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Matt & Vulpix
10-10-2004, 04:58 PM
Follow the journey of Violet Florin, a girl who has nothing to live for, or so she thinks. A runaway from home, she lives in Celadon City, and has made friends with Erika and all of Erika's friends. Her house, a two-room mess of a house, has a large backyard in which she created a garden, with everything from flowers to a pond, in which she keeps her pet Goldeen, Angel.

She receives a letter one day that will change both hers and her Pokémon's life, as she and Chikorita are heading for Zarin Island.

Matt & Vulpix
10-10-2004, 04:58 PM

Violet Florin woke up in her bedroom, exactly like she had done every other day that year. Today was the one-year memoriam of her running away from home. Her home was a broken one; her father had moved away, and her mother was drinking her life away, as if it was going to solve the problem.

And Violet couldn’t take it anymore, so she ran away. She ran as far away as she could, and ended up in Celadon City, Kanto. There, she met Erika, a gym leader, who took Violet under her wing and taught her things about Pokémon that Violet wanted to train so badly, but never could, as her mother wasted money on alcohol.

Violet then stayed with Erika, until she had enough money to buy her own home, which was more of a two-room cottage. One room had a basic kitchen set and a small television with two chairs and a coffee table, and the other room was her bedroom, with an enclosed area for a bathroom.

But fifteen-year-old Violet didn’t take the house for the rooms. She took it for the majestic backyard it gave her. She’d always loved gardening, and now she had her own garden, and it was very large. Every day, she’d spend more time outside then inside. She ate outside, she played outside, she did every in that backyard of hers.

It had various plants, trees and statues to decorate it all, and in the middle, a little pond surrounded by rocks, with a Goldeen living in it. The Goldeen, like her pet, was named Angel, as she was Violet’s only in-home company. Also, there was a picnic table so she could eat and invite guests, which were usually Erika and her friends.

She’d always loved Pokémon; especially grass types. Those were her favorites, as there were various kinds of them. She didn’t only like grass types; she liked all the others, too; but she’d always wanted a grass type to nurture, train and care for.

A month ago, Erika had given her a baby Chikorita that had just hatched. Violet cared for it as much as she had for Angel, but never named the Chikorita, as she’d never come up with a fitting name for her.

Just like every other day in her life, Violet took a shower in the rusting shower that had come with the house. She put on her dark green skirt, her light green blouse, and combed her shoulder length brown hair. She walked into the kitchen, and looked at her house. Her house was not a home; it was just a house, and at this point, it wasn’t worth more than five hundred dollars. The garden was Violet’s home; if she had a tent, she would rather camp out in it.

Violet poured herself a bowl of cereal, and ate it rapidly, before heading outside. She saw Chikorita chasing a Butterfree that had wandered into the backyard, and Violet smiled. She was making her Chikorita happy, and no feeling was large than that one.

“Chiko!” Chikorita shouted with joy, focusing her attention on Violet now, and running towards her.

“Hi there Chikorita! Did you pass a nice night in our backyard? I hope you didn’t try to leave it now!” Violet joked. The garden was fenced, but Chikorita could have dug a hole underneath it.

“Rita!” Chikorita replied, with a frown. She’d never escape, even if she were paid!

Chikorita ran to the pond, and picked up a white thin paper with her mouth, and ran back to Violet, who was confused. Violet took the paper and saw it was an envelope, with her name written on it in black ink. It was scribbled on, seemingly rapidly, as the letters couldn’t be read too well. But Violet could see her name and her last one even through the bad handwriting.

“I wonder who wrote this,” Violet thought aloud, knowing it wasn’t Erika. Erika didn’t write letters; she stopped by and said hello and delivered her messages along with it.

Violet opened the envelope and saw a beautiful stationary, with twelve animals depicted on the borders in golden ink.

Violet focused her attention on the inscribed message, which was in the same black ink as her name.

“Dear Ms. Florin,

It is of my deepest pleasures to invite you to Zarin Island. Zarin Island welcomes trainers, old and new, to test their skills in battling.

If you wish to come, be in Olivine City on September 31st. On that day, at noon, a ship will be leaving for Zarin Island.

You may be wondering what Zarin Island is. Well, that is for you to find out upon getting there! I assure you it will be amusing and you will not be bored. However, if you find yourself to be, a ship is always available to leave and return you to Olivine Port.

If you wish to inform yourself, you can access the website at www.zarinislandofficial.kt.pw. I, and all of the island’s habitants, wish you will come, and we wish others like you would come.

Mr. Leonard Fletcher” she read, confused.

“Something’s not right…” Violet said to Chikorita, “How did this get here? There is not return address, my address isn’t even there, which means they delivered it by hand.”

“Chi…” Chikorita sighed.

“And I’m not even a legal trainer yet. I don’t have a trainer card, even if I do have you, Chikorita,” Violet brought up another point, “I just don’t see how I’m invited if this so-called Zarin Island is for trainers!”

“Chiko!” Chikorita shouted.

“I’ll go and ask Erika. Maybe she’ll know,” Violet decided suddenly, “Come on, Chikorita!”

They left Violet’s garden and went over to the gym, where they found Erika training Bellossom, one of her oldest Pokémon.

“Hmm, I’ve heard about it,” Erika informed, after reading the letter that Violet brought to her attention.

“And? What is it?” Violet inquired.

“Zarin Island is an island off the coast of the Whirl Islands in Johto. It’s in the shape of an eight-pointed star, and has one town situated on it. Silona City, if I recall correctly,” Erika replied, “And Baduga Port, but that’s not very important.”

“Why do they want me to go there?” Violet asked, not really caring about the geography of the island.

“Two months or so ago, Leonard Fletcher, the writer of this letter, founded a league there. But it’s so small, and almost no challenge, so no one goes there. It has twelve gyms situated on the island, and each gym represents a Chinese Zodiac animal,” Erika recalled and described to Violet.

“Why isn’t it popular? Sounds like a good idea to me!” Violet asked, curious.

“Well, it’s on such a small surface, it can take up to a month to get through the whole island and get all the badges, whereas other leagues force you travel countries at a time, such as the Kanto League. People are more proud of a bigger title than a small title like Zarin Island offers,” Erika explained, “But it is an official small league, and I actually like its ideas. No one has beaten the Champion, Leonard Fletcher, yet, so it’s actually a good idea to go there.”

“Think I should go?” Violet asked her best friend.

“I think you should, if you can handle getting to Olivine in less than ten days! Also, you’d need an official trainer card to be accepted. I really have no clue how this letter got to you,” Erika rhetorically asked, “Go to Professor Oak’s Laborartory in Pallet Town. Get your trainer card, and go to Olivine City. Go to Zarin Island. You’ll enjoy it, and it’ll be a good experience for you.”

“But who will take care of Angel and my garden?” Violet asked.

“I will. Angel will be well when you get back, and so will you garden,” Erika assured, “Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You’ll get to go to a small league and experience what its like, and if you like it, maybe you can sign up for a larger league that will carry you to faraway places.”

Violet wasn’t convinced. Why start off with Zarin Island? It wasn’t popular, no one knew about it, and winning it wouldn’t be something to be very proud of. Why not start off with something bigger, like Kanto or Hoenn?

Violet made her worries clear to her friend, who replied reassuringly, “Zarin Island WILL be popular! Fletcher sent out these letters to get people to go there, and it will be more popular that way. This is not an easy league by any means, but it’ll give you a chance to build up a Pokémon team, meet people, all the while getting badges to challenge the Champion. When you’re done, Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, and all the other leagues will still be there, Violet. Go.”

Erika gave Violet a look on her face and gave Violet her last words of wisdom, “Don’t make the same mistake I did. I love grass Pokémon, my garden, my gym and my city, but I never saw the whole world. Go, and come back, and tell me all about it.”

Violet was now on a mission to get to Olivine City before September 31st, which was only ten days away from the present day, September 21st.

“Don’t worry. I will. I’ll take a lot of pictures, and I’ll be back a new person.” Violet replied, and Erika only smiled.

“Be sure to write. Wouldn’t want to not see my best friend for a month with no contact, would I now?” Erika laughed.

Violet Florin was finally doing something meaningful with her life, for the first time, and she was fifteen. Her life was changing, but she was accepting it. She liked it.

Neo Emolga
10-10-2004, 05:22 PM
Wow! I'm impressed on how outstandingly written this fic is. The setting is also very interesting and very unique, and it's interesting to see a new trainer have a very close assocatiation with an existing gym leader, something I haven't seen done in a fic before.

I like the style that you're writing this in and I know it can become an outstanding fic. Your descriptions are also very well detailed and are easy to imagine. Great job, Matt!

10-10-2004, 05:36 PM
Great start Matt, very descriptive as Neo mentioned as well as fun to read. I like the idea of this Zarin Island leauge. This seems like it will be a fun story to read so I will have my eye on it the whole way. I hope you are dedicated to this fic and it goes far.

One thing I didn't like is the garden. I wanted more detail on it, like what kind of flowers? Were there trees? How large was it? Whenever I imagined the garden I couldn't visualize it correctly cause I was't sure what was in the garden, besides the pond. Call it me being picky but I just suggest that in the future be more detailed around stuff like this where the character spends a lot of time at. Awesome job though, don't let this fic die!

10-10-2004, 06:47 PM
Shweet Matt. =D I'll keep reading this one. =) First fic on pe2k that I'll actually read more than the first line. =D It's just that good, lol.

Matt & Vulpix
10-11-2004, 08:56 PM
NP: What a compliment! Thanks, and I hope you'll continue reading.
KCash: Thanks. I took it into much consideration and I think you'll see what it gave below...
Ierdar: What an honor! That tells me a lot XD Thanks, and I hope you'll enjoy the rest as much as you did the prologue.

Chapter One: A Piece With Me

Violet went back to her house and quickly made her way through the dump she called her house to her garden. She was so excited about the letter that she had forgotten to feed Angel and to water the flowers!

She gave Angel some food, to which she responded with happy “Goldeen deen!” shrieks and went to get her watering jug. Using the hose, she filled it up, and started to water the flowers.

The garden was of such a weird shape; Violet had created a procedure to make sure she watered all the plants. Being of square shape, the backyard had flowers all along the fences. Leaving sufficient room for people to walk, there were flowers opposite the ones touching the fences. These flowers formed a square around the pond, and Violet had bought two benches that went with the flow to buy and they were put around the pond. A little north of the pond was the picnic table that she ate on normally.

She had so many different flowers placed together, but it was beautiful. Lilies, roses, tulips, she had all kinds of them placed together to meld into a beautiful thing to set your eyes on. Every kind of flower in her garden was in great number except two that were the unique of their kinds. The very first flower she’d planted in the whole garden, at the northern most point of it, was a white rose, the only white rose in the whole garden. It hadn’t died in the year it’d be there. There was a violet planted to the right of the white rose, and Erika planted this one after Violet had planted the white rose. These two flowers never died, and meant a lot to Violet.

There were only two trees in the whole garden; they were cherry blossom trees, placed in the two corners opposite the house. Violet loved their pink color, and made sure they stayed that way.

Violet started to water the plants on the left side of the garden, and when she ran out of water, she went back to fill it up. After fifteen minutes, she’d watered the whole garden, and they were looking brand new again.

“I really will miss my garden… and you, Angel,” Violet said, sitting on the mahogany benches to the left of the pond, “You were my first Pokémon, even if I didn’t train you. I will be back soon.”

Violet said this with tears almost falling from her eyes. She passed her hand through her brown hair and one tear managed to fall from her left eye.

“Gold, gold!” the orange-colored fish replied, comforting Violet.

“Chiko! Chikorita!” Chikorita chirped in, trying to get her trainer to be happier.

“I mean, I’m sure it’ll be fun getting to Zarin Island and all, but… I’ll miss my garden, I’ll miss Angel, I’ll miss Erika and the girls, I’ll miss this town… I know I’ll be back, but when?” Violet stated tragically to her Pokémon, as if regretting her decision to go to Zarin Island.

“Chiko,” Chikorita replied, jumping onto the bench and trying to hug Violet.

“No, I’m going. As much as I’ll miss all that, I need to do something with my life. I can’t stay here, I need to go out there, and I need to make myself known! I don’t want to make the same mistakes as my mother did; I need to do things with my life! And Zarin Island will be the start of that,” Violet said, standing up suddenly, making Chikorita fall on her back onto the bench.

“Chiko…” Chikorita yelped out of pain.

“I’m so sorry, Chikorita!” Violet answered quickly, and then laughed, “I’m so sorry!”

Chikorita emitted a laughing sound and Violet knew she was okay.

“Well… it’s only noon, so I’ll leave today,” Violet said to herself, repeating what Erika had suggested, “I’ll have more time to get to Olivine.”

“How are you getting to Olivine?” a girl asked, standing in the doorway that separated the house from the garden.

Violet turned around and saw a red-haired girl with a pink dress on, smiling at Violet.

“Hello Theresa!” Violet saluted, with a grin as big as her face, “What are you doing here?”

“Just coming to say my adieus. The girls were all going to send you off when you left town, but I have something important to do today, so I can’t really be there,” Theresa replied, approaching her friend.

“Well, thanks. And to answer your initial question, I’m going to take the train in Saffron,” Violet informed when Theresa was closer.

“That’s a good plan. How are you getting to Pallet Town to get your trainer card?” Theresa queried.

“I’m not sure. I’m not sure I want to go to Pallet Town anymore, I think I might just call Professor Oak and ask him to do it over the telephone,” Violet replied, “It’s costing me half of my savings to get the ticket to Olivine as it is…”

“Well, I know you don’t have a phone, so feel free to come use mine. Erika also told me you want to use a computer to check out the Zarin league some more, so you can do that too if you want,” Theresa offered her friend.

Violet hesitated. She didn’t like going to Theresa’s house, as it only reminded her of all the things she didn’t have. Theresa lived a life of luxury and brushed it off as if it were nothing, but Theresa had so many things Violet only dreamed of having.

“It’s okay. I don’t need to use a computer, and the Pokémon Center has phones I can use,” Violet replied, “I wouldn’t want to burden your house with my presence.”

Again, Violet used the word house. Theresa didn’t live in a home; she lived in a house. Her parents barely spoke to one another, and they threw money around as if it were worthless. There was barely any love in that house, and that’s what decidedly took away the ‘home’ title from it.

“Well, suit yourself. I’ll see you in a few weeks, yes? Or whenever you get back. Have fun, now,” Theresa shrugged it off and hugged Violet. Although they were friends, a lot of things separated Violet from Theresa. Theresa didn’t appreciate everything she had, whereas Violet appreciated every last piece of lint she had. They both pulled back from the hug and Theresa left with one last farewell.

“Well, I think I’ll go and call Professor Oak now. Maybe we can do this over the phone, this way it won’t be so difficult for me to get my trainer card,” Violet informed her Pokémon and her pet, exiting the garden, with Chikorita in tow.

The young woman made her way from the southern part of the town all the way to the north, a small ten-minute walk, and went into the high-tech Pokémon Center.

“Hi Violet!” Nurse Joy said to the lady, welcoming her in. The Pokémon Center was surprisingly nearly empty, so she had nothing to do.

“Hi Joy! Do you think I could use the telephone? I need to call Professor Oak. It’s very important!” Violet asked her friend, approaching the counter.

“Sure, go right ahead. Why are you calling the professor?” Nurse Joy asked her friend, who was slightly shorter than herself.

“I need to ask him to give me an official trainer card. I got invited to a small league, but I’m not even a registered trainer!” Violet laughed.

“Hmm, that’s odd. Maybe there was a mistake…” Joy replied.

“Actually, not even. My name was in the letter, and my last one at that. There is something that’s wrong, I imagine, but I need to contact the professor to ask him if he knows anything about it,” Violet explained, and went over to the telephones.

There were three identical unoccupied phones, and she sat down at the middle one, and looked at a tag that had ‘important phone numbers’ written on it in bold, flashy, green letters. Professor Oak was the first number listed, and she dialed it with ease.

The bald man’s upper half appeared on the screen, with a slightly confused look on his face, “Who’s this now?” his creaky voice sounded through the receiver clutched at Violet’s ear.

“My name is Violet Florin, and I know you don’t know me, but I need your help,” Violet began to explain. She continued to explain to him everything about the letter she’d received, and what she needed from him.

“I see…” Professor Oak finally said, after hearing the tale, while scratching what little hair he had on his skull, “Well, I can do it over the phone, but I’ll need some vital information. Hang on…”

The screen went black for a moment, and Violet sighed, “He must’ve hung up on me. I wouldn’t have believed me, either.”

Matt & Vulpix
10-11-2004, 08:57 PM
Continuation of Chapter One: A Piece With Me

She started to hang up the phone, but the screen showed Professor Oak again, but in front a computer.

“So you’re name is Violet Florin… can you please spell that out for me, so I don’t make any mistakes?” Professor Oak asked.

“Oh, of course! V like vine, I like ill, O like old, L like line, E like eat and T like turn. F like flower, L like lose, O like one, R like right, I like in and finally, N like no,” Violet dramatized, wanting to make sure he’d get her name correct.

“That was… unnecessary, but thanks anyways. I know you think I can’t hear because I’m old, but I’m not that deaf! Anyways, where is your current location of residence?” Professor Oak asked.

Violet didn’t say anything for a second. Legally, Violet didn’t know where she lived: in Celadon, or with her mother in Saffron, “Write down Celadon City for that, Professor.”

“Good. How old are you?” he continued with his questioning.

“Fifteen,” Violet replied automatically.

“When is your birthday?” Professor Oak demanded.

“May 9th, 1989,” Violet automatically said.

“Good, that’s all the information I need. So you told me you had Chikorita… and, there we go. You are officially a trainer. Now, I’ll send this over right now…” Professor Oak said, pressing a big red button.

A wave of heat came over the young lady as a card appeared on a little platform underneath the screen.

“Now, there it is. I didn’t put in a picture, but I’m sure you’ll find one you can stick in,” Professor Oak replied.

“Eternally grateful Professor Oak. I will see you someday, as well,” Violet informed him.

“And I look forward to that day. I hope you enjoy Zarin Island; it’s actually quite pleasant. I did approve of it when it first started, and I wish you luck there,” Professor Oak said his goodbyes, before the screen turned off for real.

She put the receiver back into its spot to the right of the screen, and looked down at Chikorita with a smile that the green creature returned.

“Let’s go home. I’ll try and find a picture to put on my brand new trainer card!” Violet said with a playful tone to her Pokémon.

“Use this one. I always thought it suited you well,” a voice said to the duo with a smile.

“Hi Erika!” Violet said, and then saw the picture, “Wow, yes, I will. Hand it over!”

Erika gave her the picture she had taken the day they had met. Violet looked the same as she did now, and it fit the card perfectly.

“Great… what are you doing here, by the way?” Violet asked Erika.

“I was looking for you, and Theresa told me you would be here. I overheard you giving your information to the professor, and I realized he forgot to give you two things that are very important,” Erika explained.

“What are those?” Violet asked.

“A Pokédex, of course, and a PokéNav. Those two devices are essential in modern Pokémon training. A Pokédex records your Pokémon, the ones you’ve seen, and packs all kinds of information about each one; it’s almost an encyclopedia about Pokémon. A PokéNav, on the other hand, has all kinds of odds and ends. Maps, a built-in phone and a built-in radio, even, are found in this wondrous device. It also keeps track of trainers you meet, their Pokémon, and various pieces of information about them,” Erika explained, handing over a rectangular red device as well as a golden cubic device.

“Thanks so much! I could have never afforded these…” Violet replied.

“I know money’s tight, but even so, Professor Oak would have given them to you for free. These are additional ones I have I don’t need. I never even used them, because I have my own set,” Erika replied, “And I got this backpack for you. Every trainer needs one…”

The backpack was green, and was of a suitable size. Speechless, Violet took it from Erika and opened it, and put the two devices inside, as well as the red and green Pokéball Chikorita had been given to her in that she dragged around in her pocket. She heard a clunk inside the bag when she dropped the products into the bag and looked at Erika, confused.

“I put two potions, two Pokéballs and a camera inside. I don’t want you to have a hurt Pokémon go untreated, Violet. And if there’s a Pokémon you want to catch, I don’t want you to not be able to catch it. And I want tons of photos, so you better use the film and take thousands of pictures!” Erika informed.

“This is too much… I can’t accept this,” Violet said, handing the bag over.

“Nonsense! I get this stuff from the League monthly even if I keep telling them I don’t need it. Being a gym leader, I don’t use this stuff often, as the opportunity doesn’t arise often enough,” Erika explained, “But you can use it, and you need it!”

“Well… okay. I will pay you back, though, with interests!” Violet replied, pointing a finger at Erika, as she swung the backpack onto her shoulder.

“No, it’s okay, really. I will take care of your garden, miss Florin, and Angel, too. Now you get to Saffron City, you get on that train, and you enjoy the trip to Olivine City!” Erika joked.

“Thank you again. I will be leaving shortly… I just need to gather a few things from my house and I will leave at four promptly,” Violet told Erika, hugging her, and then told Chikorita they were going home.

Violet went to her house and did a few chores while Chikorita played in the garden. She began by gluing the photo of herself onto the trainer card, and then putting the card into one of the pockets that the backpack had. She gathered a few snacks to eat while she was on the train, and put those in another pocket.

“Last but not least, I need a good luck charm,” Violet thought, “But what? I can’t bring Angel!”

She went out into the garden and the first thing her eyes saw, as was the case every time she walked into the garden, was the white rose and the violet, and then her sights focused on the two cherry blossom trees.

“There’s a thought!” Violet thought, and went to the white rose and the violet. She took one petal from each, and then took one leaf from each cherry blossom tree. The two petals and the two leaves would be her lucky charm; she just had to find a way to unite them all together. Going back inside, she found a transparent sheet of paper she’d been saving. She glued the four objects onto it, and cut it out of the paper. She then took another piece of the transparent paper and glued it on top of the last one, making the four lucky charms sealed forever. She put it into her backpack, and knew she would fare well, now that she was bringing a small piece of her garden with her.