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green gyarados
10-13-2004, 07:51 PM
This is a PG-12 based story but if you really love thriller and horror based stories under 12 years, you can read on:


Bill and Harry are two friends who go Trick or Treat?ing and get attacked by things... Are they ghosts? A screaming skull? Do they rip their brains out? Or do they go to a haunted house full of spiders? Who knows....

green gyarados
10-13-2004, 08:02 PM
Chapter 1

The Day Before Halloween

It was the day before halloween in the village of Hembrough, not far from county capital Summerwood. Hembrough was a village with helpful people who respected others. One of its inhabitants was Bill Bonkage, a shy boy of 10 years old. He had blue eyes, brown hair and it was gelled up in the middle like a Beckham style. He was walking into school to his classroom when his friend came over.
"Hey Billo! Are we still going "Trick or Treat?"ing tomorrow?" asked his friend Harry Karlston, an enthusiastic boy of 11 years old.
"Sure, if you still want to."
"Well, when we finish, we're going round to my Uncle's, because he owns a factory which makes sweets into lollies! He'll also add any colour and any flavour too!"
"Yeah! I'll meet you outside my house tomorrow evening!"
They walked into the classroom.
"Fred?" "Here, Mrs Jonson." "Billy?" "Here, Mrs Jonson." "Harry?" "Here." "Kate....?"
The register went on and Harry and Bill went into the cloakroom and hung their coats, lunchboxes and bookbags up and sat down.
The first lesson, Maths, passed by quickly ("Stupid fractions." thought Harry.)
When morning playtime arrived, they looked at the forest.
"That's the Wright Forest isn't it?" asked Billy.
"Yep. Haunted by those creatures. Pokemon aren't they."
They stared at it. A tree moved faster than the rest.
"Um.. H-h-harry? That tree freakily moved then and that white figure there is miffing me off."
Miss Parker came over. "Boys? What is it?"
"That forest is... Miss Parker? There's a white figure on your head."
"What? GET IT OFF!" She ran in circle around the playground. "KATE? DO SOMETHING!!!" She ran and got the headmaster.
"Bill! Now's our chance to see that figure!"
They sneakily crept out of the playground and headed for the forest.

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That's C. 1 finished. Stay tuned for Chap. 2 tomorrow, "Figure Attack!".

Tamer San
10-13-2004, 08:02 PM
I guess you should have registered first before you start making the Fic GG.