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Neo Emolga
10-15-2004, 12:47 AM
The Foreign Familiar

Enter the twisted and demented mind of Oscar, a runaway 15 year old psychotic boy who befriends a mysterious Murkrow. For once, I had to struggle to write like crud to order to fit and adjust the story to seem like the story it’s from the character Oscar himself, and I hope I don’t get nailed for spelling and grammar points because of it. Either way, it should be a delightfully twisted and dark story to read. Rated PG 13 for violence. Enjoy.

I use to have family. I still do, but they never talk to me. Me old family hate me for killin their pets. I play with them… but then I always got in trouble. I took da little Pidgey bird and put him in loud slicing machine, and I got sent to bad white place. But I like red water. It always warm. No one believe me.

They treat me bad there. Guard name Jack… and he hate me most of all. Then one day, Jack came, angry face, so I bit him, and ran away. I jump out window, go through invisible wall, and I found more red water after I flew. Now I stay in noisy train place and look for food in noisy dirty can. Many weird faces look at me here. But me don’t care.

I found friend there. I call him Teddy… and he long and hard. He wear funny flat hat and has spiky foot, and he make me find more red water. I show him to faces, and they think he nasty but he is friend. They call him Nail. Sometime… I think he speak to me… but I don always hear what he say.

I lost Teddy when he roll and fall in weird cold place, and never touch him again. I scream but he don hear. He just sit there, with paper and round thingy friend in stink hole. I guess he like them better than me. Nobody love me now. He happy there. But me no happy.

I then try to find more Teddy, but no. Me don find more nowhere, and now I alone. But good day came when cold and dry. Trees die, but me found tiny black bird who love me. I call him Baxter, but he just say Murkrow again and again first. He funny that way. I try to pet Baxter, and he bit me and it feel bad. But he show me more red water, and me happy soon. He smile when he see me like red water, and he said he show me more. I thought Baxter dumb Murkrow and only say name but he talk to me, and me happy now. He say he from tree place, and I tell him I live here in train place. He say I better look harder.

I sleep with Baxter by me, and he help me dream when I don see. He help me dream of red water, and I laugh. But it not real, and I sad when wake up. He don like train noise, so we move to city and look for red water. He then tell me to get sweets, but me don know what he say. He then say candy, and then me remember.

We see tiny people like me dress funny ugly with bag of treat, and me want but don have. But Baxter tell me way to get both sweet treat and red water. He show me another Teddy, only he longer and he have woody handle. Baxter call him Knife, but I call him Teddy, and Baxter say that okay.

I then hide until little people that dress funny ugly come, and me jump and show them Teddy, and they scream funny. Baxter tell me I need to put Teddy in body, and I do and they scream louder. I then touch much red water, and I smile. I put Teddy in body more, and more red water come. Sweet treat tasty too, and me happy again. I share with Baxter, he happy too, and we lick red water. It tasty, but salty. Baxter and I good friend now.

We run with sweet, and get more red water. The sweet make me happy, and Baxter happy. He say he like red water too, and he just like me, only he black Murkrow. I then cover me with red water, and little people that dress funny ugly run, and no more red water. I try, but no go, and me not happy again. But Baxter say it not problem. He say he have magic, but I laugh and tell me he funny and not real.

But then he show me, and we follow big square thing that moves. I see many funny people, behind funny squares. Baxter say it called a Bus, and so I follow. Then his eyes glow funny and red, and then Bus move funny and hit wall. I laugh, and then Bus goes to big ball of bright light, and I smile. Bit of Bus go everywhere, and I walk to it. I find lots of bits of funny people, and more red water, and I very happy now. Still too salty, but it okay.

But then ugly boy come with funny blue mouse that say Marill, and he put out sparkly fire with water from mouse. I angry, and I cry because sparkly gone, but he tell me it okay. He tell me he call police, but me no want that. Funny blue mouse Marill smile at me, I show him Teddy, and he not happy. I put Teddy in him like Baxter say, and he drip more red water. Ugly boy scream and me laugh, but then he run away. But it okay, Baxter eyes glow funny red and then little red Bus bump boy and put him in wall. He scream funny.

I leave blue mouse Marill and see boy, and much red water there. Funny rock in head now, and he have tongue out, and look funny. Mouth spit red water, and it warm and tasty. Still salty. But Baxter and me happy. Boy look funny and drip red water. I tell Baxter more, and he smile and say yes. He say there be more forever. Me happy.

We then go down street and knock on door. It open and funny lady she me bowl of sweet. She say red water look real, and I laugh for it real. I then show Teddy, and she scream funny. Funny lady red water tasty. Sweet tasty. Baxter happy too. He say funny lady red water tasty and look funny.

We walk in house and bash up things. Little pink cat Skitty come and attack, but Teddy help with more tasty red water. Skitty make funny noises and then go to sleep. Baxter then show me wood sticks called Matches, and he tell me to rub one against wall. Big flash and little sparkly make me happy, and then me drop, and sparkly grow bigger. Baxter tell me go outside and watch, and we do. We run and hide in bush to watch.

Sparkly all over house now. It go to other houses, and stuff bust up. Funny men in red come and go inside. Baxter then look at house with funny red eyes and it fall down on funny red men. We think it funny.