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This ish a chapter story! Tell if you like. I won't type my new way, so there will be little mistakes.


Chapter 1

"Good morning mother!" said Usagi cheerfully.
"Serena-- it is 1:30 in the afternoon." Iluko said.

"WHAA--!" Usagi shrieked. She jumped out of bed and raced to get dressed. "Rei is going to kill me!" she yelled as she ran out of the house. Turning the corner to go up the steps to the Shinto Temple, Usagi crashed into a young man who caught her up in his arms.

"Usako!" he cried.
"Mamo-chan!" she whispered back.
"So Usagi, where are you off to?" Mamoru asked.

"Well, I was supposed to go to that pyro Rei's place to view some stuff that Ami has collected on those two new Senshi," she said.

"Well, would you like to go for a milkshake afterwards?" he asked.
"I can skip the meeting, let's go right now!" Usagi giggled.
"OH NO YOU DON'T USAGI!" shouted Rei from high above.
"Rei-Chan," whined Usagi.

"No Usagi-chan. Ami-chan has spent a lot of time compiling information of these two new enemies. (To Mamoru) and you stay too Mamoru-chan. You can go out later after you hear this stuff. It concerns all of us." Rei snapped.

"All right Rei-chan." he grumbled.

The three tugged up the steps to the temple and found Luna, Artemis, Minako, Makoto and Ami waiting for them.

"Okay Minako-chan Luna and I have been going over information of the Silver Millennium and there is some very startling news. The two new Senshi that we have seen are Sailors Uranus and Neptune. Sailor Pluto is now in this time too as a Meiou Setsuna. There is one more Senshi to be found, Sailor Saturn. It was reported that she was reborn as Tomme Hotaru but then it appears that the Hotaru that Sailor Saturn was born into almost... wilted."

"Wilted?" asked Makoto. "How?"

"That is a matter of which I am not entirely sure of. It is like the basis of Hotaru and sailor Saturn were put in a box and left up on a closet shelf in a empty room that someone else occupies but hasn't noticed the box."

"So, if we are to find a Tomme Hotaru chances are she will be possessed," said Artemis.
"Right," said Luna.
"Why does all of this concern me?" asked Mamoru.
"Mamoru, Sailor Moon is getting weaker," said Luna.
"What?" he gasped and held Usagi a little bit tighter.

"No no, Sailor Moon's gizinhou (Moon Crystal) is very weak and even the desire to save her friends will not be able to help her transform any more. Only by the power of your love will Sailor Moon be able to protect this world and whatever threatens it."

"Whaa..." stuttered Usagi.

"You must join hands and concentrate," ordered Luna. They began to glow a pinkish-red and became their Silver Millennium selves. (Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.) The moon crystal appeared between their hands and began to glow pink.

"Look out below!" someone streaked. Amazingly enough, the person falling didn't land on Usagi and Mamo (gotcha there!) but instead landed on top of Minako and Makoto, who were staring at some cute guys in a magazine. While this was happening the silver crystal became pink heart-shaped and altered the locket to that of a heart shape. The Prince and Princess went back to their previous forms.

"All right get off of ME!" screeched Minako as she tried to get the mysterious girl and Makoto off her. Grinning sheepishly, Makoto helped the new girl and Minako up.

"Who are you and where are you from?" she asked.
"Konnichiwa, my name is Tsukino Tenshi." she replied.

"NO WAY!" shouted Usagi. "Look, Tenshi-san, I am Tsukino Usagi and there is absolutely NO way that we are related."

"Is Ashley-chan here yet?" Tenshi asked, completely ignoring Usagi's remark.
"Who?" asked Ami.

"Obviously she is not here. If Ashley-chan were here, you would know it. I know that you are the Sailor Senshi of the Inner planets."

"How do you know that?" Artemis asked.

"I will explain when I find Ashley-chan to all of you." Then a loud "Yowl!" came from up above and a dark blue cat landed on top of Luna.

"So sorry, m'mosille." she purred.

"Ahh! Estrella-chan! You are here!" squealed Tenshi in delight. Estrella jumped up into Tenshi's arms. She (Estrella) had a Silver Star on her forehead, like how Luna, Artemis and Diana had a golden Crescent Moon on theirs.

"Es... trel... la?" said Rei in a confused tone.
"Yes, it means, 'Little Star'," said Tenshi.
"Little Star... that is very pretty," said Mamoru.

Tenshi and Estrella suddenly ran off.

Usagi and Mamo went for ice cream. A little while later Usagi came home.

"Oh hi, Usagi." says Iluko, her mother. "Your cousin Tenshi is here for a visit."

Then Kenji starts sniffing the air.

"Usagi- where have you been all afternoon?" he demands.
"With, Mamo-cha-"

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Chapter 2
Professor, is a daimon ready?" asked Kaolinite.

"Yes, here is the first one. I have a particular pure heart in mind. The pure heart of a genius." he says and tosses a photograph at the woman. It is a picture of Ami.

"It shall be done," says Kaolinite as she carried the daimon egg away and disappeared.

At Ami's Cram School
Kaolinite walks up to a computer and places the daimon egg on top of it. The egg immediately embedded itself into the computer.

"I dare you to escape, silly pure-hearted genius!" Kaolinite cackled before disappearing. A short while later Ami walked in carrying an armload of books chatting with Ryo. She started to sit down at the computer when Ryo shoved her to the floor.

"RUN AMI-CHAN!" he yelled as the computer split in two and the daimon lurched out. Ami took off running. Ryo started beating the daimon with a chair.

"TRY AND CATCH ME!" he shouted to it before jumping out onto the fire escape.

The daimon looked towards the direction where Ami had run and then to Ryo. It ran towards Ryo. He raced away from the direction that Ami had run. Unfortunately, he headed towards the park in Juuban where Ami was hiding.

"Help me!" whispered Ami into her communicator. The small screen split in three. (Usagi, Makoto and Rei - Minako is not carrying her communicator it seems.)

"What's wrong Ami-chan?" asked Makoto.
"Some evil daimon is chasing me. I am at the Juuban Park - send back up."
"Don't transform Ami-chan. The thing could realize that you are Sailor Mercury," said Rei.

"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"

"You're gonna PAY!" screeched the daimon as Ryo threw a cracked CD at it, scratching its cheek.
"Mihjioko, you fool!" snarled Kaolinite who had appeared floating in midair.
"He is not the one! The pure heart is in Juuban Park, not this alley!" she roared.
"Gomen, Kaolinite-sama," said the daimon and it flew away. [Note: -sama refers to someone of higher rank then yourself]

Juuban Park
Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter found Ami.

"Don't worry we will protect you Am-" Sailor Jupiter started.
"IT'S HERE!" shouted Ami pointing to a thing flying in the sky.
"There you are!" Mihjioko cried.
"Oh no you don't! Mars Fire Ball Charge!" shouted Sailor Mars.

"Aughh!" screamed Mihjioko. Then it shot off its poison at the two Senshi, stopping them for the moment. IT grabbed Ami and extracted her heart crystal.

Tsukino House
"Estrella, what's that?" asked Tenshi with a start.

"You need to become Sailor Andromidia NOW!" said Estrella. Then she did a back flip to produce a broach like Sailor Saturn's.

"Hold it up in the air and shout, 'Star Crystal Power Make-Up!'" commanded Estrella. Nodding, Tenshi did as she was told.

"Star Crystal Power Make-Up!" There was a flash of light and Tenshi was wearing a Sailor fuku of silver and blue.

"Now let's GO!" said Estrella. Sailor Andromidia and Estrella jumped out the window and raced instinctively towards Juuban Park.

Juuban Park
The Senshi hand freed themselves of the Daimon's attack gook.

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!" The daimon easily dodges the attack.
"Let me try- Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap!" The daimon jumps into the air and avoids the attack.

Out of nowhere, a voice says, "Arctic Northwind Swirl!" The daimon was hit by the attack and was injured greatly.

"Hi guys!" calls Sailor Moon. "Let me help! Spiral Moon Heartache!" The daimon is moon dusted. Sailor Neptune grabbed the crystal before it was disintegrated with the daimon. Sailor Neptune took a close look at it.

"Here!" she said, tossing it back to Sailor Moon, "it isn't the one."

Then she and Sailor Uranus run away. Up in a nearby tree Sailor Andromidia whispers to Estrella.

"You didn't say that there would be three new Senshi!"
"I only knew of one new Senshi, and that is the silver and green Senshi."
"Who is she?"
"I don't know. The other two are planetary Senshi. But I believe that she's an elemental."

"An elemental. She can use any of the four main powers of earth, wind, fire and water. We'll need her and the other three elemental scouts since Sailor Moon's powers may be fading."

"When do you think they'll come?"
"When the time is right for showing themselves. They used to be rather reliable, unlike that odanga atama Usagi."
"Should we tell the other Senshi? Rei could hold another meeting at the temple."
"NO! The planetary Senshi must not know of our mission yet."
"Which is... ?"

"I must use the Stellar Mind Meld." Her star sent out a silver beam and landed on Sailor Andromidia's star on her tiara.

"Yes, Estrella. I was an elemental Senshi with Sailor Callisto, Sailor Pandora, Sailor Nebula and Sailor Quartzite. Together, the five of us protected the Mooniverse in the Silver Millennium. But then Queen Beryl attacked the Moon from Earth and we were called into battle. Sailor Pluto stopped us. She told us that any help would alter the future. Then she turned the four elemental Scouts into four crystals and sent them to Earth. She put me to work, protecting the galaxy from outside invaders until the time when the Moon Princess was re-awaked from her 1,000 year slumber. Now, I must find the four elemental Scouts and together we must protect our princess once more."

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Chapter 3
Chibiusa fell from the sky once more. She landed on the ground in the Tsukinos' front yard.

"Aunt Iluko!" she called out. Mrs. Tsukino stepped outside.

"Chibiusa-chan!" she cried. Chibiusa ran and gave her a hug. "It is so good to see you Chibiusa-chan! How have you been? We have another visitor too. It is Ten-chan, Usagi's other cousin."

"I don't remember Ten-chan," said Chibiusa.

"She is Uncle Kenji's sister's daughter. You wouldn't know her because she is not from your side of the family," said Iluko. "Shigo! Usagi!

"Tenshi, look who has come for a visit!" All of the children came running out.
"Chibiusa-chan!" cried out Usagi and ran to give her a hug.
"Oh great not another stupid girl!" muttered Shigo and went back inside.
"Oh Usagi! Wake up sleepy head! You have five minutes to get ready!" sang out Chibiusa.

"Chibiusa-chan, you should know by now that the odanga atama won't get up that way," said Tenshi. "Let's roll her out." With a great heave, they shoved Usagi out of bed.

"Don't go! Mamo-ch-! Huh? Aieeee! I'm going to be late! Miss Haruna's going to kill me! I have only one minute to get ready! Sammy, get out of the bathroom, I'm coming in," Usagi cried as she ran over Tenshi smiled and looked down. "Chibiusa-chan, I'll walk you to school today, all right with you?"

They made their way over to Chibiusa's school, and Tenshi waved good bye, before walking to Juuban Junior High.

"Good morning class!" Miss Haruna gave a few morning announcements before taking roll. "Now class, today, we have a ne-"

"I'm here! I'm here!" Usagi skidded into the room and slid into her seat.
Miss Haruna stalked over to Usagi and leaned over her desk with a menacing glare.
"Usagi! This is the fourth time this week you have been tardy! This is unacceptable! Detention for you today!"
"But Miss Haruna, I already have detention!" whined Usagi.

Meanwhile, Miss Haruna went on. "Class, what I was going to say, before so rudely interrupted, was that we have the pleasure of having a new student in our midst. Please welcome Smith Ashley. (Japanese names are written backwards.) She's a British girl that has been going to a boarding school in Switzerland, but now has joined us."

Ashley scanned the room, feeling somewhat self-conscious. Her eye quickly landed on Tenshi. "Hey, I know her! She went to my boarding school!" she thought excitedly.

At that exact moment, Tenshi thought the same thing. She looked over to where Ashley-chan was being seated. She scribbled a note and passed to Ashley. It read-- Hey Ashley-chan! Meet me after school and we'll go over to my house! We' got lots of catching up to do!

Finally, after what seemed like hours, (actually, it was hours) school was over.

"Hey Ten-chan! Wait up!" Ashley cried.
"You run as fast as Usagi does when she is late, which is most of the time. You still on the track team?"
"Yup! Coach said I was like the wind. Everyone has been asking bout you."

Tenshi smiled and said, "Here we are! This is my cousin Usagi-chan's house. Unfortunately, she is at detention, or she'd say hello."

"You mean that odanga atama is related to you?"
"She is from the other side of the family."
The girls laughed as they walked inside.
"Ash-chan, this is my cat, Estrella."
Ashley leaned over and picked up Estrella. "Oh, she is so cute! Yes you are, you cute little kitty."

As she did, a bright golden eight-pointed star flashed brightly on her forehead, before bursting into flames.

Estrella stopped purring and leaned toward Tenshi. "Sailor Andromidia, she is the second elemental. She has the Golden Pelyndryn."

Ashley quickly turned white as she dropped Estrella like a hot coal.

"She talks! What is this? Your cat..."
"Tell her Andromidia, tell her that she is Sailor Callisto."
"You don't have to tell me, I heard you loud and clear!" as Ashley trembled.

"We don't have much time." Estrella quickly back flipped and a crystal brooch dropped from the air into Ashley's palm. It was pale emerald, shaped like a rose in bloom.

"Hey, it looks like mine, only mine is sapphire!" Tenshi said.

"Ashley, shout out 'Callisto Crystal Power Make-Up' to transform into Sailor Callisto. And you must hurry, the other scouts need you at the ice cream parlor now!"

"Umm, here it goes... Callisto Crystal Crystal Power Make-Up?"
"Andromidia Crystal Power Make-Up!"

With a glow of brilliant light, Sailor Callisto and Andromidia stood side by side.

"How do I look?"

"Come on, we don't have time for that!" Andromidia grabbed Callisto and dragged her out. "We have to get to the ice cream parlor!"

They started off at a sprint, following the screams of terrified people.

Meanwhile, Rei was standing on a marble-topped table with one foot in Ami's sundae. She cupped her hands to her mouth and yelled, "OK PEOPLE! PLEASE CLEAR OUT IN AN ORDERLY FASHION!"

"Always heard that Rei-chan had a big mouth, but now this proves it!" giggled Minako to Makoto.

"Um Rei-chan, you can't clear all these people out. We simply can't transform until we get out!" Rei looked down to see Ami pulling at the hem of her school uniform.

"But the people need to be out to be safe!" said Rei.
"But without Usagi, there is no way we can defeat the daimon!" said Minako.
What a day to have detention!" grumbled Rei.

Makoto stood up, ducked as the daimon threw a chair and stood back up. "I'm going! We can't just sit here and let this thing wreck all that good ice cream!"

All of a sudden, a cool breeze blew in. A clear, British voice shouted "Arctic Northwind Swirl! Hey, that is pretty cool, right Andromidia?"

The blue air completely enclosed him, leaving little icicles that played a soft melody. For a moment, everything was in complete silence. Then, the icicles stopped abruptly. With a tremendous crash, the daimon broke free. It turned, shooting his long arms out in the direction of the voice. Another voice, coming from one of the two shadows in the doorway cried out, "Star Shining Purification!"

The daimon fell, severely weakened, when it burst into flames.

Another sailor, known as Sailor Pandora had just thrown her Burning Flame Deception, an invisible power until it was too late.

The stunned crowd walked out. A man muttered to his kids, "Um. Let's try the Dairy Queen in town."

"Oh wow! You guys were great! But who are you?" asked Minako inquiringly.

"I'm here! I'm here!" Usagi ran in, breathless. "Sorry I'm late! Got extra detention and still had to pick up Chibiusa-chan! Wow! This place is a mess! Geez, look at all this ice cream just melting! I'm starved!"

"Usagi, where is Chibiusa-chan?" asked Ami gently.
"Umm, Chi-"
"Here I am! Usagi, you run too fast!"

"Instead of standing here like idiots, let's go back to the temple and let them de-transform." Rei nodded her head to the three new Senshi.

Rei's Temple
After all the usual introductions, the girls got talking over homemade sundaes.

"Oh wow! I thought I recognized your voice! I knew that I heard a British accent! You're Smith Ashley from school, the girl from the Swiss boarding school" exclaimed Makoto.

"So Anderson Jill, how do you like being one of us?" asked Minako.
"Being Sailor Pandora is fun, a big change from the life I led in the States!"

Ami paused from taking a bite of her sundae, (which Usagi took a bite for her) to say, "An elemental, is that the new type of Senshi?"

"Yes. There are four. Ash-chan is somewhat the leader, since she has the Golden Pelyndryn and can use all four elements, instead of just the wind, though that is her specialty," said Ten-chan.

"What is the Golden Pelican?" mumbled Usagi, with ice cream spewing everywhere from her over crammed mouth.

"That is Pelyndryn." Estrella brushed off the ice cream from her immaculate fur. "I don't know what it is yet, but Central said when the time came, we'd need it. I don't believe that it has anything to do with the Moon."

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Chapter 4
"Bye Usagi!" called Chibiusa.

"See ya in the morning Spore!" Usagi yelled from her room where she was getting ready for a date with Mamoru. "Yeah- have fun on your date with Mamo-chan!" yelled Tenshi. She and Chibiusa were going to be staying the night at Jill's house for a sleepover. Ashley's mom was going to pick them up.

"WHAT?! USAGI YOU ARE NOT GOING ON A DA-" screamed Kenji, Usagi's father.
Shingo and Iluko tackled Kenji and tied him up.

"Bye Bye!" Tenshi and Chibiusa called.
"Meow!" meowed Estrella and she ran after them.
"Strange cat." muttered Shingo.

Usagi's Room
"Luna, do you think I should wear my hair up... or down?" Usagi asked.

"Oh Usagi... Well if you wear your hair up you can wear these." Then Luna did a back flip and produced some little white clippies. (Like what Super Sailor Moon's).

"What do they do Luna?" Usagi asked.
"They were your mother's, Usagi."
"You mean... ::in a whisper:: Queen Serenity?"
"Yes... they were to be a surprise addition to your bridal outfit."
"Ooh... tank you berry much Luna-kins!" squealed Usagi. She picked up Luna and gave her a tight hug.
"Usagi... Luna-kins can't breathe," said Luna.
"Sorry Luna." Then Usagi put them on. Luna sighed and sweatdrop.

::doorbell rings::

"Oh hello Mamoru-san," said Iluko. "Come on in."
"Arigato. Say... why is Mr. Tsukino all tied up?" Mamoru asked.
"That is so he doesn't kill you," said Iluko cheerfully.
"Err... umm... is Usagi ready?"
"Coming!" shouted Usagi. She tripped on the landing over Shingo's Game Boy but caught herself just in time.
"Konbanwa, Usako." Mamo-chan said.

"Konbanwa, Mamo-chan," said Usagi. (Konbanwa means good evening) "Um, we should be back by eleven o'clock Mom."

"Okay, have a nice time dear. Bye!" said Iluko. She waved to them and shut the door. Kenji's chair tipped over.

Jill's (the US Embassy)
"Right hand... blue!" said Ashley. The girls were playing Twister, a game that Jill brought with her from America.
"Aaaah!" shouted Chibiusa as Jill and Tenshi collapsed on top of her. "Get off me!"
"Gomen Chibiusa," said Tenshi and Jill in one voice.
"Okay," said Jill, "who wants ice cream?"
"Yay!" said Chibiusa.

"ME!" said Ashley and Tenshi in one voice. There was chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and fudge ice cream, bananas, cherries, whipped cream, and carmel topping. Tenshi, Ashley and Chibiusa had a little of each.

"Hey- what is this?" said Tenshi in a puzzled voice. She was holding a small brown plastic bottle with a turtle on it.

"Oh... that is something new from the US," said Jill. "Here, look." she shook up the bottle and poured it all over her ice cream. Ashley, Chibiusa and Tenshi watched. It quickly hardened up.

"Wow!" squealed Chibiusa.
"Wicked cool!" said Ashley. Then the girls poured it al over their sundaes.
Chibiusa grabbed the bottle and poured it into her mouth.
'Oh good grief' thought Jill.

At the Dance
"Give me your energy!" shouted a youma. Mamoru and Usagi ran outside.

"Moon Cosmic Power!" shouted Usagi. Then Mamoru transformed into Tuxedo Kamen.

Suddenly a daimon appeared over them.
"Sailor Moon, I presume?" it cackled.
"That is right- I am Sailor Moon! I fight for love and justice! And in the na-"
"Oh stop with the short talk." snarled the daimon. Then it shot off its arms.

They wrapped up Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon and the daimon carried them away.

Jill's Place
The girls were getting into their sleeping bags when the Luna-P started to beep.
"What is it Puu?" asked Chibiusa.
"Small Lady, your parents have been captured by the Deathbusters here in the present. You have to save them," said Pluto.
"How can I, Puu?" asked Chibiusa.
"Use this," said Pluto. A small broach slid out of Luna-P's mouth.
"Now say, Moon Prism Power Make-up!"
"Moon Prism Power Make-Up!" then Chibiusa became Sailor Chibimoon. "Way cool Puu!"
"My turn! Callisto Crystal Power Make-up!"
"Pandora Crystal Power Make-up!"
"STOP TENSHI!" yelped Estrella.
"Why Estrella?" asked Tenshi in a puzzled tone of voice.
"Tenshi, Sailor Moon cannot help us anymore for the time being. You must be restored to your full power!"
"Take your broach and hold it in the moonlight."

"Um... all rightie then." Tenshi walked out onto Jill's balcony that overlooked the city. She held out her broach in the palm of her hand. It glowed blue and a silver beam shot down from the moon. Tenshi swore that she heard the voice of Queen Serenity telling her to use her (Tenshi's) new power to help free the moon princess. The broach turned more of a sky blue.

"Now shout, 'Super Star Make-up!'" said Estrella.

"Super Star Make-up!" Tenshi became Sailor Andromidia again and now she had these little star earrings and a star on her choker.

"Here Sailor Andromidia," Estrella said and she did a back flip to produce a rod similar to the Cutie Moon Rod, "use this to defeat your enemies."

"Arigato, Es-chan," said Sailor Andromidia.
"Can we GO NOW!" asked Sailor Chibimoon impatiently as she tapped her foot.
"Yeah Sailor Andromidia, we'd like to leave," snapped Sailor Pandora.

"LOOK!" gasped Sailor Andromidia. Sailor Callisto's tiara disappeared and the Golden Pelyndryn appeared on her forehead. Then it started flashing burgundy.

"That means that Sailor Nebula is nearby girls!" said Estrella.

"What!" said Sailor Chibimoon. Then a maid came in. As soon as she entered the room a burgundy star shaped liked the Pelyndryn appeared on her forehead. Estrella did a back flip and produced a wine colored broach.

"Take this and shout 'Nebula Crystal Power Make-up!'"
'I have got to be dreaming!' thought the maid. 'Cats don't talk! Well, what the heck- it is a dream... '

"Nebula Crystal Power Make-up!" then the maid, whose name is Teresa (called Terry or Ter-chan by her friends) became Sailor Nebula.

"Man what a crazy dream!" she exclaimed.
"Sorry luv," said Sailor Callisto in her British accent, "this is 100% real."
"NOW can we go?" asked Sailor Pandora.
"Sorry you can't go," said Tenshi.
"Wait a second- how can there be TWO Tenshi-s?" said a puzzled Sailor Callisto. The new Tenshi sighed.
"BUT WE NEED TO SAVE SAILOR MOON!" cried Sailor Chibimoon and she started bawling.

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Chapter 5
The daimon monster spat at Sailor Moon with a wicked grin. Tuxedo Kamen tried to jump up in anger, but the ropes that bound him just gave him electric shocks. He cried out in pain. "Trying to get away, my pet?" Mistress Nine gently stroked his face with a slender, manicured hand. "Don't waste your energy." With that, she tossed her gleaming raven hair over her ivory shoulders. "Stop that! Can't you see you're hurting him? You must stop!"

Sailor Moon turned pleadingly to the man in the shadows. He pushed up his thick wire rimmed glasses and stepped forward. "Professor Tomoe?" He turned.

A stunning woman with flowing fiery red hair handed him a small black control, which he promptly slipped into his pocket. "Thank you Kaori." He turned and faced Sailor Moon again. "I'm afraid not Miss Moon. For you see, compassion is a weakness of the soul that has plagued man for centuries. I have overcome it and now am strong. But let's not talk about me. I didn't bring you here for that." She rubbed her arms against the rope gently, trying to get some blood circulating. "Then why are we here? Why do you keep us tied like animals? What do you want?" "Miss Moon, we'd like to know where the one with the Golden Pelyndryn is. Then you may go freely, of your own accord."

"Why should she tell you?" growled Tuxedo Kamen. "Because we have reason to believe that she knows who the bearer of the Pelyndryn is," said the Professor. Mistress Nine said softly, "An exchange. We need the bearer just for a little bit. We need the power that is all. Then you can have him or her back. Well, whatever is left of them." She laughed. Her lovely laugh was as if crystal bells were floating through the air. It was odd that something so beautiful came out of something so evil. "I won't tell you! Never!" shouted Sailor Moon. "Oh please reconsider, Miss Moon. Please do reconsider." Then he pushed a button on the control, sending jolts through the ropes, electrocuting them both.

At the US Embassy
"Now what are we supposed to do?" asked Sailor Chibimoon.

"Girls, take each others hands and form a circle." commanded Estrella. She walked into the center. "Now shout 'Elemental Telportation!'"

"ELEMENTAL TELPORTATION!" There was a flash of light, and they disappeared.

Makoto sighed, "I really like this Sailor V movie. That guy is sooo dreamy. He reminds me of my old boyfriend."
Showers of popcorn fell immediately onto Makoto.
"You know what? I'm glad we had the sleep-over at Rei's," declared Ami suddenly.
"How comes?" Rei asked.
"Because I don't have to clean up the mess you just made!" Ami burst out laughing hysterically.

More popcorn flew over as everyone groaned. The effects of eight super chocolate deluxe fudge bars that Makoto made and three sodas had not worn off Ami yet. She was still as hyperactive as ever.

Minako put a finger to her lips. "Hush! I can't hear the movie!"
"Oh, like you haven't seen this one a thousand times! You're in it!" cried Rei.

"Shhh! This is the best and most exciting part! This is when I jump--" A great flare of light cut Minako off. The Elemental Senshi encircled the TV, still holding hands.

"Who is that?" shouted Makoto. She jumped up into a fighting stance, knocking more popcorn everywhere.

"Chill out Mako-chan! It is I, Chibiusa. Listen, we need your help. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen have been captured by the Deathbusters."

"WHAT?" cried the Inner Senshi.
"Are you sure Chibiusa?" asked Ami.
"I'm afraid that Small Lady is correct," said a voice from the doorway.
"Sailor Pluto!"
"That is right. I have brought two friends with me." Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus stepped out from behind her.
"Sailor Callisto!" barked Uranus.
"You called?"

"You are the reason that Sailor Moon has been kidnapped. Sailor Neptune and I will defend you- the bearer of the Golden Peldnreyn."

"Why does anyone want me?" Sailor Callisto asked.

"The Pelyndyn possesses great power in any form, but the Golden Pelyndyn is only less then power of the moon. The Elemental Senshi were the Silver Millennium's greatest warriors. All of us," Sailor Pluto motioned to everyone, "were Princesses as well as Senshi but Queen Serenity created each of you from the Earth. I helped, of course," said Sailor Pluto with a smile.

"The elements were found as four crystals in the heart of the Earth. From them, we created four warriors, sworn to defend the Moon and the Earth. Wind, the strongest power, was not a crystal, but a perfect sphere. A gold one.

That is why you have a gold Pelyndyn."

"Help... me..." a bubble appeared in the middle of the room. Sailor Moon's face was in it.
"Help... but not the pelican..."

"Inner Senshi, transform!" commanded Sailor Uranus.
"Mercury..." "Mars..." "Jupiter"..." Venus..."

"Girls! You must teleport to the lair of the Deathbusters!" panted Luna.
"Luna! Are you all right?" asked Sailor Andromidia anxiously.
"Well, if you had to run from Usagi's house to the temple, you'd be tired too!" snapped Artemis.
"Uh, sorry for asking!"

"Sailor Mercury, give me your computer!" Sailor Mercury set her mini data computer in front of Luna. She began typing at it.

"Here are statistics on what you'll be up again." Luna projected the screen's information onto the wall. It showed Kolanite then Mistress Nine.

"Now girls Mistress Nine has to be healed because she is inhibiting Tomoe Hotaru's body. This character (shows Prof. Tomoe) must be healed also because he sold his soul to the presence inhibiting his body."

"Only Sailor Moon can heal people..." whimpered Sailor ChibiMoon. She started to cry. All of that noise woke up Rei's grandfather.

"What is goi-" he started. His eyes practically popped out of his head when he saw all of the Senshi.

"Starlight Super Sleep!" chanted Sailor Andromidia and she pointed her Stardust Cutie Rod at Grandpa. He fell over and started to snore.

"What did you do to him?" shouted Sailor Mars.
"He is just going to sleep for a while," said Sailor Andromidia, "he'll be awake in about 6 hours."
"Where did that come from?" asked Sailor Callisto.
"I have no idea," confessed Sailor Andromidia.
"It is just one of her many powers," said Estrella. "She can do anything to anyone."
"Then... she can heal the bad guys?"

"Yes, but it will take the Elemental Scouts to lend some power because of the amount of corruption in Mistress Nine and Professor Tomoe."

"Look you guys," said Artemis," I don't know about how you feel but I think that we shouldn't just go right away."
"What do you mean Mr. Moon Kitty?" said Estrella.
"Well, I think that we should wait for the last Elemental Soldier to appear."
"Perhaps you are right... after all, Sailor Andromidia isn't an Elemental Senshi, she is the Princess of the Stars."
"I am?"
"Yes you are. You are the Royal Princess Andria of Andromidia, the planet of the Galaxy Andromeda."

"Um... if we are just going to wait where should they go?" asked Sailor Jupiter as she motioned to the Outer and Elemental Senshi.

"Why don't you all stay at the Embassy?" asked Sailor Pandora. "Just grab some stuff and put it in the middle of the circle." The Inner Senshi threw sleeping bags, clothes, pillows, a couple of textbooks (Ami's), a teddy bear (Mako's), a stuffed Sailor V doll (Minako's), and a few of the videos in the center. Then the Senshi got into a large circle and shouted, "Senshi Teleport Power!" and they were gone.

At the Embassy everyone detransformed. Before Sailor Andromidia detransformed she used the Starlight Cutie Rod to make Teresa and Jill (Sailor Nebula and Sailor Pandora) sisters.

On Monday at school, Ashley and Tenshi were eating lunch when a student tacked a sign to the wall. They got up and looked at it.

"Oh wow Ash-chan!" said Tenshi excitedly. "Look! A talent show!"
"We could form a band!" said Ashley happily. She got all starry-eyed think about how they would become famous and go on world tour.
"Ash-chan? Earth to Ash-chan!" shouted Tenshi in Ashley's ear.
"Gomen Ten-chan. What is it?"
"That is that new girl who just transferred here from Rei-chan's school because her parents couldn't afford it anymore."
"Yeah... so?"
"Why don't we ask her to join?"
"Go ask her then." Tenshi walked over to where the girl, Nyanka, and sat down.
"Konnichiwa, you're Nyanka right?"

"Well, my best friend Ash-chan and I and Ter-chan and Jill-chan want to form a band for the School Talent Show and we want you to join with us."

"Umm okay..."
"Come over to my house after school today!" Tenshi scribbled out her address on a piece of paper. "Here."
"I don't know Tenshi-san..."
"Domo call me Ten-chan, all my friends do... and domo please come!"
"Sayonara Nyan-chan!" giggled Tenshi and she walked back over to Ashley. "This is going to rock!"

10-12-2004, 02:41 PM
Chapter 6
Tenshi walked home from school with Estrella, who had met her at the gate of Juuban Junior High.
"So how was school Tenshi?" Estrella asked.

"Oh Estrella! There is going to be a talent show in a few weeks and Tenshi, Jill, Terry and I as well as this new girl named Nyanko Nyanka are going to form a band."

"Nyanka... that name seems familiar..." murmured Estrella. "Where did she come from?"
"She used to go to Rei-chan's academy but her parents couldn't afford the tuition fees anymore."
"Call up Rei on your communicator and ask her if she ever heard of a girl called Nyanka at her school. "
"Estrella... only Ashley-chan has a communicator."

"Oh dear me! I must have forgotten to give you one!" said Estrella. She did a back flip and produced a watch-communicator like the ones that Luna and Artemis had given the Inner Senshi. It was sky blue and had a silver star on the middle. Tenshi opened it up.

"Tenshi calling Rei-chan... Tenshi calling Rei-chan... Come in Rei-chan..." she spoke into it. Rei's face appeared on the screen

"What is it Ten-chan? A daimon alert?" Tenshi could see that Rei also had her henshin wand in her hand.

"No Rei-chan, was there ever a girl called Nyanko Nyanka at your school? A new girl was at our school today from there. She transferred because her parents couldn't pay the tuition anymore."

"No... I don't remember anyone named Nyanko Nyanka... what a funny name!" said Rei. Then more seriously she added, "I think that she may not be who she says that she is." (Note: Nyanka Nyanko means "kitty cat")

"Hmm.," said Estrella. 'I wonder... nah... it could not be...' Estrella thought.
"Tenshi, you need to keep a close eye on Ashley. You never know the Peldeyrn will go off..."
"Got it Estrellla!"

Later that day
Tenshi got back to the Tsukinos home and walked in the front door. She stopped to put her slippers on and called out, "Hi! I'm home from school!" Iluko came down stairs and looked ticked off at Tenshi.

"Tenshi," she said, "Your chibi's sister Chibiusa came home sick today from school. I want you to be quiet."
"Umm... sure thing Aunt Iluko!" said Tenshi.
"TeNsHi! I'm your mother, not your aunt!"

"Gomen... mother... I have to change out of my school outfit..." stammered Tenshi and she bolted up the stairs and stormed into Chibiusa's room.

"All right spore what did you do?" thundered Tenshi.

"Sorry Tenshi" said Chibiusa. "I guess Estrella forgot to tell you that we used Luna-P to make Usagi's family think that you and I are their daughters and that Usagi never existed."

"What?" said Tenshi. Estrella walked in.
"You and Chibiusa are the Tsukinos' daughters now. Usagi was never born."

"Oh... okay... hey wait! Chibiusa is Usagi's daughter! How can Chibiusa exist if Usagi was never born?" asked Tenshi. Chibiusa and Estrella's eyes became little dots and they sweatdropped. A little box appeared over Chibiusa's head and there is a small pic of Chibiusa strangling Tenshi.

"The Tsukinos just think that!" snapped Estrella. Then the doorbell rang.
"Oh man! That is the gang and Nyanka-san!" said Tenshi. She ran down the hallway and slid down the banister.

"I'll get it I'll get it I'll get it I'll get it" Tenshi panted. She swung open the door. "Konnichiwa," she said and did a formal bow.

"Konnichiwa," said her guests and they bow back. Then they all cracked up.
"You guys are beyond weird," said Shingo.
"Come on outside to the garage" said Tenshi.
"All right -- come on gang," said Jill. Nyanka followed last. Estrella walked up to her.

"Hello little kitty." she said. Estrella purred as she (Nyanka) scratched under her (Estrella's) neck. In the garage, there were a few instruments set up, a drum set, five mics and a guitar. Jill had had her keyboard sent over and that was set up too.

"What do you play?" Terry asked Nyanka.
"What?" she said.
"What- do- you- pl-ay?" said Terry.
"Gomen- I sing," said Nyanka.

"Well learn something else fast because I'm this band's singer," said Ashley. Tenshi was beginning to see why Ashley had told her to ask Nyanka to join the band. She stepped in between them.

"Okay Ashley-chan, Nyan-chan, why don't we have two singers?" Tenshi asked.
"Well... okay I guess," said Ashley.
"Fine but I want to pick the song," said Nyanka stubbornly.
"Who died and left you Queen of Everything?" shouted Ashley.
"Why don't we all decide on a song that we can do," said Terry.
"That is a good idea," said Jill. "Any suggestions?"

"I was originally thinking 'The Power of Love' but maybe we should do 'Who Do You Think You Are?' instead," said Tenshi. Estrella had been sitting on a speaker when she looked at Ashley. The Peledryn was showing on her forehead and it was flashing pink. Startled, she looked at Nyanka. A pink Peledryn was on her forehead.

"Our Fourth Senshi!" she cried.
"Tenshi... did your cat just talk?" asked Nyanka. Estrella did a back flip and produced a bubble gum pink broach.

"Nyanka, you are Sailor Terra, the Senshi of earth," said Estrella proudly, "use this to transform and shout, 'Terra Crystal Power Make-up!'"

"How come none of you are freaking out?" asked Nyanka.
"Because they are also Senshi" said Luna.
"I'm Sailor Callisto," said Ashley.
"I'm Sailor Nebula," said Terry.
"I'm Sailor Pandora," said Jill.

"And I," said Tenshi," am Sailor Andromidia, also known as Princess Andria of Andromidia of Andromeda, cousin to Sailor Moon and the Moon Princess,"

"Welcome to the team" said Estrella and Luna together.
"Well, whose cat are you?" asked Nyanka to Luna.

"I am Sailor Moon's guardian. You have been awaken because she has been captured by the Deathbusters and we need to save her!" said Luna.

"Aren't there more Senshi?" asked Nyanka.

"Yes," said Luna, "and my partner Artemis as well. Now that we've found you we can save Sailor Moon!"

10-12-2004, 02:42 PM
Chapter 7
"Now what are we supposed to do?" asked Nyanka.
"Now you girls must hurry to catch the bus to the Cherry Hill Temple," said Luna.
"Right!" then Estrella hopped up on Ashley's shoulder and Luna hopped up on Tenshi.
"Shouldn't we get Chibiusa?" asked Tenshi.
"You're right," said Luna. The girls went into the house and up the stairs into Chibiusa's room.
"Andromidia Crystal Power Make-Up!" yelled Tenshi.

Chibiusa had the chicken pox because a sick little kindergarten boy who had it kissed her.

Sailor Andromidia turned, shouted, "Starlight Healing Activate!" and pointed the rod at Chibiusa's forehead. Chibiusa sighed softly as a warm pink glow enveloped her, turning her a rosy shade of pink. They waited breathlessly.

She bounced up and grinned, "Ready?"
"Now are you sure you're feeling all right?" Terry bent down gently.
"Yuppers! I feel great!" she hugged Sailor Andromidia tightly. "Thanks so much!"
"Well, you heard her! Let's get a move on!" said Ashley brightly.

Chibiusa let go of Tenshi, who gasped for air afterwards, and shouted "Moon Prism Power Make-up!"
"Can we go save my mom now?" Sailor Chibi Moon asked when she was finished transforming.
"Let's go!" said Jill.

"Pandora Crystal Power Make-up!"
"Callisto Crystal Power Make-up!"
"Nebula Crystal Power Make-up!"
"Terra Crystal Power Make-up!"

Then all of the Elemental Senshi struck a group pose. Sailor Chibi Moon took Sailor Andromidia's and Sailor Callisto's hands. Then together the Senshi formed a circle and chanted: "Elemental Teleportation!" Estrella and Luna jumped into the center, and they vanished.

Illuko came into the doorway, "Girls, would you like some cooki... - they're gone! I must be working too hard." She fainted and fell to the floor.

The girls dropped each other's hands as soon as they reached the Shinto Temple. Rei and the other Inner Senshi were talking worriedly. They looked up when they heard the Elemental Scouts running in. Sailor Andromidia spoke. "Let me present to you, our fellow warriors, the final Elemental Senshi, Sailor Terra!" Sailor Andromidia stepped to the side and a Senshi stepped forward and bowed.

"Hello," she said, "I am Sailor Terra" Rei stared. "Y-y-you, y-you... you look like me," she stammered.

Sailor Terra looked down at her pink and teal fuku, then felt her deep purple-black triangle shaped odangos.
"Geez, she does looks like Rei, right down to the hair color!" thought Minako.
"Who are your parents?" asked Makoto.
"Well my mom's name is Rei and my dad is Cha-" started Sailor Terra. Rei hit the floor with a loud smack.

"Rei? Everything ok? I thought I heard a noise," said Chad. "DUDE! I must be seeing double or something!" then Chad collapsed.

"Oh my gosh!" said Minako, "You're Rei's-"
"-and Chad's-" added Makoto.
"- daughter?!?" said Ami.

Sailor Terra shrugged her shoulders, "Who'd have thought? Anyway, isn't your friend in danger or something?"
Minako looked over at Rei. "Oh no! She's ok."

Sailor Andromidia tapped her gently on the shoulder and whispered, "I think she means Usagi-chan and Mamoru."
Grinning sheepishly, Minako said, "Well, then why don't we transform?"
They all looked at each other and nodded.

"Helloooo! Don't we cats get a word in? Or are we just here to give advice nobody listens to?" Artemis waved a paw at them. "First order of business, wake up Rei." commanded Estrella.

"Geez, what is this? A cat coup?" grumbled Sailor Callisto under her breath as she sprinkled some water on Rei's face.

"I heard that," said Luna.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine. But I still want to know about Sailor Terra over there. Is she really my daughter?"

"Actually no," Makoto grinned devilishly. "She's yours AND Chad's, which means you two are married! I knew there was something romantic between you guys, the way you pretended to be annoyed with everything he did an-" "Yes, I am your daughter, if you're Rei. I have a twin sis too. She's the oldest, so she has the power of fire."

"I have twins?!!? This is getting all too weird."

"I also have a little brother, back home in the future too. My last name, for all of you, isn't Nyanko. It's Kumada. It was recommended that I change it, so as to keep my true identity a secret. I can see why."

"So what bout your sis? Where is she?" asked Sailor Nebula.

"She is on Mars with Mom training. Dad stayed home to take care of the temple... and it looks the same in Crystal Tokyo... Sailor Pluto sent me into the past because of my powers as Sailor Terra to help the Elemental Senshi. You won it but the lives of the Elemental Senshi were lost in the final fight so I was sent back to insure your survival because you were needed in the future world."

"Should I tell Chad that this look-alike of me is really our daughter from the future? I want you to stay at the temple Nyanka, if that's all right with whoever you are staying with..."

"Well, I was supposed to find Setsuna-san because Sailor Pluto said that she'd house me in the past but I guess that would be okay..."

"Ahem!" Everyone looked down. Estrella sat there. "Now, as much as I hate to break up family reunions, we have some more important things to do, like saving some certain someones."

"Well Estrella, I think I've just pinpointed the location of the last transmission from Usagi-chan. But it seems to be heavily guarded..."

"That's ok! I can take on two or three daimons!" Makoto said eagerly.

"... by a chemical compound more sophisticated than what my computer can read," frowned Ami. "It seems that the quantum particles and molecular structure..."

"Are waaayyyy over our heads. Enlighten us Einstein; what are you saying?" asked Minako.
"It's a new substance, unlike anything I've ever seen! It could disprove the-"
Artemis grimaced even more deeply. "So, how do we get through it?"
"What if we pooled our powers together?" suggested Terry lightly.

"Not good. It would cause such a tremor, that the Deathbusters would know right away. I'm still working on it. Ok, almost there, just a little bit more... got it!"

Everyone looked at her expectantly.

"Well, I've figured out a weak link in the isotopes..."
"English please," said Sailor Callisto impatiently.

"Um, there's a small tear in the formula that would allow us to get through, IF we resized our molecular arrangement."

"SAY WHAT?" Everyone stared at her.
"What's she's saying is that we have to shrink," explained Michiru.
"Ohhhhhhhhh." Heads began to nod slowly.
Sailor Pandora wrinkled her forehead, "Isn't that a bit risky?"
"Very, but it is possible."
"It's worth it, and we should go for it. I mean, she is our friend and in serious trouble," pointed out Haruka.
"I agree. Let's go and hope for the best. We all know that she would do the same for us," said Sailor Callisto somberly.
"Then it's agreed?" Luna looked around.
Setsuna stepped forward. "She speaks for us all."
"Well then, what are we waiting for?" Sailor Andromidia asked.

"Mars Planet Power Make Up!"
"Mercury Planet Power Make Up!"
"Jupiter Planet Power Make Up!"
"Venus Planet Power Make Up!"
"Uranus Planet Power Make Up!"
"Pluto Planet Power Make Up!"
"Neptune Planet Power Make Up!"

In a flash, all the Senshi had transformed, and arranged themselves in a circle.

"Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. We're going to the Woodson Lab on the corner of 5th and 7th Avenue," added Ami hurriedly.

"The science lab? What are we facing, a mad scientist?" joked Sailor Venus.
"As a matter of fact, you are," Estrella said calmly.

10-12-2004, 02:45 PM
Chapter 8 - The History of the Lunar Clan

Author's Note: This chapter is about the Lunar Clan and the Family of Queen Serenity

Queen Selenity, the mother of Queen Serenity, was in labor. The entire kingdom had gathered outside of the palace gates to hear the news of a Royal baby. The crowd was buzzing. In a local tavern, men were betting on the child's gender. But in the castle...

Drakinia (Dray-kin-ee-ah) was looking into the Garnet orb. (Drakinia is Sailor Pluto's older sister). She gasped at what she saw. 'Three little beings,' she thought. 'How an this be?' Taking a closer look, she noticed that one had a black aura while two had silver auras. 'One of the Royal children will be evil' she thought. 'But should I relay this news to the Queen?'

With Queen Selenity...
The palace doctor handed Queen Selenity three little bundles.

"Three beautiful little gels m'Queen." he said. King Richard slapped him hard on the back.
"They are beautiful," whispered the Queen and she kissed their little heads.
"The eldest child is wrapped in white cloth, the middle in silver, and the youngest in black," said the doctor.
"The oldest shall be called Serenity and the Heir to the Moon Kingdom," said the Queen.
"And the middle shall be called Staryaria (Star-ee-ar-ah)," continued the King.
"And the youngest shall be called Neherenia," finished the Queen.
Therefore, it was.

The three Moon Princesses grew from plump toddlers, to graceful young ladies however Princess Neherenia always seemed a bit different. Princess Serenity fell in love with Prince Apollo of the Sun Kingdom. A man named Helios (no relation to the horse) from the far kingdom of Andromeda courted Princess Staryaria. However, Princess Neherenia thought that men were incompetent. Princess Serenity wed to Prince Apollo on her 16th birthday. Six months later, Princess Staryaria and Prince Helios were married. That left Princess Neherenia all alone. King Richard died just before the girls' 17th birthday. Princess Serenity and Prince Apollo had a child and named him Prince Apollo Jr. By this time, Queen Selenity was getting on in years and Princess Staryaria (now Queen Staryaria) and King Helios came back to the Moon Kingdom to be with Queen Selenity in her final days. Queen Selenity died on the fifth year, fifth month, fifth day of her grandson (Prince Apollo Jr.) life.

Princess Serenity and Prince Apollo Sr. were carnated as Queen Serenity and King Apollo.

Neherenia, who had grown jealous of her sisters, plotted against them. She lived with Serenity and Apollo in the Moon Kingdom after Staryaria and Helios went back to Andromeda. One cold morning she slipped into the kitchen. Every winter morning for breakfast Queen Serenity had a bowl of oatmeal and the King Apollo had an omelet. Neherenia sent the cooks out to fetch some hens' eggs for her so that she (Neherenia) might have scrambled eggs for asa-gohan (breakfast). Quickly Neherenia poured poison into the vat of oatmeal.

At the Royal Breakfast Table
"You know what luv?" said King Apollo that fateful morning, "let's switch. I feel like oatmeal this morning." Queen Serenity agreed. She was a month pregnant with her second child. She dug into the omelet and King Apollo ate a large spoonful of oatmeal. Suddenly his eyes bugged out and he fell face first into the oatmeal. Queen Serenity started screaming.

After the King Apollo's funeral, Prince Apollo, who was know 15, went to the Sun Kingdom where he was to rule in his father's place. Queen Serenity traveled to Andromeda to visit her sister (Queen Staryaria) who was also pregnant, however it was Staryaria's first child.

When Queen Serenity got back from her visit, Neherenia admitted to her that she had poisoned the King Apollo's breakfast. Queen Serenity was outraged and, in her anger, Queen Serenity banished Neherenia to the Dead Moon.

At last, the time came and the Queen Serenity's child was born. It was a girl. Queen Serenity named her Princess Serenity. Staryaria's child was also born and named her Andria after her home planet.

The Queens of the other planets also had Princesses. There were; Princess Ami of Mercury, Princess Minako of Venus, Princess Rei of Mars, Princess Makoto of Jupiter, Princess Hotaru of Saturn, Princess Haruka of Uranus, Princess Michiru of Neptune, and Princess Setsuna of Pluto. Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna were born a few years earlier.

Queen Staryaria send Princess Andria to live with her cousin for a few years on the Moon. When she turned thirteen she was to go back to her home planet. The Inner planetary Princesses were Princess Serenity's protectors. With that in mind, Sailor Pluto and Queen Serenity created four soldiers of similar powers of the elements of the Earth. The Prince of the Earth, Prince Endymion, was engaged to Princess Serenity. The four elemental warriors were sent away with Princess Andria, who was also a protector of the Moon Princess.

A year later Princess Serenity turned fourteen. A threat from Earth was causing fear from the Lunarians. During the Lunar Eclipse Queen Serenity threw a party to celebrate the engagement of the Moon Princess and the Earth Prince, as well as the engagement of Sailor Pluto and her son Apollo. During the party, the Negaverse attacked. The defenses of the Moon were weak due to the eclipse.

The Princesses transformed.
Mercury Power Make-Up!
Venus Power Make-Up!
Mars Power Make-Up!
Jupiter Power Make-Up!
They tried their best but the Negaverse unmercifully killed them.

Princess Setsuna tried to help but Jedite knocked her henshin wand out of her hand. (Jedite was Princess Mars' lover but had been captured and brainwashed by the Negaverse) Jedite ground Setsuna's henshin wand it under his heel. Then he unleashed Negapower on Prince Apollo and Princess Setsuna. They were helpless. Princess Serenity screamed in horror as she saw her older brother destroyed. After the Negaverse killed all the Princesses with the exception of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, a woman floated down from the chaos.

"I will stop all this," she said to Endymion, "if you will come with me."
"NEVER!" shouted Endymion.
"Hah! If I can't have you then no one can!" cackled the woman, who was Queen Beryl.
Then Queen Beryl then killed Prince Endymion, which caused Serenity to commit suicide in sorrow.

Horrified by the holocaust, Queen Serenity used the Imperial Silver Crystal to lock the Negaverse minions into crystals and send them back in their lair. The processes also locked all of the young people into crystals and sent them to a new future on Earth.

10-12-2004, 02:50 PM
Chapter 9
In the Outer Chamber
All right," said Sailor Venus, "how do we shrink ourselves?"


"Comrades, I believe that we will be able to call the Master Pharaoh 90 soon."
"How Professor?" asked Kaori.

"You shall see... we must use these things called youmas to gather human energy. And, I have made a discovery." said Professor Tomoe. He walked over to a wall and tapped three times. A panel slid back and a young boy stepped forward. He wore a hockey jersey bearing the number 90 on it and a goalie mask. In his right hand was a hockey stick that was double bladed. It had a sword blade and the normal blade on it. He wore roller blades and jeans.

"I'm Sailor Adam," he said.
"Sailor... Adam?!" said Mistress Nine who had just walked in.
"Yeah," said he" I am here to defeat those stupid Sailor Senshi." That put a large smile on Mistress Nine's face.
"That's good" said Kaori, "because they have arrived in the outer chambers."
"Good! Just point the way and I'm there!" he said.
"Just follow the shields that have DB on them" said Prof. Tomoe. Sailor Adam nodded and skated away.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------In the Outer Chamber
"Okay gang, now where do we go?" asked Sailor Mars.

Sailor Chibimoon screamed and pointed to a shadowy figure approaching them. It looked like Sailor Moon!

"Gotcha!" shouted the figure and it ripped off its disguise.
"Who are you?" asked Sailor Terra.
"I'm Sailor Adam!" he shouted. "Adam Burp Blast!" This attack sent out a supersonic belch.
"Eww!" said Sailor Callisto.
"Mercury," Jupiter whispered," what are his weaknesses?"
"This is very odd," said Sailor Mercury, "his only weaknesses are cheese nuggets and bologna."
"Come on Venus" said Sailor Jupiter, "lets go get some cheese nuggets to stop this thing!"
"Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" shouted Sailor Chibimoon but it just tickled him.
"Adam... Farts... Ignite!"

All of the remaining Senshi momentarily collapsed.

"Uranus World Shaking!" "Mega Burp Shaking!" These two attacks countered each other.
"Get a breath mint punk! Arctic Northwind Swirl!"

Sailor Adam dodged the attack.

"Burning Mandala!"

Sailor Adam used his hockey glaive to repel the mandala back at the Senshi. My turn! Moon beam!" shouted Sailor Adam and then he mooned the Senshi.

Jupiter threw her sparkling wide pressure and nailed him.
"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"

Sailor Adam was all tied up. Then Sailor Mercury put a plate of cheese nuggets down in front of Sailor Adam and they walked away. "Great" he said, "how can I eat them?"

"Now where?" said Sailor Pandora.
"This way!" shouted Sailor Mercury.

The Senshi ran into a large room filled with computers. Three women jumped up, each holding a gun. "Fire!" shouted Eudial. Eudial, Mimete and Tellu shot their guns at Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto. Their talismans popped out and formed the Sacred Chalice. Sailor Andromidia grabbed it but it slipped and she dropped it. The Chalice shattered on the floor back into the three talismans but there were four henshin wands in with them, a star-shaped locket and a heart shaped locket. The Senshi grabbed the talismans and each of the Inner Senshi grabbed a henshin wand. Sailor Chibimoon and Sailor Andromidia picked up the lockets.


Authors note: The attacks that you have just read, as well as Sailor Adam, are all 100% real. Sailor Adam is this thing that my friend's little brother does to annoy me, and he uses these attacks. I did not make these up. Really. I'm not that sick. Adam is. Trust me.

10-12-2004, 02:53 PM
Chapter 10
Pluto glanced in her garnet orb as she and Sailor Chibi Moon crouched together behind some boxes while Sailor Mercury took a reading on the next room. 'This is where I must make my move,' Pluto thought. The orb showed that even with Sailor Terra's involvement, the future wouldn't be changed by much unless...

Sailor Pluto jumped up and raised the Time Staff high above her head. "Dark" she swung it around "Dome" she stopped it and spun in a circle "CLOSE!" Everything stopped except for the Sailor Senshi.

"WhAt DiD yOu Do PuU?!?" exclaimed Sailor Chibi Moon.

"Small Lady," said Sailor Pluto, "and the rest of you, I have used my forbidden attack. Time has come to a halt and I hope that the Great God of Time, Cronus, will forgive me."

"Wow!" said Sailor Venus, "you stopped Time? So, like... I could go shopping all around the Juuban shopping district and no one would know?" All of the other sailors sweatdropped and Sailor Andromidia got little swirl eyes (Like Melvin's) and fell over.

"That would be wrong, Sailor Venus," said Sailor Pandora slowly. "Isn't part of the Senshi job protecting love and JUSTICE? You would be stealing."

"ANYWAY-" said Sailor Neptune, "what were you saying Sailor Pluto?"

"I am going to open the portal to the Gates of Time. Inner Senshi, you need to run though as quickly as you possibly can. Take your new henshin wands. Sailor Andromidia and Sailor Callisto stay with me. You have to stay on this side of the portal."

Then moving quickly The Senshi of Time opened a portal and the Inter Senshi ran into it and disappeared. "Now," said Sailor Pluto "come this way." The three soldiers ran into the rooms ahead.

'Why aren't we with the others?' thought Sailor Andromidia nervously. Then she heard the voice of Sailor Pluto in her head. 'Do not look around. Just follow me.' Now ex-cuse me, but when you hear Sailor Pluto telling you to do something, you are going to do it right? My point ex-ack-ah-ly

Sailor Callisto found herself, her best friend and the Senshi that guards all time at the top of a long flight of stairs. "How are we supposed to get down? It'll take forever!" she exclaimed.

"Forever is a long time young one. Here, take these," said Sailor Pluto and she grabbed a shield from one of the suits of armor and handed it to her. Sailor Andromidia grabbed one and sat on it. Sailor Callisto pushed her down the stairs and dove after her. Sailor Pluto took the lead. They landed in a pile at the bottom. Sailor Andromidia gasped. Before her very eyes were Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Karmen. They were bound and gagged.

"Grab them girls!" commanded Sailor Pluto. Then she waved the Time Staff at them and the four disappeared. 'Hold on Sailor Saturn' she thought and disappeared. Now what Sailor Pluto didn't know about stopping time, was that when she left the dimension the spell wore off immediately because a connection with the Garnet Orb is required.

---At the Gates of Time---

"All we all here?" asked Pluto.
"All of the Senshi are accounted for," said a figured clothed in wine red.

The figure bowed to Sailor Pluto and stepped back into the shadows.

"Who was that?" asked Sailor Jupiter.

"Welcome to Cronus Castle," said Sailor Pluto as she waved her arms and became Princess Setsuna. All of the Senshi mimicked her move and became the Princesses of their respective planets. Tuxedo Karmen changed to Prince Endymion.

"What about us?" asked Sailor Callisto nervously.
"You are also Princesses. However, you are the Princess of the Element rather that Princess of the planet."

Last Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Andromidia gathered hands and twirled. A light shot up from the ground and they became Princesses.

Princess Setsuna spoke, "I have something to tell you. You are all going to gain new powers with a cost. The Deathbusters are going to bring there Pharoh90 to Earth only it will be your evil aunt (to the Misses Moon and Star) Queen :::cough gag::: Nerepheria instead because she has married Pharoh and bore a child, Princess Nerephia aka Sailor Dead Moon."

10-12-2004, 02:55 PM
Chapter 11
"Who is this... this Nerepheria Princess Setsuna?" asked Princess Serenity nervously. A Beam of white light shot up from the floor and grew into a circle about three feet in diameter. A small fairy-like creature rose out of it.

"Mother?" "Grandmother?" "Aunt Serenity?" exclaimed the three beings of lunar descent.

"I have something that you must know my dears... Serenity, Neo-Serenity, Andria... I was born the eldest of a triplet. The next was your mother Andria, Staryaria and last was Neherenia... there was always something wrong with that girl. She just didn't seem to want to be a Princess. Always fighting with me and Staryaria, not arguments but downright cat fights...
Well She was the only unmarried sister and stayed at home. After my mother and father had both passed on Apollo, your father, Serenity, and I assumed the throne. We had already had a son, Apollo Jr., at the time. Neherenia lived with us in her own separate quarters of the castle and was free to do as she liked. That, I think was a mistake but on her death bed my poor mother insisted. Every morning in the Earth's winter I had a bowl of imported oatmeal for breakfast and Apollo Sr. had some type of omelet. Well we decided to switch one morning when I just found out that I was pregnant with you, Serenity. He took one bite and died. Now I was just going to eat that when we switched! Prince Apollo was, let me see... 8 years old and he was sent away to his father's kingdom, the sun. He was reborn along with all of you in this time... however, he was not as old as he was in the Silver Millennium."

"Who is he?"

"Well... he who is him will bear the Celestial Symbol, a Sun like your moon Serenity. And he won't be related to you in any way that you would expect."

"And watch out for your evil cousin Sailor Dead Moon!" said Queen Serenity as she faded away.
"Nooo! Mother!" shouted Princess Serenity as she tried to grab the image before it disappeared.
"Woah... that's my grandmother?" asked Neo-Princess Serenity.
"Yea... and my aunt," whispered Andria.

----The Dead Moon Circus---

"JunJun! VesVes! CerCer! PALLAPALLA!" shouted a brat that resembled Princess Serenity with dark purple hair.
"WHERE ARE YOU?!?" The Amazon Trio stepped out.
"Umm... your most gracious majesty Nerephia (NARE-FEE-AH) our younger sisters the Amazoness Quartet are rather indisposed of at the moment... but may we be of service?" asked Fish's Eye stepping forward.

Princess Nerephia thought about it and said. "Tiger's Eye! Come with me!" smiling smugly at his brothers Tiger's Eye followed the Princess.

In her quarters, Princess Nerephia held up a large, verrrrrrrry bad drawing of a horse with wings.
Tiger's Eye, I want a Pegasus like this, and Mommy tried to get it for me. However, the naughty pony wouldn't come and ran off and hid in people's dream mirrors. Your mission, should you chose to accept it over DEATH, is to find the pony for me or Mommy will be very mad at Tiger's Eye and Princess Nerephia will be very sad. Nerephia likes Tiger's Eye. (Nerephia is the same age as Princess Serenity, well older because she was born first and then Serenity was reincarnated.)

"umm..." said Tiger's Eye nervously.

"You don't want to die do you Tiger's Eye?" demanded Nerephia. "Mr. Whiffles and I haven't had much fun lately... and I am sooo single." The last part was a bit flirty, as Nerephia had planned. Mr. Whiffles is a teddy bear that Nerephia had, and it had all of the power that Luna did for Usagi. It was brown, wore a green vest and had red pupil-less eyes. Nerephia found that by making a wish and rubbing his paws together made it come true. Once she had wished the Amazoness Quartet to be younger than she and now there had to stay young forever.

"Of course not Your Majesty... and perhaps we could go clubbing together this Saturday night. He thought of him whacking her over the head with a large wooden blunt object.

"You are dismissed" Nerephia said.

10-12-2004, 02:57 PM
Chapter 12
"Setsuna, is there any more information that we can get on Sailor Dead Moon?" Princess Ami asked.

"Yes Princess, and that will require Mercury's computer. Hook it up to the Garnet Orb and use the "search" option to search for her."

Ami nodded and began typing away. The computer whirred as text flashed by.

"Now, you must learn to use the new powers you have because *someone* broke the Sacred Chalice," instructed Princess Setsuna. She glared at Princess Andria.

"It's not MY fault-- I slipped!"
"Well that really isn't going to help us much," said Princess Haruka.
"Well its over and done with so--" and Princesses Andria and Haruka got into a tongue war.

"Rei-chan, tell me that we aren't this bad!" whispered Princess Serenity.
"Oh you aren't," said Princess Makoto, "you're worse."

"Take your new wand and shout, " your planet and Crystal Power Make-Up!" instructed Setsuna.
Venus Crystal Power
Mars Crystal Power
Jupiter Crystal Power
Mercury Crystal Power

"Wow..." said Super Sailor Venus twirling in front of a mirror.

"Now, Small Lady, say, 'Moon Crisis Power Make Up!"
Usagi and Chibiusa both shouted: MOON CRISIS POWER MAKE UP!
And they had new fukus (uniforms) too.

Sailor Mercury picked up her computer and pressed a key. A projection came out. "This is Sailor Dead Moon," she said.

Sailor Moon walked up to it and said, "She looks just like me!" And she did except all of the gold was onyx (a black material), the blue was black, the red was gray and her hair was fuchsia.

"Umm Setsuna," Princess Andria asked, "how do we fit into all of this?"
"Sailor Dead Moon's power is equal to that of Sailor Moon. Which is why you three must do a special triple attack."

"A triple attack?"

"Yes, use your new brooch and call out Star Silver Power Make Up!"


"Neato..." said a wowed Sailor Andromidia as she twirled around in front of a mirror. "But why is my hair still doing the meatball thing?"

Michiru sighed. "Andromidia, don't you realize that that is how your hair is supposed to be?!?"
"No," Andromidia said. "but...."

"Look little Princess Sailor Spootyhead," said an exasperated Chibimoon, " we have more important things to worry about."

"Like what?"

"Like your fuku. What does it look like?"

"I don't know! Let's just go!"

10-12-2004, 02:59 PM
Chapter 13
"I'm going to send you into your present, because you have been here too long. While time has been stopped so far as to my knowledge to keep you here too long can have lasting effects. Cronos will be angry with me," said Setsuna suddenly after a message arrived from a mysterious figure.

"Walk towards the door and hold ha--" she was cut off by a small girl with heart shaped odangos. All of the senshi appeared confused as to who she was but Tenshi (they demorphed) was {for once!} having a major connection.

"Chibi-Chibi..."she started when the little girl hugged her. (an~ I was going to added "-Usa" to that but I guess I got her name right!) With ChibiChibi sitting on her shoulders the Senshi all took hands, and Ashley and Tenshi made the biggest fuss over ChibiChibi, much to Haruka's dismay. (note: Haruka just doesn't like me! its cuz I come from outside of the galaxy, so even with like the Starlights, though they were friends she(Haruka) didn't like them either.--only those who've seen/know of the final series of sm, Sailorstars, know what the heck it is I'm blabbing about.) They walked through the door, and came out of the Fire reading room of the Senpai Hill Shrine. (mixx's version of cherry hill temple for all you dub-tv-watchers!)

"Isn't she just the cutey-wootey-est?" cooed Ashley.
"Chibi!" said Chibichibi. (note: as you will see this is the extent of her vocabulary)

The Tsukinos and Ashley, with Chibichibi in tow, headed back to Usagi's place. (good thing her parents are loaded!-tt) Iluko, Usagi's mother, was in the belief that Chibichibi was Usagi's little sister.

Ashley was immensely relieved that she was staying at Setsuna's with Tenshi, she realized that it would be *way* too crowded at Usagi's house. Nyanka was at Rei's house, and when the girls left, she was explaining herself to Chad. :-P

After getting back to school, a much-hated thing for all of them-- except Ami, whose eyes seemed to light up at just seeing her books again.... -_- there were no new enemies for a while. One day Tenshi was on her computer, playing FKiSS again (avalible at www.otakuworld.com/kiss - its fun!) when her email box lit up. She opened up her new message, which was from an old friend (name has been changed to protect privacy-- he is a real person)

Dear Tenshi:
Hi! How are you? I'm going to be in Tokyo for a few weeks, can I meet up with you sometime? Where are you living? Maybe I can swing by soon?

-Mike Hoshino.

Tenshi's heart began pounding.

"Mike's coming to town?" she thought. "He wants to see me?" Ashley was walking by and read the email message.

"Tenshi-chan's got a boyfriend!" she sang out. "Can I ask Setsuna about your future?" she said. Tenshi glared at her. ==edited for violence==

She typed a reply to Mike, saying that she would be glad to see him, and her address.

~~~Giant Flying Thingee approahing Japan~~

Mike was dozing off when his laptop started beeping, making a baby nearby start to cry, making everyone in the area glare at him. Sheepishly he checked the mail. It was from Tenshi!!

He copied down the address and turned the laptop off just as the stewardess gave the announcement to turn off all electronic devices and have your lap tray up and your seat back in the full upright position.

As soon as he had his luggage dropped off at his hotel, Mike hailed a taxi and showed him the address Tenshi (actually it was Ashley who replied; Tenshi lost the fight and was laying down) had sent him.

It was about seven o'clock in the evening when the doorbell rang. Tenshi got up and answered it.

She opened the door wide and there was Mike.

"Mike-chan!" she squealed. (he's like my best friend)
They hugged.
"You look.... great!" he said, and from the look in his eyes she knew he meant it.
"Are you up for a pizza or something?" he asked.
"Sure! Just limme change real quick! This is my school uniform, and you don't wear that out."

Tenshi came out a few minutes later in a gray accordion-pleated skirt, a white skirt that was rather loose with a pink skirt peeking out underneath with a kitten on it.

"Can you show me around town?" he asked, offering her his arm. (note: Mike has actually yet to do that) Tenshi gave him a funny look. He realized what he did and dropped his arm.

Tenshi and Mike went all over Juuban (Azabu, Crossroads, whatever floats your boat). She introduced him to sushi, and they took a long walk in Juuban Park in the heart of Juuban. They paused on the bridge going over the stream.

"So what brings you to Japan?"

"I'm in an international bowling tournament that is several months long. I figured that even if I lose right away I can take a vacation."

....figures.. thought Tenshi.

"Why are you here?" he asked.
"I'm visiting relatives."

There was a long pause where they just gazed at the full moon rising over the water. An orange star over the moon seemed to shoot out a heart.

"Venus!" thought Tenshi.
"Tenshi," began Mike, "we've been friends for a long time right?"
"...since third grade."

"well, I haven't seen you in the past few years, and I have been wondering... has anyone ever kissed you?"

"WHAT?!?!" said Tenshi.

"well actually, umm... no one has." she said quietly. Turning her head to face his, Mike leaned close.

"Then let me be your first" he whispered. Then he delicately kissed her. She was surprised, but quickly gained her bearings and wrapped her arms around his neck as he placed his arms around the small of her back. The Holy Star appeared on Tenshi's forehead, and she transformed to Eternal Sailorandromidia. However, no notice was taken of this. All of the silver on her fuku became gold, including the Holy Star birthmark on her forehead. Mike broke the kiss, and Tenshi opened her eyes. He then opened his eyes and saw Tenshi, now Eternal Sailorandromidia.

"Tenshi?!?" he squeaked, his face flushing as he took in her full fuku. She kissed him gently again and suddenly memories came back to him, things that she had suddenly recalled in the first kiss.

"Yes... "he spoke.." yes, I was a Lord of Endymion's, just under the Level of Malachite, Zocicite, Jedite and Nephlyte. And we met on the moon, when you were visiting Serenity, and I had brought a document to the Queen..."

"You were a charming, dashing young man, and I remember that the Inner Senshi and I had discussed you endlessly. Princess Serenity only had eyes for Endymion..."

"And he joined me a few days later with the Generals."

"And the Senshi were all walking with Princess Serenity one night in the garden, and I was off on my own..."

"and Endymion was with his generals, and they met. I too was off on my own..."

"and the ten met, and each fell for the other... and they came back, chattering about this one or that one, "did you see the one that looked at me? and all that ..."

"Then we met in the garden soon after."

"Yes. Princess Venus and Malachite set us up."

Tenshi and Mike gazed in each other's eyes. They walked away, his arm around her waist. Her head on his shoulder. In this fashion they made there way back to Tenshi's house. By this time it was quite late, and Setsuna insisted that Mike stay at her home.

"There are too many dangerous people at night in Tokyo!" was her argument. Seeing that it was a strange town with a whole other language and alphabet, Mike agreed. He slept on the couch. Tenshi went to bed in her room.

--3 am--

"Ohh... atana no watashi.." mumbled Tenshi (my head). She got up and got a drink from the kitchen. Walking by the living room to the balcony, she saw Mike, shivering. His blanket was on the floor. She picked it up and covered him up with it, kissing him on the cheek and whispering, "Oyasuminasai, Mike-sama." (goodnight, my lord).

She walked out onto the porch, amid all of the flowers that Ashley planted. Tenshi shivered a little, because it was still not yet March and rather cold at night. She felt suddenly warm and something being wrapped around her.

"Can't sleep, Tenshi-chan?" Mike murmured in her ear.
"iie...." she mumbled.
"Me neither," he said.

She closed her eyes and after a while Mike felt her sag as she fell asleep in his arms on the porch. he carried her inside and layed her down in her bed. He covered her up and kissed her forehead.

"Ai shiteru, Tenshiko" he whispered.

10-12-2004, 03:02 PM
Chapter 14
A few days later, Ingrid and Tesnhi had become such good friends that Tenshi brought Ingrid over for tea and to study. The two walked in the front door, and Estrella came over. She regarded Ingrid suspiciously.

"And she just wants to be this great friend of yours?" she had asked Tenshi.
"What does it matter Es-chan?"
"Tenshi! Baka! She could be an ENEMY! Who knows?!"
"And she might not! Who knows?"
"well she doesn't feel evil." thought Estrella. "In fact, why do I have this odd feeling..."

Estrella, feeling a new Senshi presence, scanned the room. ChibiChibi was over too. "I feel... two separate powers.... new powers that I don't know." She identified the power given off by Setsuna, Tenshi and Ashley. "Could both ChibiChibi and Ingrid...?" She used the Stellar Beam to create a star-shaped beam of light on Ingrid's forehead. It revealed a white star. ChibiChibi's forehead made a pink heart.

"Tenshi... henshin!" ordered Estrella. When Tenshi called out her words, ChibiChibi also transformed to Sailor ChibiChibi. Ingrid had also transformed...

10-12-2004, 03:05 PM
Chapter 15
"Woah..." said Tenshi. *And I thought that I was elegant...* She was of course referring to Ingrid, now ever better looking in a really pretty fuku.

She was looking like Sailor Cosmos except she had her short dark brown hair still.

"So I was right..." mused Estrella.
"Your cat can talk?" shrieked Ingrid.
"Chibi!" said ChibiChibi.

Yawning, Estrella turned to Tenshi and said, "can you please explain this?"
"Sure... ::sighs::" said Tenshi. >>Welcome to the Sailor Soldiers speech<<

After de-transforming, Setsuna brought out some tea and the girls were all chatting as if they were old friends... when a loud BOOM shook the apartment.

"Do I have to transform?" whined Tenshi. "Can't we be the innocent bystanders? At least just this once? This thing sounds too big too handle..."

Rushing out onto the balcony, all of the senshi gathered gasped in fright. A large thing was fighting another large thing in the middle of the city. (an-- Gundams.)

The girls transformed... (The things looked like big monsters to them) and ran or flew to the things. When the two were close to the point where they were evenly matched, the most remarkable thing happened... The stomach of the monster unfolded! Tenshi, currently Eternal Sailor Andromidia, nearly fell out of the sky. Two boys stepped out onto the fold with their arms raised.

"OKAY WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!?!" screamed Tenshi to the boys as she flew towards them. One of the boys, a Chinese-looking fellow, pulled out a gun and pointed it at Tenshi.

"Da** woman. " he said and shot. It pierced through Tenshi's wing, and went through an odango, taking it off. The other also fell off, leaving her with her original hairstyle. (See the main index of smk for pic).

"Wufei!" shouted the other boy, who was dressed all in black. "How could you?" he watched helplessly as the angel's wing spurted blood, and she fell, eyes partway closed.

"She ticked me off." said Wufei, shrugging. "I just can't stand women."

He grabbed the keys from his Gundam, locked it and pushed something that caused it to soar up out of sight. He jumped to the ground and took off running, towards the safehouse. Shaking his head in disbelief, the other boy only muttered, "but how could he shoot an angel?"

He did the same as Wufei, only running to wear the angel's friends were holding her.

Looking a bit scared, Sailor Pluto marched up to him and demanded an explanation.

"Sorry girls, that's classified" the boy said with an easy grin. "But I'm Shinigami... will the angel be alright?"
"ShInIgAmI?!?" spat Sailor Calisto. "That means..."
"God of Death." said Shinigami easily.
"That's sick!" said Sailor Cosmos. "Wait... does that mean that... that..."

"I'm not Death itself... I'm sure that your friend will be fine... as long as she gets to a doctors... if you need a good doctor, go to Sally Po. Tell her that Shinigami sent you."

"That's... quite alright," said Sailor Cosmos.
"Who's Sally Po?" said Sailor Callisto to Sailor Pluto.

"Beats me," she replied. Grabbing Sailor Callisto's communicator, she ordered into it, "minna-senshi! Henshin and Sailor-teleport asap! To Sailorpluto!" Taking a step back, Shinigami turned green...

"Senshi?! Sailors?! Sailor Pluto?!?" he gasped. ESAndromidia groaned, so all attention was focused on her for a split second. When the Sailor group, with reinforcements appearing every minute, turned, Shinigami was gone.

"What happened?!?" cried Sailormars. She had never felt that close to Tenshi, as she was Usagi's cousin, but as a fellow senshi was outraged.

"She was shot," said Estrella bluntly.

" ... Tenshi... " Sailor Moon whimpered. She touched the star on Tenshi's forehead and began to concentrate. Tenshi detransformed, glowing white.

There were no visible wounds anywhere.

'Amazing...' thought Estrella. 'If Sailormoon can do that... and be such a ditz at the same time?!'

"Oh..." Tenshi moaned. "My head hurts..."
All the present Senshi felt tears welling up in their eyes. :end with group hug:

10-12-2004, 03:06 PM
CHapter 16

"Can you please keep it down?" said Quatre, coming out of the room that he shared with Trowa. "My sisters are quieter than you Shinigami, all 29 of them."

"What is all this noise about Shinigami?" said Heero in his monotonous voice.
"Wufei shot a girl when we leaving!"
"Was she a danger, or a threat to the mission?"
"Is that all that you think about? The mission the mission the mission!
She was an ANGEL for godsake!"
The other three pilots appeared in the room.

"You shot an angel Wufei?" said Quatre disbelieving. Trowa, silent as always, just stared with large eyes at Wufei, as if he might burn up in green flames. Wufei snorted, shouting back at them, "SHE WAS A WOMAN! DOES IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF SHE HAD WINGS OR NOT?!?" he stormed out of the house. Trowa put his arm around Quatre.

"... how... how... how could he?" stammered Quatre. He felt nauseous. What if the girl was one of his sisters?

"Did the girl live?" said Heero.
"Yes... when I left she was coming into consciousness. Heero... do a scan on all information that you can gather on Sailor Senshi."

"Sailor Senshi?!" said Quatre. "Aren't they from a cartoon show?"

Wufei was out in his gundam, stomping around the countryside. He felt so angry... at himself, because he thought that the angel had died, and at the others, for making such a big deal out of it. If it were any other person, it would be no big deal... Squishing a bird between the fingers of his suit, he slammed the ground with his feet. Suddenly, as he did so he thought he heard a faint squish...

Maneuvering the Gundam to have the foot in the air, Wufei jumped out of the cockpit.

"Eww..." he said in disgust. "First time I think I've ever stepped on anything... what the heck was that?" grabbing a tree branch he scraped the messy guts off the bottom of the mobile suits foot. A wallet was in the mess.

"Shoot. Two people in one day..." he looked at the id. Someone named Mike.

10-12-2004, 03:09 PM
Chapter 17
The authorities found what was left of Mike, yes it was Tenshi's Mike, and contacted Setsuna, as her house was listed in his wallet.

"... Very well." she said into the phone, then hung up. 'I'm just going to have to wash Tenshi's memory of him... she won't know that he ever existed. That's too disgusting to tell her. Squished... by what?'

Transforming, she walked into Tenshi's room, where the Moon Angel was sleeping.

"Omoide... Arau" she whispered. Tenshi faintly glowed bright maroon for a second, and then rolled over in bed.

Setsuna did the same to all of the senshi, as to prevent anyone wondering why Tenshi did not mention him, or remember him. In fact, she washed the whole city of Tokyo, so that none would remember him... and that included the officials, and Wufei. ^_-

Gundam Pilot Safehouse
"So... she's not dead?" said Wufei.
"Nope..." said Shinigami.
"You're a pretty good fighter Wufei." remarked Shinigami.
"Anyway..." said Wufei, "how is the angel-woman doing?"
"I dunno..." said Shinigami. "Hey Heero, did you find any files on the Sailor Senshi?"

"After sorting through about 150,000 fansites referring to the television show 'Sailor Moon' I managed to find the statistics on all... 18 of them. That are known."

"Eighteen?" said Shinigami.

"Yes... here it is." Heero handed Shinigami a large binder that was sectioned off by the name of the planet on the side. Opening the first, labeled Moon, Shinigami found himself looking at a girl with weird meatball like hair... 'Like the angel's... before Wufei shot her...' he thought. He turned to the next section, Mercury, to see a girl with blue hair exactly as the angels was as she fell... but she had a different face. He kept flipping.

Shinigami got to Pluto.

"That's one of the girls that I saw!" he said excitedly, pointing at the picture. He flipped a couple more and stood up.

"That's her--that's the angel!" grabbing the section, Wufei looked at it closely.

"Hmm... [Reads the information over]... uh-huh... uh-huh... I shot her?" he said, ending up shocked.
"What's wrong?" asked Heero.
"According to this, she ought to be the ruler of the colonies."
"What?!" said Shinigami.

"Her family is from Andromeda, and she is the reigning monarchy...Cousin to the Princess of the Moon, single now, over 1,000 years old at the moment, but with re-birth on Earth now... almost 14."

"So basically Wufei almost assassinated our Queen?"

"...Not quite. These Senshi are tough... and it'll be a while before she will be Queen... unlike Relena Peacecraft, Tenshi gave up the throne for now, to be where her friends are... and there are no people left on her home world, so she has no throne, just a title... and unlimitless power."

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Quatre, coming out of his room.

"The angel... Heero found some information on her. And her comrades," said Duo, aka Shinigami.

"May I see?"
"Knock yourself out Quatre." said Duo. Quatre read it over quickly.

"She may be vengeful. Or one of her friends may be, if she does not live... With this much power, she is a dangerous enemy." Heero's eyes lit up. He began to murmur in a low voice, computer commands... Duo smacked Heero.

"NOT that kind of enemy Heero! Wufei just needs to apologize..."
"And I refuse to apologize to any woman!" said Wufei.
"... At this rate, we aren't going to get anywhere..." sighed Quatre.

"We need to enlist in a local school. It says that most of these girls go to Juuban Junior High. We'll all transfer there... but one of use needs to be able to get behind enemy lines..." stated Heero.

"What do ya mean?" said Trowa.

"Someone needs to become friends with this girl... through whatever means necessary. Even if it means..." said Heero.

"GACK! You don't mean... cross-dressing to be a woman?!?" said Wufei.
"I think that Duo is perfect..." said Heero.
"Oh no, Heero Yuy. We don't we let Quatre... he has all those sisters, plus I'm too muscular to look like a girl..."
"Fine. Then Quatre will register as Quatra Winner, as the rest of us will be the same."

Setsuna's House [next morning]
"Good morning Tenshi..." said Setsuna cautiously.
"G'morning Setsuna!"
"Can you hensin real quick before you go to school?"
"Flew your left wing... good..."
"Is it almost better?"
"I'd say that you are 100% fine... it's too bad about your hair though. That will have to grow back naturally."

Tenshi detransformed and grabbed her lunch.
"ja ne Setsuna-chan!"

10-12-2004, 03:11 PM
Chapter 18
"Class, today we have... more new students."
Four boys and a pretty girl walked into the classroom.
"I'm Heero Yuy." said a stone-gazed boy with brown hair.
"I'm Duo Maxwell," said the boy with the long brown braid.
"I'm Trowa Barton," said the boy with the huge hair sticking out over his eye.
"I'm Wufei," said the Chinese boy.
"I'm Quatra Winner," said the girl.

A murmur went up from the class... they were all given various seats, and Duo ended up next to Ashley.

'She looks like one of those Sailor people from the other day!' he thought. 'Just play it cool Shinigami... can't blow your cover now!'

"Hey Ashley" whispered Tenshi. "Doesn't that Wufei look like the guy that shot me?"

Ashley turned to Tenshi and sweatdropped.
"Tenshi... that IS the guy that shot you." she said very manner-of-factly.


"N-n-" stammered Ashley, embarrassed at being in trouble. Tenshi jumped out of her seat.

"Hello new students!" she giggled. "I'm Tenshi! Pleased to meet you!" Then Tenshi sat down, unaware of the entire class staring at her.

"Well now..." stuttered the teacher, having not expected such a response... but at the same time mad at himself for not believing the newer Tuskino girl to be as naive as her cousin Usagi Tsukino in the same class.

"Take out your English book and turn to page 57. Ms. Tsukino Usagi, please translate the first example."

"Na-nani..." mumbled Usagi, awakening at the sound of her name. She sat up straight as the teacher glared at her. "Um... page 57..." she flipped through the book, and then went back a few pages. "Ha- halow... m-may nom es Ooh sah gee... how ah you?"

"Very good Ms. Tsukino... unusually good... for you anyway. Ms. Mizuno, will you read the next example?" Ami stood up with her book open.

"I'm fine thank-you... and yourself? The weather is quite balmy today. Hope it doesn't rain later!" then she sat down.

"Perfect as always Ms. Mizuno... " and so the class continued. At lunch, the class broke up and went outside to enjoy the free hour with their friends. The new boys all gathered together with the quiet Quatra in one corner, discussing something secretive... whenever anyone would come near them they went silent. Usagi, Makoto, Ami, Ashley and Tenshi, as well as Ingrid gathered in their spot under the giant oak tree.

"What do you think of our new classmates" Makoto asked. Trowa put his arm around Quatra. Quatra looked up at him and smiled.

"That's so cute!" sniffed Usagi. "I wish Mamo-chan went to my school..."

"That leaves the other 4 for us!" said Ashley, punching the air. "Let's see... Makoto... myself... Ingrid... Tenshi... Ami..."

"I am not interested in any guy right now," said Ami frostily. "Dating is not in my dictionary." Makoto jumped away from Ami.

"How can she say that?" whispered Usagi.

Gundam Pilots table
"I supposed that pretending to be a girl has its good points..." said Quatra.
"Yeah... you do look cute in this school's uniform..." said Trowa.

"Knock it off..." sighed Duo. 'At least they are out in public... oh wait... now no one would really care if they started making out...' "So there's the girl, she's alive." said Wufei coldly. "Are we done here?"

"Not quite..." said Heero. "According to Doctor J, these girls hold immense powers... powers that could be of use to us."

"What're you saying Heero?" asked Duo.

"I'm saying that we need to make these girls our allies... and w--" Heero started when a pair of arms were flung around his neck.

"HEERO!" shouted Relena happily.

"Relena what are you doing here?" asked Heero. "Aren't you supposed to be in the Sank Kingdom? And where's Dorothy?"

"I'm right here..." said the Catalonia as she nervously pulled down her skirt. "Miss Relena insisted on following you..." Just then the lunch bell rang, causing the other students to begin filing back into the building.

Duo laughed and slapped Heero on the back.

"You sure have girl troubles Heero..." he giggled. "I've got an idea to dispose of the Peacecraft and get closer to the girls at the same time..."

"I'm all ears," said Heero with a grin, because getting Relena off his back was worth just about anything that Duo would say...

"Its simple. Ask one of them out on a date... except the angel. Or the meatball-head... She's got a boyfriend, and she'll be the Queen of Earth in the future and ya can't mess up destiny and stuff like that."

"Fine." said Heero. "Mission accepted."
"Why does he always say that?!?" whined Duo to Quatra.
"Because he's Heero," said Trowa.

"Well that comes off pretty clear T-man," said Duo. Tenshi walked by just then, chatting with Usagi. She smiled at Duo and went into the room.

Duo smiled back and sighed... and walked into the door.
"You okay Duo?" asked Quatra, helping him up.
"Oh I'm fine... I just wondered if the door was made out of regular metal or gundanium..."
"So what is it?"

10-12-2004, 03:16 PM
Chapter 19
Duo staggered into the classroom. His forehead was quickly swelling.

There was a new teacher in the classroom. She didn't notice the large bruise forming on his forehead.

"Minna take your seats," she said coldly.

She began the lesson. 'Something isn't right here...' thought Tenshi. She pulled out the magic glasses that she got from Sailor Neptune. They were made of the same stuff that the Aqua Mirror was, and had the same powers.

Tenshi put them on. She gazed at Duo. He appeared to be the same young man from when she was shot... the other guy, not the shooter. He had a funny aura to him... Then she looked at the teacher.

"A YOUMA?!?" she screamed. Grabbing Ashley, Ingrid and Duo, and motioning to the other Senshi to do the same to the other new students, Tenshi dragged them.... Out the window of the second story classroom.

"Tenshi-baka WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Ashley screamed.

Tenshi shouted, "SILVER STAR MAKE UP!" and willed her wings to appear first. She flew up onto the roof, still holding onto Ingrid, Duo and Ashley.

"What the heck is going on here?" asked Duo nervously. The others joined them on the roof, coming from the stairs.

"Tens-" started Makoto angrily, and she stopped short.

"Henshin Minna-chan!" Sailor Andromidia said calmly.

"Right..." said Ami.

"M A K E U P!"

"Eh? Nani?" stammered Wufei.
"They are the Sailor Senshi!" cried Quatra.
"Amazing..." said Trowa.

"Time to go to work!" said Sailor Jupiter menacingly. She kicked in the glass sunroof of their classroom, and one by one they jumped down. Sailor Andromidia stood and watched.

In The Class Room
The teacher-youma was busy sucking the energy out of the class.

"Hold it right there!" shouted Sailor Cosmos.
"A pretty soldier in a sailor suit! For love and justice! Sailor Moon!
On behalf on the moon, you're punished!"

"Stealing energy from students who are studying! Dose yourself in water and repent! Mercury will not forgive these crimes!"

"Is that the best you've got?" said the youma. It shot off its arms, grabbed each of the girl's necks and began sucking their energy too.

Sailor Andromidia swooped down.

"By the stars... I am given power. To protect the innocent, and to fight evil. The stars had moved into formation.... to say that it is time for your demise. Tsuki No Tenshi! Eternal Sailor Andromidia!"

"OH, another Sailor Brat?" snarled the youma. It shot off another arm but Tenshi jumped out of the way. It struck her wing. A feather was knocked loose and fell to the floor.

"We have to do something!" whispered Duo.
"But what?" said Quatra.

Tenshi bent over and picked up the feather. She tossed it up into the air, and used both hands to grasp the shaft of the feather... which morphed into a white-metal Scythe. There was blue plasma at the end.

"Oh I'm so scared," said the youma sarcastically. It glanced upward, and noticed the boys staring down.

"You grabbed these young men on your way out... surely they are important to you." It dropped the Sailors, which were unconscious, and shot up and grabbed Duo.

"Yes... he has lots of energy." it sang out. "Perfect for the Mistress."

Tenshi waved the Scythe with an aim to kill. But the monster put Duo in the way of the Star Scythe.

Wufei and Heero jumped down too.

"Put our friend down!"

"Wu-man... Heero..." said Duo weakly. The youma turned its head to see what was threatening it and dropped Duo to the floor. In that instant, Tenshi swung the Star Scythe and walloped its head off. Green ooze poured out, and then it vanished in a twinkling of red lights.

"That was some freaky thing," said Heero. The class and the other Sailors began to come to.

"Will Duo be alright?" asked Tenshi. Heero was bent over Duo examining his wounds.

"I don't know... he was injured before this ordeal began."
"I'm...I'm... fine..." muttered Duo. "My head hurts... that's all..."
"Minna... let's get out of here." The other senshi nodded.
"Can you walk?" asked Heero.

Duo tried to stand, but his leg slid out from under him. There was a cut across his forehead.

"I can carry him," said Tenshi. She carefully picked him up and jumped out the window, her wings fluttering.

"Lets meet at the Gundam's place..." she called out. "You have to tell me the way there." Tenshi said to Duo. He gave the directions. "Can you will wings into being?" Tenshi asked.

"What?" Duo said. "Just imagine the wings on your back... picture what they will feel like... channel your thoughts." Duo tried, and suddenly there was a ripping noise as two crow-sized wings formed on his back. They grew to the same size that Tenshi's were, so she dropped him.

"NOW FLY!" she called out as he began to fall. He did, and floated up to were she was.

"Cool..." said Duo. He gazed down to the ground, to look at the people on the street. Taking Tenshi's hand, he flew above the clouds. "This is awesome!" he shouted.

"We have to go down now!" Tenshi pulled him back under as a plane narrowly missed taking their heads off.

"Woah..." said Duo. He leaned over and kissed Tenshi.

"We have to work together... the Pilots and the Soldiers... to protect Tokyo..." as they came down onto the roof of the safehouse. Duo's wings fell off and vanished.

"H-hai..." said Tenshi.



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