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This is not a prologue. This is what I warn you for in the story. This has no happy beginning, no happy middle but a happy ending. You can stop reading. You can go off and read another FanFic. I'm just warning because this has killing. I'm just going to cut to the chase and tell you all the main facts about this story. You know some.

Well this story takes place in Mintale (as in Pokemon Channel) and is going to get worst. You know all the places on Mintale right? Springfeild, Viridian Forest, Mt.Snowfall, Cobalt Coast. Well anyway this takes place there. I don't even know why I am making up the island but it's way off from way to the Eat of Cobalt, and wa north of Mt.Snowfall. No one knows of this island and I'm here to tell it. Some rumors are that it's Ursaring and Sharpedo infeasted.

This is all I'm going to say or else I'd be giving spoilers. See ya bye

Remember if you don't like it don't read it it's not happy

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Chapter 1
Trevor was sitting in a plaine heading to Mt. Snowfall. Trevor was hand-cuffed he killed someone. He was looking around then looked at his Pokemon. He had two of them. He had a Charmander, and a Pikachu. He really liked his Pokemon. They looked at him. All three of them were queezy. They hated plaines they were really scared of them too. Soon they back felloff with another person. Trevor looked at the back.
Trevor: Oh my god

They were all looking at him. They were thinking why would a killer be scared. They gave him a look then they looked out the back. Soon they air mask came down. Trevor tried to reach them. Then charmander broke the handcuffs he grabbed the air mask and put them on. The plaine went spiraling down then it wrecked. All the people got out. It was cold.
Trevor: Where the hell are we
Guy: Good question for a killer
Trevor: I am not the killer
Guy: Who is
Trevor: My freakin' look alike friend Chad
Guy: (Shakes hand) Hi I'm Paul
Trevor: I'm Trevor

The two went up to the Pilot as he was using the radio.
Pilot: Hello
Radio: not responding
Trevor: Let me try

Trevor was good with machanics so he took the machine and put in the batteries. He called into the radio
Trevor: Help
Radio: What
Trevor: We need help our plaine crashed 90 miles from where we are supposefd to head
Radio: I'tll be a few days

Trevor took a breath as what everyone looked at him.
Trevor: Let's go catch some Pokemon
People: What did they say
Trevor: It'll take a few days okay

Trevor went into the forest then he looked. They looked at him weirdly.
Trevor: Food, Water, Pokemon, Better signal

The people agreed and followed him into the woods then and there a bear was running toward them. Trevor looked eyes wide. Then he told Pikachu to thundershock it. It did and the Ursaring died.
Trevor: What the
Paul: Its an Ursaring
Trevor: This place is dangerous what can we do to live

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Chapter One
The Journey With Trevor

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarm went off. Her hand touched it and it turned off. It was dark but she didn't care she couldn't wait to get started. She put on her clothes. He wore a blue belly button shirt, a short and black skirt, three blue braclets on each arm. She went to the bathroom to wash her pretty blonde hair. She did when she dried it brushing it straight.

"I can't wait to go," she said. "I wonder what Pokemon I'll catch."

She fluffed her hair then went to the door. Pikachu was waiting. She picked him up and put him on her shoulder. Then she went outside to go visit Prof. Oak she walked in to see him and two boys.

"Welcome," said Prof. Oak. "Glad to see you."

"All I'm hear to do is get my Pokedex," she said.

He gave it to her and put his arm around her. She looked at him funny. Why does this old guy got his arm around me she thought. She walked over to the boys.

"This is my great-grandson Garret," he said. "And this is Trevor."

She waved at Trevor. She thought he was hot. She looked at Prof. Oak then to Trevor. Shania left and was about to head to the route before Trevor stopped her.

"Hey wanna battle," he said.

"Sure," she said.
He sent out a Squirtle as Shania smiled. She knew alot about Squirtle. Then she knew they were water and electric did good against it but she didn't want to go out the easy way. She called out Pikachu to use tackle. He did knocking Squirtle back. Squirtle stood up and used Water Gun. Pikachu was hit but not hard. Then Pikachu used Thundershock but missed. Then Squirtle gave a full power hit as it fell over. Pikachu stood up then charged his body. A big electric shock came over Squirtle making it faint.

"You were good," Trevor said.

"You were too," Shania said.

"Ha more then a weak battle," said Garret.
"Oh shut up," Shania said. "How do you know if your better."
Garret left slapping Shania in the butt. She flipped him around and slapped him.

"We don't even know each other good," she said.
He walked off with a gash on his face. Trevor looked at him and chuckled. Shania looked at him.

"Sorry," he said. "He is desparate."

"Oh," she said.

He looked at her. She looked at him.

"Wanna be travel partners." they said together.

They walked off into the grass they looked and sit down. They decided to tell about about each other.

"Well," Trevor said. " I came from here but Instead I came from Saffron City. I just moved here and decided to become a trainer."

"I just moved here too," she said. "But I came from Georgia."
They smiled at each other and looked at the shy. A Pidgey flew before them. Then a green glowing Pokemon flew across. They got up and followed it.

"Celebiiiiiiii," it said flying onward.

The two trainer's couldn't hear it. But they know the Pokemon took them to the middle of the route. Shania looked in the grass as a small mouse was crawling in the grass. She looked at it then got out the Pokedex Rattata the rat Pokemon. This Pokemon can carry up to 10 peices of food in its mouth

She pulled out a pokeball and threw it at the Pokemon the Pokeball shook then glew red. She caught Rattata. She smiled sweetly. She looked at it and smiled. Then she looked at Trevor.

"We better go," she said. "We have a journey ahead of us."

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Chapter Two
The Battle, The Trap, and The Break Threw

Shania and Trevor were walking and were heading to Viridian City. They got there and saw more Pokemon Trainers. They went to go visit them. When they went up to them they saw two girls. They were wearing pink shirts, one had red long hair, the other had short purple, with a red bow. They smiled at Trevor and Shania

"Hi," they said. "You two wanna battle."

"Sure," they said togther.

The battle got underway. The two girls sent out an Ekans and a Koffing. Trevor and Shania sent out Ratatta and Squirtle. Ekans burst out with wrap but Rattata jumped up and bit it on the tail. Then Koffing was about slam into Squirtle but Squirtle Water Gunned Koffing in the ground. The two Pokemon fainted. The two trainers bent down to the Pokemon.

"You might be good with Pokemon." One of them said. "But you can't best traps," said the other.

Soon a cage fell over the trainers but not the Pokemon. Then they grabbed the pokemon and ran. Shania kicked the cage. It didn't budge. Then Trevor tried. It didn't budge ether.

"What do we do," Shania cried

"I dunno," Trevor said.

Then Shania kickflipped and it popped open. Then she looked around at the dark sky then saw to people with there Pokemon hiding in a bush. One had red long hair a black belly button shirt with a white belly button shirt with a big R on it. The other one had short, jaggidy purple hair. a black under shirt with a white shirt with a big R across it. They popped up with their Pokemon in a cage.

"Let our Pokemon go," Shania demanded. "Or we will hurt you so bad you.." she was cut off

"Yeah right twirp," the woman said. "Here is our theme song

Prepare for trouble make it double. To protect the world from devistation. To unite the people within our nation. To denounce the evil in truth and love. To extand our reach from the stars above. Jessie, James. Team rocket blast off at the speed of light. Surrender now or prepare to fight.

"Are you done yet," Shania said yawning.

"Shut up twirp," Jessie said.

They ran as the two trainers ran after them. Then a rocket bomb fired at them missing.

"What the hell was that for," Shania said.

"To keep you away," Jessie said.

The two trainers kept running then Shania jumped and grabbed the cages as she let the Pokemon free. Then they looked mad. Pikachu and Squirtle used a weird blast that sent Team Rocket blasting off. Then the Pokemon were happy. They were returned. Then a lady ran up to them giving them running shoes. They put them on and read the instructions.

"It says press T to get them to work." Trevor said as Shania poked him.

"I'm just kidding with you," she said. She pressed the T button and the shoes turned on.

"Oh," Shania said."T means Turn On or Turn Off."

"Good catch," Trevor said.

The two walked off into the town watching people walk around. Trevor looked at his watch. It was 7:30 AM. That was when Viridian got real busy. Shania looked out. She saw something.

" A mall," she said.

"Uh Oh," Trevor said

" Don't worry," Shania said. "I never go to the mall. All my fashion comes from a store called Georgia Store. They are now mailing me catologes of what clothes I want."

"Good," said Trevor. "Besides these malls are full of preps."

They walked toward the forest and smiled at each other and headed off.

Where we last left Team Rocket

" Oooh my head," Jessie said.

"Well we can try again," James said.

"Yeah. Sure," Jessie said. "They just beat us."

"Oh WAAA," James said.

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Chapter Three
Team Rocket and Meowth

The two members of Team Rocket got up and stretched they were in te middle of a city. Jessie pulled out a map and looked at it weird.

"Whoah," she said. James looked at her.

"What?" he asked her.

"We're in Vermilion City," she said.

"Whoah we blasted far," he said.

The two walked around looking. They had seen buildings it was early in the morning but it was very busy. They went into a building to rest. While they were resting they were thinking about a Pokemon buddy hey would like to have.

They were thinking to have a Pokemon buddy that could talk. A Pokemon who has tried to impress people into owning it. Tried to get a girlfriend but couldn't. They wanted it to be a cat Pokemon too. They were dreaming about this Pokemon. They knew it wasn't real and they would never meet it. They looked at each other and nodded their heads. They knew they couldn't find a Pokemon like that anywhere. Not even in Heaven.

They walked outside well rested and saw a cat Pokemon. It was standing there upset looking. They didn't know why but they went over to it to pet it. The Pokemon was in tears. It thaught they were going to kick it and tell it to scram. But they didn't. Instead they pette him saying everything will be alright. It smiled at them.

"I can talk," it said. "Will you still like me."

"Of course we will like you," Jessie said. "You were the Pokemon we were imagining."

The Meowth smiled as Jessie picked it up.

"What's your name," she asked.

"Meowth," it said.

"Well Meowth," she started. "Would you like to be apart of Team Rocket."

"Yes I would," Meowth said happily.

"Lets get you certified," James said.

They got in a hot air baloon and went to their boss Giovonni's office. They walked in holding the Pokemon up and was about to call the boss When they looked at him they looked at him. Then Jessie decided to say something.

"Boss," she started "We have a new member."

"Show me," said Giovonni

They showed the talking cat to the bo

"To get the twirps," Jessie said greatfully.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
Meanwhile With The Trainers

The two had entered the Forest looking around. The forest was like a maze to them. It was full of bug Pokemon. They walked around amazed. They looked from tree to tree at the Pokemon then to each other.

"Wow," Shania said. "Its like a maze."

The two walked a little east then north and saw shadows behind trees. They didn't pay attention to them and looked at the trees they saw alot of Bug Pokemon crawling around. They were amazed by the sights. But in the trees little did they know there was Team Rocket.

"We'll attack soon," Jessie said.

"Thats a good idea," Meowth said. " They won't know what hit them."

They sent out Ekans and Koffing to destract them. Then Meowth built a device. They needed to try it out. They saw a Caterpie then they tried it on it. The caterpie wiggled out and ran away.

"Well," Meowth said. "Caterpie are small so they can wiggle out."

"Your right," said Jessie.

They sent Ekans and Koffing back. They thought they were destracted enough.

"Its time to set up," said Meowth

Meowth hit a button and made the hand reach out. They didn't send it out too far. But they sent it out just enough so they couldn't see it. They kept it right in the trees before you step out of the woods.

To Be Cont On Chapter 4

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