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Innocent Bystander
06-06-2007, 01:34 AM
This my very first ďendless,Ē RP, so donít count on it being too good. Also, endless RPís donít tend to have very detailed plots as there is no single climax, but climaxes for every highpoint of the RP, which in this will actually appear quite often. Thus, I cannot give much of an explanation toward plots. I'm fairly certain this is a first for a lot of us peole here.
Basic Plot
You are a lawyer in the judicial system and are bound to be in cases of all types, having just joined and are a rookie at an all-around lawyer service. Itís your job to help your client win their court case. It will take excellent debate skills to win your cases and not wind up with a hung jury or losing altogether.

Hereís the part where you really have to pay attention.
You will be given a court scenario. Hereís an example:

Scenario: Direct Murder Trial

Defendant(s): Albert Smith

Situation: The defendant, Albert Smith, has been accused of murdering Jonathan P. Fallow, in a convenient store robbery. Fallow died of internal bleeding when 50. Bullet was lodged in his chest, severing a vain, but failing to substantially pierce the skin. Fallow died in his hospital bed at 2:00 AM, July 5th. Witnesses have identified Smith as only one of the two men in the store that committed the robbery. However whether Fallow was the shooter is unsure. Records state Smith as a lefty, but the entry wound on Fallowís chest is from the right. The other suspect has not been found, but is believed not to be the shooter, as Smith was the one with the handgun. Smith looks similar to several other men in the neighborhood and it couldíve been another man who was mistakenly identified as Albert Smith.

Guilty or Not Guilty: Not Guilty (falsely accused)

Witnesses: No direct witnesses of the shooting, but many have varying accounts.

Evidence: Only pictures of the body after the shooting--possibly other things.

Note that such a report leaves quite a bit of leeway and that this report will be PMíed to the lawyers participating and under no circumstance is this report to be given to any member of the jury as this counts as cheating and I will kick you from the RP if I find out!!!
You will be allowed to bring out witnesses and evidence (to a realistic extent,) and be sure to use your mind on this. Your job as a lawyer is to swing the juryís opinion in your favor. After you have presented all your witnesses and evidence, you will make a closing argument, which is a lengthy overview of the entire court session, similar to a presidential debate.
In this case, according to the report the lawyers have received, Smith is Not Guilty, but itís still possible for the jury to condemn him to life in prison without bail, which is the starting sentence.
If you want, you can study up on this sort of stuff, so youíll be better at it. This is the main explanation. Fairly simple, hm?

1. Obviously no flaming, godmodding, etc., you get the drift, right?
2. This is for kids too--nothing that wouldnít make for an RP above PG-13.
3. Donít take control of peopleís characters without asking and only take control if theyíve been gone for a long time or have asked you to.
4. Keep your posts AT LEAST over four lines--thatís the bare minimum Iíll let slide.
5. Donít cheat, or whine about something insignificant.
6. Use proper grammar, punctuation, etc.
7. Be realistic (I.e. donít throw some whopping hunk of evidence that would instantly prove a Not Guilty person Not Guilty, like a surveillance video.)
8. Have fun and put up some good arguments.

PHYSICAL Description: (Height, skin color, hair color, eye color, build, whatever else you want to addÖ)
Attire/Clothes/Apparel/Whatever you call it: (What your character wears off and on the job. Remember, a lawyer doesnít walk into court in a tank top or something like that.
Preferred Side: (Prosecution, Defense, Both)
RP Sample:

I can start this RP when I have at least two other people. Iíll be the judge and will be on the lookout for others to act as the jury.

Lord Fedora
06-06-2007, 01:45 AM
Okay, I like the concept, it is interesting. I'm assuming then that one other RPer would be assigned as the DA? I'm not sure as to how the fate of this RP will turn, because the mods may or may not take it as against the rules, I'm unsure, but just in case save me a seat, and also if it comes to the point where there's several players and too much spillover in the way of players, I'd also be more than happy to fill in a spot o the jury.

Innocent Bystander
06-06-2007, 01:51 AM
Come to think of it, this will probably wind up locked, but I'll save you a spot. People always tell me that if I don't try something I'll never know, so I'm trying.

06-06-2007, 02:00 AM
Name: Jordan Turner



Personality: Jordan is the peculiar sort. He tends to love murder mysteries. Not because the people die, but because he likes to figure out how they did it. He is very mature and hates when people show off their sense of immaturity. The biggest problem is that he is only seventeen-years old. He did once solve a murder case, when the murderer tricked the party by delaying the effect of rigormortis. With his honed observations skills and analytical thinking he can solve nearly anything.

PHYSICAL Description: Jordan has caramel skin with black curly hair. He keeps his har cut to a certain elevation. His eyes are brown or as some people would say hazel. He is five foot ten and weighs in at about one-hundred seventy pounds. He muscle tone is average.)

Attire/Clothes/Apparel/Whatever you call it: On the job, Jordan usually wears a blue button-up shirt with a red bow-tie. He wears matching blue business pants to go with it. Off the job, he wears a green shirt with light-brown jeans.
History:Jordan has always been that teenager that thinks in analytical ways. When he was eight, he dreamed of being a famous detective or lawyer. Ever since, he's been traning by always taking things seriously. When he finally solved an actual murder case at the age of fourteen, lawyers and detectives were shocked. He also has a rival. The famed Phantom-Thief Kid, the one that's always stealing big time stuff in the United States, has been tracked down and challenged by Jordan. Jordan soon hopes to one day send Phantom Thief Kid to jail for good.

Other: N/A

Preferred Side: Prosecutor

RP Sample:Jimmy was worried. The effects that the Lugia had given him has caused him too transform into the body of a second grader. " At least this will hold the government off for a little bit huh Absol?" Jimmy's Absol looked serious. " My parents are probably worried sick. But I can't let them know that I'm part of the Quista. Yet even let them know my identity anymore. I'm going to have to stop the government. With the new inventions that Proffesor Hartwell has provided me with, I can cause some damage. Lately I've been seeing these weird government agents around. I bring all of them to one area if I need to. That will give me a chance to get back home. But first, I need too change my clothes." Jimmy changed his clothes. " I also need to change my name. Hmm....Chris Hartwell will do just fine. Now, time too put this plan into action.

Jimmy sneaked back upstairs with his Absol confusing everybody inside the Radio tower. Jimmy ran behind one too the top of the stairs while everyone was confused. When he reach the signal room, he put his bowtie voice changer up too his mouth. " Here goes nothing. Hey, I sound just like one of the agent guys. Now, put my mouth to the speaker and....got it." Jimmy was now speaking in his agent voice. He spoke to the city of Goldenrod. " Attention all government agents! Quista member Jimmy Kudo has been spotted in the second story of the Pokemon Center. Report their and don't let him get out." Jimmy then hopped on Absol and ran out of the Radio tower. " Ha ha. Don't mess with the Kudo. Now, let's get out of this city Absol!" Jimmy rode out of the city

06-06-2007, 09:47 PM
Ooh, Phoenix Wright-stylistics? I like it!

Avinarti "Firewall" Mendoza
Firewall (as he's called by his colleagues) has a nasty temper when it comes to the courtroom, but why shouldn't he? As a vital player in the justice courtroom, tempers tend to flare, and Mr. Mendoza is no exception to the rule.
Physical Description
Height: 5'11"
Skin Color: Light peach-tone
Hair Color: Flame-broiled orange, worn with bangs splayed out like a fiery mess over his eyes
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Lean but somewhat muscular
Uniform: A red trenchcoat topped by a low-burning-shade yellow fedora
Firewall has been known by some as the "Justice Phoenix" for not only his temperament, but also his methodical and seemingly impossible tactics of metaphorically 'burning' away prosecutors' cases. Out of the courtroom he is friendly and sweet, however.
Um... no?
Preferred Side
Defense Attorney
RP Sample
((I did this one back at PC.))
So sleepy. What's wrong with me? Cody? Kyr? Star??

I opened my eyes slowly, still feeling weak from the events in the lab. "Kyr... I thought I lost you..."

{Wow, it looks like someone took my advice about the water, didn't they?} I asked Solice. {That place looks like a freakin' tsunami hit it...}

{Yea, I know,} Solice replied. {I think that was from a Dragonite. Mike's safe, though, Avi. Cody rescued you... or maybe he was messing around with you while you slept, I dunno. Cain didn't get as lucky, I don't think. I sense that the PHT has affected him somehow.}

{Solice... you're a good friend.}

I lifted my head laboriously. "Kyr... thank you. I thought I was a goner... why is there a patch of my shirt lying to my right?"

Innocent Bystander
06-07-2007, 09:21 PM
Actually, I haven't even played the PWAA series, so yeah. :oops:

Anyway, if you can both give me a sample that actually deals with the character you're using in this RP, then I'll be happy to accept you and we can get the RP underway.

06-08-2007, 12:12 AM
Oh, you want a quote from Firewall? No problem.

RP Sample

Firewall sat on his chair at the defense bench, shaking his head and frowning as he heard the crock the prosecutors were spouting to the judge. His face was obviously pained and he almost looked as thought he were going to be sick to his stomach.

"Lies..." he muttered softly. "I can't believe they make me listen to this stuff."

Still, it wasn't his turn to speak, so all he could do is wait to defuse the accusers' claims...

Crazed One
06-09-2007, 11:01 PM
If we want to be on the jury then do we have to fill anything out?