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Ancient Darkrai
06-05-2007, 08:04 AM
Ok guys here's a Shiny Guide from me. A Shiny Hunter.

What are Shiny pokemon?
They are Pokemon are alternate color and are extremely rare to find.

How do I find Shiny pokemon?
Simple you don't catching Shinys are completely random unless you decide to Soft Reset or Chain for Shinies which also takes time.

How do I Soft Reset?
To save in-front of Target then... example like Heatran or Groudon.etc
On the GBA and SP you Soft reset by pressing A+B and START+SELECT.
On the DS however you Soft Reset by Pressing L+R and START+SELECT.
L=Left Trigger
R=right Trigger

How Do I Chain for Shiny Pokemon?
click link to find out.

Here are some Facts and Tips

-There is a 1/8192 chance of finding a Shiny this nevers changes at all even when breeding SRing.

-Always have Pokealls with you at all times atleast 30 in stock or less typically doesn't matter what kind of ball unless the shiny is rare or a legendary in that case use Ultra balls IF you don't wanna use your Masterball.

Don't Know what a Shiny looks like then look below.


you can determine whether its Shiny or not by looking at its color but for harder to identify shinys like Garchomp simply look to the right you should see a Star on the side like in the pictures above.

Also when the pokemon you encounter throws out a blue ring of stars and glitters yup you found a Shiny.
for GBA users the pokemon will release Yellow stars that shoot likr a shooting star.

Lord Torterra
06-06-2007, 12:41 AM
not bad of a guide....plus some info on shiny newbs....plus i finally found that its L+R and A+B instead of A+B and Y+X :eek:

06-15-2007, 05:34 PM
Duplicate shinies before raising them. EXAMPLE OF WHY YOU SHOULD DUPLICATE THEM: In Saphire I caught Shiny Tentacool, But I duplicated it and evolved one into Tentacruel and kept the other one a Tentacool, So know I don't only have one shiny but 2.

Ture pokemon master
06-20-2007, 02:43 AM
Ok When i get to 40 or more on a chain when I reset on is that mean do the 50 step over and over until i get a shiny grass?