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10-10-2004, 07:44 AM
Has anyone here ever read a series of books called Pendrangon? It's by D.J. MacHale. If not here's a general background for the first book.

Okay there's this avarage-joe, fourteen year old american, named Bobby Pendragon who lives in New York and is great at Basketball. He has one of those amazingly cool Uncles that just does everything with you, hang gliding, SCUBA Diving, parachuting, you name it and Uncle Press has probably given Bobby the opportunity to do it. One night, right before a major game for his Middle school team, Press comes by and tells Bobby that he needs Bobby's help. Press then proceeds to turn Bobby's world upside down, by taking him through something called a flume to another Dimension/Territory to save the world from this really amazingly evil dude called Saint Dane.

The series doesn't stop there. No way. If you haven't read any of the books form the Pendragon Series and like to read Sci-fi books, you really aught to check it out.