’t convinced. He gave me an annoyed glace, and put his right hand on his hip.

“Yeah, and just who are you anyway?” He asked, giving me an inferior look.

“This is Juno, Kaz.” Echo had replied to the Mawile.

And then, Kaz gave me an even more inferior look. He then looked back at Echo and looked at her like she was crazy.

“Don’t be an idiot.” Kaz told her in a sharp tone of voice, “You obviously don’t know anything, do you? Juno died many years ago and we found his body burnt to cinders. I don’t know who this is but I highly recommend not wasting my time like this.”

“She speaks the truth…” I replied to Kaz, looking at his feet, “I know it may be hard to believe.”

“I don’t believe a word that any of you are saying.” Kaz replied, starting to look aggressive, “We don’t have time for your stupid games, Echo.”

I couldn’t stand this meaningless bickering. I quickly put my hand on Blazewing’s Pokéball, pulled it out from its leather strap, and prepped it. I then calmly tossed the ball forward, and just after the ball hit the ground, it opened up, and Blazewing had emerged.

Only moments after it happened, Kaz had looked at the Latias completely spellbound. The older soldiers in the room also were silenced, and could not keep their eyes off of her. Then, Kaz had looked at me, and at first I didn’t understand his reaction…

“You came back…?” Kaz asked, looking at me in question, “Why? I don’t see why any fallen member of the Silver Apex would ever want to return to this miserable place, especially you after seeing the tranquility of Utopia. You must be mad for coming back here under these circumstances.”

“The strongest hopes never die, Kaz.” I told me, closing my eyes for a moment, “My strongest hope is for the Silver Apex to live in peace, something I fought hard to achieve. Why should I abandon that when the presence of that hope still exists in all of you?”

My comeback was met by silence. Still, even without a response, I felt that I had been given an answer.

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Thank you, JIG. I hope the rest of the story lives up to your expectations.

Chapter 16
The New Beginning

Regardless of my presence, there was little hope to be found in those caverns. There was no spirit left in the Silver Apex, and as I looked around, I became more and more overcome with that thought that most of the inhabitants felt that something like this was supposed to happen, and this was supposed to be the end.

“What is it you plan on doing, Juno?” Kaz pressured me, thinking I already had a clear cut answer.

“We need to relocate.” I replied, looking directly at him, “The only chance we have to get ourselves out of this mess is to move elsewhere.”

“Move!?” Kaz shouted at me in shock, “Are you kidding!? Juno, you yourself should know that this is our homeland. We can’t just leave it behind and forget that it even existed.”

No, I didn’t like the idea of it either, but I knew for a fact that sitting here with the Black Onyx forces still coming around to wipe out everyone wasn’t going to give us much slack to even get out of the ground and start living on the surface. And fighting against those patrols was only going to result in even more forces coming down here to tear us to pieces.

“Kaz,” I told him honestly, “The Silver Apex is a black and lifeless desert under a consistent amount of merciless fire. If we don’t relocate now, then every one of us is going to die a very slow and very miserable death.”

Kaz then looked off to the side, looking annoyed and very disappointed. Then, he looked toward Sinis, and I soon looked toward him as well.

“Juno, he’s dying…” Kaz told me, calming down his tone of voice, “He hasn’t spoken for months, and he’s been completely unable to move from his bed.”

In a way, he was right. We didn’t have much anymore, and even if we did relocate, we would have nothing once we got there. I didn’t even know where to relocate to…

I had approached Sinis, standing by his bedside. For a moment, I thought he had suddenly become paralyzed or was completely unable to notice I was even there. Then, he had rolled to his side, and for a moment, he stared back at me with his cloudy eyes. I couldn’t tell if he could see me at the moment, but as I continued to look back, he opened his mouth.

“I…” He said very slowly and very weakly, “I… remember… those eyes…”

I was silent. I already knew I didn’t need to tell him who I was. So long ago, we had accomplished so much together. Most of that was gone now, but I still felt there was a way to bring it all back.

“I’m… sorry, Juno…” Sinis replied, still very weak, “We… lost… everything…”

“I’m going to help you get it back.” I told Sinis, hoping he could hear me, “The Silver Apex is not gone. It never will be…”

He didn’t respond, but I knew he was trying to hold in there as much as possible. Still, I knew he time was running out…

“Juno…” He told me, trying hard to breathe, “You… command them… now. You be… their leader.”

“Sinis…” I said softly, holding his hand.

“Watch… after them…” Sinis continued, looking into my eyes, “The way… a father looks… after his children. Please… do it… for me…”

Then, his hand went limp in my hands. At that moment, the entire destiny and future of The Silver Apex rested totally upon my shoulders, and mine alone. Where would we go, and what would we become? I didn’t know the future, but I knew I would do whatever it took to protect the last remainders of the Silver Apex, already knowing of the sacrifice I made to eliminate Zander many years ago.

We were beyond desperate. Only a day later, we had laid Sinis to rest, buried in the dark soil of the land that was once known as the Silver Apex, a place where we had all traced back our roots. Sinis was only given a short funeral, for we knew that if we stayed out of the surface too long, others would soon be coming with him. After that had happened, it was up to me to decide what our next action would be.

I immediately looked at a map that had been provided for me, and I tried to find a spot where we could retreat to and hopefully recuperate. We didn’t have many allies, but there was one that had caught my attention. They were very small and only partially developed, but I already knew we would be far better off there than here.

“Why do you want to retreat to the Azure Islands?” Kaz had asked me, wondering why I had decided on that location, “We haven’t communicated with the Midnight Gemini in over twelve years. They might not even exist anymore…”

“We don’t have too many options here, Kaz.” I replied to him, knowing he wanted the impossible, “We can’t stay here.”

“Juno, this is the land of our fathers, the land ever you died to protect.” Kaz continued, trying to get me to change my mind, “Why do you want to abandon it now, and lose everything we’ve ever fought for?”

I was truly getting tired of this. Yes, we were abandoning it, but for a very good reason. There was nothing left here.

“Kaz, either we move out of here, or we stay here and die like everything else.” I told him seriously, “We cannot hope to recover here when we’re under constant repression. We need to move to somewhere safer. Maybe then we can hope to recover enough to gain back our territory some day, just like the way it used to be.”

After that, it was my decision that finally overruled his. I immediately sent a request for the members of all three camps to head over to the one where we were currently located, to discuss plans to move to the Azure Islands located far to the south. Some others didn’t like the plan either, but there were far many more who could understand why it was only suicide to say here.

It wasn’t long until the last remaining dispersed members of the Silver Apex had finally gathered. I was very shocked to see the number of remaining citizens and soldiers was narrowed down to only a few thousand, but there was no turning back now. It was true we had suffered, but we weren't dead.

I could only hope the Midnight Gemini would accept us into their nation. It was a sad and depressing thought to leave our homeland behind, but it was a decision that we had to make, regardless of what was going through our minds at that moment…

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How sad... Sinis died. :cry:
I hope everything turns out good in the end...

Oh, and I'm sorry that Juno got beaten in Hurt & Heal. :oops:

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Thought it was dead? Definitely not, I was only taking a break from it. So, I'm bringing this back to life from page 5, and hopefully I'll be able to keep at it until its finally done.

Enjoy, and thanks for you continued support!

Chapter 17
The Dawn of Light

In all the years of my life, leaving behind a nation that had done so much for me and had done so much to remember every act I did only to decay at the hands of my worst foe was quite possibly the most demoralizing decision I’ve ever had to make. My image set in stone had fallen, once created to remember the past only to be struck down by the hopelessness and tyranny of the present. Still, our homelands were lost, gone in what could possibly last forever. Despite all my conflicting emotions and feelings, I felt I wanted the people of the Silver Apex to be remembered in their roots of who they would become, not be remembered as the once rising legacy that now lay in the sands of demise only to be forgotten as a lost civilization.

Among the twisted metal and layered rubble, we arose from the wastes of our homeland. The journey had to be on foot, and we took everything we could carry. Those who were sick or were injured had to be carried by someone else. And if it was too heavy to carry, we left it behind for someone else to salvage. Our only intention now was to submit to the Midnight Gemini, regardless of their goals or purposes. Likely, I would lose my leadership position over the Silver Apex, despite the fact I would only have held it for a few short moments.

The caravan continued south, regardless of the desolate windy desert weather. Many of our remaining solders stood on guard, prepared to fight if the Black Onyx should attempt to tear us apart yet again. The journey took several days, and never once did we see sunshine. Despite being surrounded by sand, it was never scorching hot. Instead, we were surrounded by the cold winds, the dark sands, and the abysmal remains of the destroyed sky as we treaded slowly across the vast wastelands. Regardless, we continued, and like a small hope suddenly becoming larger and larger, we eventually left our ruined homelands and entered the outside world. Slowly we could see the real sun, unveiled before our eyes.

However, the trip had not gone without its costs. Regrettably so, there were many sick and injured members of the Silver Apex that didn’t survive the journey south. Our only choice was to bury them in their homeland, say a brief prayer in their name, and move on shortly after word. Still, I couldn’t show regret for my decisions. For every member that had fallen and never got back up, Kaz continued to give me stares of doubt and disbelief like their death was my doing. Still, I tried not to look at him during the silent funerals. They were depressing enough…

Regardless, there were many that had survived the journey out of the Silver Apex homeland, and across the vast and fruitful plains of Conda. Thankfully, we had found enough water and food to continue our journey. While the lands of Conda appeared to be very inhabitable from the outside, I already knew it was the stage of many natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, far too much to be ever inhabitable. It was hard to continue for days through the desert with only little food, but thankfully the region of Conda had plenty of wild fruit that we used to help us survive the journey. Had it not been for that, the death toll would have easily been higher…

Once we had reached the coastline, we then came across one of the first wooden outposts that served as a watch station for the rest of the tropical Azure Islands. I had really no idea if anyone was still there or if it had been abandoned long ago. As I got a closer look at it, I could still see it was well maintained, so there had to be someone still here.

I tried to look through the many palm trees that were scattered in various places to see if I could find anyone near the outpost. I then decided to walk closer, and in the distance, I caught sight of a marina and a tiny harbor docked with many boats of various shapes and sizes. Not surprisingly, some of them were armed with mounted weapons…

At first, I had thought the whole place had been recently abandoned. I thought the only thing we could do now is to take some of the boats out to sea and see if the other islands were just as vacant. But, as soon as all of us had arrived at the wooden outpost just before the marina, I quickly learned this place wasn’t at all abandoned like I thought it was…

I couldn’t believe how badly ambushed we had become. As we simply stood on the beaten path leading to the marina, nearly two hundred heavily armed soldiers in black clothing emerged from the shrubs and palm trees from the two sides of the path. I quickly turned around to see many members of our groups pulling out their weapons.

While we easily outnumbered the entire group, no one opened fire. Still, at any moment’s notice, a hideous massacre could have started with almost everyone glaring at each other aggressively even before any sign of conflict had arisen. I was relieved that no one had opened fire, but still, there was a lot of explaining that needed to be done.

“Which one of you is the leader of your group?” I heard a voice in back of me ask.

I quickly spun around, knowing whoever had spoken was definitely looking for me. When I turned around, I saw a Sceptile standing before me, wearing a thick flak jacket at pointing what looked like a massive M60 right at my face. That… was definitely not a sight I really wanted to see…

“That would be me you’re looking for.” I replied to the Sceptile, wondering if he was actually the leader of this pack, “I take it you’re the leader the Midnight Gemini?”

“They’re long gone.” He quickly responded, still not looking at all happy about my presence, “Thanks to that senile King Skepter and his abysmal armies. They have ripped everyone around the world to pieces, even once mighty empires I never dreamed would ever fall to the ground.”

I definitely knew he was talking about us, but I didn’t think there were even more countries that Skepter ruined just for the delight of his own benefit. But still, as I looked into the Sceptile’s eyes, I saw deep inside that he was really no different than we were.

Perhaps. Perhaps this could be the unity that both of us needed to survive…

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are you going to continue this fab fan fic?

Neo Emolga
06-12-2005, 11:11 PM
are you going to continue this fab fan fic?

Yeah, I will, it's just that plenty of other things have gotten in the way of me doing it. I'll try to update it soon, and I definitely haven't forgotten about it.

Dragon Lover
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I almost thought you updated 'till I saw this post. Well anyway a few Minor spelling errors, good descriptions (the aierial battle was cool!), Nice lenght and very good charector devolopment...pretty emotional...


Neo Emolga
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Alright, I don't care if it freaking kills me, I am finishing this story and I don't even care if no one reads it. And if even so much as a week goes by and I haven't updated it, you can go ahead and spam my PM box if you really want to.

Chapter 18
Solace and Desire

Shortly after all that had happened and we had been finally let in, I told the Sceptile everything that had happened, who I was and why we were here at the Azure Islands. I didn’t care if he didn’t trust me at the moment, that was the last thing on my mind. All I was asking for was acceptance at any price. I didn’t care what he wanted me to do in return, I was willing to do it. I would rather work until utter exhaustion for a stranger rather than humiliate myself to death in front of my enemies for their own pleasure.

When I had finished, the Sceptile told me his name was Aries, the commander of the Southern Tempest, probably the first step toward gaining that final trust in proving we wanted to help him in return for his support.

“I found it interesting how you knew about the Midnight Gemini.” Aries had told me, looking at me with curiosity, “They had held this area for quite some time before they were taken down by the Black Onyx, and this whole place was left to rot with corpses thrown everywhere and the ground was saturated with blood and sinew. Unlike the Silver Apex, they made their death quick, rather than to keep them in a desperate bondage like what they did to you.”

In some ways, I was glad we really didn’t die in the long run, despite how painful the last few years had been. There was no reason why we had to live a legacy of woe and despair. I didn’t want these times to always be remembered when we thought our history.

“How many enemies does King Skepter have left before there is no one left to oppose him?” I asked, just wondering exactly how many allies we had in this conflict.

“As far as I know…” Aries replied, looking off to the side a bit, “We’re all that stands in his way now. Skepter has ripped every nation and unity he could find to pieces, sparing no one. The reason why the Silver Apex was left to live was to be an example for all other nations, to see a once mighty empire now shrivel within the clenched fist of the Black Onyx.”

Power, dominance, and greed. That’s all that was left in Skepter’s soul in the long run. I found it hard to believe that this small island community was the last remaining force that could fight against him. The chances of us winning any battle would be so minimal, it almost seemed he was completely unstoppable. Their weapons were stronger, they were in better health, but worst of all, their numbers were far more massive than ours. Still, I couldn’t give up hope, and neither could Aries. He was my brother… my master…

“I must thank you for accepting us into the Southern Tempest.” I told him, expressing my gratitude, “We may be all that is left to fight Skepter, but in time, I believe we will prevail.”

Aries looked away for a moment, seemingly in a moment of despair. After a few moments, he looked back up at me, still with the feeling of doubt.

“I’m afraid Skepter has already won the war, Juno.” Aries told to me in a hesitant voice, “Look at us. We’re nothing compared to the power that he has at his command. He’s torn every country, every empire, every adversary he’s ever had to pieces. My only hope is that he never finds this place, so we may live the rest of our lives in a small moment of peace after the pain we have embraced.”

I didn’t say anything else. I didn’t want to openly admit that he was right about all that, but from any view, whether it be from his or mine, it just seemed completely impossible to ever be a real threat to Skepter. If he were to discover we were here, it wouldn’t be long before everyone was wiped off the face of the planet, leaving Skepter to bask in delight from the merciless actions of his own cruelty. I didn’t want to think that any hope of justice now was just a fool’s hope.

“Just lay down your weapons and anger, Juno.” Aries told me honestly, “There is no reason to fight now. I’d rather drown in my own blood than be forced to be a slave for Skepter.”

If he only knew what I had to go through during my time there, he’d probably understand my feelings. Still, even unlike Aries, I had seen just one of the many massive cities that Skepter had at his control. That, as well as his massive weapons and countless Altaria riders ready to unleash at any moment. I was beginning to think that perhaps fighting Skepter directly was not the solution, since it was impossible for any of us to prevail against such an overwhelmingly powerful enemy. And unfortunately, for every idea that I had, a sense of doubt came over me with the feeling that any attempt of such a thing would only result in failure. Maybe… maybe this wasn’t worth fighting over. The odds… the hope… and all facets of morale had melted into the oblivion, and nothing was left. The death toll was far too high already, and I didn’t want to think of it becoming higher once again.

It pained me to think our only victory now was to simply hope he would never find us here, and let him believe that every enemy of his had been eliminated. Despite my abilities, I could never go up against his massive and unstoppable empire alone. But I didn’t want to believe it was all for nothing. That’s the real pain that was tugging at my heart this whole time. With all those victories against the Crimson Stars, and all the fighting we had embraced, the destiny of the Silver Apex was simply to fall at the feet of Skepter and his Black Onyx empire like a whole-hearted victory was never deserved.

It didn’t matter how long it was. Even for weeks after that meeting with Aries, it still kept me awake for so many hours. And there was Sita, up in the sky waiting and wondering why, for the first time ever, I’ve felt so helpless even after proving my strength time and time again even against the impossible.

Sadly, for the first time… my faith was really falling away…

Neo Emolga
07-19-2005, 07:43 PM
Chapter 19
The Bleeding Shadows

To most of the Silver Apex, time no longer had any meaning. Sure, the Southern Tempest had expected us to do our part in raising the food we needed to survive, but to me, I seemed to be the only one who remembered our roots, and what we really left behind. Still, in a way, I felt like I failed my mission to stop Skepter. Already I had seen the fields of Utopia, and to waste my time away resting here would make my whole second coming for nothing. But still, I didn’t have a solution this time. Nothing seemed to be in my reach.

And as the many months went by, I did my share of the work, which was nothing less than brute labor I had never expected to take part in. Still, there was no time for warriors now. The defenses of the Azure Islands were nothing. No one was even on guard anymore. Sure, we kept a few weapons around, but in all, most of them were completely neglected. Very disturbingly, we knew that any attack upon us would be the last one. We didn’t stand a chance, either way. Even if we finished off one patrol, we would only prolong a full scale assault would be undeniably be the end. As much pain as it brought me to say, I would rather be killed by a simple Black Onyx solider than have to live long enough to be brought to Skepter himself once again. And I knew this time, no one would be alive to hear my execution cry…

In my spare time, when my share of the work was done, I spent my time in the library, which was a pretty large and usually empty underground circular cellar. There must have been tens of thousands of books in there, but usually I found myself alone in the dim light, reading to myself all this time. The only one who would visit me on rare occasions would be Aries, sometimes wondering why I spent so much time down there. Still, it was very rare for someone else to be in there with me.

But during that time, I had plunged myself into some of the stories I’ve read there. Most of them were fiction and fairy tales that I would read late into the night. I got quicker and quicker at it too. Usually I would go through three books a day, and after several months had passed by, I was convinced I had cleaned off the shelf on the far left, but even then, I still have plenty more to read. Many of these books were so old and sometimes they were in pieces that had just been kept together. Others were slightly charred in some places, almost looking like someone had tried desperately to save them from a fire of some sort. Some were missing a hard cover, but I read them anyway. Still, it was rare to come across one that was in very good condition.

It very easily became an obsession of mine. Realty was constantly being harsh to me, and for even a short moment, it granted me time and effort to escape and see the world through someone else’s imagination. And oddly enough, whenever I went out to the field to work in the morning, I had tried to tell others about my time down there and tell them about some of the stories I’ve read there, but no one seemed interested. And hours later, I quickly hustled back down there, again to be alone for some time.

And during my time there, I had found plenty of interesting stories that had amazed me, but nothing so struck my heart so vividly as one book I had found, completely neglected for a long time. While the cover was scratched and damaged in several places much like all the others, it wasn’t what was on the cover that hit me the most. But after opening the cover, there it was, a small pencil-drawn image that took so much of my breath away. The small drawing depicted none other than a Pikachu, standing besides a very loyal and cheerful Latias right in the main streets of Symarix… when it was still standing. Right above the hand drawn image were the words, “The Coming of the Redeemer Juno.” Never once did I think a single book upon these shelves would ever have any mention of me. All I had to do was turn the page, and then it began, just like all the other stories in that library did.

I had quickly discovered that yes, indeed this was written by someone who had been in Symarix even before I had arrived. Everything was in vivid detail, such as the description of each location, and what Symarix was like, as if the author was creating it themselves from their own imagination. As I read through the first few chapters, I realized what life was like before my arrival, with Jamac and Achilles in power. It also followed the roots of the Divine Prophecy very closely, and every citizen of Symarix knew its words almost by heart, which wasn’t a surprise considering how well Sever had recited right from it upon meeting him. But still, it described that the coming of Juno the Gold Rider was just but a whisper at the moment. There was no time set in stone for his arrival, and so there could be no expectation for it.

And then, the author described in absolute flawless detail what my arrival in the city of Symarix was like. For an odd moment, it didn’t even feel like I was even reading a story about myself, and that this was someone else in a made up fairy tale. Again, then came my arrival before Achilles and Jamac, and the massive uproar that it had all caused. And on and on it went, describing every battle, and every hardship and pain I had to endure. It totally shocked me how well the author knew who I was, and knew about even some of the events that only a very few had known about. And the part that had plunged my heart in this story even more was the vivid detail in the battle of Jasandax. I could tell that whoever wrote this had very well been in that battle himself to be able to account for everything that happened. All I had to do was read the words, shut my eyes, and I was there again, fighting along so many loyal comrades at what was our finest moment. In all the disasters I had been, that was probably the one moment where I felt the strongest.

Shortly after came my last sacrifice to destroy Zander, and finally give the Silver Apex the chance of peace it finally deserved, and the giving of Juno’s last requiem. Apparently, I had read that even my own funeral had been an awful time of sadness, but to others, it was a time of hope and understanding. And then, just like that, it ended. Never once did it describe how mutilated Symarix had become due to the actions of the Black Onyx, or the bitterness that had happened after word. In my opinion, I wouldn’t have ended it any other way. And as I turned to the last page, it all came crashing down, like a massive and majestic skyscraper crumbling because of one horrible mistake.

I had turned to the last page, and for a moment, I had wished I hadn’t. Upon that last piece of paper, I had seen who had written the book after all, and who had decided to be the caretaker of my legacy this whole time.

It was Vice, the very same Sneasel who had risked his life to help me back in Macomb, only to leave and scorn everything he ever believed in to follow the reason why the Silver Apex was just a memory bathed in misery. Suddenly, it felt like the book itself was a heavy deadweight on fire. I couldn’t even hold it anymore, and I had to just let it leave my tiny hands and crash upon the floor. I had to shut my eyes again, and once more I felt those fiery tears sear along my face. I had felt so cold and sick for a moment. Then, after trying to put that sadness away, I just looked at the fallen book on the floor, looking like it was just a dead animal.

The quiet stillness in the room was like death. For some reason, the room seemed darker than usual. And yet… I was no longer even thinking about the book, even though its presence probably would exist forever in the back of my mind. I quickly stood up out of my usual reading chair, and for a moment, I felt sick and nauseous. I couldn’t understand why either, maybe it was just this stale air I had been breathing for so long. I tried to walk toward the metal door, but suddenly, I heard a violent knocking on it. I knew I had never heard that type of knock before. Yes, so people opened the door without it, while Aries always took a calm approach to knocking on the door. But after I heard that violent banging, I realized it was no one from the Azure Islands. In the darkest hour, they had come. All I had to do was shut my eyes, and for a dark moment, I could hear screams even through the steel and rock that surrounded me. Regrettably so, our time of peace and life was truly over…

I quickly found a place to hide behind one of the shelves, and just waited there. Instantly, the door was thrown open, sending it crashing against the wall. I tried to focus on the air around me. I sensed their breaths, and their footsteps down the stairs. My guess was that there were two of them. And they neither asked if there was anyone here. I could tell they were here to kill and silence anyone who was here. I was completely unarmed, and there was no blunt object anywhere for me to use…

One took the left side, and the other took the right, coming closer toward me. They were definitely rushing this, thinking the room was pretty much empty from the silence. Slowly, the one of the right crept around the bookcase, and I saw him with my own eyes. Again, my assumptions were correct. It was an armed Charmander in a Black Onyx uniform and carrying one of their rifles. Yes, today had been their day of arrival, and already I could sense this would be their final and ultimate victory, which was going to be nothing less than a massacre. I didn’t want to imagine what kind of horror was taking place on the surface, but already the air around me was giving me a woeful impression.

For a moment, he looked at the fallen book, and immediately his attention was cut off. I had to act now, and if I took any longer, it was going to be over and they would find me...

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Amazing! That's all I can say! *Claps loudly*

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 20
The Last Essence

I quickly crept up behind him, and at the right moment, I wrapped my arm around his neck. Instantly, he was in shock, but as I tried to choke him, I sent a lethal amount of electricity searing from my blazing cheeks right into the back of his head, and quickly into his brain, instantly inflicting a lethal blow. My only problem was the glow from the thunderbolt. It was definitely bright enough to be seen by anyone else in the room…

“Who’s there?” I heard the other question, not knowing at all what happened.

He was across the room, way too out of the reach. I quickly grabbed the Charmander’s rifle, and got in back of the bookcase again. Slowly but swiftly, I tried to get away from the fallen Charmander as possible. Already I could hear him on the other side of the room, slowly moving along the left side toward where he found the glow. He was definitely cautious now. I stopped for a moment, but he kept on moving until he stopped at the Charmander’s fallen body. Still, he only stopped for a second, and then he kept moving around the bend, now coming up upon me from behind. I then decided that trying to sneak up behind him wouldn’t be a good idea, since he seemed to be more aware than his companion. And meeting him head on would be incredibly risky. So, I tried another tactic. I immediately took the gun’s strap, threw it around my neck, and quickly climbed the bookcase itself. There was plenty of space between the inner ring of bookcases, but hitting the ground would leave me trapped in there. Patiently, I waited, just hanging over the edge in back of the bookcase trying to limit my breathing.

Soon enough, I heard him walk right past me, never once being able to catch a glimpse of my tiny, yellow fingers over the top of the bookcase. Patiently, I waited for him to pass another fifteen feet away from me. I could only imagine what he would be thinking, seeing his companion dead, knowing there was someone else in the room, but having no idea what became of them, like it was a ghost who killed him and suddenly just vanished. I heard him stop for a moment, and then continue another five feet. Then, slowly, I pulled myself up on the top of the bookcase, and then grabbed the rifle. I immediately saw who I had been after this whole time. Again, it was another solider of the Black Onyx, a very paranoid and uneasy Furret. Quickly, I took the rifle, aimed for his head, and without another moment passing, I fired a single shot. The rifle spat a blast of fire, and for a split second, the room flare up with light before the bullet struck the Furret in the back of the head, and he was instantly out like a light.

I quickly jumped off the bookcase, and looked over the Furret’s body. Again, I took his rifle as well, held it around my shoulder and made my way upstairs. I then swiftly grabbed the doorknob of the metal door, and opened it slowly. Already, I had seen the lower cellars had been raided and dismantled. All that was left was a single flight of stairs to the surface. I had no idea what was out there, but still, it wasn’t the size of the attacking force that was concerning me. It was seeing how much damage had been done while I was away.

Slowly, I made my way up the stone stairs, gripping the rifle in my hands, as well as keeping my sense of hearing and sight extremely sharp. Stair after stair, I had slowly come to the surface. Plenty of black smoke was everywhere from the little of the sky I could see. Three more steps, and I saw the fires where they were coming from. And scattered all over the place was body after body. I didn’t see anything living, not even the Black Onyx forces themselves. Most of the buildings and the fields were burning now. As hideous as the sight was, I saw this day coming.

For hours I waited in a palm tree, seeing the occasional Altaria rider fly across the sky to make one last check for life. And then, there was nothing. The fires had consumed all that was in their reach, leaving only dying embers now. Meanwhile, I saw no one living from either the Southern Tempest or the Silver Apex. No one… but myself. To the Black Onyx, this was their final victory. For them, there was nothing left to conquer. Every enemy of theirs had been punished, killed, or had given up all hope to join their ranks out of cowardice. All that was left was a burning field of all that had stood in his way, to be burnt to nothing.

When I was convinced the area of clear of any Black Onyx troops, I quickly checked every island in hopes of finding at least a few survivors who might still be alive after the attack. I had checked the first two islands, only to find nothing but bodies, blood, and destruction. The crops we had spent so much time on were nothing but a field of black ash now. Houses had been burnt to the ground, and I saw dead bodies slaughtered in some of the most vicious ways I had ever seen. Victory itself was no longer a thing to be cherished anymore.

I made my way toward the third and fourth islands, the places where most of the remnants of the Silver Apex had been staying. They too, were given no mercy or compassion. Those that had survived the escape out of our fallen empire had lived only to die in this nightmare. I had only hoped that their final days could be peaceful ones, and in a way, I was glad they were, for as little as that time had lasted. Still, through every burning house I checked, and every body that looked like there could be some chance of life still flowing through their veins, I checked for a pulse only to discover for myself that their heart had already stopped beating. But sadly, those chances were far and few between. Most of the bodies were clearly lost and gone from the amount of destruction that had been let loose upon them.

And lastly, I checked the last of the islands, only to discover that I was alone now, a feeling I had grown so used to. I didn’t know how I was going to survive in this kind of misery, or if I even wanted to embrace the harshness that was to come through this pain. The legacy of the Silver Apex, as glorious as it once was had truly let out its last breath now. For a moment, I didn’t understand why I was supposed to still live in this world, and all the misery that bathed it in the flames and screams of others.

There was only one, last, breathing member of the Silver Apex now, and that was me. I was the one who had died to save his people, only to be the last remaining survivor of them upon his second coming when the time of the end was at hand. Every ally of mine was gone, and those who had once been by my side had turned their sword against me. But to Skepter, I was already dead. For now, I shut my eyes, letting him believe that was burning to nothing alongside my comrades. Let him believe that I was no longer a threat, and no longer capable of bringing any more pain to him. But if I was to suffer, die at the sword of the Black Onyx and be punished like the rest of my people, I would rather explode against his kingdom as a blazing fireball of destruction and sacrifice than to be simply killed like a lamb asking for death.

Dragon Lover
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Breath taking yet at the same time sad... this is a wonderful plot twist and I can no longer guess what is going to happen... all the pain, suffering and hardwork for nothing... the spelling and grammer was perfect as far as I know... This is going wonderfully and can't wait to see the end...


Neo Emolga
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Yeah, I finally got back into writing it. And here's a new update, glad to see you're enjoying the story.


Chapter 21
The Call of the Night

I spent the rest of that afternoon just trying to gather and salvage whatever supplies and equipment that was left intact into one area. Sadly enough, one of the many things I found that hadn’t even been used were the firearms. Obviously, the Black Onyx hadn’t found the forward weapons cache, but it was useless considering we never even got to use it. Still, I wasn’t going to need a whole pile of fifty firearms. Three rifles at once was the maximum I could carry. And regrettably so, our rifles weren’t nearly as powerful as those of the Black Onyx Kingdom. Still, I took both of the Black Onyx rifles I had found, and a slightly outdated sniper rifle that originated from the Southern Tempest. I had wiped the scope and cleaned out the rest of the rifle, but I still had no plan on how I was going to strike the Black Onyx Kingdom and inflict as much damage as I could.

After looking at a map I had managed to save, apparently, it was no joke that Skepter pretty much ruled the world now. His cities were everywhere, except where the land wasn’t fertile. My main focus was to start stripping down as many of his power plants as possible. By now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Skepter had already started downsizing his guard patrols if he even had any at all. There was no one left to attack them. As for now, there was no chance of a rebellion forming against Skepter. It could take another few decades before others realized how much of a maniac he really was. I wasn’t going to wait that long.

From what I could see, the Black Onyx Kingdom was separated into six parts. It would take me forever to shut down every power plant they had, and even then, after three attacks, they would start catching on to my pattern. Still, I had to make my strikes unexpected. I could tell the first would be relatively easy to make its total destruction look like a freak accident. Maybe even a second one if I could get creative enough with it. But a third strike would alert them that there was still a threat out there. Regardless, I didn’t care. I wanted to mow down at many of his weak points as possible, regardless of how hard it was going to be. I knew Skepter’s cities couldn’t live without power, and rebuilding his Synth power plants was going to be a heck of a task. Every one I struck down, thousands of buildings would be without power. I couldn’t think of any better fate than to plunge them all into their own self-created darkness.

Evening had come, and I had selected my first target. In what used to be the remains of the fallen nation of Crescent Moon now lay a whole industrial center that belonged to the Black Onyx Kingdom. In the center of it was their Synth power plant, possibly their most important one. Without it, that whole area might as well have blown up sky high, that’s how useless their factories and industrial assembly plants in that area would become with no power to run them. Still, there was no way I could just walk in there and expect to tear the place apart with no resistance whatsoever. Like with Macomb, I needed to pretend I was one of them, and use one of their uniforms.

What separated me from any other Pikachu that belonged to the Black Onyx Kingdom were my abilities to react quickly and almost slow down time itself, as well as my accuracy, and of course, Blazewing herself. And for some unknown reason, my eyes themselves had some means of revealing my true nature from what it seemed to others around me from what Sinis told me, but other than that, all it took was a uniform and Blazewing tightly secured in her Pokéball, and no one would ever suspect that I would be walking among them. To them, I was dead for all they knew. Even if Skepter didn’t have a bullet-ridden corpse named Juno in front of him to defile and torment as much as he wanted, he wasn’t going to mind believing that I was killed and burned at some point during the slaughter. And I doubt anyone who attacked us kept track of who they killed in that massacre.

I counted up the food I had acquired, and from the looks of it, I had about three days worth before everything else would spoil. Meanwhile, I headed back to the library and had removed the corpses of the Charmander and the Furret that had belonged to the Black Onyx. I saved the Charmander’s uniform, since I was going to need it if I was going to have any chance of infiltrating that Synth power plant. It was almost a perfect fit for me, the only problem was the back was a little tight. Still, it would have to do. The Furret’s uniform was soaked in blood I knew there was no way I could even get into that thing. I had to minimize my light usage on the surface, so I thought the best idea would be to sleep in the cellar library. Surprisingly, I fell asleep quickly, even despite all that was going through my head…

I had a choice. I held it in my hands, almost a thousand feet above the water. All I had to do was let go, and no one would ever see it again. Likely, it would fall to the bottom of the gulf, and just deteriorate without anyone ever looking at its pages once again. But I thought to myself, maybe it wasn’t that bad. He may have written it, but what did it matter? No one would ever know about it. Oh, who was I kidding. Really, who else would ever read it besides someone from the Black Onyx anyway? They would probably find it, strip it and defile it, and ruin my history for all future generations to wince at. They would tell their children that Juno was murderer and a defiler. I shut my eyes from just the bitter thought of it. I took my grip off the book, and like that, it disappeared from my hands, and fluttered its way down from the metal bridge I was standing on and plummeted into the water with a tiny splash. It was done then. My grave was crumbling, my homeland torched with it’s cities turning to dust, and now this, this final link to my legacy written by a traitor, the only part of it all that could ever live on, was cast to the bottom of the gulf like its own burial at sea. For once, being forgotten was worse than even death itself, but it was a price I had to pay.

My past was beautiful, my present was my worst torture, but was what was my future? It was all unanswered for now. I looked down toward the metal supports that held up the bridge to see the Wingull flying. Just from watching them, I could only wish I could fly myself, and join them and forget about everything else for even just a few moments. I didn’t even know where I was. And then, the oddest thing happened. One of the Wingull had flown up toward me, and perched itself on the railing next to me. He looked at me with an interested eye, and then something strange happened…

“Jake Kossak is dead, Juno.” The Wingull told me, speaking with his own beak, “Miss him. Miss him. Miss him. Miss him.”

“I saw him die.” I felt myself say to him, “I was there. I saw him die and I felt his pain.”

“The mourning space is only a few feet, Juno.” He spoke again, looking down toward the water, “Only a few feet. Upon that cross, there is no name. No name.”

He was right. Yes, just like the other soldiers, he was a forgotten memory. Nothing. But then again, so was Juno, only he wasn’t dead yet, but it would only be a matter of time. The prophecy was fulfilled and gone. The book of my past was gone now too. And anything else of it was either dead or gone too. While Jake Kossak couldn’t have been remembered if he wanted to, Juno was once known as a savior. But in the end, they followed the same path, and both became forgotten.

“I wish I could be remembered.” I told the Wingull, hoping he would understand, “I wish I could fly like you, and just forget about my troubles. You seem to know of them quite well actually.”

“I’m a bird, Juno.” The Wingull confessed, “Just a bird. But you are born of dreams. You can chase stars, Juno. You go beyond all birds. All birds. All birds.”

“I don’t have that kind of power.” I felt myself tell him, feeling weaker at that moment, “I never could fly and I never will.”

“Chance.” The Wingull whispered to me, bending over and trying to speak closer, “You have one chance. You can find it around you. Around you. Find it before they burn it to nothing. Nothing.”

It didn’t make sense to me. What was he talking about? There was nothing around me. Only water and metal pillars. There was noting for me here but emptiness.

“What?” I felt myself ask him, feeling impatient, “Is it a spirit? Some magical power?”

“You know.” The Wingull continued on, relentless, “You feel it. A darkened white like a cloud before a storm. Just beyond your reach. Your reach. You can see it but you cannot touch it unless you climb to catch it. Catch it.”

“But… why?” I could sense myself ask him, “Why are you telling me this?”

“I will be gone.” He told me, looking at me closely now, “Gone… forever. For unlike you, my time will vanish, and I will be gone. You walk among dreams and survive. Where you find the link to your past, you find the link to your future. Your future…”

And then, he flew away, and left me standing there. And suddenly, I saw fire around me. I didn’t understand it for a moment, and then suddenly I felt like I had been struck in the back with a shock paddle.

And then I found myself, lying on the floor of the library…

Dragon Lover
07-25-2005, 06:27 AM
Very interesting... what could that link be... maybe it was that book about his past... I'll just have to wait and see...


Neo Emolga
07-26-2005, 07:45 AM
Chapter 22
The Search in the Depths

I didn’t understand any of it. Usually I never remember my dreams or they’re utter, chaotic nonsense that I simply cast away and forget, but this was different. I tried to think about the location of the dream, and there was nothing that I could find a match with. I already knew it was a place I had never been to, but that didn’t rule out the possibility that such a place existed.

I had quickly stood up and found some blank pieces of paper on a desk and a pen, and I tried to write down as much of it as I could remember. I felt like an idiot for a moment, thinking it was probably nothing, but something in the back of my mind was telling me otherwise. I wrote it all down, everything the Wingull said, and everything that I did in that dream. Even the means that had forced me to wake up I had scribbled onto that piece of paper. But even when I read it all again and was sure I had gotten everything, it still didn’t make any sense. Again, it still felt like he was talking about a spirit. And if that was the case, I still couldn’t see how that would ever help me.

I looked over the first pieces of the conversation. Again, it was just the death of Jake Kossak. I didn’t even consider that part of me anymore, Jake Kossak might as well have been a complete stranger. But then came the part about wanting to fly, and how the Wingull felt I was already “above all birds” and “could chase stars.” I still didn’t get it. I’ve never been able to fly my entire life, only Blazewing could ever do that. Still, I tried not to think of it in such a literal sense, which I figured was throwing me off.

Then it was about “chance.” I remembered exactly that he told me I had “one chance” to find it, and warned me about it “being burned to nothing.” Again, I tried to think of it in a variety of ways. Still, the more I thought about it, the more I realized he definitely wasn’t talking about a spirit. I looked at the paper again, and remembered he described whatever the hell he was talking about as a “darkened white cloud just before a storm” and said “I needed to climb to catch it.” Still, I wasn’t making any leads with this riddle. And then, I read the last line he said just before the dream ended. He told me “that he would be gone,” which I figured was because he was just a part of the dream, again in a literal sense. Then, came his very last line, just before he flew away and the shock I had felt after the fire had appeared.

“Where you find the link to your past, you find the link to your future.”

I then threw down the pieces of paper in my hands, and they lay there completely still. I remember what I myself had even called “the link to my past,” and then I suddenly realized what he was trying to tell me…

He was talking about another book in this library.

I suddenly felt cold and still. I turned back and started looking around. Somewhere in this room was the answer I needed. “Burned to nothing” was the risk of not finding it, and that was true. No doubt the Black Onyx would soon be all over this place, and every last book in these quarters would just become ash.

I held the pieces of paper as I looked at each of the shelves. Slowly, my eyes traced along each of the shelves, but still, there was no one book that stood out from the rest. I then looked back down at the pieces of paper in my hands…

“You feel it. A darkened white like a cloud before a storm. Just beyond your reach. Your reach. You can see it but you cannot touch it unless you climb to catch it. Catch it.”

Climb to catch it. He was talking about a darkened white book that had to be at least on the third shelf, “just beyond my reach.” My eyes quickly traced along most of the shelves, and I had seen that almost none of them were even near white. Still, I kept moving along and checking each of the shelves. I was feeling a rush of anxiety as I slowly moving through the library, looking at the third and fourth shelves for a white book. And then, after finally making my way around the bend, I had seen it. There it sat on the third shelf, almost in the middle. It was definitely a very light gray, but I could still tell it used to be pure white but was discolored by age and dirt.

I already knew it was a book I had never read before, being all the way on the right side of the library. I finally put down all the pieces of paper I was carrying, and began to climb the shelf. I then finally reached the third shelf of the bookcase, and managed to pull the light gray book out before jumping down to the floor. As I held the book in my hands, I realized it was fairly old and slightly damaged. The words on the cover were totally illegible, but I could still make out a few letters and some sort of crest that had been engraved into the cover, like an emblem of sorts. But as of now, this book looked just like all the others. I wasn’t about to start having doubts now, however.

Like the book that Vice had written, I sat down, and opened it to the first page. Upon flipping over the front cover, I immediately saw the pages inside were slightly soiled and dirty, but still, the first page showed to me what was supposed to be on the cover but was worn out with old age. “The Scathing of the Shadow Phoenix” was the book’s title, and the emblem was a very disturbing image of a majestic black bird with broken wings, surrounded by fire, and screaming out in pain. I turned back to the cover, and yes, the parts that were still visible looked just like the ones on the first page. Still, I couldn’t see what this had to do with me in anyway. Regardless, I turned to the second page, and immediately it began with “The Death Manifest,” with a very unsettling pencil drawn image of a large temple being slowly swallowed up in darkness.

Damned and woeful are they who rise up against the one who is forged from stars and dies by fire. The darkness of their life after death is manifest, for they stumble in the shadows of their own ill created darkness. For they are lost forever, doomed to never reach the salvation they have so longed for, only to be locked in the pits of destruction and waste below which they have created for themselves. For it is here where they face their regret, and their woeful contemplation of their lost chance and their stupor of valuing their arrogant lives before their eternal construction. Abandon all hope for them, for their voice can be no louder than a whisper in the wind, and their vision a mere flicker in the night.

The whole first twenty pages were just as disturbing. On and on it went about the ceaseless tortures and total destruction. Oddly enough, the whole thing sounded so prophetic, definitely not like the other books in this library. Still though, anyone reading this could have easily mistaken it for just another fictional story. Eventually it all stopped, and began with the “The Waking of the Shadow,” and began a whole new chapter. Again, there was another pencil drawn image right under the chapter title, and it was then where I saw the link between me and this book. It depicted a Pikachu screaming in pain, surrounded by fire in what appeared to look like a brutal holocaust. A death by fire, exactly how Zander predicted it all. That was no ordinary unfortunate Pikachu in that picture. That was me, the moment before I died. I looked at the cover, and very strangely, I could see a very close resemblance between what must have been the “Shadow Phoenix” and myself in the fire. But what did this mean? Still, I turned back to the text, and began reading it again.

For he gives himself in sacrifice, the blessing of his nation, the walker of his people, the key to the door of hope. Against the knowledge of his death he fights until his time. He sees the future death of himself and his mount, but does not let it cloud his will. For he dies by fire in the final, brutal battle, and vanquishes the foe with his voice and trust. The passing of them both comes, while one falls to the world below, he is risen up and his eyes are opened. Meanwhile, the burnt offering of himself is laid to rest, and his people mourn at his loss but anticipate the joy of a new hope. They anticipate… but remember. He is given the burial above kings, one that is justified.

For those precious moments he sees the splendor of Utopia, but those days are short lived upon his transition into his own world, the threshold of where his essence was created before his soul merged with the creation of the dream walker, Juno, before his struggle for his people. For there is no one else that can achieve what Juno can, born from desperate dreams, given power that can only be dreamt of to become real. Through Kossak’s offering, Juno survives the dream to become the one force that Zander could not expect. To fight against one who was created through imagination, and who survived the fragile fabric of the dream instead of fading into the dust of the mind. It is that which makes the Gold Rider prevail and survive what others can’t. Juno is made of stars, but dies by fire.

It knew everything, and I couldn’t understand how or why. It was as if some guardian angel of mine had written the whole thing and knew of every circumstance that I had encountered. Even Kossak. I never would have dreamed that anything in this world would even know that Kossak was in fact my alter-ego at one point. But really, how could have this all been predicted? I quickly looked back to the cover. Was it really age that wore this book down so much…?

Or was it something completely different…?

Dragon Lover
07-26-2005, 01:50 PM
Very interesting... It seems that the book was indeed written by a Death Angel...besides that the story was as awe inspiring as ever... I can't wait to hear the end as it sounds very interesting...


08-04-2005, 12:56 AM
Whoa... I just read this thing so far and it is great! Hmm... forged from stars... born from desperate dreams... gotta mean something! This is great. You haven't lost your flair for this, Juno. This is so awesome...

*stumbles around room reflecting on how awesome TOJII is*

Exon Auxus
08-04-2005, 07:20 AM
Wow, I've been reading this, but have never said anything. NP, you truly have a talent. :wink:

Neo Emolga
08-06-2005, 10:11 PM
Agh, I broke my promise of updating each week. Sorry about that. And yeah, Chapter 23 was well over 10,000 characters, so its in two posts. If that's any way to make up for it, I hope that's it. :P

Also, thank you everyone for reading. I'm glad to see you're enjoying the story as much as I enjoy writing it.

Chapter 23
The Path Revealed

It wasn’t making any sense to me. I was dying to know who wrote this and why they wrote it. I was surprised that they knew so much, and were able to get so much down on paper. Still though, this was making me question whether my destiny this entire time was governed by prophecies and whatnot. Regardless, there was only one way to find out. I turned to chapter three, and again, another interesting sight came to me.

“Chapter 3: Kossak’s Final Fall” with a pencil drawing of myself as Jake Kossak once again, fighting in the trenches of Orre alongside Captain Davidson and Corporal Harrison. I knew it was them, their faces were unmistakable with the detail. And I swore that whoever wrote this had to be there themselves. Every word I read on those pages made me feel like the person who wrote this was simply breathing behind my back every passing moment. Out of slight paranoia I stopped reading every now and then and looked around for a brief moment around the dark library, thinking someone was really watching me. Either they knew this was all going to happen from a vision, or they were with me every passing moment.

It is he, Juno who lives in the world of men as Kossak, for it is Juno who can walk between worlds unlike others. But upon the fields in this world, war is no different, and Kossak is a mere ordinary soldier unlike his majestic bearing of the title “Gold Rider” in this world as well as the leadership he holds for his people of the Silver Apex. No other man fighting alongside of him knows anything of who Kossak really is, and what really lies beneath the fabric of his skin. Like before, he plunges himself into the heat of battle, being far more familiar with it than others. They fight long and hard, and make decisions they regret, but they draw closer to their goal. However, he and his fellow comrades of men perish in the trenches of this foreign land known only to Juno and no one else. While his comrades lift their souls up to the clouds of heaven, Kossak’s name, body, and memory faded into dust as he ascends back to his true form in the sparkling waters of Utopia.

It was chilling to read it all. They knew about Sita, my connection to her, and I knew for a fact they knew what Utopia actually looked like having seen it myself and knowing each line of description was totally exact. It was alarming how they managed to capture every event so flawlessly. The trenches of Orre… how the hell did they know I was there? It was impossible. Everyone I knew along this path didn’t know this much about me to be able to write this kind of thing. No one was with me all the way from the beginning to the end. So who could have even written this?

Then it moved to “Chapter 4: Juno’s Second Promise,” with a picture of me leading the survivors of the fallen Silver Apex out of the ruins of our homeland. What really made me wonder was… did the author actually predict I would be reading his own book? Regardless, I kept reading, watching events that only happened a few months ago begin to unfold…

The selfless Gold Rider returns to the waste of his own grave to encounter the very treacherous pillagers of the Black Onyx who defiled his people, his grave, and consumed the world under their fiery tongues. After destroying them and proving to Cythan who he really is and sends him cowering away, he finds himself, fallen in the desert. The darkness swallows him, and he is taken by his oppressors and they take them to their lord Skepter. They torture his mind, make mockery of his accomplishments, but it is their own hubris that gives Juno the chance to escape to return to his people in their time of desperation. Upon the death of their leader Sinis, it is Juno who commands his people once again, and who leads them out of their homelands through the plains of Conda and to the paradise of the Azure Islands to spend the rest of their days in splendor rather than in sorrow. But those times are short lived as they are soon discovered by the Black Onyx yet a second time, and it is here where the once mighty Silver Apex is burned to cinders, along with the rest of whatever forces could stand against the Black Onyx.

It is a time a great celebration in the Black Onyx Kingdom now. All of their enemies have been put to death, and parades will be held for days. However, there is one who rises from the ashes of his fallen empire like a Phoenix, and who will walk among them like a shadow. To plunge them all in their own darkness, and to stop the heart that keeps their people alive. Let there be riots in the streets, and anarchy to those who are restless.

For I see him now, holding my own written text in his hands. While he is lead to believe otherwise, I cannot see the future, my accounts are only from what has been. In the back of his mind, there has always been a solution, otherwise his grieving would overwhelm him to the point of suicide. And there is, but it is a taxing trial, one that would require an almost infinite amount of bravery and fearlessness.

My heart was racing. This was real, there was no way this could ever be a lie to me. There was a way… yes. I was ready to believe there was one, and not just in name only. I had turned the page, and saw both pages were suddenly blank, and didn’t have a single word on them. And then, something happened that nearly made me faint. Words were suddenly being written on the pages, right before my own eyes. I was right, there was something watching over me. Still, I looked to the words, and read them despite how unusually freshly written they were…

Your intended path leads to the ruins of the Crescent Moon to wipe out their industrial center. To plunge them all in darkness. Indeed, them dwell in shade and confusion. The only way to bring your people to light is to shut out the light for your enemy, and it has become your role. Indeed, by now you have realized that you are in fact the Shadow Phoenix himself, the one who rises again from the darkness as a sword of bright retribution against the night of your enemies.

There is a cathedral there in the fogged presence of their industrial city, forgotten and abandoned by those who once used it. The doors cannot be opened when there is light shining upon the great seal that is engraved on them, yet another reason for you to bring the night to them. It also cannot be destroyed, and all attempts to do so have been met with deadly and lethal failure.

There is a stairway inside that building that leads as far down as you can imagine, into the bowels of the abyss itself, in fact the only way access to it from our world without the requirement of sin and death. You cannot show fear or despair upon your journey through those darkest caverns. They will know you’re not supposed to be there. You must travel as long and as hard as you can until you reach the City of Dis, the home of the damned. In its dark and bleeding streets you will find a single, black building housed among the gray graveyard of a city you find there. This is the Temple of the Damned, a building that is solely meant to confine those who have been confined to the City of Dis. However, you must enter, despite the fact that once inside, it will be impossible to see due to the infernal darkness. You must navigate inside using only your other sense, for the windows to your soul must remain shut.

Neo Emolga
08-06-2005, 10:12 PM
Inside you will find the Stone of Dusk, a smooth gray stone bearing no markings. Besides it you will find the Dagger of Despair, a sharp, twisted blade that bleeds black. You will only be able to feel them, for you will be unable to see in those dark and twisted halls. Once you have found the stone, you are to hold it as close to your heart as possible. At that point, you must realize there is only one way to escape the Temple of the Damned, as well as the City of Dis. You must take the Dagger of Despair and drive it through your own heart. My only warning is this: the death will be one of extreme and almost unbearable physical and mental pain. Regardless, you must keep the Stone of Dusk as close to you as possible. Leaving it out of your grasp will only cause you to leave it behind, and will only result in your own failure. There will be no way to get it back again if you leave it out of your hand…

Once the horror of your most violent death is over, you will find yourself in the sanctuary of the heavens, the Ivory Gardens of Utopia with the Stone of Dusk still with you, a sight that even you haven’t seen yet. But even in this realm of tranquility, there are threats against your mission. Even after the unbearable pain of the Abyss, you cannot let yourself be tempted to stay in those serene halls despite the comfort and placidity that surround you. You must tell yourself that this will all be for you some other day. You must carry on through the familiar tranquil fields you have seen before to the City of the Horizon, yet another location you have yet to visit. There is a secret garden there that houses the Fountain of Purity, one that flows with pure, untouched water than has never been past anyone’s lips. Mounted on the top bowl is the Blade of the Dreamkeeper, a knife that was put there after bringing destruction to countless evil, with edges that are beyond razor sharp. You must then take the Stone of Dusk, and carve three symbols into it in a triangular formation using this very blade. The symbol that is on the bottom left is of yourself, the Gold Rider, the Shadow Phoenix of Juno. The one on the bottom right is that of your people, the Silver Apex and all that is used to represent its glory. Lastly, above them both in the center is the symbol of Utopia itself, and all that represents the peace and harmony that only those who do good in their life will ever find. Once the three symbols are in place, you are to take both the Stone of Dusk and the Blade of the Dreamkeeper, and head back to the Opal Fields to the Well of Harmony. Like before, plunge into its waters and head back to the world you came from.

At the moment you stand alone before your enemy amasses before you, use the Blade of the Dreamkeeper and cut your hand with it. Every drop of your own blood shed by this blade will glow a brilliant white. At that moment, take the Stone of Dusk and draw a circle through the three symbols with your, glowing white blood. The very stone from the abyss itself will become pure, and will shine like a massive flare in the night. Only at that moment will the heavens open, and all will await your call.

My faith lies within you, Juno. Only you will ever go so far.

My path was laid before me. But it spoke nothing of the real challenges I would have to face on this mission. I could see what the three symbols were supposed to be. The one of myself was an outline of a Pikachu with two flames besides it. Meanwhile, the one that represented the Silver Apex was that of a monolith in the above the setting sun. Finally, the last symbol, the one used to represent Utopia itself was a castle in the clouds.

Then, just like that, I had shut the white book, and to my sudden surprise, it was suddenly lit on fire and burned to nothing in my hands before my eyes, never once letting me know who the mysterious stranger who seemed to follow me through every passing moment was. Still, I felt that in time, there would be a moment for me to discover that truth.

I was just about to leave the library until I found the book that Vice had written. As hideous as it was to imagine every book in this library would be burned in a holocaust, I couldn’t let that one be destroyed, even if it was written by a traitor. Despite the message of my dream, I had a strong feeling that this book would never end up in the hands of the Black Onyx Kingdom for them to butcher and lie with.

And finally, I had left that library, and had come up from the ground, bound for what was left of Crescent Moon. Weapons strung around my shoulder, hope in my heart, and my eyes set on the path ahead, I prepared to leave what was left of the Azure Islands and my fallen people in the hope of pursuing the only means to bring them back.

Dragon Lover
08-08-2005, 07:23 AM
Woah, very interesting... he has to Kill himself again? XD Also I found the name "Temple of the Damed" funny somehow XD. Oh boy, I can't wait till he reaches the Black Onyx industry... it's going to be so cool...


Neo Emolga
08-12-2005, 08:34 PM
Heh, I like someone who reads my stuff with anticipation. Yes, more TOJ II coming at you.

Chapter 24
The Lone Shadow

I was alone now, with a still silence around me. Still, for once I felt like the eyes of millions were upon me, but I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being alone. Still, among the smoke around me, I still felt life around me, and hopes in the slight gusts of wind. To me, they all lived, but none of them ever really died. I could still hear their voices every now and then. I didn’t know it if was actually real or if I was actually just hallucinating things…

I released Blazewing, and had a long discussion with her, and letting her know everything that happened so some reasoning for my sudden actions would be explainable. For now, she was my only source of companionship, and would likely have to be there by my side for every challenge I would have to soon embrace. She had the right to know, and I made sure she did regarding every detail, since she was the only one alive who I could really trust now. No one has been through more with me than her, and I was glad she could still be here with me despite these desperate times. I could see the despair in her eyes just from how she looked at the smoking ruins around her, but I tried to tell her that this is not how the Silver Apex will end. And in the back of my mind, even if I found that I could never go all the way, I would feel better if at least I tried to go as far as I could, even to the point of my own death.

It all seemed to confusing to her, but I knew in time that would change and she would realize what her role in all this would be. She too, was also born of Randy’s long lost created dream world, and had powers similar to mine. She too was born of dreams and could chase stars and fly with me if she really wanted to. Skepter may have brought down every other living member of the once mighty Silver Apex empire, but to defeat us, it would take more than he could ever imagine. We were walkers among worlds, and have seen and experienced things that Skepter could never dream of. I’ve come all this way, and I would not rest until my time here was truly done.

The Azure Islands were gone now. All I saw around me was smoke, ruins, and death, I sight I was beginning to get used to having seen it so many times. I never did find the bodies of Aries, Echo, or Kaz, but I did find Frost lying in a ditch in one of the fields. It was a shame I really didn’t know any of them for that long, not like how I knew Sinis at one point. He died the death of a warrior, but sadly, I didn’t want to see the last of our warriors die as farmers, without weapons or any kind of defense. Still, it was time to leave it behind. The road ahead for me was going to be a long one, and now wasn’t the time to dwell on it.

“I can’t believe… they’re all gone…” Blazewing whispered to me mournfully, “All of them…?”

“Yes,” I told her, looking out to the setting sun, “We’re the only ones left. Still, I have hope, even if the odds are ridiculously against us.”

Then, I pulled out my map out of the small gray pack I was wearing. I showed her exactly where we needed to go, right toward the heart of Crescent Moon in the Far East. No doubt, I would have to have her land on the outskirts so I she wouldn’t be seen. But thanks to the uniform I was wearing, there shouldn’t have been a problem with me getting inside.

“That’s a pretty long distance away…” Blazewing told me, showing to where I was pointing to.

“Well, Skepter doesn’t even know we’re still alive.” I told her, looking right at the location on the map, “No one will be after us, but we can’t stay here.”

“Alright…” Blazewing replied, with a little hesitation.

I then climbed upon her back, and only a moment later, we took off, and I quickly realized how long it’s been since I’ve last flown through the skies with her. We flew past the smoking ruins of the Azure Islands, and then over the land of Conda once again. Still, I just couldn’t even glace to admire the scenery with all the thoughts in my mind. The very idea of walking through the abyss itself was what was bringing me the most fear, not even what I would have to go through to shut down the Black Onyx Synth power plant.

We passed through miles and miles of sky, and every hour brought the sun down even further. For most of the ride, we flew across the ocean to help us avoid even further detection, but for the first time, even the sky seemed to be colder than usual. The sea was black as oil, the clouds were black as smoke, and it seemed like the closer and closer we drew toward Crescent Moon, the less life there seemed to be.

And then, as soon as I saw land, time seemed to slow to a crawl. It suddenly opened up before us, and the first thing we saw was the harbor. But even that alone was massive, and that wasn’t even the heart of the city. All I could do now was tell Blazewing to head off to the side, away from the massive industrial center so that she could land and I could move through the city on foot. No doubt, most of the workers would be away from their workstations due to the fact it was the beginning of the evening. However, the Synth power plant would probably still have a few workers up and around to make sure everything was running correctly. Still, this was nothing like what Macomb was many years ago. But then again, this wouldn’t be the true test of my faith either.

Blazewing had landed softly in a large, grassy knoll about a mile away from the industrial center. In the distance, it looked like some twisted-looking mountain range with a black clouded sky above it from the continuous pollution of the smoke stacks below.

“You’re really going to have to walk through all that?” Blazewing asked me, a little fearful.

“If this at all intimidates me, then nothing will prepare me for what lies after this.” I replied to her as I climbed off her back, “My only problem is trying to figure out how I’m going to stop it all…”

“I know you can do it, Juno.” Blazewing replied, giving me a little smile, “Do it like you always have. With courage and determination. You have always found a way.”

This wasn’t the hard part. In fact, to me, this was almost a break. But what would tomorrow bring? Still, I looked ahead, and knew what I had to do. It wouldn’t be long now… not long at all…

“Come.” I told Blazewing, looking in her eyes, “The best time to strike is now. Their cover is as down as it will ever be.”

She simply nodded, and I returned her to her Pokéball. After becoming a brilliant white outline, she returned to her rest, but I already knew it wouldn’t be long before I would need her help again.

I turned around and headed down the grassy knoll with my three firearms besides me. The walk to the power plant would be long and far through a mass of dirty, unkempt and rotten buildings, but it would have to be done. With every passing step, I drew closer and closer to it, passing plenty of factories that had shut down for the night. Others looked like they closed up permanently only just recently. All it took was a little peek to see their firearms and assault vehicles nestled inside, no longer needing them. But most of them looked clearly like they were up and running.

I could feel it in the air now, almost a bizarre sense of tranquility. They were fearless. Completely fearless with their victory over the world, and marched on without a trace of oppression. And King Skepter, king of the world, retiring most of his army as the fanfare of his parades carried on through the streets. No longer did he find Silver Apex forces still hiding among the rubble of Symarix and all its former splendor. And not a trace of the legendary Juno, most likely burning in the same pile as the rest of his comrades. I saw them for a moment. All of Black Onyx, joined together in jubilation and feasting from their successful massacres around the world. Wine drinking, parties, and thanksgivings to King Skepter himself as he bathed and showered in the praises of his nation.

Let them rejoice today, for it will all be over before they could even sweep the streets clean. Let their fallen confetti be burned in the streets, and their wine casks and kegs smashed upon the ground. Let cheers be turned to screams, and fireworks in the sky be turned to flames consuming their homes. For jubilation will become anarchy for the Black Onyx kingdom, as they are drenched in violence from their dishonor. Through every step I took, every breath of air I inhaled, and every beat of my heart, Black Onyx will never know true peace throughout the years as long as I carry on. I am the last one who remains, a shadow among them appearing to be like them. Behind them I strike, weapon in my hand, I embrace it.

Shambling through darkness to bring the dawn…

Hoenn Mirror Girl
08-13-2005, 05:35 AM
Okay, finally read 23 and 24. iPods are a great thing.

Anyway, it seems like Juno has to commit suicide... AGAIN. Can't the guy ever get a break?

But still, it was nothing less from your usual: a wonderfully done chapter packed with descriptions that make you feel like you were there. Glad to see Blazewing again.

However, I HAVE been holding something back about this story. The dialogues are punctated incorrectly.

“Well, Skepter doesn’t even know we’re still alive.” I told her, looking right at the location on the map, “No one will be after us, but we can’t stay here.”

Normally, it's this:

“Well, Skepter doesn’t even know we’re still alive,” I told her, looking right at the location on the map. “No one will be after us, but we can’t stay here.”

You need a comma at the first part of the quotation, not a period. Otherwise, the first part of the quotation will seem separate from the rest of that sentence.

I'm just passing down what I've learned.

Otherwise, great stuff. :happy:

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Interesting... though your discription of the pollution in the city slightly disgusted me... I wonder if people died suffocating i it.... anyways nice chapter. The next one is going to be good I just know it... The 22nd paragraph intrigued me th most out of all of them although I was confused a little when I read the 21st paragraph the first time...


08-13-2005, 10:56 PM
It's great so far! Well done! Keep it up! It has inspired me to get on with the final chapter of my fanfic, I have been putting it off... :oops:
Anyway, great so far! :biggrin:

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Brilliant, as ever... Please keep it up this time!

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Yay! its NP! *dances* i barely never post feed back on your story cause i'm too dazed after reading a chapter...... any wayz i bet i've missed a lot of chps i haven't been here for months it was down for way too long....... i have to go read the rest of the chapters!

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Extremely sorry for double posting guys!!! its just that its been a month already ( i think ) and NP hasn't updated yet....:sad:

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No wonder! He hasn't been on since the 5th of september. (or the 9th of May, but I think that is unlikely)

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Neo left PE2K roughly a month ago. Although this thread won't get updated, I believe he did mention that he'd continue posting this story on other forums. For now, though, to prevent further posting in this thread, Im afraid I'll have to lock it, but only as it'll never get updated here again.


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Neo is back and ready to post the story again. As requested, I am unlocking his story.


Neo Emolga
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Neo is back and ready to post the story again. As requested, I am unlocking his story.


THANK YOU! I highly appreciate that!

Expect an update soon. I can't wait to bring this story back to life.

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*wishes that she had your story in one long flie thingie so she could read it all at once after printing it out...*

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 25
Diving Underground

The only lights were from the dimly lit street lamps hanging overhead. There was barely any light coming from anywhere else. I walked by myself for hours, with not another soul on the foggy gray streets. For now, everything was shut, and everyone was gone. Still, I looked in all directions, making sure no one was near me as I walked past huge factories that didn’t have even a flicker of light in their square windows. I could only see about three hundred meters in front of me on the ground from the severity of the fog and pollution. Even if I was seen by someone else, I would only appear to be a black silhouette walking among the mist, dressed in the clothing of their comrades.

I drew closer and closer to the largest building in the entire industrial park. Yes, unlike the others, it was still up and operating, but the number of actual personnel would probably only be limited to a few considering how late it was. Still, among its maze of pipes, vats, and buildings, there had to be a way to shut it down completely in preferably a destructive meltdown. My only problem was I had no explosives on me, and I knew nothing of how Synth power plants actually operate. I couldn’t help but that what I wouldn’t do to have one last Inferno Grenade at a time like this. Just one and I could possibly get this entire industrial park to burn the same way Macomb did, possibly even worse due to the fact each factory was closer in proximity. Still, I wasn’t going to waste time with wishful thinking…

Finally, I had arrived at the two solid steel doors that had made up the entrance. The size of the Synth power plant was sickening. I didn’t even know where to start when it came to destroying this massive complex, let alone trying to make this look like an accident. Still, even if I managed to get outside with the power off, I had no idea how dark it would be even in the streets with those street lamps off. But I couldn’t worry about that now. I simply grabbed the metal pull handle, and opened the door. I then made my way inside with one rifle clenched in my hands while the other two remained strung around my back.

The inside was only dimly lit with small overhead lamps, and plenty of pipes and wires all over the walls and ceiling. Still, the room was a huge, massive lobby with many different passage ways leading out from it. The metal floor was dirty, cold, and firm, and every step I took could be heard echoing through the hall. I kept moving, knowing that whoever was inside would know nothing of my presence, and I would still get the element of surprise.

I came to the first room, this time a little more brightly lit, but still, almost as dim as the Azure Islands Library. The hall continued leading to an even larger room while two elevators were on the sides. The door to the stairs was off to the side, and I quickly took a glace to see if the stairs went down any further. Chances were that whatever kind of reactor core this place had would likely be on the most bottom level. As I peered through the window, indeed the stairs kept going down, but for how far, I really didn’t know. Regardless, I opened the door, and made my way downward at least five flights. When I finally reached the fifth sublevel, I saw the stairs kept going…

I had no other choice about it, I was going to have to take the elevator, regardless of whatever risk was involved considering there could be security cameras or monitoring devices in it. It would be impossible for me to climb all these stairs in time to evacuate the building if something was going critically wrong. I just turned to the door, and peered out the window. Again, the elevators were there with another hallway leading to another large metal room. Oddly enough, the only light that illuminated the room was coming from a single red light positioned over the hallway portal, flushing the room with an eerie, red glow. Still, there were no signs of life anywhere…

I opened the door and quickly entered one of the elevators after pressing the call button. I was surprised how deep this building went underground. Nine sublevels was pretty deep, but I could only guess the main reactor had to be kept this underground due to some kind of sensitivity or safety issue. After pressing the “9B” button, I simply waited, and watched the digital readout display as the elevator crept lower and lower underground. Finally, it had arrived, and the two steel doors opened.

The ninth sublevel was nothing like the rest of the power plant. For the oddest reason, the floor was covered in clean, sleek white tiles, while the rest of the walls and ceiling were pure, cold metal. As soon as I stepped off the elevator, I instantly got a very cold sensation. Strangely enough, I doubt I had ever been this deep underground before.

The hallway led to only one pair of sleek, metal doors down a long, long hallway. Yet, the hallway was incredibly well lit, almost like a laboratory. Contrary to the rest of the power plant, this hall way led down in only one direction, and so I continued, slowly making my way towards the doors. I didn’t know what would be behind them, but I prepared for anything…

After a long walk, I had arrived at the doors, and I simply grabbed the cold metal handle, and threw the door open, and then stepped inside. Quickly, I had discovered why this had been built so far underground. The chamber was a massive nine story shaft, filled with a pulsing blue glow. And in the center of it all, hoisted above the ground, was a bright glowing sphere of energy, floating in the air while two claw-like projections above and below it were gathering the energy from the forks of electricity that the sphere was shooting off. Meanwhile, I looked around and saw there wasn’t a soul around. For the looks of things, it looked like this aspect of the power plant was made to run on its own. Plenty of humming computers encircled the glowing sphere, all on and running plenty of processes.

I just looked at all this mess and was totally baffled. For starters, it was plain and simple that going anywhere near that electric sphere would easily be fatal. So, I walked up to the computers, and looked them over. Mostly all output monitors with lines and lines of bizarre digital readout and bytes of data, and yet barely anything to actually input any commands. I must have spun around the entire ring of computers until I finally find a console with a keyboard and a three button control stick. Meanwhile, the monitor that was right in front of it was huge. I simply just looked at it, hoping to make sense of it all.

The operating system looked easy enough to navigate through and understand. I looked around on the system to find out what kind of processes the computer was running, and there must have been thousands, all given names that don’t mean anything in particular. Still, I knew it all must have been in a very delicate and fragile balance. All I needed to do was find a way to disturb that balance, and hopefully make it significant enough to destroy the entire power plant. All easier said than done though…

At first, I picked a few random processes and tried to mess around with their settings. However, everything I tried to do was blocked by some security program called “H Barrier.” I must have tried seven times before giving up and looking more into the H Barrier program itself…

Obviously, it didn’t let itself get deleted even though I gave it a wild shot anyway. Trying to corrupt the program by messing with its coding didn’t work either. But then, I took another look at it. It was installed on its own drive called “S,” probably for security purposes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remove the S drive physically since all the wires led into the metal floor. However, I did think of another possible idea…

I then tried to restart the system. Surprisingly enough, it couldn’t even let me do that with all the processes running. So, I tried pulling the pull on the power to the main console. Surely enough, the screen went blank, and then some of the other monitors around the console displayed warning messages. However, shortly after, a message came up on each of them that a back up system was kicking in. I didn’t even know where it was, but shortly after, everything went back to normal even with my console off. So, I turned my console back on. First came the screen for the motherboard display. When I saw that, I immediately requested to enter the motherboard BIOS program. Easy enough, I managed to get there without entering the operating system. From there, I went to the drive manager. I got a list of drive names, and so I went down to select the S drive. With a few clicks, I managed to set it so the S drive never had boot priority. Interestingly enough, it let me save the settings and went straight to the operating system.

Once everything in the operating system had booted up, I then proceeded to go the process list. Now, it was actually letting me tamper with the processes. For the first few processes, called DYN and PRL, I put the settings from a neutral state to a maximum state. I had no idea what the terms were talking about, all I wanted to do was upset the balance. However, even messing with those two did essentially nothing visible…

FC was my next choice, and I later discovered it stood for “Fusion Control.” There were lots and lots of settings all over the place, so I played around with them like a kid at a pinball machine. “Internal Isotope Feed” seemed like a good setting to alter, so I set that to its highest. Plenty of other commands with very complex scientific vocabulary came up, and I screwed around with those too, setting everything to its highest. I saved all my settings, and then they immediately went into effect…

01-06-2006, 06:55 PM
Hurray! You're back! I'm glad I don't have to wait for ages on Serebii to get to this chapter. Great job, Neo! A brilliant chapter as always. Keep it up!

01-09-2006, 08:10 AM
Good Job,i hope you go on to finish this story.

01-14-2006, 11:40 PM
Oh, finally! I've been waiting forever! Keep it up, you're getting better all the time!

Neo Emolga
01-15-2006, 12:07 AM
Oh, finally! I've been waiting forever! Keep it up, you're getting better all the time!

Thanks guys.

I'll try and write a new chapter tomorrow. Expect action.

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 26
The Falling Underground

Unstable. The whole metal floor literally trembled, shaking violently with a loud rattling sound. Several of the computer monitors had fallen over, and burst into a shower of sparks upon smashing into the ground. Meanwhile, all I had to do was look up to see the entire glowing sphere discharging off more electricity than it could handle.

I immediately ran like hell for the doors, and every passing second, it only kept getting worse and worse. The glowing sphere was flaring violently by the time I got to the doors and flew down the hallway as fast as I could. Now that every second mattered, the hallway felt like it was miles long, and even the thick metal doors that I had shut only a half a minute ago were thrown off their hinges. When I finally reached the elevator, I hammered the call button, and immediately the doors opened. I rushed inside, and swiftly pressed the button for the ground floor. I could only hope the elevator would survive long enough to take me there…

Quickly, it ascended upward, but I could still feel the tremors coming from below. There was no going back now, all I could do was wait and hope. Suddenly, my heart stopped for a moment when the elevator’s light went out, but I had realized it was only the bulb that likely shattered from the shaking. Only two floors left to go, and already the digital readout in the elevator had been shut off. The shaking was only getting worse, and by the time the elevator reached the last floor, it just stopped. The doors didn’t open, and I nearly grew furious at how close I had gotten. Something had been jammed…

I then reached for the emergency release level, and quickly threw in down. Almost immediately, the metal doors were pried opened from the emergency back up system, tearing them through the metal walls and leaving only a small opening to slip through. I quickly took advantage of it, and had already seen that the ground floor was shaking and falling apart piece by piece.

Only seconds after I left the elevator, the two metal doors were suddenly twisted violently, and the elevator fell all the way back down its shaft, never to be seen again. If I had been five seconds too late, I would have fallen down with it. Still, I took the thought out of my mind and I quickly turned around, running furiously toward the power plant’s entrance. More debris was falling everywhere, and the whole ground was constantly shaking. The metal panels of the ceiling and floor were being twisted and pulled out, but I quickly ran and jumped past them. When I finally reached the door, I pushed it open, but to my surprise, the entire door suddenly fell down.

Then, I found myself in the streets, looking back to see the power plant falling inside itself. But now, I could feel the rumbling even through the ground. Whatever was happening to the sphere had to be very severe if it was shaking the ground all the way up here. There was no time to run out of the industrial park, leaving me with only one last option…

I quickly grabbed Blazewing’s Pokéball and released her. In a flash of light, she was suddenly revealed, and I quickly jumped on her back not wasting a single second.

“Go!” I shouted to her, “This whole place is going to blow sky high!”

She didn’t waste another second, for she could already feel the tremors herself. Quickly, she jetted toward the sky as high and as fast as she could go. We took the fastest way out of the industrial park as we could, and once we were convinced we had gone far away enough for the city, we turned around and just looked at it all.

Whoever said it would wipe out the entire city was very much correct. I couldn’t believe the size of the explosion, smothering the entire industrial park with a massive white explosion and tearing all of it out of the ground. Even just the shockwave caused a massive earthquake, ripping every building to the ground while the white ball of fire incinerated it all split seconds later. Blazewing just looked down, totally in disbelief at the massive chaos that was just caused.

I had realized what I had done. Normally, the glowing sphere was set to release only the amount of energy that was needed to power the entire city, nothing more. However, I had set it to release far more than that, putting enormous strain on it and causing it to discharge more and more. So, it only kept getting bigger and bigger until it completely exploded, sending forward all the energy it ever had out in one, massive blast.

When the dust had cleared, I had seen the industrial park of the Crescent Moon, now a twisted, metal wasteland. When I saw it all like that, it immediately reminded me of what Symarix looks like. Looking around, I saw heaps and piles of debris, once manufacturing centers for merciless war machines, now in ruins… they way the should be. However, I soon caught sight of another building, protruding out from the darkness among the fallen city. And I quickly realized what that building was, the only building to survive the massive anarchy…

It was the cathedral that had been described in the book I read, the place where I needed to go now. I motioned Blazewing to fly down toward there, but even she didn’t have any idea what it was, or how it managed to even survive the massive explosion. The closer we got, the more I found it odd how it wasn’t even touched the by the explosion, when dozens and dozens of other buildings around it had been reduced to scrap metal.

When we finally touched the ground, I stepped off of her, and just looked at the cathedral and the massive and very odd seal that was upon the large black doors. Yet those too, showed no evidence of being even touched by the explosion. And even more strangely were the stained glass windows, something that should have definitely been torn apart in that explosion. However, they were perfectly intact. It was the strangest thing, and I had no idea how to explain it. But, all that I could do now was move forward toward what would be the hardest and most difficult part of my entire journey.

“I was told I need to go forward.” I told Blazewing, looking into her bright eyes, “And I was told this would be the hardest trial I would have to go through. But if it means bringing life back to my people and fulfilling justice, then it needs to done…”

“I understand…” Blazewing replied, looking very concerned and anxious.

“There may be a moment when I need your help…” I told her, even though I had no idea what the path ahead would be like, “When and if that time comes, do not be surprised at how tortured, miserable, and soulless the surroundings appear to be…”

But, she kept looking toward me, wondering what this was about and where exactly I was going. And even though it was really me who was the one who would face this, there could be any moment in time where I could near her, just like I did only a few seconds ago. And since she had been with me through so much, even to the point of her own death, she had the right to know…

“Beyond these doors lies the entrance to the Abyss itself, the only way down and the only way to save the glimmer of hope that is left for the Silver Apex and Symarix.” I told her, letting her know exactly what I had to go through, “And this time, the only way out… is through death itself. A very painful and violent one…”

“No…” She whimpered, “Please. There has to be another way…”

“The only other way is to willingly give up, and let Skepter control everything and everyone for the rest of his life and our lives.” I told her, still facing the two doors, “And despite what you think, I would rather walk through Hell itself and all its twisted cities than see that, and to fall to my feet at my worst enemy.”

She was silent for a moment, and after a few minutes of thinking it through, she looked up, and nodded.

“I will go with you.” She told me, looking anxious but steadfast, “I don’t care what it takes, I just want to see peace restored forever. I don’t want to see darkened skies with fields of death and blood anymore. I want to see Symarix again, the way it used to be. And I want to see our friends, everyone that was wrongfully killed and had every right to live in peace and prosperity…”

“Then come…” I told her, ready to open the door, “The two of us can make that happen…”

01-16-2006, 12:24 PM
Well done Neo! Another great chapter. I can't say more than that. :)

Neo Emolga
01-23-2006, 04:19 AM
Chapter 27
The Bleeding Depths

I had returned Blazewing to her Pokéball, letting her rest for the time when I really needed her. I didn’t have any idea what was beyond that door, but I couldn’t let something simple as fear stop me from pressing on.

Once I put my hands on the door, I pushed forward, and slowly, after a lot of effort, the door opened. Dust and dirt dropped like rain as the door moved from position, and I could tell it must have been hundreds of years since the door was last opened. Meanwhile, I looked up and could see the seal itself was in fact a locking mechanism to brace the two doors together. However, at the moment, it was completely unlocked, likely for the first time in a long while.

Even just pushing the heavy, metal door took a lot of effort, so the moment there was just enough room for me to slip in, I took advantage of it and quickly slipped inside. I had just barely managed to get my tail through the door before it completely slammed shut, dropping more dust from the portal opening. No doubt when the sun came out, the door would be locked again until nightfall. That gave me quite a lot of time, but that was even if they suspected me to even be in here. Again, like my first thought, the Black Onyx Kingdom might easily mistake it for a freak accident. Any proof of me being in here was torn to ribbons. My worry was the fact now the cathedral was the only building left out of this graveyard of factories, and they might investigate it. But then again, it wasn’t that I was really afraid of…

Inside, the cathedral was very small, maybe only good for no more than fifty occupants. Still, it was incredibly dark and cold in that room. Only faint glints of light were coming in through the stained glass windows, softly illuminating parts of the black-tiled floor and the lined up pews, the two dusty chandeliers on the ceiling, and parts of the wall, which once looked like they had murals painted on them. The floor felt incredibly dirty and cold under my feet, almost what an old Egyptian tomb would probably feel like. I walked past the old, wooden pews, which probably haven’t been used in centuries. Still, it was very quiet inside, enough to hear my own heart beat and every one of my breaths. As I approached the altar, I realized there were two passages leading to an area behind it. I couldn’t see anything past that though, the light from the windows didn’t even touch there. Slowly, I walked carefully toward the left passage, using my hands to avoid bumping into things in the dark. As I walked through that narrow passage, I felt my hands touch the cold, firm surface of the walls as I walked through pitch black darkness.

After a short length from the main room I finally reached the room in the back, obviously making up the rest of the cathedral. Meanwhile, once I stepped into the room, the only light that illuminated the area was by the last two stained glass windows. And in that room, I saw the stairway that the book had described, the only physical way down into the Abyss. Oddly enough, it looked like any other staircase, there was nothing even remotely distinct about it that would make anyone believe it led to such a dark and evil place.

I started at the first stone step, and made my way down step by step. Darker and darker it became in very little time, and I quickly found myself fumbling downward completely in the dark once again. I didn’t find it odd at first, but after a while, my fear started sinking in. No matter how much I continued, it was still pitch black down there, cold, and it was impossible to see if I was in fact making any progress. I wasn’t sure if I should go back up and try to get a light source, but then the other side of me just kept telling me to keep going. So, I continued down, hoping I’d be able to see something soon.

Further and further I went, and now I needed light. I tried discharging a little electricity from my cheeks to hopefully illuminate something, but all I got was a faint and very brief flash of stone, which was no surprise. Still, just being able to tell I hadn’t become blind was enough of a relief. It felt like I had been fumbling downwards in the dark for about three hours now. Going back up would just take another three, and I would only be wasting time.

Another two hours had passed, with nothing different at all happening. I was ready to scream, and now my electricity was almost completely diminished from just trying to light up the stairway. It was definitely too late to go back, and now I was quivering in the dark, thinking this had to be some kind of demonic trap and I was just going down into infinite space, with no light to be ever seen. My feet were aching, my hands were tired, but I still wanted to keep going until I could at least see something, anything, I didn’t care what it was…

After one more terrible half hour, I finally saw a faint red glow, and I then saw the stone stairs once again. I didn’t understand myself at first, I had actually become excited that I finally reached the Abyss and could see how horrible it really was. I went down further, and the glow suddenly became stronger. Then, I had finally come to the end of the stairway, which led to a larger opening. Once I got to that point, the room suddenly opened up, and a massive stone cavern with a dark, red glow was revealed. Molten lava was rushing through the channels, and the area distinctly smelled like blood rather than ash. I then realized the walls… the walls were in fact bleeding. Meanwhile, the floor was a wreck, and trying to make my way across without falling into the lava wouldn’t be easy. Still, I made my way down the stone staircase until it finally reached the bottom. I could feel the heat in all directions now, and the smell of blood was everywhere. Regardless of how bad and miserable the area was, I needed to stop for a moment, and rest my feet and hands.

I was so covered with dust and dirt that I was almost gray, and every moment, my eyes were tearing from the heat. Once I couldn’t stand the heat anymore, I got up, and kept going, even if my feet and hands were still aching. Occasionally, I had mistakenly stepped in a trickle of blood that came from the wall and leaked all over the stone floor. When I felt it and looked down, there was enough blood to make me think my foot had been cut off. Other times, I had to jump from one stone ledge to another, avoiding a pool of lava or blood below. Meanwhile, the stone cavern kept going and going, and I still had no idea how long it would take before I would finally reach the City of Dis…

Further I went, stepping into more blood puddles and having to perform more jumps to keep going. Then, later on, I had come across an area were there were no stone ledges anymore, only just a massive pool of blood before me. I looked down at it from where I was standing, and I had no idea how deep it was, but it spanned for quite a distance into the dark cavern. My only choice… was to jump in. I needed to continue, and I only had one choice…

I held my breath, and jumped into the pool. Judging from how I plunged into it, I could tell it was very, very deep. Not only that, but it was very warm. Still, I quickly brought myself to the surface, and swam across. Forget about the dust from the cathedral and the stairway, I was smothered from head to toe with scarlet blood now. And to make it worse, I had to swim for quite a length before I reached the other end.

Once I reached the stone ledge, I grabbed the edge, and lifted myself up. Once I brought myself over the ledge and stood up, I just looked at myself, dripping with blood. Despite how unsettling it was, I just carried on and tried to forget about it. I didn’t see any more lava or the red glow that came with it. In fact, there wasn’t any more blood on the stone walls either, just very satanic looking images, symbols, and faint chanting that seemed to be coming from nowhere. Still, I couldn’t show any fear even though I was dripping with blood, aching, and knew that the path ahead wasn’t going to get any better. If this was just supposed to be the entrance, I couldn’t image what Dis would look like.

It was miserable to be completely alone in such a terrible place, but I tried to not let it bother me. As I continued walking, the chanting grew louder, but I still couldn’t tell what the source of it was. I didn’t care though, I just wanted to keep moving and hopefully avoid any trouble. Several times, the stone path headed upward and downward, sometimes lit very well, other times nearly dark as the stairway was. Still, it was very long and winding, cracked and broken down in many places.

And then, I finally came to the end. The passage way had gone upward, and had narrowed down to only a small rock tunnel now. Finally, it was quiet, and the chanting ceased. After I slowly crawled to the lit opening, I poked my head out of the tunnel, and suddenly the whole world around me opened up.

I saw before me what looked like a vast, torched desert with absolutely no sign of life anywhere. Meanwhile, the sky was dark, red, and possibly more ugly and hideous than a bleeding scab. As for the ground, the only thing recognizable was a simple asphalt road, which I swear could have been meant for cars if there were any.

I then left the tunnel, and stood outside, just looking at the scorched earth and feeling the hot and sickening wind whip all around me, blowing swiftly through my long ears and tail. And I just looked ahead at the road, knowing it had to head toward the City of Dis. All I could do was just walk and keep moving, just looking at the misery and devastation around me.

Truly this had to be Hell…

01-24-2006, 12:09 PM
Another great chapter Neo! I really need to think of something else to say...

A little repetitive with "door" at the beginning, but that is fine. :)

Neo Emolga
01-24-2006, 05:32 PM
Another great chapter Neo! I really need to think of something else to say...

A little repetitive with "door" at the beginning, but that is fine. :)

Yeah, it's a little tough thinking of alternate words for that, but I'll try a little harder with that.

Thanks for the review though.

Neo Emolga
01-28-2006, 06:13 AM
Chapter 28
Twisted Roads

It made me wonder how I could be underground and outside at the same time. As I trudged along that broken down and pitted road, looking at the flaring sky, I felt more alone than ever before. The road ahead of me seemed to stretch for many miles into the horizon. Still, I continued anyway, and as I looked back, I had seen that the tunnel I had come from had disappeared in the distance.

Surprisingly, even after just ten miles, I collapsed, just too incredibly exhausted to continue. If I couldn’t have food or water, I just needed rest, and this seemed like a relatively safe place to do it. There was still no sign of Dis anywhere, and who knows how much longer it would take to get there. Still, I just wanted to lay down, I tried to avoid falling asleep.

The road to get here had already been a long and painful one. I felt pretty lonely, so for the time being, I released Blazewing. She emerged, almost poised to strike, but when she realized there was no immediate threat, she turned and looked at me.

“Are you okay, Juno?” She asked, wondering if there was something wrong.

“I’m fine… just… really tired.” I told her, my eyelids feeling a little heavy.

She nodded for a moment, and then she looked around, just totally baffled at the chaotic world around her. It was hard to say, but I was already feeling a lot better just having her as company. Stumbling down that stairway alone and walking through that fiery cavern all alone was already a lot on me. But even then, we still had a long way to go…

“This is… really the Abyss?” She asked in concern, looking around and seeing the ruined world around her, “It’s worse than I thought it would be…”

“Yes, it is…” I replied, looking into her eyes, “And it was a nightmare just to get here. I had to spend nearly six hours tripping down a stairway completely in the dark, and then walk through a cavern filled with pools of blood and boiling lava. And after all that, I’m still not even there yet…”

And then, my eyelids really started to get heavy. I really didn’t want to sleep, but it was painful to fight it off.

“Juno…?” Blazewing asked, looking at me, “You aren’t dying, are you? Is that blood yours…!?”

I turned for a moment and looked my skin and the uniform I was wearing, now completely soaked in dried blood. I then turned to her, and shook my head.

“No, it’s not…” I told her, shutting my eyes for a moment from the weariness, “I… had to swim… through it. I’m just… tired… that’s all…”

“Then sleep for a moment.” She told me, giving off a little smile, “I’ll keep watch. If something happens, I’ll let you know.”

I never even got the chance to respond. I just completely dropped, so exhausted from a journey that had been so hard. Surprisingly, I had a dreamless sleep in the Abyss, even when I thought it would be an ethereal torture beyond words. And then again I couldn’t help but think… maybe one wasn’t meant to sleep down here. After all, it was meant to be a slaughterhouse for the darkest of souls, not for the living. And then again… maybe this was the nightmare…

And then, I had been awakened. I had felt several drops land on me, and then I felt the palm of Blazewing’s hand nudge me.

“Juno…” She spoke to me softly, seemingly a little worried.

I immediately woke up, suddenly feeling much more alert and refreshed after that time to rest. As soon as I opened my eyes, I had seen Blazewing… bleeding. I immediately snapped to my attention, thinking something awful happened to her…

“Are you alright!?” I shouted frantically, “What the hell just happened!?”

“Juno… it’s raining… blood…” She told me, looking up toward the sky.

I felt it again. It was like normal rain, landing randomly with a soft pattering sound. Only now… it was a scarlet red. It then started to rain harder, covering the both of us with it, and even making the two of us look like we were about to die…

And then, a vicious crack of thunder had burst out, only this time it was black as oil and instead of illuminating the sky, it only shrouded it in darkness. Meanwhile, the entire ground was being soaked with blood, like a battlefield without bodies.

I quickly jumped onto Blazewing’s back, and then grabbed on tight.

“Come on, we’d better get out of here.” I told her, showing her the road was the way to go, “The City of Dis is just down that road. As long as you keep following it, we’ll be fine.”

“Alright, hopefully we’ll get there soon.” She replied, ready to take off.

We were only within seconds of getting off the ground when suddenly I felt like something struck me in the side of my face and sent me spinning randomly. The whole world suddenly became a blur spinning at a million miles an hour, and then I felt the hard impact of landing on the asphalt road again. Only seconds later, Blazewing had landed right besides me, also struck by the same mysterious force.

Surprisingly, there was no pain, but I was disoriented for a moment. When I got off my back and I could see again for a moment, I was greeted with another fright…

The road to Dis… was everywhere. Rather than a single road coming and going, I suddenly found myself in the middle of crossroads, now with ten other similar looking roads shooting out in all directions from my position. There was no way to tell which road was the real road heading toward Dis, and which ones were fake. They all looked the same to me…

And then, with another blast of thunder, I suddenly heard a loud and hideous mechanical laughter echo outward as the dark scarlet rain continued drenching us.

“What on earth was that!?” She asked, totally disoriented like I was…

“Someone or something is trying to stop us from reaching Dis…” I replied, trying to look for some kind of way to tell which road was the correct one.

But then, I noticed something. The original road was straight, and from where I was sitting, many of the other roads weren’t perfectly aligned with the counterpart on the other side of the star-like formation of crossroads I was sitting at. I quickly hopped on Blazewing’s back, knowing just how to tell which road was the right one. The only risk now… was being sent right back to the tunnel where I came from. But that was far less dangerous than being sent to the middle of nowhere…

“Try to head upward.” I told her, holding on tight, “The other roads aren’t perfectly straight, and seeing the junction from the sky will give us a better idea which road is the correct one.”

And so, Blazewing headed upward, and I looked below. Surely enough, only one road at the entire junction cut through in a perfectly straight line.

“Do you see it?” I asked her, hoping she was following the same pattern, “Just follow that one road that cuts through the junction in a perfectly straight line. The others have to be fake.”

“Alright, I got it.” She replied, immediately heading down the correct road before it could be altered again.

And then, we flew down that asphalt road, hovering above it to make sure we stayed on the correct path. I could only imagine that things were only going to get harder in the path ahead. And neither of us knew just how far away Dis really was…

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You really are on a role arent you, Neo? Very good chappie, I really liked it. Thats all for now! *runs off*

Neo Emolga
01-30-2006, 02:18 PM
You really are on a role arent you, Neo? Very good chappie, I really liked it. Thats all for now! *runs off*

Heh, thank you. Also, couple things:

When I'm done with this, I'm going to recompletely repost both Trial of Juno I and II together, so you can print it out without having to print all the reviews and comments with it. I'm still doing some re-editting on Trial of Juno I just to clean it up, but once I'm done with that and this, you'll see the two together.

As for the current progress, it's about 2/3 done, and I'm almost done with Part II: The Shadow That Walks. And yeah, I've been writing very quickly lately, while before it was going pretty slow.

Neo Emolga
02-02-2006, 03:32 AM
Chapter 29
City of Shattered Souls

After a long and treacherous flight of getting smothered by blood rain, we finally caught sight of something in the distance. Slowly, the twisted and dilapidated city of Dis emerged from the hideous scab-colored sky. I was getting closer now, but I had a feeling that this was going to be the hardest part. For now, the city was massive, and I could already tell it might take some time to find The Temple of the Damned in this amass of fallen skyscrapers.

The closer we got, the more hideous it seemed to become. Yet… it was surprisingly empty for some reason. Slowly, the blood rain was fading away, and by the time Blazewing had reached the front entrance, it had totally cleared up, leaving pools and puddles of blood scattered everywhere.

“Is this… really Dis…?” She asked, looking around, “I swear I’ve never seen a place so wretched…”

“And it makes you wonder why so many people live such an evil life when the stakes are as high as being eternally punished into a place like this…” I replied, just baffled at the sight of it.

I quickly got off her back, and felt my two feet land directly in a puddle of blood, immediately soaking them and sending the murky red liquid splashing in all directions.

“I need some rest…” Blazewing told me, tired after a long flight, “I’m hoping you’ll be okay on your own, but if you need my help, don’t hesitate…”

“I understand.” I replied, getting out her Pokéball, “Hopefully this will be the first and last time you see the place, but I won’t hesitate to ask for your help if I need it.”

And then, I affixed the red beam on the Pokéball to her, and she became a white light and was absorbed inside. Then, I put the Pokéball away, and made my way through the entrance. Yet I had stepped on something cold and metal, and when I looked down, I had seen it was a sign, half covered in blood. I picked it up, and wiped away the blood, and saw it was shaped and colored like an ordinary sign someone would see on a highway. I looked at its bright white lettering, and just read it…

Abandon all hope, all you who enter these doors. Welcome to the City of Dis…


I could have sworn I just saw my name suddenly appear on the sign, and then suddenly the entire sign felt boiling hot. I threw it down furiously out of shock and pain, and watched it land right into the puddle of blood. Oddly enough, it was hot enough to make steam even out of the blood…

Still, I continued, walking through those ruined, bleeding streets. The whole city looked like it was bombed out years ago, with ruined cars and buildings laying everywhere. Other piles of twisted rubble and debris were everywhere. It made me wonder if the Temple of The Damned hadn’t been totally destroyed too. Yet, when I arrived at the third block, something totally bizarre happened.

I was suddenly thrown face first into another puddle of blood, again, covering my face with that same murky red liquid all over again. But by now, I was almost getting used to it. When I had gotten up and wiped the blood off my eyes, the entire City of Dis was completely transformed. Where once it was totally destroyed, it suddenly became a dark and thriving metropolis… only now…

Everything, but every little facet in the entire town… was directly aimed at humiliating and tearing me apart…

It was such a dark torture. Neon signs in the storefronts, flashing the most incriminating things about me, billboards depicting me as a bloody mess and pointing mockery about it, and the graffiti on the walls… all spelling out how I was the worst thing that ever slithered into this town. And that… that was just the beginning…

I looked back down to see that the puddle of blood was no longer there. Yet, when I turned around to see who had pushed me in the first place, I was greeted with another horror…

“Hell never looked so fine, right, rat?” I heard his belittling voice.

Achilles the Vigoroth, exactly the way I remembered him just before I shot him to death, was now standing above me, smiling about it. I quickly reached for one of my rifles, hoping it would still work even after all that blood it had been soaked in. Surprisingly, the automatic rifle roared to life, blasting fire and carnage right into Achilles’s face as each spent ammo casing was ejected out of the side. But… it did nothing…

“What… the… hell…” I questioned, wondering why nothing happened…

“Are you really that stupid!?” Achilles laughed, totally in disbelief, “I’m already dead, dammit. How the hell do you think I ended up here?”

As much as I hated everything about him, he was right. I just threw the rifle aside, knowing it wasn’t worth the metal it was made out of. In fact, I was totally defenseless. Everything here was either dead or just an illusion…

“I really do have to ask…” Achilles continued after I threw the rifle away, “Why did you come here anyway? I was totally infuriated when I found out you had reached Utopia and I was thrown down here to rot, but now… I see you’re down here with me. But for some reason… you’re not actually dead… are you?”

No… I wasn’t. And I had been told by whoever wrote that book that using the Dagger of Despair was the only real way to leave the City of Dis. But what made me wonder was… the spirit of Achilles was able to push me into that puddle of blood. And then… I got an even worse fright. If I had been killed by Achilles or anything else in this city before I reached the Temple of The Damned… would my soul be able to escape… or would it be stuck down here with the rest of them…?

I didn’t hang around to find out. I immediately got up and ran away from him, throwing away my other two rifles to remove some of the weight on my back. They wouldn’t do anything for me, even after all the walking I had done to get them here. After running frantically, again, I found more streets full of paraphernalia that hated every last breath I took. I caught sight of another billboard on an office building, showing a picture of me dashed into bloody pieces, with the words “No, Juno” on the top. I just told myself that it wasn’t real, these were just illusions. No doubt, this had to be my own hell, specially crafted and custom built just for me to feel miserable. The real City of Dis… was just a wasteland. I had to keep telling myself that…

Still, the city was huge, and the Temple of The Damned could be anywhere in this jungle of concrete buildings. Worst thing was… I had no idea where to begin looking. And I highly doubted that someone would be so happy to give me a map to the place considering how much this entire town hated the very ground I walked on…

I hid behind a brick apartment building, trying to keep out of sight. Running out in the middle of the street would just be suicide, and I had no idea what was out there. Heck, any old enemy of mine could be running around out there, the Crimson Stars, Jamac… heck, perhaps even Zander. And I couldn’t fight any of them, but they… they had everything they needed to kill me and perhaps keep me bound to this miserable place forever. And if not that… it would be enough to make me fail my mission to get to the Stone of Dusk in the Temple of The Damned. And if I failed that, I would be forgotten, King Skepter would rule all of Kivistal, and the Silver Apex would just be dust. I couldn’t allow either to happen…

I was very paranoid at the moment. I knew that if the Temple of The Damned was totally submerged in darkness, it had to be a building without windows. That didn’t give me a whole lot of leads though. Still, searching every inch of this city wasn’t going to work either, I would easily be killed before I got to that point. And even the thought of using Blazewing came to mind, but that would only make the two of us visible to everyone, and it still wouldn’t give us the location of the temple…

For now, I just kept watch, looking around but not seeing very much besides seeing a fallen soldier from the Crimson Stars or the Black Onyx. And they were armed and I wasn’t.

I was slowly running out of time… and options…

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This is getting really exciting, Neo, keep them coming! *pulls up poufle and sits, eating popcorn* :)

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Once again I grace these forums with my presence for the sole purpose in posting in a fic thread by the legendary Neo Pikachu after being linked here by someone in the Serebii thread.


Delightful work you've done with the whole story so far...but the last one seemed to take longer to read, I read the whole from the beginning to now in an hour and a half..How much more did you mention there was to come? I presume by the 2/3's done comment that I can expect another 45 minutes of wholesome reading experience...this could easily be published in my opinion.

All in all, can't wait to reread this once you post it at Serebii after you're done reposting the first iteration for a second time.


Mattgcn (Guiltysparkzz over at Serebii)

Neo Emolga
02-03-2006, 12:41 AM
Once again I grace these forums with my presence for the sole purpose in posting in a fic thread by the legendary Neo Pikachu after being linked here by someone in the Serebii thread.


Man, the fact you signed up at this forum just for my fan fiction is a huge complement already. I’d say welcome to PE2K but you’ve already been signed up for more than a year. Still, its really nice to see you as a very dedicated reader of my work.

Delightful work you've done with the whole story so far...but the last one seemed to take longer to read, I read the whole from the beginning to now in an hour and a half..How much more did you mention there was to come? I presume by the 2/3's done comment that I can expect another 45 minutes of wholesome reading experience...this could easily be published in my opinion.

I estimate Trial of Juno II will be about 150 pages (MS Word) when its completed, while Trial of Juno I is already 207 pages if you consider all three parts melded as one. Put that together, and you have a whopping 357 pages worth of reading once I put the two together for easier preservation. As for how much more writing I need to do, like I said, I’m about 100 pages done, already working on Chapter 35 as we speak.

As for getting it published… that’s a whole other beast. First off, getting something published is really hard in the first place. Second, I wouldn’t be able to publish this exactly, since it’s using Nintendo’s trademarked characters, and publishing it and selling it to bookstores would be illegal. However, when it comes to trademarks, there’s a way around that. All the Pokémon and concepts from Pokémon simply need to be switched with something that isn’t trademarked, and I was thinking that swapping Pokémon with normal, everyday personified animals (A bit like Animal Crossing). These would be very similar to the Pokémon selected, but still, it would only work after some serious editing (The Gray Battlegrounds would probably have to undergo a LOT of revision if this ends up being done).

If I were to do that, I thought of swapping Juno the Pikachu for a black rabbit. As for Blazewing, I’d have to make something up there, but still, it’s not impossible. However, I’m still pretty far from deciding to do that. But you never know, chance may have it that Trial of Juno becomes a bigger hit than Harry Potter…

All in all, can't wait to reread this once you post it at Serebii after you're done reposting the first iteration for a second time.


Mattgcn (Guiltysparkzz over at Serebii)

Yep, you’ll see it there soon enough. And I’m glad to see people really love this series over there too, and even get a slew of nominations for the Christmas Awards. Again, thanks for your continued support, its from very dedicated readers like you that make writing this even more fun and enjoyable to me.

02-03-2006, 05:52 PM
The reason I've been joined for over a year is I joined last year to read the end of the Blazing Skies, lol.

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 30
Under The Veil

More and more, I crept through the alleyways, past stuffed trash dumpsters with newspapers, bottles, cigarette butts, and other trash scattered about randomly. Again, I found more spiteful graffiti, more hatred of me dashed all over the place, but I ignored it. Still, while this undercover route was keeping me hidden, I was blocked from looking at the streets, which meant I couldn’t even see the Temple of The Damned. I could be passing it right by and I wouldn’t even know about it…

But even then, I mistakenly bumped into a familiar face. Not a friendly one… but perhaps one that was not as hostile as the others…

“Uh huh…” He snickered, nodding his head, “My, this must be my lucky day.”

Frank… but in his younger years… for some odd reason. But now, I would imagine that he’d be an adult by now, so this wasn’t making sense…

“Frank…” I stated, lowering my eyelids in disgust, “Frank Meyers. Never thought I’d see you here…”

“Haw, never thought I’d see the day Jake Kossak would rather be a cute lil’ Pikachu instead.” Frank laughed, “Oh wait, that’s right. He’s dead now. Heh heh, dead.”

I nodded, shoving that aside. But then, I realized something, something that didn’t connect. It just didn’t make sense…

“Mind if I ask you one thing, Frank, before you turn me in for this great anti-Juno hunt?” I asked him, knowing that was obviously his intention, “Exactly what are you doing here in Dis anyway? Your real self really shouldn’t be dead yet, the real you is much older now, and after all, this is the underworld for the world of Kivistal… not Earth…”

And then… he just looked down, suddenly not so happy anymore…

“Eh… guess you’re not as stupid as you look…” Frank whimpered…

And suddenly, just like that, he faded from sight. There wasn’t any trace of him, as if he had never been there. But then… suddenly I watched the City of Dis switch back to its ruined and dilapidated state. I looked around me, and saw it was set back to the exact way it looked before I entered. And then it just started to flicker between the dark metropolis illusion of Dis, and the real ruined version. But… to my dismay, it quickly returned to being the illusion again.

It was the oddest thing, but I knew the real Dis was the ruined version, not this anti-Juno dark city that kept trying to hide me from the truth. But… unlike a trapped soul meant to be stuck in a world where they are hated, I was in physical form, which meant I could still alter and affect the environment around me. It then hit me. To keep Dis in its ruined and true state, I needed to not only think that the dark city was a fake illusion…

I needed to act it…

I immediately looked to the wall on my side. I knew that brick wall with its malicious graffiti and torn posters wasn’t really there. So… I walked to it. Then, I held out my hand, and moved my hand forward so it went right through the wall…

Instantly, the entire city switched back to the real version of Dis. And there it was, nothing but the ruins of a building before me. Yes… this is what I needed to do to find the Temple of The Damned. Keep the real Dis lasting for as long as possible, long enough to find the temple, which had to still be intact. After all, the interior couldn’t be in complete darkness if the roof or walls of the building were damaged. That only meant it was still standing in even the real version of Dis.

I ran forward, now no longer running in the streets or alleyways, but through the buildings themselves, rushing through the walls and leaping over the debris of the city. As long as I kept doing this, it was impossible for Dis to return to its illusionary state since I’d be running through the walls at a constant pace.

I quickly ran out of buildings to run through as I reached the end of the block, and I had to run across a street. I acted quick and ran swiftly through those bloody streets as I left my cover. But, before I made it to the other side, Dis flickered back to its dark city form, but it would only be for a few moments. A movie store selling nothing but DVDs of me being mocked and tortured stood before me now, but I simply ran right through its door, and again, it all disappeared back into the ruined City of Dis. Meanwhile, I kept an eye out for the temple, now it was much easier to look around with only ruins to look through rather than a full fledged city.

Running through the rows of apartment and office buildings was my safe area, but it was the streets that were a problem. I could still be seen by the spirits of my enemies, enemies like Zander, Achilles, and whoever else could want me dead and my soul stuck down here. Still, it seemed like whenever I was inside the ruins of the buildings, I was totally cloaked from sight, but as soon as I ran across the streets, the spirits of my enemies suddenly snapped to attention as they saw me. I guess to them… the dark metropolis illusion was all they could see.

I had to run across three more streets, making sure the coast was clear while I did so. On and on it went, and after a while, I made my way through the ruins slowly, rather than run the entire distance. I couldn’t believe how big this place was, and yet still no sighting of the Temple of The Damned. And yet… judging by how much more of the city lay ahead of me, there was still quite a distance to go. Even then, I still had no idea what the temple looked like or how big it was. It could be as small as one of the convenience stores or a very large cathedral the size of a gymnasium.

Another street came before me. Like usual now, I checked both left and right, not only to look for spirits, but to also check for the temple itself. Right across the street was the ruins of a fallen skyscraper, leaning on the ruins of buildings besides it. Once I was convinced the coast was clear, I sped across the street.

Soon after, the city returned to its illusionary state, and I saw what that skyscraper really looked like, at least until I ran right through the glass front doors of the entrance. Once I got there and the city returned to its real state, I went back to walking again, getting a little tired of the constant running.

The line of buildings was “L” shaped this time, so I followed the line for as long as possible until I reached the end again. Once again, checked left and right, but for some reason, this area of the city was awfully crowded…

More spirits, some from the Crimson Stars, a few others from the Black Onyx. I also saw a few other familiar faces walking around. Vorox was there, the old leader of the Crimson Star Wind Strikers… until I killed him, of course. Still, he was looking at the other spirits, as if it was some kind of assembly in the middle of the street. I kept quiet and listened in, something about this seemed strange.

“We have a very interesting situation on our hands…” Vorox snickered, now sounding a hell of a lot more sinister than when I last saw him, “I know most of us never thought we’d ever get this chance, but that chance is actually here…”

At first, I thought he was talking about some way to leave the city, but that seemed doubtful.

“He’s here…” Another spirit had stated.

I looked toward him and saw Vexcel, the Dragonite that betrayed the Silver Apex along with Achilles. I really wondered who else I’d be running into in this miserable place…

“I don’t know why, but Juno is somewhere in this city.” Vexcel continued, looking at the other spirits, “I know you hate his fat, yellow hide as much as I do, but let’s not get too hasty. There’s obviously a reason why he’s here, and the sooner we find out what it is, the sooner we can make him suffer for everything he’s done to each and every one of us.”

Surprisingly enough, somehow word was spreading around…

02-07-2006, 03:35 AM
You're still writing this thing?

Neo Emolga
02-07-2006, 03:38 AM
You're still writing this thing?

Yep. It's not done yet and I'm not giving up on it. It's reaching toward the final stretch though...

02-07-2006, 03:30 PM
Very nice, Neo, very nice...

On Serebii I am catching up, but it is taking a while for I don't have much time on the computer these days. I'll get there eventually... :biggrin:

02-08-2006, 08:15 AM
Yep. It's not done yet and I'm not giving up on it. It's reaching toward the final stretch though...

Then of course we have to read Trial of Juno III, since Neo is on a role with his writing and passion.

Neo Emolga
02-08-2006, 12:34 PM
Then of course we have to read Trial of Juno III, since Neo is on a role with his writing and passion.

Nah, I like said, writing a third Trial of Juno would be very hard considering how I want to end this one.

But if you like this so much, there's nothing stopping me from writing another fic where the protagonist is a Pikachu. :wink:

02-08-2006, 01:13 PM
You're still writing this thing?

Its nto a "thing" its a work of art! its beautiful. I've been away from pe2k for so long, i cant beleive it. I miss this forum, but now im back! and i might continue my Spirit saiyan..

Neo Emolga
02-11-2006, 01:38 AM
Chapter 31
The Underworld Search

For the moment, I could see them perfectly, and they would have been able to see me too if they weren’t blinded by the illusion themselves. I knew I was safely inside the ruins of another apartment building, but to them, I was actually hiding in the walls themselves. Still, this wasn’t going to make things easier with them after me. Soon after, the group dispersed, and carried on their way, keeping a look out. Meanwhile, Vorox headed off to the west, searching down the west side of Dis. I watched him, seeing exactly where he was going. I also looked down that way for anything sighting of the temple, but still, there was nothing. Even then, I couldn’t completely see all of the west side of Dis from this vantage point, which meant the temple could have been down there and I wouldn’t be able to see it.

Regardless, I knew I was cutting a straight line through the city, clearing out the center first. If the temple wasn’t along the way, I then decided to encircle the entire city until I did find it. But I was really hoping it wouldn’t be long now…

They cleared, and all that was left was Vexcel, just alone now that everyone had left. It was no surprise, he didn’t know what he was doing, just casually looking down one street and then another, never thinking I was actually watching him. And if I knew him, I would figure that he’d be thinking someone else was going to find me. And several seconds later, he even put his firearm down.

I looked at it for a moment, and it realized it wasn’t a normal rifle. It was a pure black, metal rifle, looking nothing like any of the guns I had seen even on Earth or Kivistal. Which made me wonder for a moment. Could this gun actually be used against immortal souls? Whether that was true or not, Vexcel was alone, and totally off guard. Stealing his gun alone would no doubt make him very irritated.

I then ran out, and headed right toward his rifle. Half of me thought I could grab the gun successfully, while the other half thought my hand would go right through it. But, as soon as I ran over to grab it, oddly enough, I picked it up, and kept on running. Only then did he notice, but he was totally unable to do anything about it.

“You miserable rat!” He shouted furiously, “You won’t leave this city alive!”

And then, to really see if my assumption was right, just before I ran into the wall, I fired the rifle at him. Definitely not what I expected, several ghostly white blasts fired from the end of the barrel, and sliced through Vexcel, burrowing a hole in and out of his soul. Still, it was a little shocking to think that now that was an injury beyond recovery, and would likely stick with him for all eternity…

He screamed and stumbled as he grabbed his gaping wound with his hands, but I kept on running, right for the wall of a nearby building. But, an even weirder surprise that hit me was being totally thrown off my feet when I tried to do so, like trying to carry a broomstick sideways through a doorway. Instantly, I was thrown off my feet and then landed straight on my back, and I quickly realized what the problem was. I could run through the buildings, but Vexcel’s black rifle couldn’t. For some reason, the metal rifle reacted to the wall as if the illusion of Dis was physically real, which was something I didn’t expect. Still, I quickly got up and left the gun behind by the wall, and jumped into the building. It wasn’t worth me being out in the open, and letting myself be prone to being shot at with weapons like that…

I would have loved to shoot someone like Zander with that soul-destroying rifle far more than just Vexcel, since they probably deserved that kind of eternal pain more than he did. But, I wasn’t going to waste my time with that. The temple was my real target and my real reason for being here, not further torture the souls of my fallen enemies…

With a little disappointment, I finally reached the end of the city after more blocks of running through buildings. Still, there was no sign of the temple, and now I had to make a choice of taking the west or east side of the city. It could make the difference of me getting to the temple much faster, or having to travel all around the entire perimeter of the city, which would be way more dangerous and lengthy than what I had to go through to just cut across it. Still, I decided to head around and check the east side. Hopefully I’d have a little more luck in this ordeal and it wouldn’t take much longer to find it.

I cut around the back of the city, turned left, and headed down a little more, about a mile’s worth of distance. Then, I turned left again, and prepared to sweep the left side of Dis. Still, it would be nothing different than what did before, now just cutting perfectly across the left side in a straight line.

Nothing changed about the tactic, except now I was just looking ahead, just checking to the right to see if any spirits were around. Surprisingly, the number of them was much lower than while I was running straight through the center. I was guessing most of them had gone off to the west side for one reason or another.

And then, while I was checking down the right side of a street, I noticed that past the ruins of a skyscraper was a perfectly intact building. I wasn’t so sure if it was the temple just yet since it did seem somewhat small, but I headed in that direction. The only problem was I would have to cut across multiple streets just to get in front of it. I had to be swift in running across, and make sure there was absolutely no one looking.

The first run was easy. I had cleared about three streets simultaneously until I stopped as a few spirits of the Crimson Stars walked by. While I waited for them to pass, I got a closer look at the building. It was small and square with a leveled roof, no bigger than a small house, stuffed between the remains of two massive skyscrapers. The dark gray color of it kept it really hidden even in the ruins of the city, forget about the dark metropolis version.

I then ran across two more streets, and now stood in front of the building itself. Two metal doors, no windows, yet no indication of what it really was. Still, despite my doubts about it really being the temple, I decided to see if I could enter it. Either way, if it really wasn’t the temple, I’d just keep on moving.

When I made sure the coast was clear once again, I made a break for the two metal doors of that building…

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Very interesting. Can't wait to hear what happens next...Other than what we do know.

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Chapter 32
Infernal Pressure

The quick dash across the dark street was like all the others. Only this time, when I got to the doors, I didn’t try running through them. I tried opening them instead. If the building was an illusion, my hand would simply go right through the door handle, but this time it didn’t. I grabbed it tight, flung it open, and just stood silently as the door opened fully and locked into place. When I looked inside, I couldn’t see anything. It was totally pitch black, which must have meant it was the Temple of The Damned, even though I expected a massive and sinister looking cathedral in the beating heart of the City of Dis, not this tiny building…

“You sure came a long way to fail right here…” I heard a sickeningly familiar voice say to me…

I turned around, totally surprised anyone managed to catch up with me considering how I checked before I ran. But that surprise was quickly swapped for shock as I stood before someone I knew quite well, and never once expected to see down here…

It was a soldier, wearing a Free People’s Republic uniform. I had seen he had been shot several times, and had bled significantly. Behind him… oddly enough, was the entire ensemble of all the Crimson Star officers and the few Black Onyx troops I had put down. All of them. I didn’t get it, how the hell did they all suddenly get here in a split second?

I didn’t think of much of the human soldier at first, until I looked up at his face. No… it wasn’t Harrison or Connors like I thought it would be. I looked his blood stained uniform, and the name “Kossak” in a name badge sewn on the right breast. Jake Kossak, the life I had discarded for the essence of Juno, was looking back at me, not angry like I thought he would be, but very disappointed. I just didn’t get it. But when I thought of it, I left that body behind in the trenches of Orre. I left behind a soldier without a soul…

“Juno.” Jake Kossak told me, looking down into my black eyes, “You can never go back. You were once me, living the life of a human long ago. But you abandoned that, and now you are fully condemned to stay as a Pikachu for the rest of eternity. And now I ask you one question. Why?”

For some reason, I wanted to believe this fallen body of Jake Kossak was just an illusion, but it wasn’t. Unlike all the others stuck down here, this was his body reanimated, his eyes bloodshot, and his wounds still bleeding. The bullets were still there, as if it all happened just seconds ago.

“Kill him.” One of the others sneered, “Murder him before he ever gets the chance to run away.”

“Yes… twist him apart.” I heard another say, “I wanted to keep a piece of his body after it’s been splattered all over the streets.”

And then, there was silence as the body of Jake Kossak looked down at me, just waiting for a response. And so, I shut my eyes for a moment, and spoke.

“Jake Kossak, you lived the life of a normal man.” I told him, looking into the eyes that I had forgotten long ago, “And you died the death of a soldier. You, like many others who died in that battle, were put into the ground. And for each body that was put into the ground, a white cross was put before them. Yours has no name, Kossak.”

“I never wore the dog tags, Juno.” Jake Kossak told me, looking at me like it was my fault, “You were thinking about a dream you had the night before, instead of thinking about putting the tags on. There’s no name on that cross because you forgot those tags. They had nothing to identify my body with…”

“That’s besides the point.” I told him, not caring about that little issue, “I saved countless lives and lived an enormous legacy as Juno. And I decided to continue where I left off, even with the consideration that I would spend every last moment of eternity as a Pikachu instead of a human. Jake, unlike you, I don’t find anything wrong with it. Not after all this time.”

Then, he looked away, frustrated. He didn’t have a soul like all the others, what was left of it had become merged into Juno’s soul, with Juno’s soul becoming the predominant vessel of both of them as now one. And now, that same soul was resting inside of me. I closed my eyes, and made it clear that Jake Kossak was gone now. His body decaying under the ground, leaving only a blank skeleton under a blank cross, and a place where no one would look.

“I once knew you, but you’re gone.” I said in a clear tone, “Jake Kossak is dead…”

Miss him, miss him, miss him…

“Damn you!” He shouted, growing in furious rage, “I’ll murder you here and now, without even the slightest of mercy!”

I immediately turned back toward the temple, and furiously leapt and flew into the unknown darkness. The blasting of a thousand rifles soon followed, but it was too late. I had already entered into the Temple of The Damned… but then something happened.

The fear. My heart was so enveloped with fear at that that terrible moment. My heart, racing incredibly fast, and the paranoia of something lurking to kill me was filling my mind, even though I was convinced I was in that dark temple alone. I could see the opening of the doorway, but everything else was solid black. They couldn’t see me but I could see them, but even they refrained from entering the temple due to the intimidating presence once inside its shrouded interior. Meanwhile, I was directly submerged into it, so helplessly afraid that I was almost tempted to run back out into the arms of my enemies. No, no, I couldn’t do that. I had to fight it…

I tried walking around to get my mind off it. No, this was the last step, I was slow close to getting out of this miserable place. I just needed to find it… find the Stone of Dusk and the Dagger of Despair. I immediately got down on my hands and feet, helplessly searching around in the dark, trying to find them.

And then, I touched something that was so vile that it nearly made me vomit with disgust. It was thick and cold, and the feeling of it was so infernally horrid. I nearly screamed it was so bad and hideous to my mind. But once I got over it and tried to fight it and think, I realized it was from a trail of liquid. Liquid… it had to be the black blood coming from the Dagger of Despair. I remember reading that the dagger itself bleeds. I had to follow the trail… and it would lead me to the dagger itself. But the only way to do that… was to keep touching that hideous, black blood. I held my breath, and then began.

All it took were two more contacts with the black blood, and already I vomited from the hideous nauseous feeling that had overcome me. But I kept going, now being overcome with a hideous migraine and my eyes spilling tears from the constant exposure. But I hammered my way further and continued to move down the trail. Then, I suddenly felt something solid. As I slowly ran my tiny fingers along it, I felt a long, cold blade and a hilt to hold it. I quickly grabbed the handle of the Dagger of Despair, and stood up again.

The vile sting of the black blood was still stinging my mind, but I wasn’t done yet. Now that the dagger was in my hands, the sickening feeling from touching the blood was slowly dispersing, but not completely since it was still slightly on my hands. Still, I gritted my teeth and tried to find that last element that I needed. The Stone of Dusk…

Searching and searching, I was starting to grow frantic looking for it, still overcome with the fear of being inside that dark, miserable temple. I got back on my hands and feet again, still gripping the dagger tightly but using my other hand to search and search all over the temple. Again, there were times I touched the blood again that had been left on the floor from my search, and again that vile sickness came over me. Around and around the room I went, until after a sick and hideous search, I finally found it, a circular stone disc the size of a dinner plate near the wall. I nearly cried for joy when I found it, even in that hideous darkness. But now… now came the final and hardest task…

With both the Stone of Dusk and Dagger of Despair in my hands, I took a deep breath and sat down, and then hugged the Stone of Dusk tightly against my chest, holding it with my right arm and gripping tightly. Then, with the Dagger of Despair, still dripping its dark blood on my feet as I held it only a few inches away from them, I turned it around, and pointed the blade right toward me, and directed right where my heart was. I was suddenly very anxious, again overcome with fear. I then shut my eyes, gripped the stone very hard with my right hand, and then swiftly drove the Dagger of Despair past my flesh and sent its dark blade burrowing all the way into my heart…

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Just so everyone knows ahead of time...

Warning: Graphic Violence Ahead

Don't say I didn't warn you. Just shows you how sick the Dagger of Despair really is... :P

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Chapter 33
The Celestial Transition

The split second that hideous blade cut through my heart and injected its black blood to flow through my veins, I screamed so furiously and violently. Frantically, I left the dagger to rest in my heart, struggling to wrap my left arm around the Stone of Dusk as hard as I could. I never expected the pain to be this sickening, never once on that long journey I took to get here…

Twisting, twitching, it was rippling all over my body, pulsing and sending me screaming. Racing, I felt myself being pulled apart, piece by piece. But I hugged the Stone of Dusk like it was my own child in a harsh storm.

Immediately, my thunderbolt shaped tail was violently ripped right out of my behind, and the blood immediately burst forward from the wound and leaked all over the floor. Meanwhile, my head was going beyond all of the worst migraines, feeling like it was going to explode. Then, I felt a harsh whipping against my back. Cuts, everywhere all over my body started to tear out and around, all the while I was screaming and shaking, rolling around and around to fight the pain off but it relentlessly insisted on getting worse. Shortly after, I felt both my ears get forcefully ripped off, and even though I couldn’t even see in that dark temple, my two eyes suddenly popped like grapes, only escalating the pain to heights I have never, ever had to go through…

Slowly, the cuts started to open up, pouring my own warm blood all over every inch of my body. No scream, no matter how loud, violent, or twisted, could express how much infernal pain I was in. That dark room was filled with my uncontrollable shrieks of horror, throbbing, and fury as I slowly died undoubtedly the worst and most violent death possible.

Then, my body suddenly lit on fire, as if this torment I was in already wasn’t enough. Like the cuts, it started small at first, but then it wasn’t long before the flames smothered my entire body, stripping me of my ability to even just breathe and my precious sanity. Twisting, fighting, and turning, no matter how hideous it became, I still held on to that stone so tightly, never giving up knowing just how much was at stake if I accidentally let go. Then, a cut was sliced down from the back of my neck all the way down my back. The fire got larger, but didn’t burn my body to a crisp quickly as normal fire would, just so the horror would be prolonged for as long as possible. Now, I was ramming my head against the hard floor, smashing my skull apart, screaming and just wanting it all to finally end. Then, the cut on my back started to open up, and then pulse with hot, vicious, and murderous pain.

I smashed my head against the floor even harder and faster, bleeding all over the place, and screaming as I became a slow-burning fireball of seemingly endless torment. The pulsing of pain in my opened back grew more and more vicious, and I was still screaming but holding onto the stone tightly, not sure how much longer I could hold on. Higher and higher it escalated, and then, just a split second, it just suddenly stopped…

My body, flaming, bleeding, and screaming, had suddenly detonated in a massive, black explosion, blasting the entire temple to pieces and letting loose a massive shockwave that rocked the entire City of Dis. The deafening explosion roared out for miles even beyond the dead city, letting all of the Abyss bear witness to my hideous pain. Pieces of the Temple of The Damned were thrown for miles, and the masses of restless souls that had persecuted me and were waiting just outside were thrown backward from the massive blast. And then, it all just faded into white, and that was the very last time I would ever seen the ruins and horror of the City of Dis ever again…

* * *

A still, soft silence had surrounded me as I waited in the white light with my eyes peacefully closed. No doubt, having to go through such terror and such pain has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through, but just the relief of it being over was enough to fill me with joy. As I was slowly lifted out of the horrible abyss and past the over world of Kivistal, I was then raised into Utopia, my real eternal home.

Carefully, my soul was placed to rest in the Ivory Gardens of Utopia, but never before has any creature in existence gone from such a transition of being pulled apart in such horrible violence to being laid to comfortably rest in an endless sea of tranquility of placidity only seconds later. Physically, mentally, and spiritually, I was totally exhausted. I lay there comfortably, desperately needing this short time to rest from all the trials and pains I had experienced to get to this point. Regrettably so, it was so, so easy to forget about the whole reason why I had gone through such pain, and the mission was quick to be thrown aside for the relaxation I desperately needed.

After a tranquil sleep, I had opened my eyes slowly to see the majestic Ivory Gardens around me. It was a massive and lovely looking courtyard with many white stone buildings surrounding it and with a massive, ordinate fountain in the center, a beautiful gazebo by the west wall, and several trees with white flowers on them. Meanwhile, I lay quietly on the soft, snowy ground of the courtyard, feeling like the entire ground was one massive, white blanket to sleep on.

Had it not been for the Stone of Dusk, I might have easily slept there forever and had forgotten about everything. It was all too easy to see why any Silver Apex soldier killed in combat would rather stay here than go to the Well of Harmony to fight again in such a dark world. However, during my rest, I had felt it, and almost immediately, I snapped to my attention. I quickly sat up, and grabbed that gray, stone disc and looked at it. For now, it was blank, and I could actually see it for the first time. As for the Dagger of Despair, it was destroyed in the blast, but truthfully, I didn’t even want to look at the thing that resulted in such a grotesque death.

City of the Horizon. It immediately flickered into my mind after I thought about the mission at hand. Yes, as comfortable as this place was, I needed to move on. The world of Kivistal was still under the treacherous rule of King Skepter, and I needed to remind myself of the things I believed in and the reason why I had gone so far.

Undoubtedly, the Ivory Gardens was a very pretty and comfortable place, but I needed to say goodbye to it, and head to the City of the Horizon. As much as it sounded strange, the temptation to bask in the relaxation of Utopia was just about as lethal to the mission as getting lost in the Abyss or getting killed in the City of Dis was. So, I quickly stood up to carry on, and in doing so, I had felt a strange new presence on my back. When I looked behind me, I had seen I had been adorned with two wings with pure-white feathers. They surprised me for a moment, but then I realized they must have come from something I did along the line. It felt odd to think about it, for so long I had depended on Blazewing to carry me through the air, and yet now I could do it completely by myself…

As I rushed past the courtyard’s entrance, I was all too eager to spread my wings and surge into the air and fully enjoy the beautiful gift of flight, but as I dashed out past the entrance, I stopped myself by breaking my run into a slow walk, and then just stopping and just standing by the gate, looking into the majestically painted sky for a moment. I couldn’t help but look at its gorgeous blend of sky blues, pinks and whites, and not be amazed by it. And by just standing there, not saying anything and just thinking about it all made it that much more disheartening…

I then looked down at the circular stone again, and remembered that I couldn’t let myself succumb to these kinds of things. If I had really taken off, who knows how enjoyable that flight would have been, to soar into the heavens and dance on the clouds in such a beautifully colored sky? And I questioned myself if that would have been so good to the point that I would simply drop the Stone of Dusk carelessly in the middle of the street, and spend the rest of eternity enjoying my flight through the heavens and the comfort of this relaxation while my mission was crowned with failure, and the enemy of my people and the entire world of Kivistal, enjoying the pleasure of his murders to his old age…

I walked to the City of the Horizon, as disappointing as it was. For now, I let those two wings stay firmly folded up, and I told myself that spreading them to fly was just as bad as letting go of the Stone of Dusk in the Temple of The Damned. Instead of thinking about the wings, I kept looking at the stone, as gray and as plain as it was. And unfortunately, I had quickly learned the Ivory Gardens were massive, far larger than even the City of Dis. All around me were wonderful and beautiful white streets with ordinate white stone buildings on each embankment along with the same white flowered trees I saw in the courtyard on the glistening stone sidewalks. All around me, I found the temptation to stop and relax in Utopia far, far more threatening than the fear of even plunging the Dagger of Despair into my own heart. Every few steps I took I had to stop and ask why I should even meddle with the affairs of Kivistal when the gorgeous eternity of Utopia lay before me. But in order to keep walking, I had to tell myself that one day I would wake up and never forgive myself for not fulfilling justice in the desires of the Silver Apex, and instead decided to bask in the delight of my own selfish obsessions. I could either keep these wings folded up for now and save them when my mission was done or I find myself deciding to never fly or ride the sky out of guilt and shame for letting so many loved ones down…

I could only hope that thought would keep me going all the way to the Well of Harmony…

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Cliffhangers will one day kill me...keep up the good work.

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Chapter 34
The Fields of Paradise

I carried on, walking further though the streets and trying to discard the sights around me. Still, that temptation kept coming back with each gust of a peaceful breeze sliding past the feathers of my wings and cooling my body so comfortably. I wasn’t alone now either, all around me were the residents of the Ivory Gardens, enjoying the splendor of their eternal rest and joy as I walked past them. Meanwhile, I was the only one not smiling about it all…

And upon further discovery, I had found that I was the only one who had been granted the gift of flight. I had seen a Treecko and a Marill, but they didn’t have wings like I did. Still, I kept moving past them and the other residents until I was stopped by a cheerful Plusle and Minun, who had taken a strange curiosity at me. I had looked at them both, and realized they were very young…

“A Pikachu… with wings?” The Plusle asked, looking at my two white wings curiously, “That’s something I’ve never seen before…”

“You silly.” The Minun giggled, looking to his companion, “Those are Seraphim Wings, but they are really, really hard to earn, though anyone can get them. There are some who actually leave Utopia and have to walk through the Abyss as part of a mission, whatever that may be. It’s kind of like a military medal, and only a rare few have them.”

And even at that moment, the Plusle found that really hard to absorb. To her, it sounded like it was incredibly hard.

“You have to go through the Abyss!?” The Plusle asked in shock, her eyes becoming a little fearful, “Isn’t that really dangerous? Couldn’t you get stuck down there?”

“Yes, you can.” I told her, looking into her shiny black eyes and giving her the impression that there was no way she’d be able to tolerate it, “It’s very miserable and painful down there. I can’t even describe it in words.”

And at that, it seemed like the Plusle would far rather stay here than try to go for that challenge. Despite how the wings grabbed her curiosity, she was willing to pass.

“That’s… too hard for me.” She replied, willing to do without them, “Plus, I’d never want to leave this place to go there. But congrats on getting them. Say, what’s your name anyway?”

“My name is Juno.” I told her looking into her eyes.

And then, her eyes grew even more curious. The Minun was also looking at me with a lot of interest now.

“Juno? You mean, the Juno?” She quickly asked in shock, “The one who saved the Silver Apex from the Crimson Stars and defeated Zander? Is that really you?”

“Yes.” I told her in a soft voice, knowing that was simply said and done compared to what I needed to do now, “But… my mission isn’t done, at least not yet. There are some things… I still need to do.”

I sighed for a moment and then looked back to the Stone of Dusk. Already I had gone long and far to reach this point, but there was still a lot that needed to be done. And, while it seemed strange, this had been my third arrival in Utopia, but all three visits had been incredibly brief, and I still didn’t know my way around. And at the moment, I still needed to get to the City of the Horizon… as much as I wanted to stay here…

“They make so many beautiful statues of you, Juno.” The Plusle smiled to me, “But none of them are as good as the real you.”

“Well, thanks.” I replied, looking down to her and giving off a smile, “But… I need to get to the City of the Horizon. Do you know where that might be?”

The Minun seemed a little surprised that I didn’t know how to get there, but he simply nodded and pointed to the north.

“Just head north, past the Fields of Paradise.” The Minun told me, giving me a little smile, “Trust me, you can’t miss it. The place is huge, and really beautiful. Is that where you are staying? I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have a palace with your name on it.”

“Thanks, I appreciate the help.” I told him, trying to set those temptations aside for the moment.

I was just about to go until the little Plusle had tugged lightly on my left wing a little bit. I stopped and looked down to see what the matter was.

“You’re… you’ll come see us again, right?” She asked, looking up with her soft, little eyes.

“Sure, but I still need some time.” I replied, giving her a little smile, “But I’ll be back, I promise.”

And then, I left the two of them, and headed north, still cutting through the massive city of the Ivory Gardens. Again, there were more and more pleasurable streets with cool breezes blowing by, and happiness among everyone. The more I looked at it, the more I realized just how bad the City of Dis really was. But, oddly enough, even before I had gone into Dis, I had been so used to seeing blood, terror, and destruction that even Dis itself was just another ordinary sight. But all this… after seeing so much wrong in the world, the sights I saw now were so perfect. Still, I carried on, moving a little faster. The temptation was still there, but I tried hard to focus my mind.

After a long but very pleasurable walk, I reached the end of the Ivory Gardens, now bound for the City of the Horizon. But then, then I felt the oddest sensation in my body as I walked along in that soft, snowy white plains of the Fields of Paradise. Such… fear. I was so afraid of that place, so afraid that it would be so beautiful and so blissful there, and I already knew it would be. I walked slowly, looking at the white flowered trees around me, almost looking like a warm combination of a fresh winter’s snowfall with the new life and beauty of a warm spring day. Too many times, I found my eyes looking in all directions, wandering aimlessly and just absorbing the sights. Meanwhile, in my hands was the Stone of Dusk, probably the most boring and unattractive thing in all of Utopia compared to everything else I saw.

No doubt, I had seen only a tiny fraction of what really made up the whole of Utopia, quite possibly the most wonderful place in existence. To anyone from Kivistal, it was beyond everything they ever expected to see in a peaceful and joyous afterlife…

Still, it all closed in on me, and I had gotten careless enough to let the Stone of Dusk fall from my lightened grip. The weight of it leaving my hands suddenly made me snap to attention and I quickly picked it back up, but I could tell I was giving in. It was becoming harder and harder to tell myself that I was going to have to leave this place once again, just like before when the life of Jake Kossak had ended, and was forever gone.

I had to stop, and lay on the grass. While I still gripped the Stone of Dusk tightly now, I needed… a break. I knew who I am. Juno, the fulfiller of prophecies and the bringer of justice, one who was born from the star-chasing dreams of imagination and who could perform miracles to do what others would deem impossible. One who wouldn’t even stop at death itself to do whatever it took to ensure justice was fulfilled…

…even at the loss of seeing paradise and its entire splendor before him, beckoning for release but having to resist and return to the fray once more…

I had to shut my eyes for a moment…

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Yay! You used Plusle and Minum! *boogies* I love those two. Another great chapter, Neo! Keep up the good work!

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You see the moment where he died at Jake Kossak? That's where I'd've stopped. I love the powerful will of Juno's character. The driving force of an entire world..truly beautiful.

Neo Emolga
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Yay! You used Plusle and Minum! *boogies* I love those two. Another great chapter, Neo! Keep up the good work!

Heh, I like them too a little, but they do look like a lot like a copy of Pichu.

You see the moment where he died at Jake Kossak? That's where I'd've stopped. I love the powerful will of Juno's character. The driving force of an entire world..truly beautiful.

I do look back and re-read chapters of TOJ and sometimes it even amazes me at how far its gotten. And heh, I remember the times Juno became my nickname because of this fic.

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 35
Boundless Jubilation

I needed… some time. And to think I believed this part of the mission would be the easiest compared to the horrors of the bleeding and fiery Abyss. But it was becoming so hard to fight an urge that kept surrounding me and kept closing in upon me. My wings twitched, yearning to be spread while my heart and soul screamed to indulge in this endless sea of joy, but here I was, struggling to control myself and keep focused on the mission. I’ve seen so much pain and horror, and here I was, going through one more torture of seeing everything I’ve ever wanted to touch, see, and absorb, but having to fight it…

I opened my eyes after laying there for some time, and there it was again, the Fields of Paradise before me. I had to fight with myself to stand up again, because already just basking and lying comfortably in the comfortable sunlight wasn’t getting me anywhere. And lying there longer was only going to make it worse. I couldn’t let myself get so distracted from the mission, and already it was becoming a struggle. I then kept going, faster this time while trying to ignore the sights around me. It wasn’t working very well, and again I let my gaze slip. But I kept moving forward, hoping to reach the City of the Horizon soon. The faster I got there and got this part of the mission done, the sooner I could continue and finally finish what I needed and wanted to do for so long.

And then… then I saw it looming over everything in the distance. And to think I thought there could have been nothing more beautiful than Symarix. Tall, beautiful buildings and spires, beautifully mirrored walls surrounding the city, reflecting the Fields of Paradise that were around it, while I saw a giant and finely carved white marble staircase leading into the city while the sky was reflected on its glossy surface. I could see the tops of beautiful buildings everywhere while the whole city seemed to pulse with rich and vibrant happiness. I slowly walked closer, already feeling it inside me. I just shut my eyes and kept moving toward the staircase, hoping that not being able to see it would make it easier to keep going. And I was right, the less I saw, the easier it became to keep moving and not think about it, but I could still feel the cheer flowing into my heart. I kept my fingers tightly affixed to the Stone of Dusk, making sure it wouldn’t leave my hands again. I didn’t care if I crashed right into the marble stairs, I couldn’t open my eyes or who knows what would happen…

Stronger and stronger it became as I walked closer and closer. I had no idea what could have been creating such a cheerful and heartwarming feeling in my soul, but it kept growing stronger with every step. Somewhere in that city was the Fountain of Purity, but at this rate, I knew I wasn’t going to make it if all this was just caused just by being by the city’s entrance. It made me feel like a child again, ready to burst open with excitement at just the slightest whim. Not even my wildest imagination could ever forge something so fantastic. And when my foot finally touched the marble staircase, I slowly made my way upwards, still letting my eyelids shield me from the source of all this pleasure. Step by step I headed upward past the walls and into the city itself. If I opened my eyes, forget it, there wasn’t a chance I could lay eyes on such a wonderful place and not feel compelled to celebrate everything that lie in wait for me here…

Finally, I reached the last step, almost stumbling over myself thinking there was another step but there wasn’t. After I recovered, I then kept going, now feeling the pleasure inside my soul. Tightly I held onto the Stone of Dusk, and I kept my eyelids shut like opening them was pulling the lid off Pandora’s Box. Blinded, I tried to make my way into the city, hopefully finding some kind of way to locate the Fountain of Purity. I already knew the City of the Horizon was incredibly massive, how was I supposed to get to the fountain without even being able to see? This was almost impossible, someone was going to have to direct me to there if I was going to have any chance…

And then… then I heard a familiar voice call out my name. I hadn’t heard that voice in so long, and for a moment, I was totally distracted as the memories rushed through me. I had stopped what I was doing, turned my head, and then made the worst mistake I could have done at that moment…

…I opened my eyes to see where the voice had come from…

Sinis. No doubt, it instantly brought great comfort and joy to me to see him once again, no longer struggling to stay alive in his deathbed, but now standing before me, with all the youthful energy he once had and now has again. I couldn’t describe how happy I was to see him again, and after all the things we both had to go through to help each other, and now… now both of us were finally here…

I couldn’t help but stop to hug him for a quick moment. We were like brothers, separated for so long. I looked into his eyes, the eyes of a true warrior who had finally achieved the peaceful eternal rest he deserved after so many struggles. And then, after letting go, I turned back, and found myself standing before the City of the Horizon, eyes fully open and gazing forward…

Broken. Whatever resistance I had tried to put up against all the happiness and pleasure that was gushing forward from this city had failed. The glittering and shimmering streets of gold, the towering, ordinate and finely crafted buildings made of silver and white stone, the beautiful and majestic sky above me, the wonderful breeze blowing gently along my face and skin, and the gorgeous trees with all their vibrant colors on the city sidewalks had defeated me…

The gray Stone of Dusk slipped from my hands as I stood there, only just stunned for a moment. Thankfully, it never shattered when it hit the marble and fell on its side, but it was scorned to only lie there as I stood before it all, totally captivated at the sight around me…

I couldn’t help it now, almost immediately my wings were spread, and I ran out into the street like a young child on Christmas morning. And then… it happened. I leapt off the ground, flapped my wings a few times, and before I knew it, I was soaring above the streets, totally indulging in the exhilarating and blissful feeling that was rushing furiously through me in a miraculous celebration of ecstasy I never thought I would ever experience. Nothing could stop me as I flew past the colorful trees on the side walks, and then came the feeling to go higher and higher and the idea that drove my wild spirit to see how far and how high I could really go…

“You are born of dreams. You can chase stars, Juno. You go beyond all birds.”

Surging through the beautiful sky at speeds I never thought were possible, I was crying out in uncontrollable cheer as I flew with my own two wings for the very first time in my eternal home. Above me was the sky and its dazzling display of all its rich and vivacious colors, while just below me was the most beautiful city in all of existence. And at that moment, I discovered this one place, flying on my own two wings in such a wonderfully painted sky, that this was the one place I always wanted to be in, but never thought it was possible even in all my most joyous dreams and journeys throughout my wildest imagination…

Undoubtedly, I have never, ever been so happy before in my life. Nothing, but absolutely nothing could stop me now as I headed upward with a heart so wild and free. So many sights, so many dreams to live in and adore, and all the wonders of this eternal joy were mine to cherish as all of Utopia was around me, looking up at me at I glided through the air. And yet, as high as I was, I only saw a tiny fraction of it all. Twice before, I had seen and marveled at its beauty, but never before have had I breathed it in like I had done at that moment…

And then, in all my excitement and wonder, I had pulled out Blazewing’s Pokéball, and released my oldest friend. She had emerged from her slumber, and after she had appeared and opened her eyes, she realized just where she was. And she too, once focused on the mission like I was, had instantly received a full exposure to a boundless surge of pleasure, warmth, and excitement. And now… once she looked at me, flying in the air with my own wings, she joined me, with neither of us thinking something this fantastic would actually be possible one day…

We were like playful children again, with no worries, no stress, and no heartbreak. Both of us, having been so easily prone to seeing the worst horrors ever were now finally being given all the pleasure we wanted and waited for on so many empty nights. I knew at that moment, I wanted to be here with her always, and she too felt the same way. And for the sake of remembering old times again, I rode on her back again, blazing through the City of the Horizon with her and me cheering like we have never celebrated before in our lives, and were now letting out all those wonderful feelings in a delightful chorus of happy and shrill laughter. And then we flew side by side, having never being granted that opportunity before when it was something we’ve always wanted to do but never considered it, thinking it would have never been possible. And as my eyes looked into hers and her eyes looked into mine, that’s when it all really filled my heart with unimaginable joy…

At least I picked the best way to fail my mission…

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Noes! This brings up thinking, something that doesn't usually happen on a Friday, perfect way to end part 2. The suspense is killing me already :D

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The suspense! *cries* Man, that was a good chappie. It's nice to see that good old Juno got something nice for a change. I have always wanted to fly...

Keep up the good work! :biggrin:

Neo Emolga
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The suspense! *cries* Man, that was a good chappie. It's nice to see that good old Juno got something nice for a change. I have always wanted to fly...

Keep up the good work! :biggrin:

Heh, thanks, I really enjoyed writing this chapter too. But now... onto Part III.

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Chapter 36
The Awakening

I could only wish it wasn’t so easy to quickly forget everything that I had gone through to get here. I didn’t understand why time and time again I had proved that all the forces of darkness, misery, and death would never stop me, but then it was the feelings of paradise and comfort that turned out to be my downfall. And then again, in a way I had to excuse myself for that. I was used to fighting in the darkness and never seeing light or peace. Blood had become as common as water, and death as common as breathing. In the blink of an eye, everything was set aflame before me. Before… this all happened…

I truly wanted to live here forever and did it ever show. I feel in love with this place, and not a day went by where I didn’t love what I saw around me. But, as much as I appreciated those days, far too many of them had gone by since the day I was broken. And then again, maybe it was supposed to happen…

I had been approached by Sinis, who had paid me a visit to the massive gold and diamond heavenly palace I had been granted in the City of the Horizon. I knew I hadn’t seen him for a while, so I quickly headed down those sparkling gold stairs and approached the beautifully crafted front doors. I quickly opened them, and I was more than happy to let Sinis in, and for the first time, he saw what my heavenly home was really like as he stepped inside.

“Quite a place you have here, Juno.” Sinis told me, letting the sights of the front foyer catch his interest, “But, you definitely deserve it.”

“It’s good to see you again, Sinis.” I smiled to him, heading toward the stairs, “Mind if I show you around?”

I couldn’t believe how lost I was. I had become my very own threat, a misguided angelic Pikachu who spent each and every second of eternity indulging in his palace, barely talking to anyone, and just spending countless hours flying around in the back gardens. If I had seen that this was going to happen when I was fighting to escape Monaraca, struggling to survive in the Azure Islands, and fighting for my soul in Dis, I would been so incredibly ashamed of myself. But… it was like I didn’t even remember…

“Actually…” Sinis replied, wanting me to stop for a moment, “There was something I wanted to tell you…”

At least I was able to stop myself then. At least finally I was able to snap to my senses at that moment…

“There… isn’t anything wrong, is there Sinis?” I asked him, my carefree expression suddenly changing, “I know it’s been a while since I last saw you, and…”

“Well, that’s just what I wanted to talk about, Juno.” Sinis interrupted, seeming a little uneasy to approach me, “It was… regarding the last day I saw you. You see, after we had met, you turned right around and flew off, leaving this strange stone behind.”

…day we had met… flew off… stone…

I stood there distant in a cold trance. I grew a little tenser, even though I was surrounding by everything I ever wanted that could make me happy…

Everything… but justice. That’s the one thing… I was missing, and I suddenly felt the hole where it was missing.

“I mean…” Sinis continued, with me barely hearing him now, “Almost no one comes into Utopia with some kind of possession in their hands, so I’m thinking this must have been important to you…”

I was silent, and I looked to the floor shutting my eyes. It all… it all came rushing back. The Abyss… the sights of those fiery, bleeding caverns and the ruins of the city of Dis. And… that… dagger. The whole nightmare… it had been so forgotten as I submerged myself in this comfort, but it was always there. I had always been so filled with the delight of being here, but on the back of my mind… was how I got here in the first place…

“Sinis…” I muttered softly, slowly looking up to see the Stone of Dusk in his hands, “Sinis… how long… how long has… it been…?”

I was… anxious. I also didn’t want to hear the answer, but then again, I needed to know. I needed… to know… how much had changed. How much time… had aged Kivistal in my absence…

“It’s been… twelve years, Juno.” He told me, feeling a little uneasy himself, “What’s wrong, is there something you needed this stone for?”

Twelve… long years. Twelve long years to let Skepter march all over Kivistal, build his all consuming empire all over the world, and laugh in delight. His son… would no longer be a child anymore. No doubt, even the ruins of Symarix were plowed over to make way for another Black Onyx metropolis. Greedy citizens, violent and unmerciful soldiers, total disrespect and lack of all compassion for others… all hosted by a corrupt tyrant. And I let him reign… for twelve more years…

“Oh…” I moaned… feeling so sick about it, “Sinis… I shouldn’t… have… let it go…”

“Juno, you look pale…” Sinis responded, “Look, if you really need it badly, I’ll give it to you…”

Quickly, he had approached me with the stone, and I felt it in my tiny palms. I stared at it, and I realized that gray stone was far more powerful and important than any gold covered or diamond carved ornament I had in my palace. And then, I snapped to my senses…

It wasn’t over. Set back, critically damaged and on the verge of failing, yes, but like a wounded soldier, there was a chance to come back. There was a chance to heal, and head back into the fray. And at the moment, nothing else mattered. Maybe this was meant to happen, I don’t know. All that I knew was it wasn’t too late…

“Sinis, I need to go.” I told him, looking into his eyes, “You’ve helped me more than I could possibly imagine, but I need to go.”

“Go?” Sinis asked, looking at me strangely, “Go where? There is no where to go…”

As much as I wanted to thank him, it was obvious he didn’t understand what this was all about. But soon… soon he would realize, and he would see with his own eyes just how important it was that this be done, and how much of a role he had played in this whole thing coming to life.

“Sinis, would you know where the Fountain of Purity is?” I asked him, knowing it was not too late to get back where I left off.

“Oh, that’s all.” Sinis replied with a sigh of relief, still not knowing what I was doing next, “Sure, it’s not too far.”

And then, I left that palace, and I followed him down the regal path that lead away from my heavenly establishment into the rest of the City of the Horizon. But as I walked through those beautiful white streets again, I realized something. I wasn’t so pulled by the comfort anymore. I had grown used to the light, and while I was still content, it didn’t break me away from my thoughts, or drive me to flying off aimlessly again. I absorbed it, but I moderated it. Maybe… this had to be the only way…

I continued following Sinis through the City of the Horizon, seeing more beautiful sights I had not seen before during my time in Utopia. Despite that, while I loved the sight of it all, I continued on my intended path. I already knew… it would have been impossible to go this far with my eyes shut.

More and more we had gone, deeper and deeper into the massive and majestic city, until at last, we had come to a tiny stone courtyard with a massive fountain in the middle. When I looked up at it, I saw it, a blade resting on the top bowl while sparkling clear water rushed out from all around it. I looked up and I smiled at it, knowing why it was there. And I shut my eyes for a moment, remembering. It was time…

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Well, I knew he'd have to snsp out eventually, but wow, 12 years? That's pretty intense.

Keep up the good work.

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Poor crushed people! 12 whole years... I wonder how much has changed. O.o

Keep up the god work Neo! :D

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Ouch. I sincerely apologize for the delay. I kind of need to blame myself with all the World of Warcraft I've been playing. But, I haven't forgotten. This will be finished, I'll see to that.

Thanks for your continued support.

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Chapter 37
The Lost Writing

It was no ordinary knife as I opened my eyes to gaze at it longer. Its history, its power, and its stand in righteousness meant so much more.

“Well, there it is.” Sinis told me, looking at the fountain himself, “That sword on the top is called the Blade of the Dreamkeeper, a very powerful holy sword that has brought destruction to many evil demons and creatures. Well, before I go… I do wonder… who ever told you about it?”

I sighed, opened my eyes, and looked back to him.

“I’m alright, you’ve done so much for me already.” I told Sinis, knowing what the next step was, “All that I ask now is, when you are called…

…come. You’ll know when the time is…”

Sinis looked at me strangely, and I could understand his viewpoint in this whole mission. At this moment, he probably didn’t realize what was going on or the whole reasoning for it. But soon… soon he’d see it all unfold before his very eyes.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked, wondering what I was taking about.

“It still needs time.” I told Sinis, “But for now, I need some time alone. I greatly appreciate what you’ve done, you don’t know how much you’ve helped me already.”

“Well, you’re welcome…” Sinis replied, still a bit bewildered, “I only wish I knew what you were up to, but I trust that you’re doing the right thing…”

And then, he turned around, leaving me alone. I felt somewhat bad casting him away, but in time, I felt he would understand. Sure, I could have told him everything that had happened and what was really going to happen, but I was afraid of him feeling it wasn’t necessary. I was afraid of him feeling it was okay to spend the rest of my eternity here, for me to go back to my palace and lose myself in the haze of bliss again. Unlike him, I had a restless spirit. I couldn’t stop and forget what had been done, and how bitter it had stung my soul for so long. And what he didn’t know was that it wasn’t my time to be here…

After setting the Stone of Dusk aside for a moment, I then headed over to the fountain, and started to climb it, starting on the mount and then proceeding up to the first bowl. The clam babbling of the water dropping from bowl to bowl left such a refreshing sound, but as soon as I raised myself to the first bowl, I accidentally slipped off the lip of the bowl and plunged into the water itself. I didn’t expect such a refreshing surge of comfort and relief just from falling into the water. I quickly headed back to the lip of the bowl, and tried my best to stand on it.

I was soaked with the water, but it felt so good and soothing on my skin. Regardless, I tried to shake it off and hopefully jump up to the second bowl. It was a bit difficult to stand on the lip of the first bowl, but once I did, I then leapt upward and grabbed onto the second bowl. Again, after pulling myself up I slipped into the water. But thankfully, the third and last of the bowls of water was closer to the second. It didn’t take too much of a jump to be able to reach it.

And finally, I saw it. After more wading through the fountain’s water, I found the mount where the Blade of the Dreamkeeper was, and the four openings where the water was coming from. While the blade itself was like a sword to me, to others, it would only be the size of a small knife. Still, after looking it over, it had a very sharp triangular blade with many arcane symbols carved into it. Below it was a very ordinate hilt made of marble. I then looked to where it was mounted into the fountain. All I had to do was grab the hilt, turn it once to unlock it from the fountain’s mount, and pull it out.

Oddly enough, once the Blade of the Dreamkeeper was released, it started to glow a soft white in my hands, almost like it just turned on like a lit torch in my hands. I looked it over, and it was so pure, I could see that it had only been used to bring down evil, never once was it used against the righteous.

I then made my way down, and jumped down at the end. When my feet touched the ground, I went back to the Stone of Dusk, and prepared for the next step in my mission. It had been a long time, but I was finally back on track, more determined than ever to keep going.

However, it wasn’t long until I realized I hit a wall. I sat there, with the stone ready on the ground and the blade in my hand to begin the carving, but sadly… I had completely forgotten what I was supposed to carve into the stone. It had been too long since I last saw the book in that underground library in the Azure Islands. I tried desperately to refresh my mind, searching hard in the twelve-year-old fog in my mind, but nothing was coming back.

I then tried backtracking. Back through the horrors of Dis and the Abyss, and back through the Black Onyx industrial center. I tried remembering the book, and I even remembered that I had a dream telling me about it. But the symbols… nothing was coming back. I put the blade down for a moment, laying it on top of the Stone of Dusk. It was all waiting, I was all set to continue going but this one detail was stopping me and I couldn’t keep on going until it was done. Why… why had I waited so long…?

I put my head down in frustration. I didn’t even know who wrote that book. I didn’t even know how to begin. The only pieces I could remember was that there were three symbols and I needed to connect them with my own blood when I was ready to face Skepter and the masses of his armies. But I couldn’t remember what those symbols were. I could have screamed from the frustration. A scream of pain and agony… even in the walls of Utopia…

Should I have kept trying to remember? Or should I have just given up? I didn’t want to give up, I already knew that. I would have rather faced Skepter’s armies all by myself without getting the Stone of Dusk and just fight to the death. But then again, I knew he would find great pleasure in watching me die right in front of him. But now, this was the path I wanted to take. And now… and now I just had to fight for a way to keep on going…

“Despite all you’ve ever believed…” I heard a very familiar voice I hadn’t heard in such a long time speak to me, “It was supposed to happen…”

I knew that voice. I knew the voice of the one who pushed me to do this all in the first place, and to fight for what I believed in. I looked up, and beheld her eyes once again…


“I know what you’re thinking…” I told her, feeling so much incredible shame at that moment, “You probably don’t understand why I fell when I did. Why I was able to run through the fires of the Abyss and the horrors of the underground city of misery with such strength, determination and courage, but why oh why was it at the very gates of paradise did I fall to my knees in surrender…”

But she wasn’t angry or disappointed like I thought she would be. If anyone could speak on the behalf of the Silver Apex, it was her. She represented everything I ever loved about that nation and what it used to be. And how much it really shined in my eyes…

“Twelve… long… years…” I sighed in front of her, “Why… how could I have been so miserably naïve?”

“Please, for once stop blaming yourself.” Sita told me, sitting by my side with all her love and care, “I can see in your eyes you don’t realize how hard the road you’ve traveled on for so long is. How no one, no matter who, could have come even close as you have. And trust me, Juno… I was witness to every second of it. I watched with tears in my eyes as you cried out in the dark, walked under a sky of anarchy, and went through with it all the way to the end, even dying the most miserable death anyone can ever go through. And you did it all for your comrades… and me. And that is nothing… nothing to be ashamed about…”

I then realized who the author of that book was. It was Sita, watching me from above. She had been watching me this entire time, from my pains in the battlefields of Orre, my struggles back on Kivistal, and my pains in the underworld. Only she knew… just how hard it was for me. No one else could testify my pain and misery like the two of us could…

I’m glad I’m not alone…

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Ah, so it was Sita all along. She already has those..I forget exactly..summoning powers from the first one, but she also has prophetic powers too- quite a unique Pikachu to say the least.

Good job yet again, keep up the good work.

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I really have to read the first one... Istarted it over the last summer holidays, and I got quite far, but then I got to busy... I'll catch up, eventually. :)

Nice chappy Neo! I wonder if Sita will be able to remember the runes... Who knows. I guess I'll just have to wait! *sits on pouffle*

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Chapter 38
The Journey Past

It was a lot to absorb this whole time. Still, even despite my twelve year sleep, I had already taken the first step toward getting back. And hopefully… hopefully there was still a chance to make it all happen…

I looked at the Stone of Dusk and the Blade of the Dreamkeeper. It pained me to tell her but it was now or never, and it was pointless to continue delaying it.

“It was… twelve years ago.” I told her, looking at the stone, “I remembered I was supposed to carve three symbols into this stone, but I don’t remember what they were…”

“It’s alright if you don’t remember.” Sita replied, sitting by my side, “I know how hard you tried to resist and not gaze upon the City of the Horizon, but it’s impossible to resist the splendor of eternal paradise upon a first glace. And on the other side, you wouldn’t have gotten this far with your eyes closed.”

And I remembered that time… how hard it was to even just climb the steps without that inner voice setting me off. But what happened had to take place, and I felt that now was about time I stop worrying about the twelve year lapse that I had…

“But… the symbols…” I told her, since it was originally her who told me them in the first place, “You were the one who told me so many years ago, and now I don’t remember. And now that you’re here… is there any chance…”

“But you already know what they are.” Sita told me, putting her small yellow hand on mine with a slight smile as she gazed into my eyes, “Twelve years ago, you put this and everything about this mission into your heart. Now all you need to do his search inside yourself and it will all come before you.”

I tried to take her words seriously, and I shut my eyes, with the Stone of Dusk in my left hand and with the Blade of the Dreamkeeper in my right. I closed my mind and never opened up to anything.

For a minute, it was dark and I saw what appeared to be a Pikachu, deep underground and among nothing but rocks and magma. I could see in his eyes that he had once been pleased but now he was scorned. I could see there was a time that once he was imagined to be the most powerful Pikachu possible, greater than even the legendaries and had become a legend himself. But that… was all past. For now.

And then, from within those dark depths, when all hope had faded, his name had been called. Abandoned by his master who had been granted tremendous power and lost track of this one Pikachu that used to be his ultimate desire, he was more than willing to give this new entity a chance to embrace him. And from within those forgotten caves, his body vanished and in its place was a bright, sparking sphere as his soul. I saw it all in an outside perspective, like an angel bearing witness to this miracle…

Across those imagined plains and forests, this soul of a Pikachu sped with tremendous speed, though no one ever saw it. Quickly, it had arrived at the one who had requested it: a young teenager by the name of Jake Kossak. At that moment, Jake Kossak himself had been magically turned into this same Pikachu, but forever accepted this Pikachu’s soul as his own and carried it with him for the rest of eternity.

I saw memories of those harsh battles in Randy’s world that happened decades ago, and it all came back to me. But it all played very fast, quickly blazing through that hard battle. When Randy’s world had faded and Jake Kossak had returned to the real world, I could see that Pikachu’s soul still in him despite the fact he returned to being a human again.

But it wasn’t long before it had all happened again. I saw Jake again, now as Juno through the war-beaten world of Kivistal. His first daring rescues, his acceptance into the Silver Rebellion and his courage in Macomb was all played out before me. But now… I didn’t see it through Juno’s eyes, I watched him from the outside. Every battle, every experience, and ever step was played out before me almost like I wasn’t even Juno anymore, but just watching someone else do all these things.

The battle of Jasandax. The sights… I could have been brought to tears from just watching it, seeing so many comrades fall, and then the death of Blazewing herself. But I watched as Juno carried on, all the way up to engage with Zander himself. I remembered the fires… something I don’t think I will ever forget about.

But then, I was witness to something I never did see before. I saw from the sky of the celestial future, the funeral of Juno. I finally did get the chance to see what that day of remorse really looked like, and I could have cried with them if I really was there. The grass was once green again, the light of the sun could be seen, and there was peace… all thanks to his sacrifice. The body of Juno was laid in a casket, along with the book of the prophecy to symbolize that indeed the Divine Prophecy had been fulfilled, and now it could be laid to rest with Juno. And on top of Juno’s body, the blade of the Skyblazer had been laid, a powerful sword used by many Silver Rebellion heroes before they had all fallen. While Juno had never used it himself, the war had ended with him and forever it would lay in his hands to show that the time of fighting had truly ended.

And so, Juno was laid to rest in one of the most beautifully crafted marble gardens ever created. The new grown flowers were placed around his grave, besides the many stone recollections of Juno’s finest moments for future generations to behold.

But, that was short lived as the Black Onyx kingdom had swept in, nearly destroying everything with the Silver Apex now in its weakest state. A lot had fallen, but it wasn’t long before a portal in the sky had opened, and Juno once again had taken flesh. And I again, saw the horrors of twelve years past before me, only time they were far darker than before. All the way up to my own death and sacrifice in the City of Dis. But I didn’t see anything more after that…

And then I saw the Silver Apex, it’s once majestic cities before the wars had even begun, even before Juno’s arrival. I once again was witness to the beautiful city of Symarix, the days of its highest standing that I admired so much. But sadly, one by one, the neighboring towns of metropolises of the Silver Apex had fallen. But I was there was I saw the spirit of my beloved comrades come forward, fighting hard but hoping once day a warrior by the name of Juno would come to them. The skies had grown dark with fire and the hope of the Silver Apex had become desperate, but then… then he came for them. And he fought with them until the very end.

I was then witness to the world of Utopia, the resting place of many strong and loyal Silver Apex soldiers as well as their families and everyone else that had lived in righteousness and good will. I saw their eternal happiness, their smiles after so many nights of sadness, and the rejoicing of their homecoming. I saw the endless plains of paradise, all the sights I had yet to gaze upon even with my own eyes, as well as the eternal cities of grace and splendor that run on for millions of miles but were in fact right in my reach. It was all before me, everything that meant the most to me and had forever been forged into me.

And it was at that moment that I had woken up and opened my eyes again. I had looked at the Stone of Dusk, and it was no longer bare and gray. Before me, I saw the dazzling carved image of a Pikachu, surrounded by fire, the carving of a towering monolith in the setting sun, and finally, a carving of a castle in the clouds, all with incredible detail and craftsmanship. It had all been done, not out of pure consciousness, but out of memory, essence, and belief. It was even beyond what I saw out of memory.

“They’re beautiful.” Sita told me, looking at what I had done, “And see, I knew you hadn’t forgotten. All you had to do was search inside your heart.”

It was done, I no longer had to be afraid out of not knowing what I was supposed to do. But now… now the time had come for me to leave and move on with what I wanted to do, what I felt had to be done to make things right and fulfill justice. It was time to leave Utopia, and head back into Kivistal, despite how dark and how somber Kivistal had become. No doubt, I was certain I was going to hate seeing what that once beautiful world had become, but I was hoping through my actions that soon that would all be purged back into the darkness where it came from. Maybe again… maybe one day I could see Kivistal the way it was supposed to be… before all of the horrors. It would be something I could always smile at forever more.

“Well… I must go now.” I told Sita, looking into her eyes, “But I thank you for everything you’ve shown to me, and the support you’ve given me for all this time.”

I then stood on my feet, turned around, and gazed into her eyes. Before I said goodbye, we hugged each other tightly, and kissed each other on the cheek softly. It easily became another one of those things I would never forget…

Sceptile Frost
04-04-2006, 10:44 PM

I don't know words to describe this piece of art other than creative, amazing, and wow. The one thing a noticed, other that a very rare typo, is that you have a few words you use a lot. I think they are just, still, and then. Other than that its an epic masterpiece.

04-04-2006, 11:07 PM
*sighs* That was a lovely chapter, Neo. *feels teary* Now i really have to read the first one, I'll go see it on serebii... *wanders off*

Neo Emolga
04-04-2006, 11:22 PM
*sighs* That was a lovely chapter, Neo. *feels teary* Now i really have to read the first one, I'll go see it on serebii... *wanders off*

Well, I'm posting the whole thing here as one big thread once this is done and I've fully edited the first part.

I'm thinking of including pictures as well, but I'll see how that comes along...

Neo Emolga
04-08-2006, 09:37 PM
Chapter 39
The Last Goodbye

And so it was done, and now it was time to leave it all behind, and hopefully put those glorious sights and feelings out of my mind. That beautiful City of the Horizon, the white streets of the Ivory Gardens, and every other facet of Utopia that I had seen and that which I had yet to discover had to be put past me. But oddly, for the strangest reason, it almost felt like I would never see it again. And I looked into Sita’s eyes, and there too, I felt like this would be the very last time I would ever see her, like it was all supposed to fade to nothing in time like a fleeting dream that I could only wish I could hold on to. And there… the tears I had at that moment were the hottest of all, overcome with such a gut-wrenching sorrow that was so hard to stomach. I wasn’t supposed to be sad like this in Utopia, but for once, it was one of the hardest pains to leave it all behind.

I left in silence, walking out of the front gates and down the steps I had ascended twelve years ago. And yet it only felt like that had been only a few days ago. As I made my way down those steps, I felt the inner joy and peace in me begin to fade away. It was hard to look back at the place that had become my home, but it was time…

I had released Blazewing from her Pokéball, and once again she emerged before me, ready for my command. But after she had realized her surroundings, the message became clear. We were leaving… leaving our eternal home yet again to finish what I had been originally called to do, even if Sita and I were the only ones who still remembered and believed in it.

“So… it really is time…” Blazewing said to me with a saddened look in her eyes as she saw the fresh carvings upon the Stone of Dusk, “We’ve come this far… so it has to be.”

“Yes, that’s right.” I reassured her, “I know how much you’ve fallen in love with this place, but it has to be behind us now. Let it be in your heart, but don’t let it cloud your mind. But… but if for some forlorn reason this is the last time we ever see Utopia…

...may the Heavens forbid that my eternal sleep is a painful and forgotten one. For to the one who watches all and sees me before you, may my eternal home not become a vacant and empty memorial…”

I had then climbed upon Blazewing’s back, and with some uneasiness, we took off, heading into the skies, only this time we weren’t smiling and laughing as we once were. I felt so cold at that moment that it felt like the first day we walked into the City of the Horizon never really happened. I told myself not to look back but I couldn’t help it. And there it was, the City of Horizon below us, but not as bright and beautiful to me as it once was…

We kept flying on, past all the beautiful valleys and all the sights of my wildest dreams before me, all yearning to be embraced but had to be put down by my heart. I no longer felt like a child at heart, but instead like an elderly man, watching the clock and wondering when his life would be over rather than appreciating the few minutes of time he had left.

And why had I become like that? How did I become so pessimistic and look at everything with such an empty stare in the places that I found hope? I already knew it was hard, but to me… it was like leaving the ruins of Symarix behind all over again. Those great memories… now lost, perhaps never to return to the way things used to be. And yet I always thought… there would be at least one more day to enjoy them.

We had finally reached the Opal fields with their glittering white grass. I remembered this place, the first time I had headed to the Well of Harmony. But oddly enough, it felt no different from the first time I flew past these fields. Back then, I was wondering what had become of Kivistal in my absence, but now I already knew. I already expected to see cities and industrial centers of the Black Onyx littered all over the place. My mission was to confront Skepter and his masses of armies, and rid them all of this world, likely throwing them all into the bowels of the Abyss.

But as we flew on, I couldn’t help but think… how would that be done? Would I just destroy every last piece of the Black Onyx, only leaving a barren and lifeless world behind in my wake? No doubt, I wanted the Black Onyx to fall and receive the punishment they deserved, but then, when all the dust had cleared… there would be no one to rebuild. No Silver Apex… no nothing. The only thing left… would be emptiness.

Redemption. But I already knew Skepter would never commit himself to that. Neither his most loyal troops. They were all too proud they destroyed and annihilated everything in their wake. And their citizens, celebrating in the destruction of others. I had to decide, but as we drew closer and closer, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that perhaps… maybe Kivistal would be better without life than to be infested with the parasitic Black Onyx ripping into its resources.

My goals seemed like a forlorn one. Empty out the world, leaving nothing in my wake. I could not rebuild Symarix all by myself. And after I had seen the City of the Horizon, why would I sit down here by myself in the dust when my eternal home and the host of my allies and loved ones were up above? I wanted to head back to Utopia again when I was done with this. My time here would be done, I’ve fought long and hard but after this… I needed my rest. My eyes and tired body yearned for the refreshment of Utopia once again, but then with everything gone, what did I really accomplish? Justice through extinction? There had to be another way…

But… before I could even fully decide, we had arrived at the Well of Harmony. I didn’t want to see what hideousness had become of Kivistal, but sooner or later, I would have to set eyes on it.

“Juno… are you ready?” Blazewing had asked me, turning around for a moment.

“Yes… let’s do this… one last time.” I told her, preparing to concentrate.

Quickly, Blazewing sped furiously into the air blasting wind all around us, and then she performed a somersault, quickly speeding toward the well’s opening. I shut my eyes and tried to concentrate. I didn’t remember much of what was left of Kivistal, but I tried to let the name itself stick in my mind the most. And quickly, the sound of the wind blasting past my ears faded, as well as all my senses.

What I had seen and heard when I had opened my eyes… was nothing at all of what I expected to see. I truly believed I would have been thrown flat on my face on top of one of the Black Onyx’s massive skyscrapers, or maybe even placed in the solemn ruins of a city that once stood high before the Black Onyx had taken over everything. But after twelve years… twelve long years… I finally did realize that twelve years meant a lot. And it certainly changed a lot of things… if not everything…

Firing, blasting, explosions, and distant shouting. I opened my eyes to discover I was right in the middle of a battlefield that had once been a thriving city, very similar to what Monaraca looked like. But now… the memories of battle and the pain of war came back like the scar of a wound that could never be healed, opening up once again to release its harsh bitterness and pain. But I realized that if there really was a war, there had to be two sides. Someone had to be fighting someone else. That someone else… could be fighting the Black Onyx themselves…

Blazewing and I had looked at each other with total bewilderment, but I quickly shook my head and knew it wasn’t the time to start asking questions. With her permission, I put Blazewing back in her Pokéball, and kept low, not too eager to show the Black Onyx I really was back…

I didn’t know the situation at hand, the only thing I realized was that I was in an empty trench with several other dead soldiers. Two of them, a Raticate and a Drowzee were definitely Black Onyx soldiers. I recognized their night-black uniforms right off the bat considering I once wore it myself. So I quickly realized that the Black Onyx really were involved with this whole battle. But the third, a Raichu that had been shot in the forehead, was wearing a camouflage uniform with maroon, gray, and black colors, and when I turned his body over, I got a look at his uniform badge.

While I had remembered the badge of the Black Onyx was a crown with two crossing swords in an X formation, this new entity’s badge appeared to be a silhouette of a bird with two flames besides it. I made no mistake about it, I quickly set aside the Stone of Dusk and the Blade of the Dreamkeeper aside for a moment and proceeded to remove the Raichu’s uniform to wear it myself. It was a bit of a struggle, but eventually I got it on, though I did need to tear off the leggings. But after I had gotten my arms through the sleeves, and retied the leather straps after placing my tail in the respective hole in the back, I was set to go. While I would have loved to still have them, I quickly realized I no longer had the wings I once did while I was in Utopia. But… I quickly discarded the thought of them and knew I had to move on regardless…

04-09-2006, 03:14 AM
Augh, the suspense is killing meeeee!

I'm loving this story, you're doing a VERY good job with it. The only thing I worry for is if you publish it, you'd likely have to lose the Pokemon, which in my opinion really add character to the story, especially the Gray Battlegrounds which I expect would have to be redone.

A bird with flames? Reminiscent of the wind strikers? Hm..Can't wait to see where Vice may be in all of this..

Every Villain Is Lemons
04-09-2006, 04:02 AM
Awesome! I love it. I've only read up to ch.7 but I love it already and I had to post.

04-09-2006, 04:04 AM
NP, to be honest, I've been reading the fic on time since I joined. I was just too lazy to post, I guess ...

Well, excellent work here, NP. I love how you manage to keep suspense and unpredictability in every chapter. I can name about a hundred scenes where something happened that I never thought even possible.

And since they're so many, I'll just be lazy and not put any of them down :D

Sceptile Frost
04-09-2006, 01:56 PM
So, there's a sort of rebellion in Kistival, eh?

By the way, have you considered applying to have Trial of Juno and TOJ II, when you're done with it, on the site? I really think you should, its the best PE2K forums has to offer.

Neo Emolga
04-10-2006, 01:51 PM
Augh, the suspense is killing meeeee!

I'm loving this story, you're doing a VERY good job with it. The only thing I worry for is if you publish it, you'd likely have to lose the Pokemon, which in my opinion really add character to the story, especially the Gray Battlegrounds which I expect would have to be redone.

A bird with flames? Reminiscent of the wind strikers? Hm..Can't wait to see where Vice may be in all of this..

I have been thinking of publishing it, but so much would have to be drastically changed to flush out all the Pokemon aspects, which would be a pain since I’ve really enjoyed using Pokemon in this fan fiction. The best I could do would be to replace all the Pokemon with animals that are very close to their respective Pokemon counterparts, but it would be very difficult. As far as the plotline for the Gray Battlegrounds, it would likely have to undergo quite a bit of revision to not only remove the Pokemon aspects but to also avoid looking like I ripped off of it. But, I’ll worry about that when the time comes…

As for Juno’s new situation… you’ll see, I won’t spoil anything…

Awesome! I love it. I've only read up to ch.7 but I love it already and I had to post.

That’s not a problem, I’m glad you’re getting into it even if it’s only at the very beginning. I hope it’s more than what you expect later on.

NP, to be honest, I've been reading the fic on time since I joined. I was just too lazy to post, I guess ...

Well, excellent work here, NP. I love how you manage to keep suspense and unpredictability in every chapter. I can name about a hundred scenes where something happened that I never thought even possible.

And since they're so many, I'll just be lazy and not put any of them down :D

Sometimes it’s a bit tough to keep a fic unpredictable but I keep the same general plotline in mind but leave room for different variables that happen along the way, just as long as they don’t greatly deter from the plotline I have in mind.

An example of this is when Juno makes his way through the City of Dis. I thought of having some kind of threat in there, but rather than making some kind of predictable monster like zombies or skeletons try to attack him… I thought why not throw his old defeated enemies in there to harass him once again? I felt it would be interesting to see Juno come face to face with Achilles when everyone had thought he was totally gone and would never appear again. Then, the swapping of the illusionary city of Dis with the real one came as an idea as well. Take all of these, and Juno’s journey through Dis becomes nearly a story of its own. I could have easily made it very straightforward but I felt all this substance and depth would make it far more appealing to both write and read.

So, there's a sort of rebellion in Kistival, eh?

By the way, have you considered applying to have Trial of Juno and TOJ II, when you're done with it, on the site? I really think you should, its the best PE2K forums has to offer.

I don’t know, I’d have to consider talking to Ryan about it. I still want to fully put Trial of Juno I and II together, with even illustrations if I get around to doing them. And right now, Trial of Juno I is in bits and pieces in the WAY back pages of the fan fiction section. Plus it’s the unedited version, which isn’t as good as has plenty of mistakes and plot pieces I want to take out to reflect what happens in Trial of Juno II

Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate every review I get.

04-13-2006, 05:05 AM
Revolt! *waves banner*


Ahem. XD

Very nice Neo! I wonder what on earth is going on there...

Neo Emolga
04-15-2006, 04:51 AM
Chapter 40

It was like the very beginning, before I even knew of the details. Like the moment I rescued Sever and the rest of the Silver Rebellion from the Black Bay prison, and found myself admitted to the Silver Rebellion with very little clue as to what was going on. I was choosing sides, without even knowing the whole story. I couldn’t help but think about it the moment I had put on that Raichu’s uniform…

I grabbed the stone, strapped it tightly in the belt, and removed the Raichu’s combat knife and used the sheathe for the Blade of the Dreamkeeper instead. Not surprisingly, the Blade was bigger than the combat knife the Raichu used, but it would do for now. Once tied down, I located the Raichu’s firearm. Judging from the weapon’s massive size and the fact it had a bipod, I realized the Raichu must have been a support soldier. Definitely nothing like the firearms I saw before, the rifle he used was long, had two long barrels stacked on top of each other with a heavy and blocky metal base. Meanwhile, interestingly enough, the bipod attachment was based between the two barrels, designed to let the recoil from both chambers to negate each other while the rifle was used in a prone position.

But now… I had to play my role. To everyone in this battle, there was no Juno. Juno was likely dead in their minds, nothing but spreading ash in the Azure Islands winds. I was a Pikachu in the faction against the Black Onyx, which was very likely to be an insurgent force. I knew something that the Black Onyx did must have triggered this insurgency and uprising, especially considering how I knew so potently how miserable Skepter was. I knew I had to fight alongside this faction, but I did not forget my mission on behalf of the Silver Apex…

The battle was thinning out near my position as more and more troops pressed forward. I quickly climbed out of that trench and headed toward the sounds of gunfire. The memory of running through the ruins of Dis had come again as I saw a fallen Black Onyx metropolis all around me, an obvious indication of how much twelve years can change something. Racing through the rubble, around the fires, craters and wreckage and over loosened dirt and obliterated, overturned vehicles, I continued, now seeing more members of this insurgency head forward alongside me. It definitely didn’t feel the same as the Silver Apex brotherhood I had known and loved being a part of, and I knew these had to be once remnants of the Black Onyx themselves. But with no one left in the Silver Apex besides myself, and with my will not to leave a deserted planet of Kivistal behind… who could I put my faith in… other than a rebellion very much once like our own…?

A few of us had hit the next trench, and not much to my surprise, we were suddenly out-numbered, at least three to one as the Black Onyx had taken the high ground on a rocky ledge overlooking the rest of us. In that split second, I had seen that this was where the Black Onyx was making their defensive stance to hold us back from advancing further.

Furiously, I focused my concentration, and everything slowed to a crawl. I leapt forward, landed on my chest in a prone position, and fired the massive rifle with the bipod dug into the ground to suppress the recoil. I had five targets to quickly choose from, and my first idea was to fire toward the middle, blasting a Loudred who had only just begun opening fire. He neither expected me to move so fast, nor my action of throwing myself into the ground, and so he was caught unprepared. Seven shots to the chest and he was down, and then I focused my fire upon the Wartortle and the Marshstomp on the left. The covering fire had wiped out the Granbull on the right, and left a wounded Makuhita in its wake. The Makuhita had taken cover inside a burnt out car overlooking the ledge, and had poked his head out of the back car window with his rifle, trying to make a final stand. I quickly focused my energy, and my red cheeks flared with electricity. I then send a monstrous thunderbolt blasting toward the ruined car, smothering it completely with harsh, blasting electricity. The Makuhita didn’t even have a chance to escape.

My next idea would have been to hold the line, since no doubt the Black Onyx was going to try and regain their defensive stance. My idea was to let them keep coming while we held them off. But I didn’t say anything. I was no a leader… only another soldier this time…

I kept my ground, ready to take down any Black Onyx that headed over the top of the ledge that had come into my line of fire. I had seen a few of my comrades were too quick to make the mistake of trying to climb over the ledge, where the Black Onyx were obviously waiting.

The battle had become incredibly gruesome, but after a long period of time after gunning down an unsuspecting Croconaw and Clefairy, I had heard a single flare being shot, which I thought had been the signal for an all clear. I slowly and carefully got up, dusted myself off, and looked over the ledge.

The Black Onyx troops that were above the ledge had been flanked by the left and right sides while trying to defend the front. I could see from the staggering losses that this was where the Black Onyx tried to make their last stand since they all gathered here. But already, I could tell this was not Monaraca, but only a smaller city.

I climbed the ledge and stood alongside plenty of fellow soldiers dressed in the same uniform I was wearing, all with the bird silhouette badge. They eventually regrouped with their squads, but I was left alone, with no idea what squad the Raichu I took the uniform from was in. Or even if his squad was still alive…

“First Silver Kova from Cobalt Squad?” Someone asked me from behind.

I quickly spun around to see a very tall Blastoise in the same uniform, only with more badges. I then looked up into his eyes as he looked down on me.

“Strange, I thought for sure I saw the entire squad go down.” The Blastoise told me, a little bit with regret but still looking at me strangely, “You must have a lot of guts, Kova, you’re probably the only one left.”

I kept silent and was a bit distraught. Truthfully, no one knew who I really was, or the fact there was still a Silver Apex member left walking among them. But the question I will never stop wondering about is… if they really knew at that moment… would they take me in their ranks as Juno, or would they have shot me dead? I let the question remain unanswered…

I didn’t know what the Blastoise was talking about when he mentioned “First Silver” and “Kova,” but then I realized the uniform I was wearing had a tiny name badge under the faction badge and a rank emblem on the sleeve. I didn’t know how highly ranked a “First Silver” was, but I tried my best not to look confused.

“I… was separated from the rest of my squad when we were suppressed by enemy fire.” I told the Blastoise, trying not to seem suspicious, “Are you… really sure there’s no one left?”

“I’m positive.” The Blastoise replied, looking a little downcast, “We counted seven bodies in total from Cobalt Squad, including your squad leader Second Gold Malset himself. As much as it pains me to say, you’re going to have to be reassigned.”

And where that would be, I had no idea. Regardless, I had to avoid looking so lost. Hopefully sooner or later I would finally be able to figure out what was going on exactly, but for now, I wasn’t going to ask and look like I was totally clueless. But for now, I tried to act my role. If my squad leader had been a Silver Apex soldier, how would I have felt? I tried to think things out at realistic as possible.

“Would you… mind if I could see Malset’s body… one last time…?” I asked him with a bit of hesitation.

“It’s pretty gruesome, just to warn you.” The Blastoise warned me, “But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s nothing different that what you’ve seen already.”

I followed him back where we had come from, past truckloads of dead bodies from both sides. Everywhere else, I saw wounded soldiers from our side being attended to, along with lots of blood and spent bullet casings. Meanwhile, all I could smell was blood and gun shot residue, mixing together to create that hideous smell of war I thought I wouldn’t have to experience again. But despite all of it, there was one thing I could be happy about.

I wouldn’t be fighting against Skepter alone…

04-15-2006, 04:48 PM
Oh wow, that was great. I just can't wait to hear how the rebellion started. Or how they'd feel if they found out it was Juno..

Keep up the good work.

Neo Emolga
04-30-2006, 05:24 AM
Chapter 41
The Hidden Ally

Obliterated was probably the only word I could come up with once I was shown Malset’s body. The Blastoise wasn’t kidding, I found him shot at least ten times with the blackened remains of a truck crushing the other half of the Clefable’s body. Whatever wasn’t forcefully crushed into the broken asphalt was smothered with blood, bullet holes and exit wounds. It was a quick reminder and reality check of how brutal war could be… and how much I had forgotten about it…

If anything was going to put my mind focused back on Kivistal and setting aside the thoughts of Utopia, it was going to be that… and the rest of the bullets, blood puddles, debris, bodies, and the whole ruins of this city itself. I was back at the bottom again, I knew that much…

“I know it’s hard…” The Blastoise told me, trying to comfort my depressed feelings, “One minute you’re fighting together, the next minute… you’re laying him to rest…”

“I might be sick…” I told him, still feeling withdrawal from Utopia, “This whole place looks like Hell.”

And yet… for all the times I’ve heard that used in exaggeration, I could honestly say there was a lot of backing to that statement. This was the ruins of a city covered in blood. The City of Dis itself, way in the depths of The Abyss… was nothing less itself…

“We’ll get you reassigned to another squad.” The Blastoise replied, taking his eyes off of it, “I knew him too, but now’s not the time to let it kill your morale. We need everyone fighting their hardest. Let’s not forget we have a murdering tyrant and his dogs to put six feet under.”

Skepter. I could feel him in the air, like a stench. It was a very ripe and nauseous one, like vomited blood in a foggy mix of decay and filth. I could tell it had gotten worse… obviously enough to separate his own people. But as I looked into the eyes of my comrades now, I could see… it seemed like they were never his people…

I still had a lot of questions that I needed to answer myself. Everything that I should know right now considering the kind of place I was in, but for now… I had to hide the fact that I didn’t know quite yet what had happened. I made it my goal to try and find these answers soon… without drawing too much attention to myself…

It wasn’t long before we were filed into three massive metal transports for evacuation, all very cold and dark inside. The only light was from a very dim overhead light in the back where the troops were transported, along with light coming from rectangular holes both used for lighting, circulation, and as a spot to retaliate from. There was enough space for fifty troops, but I only saw that twenty of us stepped inside. Once we were loaded in, the back metal door was tightly shut, and we found ourselves in the dark again. We were totally silent as the massive vehicle suddenly roared to life, and made its way along the rugged terrain as part of the convoy.

I was in the loop now. I felt the Stone of Dusk by my side, as well as the Blade of the Dreamkeeper resting. For some odd reason, it didn’t glow white like it used to in Utopia, in one way, I was glad it didn’t attract attention, but in another… I was hoping there was nothing wrong with it. I knew my time to act was when I stood before Skepter. He would never know it was me… until it had all happened, and it was far too late for him to do anything about it…

Patches of red light occasionally moved and flickered as the transport moved along filling the transport with quick flashes of red. It was darker than what it used to be, since I remembered that it was usually crimson red but now it was more like a maroon color. I knew that near the ruins of Symarix, there was a similar dark, red glow above the world, but… it was nothing like this. After about an hour’s worth of rocky movement and silence, the transport stopped. I looked around in the dark, but no one moved until the back door had opened, and that same red light suddenly spilled into the transport, illuminating everything and everyone in an eerie red glow. Nonetheless, I stepped up, along with the rest of the troops. We headed for the opening, and later we stepped out into the ruined wasteland.

I was one of the last ones to leave the transport, and after stepping down the metal exit slope to leave the vehicle, I looked at the sky for a second, wondering how everything got so dark. And at that moment, I was suddenly struck with a heartbreaking fear again…

The sky… looked exactly like it did in the Abyss. It was exactly the way I remembered it, as more hideous than a bleeding scab, the same dark musky red color I saw down in those depths. There was something wrong… something seriously wrong if Kivistal was in fact becoming an extension of the Abyss itself. What exactly did Skepter do? I know the skies after a massive battle were always dark red from the smoke and ruins blocking the pure light of the sun, but this… this was far beyond even that…

When I looked around, I had seen I was in a small military encampment. There were several single story buildings in various places, all forming around a central field area to train in. I also saw a flag with the same emblem as the one on all of our uniforms. And regrettably so, I still didn’t know what it all meant.

First, we were put into a roll call by squad. Almost every squad had at least one casualty, but Cobalt Squad, the one that I had been a part of, was totally eliminated except for myself. I stood there alone, and other squads just looked at me stand there alone, and just shook their heads. Still, the role call continued, leaving a lot of broken down squads with maybe only half of their members left. A warden had made note of the survivors, and then a squad transfer had begun. Simply enough, Cobalt Squad was disbanded by the Warden, and I was transferred to Dagger Squad, still keeping my rank of First Silver for what it was worth. When it was all done, Dagger Squad consisted of six members, myself, a Poliwrath named Shrike as the squad leader, a Raticate named Darkas, a Primeape named Makhan, a Quilava named Nightflare, and lastly, a Furret by the name of Brown. Out of everyone in the squad, supposedly I was the second highest ranked with Shrike being the first. Still, we had nothing for small talk, just simple silence before being instructed to go into the barracks.

I quickly realized we didn’t have a whole lot of time to ourselves here, but what I did get in the time being that the whole rebellion against Skepter and the rest of the Black Onyx Kingdom was the Gray Phoenix Rebellion, designed to overthrow Skepter and rebuild the world without the current corruption. But exactly how it came about was still a mystery to me.

Oddly enough, the military practices of the Gray Phoenix were far more rigid than what I was used to during the times of the Silver Apex. There were strict training periods, limited meal times in the mess halls, and maybe only a fraction of time for anything recreational. Still, I took those few silvers of time and spent them in the base’s miniature library, looking for any kind of history journal, book, or whatever. Trying to keep quiet about my search was tough considering I had to find something on my own, but I found what I was looking for was more in the open than I thought.

In a pile on a center metal table was a bunch of small leather backed books that appeared to be anti Black Onyx documentaries. With easy access while in plain sight, it was easy to see this was intended for soldiers to pick up and grow an even further contempt for the Black Onyx, which would result in them fighting harder. So, I picked one up, sat down, and started reading it.

The Gray Phoenix Rebellion was created out of a hatred and disappointment of the actions of Black Onyx. King Skepter was deaf to our pleas. We didn’t want to see other nations massacred without being given a chance. But, we were ignored until there was nothing left.

I did have to admit, it was cleverly written using pronouns such as “we” to pull in the reader. Regardless, I kept reading, seeing what this was going to lead up to.

We were all Black Onyx soldiers and civilians once. Indeed, many of us in the beginning wanted to see the Black Onyx kingdom triumph, but never like this. Many of us felt uneasy fighting countries that had obviously lost against us. And time after time, we saw each nation totally wiped from existence for essentially no reason. That’s when it stopped being about war. That’s when it became murder.

The images of seeing Symarix in total ruins suddenly came back into my mind. Those last Silver Apex survivors, and seeing all of them shattered, demoralized, and in unceasing pain. But as I looked around me, I saw that even in the Black Onyx, the kingdom I so bitterly hated, there were others who felt the same way we did. They now saw what we saw…

It was the sanest choice.

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Ooh, so now the history has been revealed..I just really want to see what happened to good ol' Vice after all this, since all the other former Silver Rebellions are all dead...

I also miss Randy and Alex in the sequel. They were really good characters in the first imo.

Neo Emolga
04-30-2006, 03:09 PM
Ooh, so now the history has been revealed..I just really want to see what happened to good ol' Vice after all this, since all the other former Silver Rebellions are all dead...

I also miss Randy and Alex in the sequel. They were really good characters in the first imo.

I had to cut off the chapter from showing the part I really wanted to get to, but you’ll see it next time. Just saying, there’s much more to this that I didn’t quite get to yet. As for Vice… you’ll see what happens. I’m not spoiling anything.

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Chapter 42
The First Flare

I was still alone in that dim library, but I kept reading. I knew my time was running out and already the barracks probably had their lights out, but I still needed answers. I knew I would be dead tired in the morning, but I couldn’t allow myself to go on without knowing what happened during these twelve years. I needed to know… and now.

I myself didn’t like the total destruction of Shale Ridge, but as the first country to be completely taken over, I didn’t think much of it at the time. But then, it happened over and over again. The Farway Hills, Silver Apex, Crescent Moon, the Azure Islands, and all the others. The butchery was hideously brutal for no justifiable reason. We grew tired of being murderers. We grew tired of being extensions of a greedy and uncompassionate king. We grew tried of looking into the eyes of innocent families and children and being told to kill by our commanders. There is no sacrifice or apology that could ever measure up to the amount of damage that was done to these nations, but the least we could do for them and ourselves is bring down the one who caused it all.

If only they knew a last living survivor from the Silver Apex was in their ranks at this moment… how would they feel? I had figured that if they found out, they would try to approach me, asking for forgiveness on behalf of all my people. But… I found it impossible to give. Not after all this damage, but I would not deny that their current feelings were genuine…

When they were all fallen, Skepter held celebrations. Parades praising the glory of the Black Onyx, but we saw past them. We saw the glamorizing of murder and anarchy. But now… it was too late. We were silent, but we felt it in our hearts. We won the war, but we inherited the world like a hostile prison takeover. Anger was all around us, but only after the celebrations ceased and Skepter began his “New World” project did someone finally take action.

The Crescent Moon industrial park had been attacked, using the Synth Power Plant to destroy the entire area. That whole area had been devoted to supplying Skepter’s war efforts, providing the capital city of Monaraca with power, and was an important research area to keep building Black Onyx’s technology. When it was destroyed, Monaraca had become blinded, and the last industrial centers were primarily under our wing. We saw this as the perfect act of revolution against Skepter, and we took advantage of this precious opportunity by taking control of the Ganson Industrial Wing and the Southwest Manufacturing Park, leaving Skepter with nothing for industrial centers, cutting his resources considerably while we quickly built ours. It was then that we formed the Gray Phoenix Rebellion, and we proved that we were no longer Skepter’s murdering dogs.

My heart raced when reading those words. I looked up for a moment, and saw everything around me. This whole rebellion was made possible… because of me. Just by my single action of destroying the Crescent Moon industrial park, what had become one last line of attack against Skepter. I knew this whole rebellion had to start somewhere, but I never thought it happened because of me. This war against Skepter had begun by my hand…

It was then that the war had begun. Skepter was furious at this sudden act of betrayal, but in truth, we no longer feared his anger, and we were in control now. We do not know who caused that destruction of the Crescent Moon industrial park and we have searched countless times among our own ranks to find the individual who was responsible, but it was him who became the father of our revolt… our Phoenix to overcome Skepter’s cruelty. Without it, I don’t think we would have ever found the initiative to begin this revolution, despite our cold feelings.

The book had gone on about each event leading up to where the war was today. Many battles, all very successful due to the serious cutback on Skepter’s resources and weapons now that they were in the hands of the Gray Phoenix. All that he did have was a destroyed industrial facility while the Gray Phoenix Rebellion had taken over all that he had left. Now, he was reduced to a limited number of troops, but the Rebellion itself was still not comparable in size to Skepter’s zealots. There will still plenty of fighting that had to be done, but the effort had proved strong time and time again.

I had then come to the back of the book, and there was the insignia of the Gray Phoenix Rebellion once again, with a fully detailed image of a majestic winged bird in full flight, surrounded by flames. I looked it over and admired its detail, but something about the look of the flames had caught my eye. Their formation…

I then thought about it, and I realized where I might have seen it before. I had pulled out the Stone of Dusk from my belt, and looked it over. It was then that I found the link, one that nearly shocked me into passing out. The carving of the Pikachu surrounded by flames had the same fire formation as that in the Gray Phoenix insignia. That bird was no ordinary representation at all…

“Indeed, by now you have realized that you are in fact the Shadow Phoenix himself, the one who rises again from the darkness as a sword of bright retribution against the night of your enemies.”

…that was me, the forefront offense against Skepter, the leader of the Silver Apex, and now… the shadowed and hidden cause of the Gray Phoenix Rebellion. These soldiers didn’t know who I was… but they were looking for me this entire time. And in turn, as I thought back those many years… I was looking for them.

I put the book away and headed for the barracks. By now, all the other soldiers were asleep, and I knew I wouldn’t get any rest that night just thinking about it. But at that moment… I was glad I had found that when I did. Tonight, I was Kova, another Gray Phoenix soldier. But tomorrow, they would see who I really was… and what I had become…

When morning had arrived, I thought I would be in a lax, lazy stupor from sleeping late, but it wasn’t the case. But, when I had awoken and stepped outside, I definitely wasn’t used to waking up in a hideous pale nightmare of a landscape. The entire world looked even worse during the daytime hours. The land was covered in patches of red, brown, black, gray, and even a sickening mustard yellow colored light. I could see that the other Gray Phoenix soldiers had gotten used to it, but to me, it was one of the worst sights I’ve had to lay eyes on. We had stepped outside to begin training, but the light got darker quickly, and then it just started raining.

The nightmare was back. We were told by the Warden to head back inside, and so we did. Once we were back in the barracks, I moved toward a nearby window, and there it was. Pattering all over the roof, ground, and the window itself was the rain of blood, exactly like the Abyss. And to even further drive the fact further into me, the sky suddenly turned a wicked black with a flash of black lightning and a rumble that sounded like an earthquake the first second, and then like a million screams the second. I shook my head at the sight, it made me question if this was really Kivistal and not the Abyss in the first place. But… I knew deep inside that it had to be, despite how my worst nightmares were confirmed…

There was no training that day. Unlike most military camps that trained in the rain anyway, this was an exception now. This wasn’t rain, this was pure blood that was falling from an Abyss-induced world. Instead of exercising, we were being prepared for the attack on Monaraca that would be happening very soon. Judging from the locations of the map we were shown, we were very close by now. I was surprised at how successful this rebellion had been. Heavy defenses had been placed around the Ganson Industrial Wing and the Southwest Manufacturing Park, while the remaining portion was an offensive line heading for Monaraca. I could feel it at that moment. I knew it would be soon that I would engage Skepter once again.

After things had settled down, the rest of the soldiers were free to go about as they pleased while the blood rain was coming down, just as long as it wasn’t outside. I was feeling tired at that moment, so I decided to catch up on my rest while a group of nearby soldiers played a quiet game of cards. I climbed up to the top bunk, got under the one blanket that was there, and went under until I got comfortable. Then, I simply closed my eyes, and was taken away for a moment.

Surprisingly, my sleep was dreamless. I had gotten accustomed to unpredictable messages while I was asleep, but there was nothing here. I don’t know how long I slept, but when I finally woke up, something felt different. I opened my eyes to look around, and everything felt oddly damp while a soft red haze filled the room. I searched the room, trying to see if there was any other soldier in here with me, but it was completely quiet.

And strangely enough… the room had become incredibly cold…

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Woot! Chapter answer-to-life-the-universe-and-everything! I think it turned out really well, backstory is always nice..

Can't wait to see what the fog and all is about :D

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...Ohhh... Nice chappies, Neo! It's nice to know more about the history. So Neo is the grey phoenix! He started everything! Neat...

I wonder what is going on, why did it get cold? I can't wait for the next chapter!

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I'm a new reader of this fic, and just read up to this point after going through it 10 hours non-stop, from Trials of Juno - The Gray Battlegrounds. Wow..... I never thought I'd actually stumble upon this gem of creative writing accidentally after not noticing it for 1.5 years. No other pokemon fanfic has ever touched me the way yours has... Seriously, I winced, sighed, laughed and cried as the story went on. A sleepless night followed, during which I could only think about this breath-taking fanfic, or should I say, novel. You truly have outdone yourself Neo Pikachu. By the way, although it has been a week since your last chapter was posted and you were online briefly last night,no new chapter has arisen... and so I look forward to your next post eagerly, and shall cherish this story until my memories turn to dust. I only hope I can recieve a copy of the whole fanfic in one document, seeing as I am too impatient to actually copy and past TOJ1 and TOJ2 after the gray battlefields alone was a staggering 29,147 words and 54 pages long ~_^

Alright, I don't care if it freaking kills me, I am finishing this story and I don't even care if no one reads it. And if even so much as a week goes by and I haven't updated it, you can go ahead and spam my PM box if you really want to.

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Heh, I’d like to thank the people who kept sending me PMs, but I can honestly say I haven’t forgotten, a little bit of it is because of work, writer’s block, and lack of inspiration. But, now that I’ve gotten really back into writing this again, hopefully it takes me all the way to the end. And secondly, I’d like to thank everyone who has been reading this religiously, I’m glad this story still has your interest.

Onto Chapter 43, at last…

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Chapter 43
The Darkest Uprooting

I climbed down from my bunk, and began to look around. Nothing seemed too different except for the haze and the damp feeling surrounding the room. When I had approached the window, I couldn’t help but look outside. It must have been raining blood for hours now, the whole field was flooded and the sky looked hideous as the thick blood drops continued to fall from above. On top of all that, I couldn’t ever tell which hour of the day it was, it always looked to be late in the evening with the sky so dark and morbid.

I had headed for the mess hall, and I found a few soldiers sitting there, even in the red haze and dampness of the room. But, it didn’t seem to really bother them when it was disturbing me to no end. As informative as the book I read last night was, it didn’t explain any of this environmental misery that was flooding the world. And yet… everyone around me seemed to be more used to the sight of blood than I was…

To comfort me, I sat besides a group of soldiers at a table, and tried to relax like they were. I figured they knew nothing about how much this world had suddenly become like the Abyss, having never seen it before themselves. Heck, I figured that we could march through it as an army now and nothing there, no matter how sick or evil it was, would ever even bother us now. It was the oddest feeling…

“I swear this blood rain gets worse and worse every time I see it.” I said to the others, hoping to start a conversation to inquire more about what happened.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better,” A Hitmonchan sitting next to me had said, “It will be over soon. Skepter probably already knows we’re comin’ for him.”

I found it odd at how quickly the blood rain was tied to Skepter. What made me wonder was how he was able to do such a thing to his enemies, but I didn’t ask. The last thing I wanted to do was pop a question that could result in me looking suspicious, or like I’ve been living under a rock this whole time. Meanwhile, a Delibird that had been eating a bowl of soup had looked over to me curiously. Looking into his bright white eyes, I could see it was like the haze wasn’t even there to him.

“Kova, it’s been like… how many years now…?” He asked me, looking like it really shouldn’t be bothering me either.

“I think six.” A Ludicolo sitting across from him had replied, “Six or seven, somewhere around there is when it first started coming down.”

“I know, I know…” I replied, trying to play my role and acting like I knew about it, “Don’t mind me, I just liked the days when things still grew around outside and when people didn’t look like the undead after getting caught in the rain.”

The others found that a bit funny in a sarcastic tone, but nothing to the point of being hysterical. Quickly it died down, ending the conversation and still leaving a lot of questions left unanswered. Just how did Skepter get this ridiculous amount of power? Was he even aware of how much he was turning this world into the Abyss?

I just kept myself quiet and grabbed a bowl of soup to eat, doing nothing but thinking to myself. Six years of this rain… what was even left at this point? Every bit of vegetation must have suffered drastically at this disaster, but what was it all for? Once I was all done, I returned the bowl, and looked around. As much as I wanted to go back to sleep, I was nowhere near tired, and I knew my restless mind would see to it that I spent the entire time just lying there, thinking endlessly. Instead, I just decided to look out the window again, looking in dismay at the blood-smothered ground and a sky in agonizing hideousness.

And at that moment, I was struck with a hideous urge, a hideous and woeful feeling. In all this mess and terror, what had happened to the lands of the Silver Apex? Did Skepter build over them and defile my homeland, or did he leave it alone as the desolate place it was? My heart was beating, and I couldn’t help but feel terribly anxious about it.

Past my more reasonable thinking, I stepped outside through a back door, and I felt the cold blood on my feet upon stepping outside. After I made sure no one was looking, I kept walking away, letting the drizzle of blood coming down softly saturate the earth around me.

Everything was dead, there wasn’t anything but dirt covered earth for so many miles. It was like the entire world had become a bleeding desert. Still, I had to know. No one was watching, so now was the time I needed to quickly see what had happened, and then quickly come back before the attack was made. I softly grabbed Blazewing’s Pokéball, and released her. Once she was finally free and she saw her surroundings, she almost screamed.

“Juno…” She told me, looking around at the sky and the fields of blood, “Juno… please. Please tell me why we’re back in the Abyss again, of all places to be in.”

She was the only other one that could have seen it too. The Gray Phoenix Rebellion would have never known how much Kivistal had become like the underworld of evil and how much their destroyed cities had looked like the City of Dis. They might have screamed if they knew the truth.

“I almost wish it was, Blazewing.” I told her, looking at the sky and all its misery, “This… this is what Kivistal has become… twelve years later.”

“Juno, how could this have happened?” She asked, looking at me mournfully, “What… what happened to this world while we were gone?”

“I don’t know exactly but I do know that Skepter is behind it.” I told her, sharing the little information that I knew about the situation, “How he is managing to do this is beyond even my wildest and darkest of thoughts.”

Meanwhile, the drizzle kept coming down, lightly saturating us both with blood. I was even beginning to feel darker feelings. How far did Skepter really go to do this to the rebellion? What did he do… because he hated them so much?

“Are… are we the only ones left Juno?” She asked me, looking into my eyes with such fear, “What happened all this time?”

“I’ll explain on the way.” I told her, knowing there was somewhere else I needed to go, “Only about half a mile away is a military base. I need to get back here soon, but I want to know what happened to the Silver Apex while we were gone. I’m sure you’re wondering as well.”

“Okay, I’ll keep track of where we are.” Blazewing replied, looking slightly away at the surroundings.

It wasn’t long before we had taken off. It was then that I had told her what happened only last night in those trenches, and how there was now a rebellion against Skepter consisting of marines that were once his own people. She wasn’t surprised when she heard that as we sped on past the ruined lands of Kivistal.

I then told her of the connection between myself and the Gray Phoenix Rebellion, and how I felt there was more of a link between myself and this army than just my being here. To even further it, she was also surprised when she learned the attack on the Crescent Moon industrial park, and how that its destruction was the key element in starting the rebellion. But… she saw reasoning behind it. Things that were of the clearest essence that I knew were inside me but hidden away under doubts.

“You are the reasoning behind this last stand, Juno.” Blazewing told me as we flew over a massive canyon created unnaturally, “You are this Gray Phoenix that they speak of, and I cannot even begin to imagine how much it would drive Skepter to complete and utter uncontrollable madness to find out that you were the one responsible.”

Indeed, it would cause him to do the unspeakable. We flew over another graveyard of a city and miles and miles of arid, blood-soaked desert before we finally saw a familiar sight. The tortured and twisted ruins of the city we knew as Symarix…

For the most part, the homelands of the Silver Apex were left alone, a silent testament of what once was. I was relieved when I saw it had been untouched, uncontaminated by Skepter’s filth. But then, I could imagine that the uprising of the Gray Phoenix Rebellion was the reason why Skepter found himself against time, unable to populate the lands of his victims.

At least there was something to be thankful for…

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Ah, I forgot about the blood rain for a second, makes sense.

And I have this feeling that Symarix is going to play a part somehow.

Wow, you're like on the same chapter as you are on the prequel at Serebii. Will they end at about the same time too?

Neo Emolga
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Ah, I forgot about the blood rain for a second, makes sense.

And I have this feeling that Symarix is going to play a part somehow.

Wow, you're like on the same chapter as you are on the prequel at Serebii. Will they end at about the same time too?

I think the sequel here might end a tiny bit sooner but yeah, it's going to be roughly the same time. As for Symarix... this leads up to something interesting I thought of that will be revealed in the next chapter, which I'll be working on right away.

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Muah ah ah ah... The Pm's worked. XD

Yeppers, I really enjoyed this! It is good to know that the silver appex is still standing. You are doing really well, I cannot wait for the next chapter. What on earth has skeptor done... I'll just have to wait and see. :)

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Chapter 43
The Unearthing

The dream came back to me. The same dream I had in Utopia, of seeing Symarix in all its former glory and majesty. Each piece of stone and each fallen metal beam told a story, one that had become a dear memory that I truly kept in my heart for the longest time. How much I would have adored to be standing upon the tallest building, and gaze up at the real sky, the one that was supposed to be. No black thunder, no more rain of blood. What the Silver Apex should have been like… the way it was meant to be…

…like the day after I died.

As I stood there, nestled upon Blazewing’s back, I shut my eyes for a moment. When that thought came to mind, I realized there was one last thing I wanted to do. When I opened my eyes again, I turned toward Blazewing. While she did not know of where to find the place that I wanted to go, I knew the way, and I directed her.

We flew for many miles, and I knew Blazewing kept looking on wondering exactly where we were heading now. For a moment, it was very difficult to see it, but when I saw it, I told her to fly down to the ground. It was hard to imagine this place being the way it was in my dream, but I had to face reality.

I stepped off Blazewing’s back, and walked among the tattered stones. I had arrived at the central stone, the largest one here… and the place where I was buried. I found it hard to start, but I had begun to start digging, knowing what I needed underneath. I had taken a piece of stone and started tearing away at the ground, dispersing the ruined earth away from the grave.

“Juno… you’re… defiling your own grave?” Blazewing asked, wondering what I was thinking.

But, I kept going, further and further into until I hit the wooden coffin. As I removed the dirt around it, Blazewing couldn’t help but look, not understanding why I was doing this. When I finally cleared the dirt away, I could see the coffin in its entirety, just like the one I saw in that dream. If this was correct…

I then grabbed the lid, and threw it open. When the inside of the coffin had been revealed, there was no corpse of Juno. Not even a skeleton. However, deep inside, I found two things, just like the dream had told me. The first was the book of the Divine Prophecy, and the second was the Blade of the Skyblazer. It was that same sword used by previous Silver Apex heroes way before my time. I grabbed its handle, and looked at the sword now with my own eyes. It was still extremely sharp and very ordinate. But, I couldn’t help but notice how similar it was to the Blade of the Dreamkeeper, still resting in the sheath.

“How did…” Blazewing asked me, looking at me curiously, “How did you know that was there?”

“I saw it in a dream… when I saw my own burial.” I told her, letting her know of what I saw in Utopia, “This sword was passed down from one Silver Apex hero to the next, until it was finally buried with me here.”

The gateway of my people. With the sword of Utopia in one hand and then sword of the Silver Apex in the other…

…of what they once were and what they were now…

I kept the blade and then closed the coffin, leaving the Divine Prophecy behind. I then climbed back out, and reburied the coffin, and packed the dirt in. And then… I had gotten a sign…

The rain had started coming down, and just when I thought it would be the rain of blood again, it wasn’t. It was normal, crystal clear rain… untainted by Skepter. There was no black thunder, just a calm pattering of natural rain in a stormy sky.

“We should go.” I told Blazewing, knowing I had to prepare for that final battle against Skepter, “We need to head back to the base.”

“But what if they are already there?” She asked me suddenly out of the blue.

I had no idea how she could have guessed that, but for a moment, I could sense that something was beginning. I didn’t feel like I had been gone that long, but the more I thought about it, the more I let it sink into my mind.

“We need to go… to Monaraca.” I told her, forgetting about heading back to the base for a moment, “You know… the way there?”

“Get on.” She quickly told me, “The Gray Phoenix Rebellion needs you now.”

I quickly jumped on her back, and we flew through the sky. It was a long, long way to Monaraca from this point, but I could only hope we would make it there on time. The whole ride, I saw the strangest things happening. The sky itself was literally at war with itself. The shattered skies of Kivistal diverging from Skepter’s infernal creations from the very Abyss itself. Mixing, diverging, pulling and pushing in ways I have never seen a storm act before. Vicious thunder and the rains of blood and water turning off and on. The very skies above had become a battlefield of their own, and then I realized something that made me press on harder and faster.

I could see it, and it was almost remarkable and disturbing at the same time. The very skies of Kivistal were fighting off Skepter’s insane Abysmal creations. From a world so shattered and so abused from so much countless battles and wars, it was almost shocking there was any life left to the world to fight back the way it did. But in those hours, there was rejection, a refusal by the skies of Kivistal itself to let itself be overcome with the same filth that could only be found in the Abyss.

But, as I so painfully discovered back at the base, it was fighting a losing battle, resisting so hard only to lose it and slowly be swallowed up. The closer I got to Monaraca, the more I saw the skies of Kivistal losing and being taken over by the masses of hideous dark clouds, making the world around me more like the Abyss itself.

We flew past more canyons, more open scars of destruction craved into Kivistal, as well as more fallen cities, urban wastelands once brimming with the energy of life. Meanwhile, the endless desert carried on, a desert so dark and so barren that nothing would ever grow from its hard and arid soil. Slowly and painfully… the once living and beautiful world of Kivistal was now becoming a cold and dead lifeless wasteland like most of the other planets in space.

I couldn’t help but notice how cold the world had gotten. How much the warmth of life had been sapped out of this world with the death of every honest citizen that once lived here. And yet, there was still Skepter, the very reason why so much life had been extinguished for no justifiable reason. He wanted to rule over everything, but he never saw that the very destruction he caused would eventually make it so he had nothing to rule over.

Monaraca. Before me only miles away was a city without souls, without compassion or consideration. A city that had lost the ability to love and see life, and instead worshiped death and dismay…

…Abandon all hope for them, for their voice can be no louder than a whisper in the wind, and their vision a mere flicker in the night…

Blessed are the ones who saw the truth. Blessed are the ones that rebelled against Skepter, refused to be murders on his account, and refused his way of life, even to the point of spending years in Skepter’s self-created filth. May their knives cut like razors, their machines sturdy and strong, their mounts swift and enduring, and their aim be true and accurate in this final battle. May their hearts stay strong, their minds focused, and their bravery unstoppable.

…For there is no one else that can achieve what Juno can, born from desperate dreams, given power that can only be dreamt of to become real…

It was then that I had come across the sight of Monaraca, and the darkest of skies before it, the darkest of rain and storms before me. And what I saw before me pushed me faster forward ahead.

It was all about to begin… one last time…

05-27-2006, 03:27 AM
So there is more to it to summon the heroes of wars long past...
Another final battle begins, and another epic journey draws to a close. I really look forward to the next chapter, and after this story ends I will read it all over again!

05-27-2006, 04:14 AM
Wow...completely amazing. I'm a bit drunk (spiked pop..) atm, so I'll read this and edit in a proper review later.

Peace ;D

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Goodness, is this getting exciting. *hugs everyone and runs around in circles* I can't wait to see what happens!

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You guys will like this next chapter, I'm pretty sure of it. And I blame the delay on my hard drive screwing up, sorry about that but this time it wasn't really my fault. :P

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 44
The Celestial Convergence

My faith had not betrayed me. Before the massive city of Monaraca, the full assembly of the Gray Phoenix Rebellion had gathered, ready to bring down the Black Onyx forever, and cast it underground and bury it so future generations would never have to fear it. But, I felt cold and restless seeing Skepter’s defending forces, eighty thousand troops in all, massively outnumbering the rebels at least ten to one. Still, the eight thousand members of the rebellion stood strong against Skepter, knowing they would rather die fighting for a cause they believed in than submit to Skepter once again as lower class citizens.

I flew to them, able to catch them just in time before the fighting started. It was at that moment that I flew among them to the front line, and they couldn’t stop but glace at me for a moment, riding Blazewing to the very front of the unit. Their massive war machines, their sky riders upon their Swellows to fight the Black Onyx’s Altaria riders, and their masses of infantry, standing firm before their worst of enemies as the bloodiest of rains fell upon them.

“He will arrive upon a bird as red as blood, and as white as lightning…”

The Blade of the Dreamkeeper in my right hand and the Blade of the Skyblazer in my left. Only then did the blade glow with a brilliant aura. The sword of Utopia glowing a peaceful white, and remarkably similar, the sword of the Silver Apex itself glowing a soft gray. I felt their brotherhood of steel bound in my hands as I stood before my enemy.

“You can’t be…” I heard a sickening familiar voice shout out, piercing the dark silence, “No…”

All eyes suddenly turned on me, and the only person I could look to was Skepter, standing before his entire army, riding his own Altaria in the sky, looking older and more sickly looking from the last time I saw him. Never before have I had such hatred against one individual…

“Juno was never killed in the Azure Islands, Skepter.” I shouted toward him, glaring into his eyes, “You were never awarded his body to burn and defile, to spit and curse at. He walked alone… I walked alone… still very much alive.”

“You…” He growled in bitter contempt, becoming more infuriated, “I can not even begin to describe how much mental torture I have gone through, how many times I myself scouted the Azure Islands to search for your remains among those of your hideous comrades left only to hope your body had been burnt to nothing when I could never find it…”

They never found me, let alone kill me and bring me to Skepter. Not then… not ever. But that wasn’t going to enrage him as much as the truth was…

“Your soldiers never found me, Skepter.” I shouted to him, ready to reveal it to him, “While you were there searching, it was I who headed to your industrial center based at Crescent Moon, traveled down to the darkest depths of your Synth power plant, and primed the plant itself to explode, wiping out every factory and assembly plant you had there. The truth remains Skepter, and forever will be. I, Juno, am the first flare that initiated the Gray Phoenix Rebellion. The Gold Rider was reborn into the Gray Phoenix.”

“I don’t believe it!” Skepter screamed furiously, never so angry before in his life, “Damn you, Juno! Damn you to Hell!”

And then there was silence. The Gray Phoenix rebellion was struck with remark, gazing upon me with a newfound admiration. I was the leader they had been looking for all this entire time, to guide them to victory at this moment. I was with them now, adorned with their uniform, ready to fight on their behalf and all that of the Silver Apex, the wonder that once was…

“It doesn’t matter, Juno.” Skepter replied, almost laughing madly now, “Look at you and your pitiful army. The Black Onyx still vastly outnumbers you and your pathetic forces. Your laughable Gray Phoenix Rebellion will be extinguished like the dying flame on a pitiable, melting candle. And once the Claymore of the Black Onyx is soaked with your blood and your body is pulled apart into pieces, I will personally see to it that your blood is mixed with my finest wine, and I will drink and sing about your demise.”

All of his Black Onyx soldiers looked at me, ready to attack. It was at that moment that I had put away the Blade of the Skyblazer for a moment, and removed the Stone of Dusk, holding it in my hand. All the pain I had endured had all been for this one moment… this final forthcoming of retribution…

I ran my hand along the edge of the Blade of the Dreamkeeper, cutting a painless wound into it, and I saw the blood that seeped out was purely glowing white. I then shut my eyes, and focused my concentration as I cried out.

“The fallen people and warriors of Shale Ridge, The Farway Hills, Crescent Moon, the Azure Islands, and my own beloved homeland of Silver Apex. Remember the lives that you lived before the tyranny of Black Onyx had taken them. Remember the cities you built, the families you raised, and the legacies you forged before the nightmare had come to pass. Remember the beauty that once flourished over our beloved world of Kivistal, and the unity of your people of this world.

Hear my cry, the cries of the ones that still believe in justice and freedom. Hear the cry of the one who walked among you in the endless grace of Utopia, the one who endured the miseries and horror of the Abyss for your consideration, and who now stands before you as one who seeks peace, justice, and restoration in the world that you loved. Stand besides me, and fight for freedom one last time…”

It was then that I had drawn the circle around the three symbols with my own glowing blood, and watched the Stone of Dusk itself suddenly glow with a massive white brilliant light. For a moment, the Gray Phoenix Rebellion had looked at the light, totally captivated by its radiant glow of virtuous energy, while the forces of the Black Onyx were suddenly struck blinded by it, unable to even look in its general direction without their eyes being stung by the light.

And then, with unbound strength and energy, I threw the radiant Stone of Dusk high into the sky, far beyond even the darkest clouds of Skepter’s most dismal creations. When it struck the sky, suddenly all the clouds had dispersed in an instant, and for one majestic moment, the heavens above were opened, and a pure, white light had poured upon the world of Kivistal below. It was then… that the homelands of Utopia had answered my call, with a brilliant light that enveloped all of Kivistal, a light that the world has never seen anything like before. The members of the Gray Phoenix Rebellion gazed into the light, their eyes able to see of the splendor and grace of the world above that would await them when their lives had concluded. Meanwhile, as justice would have it, the sight was not meant for the Black Onyx to ever see, their eyes burning and blinded from the light. And then, in one massive breeze of tranquility, I felt the light surround me, and once again I was adorned with the Seraphim Wings that I wore in Utopia. It was then that I had looked to the sky to see thousands upon thousands of winged figures emerging from the skies of Utopia, coming down to join our ranks.

The blessed members of the Silver Apex were the first to arrive, the closest comrades I have held in my heart were the ones who joined me in the frontline, reuniting with the Gray Phoenix Rebellion as one force. We stood united for one last battle that would finally cleanse the world… a revelation that was so desperately needed.

“I heard you cry out, Juno. The very sound of your voice reminded me…”

I had turned to my left side, and there, flying right besides me was none other than Tek and Blitz, the two Pichus that had gone with me through so many lengths in the very beginning, still with their youthful energy. And to think after all these years and all the time we had gone through this together, they did stick with me to the very end, like brothers. Armed with a sharp spirit and courage, they were ready to fight with me, just like we did before in the battle of Jasandax so many years ago.

“I knew you wouldn’t forget about us.” Blitz smiled to me, looking at me with his shining eyes, “We never forgot about you.”

“You were our father, the light in the time of darkness. All of the Silver Apex cheers at the sound of your name.”

Sever, the Cubone who knew me as Juno and the Gold Rider before it had all begun. The one who had fought with me to the end, and how gave his life to the rebirth of the Silver Apex once again. I never forgot the shine of his eyes, his determination, and a love for the Silver Apex comparable to mine. I knew he would have never forgotten.

“We never forgot, Juno.” Sever told me, looking into my eyes, “One more time, for Kivistal, for the Silver Apex, and all of Utopia…”

“We fought for you and believed in you, High General Juno. We saw you become something even beyond legend. We prayed for your victory…

General Namdor the Rhydon and General Baladax the Tyranitar, waiting below for the command to strike. They too, went all the way to Jasandax with me and believed in the same hope that I did. They never did forget the reason why we fought so hard for peace back then, and now they were by my side, both together for the same reason now.

“It would be my honor to fight once again besides the greatest commander of all time.” Baladax said to me, looking up at me admirably.

“To fly besides the one known as Juno, to see his eyes, his smile, and his strongest determination… that alone is a gift I have never forgotten…”

Echo the Meowth and Frost the Totodile, both of them helped me escape from the clutches of Skepter and his city of Monaraca, and died fighting to defend the Azure Islands. With so much joy and heart in their eyes, their spirits never died, but flourished brightly in the heavenly world of Utopia.

“You’ve gone beyond even the Divine Prophecy, Juno.” Echo spoke to me, looking at me from the corner of her eye, “Even beyond the dreams of the Silver Apex.”

“You set aside eternal paradise for the ones you believed in, Juno.” Frost smiled back to me, “Through such trials, you came through for us. Today, we set aside our own eternal paradise for you, Juno.”

“Juno, the one in whom I trust. A commander, a comrade, a soldier, a friend, and a brother. All of Utopia gazes upon you with admiration…”

Sinis the Zangoose, my most trusted ally and my dearest friend. The one who freed me from the grasp of Achilles, and who fought with me to reclaim the majestic realm of freedom we knew as the Silver Apex. A strong leader, a determined warrior, and an honest friend. He flew besides me, looking toward me, ready to fly with me for the glory of the Silver Apex.

“I knew I would hear your battle cry one last time, Juno.” Sinis told me, looking toward me with firm determination, “You never grew old, or too tired to continue fighting. You never gave up, the most admirable aspect in you that is so loved by those who know your name.”

And then, when all the warriors and voices of those who had been ruthlessly destroyed of Skepter had assembled to confront their oppressor, one last warrior from the skies had descended upon the world below, speeding toward my position. With the armies of Utopia behind me, ready to confront their enemy, that one last rider sped quickly through the ranks of soldiers, by those who had believed in me and supported me.

“Truly blessed is the Gold Rider, the Gray Phoenix who reunites the souls of those fallen as one, armed with the sword of grace, beauty, and power of Utopia in one hand, and the sword of heritage, remembrance, and determination of the Silver Apex in the other. Nestled upon his back are the Wings of the Seraphim, a mark of courage and fearlessness. Standing before all of Utopia as their commander, their leader, and their voice is Juno.”

Blazing past the ranks of fellow soldiers was none other than Sita herself, riding the wind upon a regal Latios. She was the true awakener in me, a guide and a friend that supported everything I believed in and pushed me all the way to cherish and fulfill everything I was meant to become. Today she would fly with me, fighting besides me not just as a guide and a truly beloved and trusted friend, but as a true warrior, a fighter and believer in me and her beliefs.

“We’re ready for you, Juno.” Sita said to me, looking toward me as she was poised to strike the enemy, “We will always follow you in heart, mind, and spirit…”

You will fight on the harshest, twisted fields and with fire and storm thunder you will bring down the enemy. Though courage and determination you will prevail…

The years of suffering were over. The dark skies we had dreaded would be thrown aside, the victims of evil intentions would be free, and for once, that would all be true as the journey toward freedom and justice would come to pass in one final act of glory. One collaborated force of justice stood before Skepter, a far greater strength than he could ever imagine, now unfolded before him…

My legacy would live on… once again…

Sceptile Frost
06-04-2006, 03:04 AM
Great chapter, Neo. This just sets the scene for the final battle, that will hopefully be as epic as possible, in Kistival.

The only thing I noticed might be a breaking of the past-tense with a few present tense words - kill, bring, have instead of killed, brough, had. But with such a long fic, it doesn't really matter.

Neo Emolga
06-04-2006, 03:17 AM
Great chapter, Neo. This just sets the scene for the final battle, that will hopefully be as epic as possible, in Kistival.

The only thing I noticed might be a breaking of the past-tense with a few present tense words - kill, bring, have instead of killed, brough, had. But with such a long fic, it doesn't really matter.

Well, I'm writing it as if it's one of Juno's past reflections, with things he still believes in, as well as things that happened in the past.

I hope that explains it... :tongue:

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Curse you for such a cliff hanger! XD

Goodness, what a chappy. *hops around room* I really can't wait for the next chapter. What a cliff hanger" *shakes fist* XD

Who will win the final battle...

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After a day as terrible as today was for me, I'm so glad that during my break time I decided to come here. Your chapters of Juno's triumphant stories are always a good pick-me-up and I'm sure if Juno can cut his own hand and assemble the heavens for a war, in a fictional universe or not, than I can finish my blasted poetry anthology.

Thank you for this fic, Neo, it's been a good ride, and when it's done I'll be sure to follow some of your other fics :)

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I'm in my exams right now till the 21st, and this story is my oasis in the desert of tests!
This cliffhanger only makes me want to find out more in the next final chapters! Hopefully I won't get too distracted... :p

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Ahh... I'm slacking behind, sorry. Thanks for your comments, you guys rock, no doubt about that.

But... here's where things get interesting...

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 45
The Infernal Unleashed

The dark clouds had returned at that moment. The light of Utopia had been closed up, its strongest warriors and most committed compatriots by my side. It was only then that Skepter and the rest of the dark forces of the Black Onyx could actually see again. But what they saw stunned and angered them. While I had been the strongest and most painful of thorns in Skepter’s side, never… never did he think I had come to command Utopia’s armies to bring him down.

“You…” Skepter growled with bitter contempt, “You really did die… didn’t you?”

“Every being that is born here lives…” I told him, holding both of my swords firm in my hands, “But not every one of them truly dies. The grace and beauty of Utopia has abandoned you, Skepter. When you die, you, along with all your bloody impurities and evils will be swallowed up by the ground, and you will spend the rest of your miserable existence in the blood-spattered depths of the Abyss.”

Still, the thought of it didn’t even bother him. I didn’t understand it, after all this time I thought he would have been painfully mesmerized by the horrors of the place. Had his black heart grown so cold that something like that didn’t even matter to him? However, I knew the truth deep inside. He wouldn’t fear it until he actually saw how miserable it was with his own bleeding, gouged eyes. The City of Dis, mocking and ripping at his existence. I remembered the images. It would happen to him, only he had no idea about it…

And then, I saw a dark, black flicker among Skepter and his forces. It was the strangest thing that moment, but it reminded me so much of the illusion of the City of Dis. I didn’t understand it though, what was being hidden?

Instantly, I heard an infernal snarl in my mind. It was so hideous, but the beating and pulsing of purity inside me stopped it from causing any pain. However, that didn’t mask what it truly was…

The flicker happened again. And then again. From it, I realized something truly grotesque had befallen Skepter’s army. They were no longer pure, not even normal Pokémon. Beyond the fabric of it all, I saw what they had become. It all made sense at that moment. It was a dark and abysmal reality but they in essence… had become the truly damned…

“We are the Abyss…”

Their voices spoke like a ruthless and brutal chorus, hissing such hideous violence and pain into our ears. However, we stood unscathed by it, regardless of how miserable it was. The beating of purity and virtue in our hearts was our protection against such black evil.

“You see…” Skepter hissed at me, his face and body now dark, twisted, and contorted as he now spoke with new vampire fangs in his warped teeth, “I wanted power. Utopia only offered me peace and tranquility, but I didn’t want it as much as I wanted power.”

“None of us did…” They all hissed at once.

“It was an easy choice.” Skepter continued, his dark voice speaking into my mind, “I didn’t need an immortal soul. I gave it away for power, now that was my immortality. It’s powerful and mighty, and with this… who could possibly care how dark and evil it is? It’s power… mmm, power… overwhelming…”

They were all… damned. There was no other word for it. The entire Black Onyx Army was one without souls. So many lines of dark and hideous legions, pitted and black faces, twisted limbs, scarred and scabbed flesh with blood of the darkest black possible, and unnatural grunts and growls.

“So pathetic of you, Skepter…” Sinis called out to him, “But honestly, I show no surprise. You had all the rage to fight with but no actual spine. I see you and your pathetic, hopeless army as nothing but rotting flesh and twisted bones…”

It was no longer a battle between The Silver Apex against The Black Onyx like I thought it was. This was a flat out war between the very majestic forces of Utopia against the foul infernal legions of the Abyss. We would be fighting against pure, damned evil like no other. This would be both a battle on our old ties of conflict, and the new ones based on what we had become.

“Draw swords.” I told the rest of Utopia, already prepared with mine.

Blades of glory, firearms, and other weapons were unsheathed, loaded, and ready. Their chorus made its wave though the masses of our force as each and every one of us prepared for a massive battle against nothing but infernal evil.

“Your angelic warriors don’t belong in my new world, Juno.” Skepter hissed, “You may have brought them down to fight with you, but there is no stopping my army. As much I utterly wished I could eradicate all of your souls, the least I can do is stuff you right back in Utopia, and all you can do is just watch as we sweep through each and every one of you. This world is MINE!”

Again, there was another foul screech wailing in the air, but none of us were touched by it. While neither of us could actually kill each other on the plane of Kivistal, we could however, send them spiraling right back into the Abyss, where hopefully they would stay forever out of this world. However, I couldn’t go back to Utopia… not yet. Kivistal needed these monstrous creatures cleansed out of this world…

It was then that Skepter’s dark army had unleashed their hideous and twisted weapons and other devices of torture. The entire world depended on this one battle. The Stone of Dusk had been used to summon the forces of Utopia, but it could only be used once. I knew we were brought here by an unnatural force and weren’t meant to stay here. Any one of us that fell upon this soil would be brought back to Utopia. They would be unable to fight for Kivistal after that happened.

They were ready, their infernal and gruesome snarls and grunts echoed through the fallen city of Monaraca while their gnarled hands and claws gripped their dark weapons tightly. However, I wasn’t about to let a slew of soulless and hopeless fiends stop me. I was ready to laugh at Skepter thinking he had acquired true power. Whoever had given it to them had them all so horribly fooled.

“Look at them…” Sita told me as she stayed close to my side, “I… knew Skepter had lost his heart, but I never thought he would have gone… this far…”

“It’s too late for any of them.” I told her while watching their every movement, “Send them where they belong. Back to the pits that spawned them…”

Every moment I looked at Skepter, he seemed to grow even worse. His teeth were bleeding blood as dark as oil now, just dripping down all over his pitted chin. Never before have I had to lay eyes on such a miserable creature…

“You can’t win, Juno…” I heard Cythan hiss, “I just want to see you die… just one more time. Die, in a pool of fetid blood and pain! To see… you die! Die, Juno! Die! DiE! DIe! dIE! DIE!”

Cythan too, was a hideous abomination. Never before did I think a common Azumarill could become so hideously ugly. He was so fat and so knotted and twisted now. His long ears were shredded and burnt while his gawking mouth was like that of a shark with rows and rows of twisted, cracked, and bleeding pointed teeth.

But it was that way with all of Skepter’s army. Even the poor Altarias they rode had become just mere skeletons, now just floating with insane infernal power. They had no lives anymore, all that was left was an army gutted in spirit…

And then, I knew it was time. This was our moment to finally flush and punish The Black Onyx, not just for what they had done, but also for what they had become. It was then that I threw my sword forward, pointed at the masses of soulless warriors that were before me, and let loose my loudest and firmest of battle cries. My voice filled the air as I had become Utopia’s commander…

“Onward!!” I shouted loudly, my cry filling the air around me.

It was then that we had begun the charge. Weapons in our hands at the ending of it all, determined to purge and destroy the darkest of dawns once again. Our enemy, vile, corrupt, and forever punished stood before us, overwhelmed with an infernal craving to sink their vile, entangled teeth into this world. We charged forward like a wave, ready to tear our way into the seemingly endless ranks of the darkest horde we’ve had to encounter.

It was there that we had the first strike. Armed with the wind surrounding our wings, we blazed onward and met our enemy lying in wait…

We had become what we always were…

06-15-2006, 02:11 AM
Ooh, caught it with a refresh, lucky me :D

And indeed this is getting interesting. But on the topic of Tek and Blitz, I'm just wondering, did they return to their original world as Alex and Randy and then die back down or are they creations similar to the Jake Kossak body in the Abyss?

Also, I haven't seen Vice here yet...Not since way earlier. Hoping he'll appear :)

Neo Emolga
06-15-2006, 03:58 AM
Ooh, caught it with a refresh, lucky me :D

And indeed this is getting interesting. But on the topic of Tek and Blitz, I'm just wondering, did they return to their original world as Alex and Randy and then die back down or are they creations similar to the Jake Kossak body in the Abyss?

Also, I haven't seen Vice here yet...Not since way earlier. Hoping he'll appear :)

They're actually similar to Jake. However, as this proves, they did die in the same war Jake Kossak was involved in, and were presuaded to follow through with the bigger legacy they were a part of.

That's not going to be mentioned in the story but it's kind of like a side storyline regarding them.

06-15-2006, 12:25 PM

What a great chappy! *dances around* It had me on the edge of my seat!

Nothing bad to add at all, everything just... blew me away. :biggrin: Keep up the good work! *hugs*

Neo Emolga
06-15-2006, 01:40 PM

What a great chappy! *dances around* It had me on the edge of my seat!

Nothing bad to add at all, everything just... blew me away. :biggrin: Keep up the good work! *hugs*

I'm hoping the ending blows you away as well. Man, you won't believe the ideas I have in mind... ;)

And I promise, the biggest battle of Trial of Juno starts next chapter. I know quite of few people were expecting it to happen this chapter but... the truth had to be revealed first...

06-16-2006, 04:11 AM
DUN DUN DUN!!! Here comes the colossal battle between good and evil! :D
Man, we have been waiting for this for a LONG time now, and yet it's still another chapter away! Oh well, it'll make a very nice "end-of-exams" present for me! :)

However, this question bugs me after I read that last chapter: If Skepter was sent back into the abyss, won't he just return with even more troops he will gather there to rule Kivistal again? Unless of course, souls can actually die there...

Neo Emolga
06-19-2006, 03:54 PM
DUN DUN DUN!!! Here comes the colossal battle between good and evil! :D
Man, we have been waiting for this for a LONG time now, and yet it's still another chapter away! Oh well, it'll make a very nice "end-of-exams" present for me! :)

However, this question bugs me after I read that last chapter: If Skepter was sent back into the abyss, won't he just return with even more troops he will gather there to rule Kivistal again? Unless of course, souls can actually die there...

Actually, Skepter didn't go to the Abyss, he brought the Abyss to Kivistal (hench the dark sky and the blood rain). Also, the means in which he did this are explained later on in the story. So, if he were to be killed in Kivistal the way he is now, he goes right into the Abyss (would be the first time) with zero chance of ever getting out. But... stupid him, he doesn't know how rotten it is down there. Also, souls do NOT die in the Abyss, however, don't forget how Juno wounded the soul of Vexcel down there. The result is eternal pain if such a soul-wounding weapon is used on them. Those wounds never heal but the souls are in fact immortal so the pain lasts forever. Again, another nice reason not to go there...

And then, you may be asking why Utopia has a Well of Harmony to come back to Kivistal while the Abyss has no real way of ever reaching the surface again (except for that long stairway Juno used to get there, however, they would never be able to get past the door in the temple). Even though the Well of Harmony is barely ever used because most Pokemon that enter into it find themselves too overjoyed to ever go back (as Juno's entrance into the City of the Horizon showed), it is an option because they are worthy and pure in heart enough to return to that plane if they feel their work is undone and important enough to leave behind Utopia. The point being, all souls that come into Utopia are meant to rest comfortably, and if they can't because of some problem back in the world they came from, they're allowed to go back to take care of it and then return to Utopia to begin their eternal rest.

I'm hoping this doesn't sound too complicated, but it does explain itself...

06-20-2006, 08:10 PM
I get it and it's good clarification. Sorta like the massive 150 page epilogue of the Return of the King novel.

Neo Emolga
06-23-2006, 03:00 AM
I get it and it's good clarification. Sorta like the massive 150 page epilogue of the Return of the King novel.

Good movie by the way. You don't know how much I'd love to see this as a movie, but ah... it's alright.

Juno VS Cythan next chapter. Enjoy, if you love one on one battles, you'll love this.

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 46
The White Fires

It was at that moment that the clash of Kivistal had begun, an old war fought on new planes, and a battle of the purest souls against the defiantly wicked had commenced. Weapons in my hand with my soul pulsing with the manifest of purity, I charged into Skepter’s cruel army, ready to sent them all burning back to the foul-reeking bowels of the underworld, where they would forever burn…

Immediately, the forces of Utopia had clashed into Skepter’s dark army. One of them, a twisted and disheveled Kadabra had attempted to slash into Blazewing with his black broad sword, but I had blocked the attack with the Blade of the Skyblazer and then stabbed him in the chest with the Blade of the Dreamkeeper. Almost immediately, his entire body was suddenly engulfed in burning white fire while his body twitched violently. And then, in a quick burst of white embers, nothing was left after the judgmental holocaust.

The fire from Utopia’s rifles had blasted out, a pure white fire as blazing white streaks sliced their way through the dark skies. Meanwhile, Skepter’s army retaliated with their own evil-encrusted crossbows firing back burning black arrows. On both sides, those who weren’t charging exchanged fire, with more of Skepter’s black army getting consumed in blazing white fire. Meanwhile, I had seen some of my own, Utopia’s white knights suddenly disintegrated into a fading white whisper in the wind after they were hit by Skepter’s retaliation…

The impact of the charge sent a vibration shockwave in the skies. Meanwhile, bursts of white and black embers flared in the firmament as warriors from both sides engaged in bloody dark combat. The blood of Skepter’s army was of darkest black when it rained upon the shattered ground below, like thick black oil. However, blood shed by the forces of Utopia fell like glowing white lava upon the ground.

Amidst the battle between dark and light, I tore my through Skepter’s darkest forces, spilling their corrupt vitals upon the fields below. The hopelessly consumed Teddiursa was the first to have felt the sharp edge of the Skyblazer, lacerating his chest violently and immediately throwing him off of his skeletal mount, sending his bleeding body crashing and spiraling toward the ground. The sharpened edge of a twisted Kecleon’s black blade came swiftly toward me, however, Blazewing had quickly moved out of the way before the blade viciously sliced the air. With the Kecleon’s guard down, I thrust forward the Dreamkeeper blade, quickly consuming his blackened heart in a blazing white incineration. He too, had burst into a white flash before his essence was sent thundering down into the bowels of the Abyss…

Two of Skepter’s dark crossbowmen, an Aipom and a Drowzee, had prepared to fire upon me. Quickly, I focused my concentration, slowing down everything around me to a crawl. They had fired, the Aipom’s black fiery bolt had missed while I had deflected the bolt fired from the Drowzee’s crossbow with the Skyblazer. Then, I held both the Skyblazer and the Dreamkeeper outward, and charged between them. The sweep was clean but vicious, with the Skyblazer instantly decapitating the Drowzee, sending his oily black blood raining upon the shattered ground below as his severed head fell toward the shattered earth, shortly followed by his entire body. Meanwhile, the Dreamkeeper swept across the Aipom’s torso, consuming his tainted and defiled soul with a fiery white holocaust as both halves burst into embers, engulfing both him and his skeletal mount.

Seconds later, I felt something ram into me and I had been thrown off of Blazewing. The shock of it had been so sudden that I had lost my grip on the Dreamkeeper as I flew through the air with the assailant coming with me. Meanwhile, I had kept my grasp on the Skyblazer strong, and shortly after, I had seen who had lunged toward me hard enough to throw me off of my own mount…

Cythan. As the two of us spiraled through the air falling furiously, the twisted Azumarill of Skepter’s elite guard had prepared to drive his wretched black claymore into my heart. However, I struck him in the face with the hilt of the Skyblazer crushing his nose powerfully, forcing a hideous snarl out of him. Below, I had heard the Dreamkeeper blade hit the ground, rocking the earth with a white, pulsing shockwave as the blade had half-buried itself in the ground. It wasn’t long before we had hit the ground shortly after, both of us stunned by the vicious impact and forcing us to let go of each other.

I had been thrown back ten feet, forced into rolling over three times before stopping. Quickly, I had gotten up, and prepared to confront Cythan in a fight to the death. While I only had the Skyblazer in my hands, it was enough to send this miserable abomination screaming into the eternal torture of the Abyss. Meanwhile, he advanced toward me, holding his flaming black claymore.

“TasTe BloODy imPuRiTY, JUnO!” He laughed menacingly while his mouth let out a hideous array of hissing noises.

“Meet the blade of the Silver Apex, Cythan.” I told him, gripping the Skyblazer tightly with both hands, “The blade of my people, our heroes, and the blade that will send you screaming down into the Abyss!”

He laughed, advancing closer. Nearby, he had found the Dreamkeeper, still half-buried in the ground. Ignorant as he was, he had tried to pull it out to give himself two swords to fight with. However, as soon as his left hand gripped the hilt, his hand was immediately consumed in white fire. For a moment, he panicked until he quickly took his black claymore and swiftly severed his own flaming arm off to save his life. Still, even while his severed arm was eaten away by the white fire, he continued forward, determined to fight me.

Meanwhile, above us, the massive battle still raged on furiously. Because of it, the blood from both sides was constantly being sprayed and rained upon the ground. Even now the shattered ground had been coated with many droplets of both black and glowing white blood.

Cythan was the first to charge, rushing toward me with his black claymore. Once he had reached me, he swung his ferocious blade right at me, but I had blocked it with the Skyblazer. However, out of nowhere, his foot surged into me, throwing me a few feet and forcing me on my back. Cythan quickly walked up to me, and prepared to drive his sword into my chest. Quickly, I threw my left hand down into the ground, spun around and swung the Skyblazer back at him in retaliation as I performed a full spin as a surprise attack on him. He had stepped back, but not soon enough. Once I had gotten back on my feet, I had turned around to face him, now seeing the laceration in his face. Still, he smiled at it as his own thick, black blood trickled down his face. It had only been a minor injury, having pulled back just in time before his head could have been sliced in half diagonally.

He attacked again using only his right hand for the sword. While his other arm had been severed, he was still perfectly capable of fighting. His attacks were quick and swift, and it had been a struggle to try and block every one of them. Somehow, even with me concentrating and slowing the fight down, he was still able to retaliate enough to make up for it. I could tell… something in his now infernal soul was giving him a similar advantage. He was still very much an expert swordsman…

I had done my absolute best to block them, but one of his attacks had drove through and cut me along my side. I grimaced and winced for a moment as the black claymore’s edge sliced past my armor and along my skin. A small trickle of my own glowing white blood had slowly seeped out, scattering tiny droplets upon the ground. Meanwhile, Cythan laughed at my injury.

The Skyblazer was too far forward to pull it back and attack in reprisal. Instead, I struck him with the back hilt again, sending the firm metal smashing into his face again. Quickly, he stepped back, hissing in pain. Out of anger, he swung his black claymore again wildly. I leaned over to quickly dodge the blade’s sweep through the air, and once it passed, I furiously gripped the Skyblazer and swung it at his chest. Another laceration had been cut along his fat body, this time deeper than the one on his face.

Cythan’s black blood was quickly sprayed upon the broken fields like a defiled baptism. He bellowed in pain, his shark-toothed mouth letting loose a foul and hideous noise. I didn’t wait another second, I quickly pointed the Skyblazer forward, and drove the sharp blade directly into his plump body. The Skyblazer rammed and burrowed all the way through until even the hilt had reached his chest and could go no further. Meanwhile, the exit wound had been just as vicious as the tip of the Skyblazer tore its way in and out of Cythan’s body. He had let out a foul screech of agony, as his black claymore had fallen out of his hands. Out of fury, he swung his fist at me, throwing me away from him and sending me flying backward. The wound was obviously fatal and it wouldn’t be long before he was no more. However… he was determined to take me out with him.

In a rush of anger and insane adrenaline, he grabbed his claymore again and charged. Quickly, I had turned back to the Dreamkeeper blade nearby and wrestled it out of the ground. Once he had arrived, he raised his sword up to finish me off in one crushing blow. However, I griped the Dreamkeeper tightly, and just as Cythan held his massive sword over his head to deliver the deathblow, I had thrust forward the Dreamkeeper at his head.

The glowing white blade had torn its way past Cythan’s blood-smothered, shark-toothed mouth, burrowed past his throat, and then seared even through his rotting brain. Instantly, his upper body was smothered with blazing white flames. He had dropped his claymore, and in a chaotic mix of gargles and howls, his body had become completely consumed with the blazing white flames of judgment. Moments later, after the infernal noises of Cythan’s death, his body had burst into a white flash of glowing embers. Meanwhile, his obliterated soul was then sent spiraling down into the Abyss… never to lay foot on Kivistal again. All that was left in his wake were my two blessed swords, which I quickly picked up before reentering the fray.

There was still one other I needed to remove from this world…

06-23-2006, 04:03 AM
Oooh, that was a brilliant description of the clash between the opposing forces, and the battle between Juno and Cythan! Looks like Skepter's next...

“TasTe BloODy imPuRiTY, JUnO!” He laughed menacingly while his mouth let out a hideous array of hissing noises.

Somehow, that kind of language suits him perfectly. It's totally corrupted!

One question: Can only the Dreamkeeper blade engulf the accursed in a white blaze?

Neo Emolga
06-23-2006, 01:26 PM
Oooh, that was a brilliant description of the clash between the opposing forces, and the battle between Juno and Cythan! Looks like Skepter's next...

I <3 battle scenes, both writing and watching them. Nothing like good old home-brewed warfare, but I'm glad you like it. Tons more coming up too.

Somehow, that kind of language suits him perfectly. It's totally corrupted!

One question: Can only the Dreamkeeper blade engulf the accursed in a white blaze?

Okay, I realized a made a little tiny error but it's been corrected. The Drowzee's head wasn't supposed to catch on fire... :oops:

Yes, you're right about the Dreamkeeper, since it is a weapon that was crafted in Utopia. Also, it has that same white judgmental fire that other Utopia weapons have to destroy evil. However, the Skyblazer doesn't, since it was created in Kivistal. But... that doesn't mean it can't kill, it just causes the soldiers of Skepter to bleed and disintegrate instead. Also, any weapon used by the Gray Phoenix Rebellion would do the same thing, also being Kivistal weapons and not ones made in Utopia.

06-23-2006, 02:36 PM

A very nice little battle scene there, Neo! I likey very much, yes, very much indeed... The battle with cythen was really well done, I enjoyed it every much!

Perhaps one little thing though. Maybe you could have described more of the battle raging around him at the start? The blood thristy yells, the gargling cries of those consumed by fire... I dunno, I felt it could maybe use a little more. But that is just my opinion...

Once again, spectacular Neo! Keep up the good work!

Sceptile Frost
06-26-2006, 01:34 AM
Great chapter, Neo. Oooh, the battle, so epic, so complete.

This is the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! Anyway, very good chap.

The battle between Juno and Cythen was, to say the least, very thought out and well described.

Neo Emolga
07-10-2006, 03:56 AM
I know, I've been late with updates but trust me, this chapter is worth it.

Thanks for the reviews guys, I love seeing comments.

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 47
The Heaven’s Outcry

The shouts, the cries of pain and battle filled the flaring and chaotic skies. Meanwhile, the shattered and charred ground below was drenched and saturated with the blood from both sides, constantly dripping and splattering down from the waging forces overhead. All around me, there was blood without bodies, a scene only similar like that from the Abyss.

White fires flared among the charging forces of Utopia as they struck down and tore their way through Skepter’s defenders. However, many of them had become surrounded, shot and struck or stabbed with their unholy weapons. They were carried back up to Utopia, but now only left to watch what would become of their beloved world. But even then, we still carried on, taking down more of them. However, the battle was still far from finished. From all the way down here and looking up, just staring at it all, I could sense the ferocity of this battle was not meant for mortal eyes to see. Its fiery chaos of unbelievable caliber was not meant to be waged upon these plains…

Cythan, the one who had oppressed me the very day I came back to Kivistal was gone, and the thought of never having to see him again was, to say the least, satisfying. Like Skepter, he was ignorant of how horrible the Abyss really was, but now… he would be locked forever into the misery of his own mistake for all eternity. However, there was one other master and commander that I needed to make sure he would follow that same path toward his real destiny…

It hadn’t been long before Blazewing had flown down to meet up with me. Meanwhile, above us, the battle was still raging furiously. I was still needed to help bring Skepter’s evil forces down, and as I looked up, I saw plenty of them still remained.

“You’re hurt…” Blazewing said to me sorrowfully.

“I’ll be okay.” I told her, knowing it wasn’t a fatal wound, “Have you seen Skepter?”

“He’s still up there…” She nodded slightly, “I know his soul has been corrupted but… whatever power he’s gotten is making him seemingly unstoppable…”

That monster. I swear, how would anyone with a sane mind throw away so much eternal pleasure just for a few moments of insane and infernal power? Where was the worth in it…? But I knew… he didn’t know how hideous the Abyss was, and how much he had abandoned by sacrificing his passage into Utopia. If he had never attacked all those other nations… he might have seen it… but now it was far too late for that…

Regardless, I knew Skepter was neither sane nor logical. The only thing he wanted out of everything else was to win and rule over everything, regardless of the cost. But even so, there was one thing he would never be ruler of, and that was Utopia itself. And now, I was here to make sure he would never become a ruler of Kivistal either. This wounded world had been suffering under his mistakes for long enough.

I quickly leapt onto Blazewing’s back, and headed back into the vicious battle, with both the Windblazer and the Dreamkeeper in my hands. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time and I wanted to see it through. As I blazed upward into those dark skies, I had flown among many of my beloved comrades as they prepared to engage the enemy, and then, I saw him… and all his cruelty and malice being spilled out upon the forces of Utopia. His undertaking was infernal, a deeply damned power that no one should ever have the ability to wield…

“Well, if it isn’t that yellow pig, Juno.” Skepter hissed mockingly into my mind, “Your forces are pathetic and derisory. But honestly, the privilege to kill and defeat all of your friends and allies yet again is a treat. This has been a real pleasure, having Kirosana’s power at my fingertips, and Juno’s naïve army to obliterate.”

“Who is Kirosana?” I asked him, never hearing that name before.

“You ignorant fool, you mean even you don’t know!?” Skepter hissed in surprise, “Kirosana is the Grand Duke of the Abyss, you pathetic hindrance. His power overwhelming… flows inside me. A power so omnipotent that once you realize how vast it is, all you will be able to do is quake and gawk at it…”

I wasn’t scared of him. Skepter was nothing more than a senile maniac who was far, far beyond any splinter of a chance of possible redemption. It was time to show him… how deeply woeful and how hopelessly miserable his fate was to be. He had come into contact with a force so dark and cruel, but he was still ignorant of the hellhole where it came from.

“Kirosana and I will rule this world, Juno.” He continued hissing with his consumed body, “Everything you once knew will be in my hands, and soon enough, the only thing you will be able to do is just watch and cry as our wave of possession sweeps over everything that ever belonged to this world. You and your legacy will become a joke and laughingstock among us…”

“And what a hypocrite you are…” I told him right to his face, “You speak of horrific evil like it’s something wonderful to indulge in… and yet you remain so horribly blind to the rotting hole of the Abyss you’re going to fall in. But in truth, I have no pity for you.”

Immediately, I surged toward him mounted on Blazewing like a swift and furious wind rider. However, his counter attack was harsh. Quickly, he had taken the flaming Claymore of the Black Onyx and struck Blazewing right behind her arm. She screamed with pain but quickly, I had taken the Dreamkeeper and tried to swing at Skepter’s neck in a quick effort to slice off his head. However, he had managed to pull back quickly enough to avoid getting his neck cut…

“Slow and naïve, aren’t we, Juno…” Skepter hissed, trying to taunt me.

I pulled back for a moment, trying to see if Blazewing was okay. She was whimpering a bit from the cut as a trickle of white glowing blood poured down. It was a pretty harsh laceration, but she would be okay for now.

While most of the battle was still raging on around us, some of the forces from both sides had stopped and watched us, knowing how vicious it would be. However, there were still plenty of carnage and screams raging around us. If I could kill Skepter, not only would it send my worst enemy back to the Abyss but it would completely demoralize his army. I had to win this, there was no other choice…

Since attacking Skepter directly didn’t seem to be working too well, I had decided to attack his skeletal mount. If that undead Altaria was killed, Skepter would helplessly plummet to the ground. And second of all, he didn’t have wings like I did.

Quickly, I had motioned Blazewing to strike and swoop from below, that way I could get a good and through hit from below. However, as soon as I came into from the strike, Skepter quickly pulled off to the side, leaned over, and just as I was prepared to swing, the edge of his blade made a quick cut through the skin on my arm.

Out of shock and pain, I winced in fear, thinking my arm had been cut off but the cut wasn’t that deep. I tried my best to keep a firm grip on the Skyblazer sword, for I knew it would be gone if it fell to the ground below. Quickly, I had tried to recover from the attack, and then I opened my eyes again. However, I had flinched for too long…

The fear of getting cut in the arm was nothing compared to what happened shortly after. Immediately, I saw and painfully felt the Claymore of the Black Onyx plunge and burrow its way into the right side of my chest. The explosion of pain as it tore through the skin of my chest was beyond agonizing, but it was relentless…

“Juno!!” I heard Sita scream from far away.

I looked at the blade, and saw my glowing white blood seeping down the length of the sword. After I saw it, all I could do was look up a Skepter with dismay. His disgusting smile made me so sick, but the pain was hideously paralyzing…

“You were never meant to win, Juno.” Skepter smiled at me as his hands held onto the sword that was sticking in my chest, “You never did accept the fact you died and you should have stayed out of our affairs. But, the pleasure to finally kill you myself is quite satisfying. Quickly head back up to your little birdcage in Utopia, Juno. I want you to live forever more with the reality that you came all this way only to be killed by me, and that I was always the one that was stronger…

And then… an explosion of fury burned inside of me. I quickly released the Skyblazer out of my hand and let it drop to the world below. And then, I quickly grabbed the blade while avoiding the sharp edges and ripped it out, throwing Skepter back. In his sudden shock, I furiously swung the Dreamkeeper at his undead Altaria’s head, violently slicing it off and sending his entire mount into flames.

In vicious anger, Skepter lunged at me with his Claymore of the Black Onyx, and quickly I had gotten on my back to avoid the sweeping blade just in time. Meanwhile, Blazewing herself just barely avoided having her wings sliced. And then, just as Skepter prepared to land on Blazewing herself, I quickly swung the Dreamkeeper at his leg, immediately severing it off furiously followed along with a vicious gush of black blood.

Without one of his legs, Skepter easily lost his footing on Blazewing, and shortly slipped right off, shouting in anger furiously as the hideous Claymore of the Black Onyx was released from his hand as he tried to grab onto Blazewing’s wings. Quickly, I jumped toward him, grabbed him by the throat, and held the Dreamkeeper blade right between his eyes above his head.

“You’re going to die anyway, Juno.” Skepter smiled hideously with a nauseous foul breath, “That wound is fatal.”

Meanwhile, we fell toward the ground at a furious place, ripping through the air as we plunged to the rocky ground below.

“That doesn’t matter.” I told him, right to his face, “For I already know where I’m headed. As for you… you’re about to see how hideous the Abyss really is…”

And then, the ground came. I lifted my feet up, and Skepter was the first one to strike the rocky ground. The shock of the brutal impact suddenly ripping through his body then forced the Dreamkeeper blade to furiously burrow though his skull, into his brain, out of his chin and then back into his defiled and pitted chest. Both his head and his neck were locked and bound due to the blade now fully buried into his head and chest.

I was furiously thrown onto the ground and was sent rolling over multiple times before I was able to get back up. And then, I saw Skepter now smothered with the consuming flames of judgment. My worst and ultimate enemy… had fallen…

Skepter was unable to scream with his jaw locked and his tongue pierced with the blade running through his entire head. All he could do was just slowly bend down as the white flames covered him, turning him into a white fireball. And then, with a flash of white embers, he was gone, leaving the Dreamkeeper blade as the only thing in his wake…

Skepter was gone from Kivistal forever…

07-10-2006, 02:28 PM
YES!!! Skepter is gone~! Since Juno is headed back to Utopia after the war anyway, "dying" again on Kivistal isn't much of a problem now is it? :wink:

Say... we haven't heard of Vice since you touched on him being the writer of Juno's legacy all up till Skepter's rule, and then him confirming Juno's identity later... I wonder what's become of him??

On another note, are you going to change your name to Neo Lugia? Hints have been popping up in your avatar and signature!

Neo Emolga
07-10-2006, 02:38 PM
I know, I know, the story looks like it’s over, but it’s not, trust me. However… it is beginning to close down to the climax. There is still some more after this, and honestly, I really want to write the kickass ending I have in mind for this story. Three years in the making… the ending’s got to be good for that…

As for the name Neo Lugia, I honestly don’t know, I just intended for this banner and ava to be a running gag for the War RP, which is a VERY popular role play going on. And I’m role playing a Lugia, hence why they’re there. ;)

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This isn't the end? Yay! =DDDDDDDDDD I am really loving this, the battle scene was played out perfectly. =D

...I don't have anything else to say. Keep up the good work! :biggrin:

Neo Emolga
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This isn't the end? Yay! =DDDDDDDDDD I am really loving this, the battle scene was played out perfectly. =D

...I don't have anything else to say. Keep up the good work! :biggrin:

I'm glad you like it but this isn't the end though... :oops:

Ah, you'll see what I have in mind though... ;)

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I see I'm not the only one wondering where the crap Vice went, but I'm still amazed at that chapter. If you change the Pokemon to animals, this would be an amazing publication, though the Grey Battlegrounds, and lots of the first one for that matter would be stuffed up.

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 48
The Survivor’s Recollection

There was nothing left of Skepter, no body, no blood, not even his own sword. The tyrant who had endlessly oppressed the Silver Apex to their death was vanquished forever. Even though I knew I wasn’t sadistic in heart, seeing him suffer, burnt by the white flames of judgment from the holy Blade of the Dreamkeeper sword was to say the least, a revelation of wonders for my soul. Never again would he torment any soul upon the world of Kivistal. After all this time… all this suffering, misery, and torment from the many trials I’ve had to endure, the enemy of my people was now burning in misery in the Abyss itself… only now discovering how harsh and how brutal his mistake really was...

The wound he had inflicted on me was indeed fatal. Already my time in Kivistal was running out, it wouldn’t be long before I would internally bleed to death and then forced to be taken back to Utopia. But even though Skepter had been decimated, the darkness in the sky still raged on. His abysmal army was still fighting above, even though they were losing badly without their leader. Not to mention, their demoralization was costing them everything. I had seen the forces of Utopia strike them down, being given a surge of hope and determination to forever drive out Skepter’s forces.

Blazewing had come to me, highly in shock about what happened. She couldn’t help but look at the inflicted wound...

“Juno... that’s...” She said to me mournfully, “Juno, please... don’t... die, they still need you...”

“I still have time...” I told her, comforting her to try and remain strong, “Soon we will be free, we just... have to keep going until the very end.”

After I had gotten on her back, I tried to remain strong and not crumble in weakness from the multiple wounds that were inflicted on me. There was still one other threat. One other that could revitalize Skepter’s cause, and in fact, now that Skepter was dead… he had become the new king of the Black Onyx…

Bartholomew, none other than Skepter’s sadistic and senile son. I had not seen him on this battlefield, for I knew that Skepter was prepared to be destroyed even if he still doubted it. I knew… his son Bartholomew would attempt to live on his father’s dark and brutal legacy for ultimate control of the world. He too, would have to be defeated if any assurance was to be made that peace could come again to Kivistal. And with the dark skies still hanging and raging overhead and the ground still miserably hard and arid, I had reason to believe… these dark and infernal powers weren’t just limited to Skepter either…

Time was running out for me even though I tried to be strong. While I would have liked to finish off the last of Skepter’s twisted and cowardly army alongside my beloved comrades, I didn’t have the time and I was in no condition to do so. Instead, I carried on through the dark streets of Monaraca, bent on destroying Skepter’s son in one last battle to finish this forever. Already, we had won a great victory, but still… it pained me to say it... but it wasn’t over...

As I flew through those streets among those many buildings, I had seen that Monaraca lied in disruptive ruin, seemingly slowly crumbling to look like the City of Dis itself. Most of the buildings were still intact and not in pieces like the City of Dis was, but even so, their windows were shattered, cracks and fractures webbed their way along the walls and the interiors of those buildings were filled with twisted refuse and debris. Even the city itself… had become undead…

I continued on, still bleeding badly but I had to fight it. It wouldn’t be long before I would reach whatever was left of Skepter’s throne room. No doubt, if Bartholomew wasn’t with his father while they were out fighting, he would be there. I don’t know what his son had been doing while his father was out fighting, but I could easily imagine it wasn’t anything even remotely positive. The flight back through Monaraca was all too familiar with the day Echo, Frost, and I had just barely managed to escape this miserable city with our lives. But back then, Monaraca almost seemed peaceful and welcoming compared to the incredible amount of filth it had become…

I had soon caught sight of the largest building in Monaraca, the very place where Skepter once ruled. I recognized it by its windows, the same ones we had smashed to make way for our escape. However, now… they were already broken into pieces. Quickly, I had made my way inside, ready to fight just in case there was anyone there such as a guard, or even Bartholomew himself…

Once Blazewing and I flew inside, we found the throne room, only now it was completely twisted and destroyed. Everything was overturned, broken, laying in pieces all over the ground, and even traces of blood, even though I was surprised some kind of fight had broken out here already. And then, I realized there was one other in the room besides me…

“Juno…” He called my name...

I turned around to see him and I was greeted with a sight both familiar and foreign. Vice, the Sneasel that once betrayed the Silver Apex, was now standing before me. Only, there was one major difference with him now. His body was completely clean, with no signs of the corrupt contamination that defiled Skepter’s entire army. Meanwhile, in his hands was a smoking rifle, and I recognized it having used it myself before. And then, I saw it and realized what had happened while I was gone...

On Vice’s chest was the emblem that meant everything. He had joined the Gray Phoenix Rebellion, and little did I know… I had been fighting alongside him this entire time, even though we had been based in two different locations. As I looked at the floor on the ground, I knew… it was him who had been fighting…

“Vice…” I told him softly, just looking into his eyes, “What happened?”

Vice took a few breaths, looked down at the end of his rifle, and then looked back up at me. It seemed… he knew what happened to the Black Onyx likely having been the only member of Skepter’s elite soldiers of the Golden Diadem to have abandoned the group for the Gray Phoenix Rebellion. I could tell… this insane darkness... it was the one force that caused him to betray Skepter…

“Juno, Skepter was totally berserk.” Vice told me, looked outside for a moment, “He… made a pact with the Abyss, just to take over Kivistal. It was insane. He offered the High Duke Kirosana a share of the world if he managed to stop the Gray Phoenix Rebellion, which he came so close to doing so. However… he probably never expected for you to interfere…”

And that’s why it happened. Still, I was silent for a moment. There was... something else I knew Vice was responsible for. Unfortunately... I knew I didn’t have it anymore. But still... I needed to ask...

“Vice... why did you betray the Silver Apex...?” I asked him, wondering why he didn’t stick to fight with our people, “Why did you turn your back on them... when for so long... you have believed in both them... and me...”

He turned aside for a moment in frustration, trying to gather his thoughts. I knew it was twelve years ago, but still... I wanted to know why he would make such a terrible choice like that when we could have used his help...

“So you found it... didn’t you...” He replied, looking down for a moment and knowing I was talking about the book he had written to preserve the legacy, “Juno, I surrendered to the Black Onyx because I knew we lost and we were screwed. I was there when Symarix fell and burned to the ground, when those maniacs killed everyone in sight, and I had to throw my gun down just to get them to not shoot me even though I wanted to kill them. But I swear to you, I never opened fire on another Silver Apex soldier.”

It was hard to believe it, but I knew, if he had come this far to join the Gray Phoenix Rebellion and refused to be a part of Skepter’s diabolical pacts, it had to be true...

“And then...” He continued, looking frustrated, “They brought you in one day. I never thought it would have happened, but there you were, in front of the whole damn council, totally wrecked and nothing like you used to be. You probably hate me for what I said to you, but what could I have said that day with Skepter and the rest of those maggots all around me? I knew staying in the dead trenches of Symarix was suicide and I wasn’t even given the choice when I tried to defend that city...”

Survival. It was something the Silver Apex couldn’t do on their own after still trying to recover from the harsh battles against the Crimson Stars. Vice wasn’t a Black Onyx soldier in heart... he was a prisoner. I knew... there had to be others besides Vice, defenders who had given up... and were forced to join the Black Onyx with no other choice. Skepter had taken him in and... even though the intentions were humiliating, he had even taken me in, all for the purpose of fear and slavery. For one moment, I realized... there were members of the Silver Apex still alive. And then I realized...

We weren’t all lost...

Sceptile Frost
07-11-2006, 06:22 PM
Yes, Skepter is gone and Vice is back!

Great two chapters, Neo.

There isn't much to say, as its just as good as the former chapters, even better sometimes.

Even though I knew I wasn’t sadistic in heart, seeming him suffer, brunt by the white flames of judgment from the holy Blade of the Dreamkeeper sword was to say the least, a revelation of wonders for my soul.

I think you meant seeing, right?

Then again, I may be wrong.

Good luck on writing the next chapters and all.

Neo Emolga
07-11-2006, 06:31 PM
I think you meant seeing, right?

Then again, I may be wrong.

Good luck on writing the next chapters and all.

Yep, that's the kind of typo MS Word doesn't catch... -.-

Thanks for pointing that out.

Neo Emolga
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I hope no one minds me making up for lost time, I'm gotten into such a rush to keep writing this since I personally find this part... the most interesting it's coming closer and closer to the real end. So, heh, if you wanted more TOJ II today, you just got more. :P

Chapter 49
The Ultimate Sacrifice

Vice... was not the traitor I thought he was. He had come this far in the war against the Black Onyx, the actions he did for Skepter were merely for his own survival. But he never truly turned against the Silver Apex. In fact, I knew... because the book he wrote proved it...

Even Blazewing had looked at Vice, not with the same contempt she used to. If she could forgive... so could I, even though I was beginning to think there was no wrongdoing in any of this on Vice’s behalf...

“I had been told...” Vice said to me, looking down for a minute, “You were the one who caused the uprising when you destroyed the industrial plant at Crescent Moon. You fueled the Gray Phoenix Rebellion the same way you fueled the Silver Apex. And I can honestly say... I’m not the only one who has been on both of those sides...”

Survivors of all the nations Skepter had oppressed... fighting as members of the Gray Phoenix Rebellion along side their fallen comrades of long ago. Joined alongside the few pure soldiers of the Black Onyx, their families, and their steadfast spirits. The seeds of the Kivistal’s revival lied with them...

“I had read how the Gray Phoenix Rebellion came to be...” I told him, knowing how those events built up to what they had become now, “And you... you knew it was everything you wanted at that moment. You were like all those others... just waiting for that spark...”

“Never thought it was done by you though...” Vice told me in admiration, “Juno, I don’t know how the hell you do it. It’s like you have not only the free world of Kivistal fighting for you, but all of Utopia as well. I have never heard of any commander having so many faithful hearts fighting alongside of him. It’s something... even the Divine Prophecy never saw...”

He was cut short by a smashing interruption. All three of us had turned around in shock and aggression and there he was before us. At first, I had expected Bartholomew to be twisted and corrupt like his father, but... oddly enough, he was completely normal. While he had fully grown up into an Ampharos like his father... he didn’t make the same choices as him. I... honestly didn’t understand what had happened then...

“Well, Juno, his loyal mount Blazewing, and Vice, what a pleasant surprise.” Bartholomew said sarcastically, completely unarmed with nothing in his hands, “Vice, one of the leading members of the Gray Phoenix rebels and a cold-blooded infiltrator to the Black Onyx and Juno, easily the biggest enemy the Black Onyx has ever had to face. And for some odd reason... you never seem to die when you’re supposed to. Why is that, hmm?”

Something wasn’t right. Vice had pointed his rifle at him but still, Bartholomew showed not an ounce of fear. But what I couldn’t understand was... he showed no signs of corruption. He even sounded completely normal, nothing like the disgusting howls and hisses that Skepter’s army and elite soldiers made. I would have thought for sure Bartholomew would have followed in his father’s path.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you.” Vice told him, pointing his rifle right at his head.

I was looking pretty apprehensively at Bartholomew myself, and meanwhile, Blazewing was poised to strike at any second just in case Bartholomew tried to feint attack us. Neither of us had forgotten how much he had laughed at our torment from long ago...

Still, Bartholomew didn’t move as he was told. It seemed like such a strange obedience. I couldn’t help but find it so strange how different... Skepter’s son had become from his father...

“You’re... not like the others...” I told Bartholomew, finding that incredibly unusual.

“Because I don’t do that kind of thing, I don’t stoop to that kind of level.” Bartholomew told me, very blunt with his response, “I heard you killed my father out there, Juno. As much as I want to thank you for making me the new king of Black Onyx, it’s not meant to be, even though I already know your intentions are to finish me off so the Black Onyx is no more.”

If that was the case then... what were Bartholomew’s intentions? Why did he come here then, unarmed and unprepared to fight back? It didn’t make sense...

“Why are you here then?” I asked him, seeing how he was literally handing himself over.

Bartholomew was silent, looking down for a moment...

“I was never meant to be, Juno.” He told me, bringing out a small, black gem, “Skepter was never meant to have a son, and I was never meant to sit by his side. Skepter was meant to rule alone, and perhaps bear another son, but not me. And he was meant to rule all of Kivistal, unchallenged by the Silver Apex, and unchallenged by you.”

Out of intensity, Vice opened fire, blasting at him furiously with his rifle, filling the room with blasting and the flashing of violent gunfire. However... the result... was very unsettling. The bullets sank their way into his skin and caused massive bleeding, but Bartholomew stood there like nothing even happened. There was no way that could be possible...

“I’m ready to eradicate myself from existence, Juno.” Bartholomew smiled slightly in the most disturbing way, “And I hope you are too. Because when you are destroyed from existence like me, your legacy will never be born, you will never live, and the Silver Apex will fall to the Crimson Stars without their savior. And instead, it will be the Black Onyx that destroys the victors of the Crimson Stars, and Skepter will rule over everything, having no such ruffian by the name of Juno to stop him.”

“That’s impossible!” Vice shouted, enraged that his gunfire did nothing, “You don’t have that kind of power!”

And then, Bartholomew looked down and gave a sinister smile and snicker, still unfazed by the fact his whole body was bleeding. How was he going to try and alter time like that?

“I may not...” Bartholomew told the two of us, “But there is one who does...”

I couldn’t believe he was actually doing this. At first, I had thought there might have been a chance Bartholomew wasn’t as demented as his father, but now... I saw he was even worse, so madly insane to do something this ridiculous. Did he not know how much of a hideous mistake this was?

“He’s lost...” I said softly, knowing how dark he had become.

“You’re even more oblivious than your own father!” Blazewing shouted in fury, “Who with even the lowest of minds would want their soul to be thrown in the void!?”

Still, he didn’t even care. I could see it, he truly thought he was performing this selfless act for his people when he was only destroying Kivistal even further.

“Juno... Vice... Blazewing...” Bartholomew told us with a disgusting smile, “I give you... Kirosana himself...”

With a sudden violent and hideous thundering blast, we were thrown violently backward and landed on the ruined floor of the throne room, scattered in all directions. Furniture that had already been mutilated was thrown back and more damage was done to the room itself as more cracks forked their ways through the walls. I felt the whole building had rocked, and the flicking glows made me realize something in the room was now burning. Meanwhile, the sickening smell, everything about the air around us had become disgusting.

I had gotten up, still spilling drops of glowing blood on the floor from the wound that would never heal. Meanwhile, I had seen Blazewing and Vice get up off the floor, recovering from the blast. This was... nothing like what we have ever faced before...

I had realized... Bartholomew had purged himself from existence to summon the real cause for all the horror brought upon Kivistal. Even the paintings on the walls, once depicting images of Skepter and his son, had all been altered to show only Skepter now. Meanwhile, all traces of the life he once had were gone, not even his throne that once stood besides Skepter’s was there any more. I couldn’t believe how foolish of a sacrifice he had made. He wasn’t even in the Abyss now, he was gone, with no mind, no conscious feeling, nothing. Not even the satisfaction of his own revenge...

In his place stood easily the most hideous, most grotesque, most hopelessly vile creature and being ever to step into Kivistal. I had realized... Kirosana was a creature so evil that it required the consumption of a misguided soul to summon him out of the Abyss, just to wreck endless havoc, mayhem and destruction upon the world...

Standing fourteen feet tall, with the shape of an overfed pig standing on its hind legs was none other than the Grand Duke of the Abyss itself and all his misguided filth and decay. Meanwhile, his skin was pitted, twisted, and of deepest black while his underside was the color of bleeding, scabbing, and drying blood. Coming out of his rear was a long tail that looked like it had been wrapped with sickly wicked barbed wire, while the head of the creature itself wasn’t even symmetrical, just a twisted and misshapen lump that had glowing red eyes not on even levels along with what looked like a mouth of endless jagged teeth. Even with the creature’s gaping mouth, I could see they still continued down far beyond his throat. And finally, in his claws at the end of his gnarled arms was a jagged and twisted metallic spear with an infernal bladed head even bigger than I was. Against this soul-consuming creature, I quickly realized I wasn’t just fighting for my life...

I was fighting for the sake of my own soul, my own existence... and my own legacy...

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Whoah. I can see that that just added a 30-chapter life to the fic. It seemed as though it would all end with the Black Onyx dying but now... history will be rewritten.

By the way, great work on updating twice in one day, and within a five hour span, I might add.

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...Wow. This is getting really good. You did a brilliant job of describing the Duke, he is exactly what I would expect from such a place. Two great chapters in such a small time scale? Hurray! *boogies* XD

A typo I noticed...

seeing him suffer, brunt by the white flames of judgment

Burnt perhaps instead of Brunt?

Keep up the good work! =D

Neo Emolga
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...Wow. This is getting really good. You did a brilliant job of describing the Duke, he is exactly what I would expect from such a place. Two great chapters in such a small time scale? Hurray! *boogies* XD

A typo I noticed...

Burnt perhaps instead of Brunt?

Keep up the good work! =D

Lol, this is what I hate about MS Word, it doesn't catch these things and they're so easy to skip while proofreading it.

It's burnt, you're right. I'll edit that, thanks for catching it and bringing it to my attention. :oops:

As for this battle, I know Skeptile Frost said you could add another 30 chapters to the fic but... that's not really intention. Bartholomew is totally gone but that didn't change much as to how the Black Onyx became corrupted. However... without Juno... everything would change...

This is what makes this fight so intense, because... it's a death beyond death for whoever loses...

Neo Emolga
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Chapter 50
Infernal Spawn of Evil Unleashed

I knew I had called much of Skepter’s army abominations. But words couldn’t describe the manifestation and imminent presence of such hideous evil and corruption that furiously surged and raged within Kirosana’s fetid and horrific body. I couldn’t believe how ignorant Bartholomew was, to think that destroying my existence would allow the Black Onyx to revive its once former corruptive glory. He didn’t realize that what he did only made Kivistal even further into a wasteland, a hideous and twisted extension of the Abyss.

He turned toward me at first. I was suddenly struck with hard recall… that feeling… of never seeing Utopia again suddenly came back. No… I refused to lose everything, I didn’t fight so hard, feel so forsaken only to lose everything at the hands of endless evil because of a fool’s careless mistake…


I couldn’t believe how gruesome Kirosana’s voice was, it sounded like a million moaning screams all in a twisted chorus of shouting, painful crying, and barking. And in a sound that would have been murder to my ears, I was able to resist it, only because I had been blessed with the powers above.

However, Vice wasn’t taking it too well…

“Auurraaghh!” Vice screamed loudly, “Go back to the damn rotting manure pit you came from!!”

He opened fire, trying desperately to plug as many bullets into Kirosana’s body as possible. However, like Bartholomew, the bullets stuck in and caused him to bleed, but still didn’t cause the slightest bit of pain to him. Instead, Kirosana just looked at him and emitted a hideous snarl of satisfaction. Meanwhile, Vice’s rifle was blasting and blazing furiously, with raging fire flaring out of the end of the machine gun’s barrel while the rest of the room flashed white from the muzzle fire. At the same time, the blasting of the machine gun filled the entire room with a furious hammering noise.

Quickly, Blazewing had approached me, and I quickly got on her back. With the Skyblazer and Dreamkeeper ready, I was prepared to bring down this vile abomination of the Abyss like a true, pureblooded knight of Utopia.

“You’re going to need to be as quick and as swift as you possibly can.” I told Blazewing, knowing how so much was at stake.

“No kidding.” She replied, quickly blasting off with extreme speed.

Immediately, I used my concentration to slow everything down as much as I could. I had to use everything I had at my fingertips to bring Kirosana down. If I was defeated, I wouldn’t even have a mind left to regret the decisions I made to fight him…

We were swift to strike, but Kirosana had tried to take us off guard. Immediately, he swung his massive spear at us, and I knew Blazewing tried as hard as she could to dive down fast to dodge it, but it wouldn’t be enough. She would make it unscathed, but if I continued riding on her back, my head would have been cut cleanly off and it would have been all over.

Quickly, I had jumped, and the massive infernal blade swept through the air between us, just barely missing the both of us. Meanwhile, I sailed through the air, spread my own two wings and surged toward Kirosana with my blades ready. He couldn’t swing again while he was trying to recover from the first attack. As his massive spear tore through the walls of the throne room, I flew toward him, and swiftly swung the Dreamkeeper blade right at him, inflicting a massive gash in his chest and causing a gush of sickly black blood to spray into the air. His blood didn’t just look like dark oil, it smelled like rotten and defiled refuse.

I had tried to fly back, but Kirosana had taken one of his claws off the spear and swung it at me, trying to swat me like a fly. I wasn’t prepared for it at all, I was suddenly lacerated in the chest three times before being thrown across the room and being forced to smash into a wall. Both of my swords have been forced out of my hands, but for the time being, I could only find the Dreamkeeper, lying only a few feet away.

I had landed not too far away from Vice, who suddenly stopped firing to quickly approach me.

“Juno…” He told me, crouching down besides me, “Damn… you’re bleeding so badly…”

I got up, grabbed the Dreamkeeper blade, and I knew this was far from over. But the blood loss I was experiencing was getting worse, covering my chest with trickles of glowing white blood. Whatever time I had left in Kivistal was just stripped down even further. Meanwhile, if I had died and my soul was released, likely Kirosana would snatch it in villainous greed to destroy it… preventing any peaceful passage into Utopia from ever occurring…

Blazewing had tried to attack Kirosana in reprisal with a Hyper Beam, but it only did so much, stunning him for a moment before she tried to rejoin me. However, in the process, Kirosana took another vicious swipe at her with one of his claws, tearing yet three more vicious lacerations into her side just like what he did to me. Only had I seen, hers had gone deeper…

Hearing her shrill and painful cry at that moment was like a stab in the heart for me. Quickly, with a rush of determined energy, she flew toward me, just trying to get away from him. She was losing blood almost as fast as I was. But I knew… I knew… I could not lose her, I knew for certain it would have been clearly impossible to go this entire long journey without her by my side. Neither of us could die… but it seemed so hard…

“It… hurts… so much…” She cried in painful sorrow, still bleeding profusely…

Both Vice and I had tried to comfort her, knowing those three lacerations were lethal. Problem was, I didn’t have anything to even dress those wounds or even mine with, there was nothing that could be done but let it bleed…

“It’s not over…” I told her, pushing her to remain strong, “It’s… not over, Blazewing…”

Meanwhile, Kirosana had let out a delighted snarl at our pain, misery, and torment. And then, with a vicious swipe of his spear, the entire roof of the throne room was swept right off, and was ferociously thrown into the blasting and furious black skies above like a tornado taking the roof of a house off. Now… the only roof we had was in fact the dark skies themselves.

“THIS WORLD IS MINE!” Kirosana screamed harshly into the skies, “AND YOU THREE ARE MY VICTIMS, MY PREY, AND MINE TO OBLITERATE!!!”

The skies rocked and the thunders roared as his scream pierced into the tortured air. Again, I saw that same black lightning, an all too obvious reminder that the Abyss was consuming the little that was left of this world. And when he was done, he looked back at us… like we were only a tasty meal to him…

I had gotten back onto Blazewing, knowing that even though we were weak and bleeding to death, we still had to stop him. Meanwhile, Vice was determined to fight as strong as he could. Kirosana himself was still bleeding badly from the gash I had inflicted upon him, as well as the endless amount of bullets Vice had fired into his body. However, he was more than ready to fight back…

Quickly, Vice had reloaded his machine gun’s ammo belt and then opened fire one again, filling the air around use with a vicious hammering noise while the darkness around us was lit up with the muzzle fire. More blood was being forced out Kirosana’s body, forming multiple puddles of thick and foul black blood upon the floor. However, I could see the wounds had begun to take a toll on him…

However, we were not far from death ourselves. Already I could see faint white fog begin to cloud around my vision. Neither of us had much time left before it was all over…

Neo Emolga
07-12-2006, 06:54 PM
Chapter 51
Courage of the Angel

I had felt so warm, and so sleepy. But I pushed myself hard, determined to fight and save everything, every facet of my life, my soul, and my destiny. No loss of blood, no wound, and no miserable foreign malice was going to stop me from preserving what mattered the most to me. Not even something so dark and so powerful as the Grand Duke of the Abyss himself.

Vice was fighting furiously, also inflicting a lot of damage upon him. But then… then Kirosana attempted to attack him. Furiously, Blazewing and I charged at Kirosana’s back. However, before we could strike, Kirosana had swung his massive spear at Vice, and after Vice had hit the deck to avoid getting cut by it, Kirosana tore his way through the floor with his claws and slashed him in his chest.

Vice was totally unable to hold his machine gun from the blow as he flew backward and struck the jagged remains of the wall that once made up the throne room. I had watched painfully as Vice’s machine gun flew off the building, now totally out of his reach. He was still alive even after such a hideous blow, and thankfully, his wounds were bad but they weren’t fatal. However, now was our opportunity to strike, and fight as hard as we could…

I had prepared the Dreamkeeper, and when Blazewing had reached Kirosana’s back, I tore my way through with the glowing white blade as hard as I could. Black blood was thrown and sprayed everywhere from the hideous wound I had inflicted on the abomination. In a horrifying scream of pain and torture, Kirosana swung the pole end of his spear at us just to quickly hit us. Blazewing was violently hit in the neck and I was immediately thrown off of her, spiraling into the air. Everything spun so quickly out of control, and when I least suspected it, I struck the floor hard, and in my clouded vision, I saw the dark skies overhead, still thundering with violence. I lay there for a moment, totally dazed, stunned, and pulsing with pain all over my bleeding body…

Blazewing had hit the floor, landed painfully on her back, and slowly rolled over, just trying to breathe after such a hard blow on her throat. She was winded and gasping for breath, barely able to keep her eyes open as she tried hard to avoid choking to death. And then… the darkest moment came. Kirosana had grabbed his dark and hideous spear, and pointed the massive and menacingly sharp blade only inches away from my face…

He kept it there for a while, beginning to make a disgusting and grotesque smile with his mouth of thousands and thousands of pointed teeth. Never have I see a sight so… appalling…

“SO… PURE…” Kirosana laughed, completely trapping me and pinning me to the ground, “WARM… AND… PURE… LIKE THE MEAT OF AN OYSTER, JUST WAITING TO BE RIPPED OPEN.”

He was going to destroy me… painfully and slowly. The hot tears filled my eyes as I realized I was about to lose so much at that moment. Everything… as if my entire existence was meaningless, like every prophecy I’ve fought to protect and every life I’ve fought for was nothing more than a book to be violently shut and thrown into an all-consuming inferno…

He brought the blade closer, and the very tip of it sunk into my skin, causing more glowing white blood to form and seep around the blade.

“LIKE AN OYSTER…” Kirosana laughed with such hideous infernal delight.

I quickly rolled over, but the end of the blade painfully ran along my body as I spun around, cutting all the way around and making the bleeding even worse. However, just as he prepared to stab me with the spear and end it all, I heard him let out the most hideous scream Kivistal ever had to hear.

When I looked back up at him, I had seen Vice on his back, with the Skyblazer sword completely drenched in Kirosana’s black blood. Meanwhile, I had seen that Vice had viciously ripped open the massive vein in the back of Kirosana’s neck, now drenching the remains of the back wall with thick amounts of gushing black blood.

Furiously, I had gotten back on my feet, and rushed toward Kirosana’s screaming body. And then, in all my rage and determination, I jumped up and flew upward with the Dreamkeeper still tightly in my hands. I had then furiously slashed down upon Kirosana’s chest, ripping another violent gash into his skin. With my wings fully spread keeping me in the air, I had reached in and grabbed the severed end of his skin, and pulled as hard as I could…

Immediately, his foul, pitted skin was violently ripped away and his vile and hideous beating innards were exposed. I had found his massive black and wicked heart, rushing and beating more and more vile black blood through Kirosana’s badly wounded body. With one last courageous thrust of fury, determination, and perseverance, I had forced the Dreamkeeper sword burrowing right into it, slicing it’s vital chambers of wicked flesh, and causing gallons upon gallons of black blood to burst right out of it… seconds before his entire vile heart exploded into white flames…

I was thrown backward, and Vice had swiftly leapt off of the hideous creature’s back. Both of us had stepped back, and just watched as the hideous creature bent over, opened his mouth wide, and just vomited every last drop of blood he had still inside him. Meanwhile, his innards were smothered and overwhelmed with the white flames, burning his body from the inside. Immediately, his entire massive body started shaking, rocking the entire building from the recoil. It was clear… we had to get out of here…

Blazewing had caught her breath, and swiftly came to me while the whole building was shaking. I looked into her eyes…

“Get on…” She told me, knowing we could still make it out of here…

I had quickly gotten on to her back, and just moments later, Vice had joined the two of us, quickly getting on Blazewing right behind me. Not a second later, Blazewing had taken off, quickly and furiously, speeding off into the air to get away from Kirosana’s mutilated body as far as possible…

And then, after a long and hideous moan of pain, frustration, and defeat from the Grand Duke of the Abyss himself, he suddenly burst into a massive, blazing white explosion that rocked all of Monaraca. The massive building that had once been Skepter’s home was suddenly engulfed and smothered in a massive torrent of white fire, sending a thundering shockwave that ripped through the streets and caused the entire defiled city itself to crumble to the ground, and disintegrate into nothing…

I truly saw it as Blazewing continued flying on while the dust of Monaraca was being blown away, vanishing into the winds to never be seen ever again. I had see the light tear through the clouded darkness that hung over us, and quickly spread over the heavens, scattering away the darkness and causing it to dissipate into nothing. I had spent so many years in Kivistal, so many countless years in this world… and for the first time, I saw its real sky, the real beautiful sunlight that was supposed to shine upon this world, and below us, a new and precious field of emerald green grass begin to spread where the rocky and defiled ground once was. The dead city of Monaraca was gone, replaced by the new life of the new world…

They were gone forever, the Black Onyx, Skepter, and all the defiled forces of the Abyss were driven down and destroyed, never to set foot upon the new and shining fields of Kivistal ever again. Blazewing had flown down toward the grass, and the both of us, having never seen it before, truly admired how beautiful and how wonderful the real world of Kivistal really was, the was it was supposed to be… and the way it would remain forever more…

Vice had gotten off, just looking at the new world around him, totally captivated by it all. And for once… it was wonderful to breathe in the smell of fresh air, rather than the reeking smell of death and blood. Once I had gotten off of Blazewing, I had gotten down to the ground, and I had kissed the grass out of awe and admiration for the new life I had promised to Kivistal. It was wonderful to see it for the first time in my entire life, something I had held so precious to my heart was now brimming with new life the way it should be…

All around the world, they had felt the liberation of Kivistal out of the clutches of the Abyss, and free from the sickening grip of corruption and tyranny. The world itself had gone through a rebirth, a second coming of a new revelation to behold.

And they saw it. The forces of both Utopia and the Gray Phoenix Rebellion had opened their eyes to see their home returned to the wonder they loved. Never again would black thunders, bloody rain, terror, fear, or strife be raged upon the world I had freed…

Never again…

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Whoa. You actually posted not one, but THREE chapters in my absense. Not only were they flippin amazing and wow-factor-of-10-description chapters, they came fast :D

That was totally amazing. Is there still another chapter afterwards, or is that all? Also, glad to see Vice again :D

Neo Emolga
07-13-2006, 12:59 AM
Whoa. You actually posted not one, but THREE chapters in my absense. Not only were they flippin amazing and wow-factor-of-10-description chapters, they came fast :D

That was totally amazing. Is there still another chapter afterwards, or is that all? Also, glad to see Vice again :D

I know, I really got into a rush for writing this. Two and a half long years and this fic is really going to finally conclude the way it should.

And dude, if the ending to Trial of Juno II was a workout at the gym, he just stepped through the gym doors. We haven't gotten to the real good stuff yet. ;)

Trust me, when the real end comes, I'll put, "THE END," because the fic definitely doesn't end here.

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Man, this fic is so good, so emotional, so action-packed. Good luck writing the chapters that remain.

07-14-2006, 06:30 AM
You've gotta be kidding! Along with the recent three chapters that seemingly flew out of thin air, you've already posted mountains of excellence and we're not even starting yet!?!? :eek: :goofy:

Man, life sure is good! :biggrin:

Another small question from yours truly: Just what is "Virtus"?

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Talk about epic! Bartholomew, Skepter and Kirsona (sp?) all defeated in probably a length of an hour while Juno was bleeding severly? How the hell did he manage to fight like that when by the time he reached monarca he should have been completely drained of blood in his body? 0.o

Neo Emolga
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Man, this fic is so good, so emotional, so action-packed. Good luck writing the chapters that remain.

The others will be coming soon. And I'm glad this fic is going to finally be completed the way it should, there were plenty of times where it seemed like it would never get done...

You've gotta be kidding! Along with the recent three chapters that seemingly flew out of thin air, you've already posted mountains of excellence and we're not even starting yet!?!? :eek: :goofy:

Man, life sure is good! :biggrin:

Another small question from yours truly: Just what is "Virtus"?

"Virtus of Angelus" means "Courage of the Angel" in Latin. I just thought it sounded cooler. :P

And yes, this is only the beginning of the ending. There's more fun stuff to come.

Talk about epic! Bartholomew, Skepter and Kirsona (sp?) all defeated in probably a length of an hour while Juno was bleeding severly? How the hell did he manage to fight like that when by the time he reached monarca he should have been completely drained of blood in his body? 0.o

I was thinking more in the light of the movie Gladiator when it came to this. Maximus still has the energy to fight but at the end, he dies even after winning because of the mortal wound. Also, back to TOJ II, Skepter was pretty much killed only seconds after Juno got that wound, and Bartholomew pretty much killed himself.

However, in truth, Juno is pretty much on the verge of dying now...

07-14-2006, 01:20 PM
The others will be coming soon. And I'm glad this fic is going to finally be completed the way it should, there were plenty of times where it seemed like it would never get done...

"Virtus of Angelus" means "Courage of the Angel" in Latin. I just thought it sounded cooler. :P

And yes, this is only the beginning of the ending. There's more fun stuff to come.

I was thinking more in the light of the movie Gladiator when it came to this. Maximus still has the energy to fight but at the end, he dies even after winning because of the mortal wound. Also, back to TOJ II, Skepter was pretty much killed only seconds after Juno got that wound, and Bartholomew pretty much killed himself.

However, in truth, Juno is pretty much on the verge of dying now...

Pretty much, pretty much... you're addicted to that expression. :P

07-16-2006, 06:50 PM
"Virtus of Angelus" means "Courage of the Angel" in Latin. I just thought it sounded cooler. :P

Of course, Neo knows nothing about the grammatical aspects of Latin. I'm not sure on the word for angel in Latin, and I'll just take it as it is and say it's 2nd declension due to the ending. The correct name for the chapter is:


The point being that Latin's way too complicated and we still don't know whether or not they used a v. We can avoid this by using ANIMUS, which has the meaning of courage and is also a noun (UIRTUS technically means "manliness").


Sounds like a good final answer.

Neo Emolga
07-17-2006, 02:33 PM
Of course, Neo knows nothing about the grammatical aspects of Latin. I'm not sure on the word for angel in Latin, and I'll just take it as it is and say it's 2nd declension due to the ending. The correct name for the chapter is:


The point being that Latin's way too complicated and we still don't know whether or not they used a v. We can avoid this by using ANIMUS, which has the meaning of courage and is also a noun (UIRTUS technically means "manliness").


Sounds like a good final answer.

Okay, I just used an online translator and thought that would have been fine... :tongue:

I think I'll keep it as an "Courage of the Angel." Thanks for your help though, I'll admit I don't know a thing about Latin. :oops:

And Kenny, have you been reading this? I never would have guessed...

Neo Emolga
07-17-2006, 02:41 PM
Chapter 52
The Passing Down

To see it for the first time was beautiful. But then I realized, the sight of it wasn’t everything. To hear that tranquility, and to breathe it in even made it more beautiful. However, I realized my time was passing. The white, clouded vision around my eyes was only getting stronger, and I only had a very short amount of time left before it was time for me to leave Kivistal behind, this time forever…

Even though I would have loved to see Symarix and the rest of the Silver Apex the way it was supposed to be, I was thankful for what I did have, and what I was entitled to. Never did I think the sight of green grass and shining skies would be such a revelation to my soul, but to me at this moment, it told me that I made peace and all of these wonderful things possible. It told me that believing in something for so long and so hard can make it become true, even if it seemed so far off and so difficult. And it also told me that I kept my second promise. To revive the world and to bring comfort to my comrades that had been oppressed for so long…

Meanwhile, Vice knew I was only growing weaker. I knew it too, it wouldn’t be long before the inevitable would have to happen. However, I still had these few moments left… and I needed to make them count…

“Juno…” Vice told me, looking at me kneeling on the ground, “You…”

He had tried to hand me the Blade of the Skyblazer, but I knew, that belonged here… in Kivistal.

“You don’t have a copy of the book anymore, do you…?” I asked him, knowing I had lost the one copy I had…

“It’s obvious I would need to write another one.” Vice told me, with a little smile, “Your legacy didn’t end at Jasandax, Juno. And the Silver Apex isn’t dead, as long as the few of us in the Gray Phoenix Rebellion are still alive.”

And at last… they could live in peace. I knew only a few of them remained, but still… there was always a chance to come back… like a wounded soldier…

“That sword…” I told Vice, looking at it with my dying vision, “…that has been passed down by many Silver Apex heroes… including yourself. Keep it with you, and rebuild Symarix, rebuild the legacy we’ve loved and lost for so long. It’s… in your hands now…”

He had looked carefully at the blade, and realized it was the same one that had been buried with me long ago. It’s design… it’s craftsmanship, and its heart… belonged with him now. For many years it had been used as a defender for the Silver Apex. And Vice realized that when he took it upon his hands and used it against the evil Kirosana, he too… was a defender for not just the people of the Silver Apex… but for all of Kivistal. That legacy was instilled in his heart now, and as I looked in his eyes, I knew… he would take great care of it, and make sure that lived on.

“Juno, I promise I will rebuild the Silver Apex.” Vice told me, keeping it close to his heart, “We will live on, and so will you. You helped bring us back, and we believed in you. Only you have gone so far…”

At that moment, I could barely see and I knew I only had a few seconds left. I simply closed my eyes, and prepared to leave this world behind…

“Vice…” I told him, saying one last goodbye, “…Thank you… for always believing in me… and for passing my legacy down and keeping it all alive. It means… so much… to me.”

“The entire world thanks you, Juno.” Vice told me, his voice starting to fade away, “Never before has one… done what you could… and believed in peace as hard as you have…”

My life was over. The time I had spent in this world was done and I had said my goodbye to a place I loved enough to go through absolute horror to bring it peace. However, I never forgot about those who had helped me along the way. The wonder of being their leader, the source of their admiration and their inspiration was far beyond anything I have ever felt before. But to have them by my side, and to be there when I needed them most… that was something I could never forget. Those passions and those admirations came together that day… to create the most powerful and most truehearted force the world could ever bear witness to. And they brought victory that day, under the banners and light of Utopia…

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to sail off back into the skies, riding on the wind of victory like the rest of my comrades did. My rise back into Utopia was silent, and peaceful. I was raised up through the darkness, but I felt warmth in my heart. While I would have adored hearing the cheers and jubilation of my comrades around me, the feeling of total tranquility and a few moments of peaceful silence was nonetheless… a wonder in itself…

And for once… I could be fearless. To remain strong but never know violence… it was best feeling. Never again would my blood need to be shed, and never again would I have to know pain, misery, and have to bear the sight of so much death. In time, I was hoping all these horrors and pains would become a fleeting memory. I was truly glad to see… the death of cruelty itself…

I had felt the darkness past shortly after that. It was replaced with a soft silence, a feeling of tranquility I had felt before and was relieved to feel it once again. However, I was relieved… I no longer had to fight its divine touch. I didn’t have to resist it, didn’t have to shut my eyes to try and hold it off or try and ignore it and pretend it wasn’t there. No… this time, I could look around me and fully open my eyes…

I was home forever…

Once again, I had found myself in the Ivory Gardens of Utopia, alongside Blazewing. I had opened my eyes and recognized this place, but now with a whole new appreciation for how remarkable it really was. I could gaze at every flower petal upon every tree, and not have to tell myself to leave it behind, or to ignore it. I could gather them in my hands, and throw them into the air to watch them fly around me as they were taken into the wind…

I had awoken and had stood up, putting my warm hands upon Blazewing’s back. She had felt so smooth and so soft. And once she had awoken, she too, had seen the very first sight I had seen after so much horror back from the Abyss. After so much hardship and so much pain, she and I could soak in this happiness and comfort, and not have to worry about what would happen because of it. Once again, like before… we could be wild and free again.

“We… did it…” She told me, with a seemingly exhausted smile.

“Yes we did.” I told her, smiling as I looked into her shining eyes, “I couldn’t have done it without you though. Out of all the friends and followers I’ve had, you were the greatest. You were always there… by my side. And for that… I thank you…”

Ever since the very beginning. I recalled those times, so many years ago. Back in Randy’s world, fighting against his dreams for our freedom as our first defiance that we went through together. And I recalled so many more battles after that… so many times we had fought together, and had won together. And in the end, it had created a bond so powerful and so strong, like a chain that could never be broken.

We were both born of dreams…

As I climbed upon her back and felt her new warmth, we slowly flew through the streets of the Ivory Gardens. Every sight I saw, I loved and appreciated it. Every citizen here had a story, and every heart had a history. And now… they had the reward of their goodwill.

Meanwhile… everyone knew who we were, not just the Silver Apex. We had become selfless heroes, willing to sacrifice so much for so great of a cause. But even so, the real reward of it was not just some praises, but to see it all together, in one big everlasting picture that would forever be cherished as a wonderful and divine memory.

To remember the light, the breeze, and the wonder around me. Once the citizens realized I was home, the streets were lit in boundless jubilation. Their gathering in the streets of the Ivory Gardens and their cheers easily became one of the most wonderful sounds that have ever been heard by my own ears.

And this… this was just the beginning of a long celebration to come…

Sceptile Frost
07-17-2006, 07:47 PM
Nice chapter, Neo.

And I thought that would have made a great end chapter.

Alas, it wasn't. Anyway, good luck keeping up at such a pace, and enjoy writing the last chapters of this epic fic. It truly is one of the greatest pieces I've ever read.

07-18-2006, 03:16 PM

This is just getting better and better. :)

That was a really good new chappy! It would be a great ending by itself, but it will be nice to what happens next. :) Very, very good.

What do you plan on writing next, after Juno has finished?

I'm still reading the first one... XD I think I got to the fouth page, just about. :) It is very good so far.

Neo Emolga
07-18-2006, 03:32 PM
Nice chapter, Neo.

And I thought that would have made a great end chapter.

Alas, it wasn't. Anyway, good luck keeping up at such a pace, and enjoy writing the last chapters of this epic fic. It truly is one of the greatest pieces I've ever read.

I know the next chapter won’t be the end chapter, but the one after that will probably be it. And yes, I love writing these last chapters, this fic has gone through absolute hell at several moments, even being locked at one point. To say the least, it’s very nice to see it finally reach the end, a place where so many Pokémon fan fictions never get to…

And I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying it, it’s been almost three years when the first one was started, and it’s been a great ride.


This is just getting better and better. :)

That was a really good new chappy! It would be a great ending by itself, but it will be nice to what happens next. :) Very, very good.

What do you plan on writing next, after Juno has finished?

I'm still reading the first one... XD I think I got to the fouth page, just about. :) It is very good so far.

Okay, I know this ending chapter looks like it would be the end, but trust me, the last one will really have that “special touch.” Again, like before, I’m not spoiling anything. You’ll see what the last chapter is like and I’ll try to make it as good as it can be.

As far as what comes after this, I don’t know. HKim teases me about writing a Trial of Juno III and, considering how this ends, I don’t think I could make it as good as these last two. Sure, he could continue fighting the forces of the Abyss but topping off what happened in this one would be very difficult. And besides… I think Juno needs his hard-earned rest. :P

There’s been a few other stories I’ve started and never finished, and I might consider trying to continue one of them. Of course, it might take a little work to find out where I left off and how I want to continue it…

And as far as reading the first one… I’d wait on that, it’s gone through a lot of edits and it’s a LOT better than how it was before. Plus, some changes NEEDED to be made because they created weird plot holes that I couldn’t compensate for. Once I’ve posted the last chapter, I’m going to post the whole thing as one, with both parts in one package. That way, it looks clean and ready to read.

Thanks again for reading.

07-18-2006, 03:35 PM
I'll wait for it then! =D

07-18-2006, 04:57 PM
The first one is great, and the first part of it, Grey Battlegrounds has a more Pokebattly feel to it, which is alot less violent and twisted than this one gets, but I loved it enough to sign up here to read it when it was at Serebii the first time and I couldn't wait, much like coming back to read the entire sequel.

07-19-2006, 06:44 PM
I think this'll be the first ever "Complete Fic" in pe2k (w00t!) =D i demand a Sticky for it when you do complete it Neo.

Sceptile Frost
07-21-2006, 01:21 AM
So, two more chapters! Wow. Probably one of the best completed fics (and one of the few) here at PE2K.

I wonder what you might work on... Road to Palantria? I remember seeing a link to it in the Fanfic Rules and I looked at it.

Neo Emolga
07-21-2006, 01:41 AM
So, two more chapters! Wow. Probably one of the best completed fics (and one of the few) here at PE2K.

I wonder what you might work on... Road to Palantria? I remember seeing a link to it in the Fanfic Rules and I looked at it.

Nah, that I totally retired due to a pretty bad plot screw up. However, I've been writing a fantasy story with similar events to it that doesn't feature Pokemon. That way... there could be a chance I could actually publish that thing without legal hell.

Still not sure what I'll do but I still want to finish this first. This deserves a good ending!

07-23-2006, 09:13 AM
As far as what comes after this, I don’t know. HKim teases me about writing a Trial of Juno III and, considering how this ends, I don’t think I could make it as good as these last two. Sure, he could continue fighting the forces of the Abyss but topping off what happened in this one would be very difficult. And besides… I think Juno needs his hard-earned rest. :P
Well, since we haven't actually seen the last chapter yet, who knows how you might twist the plot even more? :tongue:
ToJ III would be a great idea, seeing as the legacy of this series itself is overwhelming to say the least! Though, if you throw in a dead-knotted ending I will seriously have doubts about that...

Still not sure what I'll do but I still want to finish this first. This deserves a good ending!

You bet it does! A nice wrapping on an awesome present is a definite must to leave that lasting impression!

Neo Emolga
07-24-2006, 05:37 PM
After two and a half years of many long hours with many days of thought, planning, and commitment to finish this story, it all comes down to this. Yes, I knew I said there would be two chapters after this one but after I wrote this, I felt this was the best way to truly go out with the best ending I could come up with.

And so, I present to you the very last chapter of Trial of Juno II. Enjoy, I know you'll like it.

Neo Emolga
07-24-2006, 05:39 PM
Chapter 53
The Blessed Unity

The spark of life was all around me. They had gathered around me and celebrated, everyone wanting to cherish the work that I had done. But in all, while I loved it and couldn’t help but smile at all of them, it wasn’t just for fame or attention. It was where my heart was, and how I wanted to keep a world so beautiful and so amazing safe and preserved for many generations to come. I knew Vice would rebuild Symarix to be even greater than before. And the trials that I had endured for the resurrection of the Silver Apex would be read about and admired for generations and generations to come. That memory… and that legacy… would be remembered and cherished for all time.

While taking that walk back through the Ivory Gardens, I was also greeted by a familiar couple that I had met the first time I walked through these streets.

“You came back!” The Minun cheered, running up to me alongside his sister, “You were amazing! I can’t believe you did all that!”

“Such a beautiful legend you’ve become.” The Plusle told me, looking up to me with her shiny black eyes, “You’re so strong… and so brave…”

“It wasn’t easy…” I told her, with a smile, “But remember, nothing is impossible if you stick to your heart and you stride on with your soul. And when you finally reach those stars of success, you can remember it forever no matter where you go.”

The rest of the Ivory Gardens had treated me like more than a king, and this was just one area of Utopia. Never before had I seen such a glorious celebration unfold before my eyes, it was something I would remember always and never forget. I had seen that Blazewing had been adorned with a beautiful wreath of soft, rainbow colored flowers. Meanwhile, more rainbow colored petals were flying through the air to celebrate my homecoming while the citizens around me continued to cheer. I truly would never, ever forget that amazing sight and feeling of such pure happiness…

That walk through the Ivory Gardens was unlike anything I had ever felt before, but that was only one piece of the celebration. They didn’t want me to leave and I laughed jokingly about it, but I told them I would be back. But now… my path headed north, through the Fields of Paradise. It was then that I had realized the army of Utopia had returned home after that massive battle. Now… they could enjoy the relaxation of their eternal rest, and they knew that Kivistal was now safe from all evil.

Blazewing and I had flown through the Fields of Paradise, and many others had followed us toward the City of the Horizon, where the home I had left behind was waiting. Now… I didn’t have to close my eyes when I entered that city. I didn’t need to face the fear of losing anything precious… it was all right here for me to love forever and I didn’t have to resist the warmth and joy that swept over me the closer we flew toward the city.

Once we had flown over the walls, I had seen them, all gathered to welcome me. For the first time in a long, long time, tears of pure and unchallenged happiness trickled down my face and I saw it all and loved it. Seeing those gold streets filled with those that were my friends and beloved comrades was another moment in this ultimate homecoming of jubilation I would never forget, and would always be something I could look back upon and smile for all eternity.

Among the many of them, I had seen Sita, and I had flown down to meet her. Never before did she look as beautiful as she did now, and as soon as Blazewing had landed, I had run up to her and hugged her tightly, so filled with joy and love for her. That… was my endless celebration and my ceaseless joy. Just knowing I could be with her forever…

Her eyes were never so bright and so admirable than how they were now. And I knew… it was because she was truly overjoyed at that moment. No longer were her eyes clouded with fear or with worry. No longer did she have to shiver in the dark because of the risk of losing something like the Silver Apex and all its legacies. No… because now, she could hold onto me in this beautiful city, she could feel my heart and my courage, and she knew that the world was safe now, and cleansed and perfected from all the atrocities of seemingly endless and brutal, bloody battles. Never would she know fear again… only love and admiration. Just knowing that I had been the one to give her and everyone else in the world that precious gift… there was nothing I could have been more proud about…

It was at that moment that we had decided to spend the rest of eternity together. In those soft whispers of happiness as all of Utopia gathered around us in cheer, we had decided to do something that we should have done long ago, but never had the chance. I had recalled all the times she had helped me with this mission and these tribulations, and her eyes and her smiles of cheer reminded me of all the times I had helped her, and all the lengths I had gone to bring her happiness. Her expression told me how clear and how apparent it was, and how she was forever thankful for it. With a few soft whispers among the cheer, we had made it final…

We had decided to get married in the Temple of the Sunrise, right in the City of the Horizon. At first, I didn’t think the happiest moments of my life could get any better, but it just did. Our love and our companionship would be forever, to live and delight in all the wonders of this beautiful paradise together, to soar off into the skies hand in hand, riding the winds with our own wings. I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful than that. But I knew… as lovely as the thought was… nothing could compare to doing it for real…

The two of us had made it clear. We were getting married, and everyone was invited. It was clear to me that there was never a bigger or more massive celebration in Utopia than this one. Of all the wonder and grace that has ever been opened up in this wonderful home of peaceful eternity, nothing could compare to this. We would both forever remember this day like a glint of delightful sunshine upon our souls.

I had never even seen the Temple of the Sunrise before, but to see it with all its glory, prepared for our joyous occasion was another sight I would never forget and would forever look back upon and smile. It was such a strong, towering, and ordinate structure made of pure white stone with a massive dome on the top completely made of the most beautiful stained-glass window to the sky eyes could ever lie on. And I had realized that the stained glass image of a peaceful sunrise had been replaced with a new one. Before my very eyes, I had seen the beautiful and majestic stained glass image of two winged Pikachus flying besides a Latios and Latias with the skies of Utopia opened above them. It was to forever stay there, a testament and reminder to all those who visited it of the legendary union of Juno and Sita. Meanwhile, the entire temple itself with its many pews, chandeliers, gold candles, and white stone passageways were decorated with a seemingly endless amount of flower bouquets. Just seeing it all told my heart that this was a day to forever remember and look back upon, the very best memory and experience I could ever feel…

Everyone was there for that amazing and very special day. I had seen Sinis, Sever, Tek and Blitz in the crowd, along with Echo, Frost, Namdor and Baladax, along with the seemingly endless amounts of friends, comrades, and followers I had loved and my most trusted allies that had carried on with me in so many battles. Seeing all of them gathered at that moment in celebration for our wedding and our victory told me that war was truly over, and now was the time for true peace and happiness forever more.

The first kiss between Sita and myself to forever proclaim our love and unity was enough to light the skies and flare up the stars in a striking display of jubilation for all of Utopia to marvel and adore. The seemingly endless cheer, the bright festivities, the colorful explosions in the sky, and the love we felt for each other would shine forever like a magnificent undying candle.

It wasn’t long after our marriage that we had really taken that first flight into the beautiful skies of Utopia, flying side by side holding each other’s hand. To see it all, to marvel at every beautiful sight we saw, and to have our eyes opened and to be amazed at everything we felt around us, and to feel the connection between us that we had and loved, and the bond of determination that had endured so much could now come fully into life for all eternity, and for all to see…

To be born of dreams, to live the life of a warrior, and to inspire as a leader. To have determination, to hold on to such a deep and such a heartfelt commitment, truly there was no better experience than fulfilling your most ultimate goals and sharing your experience with others. To have walked so many steps, to have fought so hard and to have endured so much. I couldn’t even begin to recall all the times I had almost given up, and all the pains I felt would overcome and defeat me. Still, I opened my eyes, was determined to ensure and persevere, and in the end, it brought me a revelation, a memory of personal gratitude as well as the endless and undying support from everyone who had helped me in this tribulation. Forever more, we would carry victory upon our shoulders…

The joy and memory of it would be everlasting. Children of Kivistal would forever be amazed at the legacy I had lived, would read and wonder how it all happened for ages to come, and I knew the rebuilt Silver Apex would forever honor the one who walked among them that went by the name of Juno. The other nations would recognize the actions that Juno had taken to save them and revive their fallen empires from the ashes. They would forever live in peaceful unity because of one warrior’s commitment and courage.

Forever more throughout all of eternity, Utopia would recognize Juno as the greatest warrior that ever lead Utopia’s armies to victory, as well as Sita, his wife, as being the greatest of guides and firmest of believers that such a thing as hope and victory was always possible, even in the darkest of times. Both of us created a path of light that would shine for all time, for all the stars to light up and shine in our presence, and for the skies to be the home of our wild and free hearts.

What a beautiful thing it is to be known forever…


Sceptile Frost
07-24-2006, 07:17 PM
And that brings one of the best pieces ever to be born, raised, and finished at PE2K to a close.

It is finished, and I couldn't have imagined a better way. The last chapter abounded with celebration was the perfect ending.

Neo Pikachu, thank you for creating such a good piece.

Trial of Juno III or not, though probably not as the ending was so final, Juno has gone from pokemon controlling bully Jake Kossak to Juno the Pikachu to the Shadow Phoenix to a legend. Well done.

Neo Emolga
07-24-2006, 08:01 PM
And that brings one of the best pieces ever to be born, raised, and finished at PE2K to a close.

It is finished, and I couldn't have imagined a better way. The last chapter abounded with celebration was the perfect ending.

Neo Pikachu, thank you for creating such a good piece.

Trial of Juno III or not, though probably not as the ending was so final, Juno has gone from pokemon controlling bully Jake Kossak to Juno the Pikachu to the Shadow Phoenix to a legend. Well done.

Man, such powerful words, I really glad you liked it this much. I put a lot of extra effort into this last chapter and it came out really well.

And it's true, Juno does go through a long, long journey that takes many twists and turns. In the end, I'm really proud and satisfied with the result, along with the fact that it has finally been completed.

And yes, I really do have to thank everyone who really pushed me to keep writing this and going forward with it until it was done (Like Juno himself?). I'm just hoping this story went beyond your expectations and was something uniquely different from any movie, story, or video game you may have seen.

And in the end if you really liked it, I thank you for reading it from the very beginning to the end. The satisfaction from finishing a great story is one thing, but having others take the time out to read and it tell you how much they enjoyed it is another. I'm glad it was good for you.

07-26-2006, 05:36 AM
Don't mind me, I always cry at happy endings!

Well, nothing much to say except I'm awestruck at all the effort garnered up to make this fic a huge success! Hopefully this isn't the last we'll hear of good ol' Juno!

07-26-2006, 11:17 AM
I never thought it would end like this, it really was the perfect ending. I honestly haven't read ALL of it, just the important chaps cause i was away from pe2k for like 3 months i think. Anyways, good job NP you deserve to give yourself a good pat on the back.

07-26-2006, 12:01 PM

And so ends The trials of Juno. ;_;

That was a very nice ending. It's so nice to see a happy ending! ...Maybe not ny type of ending, a little too 'happy happy!' But that is probably because I am a depressing person. XD

Very nice, very nice... =D

Neo Emolga
07-26-2006, 12:49 PM
Don't mind me, I always cry at happy endings!

Well, nothing much to say except I'm awestruck at all the effort garnered up to make this fic a huge success! Hopefully this isn't the last we'll hear of good ol' Juno!

Mmm, I don’t know. Thing is, I would write a Trial of Juno III, but I just don’t have enough fresh and good material for it. Only thing I can think of is to have more running battles with the forces of the Abyss, but then again… that’s already been covered in this one. Truthfully, I would feel much better to leave it off here than to make a third one without the material I need to make a really good story. But who knows, for the longest time, I felt it would be impossible to have the original Trial of Juno carry on.

I’m glad you liked the ending though.

I never thought it would end like this, it really was the perfect ending. I honestly haven't read ALL of it, just the important chaps cause i was away from pe2k for like 3 months i think. Anyways, good job NP you deserve to give yourself a good pat on the back.

Thanks, I feel good about finally finishing this story, even after so many things happened to the point where it looked like it would never get done.

I know the story is huge, though. It ends up being 161 pages on MS Word. :P


And so ends The trials of Juno. ;_;

That was a very nice ending. It's so nice to see a happy ending! ...Maybe not ny type of ending, a little too 'happy happy!' But that is probably because I am a depressing person. XD

Very nice, very nice... =D

Okay, I know it seems like the ending is really “happy happy” but there’s a good reason for that. Consider the fact that so much of the fic was so incredibly morbid. Juno sees nothing but death and blood for the longest time, this is to show him that his work really did pay off with the incredible reward he gets at the end. And trust me, don’t think I didn’t think of alternate endings that weren’t as nice. One that came to mind was one where Juno sacrifices himself in both spirit and soul to forever keep evil out of Kivistal in one last, selfless act. I mean honestly… that would have been a pretty depressing ending if I actually went with that idea…

So, I decided to go with this one, and leave it off with a better and more optimistic feeling than plunge into being a fully morbid and depressing story all the way through. Plus, I knew it would have enjoyed writing this way more than killing off a character that took so much care and effort to fully create.

Plus, really, you wouldn't have wanted to see Juno gone forever, would you?

07-26-2006, 02:40 PM
XD I still loved it, it's just not really my type. I am a morbid person. XD

I was really nice to see Juno settle down, I think the onyl thing I had a problem with was how everyone was celebrating his victories, and things. All of the celebrations were a little too much for me. A little over the top, in some aspects I think, with all of utopia celebrating. Not all of them would have cared, I think, as it is heaven there had to be people from all over the place, from all races. Quite a few people would be from the opposing teams that tried to invade the silver appex, civilians that were conscripted. Just because they were born somewhere doesn't make them all evil. XD I do know he has done absolutely loads and does deserve some commendation, but perhaps not so much... Never mind. It's probably just me. :)

08-03-2006, 03:35 PM
Ahh, I read the ending right after you posted it but I forgot to reply! But yeah, the fic turned out amazing overall. This is twice now you were able to pull me over from SPP to read your fics, and once again it was very worth it, its the reason I joined this place. Good work, and keep it up in your other fics!