View Full Version : Shame on you all...

10-23-2004, 12:37 PM
WHERE DID MAGIC GO!!!!! Last year I learnd how to play it I even won a Torny but I could never get new cards...all there were was ygo and pokémon and I could never find any magic packs so I was stuck with cards so old they could be beat with 1 red card. However I did go to walmart last night to get hair dye and found 1 structre deck left but not a single pack or any other decks I bought it and a pack of ygo cards (yes I like them to but magic is more my thing) now I need to know how many people think the same way I do 'cause I am now the only one in town that wants to play (not that every one else dosen't have any cards).

Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to read this.


10-23-2004, 05:17 PM
First thing's first: Magic is FAR from dead and is still a robust community. However, due to it not being sold in ANY of the major retail sotres due to it NOT being a fad, you need to find a hobbie shop that sells them. Usually speciallized card shops have them. And to say the least, it's actually strange in the places where you can find magic (e.g. I have found 3 hobbie stores with magic, a couple downtown TO, and one in a convience store near my house...that was a huge surprise). But yeah, they ARE there, you have to find them, that is all.

As for YGO, it's got the most acitivity in this board, followed by magic. IF you would still like playing against people, I suggest you downloading the free YVD (dont' know the full name) to play with others. If you prefer magic, the programs are with Apprentice or Magic Workstation. Yeah, your solution is probably to stop getting cards until you find a hobbie shop (usually if you find one, you'll be able to meet with the local players and play them there) and start playing online for now.

Yes, I don't mind rating online decks. But we tend to be more strict on them, being you have a infinite pool and all.