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06-06-2007, 10:43 PM
Many years have passed since the catashrophic event in Sinnoh. The day when Dialga and Palkia fought. Their blasts nearly destoyed the region. If it wasn't for Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf the human race wouldn't exist today.Those three use their powers to seal Dailga and Palkia in the Beginning dimension. The Beginning Dimension is not only the home to Dialga, Palkia, and the Creator Aruseus. It is the place where Aruseus created pokemon. If the beginning Dimension were to be tampered with or destroyed, all pokemon as we know, would no longer exist. Now in this New Era there are four kingdoms. Those kingdoms names are Carion, Entiaca, Lucamia, and Aurania. These kingdoms are the home to four princesses. There is a princess for each kingdom. The each have their own guardian pokemon. After Lucario died and went with his master Sir Aaron, the power of aura was left to those princesses and four other humans. Each of the princesses has a time limit. There aura is what helps keep the Beginning Dimension sealed. If their aura were to run out, the Beginning Dimension would be destroyed and pokemon would no longer exist. Dialga and Palkia would also reign their terror on the planet once again. But there is a way to prevent this from happening. There are four chosen ones out in the different regions. They each have a fate to become a prince. They will need to make it to their rightful kingdoms and marry to the correct princess. The ones to guide them will be each of the princesses guardians. Time is running out. With the guardians gone, will the princesses be able to run their kingdoms? Will the chosen one make it in time? Will the guardians be able to aid the chosen ones? Will all pokemon be extinct as we know it. Only time can tell...

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Kingdom City(1,000 before the New Era)

The grass fields that had once been delightful were now plains of hatred. The skys were darkened and the rain had washed away all tears of happiness. The blood remnants of the warriors that fought the two dragons had remained and stained the plains. Dialga and Palkia were fierce fighters and had reaked havoc upon the Earth. Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf had just sealed them and left the remains of Kingdom City. Raoa, the here sent down by Aruseus, was in his Celebi form and had watched this battle numerous times. It was now time for him to return to the present.

" Celebiiiii!!!" Raoa had used his time travel technique to travel back into the presnt. It was time to restore Aura.

06-06-2007, 11:26 PM
As the festivities began on the earth below in preparation of the leaving Guardians, a shape could be seen in the sky, if anyone had just looked up. As far away as it was, it looked like a purple dot, nothing more. But in actuality, it was much, much more...

Riding a thermal with her leathery wings flared, Ryuki watched the scene below. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get her heart into the occassion. She was leaving her princess, after all. What would the girl do without her?

"She's had my guidance," Ryuki assured herself, her tail twitching uneasily even as she flew. "And, she's smart. We'll both get through this." But would they? A more worrying thought crossed through her mind. What if the Chosen one was not suitable? Not just anyone could marry her princess, oh no. If need be, Ryuki would certainly whip them into shape- or, if need be, prevent them from coming altogether, whatever the repucussions. Her will once more set, she flew onward with more purpose. She was, after all, a Guardian. That had to account for something.

(I call Patchfur as my Chosen!)

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Several towns away from where the princesses' were, a blonde-haired boy with aqua eyes sat on a stump in the middle of a forest. In his hands was a branch from the tree, which he was whittling out of boredom. Most poke'mon stayed away from this area of the forest, and truthfully, Marcus didn't blame them. It was dark, and God only knew what kind of dark, dangerous creatures could be just behind the next tree. Marcus himself liked the place, and had been staying there for a week or so. So far, all he'd seen were a couple of sneazel and some bug-types. Nothing he would ever want to catch, even if he planned on doing that.

Marcus got up from his stump, and walked over to the tent he had pitched by a tree on the opposite side of the clearing from the stump. Inside was his sleeping bag, pillow, a bag of clothes, food, and other necessities, and one healball laying on top of his folded up blanket. He sighed as he looked at it, knowing he would most likely not have a poke'mon inside it for some time. He had to admit, he was lonely. He had come out here to get away from people, but now he was doubting his choice, wanting to be around other people. He sighed again and shook his head, it might have been bearable if he had had a poke'mon, but no, he hadn't ever had one, unless you counted the eevee his mom had kept as a pet. He crossed the clearing again, and starting whittling the twig again.

06-07-2007, 01:50 AM
He must find the chosen one whom his majesty sent him after, If only I knew who he was and where he was DeathFang screamed in his mind. With a swift glance DeathFang looked around and saw the trees had started to thin a little bit. Jordan then felt a presence nearby that seemed a little bit.... different than any others he had felt before. He had only felt a presence like this before when standing or sitting nearby the princess. With a final look at the castle he turned his head back to what was in front of him. As soon as he turned his head around he tripped and felt dirt in his mouth and the pain of a headfirst fall. “What’s up with me today, I keep falling over into something, first the lake now this” DeathFang sighed in the language of pokemon. He then stood up, spat the dirt out of his mouth, and shook any dirt that got on his spikes or face off then he was off at a run again. After a few minutes of running through the shrubs and jumping around the trees he noticed a town. As the town started to get bigger he started to slow down. Making a quick inspection DeathFang noticed that he was apparently entering through a more poor part of the city seeing as it only had small apartments and small houses on either side.

Trotting a little further on he started to notice middle-class homes on either side of him. Looking over his shoulder he noticed the sun was starting to sink beyond the horizon. At that moment he noticed how tired he was. Looking around he noticed a small park nearby. While walking over to the park he made the inspection of a few benches on the right side of the playground and some small playground equipment on the left. Trotting over to the right side of the playground he looked around and selected a bench to curl up on. He picked a more cozier looking one but when he got on it he felt a little uncomfortable, being so used to sleeping on a cushion at home. This will have to do for now Deathfang thought as he curled up.

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