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Jack of Clovers
10-18-2004, 08:04 PM
by: Pichu Lover

*Equation credit goes to Figgy*
[(A*P*.84)/D]+2 *S*E*.925
A= Attack/Special Attack Stat of Pokemon attacking.
P= Strength of attack being used.
D= Defense/Special Defense of Pokemon recieving attack.
S= STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) [x1.5]
E= Effectiveness (x0.25, x0.5, x1.0, x2.0, x4.0)
R= Random Number between 85-100.
How to Use the Number
After calculating, you will get a raw number. (ex. 193) Look at the defending Pokemon's HP and divide the raw number over the HP. (ex. 193/323) This will give the amount of damage done to the Pokemon. (.597... round to .60) Subtract that number from 10 and you get the HP left from the Pokemon. (4/10HP)
Status Afflictions
Attract- Can't attack 50% of the time.
Burn- Lose 1/2 attack power and 1/8 HP every turn.
Confuse- 50% chance to attack yourself
Cursed- Quarters your HP each turn.
Faint- Can't battle.
Flinch- Doesn't attack that turn.
Freeze- Can't use moves.
Paralyze- Can't attack 25% of the time.
Poison- Lose 1/8 HP every turn.
Sleep- Asleep for 2-7 turns
Toxic- Lose 1/16 HP every turn. Damage doubles each turn (2/16, 3/16....) Converts to normal Poison if Pokemon is switched.
Stat and Accuracy Change
Click Here! (http://www.angelfire.com/pa4/jman/statgrow.html)
lowHP% -> highHP% = AttackPower

68.8 -> 100% = 20
35.5 -> 68.7% = 40
20.9 -> 35.4% = 80
10.5 -> 20.8% = 100
4.2 -> 10.4% = 150
0.1 -> 4.1% = 200

*Effectiveness still stands*
>>Type Advantages/Disadvantages (http://www.wraith10.megadoomer.com/pokemonrs/combattable.html)

>>Moves List (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsmoves.html)

>>Pokedex (http://www.pokemonfanuniverse.com/pokedex/index.php?dexNo=)

>>GSC Research Site (http://www.angelfire.com/pa4/jman/home1.html)

>>R/S Pokemon Research Site (http://hexagonal.pkmn.co.uk/)

>>Pokemon Information Site (http://pokefor.tk/)
Helpful Tips
-Physical Attacks: Rock, Ground, Normal, Fighting, Ghost, Bug, Flying, Steel, and Poison.
-Special Attacks: Ice, Fire, Dark, Water, Electric, Grass, Psychic, and Dragon.
-Normal and Fighting doesn't affect Ghost.
-Electric doesn't affect Ground.
-Ground Doesn't affect Flying.
-Poison doesn't affect Steel.
-Psychic doesn't affect Dark.
-Rest makes you SLP for 2 turns all the time.
>>Excel (http://pokedex.kary.ca/pokestat.zip)

>>GSC Only (http://mleo2003.tripod.com/research/programs.htm)

>>Site Plug in (http://www.marblepalace.net/gemmatics/damagecalc.shtml)
URPG Moves List
This is a list of how the Pokemon moves are used specifically in the URPG reffing.
>>Click Here!<<
*Not ready yet*