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06-08-2007, 02:04 AM
The Pikachu Survivor Game Roleplay
It's the LOL strain of the Pika Flu!

I was given permission by Neo Pikachu to use this idea. Twice. =o

This RP is meant to be funny. Yah.

In the peaceful Pokémon world, there's only been one known disease-- that's Pokérus. It infected Pokémon and enhanced their abilities and power. Now, in the year 2007, a new virus has come to "enhance" humans...


The world's human population (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Fiore, the Orange and Sevii Islands, blah blah, blah-blah blah...) is being, what you youngsters say, TTLY HAXXD by the Pika Flu. Once you are infected, there's almost no way to stop the illness. As you may already know from infrencing, when the virus overtakes your entire body (that's three days), the next day--

*drinks some coffee*

--you turn. Into. A PiKaCHu!! =D

Actually, it's not something to be super happy about. Sure, you can skip school/work, power your house without having to pay the electric bills, and a bunch of other stuff, but you won't be able to reach the cookie jar without a ladder! I know what you must be thinking: ONOES! But there's a blessed cure to the Pika Flu called, er, the Blessed Cure. With only a single injection (hey, it's worth it), you'll become a human the next day.

Other things to prevent you from becoming a Pikachu for life would be the Gold Elixir and Immunities. They stop the disease during the process or stop you from getting sick at all, respectively. Neither lasts long, though. People must be on guard! Or else. =o

Unfortunately for all citizens of the Pokémon world, the best medicine that stops the Pika Flu is only manufactured in Kanto by Sliph Co. Additional one-day Immunity tablets are produced by both Devon Corp and Sliph Co.

Positions for RPers

Scientists from all the regions are researching and testing to see if there is a permanent cure for the Pika Flu. Once they complete the full immunization and cure, they'll manufacture it to all the regions. They call this the Final Cure. RPers playing as scientists are under the scientist position! I are so genius.

All citizens must find a way to prevent themselves from getting infected. You must obtain as many things to defend yourself from the Flu as possible. This amazing position is called... ordinary people! You are also not limited to just BUYING the super rare junk... you can actually ROB people! BIG FAT NOTE: NPCS CANNOT CARRY ANYTHING THAT ALLOWS YOU TO BE IMMUNIZED.

Pika Flued people are kept in a giant hospital in Kanto to prevent infecting others. They are released after three days. Why? Because they'd be a Pikachu by then. You can start off infected under the sick people position!

You can also start off as a Pika-fied human, AKA a person that went through the whole infection process and became a Pikachu and has to live life the way it is until they can somehow get a Blessed Cure or wait until the scientists get the Final Cure. Won't it be fun? Oh, yeah. This position is Unnatural Pikachu. Thankfully, you can still talk English. You just gotta learn how to be a Pikachu. BIG FAT NOTE: IF YOU EVOLVE, YOU'RE DOOMED TO BE A RAICHU FOREVER. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sign-Up Form:

Name: First and last name, please.
Age: Please be above the age of 10. That includes 10. =P
Position: Scientist, ordinary person, sick person, or unnatural Pikachu?
Description: Both physical- and personality-wise. If you start off as an unnatural Pikachu, include the Pikachu description. I know, it sucks. D=
History: Doesn't have to be too long.
Pokémon: You can have a grand total of one Pokémon! Yay! Please, no huge ubertastic ones like Salamence or *cough* Charizard that are bent on destroying the world. Pikachu is allowed!
Other: Whatever stuff.

Little note: Please put Name and Location at the top of each entry. Post limit is 4.

List of Accepted Roleplayers:

Name / Character name / Position
~Falcon~ / Eric Perkins / Ordinary Person
KingofRohan888 / Dean Woerner / Ordinary Person
sonickid01 / Kendrick Silvan / Scientist
Draconic Espeon / Chiaki Ishii / Unnatural Pikachu
Strawberry Maelstrom / Sean Marshall / Unnatural Pikachu
free2rhyme / Halt Lauvel / Ordinary Person
Larvinator / Alison Joseph / Unnatural Pikachu
Deoxys Trainer / Daisuke Sitchuan / Sick Person
Eeveeking929 / Amelia Reiken / Unnatural Pikachu
Kittengirl2000 / Ketaru Azumaue / Sick Person
espeonlover / Ashley Ketchum / Sick Person
Darth Murkrow / Greta Thompson / Sick Person
Hoshika / Kinomi Henzuru / Unnatural Pikachu

06-08-2007, 02:23 AM
Meh never been in psg, or and RP but what the hey, i need to learn for war anyways :P

Name: Eric Perkins

Age: 14

Position: Ordinary person

Description: A striving teenager going through the awkward parts of his life. He stands at a towering 5'3 with an astounding size 8 shoe. The baggy denim jeans sag slightly from the waist, but his baseball jersey covers up any boxers that might be showing.He strives to never give up on anything, which, at this point includes not getting acne. Most of the time he is happy-go-lucky but if you push him the wrong way he will push right back. He is known to fall into depression sometimes, but not regularly.

History:Grew up in the ghettos of a southern town, he soon moved to a big city with his uncle and has adapted very nicely.

Pokémon: His trusty Breloom :D

Other: uh.... he is very skilled at graphic arts :P

06-08-2007, 02:56 AM
Name: Dean Woerner
Age: 14
Position: Ordinary Person
Description: He's 5,8 and wears grey shirts and normal blue jeans. He also wears skate shoes despite the fact he couldn't skate if his life depended on it. He has shaggy brown hair and is a good nice guy overall. He usually ignores alot of things but there are some things that can REALLY tick him off. Dean never gives up and is extremely competitive in all sports no matter how ridiculous or minor.
History: Dean was born in a slightly poor family but still got by. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but however made up with amazing athletic skill.
Pokémon: Scyther
Other: Pickles..........and...............cheese?

06-08-2007, 03:12 AM

Name: Kendrick Silvan, sometimes called Sonic for no apparent reason

Age: 26

Position: Scientist

Description: Eh, lemme copypaste some stuff...

Sonic is a tall, lean man, with long, spindly, very slightly hairy, arms and legs and a tannish complexion. He has dark red-and-white sneakers that are tied with some frayed, dirty grey laces, at the bottom of his legs. His shorts are jeans a dark blue the color of the middle of the ocean, falling past his knees and tied onto Sonic's body with a plain, black belt with pointed, right angle edges and a square buckle who's color has faded from gold into a rusty silver. A greenish T-Shirt falls around this belt, a few sizes too big for Sonic. It is torn a bit, particularly around the shoulders and neck. At the end of his long arms is a shiny, silver digital LED watch that displays the time to the nearest second, the week, the month, the day of the month, and the year. Past this watch is a large hand with wrinkles all across the peach-brown palm. Above is lengthy fingers, with roughly cut fingernails at the edge. From his T-shirt protrudes a tall, brown, bony neck, attached to a big, lighter brown head. Sonic has fairly normal-sized ears in line with big, curious, almost childlike eyes. Below is a small nose, hovering over a small, black, fuzzy moustache. Below his thin, chapped, dark pinkish lips that form his mouth is a bit of peach fuzz almost identical to his little mustache except in size. The extremely thin beard goes down about halfway down the neck. Above his eyes, however, jetblack tufts of hair poke out from under a bright yellow baseball cap, always worn backwords. The hat is what he considers as his symbol, and is always clean and washed. Concealed below is more messy hair that resembles a pile of hay dumped entirely in black paint.

Sonic is a quiet, very internal person. He doesn't express feelings often, and usually doesn't say much. The unknown is a place he tends to stay away from, thus, strangers are kept at a distance mentally. He won't communicate with people he doesn't know very easily, but when he does know the person, he is an entirely different person. At this point, he can be a very loud, almost obnoxious person with very childlike views. He's a kid at heart, despite his shyness. He is not offended by much, so is generally a psychologically tough young man. Fighting isn't one of his strong points, however. Sonic's strengths lie in his vast knowledge. Sonic loves to learn, and is more gravitated toward reading a book or compiling data, rather than pulling out a sword and slashing away.

History: Lived in Olivine his whole life. He was fascinated by the lighthouse and all of its vast technological advances. That paired with the closeness of the medically-superior island off the coast inspired him to become a scientist. He has worked there ever since and still lives there.

Pokémon: Marshtomp is t3h pwn.

Other: Carries around his hand-built Datalyzer, which is like a pumped-up PalmPilot.

06-08-2007, 03:34 AM
Name: Chiaki Ishii

Age: 13

Position: Unnatural Pikachu

Description: Chiaki is extremely happy-go-lucky, and a bit nutty to top it all off. This is most likely a good thing, since she was one of the first people turned into a Pikachu. She takes it all as a joke, and is constantly laughing about it. She's a fairly normal Pikachu; cute, small, yellow fur, black eyes, thunderbolt tail, and... Are those lavender cheeks? Ah, well. We can't all be like everyone else. She's not really all that worried about changing back. Quite the opposite, she's enjoying her time as a Pikachu while it lasts, since her parents will be forcing her to get the cure, whether she wants to or not. Funny enough, Chiaki still insists upon going to school and doing her daily activities, even as a Pikachu. Although, playing basketball when you're only a couple feet high is rather difficult...

History: Chiaki has always had a fairly normal life. Normal if perfectionist parents, wanting to become a Pokemon trainer... She never got her dream, though, or, at least, hasn't yet. Her mother hates most Pokemon, with the exception of cute ones like Eevee and, well, Pikachu. She was still horrified to wake up one morning to find her daughter to be a yellow electric rodent.

Chiaki got Ryuki, her now Espeon, as an Eevee when she turned ten. She was a birthday gift, more to placate the child since she couldn't be a Pokemon trainer. Now, Chiaki almost wouldn't be able to function without Ryuki. Chiaki can often be seen riding Ryuki's back through the halls at school, to keep from being stepped on by the kids in a hurry.

Pokémon: Ryuki the Espeon

Other: Chiaki has a Pikachu-sized backpack for her notebooks and pencils, while Ryuki carries her books and papers in a sling. Usually, Chiaki's friend Tamaki helps her get her books out, since it's difficult for her to pick them up.

Hope that purple cheeks are okay. XD Can they talk to Pokemon?

Strawberry Maelstrom
06-08-2007, 03:40 AM
Name: Sean Marshall
Age: 13
Position: Unnatural Pikachu(YAYZ)
Description: A yellow moust with long ears and red cheeks. He only retained to physical characteristics from human form: The green eyes and spiky brown(now yellow) hair. He is known to be hyper and constantly refers to people as Power Rangers.
History: He was born, dropped on his head, and drank from the toilet of a chemical waste factory. Now he's a Pikachu.
Pokémon: Gallade, if that ain't alloweds, Riolu.

Edit: Name: See "NAME"

Location:Solaceon Town, Sinnah Reegon.

Note: Do not expect to understand 75% of my posts :-P

06-08-2007, 05:19 AM
Name:Halt Lauvel

Age: 24

Position: Ordinary Person

Description: Halt always has a 5'oclock shadow beard. He has a cut going down on an angle. Has a dirty blond flat top, brown eyes that sometimes change color depending on his mood and, he has a cigarette above his left ear that is about a three years old which he took form some guy that just turned into a Pikachu. Halt is a shy guy who doesn't have a lot of friends but the friends he does have he knows like him for him not for the fact that he's rich or drives a sweet car. He has a great sense of humor but when it comes down to it, if Halt isn't smiling then he isn't kidding, Halt falls head over heels for his girl friend Melony Roman who he has been dating for almost two years now. Also, he has a sly, fox like, quality that people don't really trust.

History: Halt grew up with a tremendous fear of Pikachus!!!!


06-08-2007, 05:52 AM

Name: Alison Joseph

Age: 18 in human years =P

Position: Unnatural Pikachu x3

Description: Alison, as of a few months ago, stands at the VEEEERY imposing height of...an entire foot! *legasp* She is mouse like in body structure and covered in golden fur, with the occasional brown stripe here and there. Her legs and arms are nearly nonexistent, as they are almost too short to be seen easily. Her cheeks are a bright maroon color, and her conical ears stand straight on the top of her head, black tips and all. Her trademark Pikachu feature is the large thunderbolt tail coming out of her back.

Even though she caught the dreaded Pikaflu, Alison is positive to a nearly abnormal extent. She views every part of life-good or bad-as a new adventure, and never lets low luck bring her down, which is good, because luck is not something she gets often. She's amazingly easygoing and generally tries to avoid conflict; she will often even go out of her way to do so.

History: Alison was always terribly adventurous and sometimes a bit impulsive as a child, constantly wanting to try something new. The adventurous trait carried over to her even after puberty. Feeling very restrained at home and school, she decided to move out as soon as she got her driver's license at 16, much to the dismay of her parents. Alison still loved them; she just couldn't resist the temptation of the outside world.

From then on she was constantly on the move, never compelled to stay in a certain place for too long. Small part-time jobs got her by well enough, as they always managed to buy her food and sometimes even a cramped apartment. When she didn't have quite enough dough, she would just sleep in her car instead of renting out someplace. It was a relatively simple life that she loved and enjoyed.

Unfortunately, it was because she was always outside and moving that got her hit with the Pikaflu shortly into the rise of the flu. She was rounded up quite quickly, shoved into a cell with other whimpering people with the Flu, and forced to live for three days in there. By then, she was a fully-fledged rodent.

Alison smashed open her Pokeball that contained her dear Poochyena, whom had always followed her closely and made the lonely nights seem a bit less dreary. She knew that carrying a Pokeball around all the time would be a pain in the neck as a Pikachu, so she effectively "released" Cilia. However, the Poochyena had grown too close to her to leave, so they simply stayed together.

Amazingly enough, Alison has no intention of going back to being a human anytime soon. She loves being able to communicate with Cilia, and sees being a Pikachu as a new and exciting adventure rather than as a dreaded curse.


Cilia the Poochyena

Cilia's most notable personality quirk is that she becomes extremely anxious when Alison is gone and sometimes will become very depressed while Alison isn't around. It's a sure sign that the Poochyena might love the owner-turned-rodent too much for her own good. However, Cilia is exceedingly loyal in battle and in pretty much anything and will only question Alison's commands if they put Alison at risk.

Other: Um...pie?

06-08-2007, 06:25 AM
Hey, this looks actually real good. I'd like to give it a try!

Name: Daisuke Sitchuan

Age: 16

Position: Sick Person

Description: Daisuke is a rather energetic young man, always ready for the next adventure. He is really close to his Raichu, though it wasn't his first pokemon. Raichu goes everywhere with him. It doesn't take much to get Daisuke excited, especially with the prospect of getting stronger. He pursues his goals, never discouraged, until he meets them or even surpasses them.

Daisuke stands about 6', and weighs just over 135 lbs. He wears a dark green shirt with black stripes going down from the shoulders, dark-blue jeans, and dark-colored shoes. Even though his eyesight isn't that bad, he still wears small, rectangular glasses. His eyes are tan, like sand. His hair, light brown, is kind of long, just a little longer than to his shoulders, and tied back in a ponytail. He isn't exactly thin, though he doesn't really have muscle. He just a normal teen.

History (Almost forgot this...): He started, like all other trainers, when he turned ten in Johto. His first pokemon was a Totodile, though it was always cold with him. No matter how much Daisuke tried, Totodile just wouldn't be friends with him. Soon after, Totodile attacked a Pikachu, nearly fainting before he won. Daisuke threw a pokeball and caught him before Totodile could do any more damage. Enraged at his thwarted victory, Totodile left Daisuke then and there. The Pikachu soon became Daisuke's best friend, and the two did almost everything together. They triumphed over the Johto Region, making it to the top ten in the Johto League a couple of years after they first became friends.

Then they set their sights on the Sinnoh region. It was harder for them, but again they triumphed in the end. They challenged the Sinnoh League, making it to the Finals, where they lost to a Golem. Slightly depressed, but still happy at how well they did, Daisuke returned to the Johto region and left his pokemon with Professor Birch, save for his Raichu, and went on vacation around the Johto region. He soon heard word of a virus that could turn people to Pikachu's with no possible way to trun back. He just thought this was a joke, and soon was in Azalea City, where he met a group of Pikachus speaking in the human tongue. His doubts were cast aside because of this, and he became more wary.

It didn't help, though, and Daisuke contracted a virus. He now resides in Goldenrod Memorial Hospital.

Pokémon: Raichu (Yep.), named "Feran."

Other: N/A

Lord Fedora
06-08-2007, 11:50 AM
Name: Amelia Reiken
Age: 14
Position: Unnatural Pikachu
Description: Physically, amelia is... a small yellow mouse with big red cheecks charged with electricity. Yes, she is an ordinary Pikachu, with the foot tall-ness, the tail, brown stripes on her back and everything. Not very fun, no it is not.

Personality-wise, Amelia has grown very timid as of lat. It all seemed to start around the time she turned into a Pikachu, but it's probably coincedence. She has retreated to a small little alley and has a tendency to shock anyone who comes within three feet of it. She's become very scared of humans, for the key reason that she believes humans hated the diseased human/Pikachus. Of course, it's all in her head, but she still belives it to be true.
History: Amelia lived a fairly modest life, despite the fact that her family had a lot of money. She tended to stick to the shadows all of he life, and stick to herself. Then she was struck by the Pika-Flu. It was the worst thing that had happened in her life, especially because of her paranoia that everyone hated Pika-humans, fueled by the fact that her parents had that hatred. She tried desperately to get the cure, but without luck. And so she became a Pikachu. With only her trusted friend and partner (also a Pikachu) by her side, she ran away from home, unable to face her parents as something they despised, and hid away in her alley. She's been there ever since.
Pokémon: Cole the Pikachu (more like a roommate then an "underling" as Amelia so tastefully puts it though)
Other: Peanut Butter and Bannana

06-08-2007, 03:46 PM
Great! Mumbles Happily because she wanted to be part of the game but was too late D: Anyways, I'll use my URPG character with one diffrence- Only Cherubi with me!:
Name: Ketaru Azumaue
Age: 12
Position: Sick Person! :D
Description: As an human, Ketaru has long, brown hair that goes to her back, deep,blue eyes, She stands about 6'44" and wheighs 1'32" . As a human she wears misty-grey shorts,an light orange tank-top, a greeny-bluey headband, a bag around her waist,bare feet and a charm in the shape of a green leaf. She sounds as sweet as chirping birds.

When she was young, she would play everyday by herself. As a Sick person, she still continues to that at Celedion Memorial Hospital. She belives nobody has ever loved her. She is an Orphan, as was never adopted. Finally, she was able to leave the orphanage.
Ketaru's parents died in a car crash. Having nobody, she was taken to the orphanage. There, she lived. However, most kids teased her about having no pokemon. A girl with an Pupitar teased her most. Her friends had strong pokemon such as Dragonair and Frostlass. The girl's name was Azzarid. Azzarid's Pupitar was so strong, that it evolved to Tyrannatar. The Girl with Dragonair was called poolariaa and Dragonair evolved to Dragonite soon after. The girl with Frostlass was released with her friends to the "Goldenrod Princess Orphanage". Soon after, Ketaru was released. Happily, she was released to the hospital. She usally lay in a small Bed, sleeping or becoming more like a Pikachu. Usally, a nurse comes to see her daily. She is never allowed out of the bed. Next to her, in a small frame, is a picture of her family and her at their house before they died. The picture consisted of a man with brown hair, happy eyes and was wearing a olive suit. Her mom had brown hair, blue eyes and was wearing a cute, green dress. Her sister had blonde hair, blue eyes and was wearing blue shorts and a green tank-top. Her brother was the same as her sister, but he had a shirt instead of an tank-top.
Pokemon: None
Other: None

06-08-2007, 04:46 PM
Name: Ashley Ketchum
Age: 10
Position: sick person
Description: Well, since ashley is becoming a pikachu, she allready has the ears and tail, looking straneg, her black hair remains black though, and so will her brown eyes, she Wears different clothes to ash, she wears a purple sweat shirt and black pants (with a slit at the bum bit cause of the tail X_x) She is super thin, but not the boney one, she has a good figure, and under her sweater is a white tanktop with a pikachu
History: Born the same time as ash, she followed ash around till he went off on his journey, since then ashley has been training her pikachu, that has been her best friend since she was 9.
Pokémon: Pikachu

Darth Murkrow
06-08-2007, 06:21 PM
Name: Greta Thompson
Age: 16
Position: Sick person
Description: Greta is the ultimate pessimist--not only is the glass half empty, but the water is warm and it tastes bad. She is unnaturally pale, not entirely due to the Pikaflu. Her hair is blonde and falls down to her shoulder blades. She wears a sweatshirt and blue jeans that hides her skinny figure, which she is self-conscious about. She is not anorexic or skin-and-bones disgursting, but definitely thin. She has a tendency to push herself too hard for the well-being of others, and is so altrusitic and selfless that only after the Pikaflu began to fully set in did she realize that she would have to rest--at least for a while.
History: Greta was always extremely timid and quiet, and for a while only her Cyndaquil kept her company. She thought she had a cold for a while, but she had to work at a Pokemon center before it turned into bad pnemonia. This left her immune system weak enough to expose her to the Pikaflu, and she was thereafter quarantined.
Pokémon: Bobby the Cyndaquil
Other: ...I love PSG! :biggrin:

06-09-2007, 12:20 AM
Everybody is ACCEPTED except Eeveeking. Finish now, d00d. =o

@Strawberry Maelstrom: Your first choice is allowed, even though it's a male Pokémon with a miniskirt. =P

I shall fill out my own form right away.

Side note: Apparantly, nobody likes being a normal person, and some even *cough* describe a Pikachu tail coming out their butt. O.o;

Name: Kinomi Henzuru
Age: 13
Position: Unnatural Pikachu

Kinomi used to be an average girl with long brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and a strong frame when she was human. She is an enigmatic person that is subject to doing random things without warning. Kinomi prefers to be alone most of the time, but loves having her Pikachu around.

Once she became a Pikachu, the only noticable thing passed onto this form was her long hair, but it came out as yellow as her fur. Her eyes seem to shine blue in the sun, but only a little. Her tail is also a bit longer than the average Pikachu's length.


When Kinomi was 12 and a half, she started from Pallet Town as a beginner coordinator AND trainer. She was given a Pichu as a starter that rapidly evolved into a Pikachu after her first two badges and her first contest ribbon. After two years (and after earning six of her badges and getting into the top 10 in the Kanto Ribbon Cup), she decided to take a vacation in Fushia City. There, she started to get the Pika Flu. She could understand what her Pikachu was saying fluently and could communicate in Pikachu language. She consulted her doctor to get a shot of the Gold Elixir, but it was actually a syringe full of Slow Action Pika Flu solution. She immediately turned into a Pikachu the next day.

Pokémon: Raku the Pikachu (Male)

Raku is a tough Pikachu that gets angsty sometimes. He is a serious Pokémon that does not care for anybody that he does not trust. If you get through him, though, he will be caring and loyal. He's still gonna be serious. Too bad! =D

He has tiny tufts of dark blue fur on his head and bottom of his tail and has a thin piece of ragged blue cloth tied around his head like a headband.

Kinomi is the only one Raku is extremely friendly with as of now.

Other: Raku would be 13 and a half in human years, but is only one and a half as a Pokémon.

06-09-2007, 12:45 AM
I would like to reserve a spot as an unnatural Pikachu. I'll have my sign-up in the morning.

06-09-2007, 01:14 AM
Everybody is ACCEPTED except Eeveeking. Finish now, d00d. =o

@Strawberry Maelstrom: Your first choice is allowed, even though it's a male Pokémon with a miniskirt. =P

I shall fill out my own form right away.

Side note: Apparantly, nobody likes being a normal person, and some even *cough* describe a Pikachu tail coming out their butt. O.o;

Thanks, Hoshika!

06-09-2007, 02:42 AM
Just realized how much my character's last name sounds like a tutoring company. Oh well.

It's also quite amusing to note that I am the only scientist.


Lord Fedora
06-09-2007, 03:18 AM
Hoshika, did you have to yell at me in the title? I'm not the only one with an unfinished Sign-up. Eh, whatever. I finished.

Strawberry Maelstrom
06-09-2007, 03:43 AM
Just realized how much my character's last name sounds like a tutoring company. Oh well.

It's also quite amusing to note that I am the only scientist.

*Scoffs* I don't needs no Final Cure. Pikachu is so cool, that I might plan something evil to takez over da worldz.

06-09-2007, 03:47 AM
D: but I need teh cure and this game to start :O :oops:

Lord Fedora
06-09-2007, 03:52 AM
Well I need the cure! Poor Amelia, she's got no one who will accept her. She NEEDS the cure!

06-09-2007, 01:08 PM
so does ashley! or she will be caught by ash as a 2nd pikachu!

Darth Murkrow
06-09-2007, 05:59 PM
Greta's not quite a Pikachu yet, but it'll happen. If she had a cure, she'd end up giving it to someone else and therefore permanently losing her humanity.

I make it sound so horrible to have a flesh-transforming virus. :oops:

Strawberry Maelstrom
06-09-2007, 07:22 PM
I found out that Pikachu's can rob. So that means I'll steal stuff from NPC's so I can halt the creation of the Final Cure and rid the world of humans.

Darth Murkrow
06-09-2007, 07:25 PM
I found out that Pikachu's can rob. So that means I'll steal stuff from NPC's so I can halt the creation of the Final Cure and rid the world of humans.

Yay plot twist! *Hugs* :biggrin:

Strawberry Maelstrom
06-09-2007, 07:33 PM
Yay plot twist! *Hugs* :biggrin:
Lol, I'm going to do anything(literally) to rule the world, that keeps the RP interesting.

Darth Murkrow
06-09-2007, 07:38 PM
Oh, of course. Interesting plots are always appealing to me.

Mind you, my character's going to attempt to thwart your character's plots, but it's nothing personal, trust me. :razz:

06-09-2007, 07:50 PM
and my chari will be with dark murkrows! xDDD

06-10-2007, 03:14 AM
Have you noticed that I said in the rules "NPCs cannot be stolen from"? Read. -_-

And sorry about that, Eeveeking. I oughta get my computer on lockdown... >_>

EDIT: Accepted.

06-10-2007, 03:24 AM
Can we steal from non-NPC's? XD

Also, can our character's evolve? I'd like my character to eventually evolve into a Raichu to thwart her parent's wishes and then get herself caught. =D

06-10-2007, 04:01 AM
Can we steal from non-NPC's? XD

Also, can our character's evolve? I'd like my character to eventually evolve into a Raichu to thwart her parent's wishes and then get herself caught. =D

If you haven't read, once you evolve or have a child or whatever as a Pikachu, you're stuck like that. FOREVER. And it kinda wrecks the entire plot of the RP. Plus, you know I hate Raichu... keke...

And it was stated you can steal from other RPers. Funny funness fun crazy fun! =D

RP starts... uh... when do you want it to start?

06-10-2007, 04:06 AM
If you haven't read, once you evolve or have a child or whatever as a Pikachu, you're stuck like that. FOREVER. And it kinda wrecks the entire plot of the RP. Plus, you know I hate Raichu... keke...

And it was stated you can steal from other RPers. Funny funness fun crazy fun! =D

RP starts... uh... when do you want it to start?

I want it to start NOW! :D

06-10-2007, 04:07 AM
I want it to start NOW! :D

Nah, it's kind of late. I want to go draw soon. D=

I'm going to PM random RPers about this.

06-10-2007, 04:21 AM
Nah, it's kind of late. I want to go draw soon. D=

I'm going to PM random RPers about this.

Awww....By the way, it's morning here in aussie!

06-10-2007, 04:27 AM
Well, how about 1 o'clock EST tomorrow that would be the best time for me

Lord Fedora
06-10-2007, 04:57 AM
Well, how about 1 o'clock EST tomorrow that would be the best time for me
Eh, noon is probably better. Still talking EST here by the way.

06-10-2007, 05:03 AM
D: I said 1 est so it would be noon here XD EST is more widely known then CST :P

D: post limit is taken up :P

Im starting a freaking discussion for this thing

Darth Murkrow
06-10-2007, 03:47 PM
I just woke up. Just about any time is fine with me. *Yawns*

Edit: Except anything really early or really late. My time difference here is -4 hours GMT.

Lord Fedora
06-10-2007, 03:56 PM
D: I said 1 est so it would be noon here XD EST is more widely known then CST :P

D: post limit is taken up :P

Im starting a freaking discussion for this thing
I want it to be done at noon HERE. I live on the East Coast.

06-11-2007, 03:53 PM
i live in the northeast so i say we start at 6:00Pm :D

06-12-2007, 12:29 AM
Can I join? Sweet idea BTW

Location: Ummm....Good question, Soleceon or near the hospital
Name: Kijara Blades
Age: 13
Position: Ordinary person
Description: A outgoing young girl who is ready for anything, except this. She’s smart, kind, somewhat clumsy, and not afraid to make a fool of herself. She has long light brown hair that is usually in a ponytail (same style as the Hoenn gym leader Flannery) and bright blue eyes. She wears a blue t-shirt and a blue baseball cap with a Salamence on it. She is wearing camo cargo shorts and black fingerless gloves.
Pika Form: Pikachu with blue eyes, a brown stripe on her forhead that continues to her tail. The normal stripes on the back along with a third, but they extend a bit farther towards her stomach. On her hands/paws she has a brown marking like her fingerless gloves. She also has a small brown band on her right arm, and she keeps her Salamance cap.
History: She was a volunteer in the hospital for the pikaflu, until she was infected with it. Luckily she was able to get her hands on a Blessed Cure and was able to resume her human life, although she stopped volunteering. Now she is constently aware of the people around her, making sure none of them try to steal her most prized posesion.
Pokémon: Ditto with a photographic memory (able to transform without having to see the pokemon, but it can only see pokemon it’s seen before). Usually in the form of an Absol. It’s pretty much her guardian, always aware of when Kijara isn’t (get it, Absol can sense danger :P)
Pic-ish: (not exact, but who cares.)