View Full Version : I fell in love and have my life ruined at the same time...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
10-13-2004, 05:10 AM
The Kanazumi (Rustboro) Gym episode was awesome. It had great music, Tsutsuji (Roxanne) was so adorable that it should be illegal, the action was intense... I could go on forever.

However, it just lost its awesomeness about nearly an hour ago. Why? Because something else has taken that rank.

I'm not talking about the Kyogre/Groudon episode either. What I'm talking about...


Sonansu is still too funny for his own good, and I had no clue that the Rocket Dan (Team Rocket) were into disco!

However, there are some new things. Want me to list them all? All righty...

-Forget Kimori (Treecko)! Juputoru (Grovyle) is WAY too cool for his own good!
-Ishitsubte (Geodude) is so old news! Chiritarisu's (Altaria) name is a hundred times more fun to say...and she sounds cute too!
-Tsutsuji's (Roxanne) voice is cute, but Nagi's (Winona) voice is so... so... uh... er... good? NO! Her voice is so PERFECT, it should be illegal...but I don't want it to be illegal!
-Satoshi's Oosubame (Ash's Swellow) and Nagi's shiny Oosubame looked so cool when they fight.

That's all the good parts...now the bad...

-Once again, Nintendo tries to ruin my life as a fan fic author. Both of the Oosubames sounded MALE! I don't care if their voices are good. Nagi's should at least sound a LITTLE feminine!

Although it does give me an idea about Aelita (Lyoko's Swellow whose the daughter of Winona's [Nagi] Swellow, not the humanoid from Code: Lyoko) having a dad...

But enough about my semi-pointless personal life. The episode kicked a lot of butt and that's all that matters.

And if you ask nicely, I may get on WinMX so you can get it. :wink: