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This is another of my stories that appears in parts! This be one of my better stories!


In this story, there are 9 new American sailor scouts in addition to the 9 Japanese sailor scouts. Since this can really get mixed up, the Japanese and American scouts are as follows.
Japanese Names American Names
Scout Knight Scout Knight
Moon Usagi Mamoru Amber Jason
Mercury Ami Greg Lauren Jordan
Venus Minako Andrew Caitlin Ryan
Mars Rei Chad Amanda Edward
Jupiter Makoto Ken Kaitlyn David
Saturn Hotaru Eric Jenny Matt
Uranus Haruka Thomas Camilla Kevin
Neptune Michiru Jake Tara Patrick
Pluto Setsuna Charon Donnie Cory

Oh! Jincslas is pronounced JINK-S-LAS.

In America
"Hey! Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Amanda! You going to the church after school?" Camilla asked.

"Yes. Amanda and Kaitlyn are getting these, vibes. So Amanda's going to pray and find answer," Caitlin explained. "Tell the others, Okay?" "I will. See ya later!" Camilla dashed off.

In Japan
"Oh, no!" Rei sat up straight up in bed. "Something's happening."
Rei grabbed a robe and headed for the sacred fire. After placing her offering down, Rei cleared her mind. She saw scouts fighting, but they weren't her and her friends. They were strangers. "Pluto! I need your help," Rei called out with her mind.

"Yes?" Pluto appeared in Rei's mind.

"These strangers, where are they from? Can you find out? They look like more scouts," Rei asked showing Pluto her vision.

"I will try. Now go rest. I feel a great battle will happen soon," Pluto said calmly before vanishing.

Later at Rei's Temple
"So there are more scouts out there? But where?" Makoto wondered aloud.

"All I could get was that they're from the United States. We may have to go there to find them," Setsuna leaned back in her chair. "The thing is, they have the same powers has us. There's a Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, knights and such. And they might be more powerful then us."

"More powerful than us? Well I think we need to work on our English," Ami stated. "Then we can go to the US and find them."

"I agree," Usagi chirped.

Everyone stared at her in amazement. Usagi wanting to do something besides eat or sleep? Minako tried to feel her forehead. Usagi dodged her hand and finished her statement. "They could be the extra power we need to finish off this King Jincslas. Think about it."

Rei's Temple
Everyone nodded. The knights stood up. They were going to find all the books on America they could, excluding Greg. He would be helping Ami teach the others how to speak English. Ami pulled out her Mercury wand. She knew that she could place the knowledge they'd need without going through the pain of teaching the others the language. Sighing, she focused her energy through the wand. Everyone started to speak in English. "It worked! Yes," Ami was so happy.

With that, they started working on getting plane tickets. Mamoru smiled as he pulled himself off the computer. "We can leave tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. and be in the US at 7:00 a.m. Sound good?"

Rei's Temple
Everyone nodded and then started towards home to pack and tell their parents that there was a "field trip" that day. Usagi didn't know what to do. She had packed her stuff and told her parents about the "field trip." She turned over and remembered. "Luna! Where's your cat carrier? I can't leave you behind." Usagi gasped into the darkness.

"It's by the door. Now get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow," Luna mumbled, tired and mad at being woken up so rudely.

In America
"I don't like it. More scouts mean more trouble. How many did you see?" Amber pointy asked.

"Twenty-two or more. The planetary scouts and knights, which is sixteen, the leader and her knight, which is two, and four others from a different planet," Amanda answered.

Kaitlyn saw something else, "These other scouts are like our equals, which means that for each one of us, there's one of them. Except the other four scouts. My question is how come we just found out about them? If there's a second Sailor Pluto shouldn't Donnie picked up on her by now?" Kaitlyn wondered aloud.

"I wondered the same thing. It's possible that there are two time gates, maybe more or that the mists somehow blocked us from picking up the other," Donnie answered. "Which is also odd. And we're all linked to our fellow scout. Try calling out with your mind. The knights too."

'Sailor Jupiter? Are you there? Sailor Jupiter!'

In an Airplane Over the Pacific Ocean
Makoto sat up so fast that Usagi jumped. The other scouts and knights woke up in terror. Luna and Artemis let out a meow. Mamoru grabbed Usagi's hand to try to calm her down. Ken looked at Makoto in worry. They had spread the group out over six rows, two scouts and their knights per row, Starlights in a row. The plane bounced in the air causing Makoto to gasp in terror. Rei whispered something to Minako. The group had the whole plane to themselves; no other passengers wanted to fly on that plane. The stewardess was sleeping. "Guys, answer back. Find out who these people are," Rei ordered.

'I am Sailor Jupiter. Who is calling me?'
'I'm the American Sailor Jupiter, call me Kaitlyn. What's your name?'

10-11-2004, 03:06 PM
In an Airplane Over the Pacific Ocean
'Makoto. Listen I'm on a plane with the rest of the scouts and knights flying to America right now. Our plane lands tomorrow at four in the afternoon.'
'Okay. I wrote it down for the rest of my friends. Who are the extra four scouts with you?'

'Oh! Those are the Starlights, you know the group? Well they're also scouts. Seiya is Star Fighter, Yaten is Star Healer, and Taiki is Star Maker. The fourth is their princess Sailor Kakyu. Do you have guardians? Ours are going nuts. Luna says a dog is talking to her, so does Artemis.'

'Yes we do. They are dogs the size of a cat! They're Chinese Crested Powderpuffs. They're so cute! Mine is a shorthaired.'

In an Airplane Over the Pacific Ocean
'You have a guardian? I don't. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus have our guardians. Why do you have one?'
'I don't know. I am one of the leaders besides Sailor Moon here. Our Sailor Venus doesn't look like her but I do. Only my hair is longer.'

'I'll see you on the ground. Oh, I hate flying!

Makoto looked out the plane window to see the ground coming up to meet them. She smiled, leaning into her seat. "I've never seen you happier," Ken murmured.

"You'll seen me even happier when we touch the ground!" Makoto answered happily.

America - Airport
Makoto? Over here! Kaitlyn begged that Makoto had heard her. "Kaitlyn? Is that you?" Makoto questioned a girl in front of her.

The girl had thick, wavy brown hair (nearly black with the dim lights) pulled into a ponytail. Makoto guessed her hair would be just below her shoulders when down. A blonde girl with hair similar to the brunette sighed. "There are two girls named Kaitlyn. I'm the one spelled C-A-I-T-L-I-N. She's the one you're looking for," the blonde girl finished.

"Yes, I am. This way. We're splitting up into groups. Since Amber has a van, she'll be taking the Starlights," Kaitlyn smiled and added in a whisper. "Reach out with your mind to find your American scout and knight. Tell the Starlights to look for Sailor Moon."

The huge group split into nine groups. After names had been given, they headed for the parking lot. "We all live in the same apartment building. The Starlights might be able to get their own room. Ken, you'll be sharing a room with David. Makoto pass me the carrier please," Kaitlyn turned around to grab the carrier. "This is one of the guardians. Her name is Faye."

"Pleased to meet you. Do your guardians object to dogs?" Faye asked, before jumping off Kaitlyn's lap to the car floor.

"Not that I know of, but I'll check," Makoto answered.

"Where are the others? I thought you all lived in the same building?" Ken pressed, when he noticed that they were the only car on the road.

"Answer me."

"The apartment complex is split into several different areas. We live in the green area. The others live in their "colors." Venus in orange, Mars in red, Mercury in blue, and so on. Amber lives in the white area. Yet, they still say it's the same building," David finished with a forced laugh. "I live right next-door to Kaitlyn so I get free meals..."

He paused. Ken looked up. Makoto shifted uneasily beside him. Faye barked, forcing Kaitlyn to look up. "Oh, my god!" was her cry of shock. A huge youma stood a little ahead of them. Kaitlyn leapt from the car, staring at the youma. David lunged after her. Makoto and Ken followed behind them. "Call the others!"

"Jupiter Double Star Power!"
"Jupiter Crystal Power!"
"Jupiter Knight Power!"

Sailor Star Jupiter grabbed her communicator. "Amber! Get down here fast!" she begged.

"I'm on my way Kaitlyn. I'll call the others," Amber's voice faded as the communicator shut off.

"You are toast! I am Sailor Star Jupiter and on behalf of Jupiter I will rid this planet of your presence!" Sailor Star Jupiter yelled.

"Jupiter Thunder Frisbee! FLY!"
"Oak Evolution!"
"Jupiter Sword Electrify!"
"Jupiter Thunder Shock!"

The youma gasped and screamed. The scouts smiled proudly. "Whoa, your thunder frisbee is lethal! Not to mention that David's sword electrify was..." Makoto trailed off.

"Our attacks are nothing compared to yours! That oak evolution is powerful and that thunder shock! I wouldn't want to get on your bad side!" Kaitlyn said looking at the scorch mark on the ground. Faye whined. Kaitlyn turned back to the car. "Come on, we have to call the others."

Later, at the Apartment Building
"Well here it is! Home sweet home!" Kaitlyn chirped, throwing her arms wide. "It doesn't look like much but it's got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and a dining room! Each of them the size of three shoeboxes, which is pretty big. The best part is, I don't have to pay rent! This apartment was in my name and a note said to use the credit card next to it to buy furnishings! I did give myself a limit though. No more than $3,000 to be spent on furnishings. I still have the card and only use it in a pinch, otherwise I use my checking account."

"That's like what happened to me!" Makoto gasped. "There was an account in my name but I never got any of the bills! Weird."

"We need to give you a more American name. Let's see... I know! We'll say your name is Lita," Kaitlyn finished happily. "I hope the others have already done this. Amber, we need American names. Okay... thanks! Well here's the list. Remember you have to call your friends by their American names."

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I gave the outer senshi the names I used to know them as, until I learned their true names!


Later, at the Apartment Building
The paper Kaitlyn handed Lita looked like this:
Usagi-Serena, Ami-Amy, Minako-Mina, Rei-Raye, Makoto-Lita, Hotaru-Harriet, Haruka-Corinne, Michiru-Narissa, Setsuna-Celia. Seiya-Sam, Taiki-Travis, Yaten-Joseph. Mamoru-Darien.

Lita sighed. The names seemed easy enough to remember. She looked around the apartment that she would be calling home for the next month or so. Kaitlyn turned around and her hand caught the light. Her nails weren't green, they were a rich maroon! Lita gasped. That meant that Kaitlyn wasn't truly descended from the royal house of Jupiter. Lita's head spun with confusion. She had to find Ken.

Apartment Building
Ken was leaning against the railing of David's balcony when he heard Lita's voice. Turning towards her voice, he saw her on Kaitlyn's balcony. Smiling at her, Ken walked towards the railing that separated them. He stopped when he saw her face. "What is it, Lita?" Ken asked, voice laced with worry.

"Kaitlyn's hands. Her nails aren't green. They're maroon, or deep reddish, like Sailor Pluto's," Lita exclaimed. "This might be a trap Ken!"

"I don't think so. I mean their fuku is different too. They have a blue, white, and red strip along the skirt or cape edge. Of course, they could also be our half siblings. They're all a year younger than we are. Did you catch that?" Ken explained softly. "They could also have been slaves or illegal princes and princess."

"Illegal?" Lita murmured. "Illegal as in that our fathers had children with another woman besides our mothers?"

Apartment Building
"It happened all through history. King Henry VIII was the biggest culprit. He had six wives, but he was never divorced the first one, according to the pope," Ken sighed. "They'll tell us when they're ready. Their past may have been worse than ours."

Nodding, Lita turned back towards the house. "I hope they tell us soon. I think she knows that I know about her."

"Lita? You out there?" Kaitlyn's voice drifted out. "And Ken, too? We all need to talk."

"Coming," Lita answered, as Ken jumped over David's balcony and onto Kaitlyn's.

"We know that you found out. We decided to tell you now," Kaitlyn whispered, eyes full of tears. "This is really hard for me, I mean us."

Apartment Building
"In the Silver Millennium, all the Kings wished for peaceful alliances with the neighboring planets. One way was to have a child with someone from that planet. The planets were grouped like this: Mercury and Neptune, Venus and Uranus, Mars and Saturn, and Jupiter and Pluto. The Moon Kingdom adopted one of the royal Earth's family, Earth did the same."

"The father of the child got to keep it. Kaitlyn's father was King of Jupiter, Donnie's King of Pluto. They acquired the powers from their fathers, but their basic powers came from their mothers. Kaitlyn's Dead Scream was almost better than Celia's. I was just a knight from Jupiter, no cross-planetary blood. Then a year before the death of the kingdoms, they earned their father's powers, only slightly different. Kaitlyn can use any of Sailor Pluto's attacks, if she wishes, in Sailor Jupiter form. People were shocked. It was proved that our forms were much more powerful than yours."

Ken paused, drawing in a shaky breath.

Apartment Building
"Then the knights were chosen. It was only four months after we had learned all of our moves and powers, Beryl attacked. We were the first line of defense. You were the second. Queen Serenity wanted to keep her daughter out of it, as long as she could. Queen Beryl killed our Sailor Saturn before she could do a death and reborn. Sailor Mars tried. It killed all the youmas but effected Beryl little. One by one, we were taken out until it was just us. Kaitlyn tried to stop time, but Celia had transformed. There wasn't enough power. Kaitlyn and I tried a Jupiter Thunderstorm, weakening Beryl. Then I died. Beryl sent a blast at Kaitlyn. I did my duty and died for it."

"Then you all came out. You saw the dead bodies of your siblings and you, Lita, saw me. I was the only one still standing. You ran for me, when Ken stopped you. When the blast cleared, I knew I was dying. I wanted to say good-bye to you. You came to me. I felt blood pouring out from the gash in my leg. Here I was dying, last of my group, and sister to you," Kaitlyn's voice broke.

10-11-2004, 03:18 PM
Apartment Building
"I was mad at Ken for stopping me. I could have saved you. When I saw you dying, bleeding I went numb. I ignored Beryl and ran for you. You smiled at me and said,' I might die now, but my life was full of happiness. You kick her out of the universe for me.' I promised you that. Then you died. After that we tried and died. Then we were reborn," Lita stopped, tears pouring down her face. "Once I remembered you, I swore that I would find you. And I did. Took me nineteen years."

Ken smiled. "I was happy to find that my little brother was a knight and when I saw you dead, I snapped. Once I was reborn and had my memory restored, I went off to find you. Even though we're a year apart, all of us were like a small family," Ken frowned. "Then Beryl came along. I'm so glad Sailor Moon dusted her five years ago."

"But, if you're royalty like us, won't you rule a planet someday?" Lita asked softly.

"I don't think so. If anything, we're just going to be part of the royal family, but not the important branch. That's you and your friends," Kaitlyn answered. "Even so, our Sailor Moon will live on the moon, while yours stays on Earth."

Apartment Building
"I'm so glad I found you," Lita sobbed, wrapping Kaitlyn in a hug. "I won't let anyone tear us apart ever again."

Chapter 2 - Forward
Yes, the first chapter is called a Shocking Revelation. I thought of the title after I sent it in. Oops. So sue me, nobody's perfect. Okay, I do not own Sailor Moon. I only write fan fictions for public enjoyment, not for personal gain. I know that you all are confused with the first part. It's supposed to be confusing! I'm looking for some ideas so, e-mail me. Well, enough of my yapping. On to the story!

Apartment Building
Lita pulled away from Kaitlyn. Ken and David were embracing in the corner. "Why were we the only ones who survived that holocaust? It doesn't seem right," Lita wondered aloud.

"Queen Serenity only had enough strength to send only a handful of the people who died. We need to hold a meeting with everyone else and discuss some things. Such as, why did you try to find us now? You've all had your powers for five years and they can be used to locate other scouts?" David questioned.

"I don't know," Lita answered.

Next Day
"Let's go sight seeing!" Lita cried. "Kaitlyn, I'm dying to see New York!"

"Alright!" Kaitlyn answered.

New York City
"This is amazing! I've never had so much fun," Amy cried, twirling around. "Let's all get a picture with our siblings in front of that park!"

Everyone agreed. The sailor scouts went first, followed by the knights, then it was group pictures: American Scouts, Japanese Scouts, all the knights, all the scouts and Starlights with both groups. The group had been tramping through New York since seven that morning.

"How about a game of laser tag?" Kaitlyn suggested. "It's really fun and easy."

"Even Meatball could play?" Raye asked.

"Yes, even Serena can play!" David answered. "Let's go!"

Jincslas watched and smiled evilly from a corner. "Enjoy your little family outing. It's the last you'll ever have!"

In Amber's apartment
"Well now that we know each other's history, that changes things. A lot," Amber said, pacing the room.

A knock startled everyone. Rushing to the door, Darien let in an upset looking Donnie, Cory, Charon, and Celia. Celia rushed into the center of their midst. "We, we, had a vision," Celia looked to Donnie for support.

"Yes. All of us were fighting and one by one, we the American scouts, died whilst protecting our Japanese equal," Donnie looked at Celia, tears welling up in her eyes.

"What! They can't die! We just found them and..." Lita's words dissolved into tears.

In Amber's apartment
"But you can change the future, can't you? You've already said that we have, so why not do it again?" Serena looked at Celia, with anger. "You know that all of us here are all that's left of the Silver Millennium. And, and ... Why?"
Serena, with Amber on her heels, ran out of the room. The other scouts sniffed and sobbed, chasing after them. The Knights just stood there looking at each other. The silence was a thick blanket over the room. Darien choked on the news. The Starlights began to sob. The rest let tears slip but that was all.

"Come on out you pathetic wimps!"

Darien screamed for the girls to come back inside. The Knights and Starlights quickly transformed. The scouts had transformed and were staring up at a huge and ugly (I mean UGLY) youma.

10-11-2004, 03:23 PM
In Amber's apartment
The two Sailor Moons stared up at this thing. "Moon Pair Shine!"

Everyone was in shock. Eternal Sailor Moon (Serena) looked at Sailor Moon (Amber). Their attack had seriously wounded the sucker.

"Jupiter Pair Shock!"
"Mars Pair Fry!"
"Mercury Pair Freeze!"
"Venus Pair Encircle!"
"Uranus Pair Shake!"
"Neptune Pair Drown!"
"Pluto Pair Trap!"
"Saturn Pair Revolution!"

The Knights were in shock. These pair attacks were deadly. Everyone stood there, stunned. Jincslas appeared and grinned at them. "You pitiful scouts!" he roared. "That was my best one!"

In Amber's apartment
"Die Jincslas!" Tuxedo Mask yelled, protecting Sailor Moon. "We will fight until the breath leaves our bodies!"

"So be it!" Jincslas screamed. "You will be the first to die!"

The black bands nearly reached the Japanese pair when the American leaders threw them out of the way. Amber screamed loudly and Jason yelled, "Attack him now!"

Sailor Moon screamed in rage and pulled out her spiral heart moon rod. She swallowed back her sob and fired off her attack, "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

In Amber's apartment
Jincslas was enraged at the attack and threw another fireball towards Sailor Moon. This time, Jordan, Mercury Knight, pushed Serena out of the way. He was reduced to ashes. Lauren screamed as loud as she could and managed a curse. "Mercury Waterfall!"

Caitlin and Ryan stepped up and powered up. "Venus Love and Heart! Blast!"

Jincslas was burned and getting weaker. He threw another shot and blasted at the group. The American Sailors, Mercury and Venus, plus Venus Knight were killed. The last two pairs of American Inner Scouts held back and planned. Jenny and Matt stepped up. "Saturn Death Galilee!"

Jincslas howled in pain and sent his sword at the pair. "Good bye, Saturn," the two said, closing their eyes and embracing one another. Saturn turned away and cried on her knight's shoulder.

In Amber's apartment
Camilla, Kevin, Tara, and Patrick looked at one another before firing off what they could. "World Shaking!"
"Space Sword Blast!"
"Neptune Cascades!"
"Neptune Sword Attack!"
"You BRATS!" Jincslas screamed. "I'll kill you for that!"

"Bring it on," Camilla challenged. "You don't have the guts to!"

"NO!" Sailor Uranus cried as her sister was stabbed in the heart. Her knight, Thomas, held her back and covered her eyes when Kevin died. Sailor Neptune screamed loudly in Japanese several unwritable things to Jincslas. Cory and Donnie tried to stop time and were killed before they could finish. Soon only Sailors Jupiter and Mars, plus their knights were left of the American scouts.

In Amber's apartment
Lita grabbed her sister. "Don't do it!" she begged. "Hide!"

"No, I want to be with my team. And it's the only way for you to win," Kaitlyn answered, hugging her sister. "At least I got to show you New York."

"Yeah," Lita answered. "Kick him into Kingdom come sis."

"You know I will," Kaitlyn answered. "Hey stupid! Come down and fight like a man!"

"Yeah!" Amanda yelled. "You're a big chicken!"

"Am I?" Jincslas laughed. "Very well."

David and Edward pulled out their swords and turned to Sailor Moon. "We who are about to die salute you," they said and bowed like the ancient gladiators.

In Amber's apartment
"Jupiter Thunder Frisbee! FLY!"
"Mars Arrows Fire!"
"Black Energy!"

Kaitlyn dodged the attack. Amanda was hit straight on. "NOOOOOOO!" Mars howled and began to sob in her knight's arms.

Edward tried to kill Jincslas but was stabbed to death. Mars Knight hid his face. Jupiter fell to knees and prayed for her sister's impending death to be quick. David screamed and cut off Jincslas' arm. He looked shocked and stabbed the knight in the heart. Kaitlyn shot another Frisbee of thunder energy at him.

Turning to her fallen knight, Kaitlyn ignored Jincslas. He crept up behind her and stabbed her in the back. Kaitlyn fell forwards, landing on her knight. Sailor Moon brought her silver crystal out and killed Jincslas.

In Amber's apartment
Jupiter rushed to her sister's side and dropped to her knees. "Did we win?" Kaitlyn croaked out.

"Of course we did." Jupiter answered through her tears. "We're the good guys."

Kaitlyn smiled. "It was great seeing you again sister. I'll always be with you," Kaitlyn closed her eyes and coughed weakly.

The two dogs walked up and lay beside their fallen mistresses. They died too. The scouts knelt beside their fallen siblings and cried. The bodies began to shimmer and shine.

Lita stood up in shock. Kaitlyn's body vanished into thin air, along with the others. Hearing a voice, Lita turned and gasped. "Wait up David! You run too fast!"

In Amber's apartment
Kaitlyn was running after David in a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Unbidden, Kaitlyn's words from the Silver Millennium filtered through her mind. "I want to be a normal girl! Not a hero who has to fight evil!"

Lita stopped Serena with her arm. "Their wish came true, don't bother them."

"What wish?" Serena asked.

"To be normal people." Lita answered. "To be normal people."

Ken put his arms around Lita's shoulders and together they watched their reborn siblings chase each other about. When David caught Kaitlyn, he lifted her up and kissed her deeply.

In Amber's apartment
"I might die now, but my life was full of happiness. You kick her out of the universe for me."

Kaitlyn's last words from the fight with Negaverse echoed around Ken and Lita. "Your life will be full of happiness, I promise you that Kaitlyn." And with that final good bye, Lita and Ken walked away following the other scouts.

The End