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10-23-2004, 09:14 PM

You start out with 10$

Starters: Free
Baby pokemon[including togepi]: 5$
Basic pokemon with three evolution stages: 10$
Basic pokemon with two evolution stages: 15$
Basic pokemon without any evolution stages: 20$
Second stage evolution pokemon: 15$
Third stage evolution pokemon: 20$
Legendary: 50$
common items: 5$
Rare items: 20$
Master Ball: 50$
weak TMs: 5$
Strong TMs: 20$

If you give your story a cool background, similar to above, that will be 10$.There is one of every legendary, if someone catches one in their story no one else can. Have fun!


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Crossfire Chaos
10-25-2004, 01:52 AM
I'll Join This Sounds like a great vertion of RPing.
I Want to know though, do you give money for the first post?
Also When does the date begin?(What month/day is it?)

10-26-2004, 12:17 AM
Well, the prologue does not count for anything really, it just starts you with a starter pokemon for your story.
The sooner you start your story the better, it gives you a head start! ^^ so begin if you like!

10-26-2004, 10:15 PM
The gentle breezes of the warm summer's night sky brushed against Chad's face, flicking his hair back and forth, and blew away the heat that had been concentrated around him. Chirps of Pidgey and Spearow would resound through the basin, and the occasional grunt of Rattata would accompany them. Seeing Miltank and Tauros graciously drink out of a cyrstaline lake was a precious site as well. Taking in the various scenes, Chad thought to himself of how badly he would love to set out on his own.

He had been a student of Koichi, Saffron's Fighting Dojo leader, and had studied underneath him. Researching various strategies, learning what Pokémon knew which moves, and becoming very familiar with the element chart, Chad came to know nearly every aspect of martial arts. However, he had always lacked the one crucial element of study: the actual art of participating in a Pokémon battle.

Standing outside of the Dojo, on the outskirts of Saffron, Chad peered off from the previous scenes he had been focusing on, and locked on to a peculiar Pokémon perched up beside a tree. Blue and white in color, this Pokémon was one like he had never seen before. Extending his arm into a khaki bag he had carried with him, Chad grasped a chrome folder, with the words "Master's Notes" etched in black on the front flap of the folder. The folder contained information on every known fighting-type Pokémon known to mankind.

Skimming through the information, Chad located a description of a Pokémon that was said to be blue and white. Then, his finger moved across the page to the name section, and observed that this was a Meditite. "Hmm, that's interesting." Chad murmured to himself. As if flame's ignited in his eyes, Chad knew that this was to be his first Pokémon. He had always wanted to start off on his own adventure, and what better time than now? He had discovered a Pokémon that seemed to pack a powerful punch, and no other trainer in the Dojo had one.

The reason he had studied so long was so that he could be almost flawless as a trainer, nearly perfect in every aspect of raising, nuturing, and battling with Pokémon. The sun seemed so bright today, such as a beacon of light, signaling that he should start, not a day later, but this very day.

As the Meditite appeared to be sleeping, Chad graciously creeped over to the overbearing tree that it was beside. Quickly, Chad moved closer, however the Meditite woke up from it's light nap. Distrubed, the Pokémon quickly went on the offensive, however Chad was ready to do whatever it took to capture it. The Meditite tried to use a Hi Jump Kick on Chad, yet Chad promptly moved out of the way, allowing Meditite to keep on going and crash into a nearby shrub. Enraged, the Meditite sprung back, trying to thrust a punch in Chad's direction, however none connected. Chad was on the ball, and knew it.

Meditite would continue to use various techniques, only as a last resort tried to hit Chad via his head. Though, he kept on going, and ran directly into a Sudowoodo. Angered, Sudowoodo started attacking the already battle fatigued Meditite, only causing further damage. Springing admist the side-battle, Chad whipped out his Wailmer Pale, and thrust it infront of him, with water gushing out. Terrified, the Sudowoodo fled, with the Meditite tired.

Hoping he [Meditite] was alright, Chad moved towards it, though he tried to commence the launching of an attack as well. Frightened, Chad placed his Wailmer Pale inside his bag, with the other documents placed inside, and started to dash back towards Saffron. He knew it was no use to try and capture this Pokémon, for it did not want to be captured.

On his way back to Saffron, Chad thought of how sad it was for him to get his hopes up for nothing. Almost to the point of tears, Chad dwelled on how stupid he was. But before a single tear could fall, he snapped out of his sadness, as he saw some blue arms wrap around him from behind. A bit startled, Chad looked back to see it was Meditite!

Chad placed Meditite down, to see what exactly it wanted. "Meditite?! What are you doing? Wha..What does this mean?" Meditite's face lit up with admiration, for Chad had saved it. "So, you want to go with me...?" Chad asked inquisitively. Noting that it shook it's head in agreement, Chad embraced the hug from Meditite after it revealed it wanted to go, and his heart was filled with excitement.

A crimson and pearl colored Pokéball rolled out of Chad's bag. The two stood there looking at it, until Meditite pressed the circular button, and hopped inside. Watching the ball flicker on and off, Chad could not wait to see if this was for real. Finally seeing that it had actually stoped, Chad became elated. He had his first Pokémon, and was one step closer on his road to becoming a Pokémon master.

10-26-2004, 10:51 PM
Nice! I will give you 5$ for a good chapter plot!

10-30-2004, 03:04 PM
Thank you! ^__^ Well, I have two questions, before I keep continuing:

1) When we buy a chance to capture a Pokémon, is the Poké-Ball included or sold seperately?

2) Though he hasn't been released on a Game System yet, may I buy a chance to go for Munchlax -- Snorlax's Pre-Evolved Form?

10-30-2004, 06:50 PM
1: pokeballs are free [any other costs money]
2: Sure! Munchlax is an official pokemon, of course you can catch it! ^^

10-31-2004, 09:15 PM
Although it seemed to be too tranquil, Chad enjoyed the relaxation of walking in the luscious forest, full of berries, Pokémon, and the occasional park rangers. Alongside Chad, was his new partner in adventure, Meditite, whom he was so proud to have, and as they continued their journey, both thought about how they could better themselves. They knew that they had a long way to go to reach perfection, but it was within their reach, as long as they worked together.

The dirt pathway they used to go to Fuschia City was aligned with flowers and beautiful Jumpluff who would fly from one side to the other. It seemed to be a great day to start some training, but Chad had a mysterious premonition about him. Trying to ignore it, Chad picked up Meditite and placed him on his shoulders, for fear that he would be too tired from travel to train later that day. Then, a high breeze carried a cry from a Pokémon of some sort into both Chad and Meditite’s ears, and both become very alert. Peering to their right, they saw a bushel of high grass, and an indention a ways into it.

Separating the grass, Chad looked through the thicket to see a little Pokémon nesting on a soft piece of ground. It wasn’t in pain, like Chad had previously thought, though it just got a little rowdy in its sleep. Pondering what Pokémon it was, Chad looked at Meditite as it shrugged its shoulders, and then pulled out his PokeDex. “Munchlax, The Pre Evolved Form of Snorlax. Like Snorlax, Munchlax loves to sleep and eat, and is considered to be slothful.”

Smiling, Chad was ready to awake the Munchlax for battle. He knew it would be infuriated from departing from its slumber, and would make for a good battle to help start training Meditite. As he extended his hand, he heard a booming voice to his left. “Hey, you leave that Munchlax alone!” Curious to see who said it, Chad straightened up and observed the trainer. Dressed in a black shirt and red shorts, the trainer seemed to be equal in age to Chad. He looked very mature, and in command.

“The name’s Mario, and I was just about to capture that Munchlax, but it fled and then went to sleep. I was really wanting a new Pokémon to add to my team.”

“Oh, so you’re a trainer as well. I’m Chad, nice to meet you. But, I really wanted to battle against this Pokémon as well.”

“You want a battle, eh? I can give you a run for your money,” contended Mario.

“Alright, you’re on. But I’m telling you know, I’m not going down that easy.”

“Let’s go! Houndour, I choose you!”

A peculiar black Pokémon emerged from Mario’s pokeball. It seemed to be well trained, and it looked very focused. In response, Chad sent Meditite in for battle as well. Hoping for the best, Chad only prayed he had learned enough at Koichi’s Fighting Dojo to fair well in this battle.

“Houndour, Bite!”

“Meditite, Thunder Punch!”

As Mario’s Houndour jumped high into the sky, with its mouth wide open, exposing its razor sharp teeth, Meditite’s fist started glowing in a yellow manner. Houndour tried to lock onto Meditite’s shoulder, however Meditite released a powerful Thunder Punch, which repelled Houndour back several yards. Stunned from the charge, Houndour became enraged and started to launch an Ember attack, under the command of Mario. As Chad yelled dodge, Meditite rolled to the left, as a stream of fire sizzled past. Meditite narrowly dodged, as it could still feel the heat from the attack, though not being directly hit. As it tried to regain some momentum, Meditite tried to use Meditate, however, Houndour pummeled Meditite via a direct Tackle attack. Both fatigued due to hits taken and delivered, Meditite and Houndour looked directly at each other.

Meditite turned it’s head once more to Chad before paying full attention to the battle. Meditite started to become shrowded in a white light, with spheres of blue levitating around him. Suddenly, the Hidden Power attack was launched, with super effective results. Chad wondered why it was so useful against Houndour, though knew no real reason. Houndour let out a final cry before collapsing.

“Houndour! I hope you’re okay!” Mario ran to his Houndour, picked it up, and looked at Chad. “I guess you won, fair and square. So, you deserve the chance to get that Munchlax. But, I’ll find you again, and the results of our next battle won’t be the same. Adios, Chad.”

As quick as he came, he departed into the sun’s light, and Chad then faced Meditite, congratulating him on his victory. “Way to go, little guy. But now, we must find that Munchlax!” The two walked back over to the padded area, to find Munchlax missing. Almost sick at the feeling that he missed the opportunity to capture a rare Pokémon, Chad looked straight at the ground, with his head down.

Out of the blue, Munchlax came falling off a tree limb above, trying to trounce Meditite. With skill, Meditite voided the Munchlax, while watching it fall directly to the ground, paralyzed due to it’s own weight. The two gazed at each other in confusion, and then turned back to Munchlax. “Meditite, well…uh…finish it with a bit of our Confusion?”

“Meditite!!!” A purple aura engulfed Munchlax, taking him back into the air, and making him fall directly onto the rock-hard earth, just like had previously happened. Munchlax looked in no way to keep on battling, and while observing this, Chad thrust a Poke-Ball towards it. Watching it roll back and forth, he hoped that he had added a new member to his party.

Crossfire Chaos
11-02-2004, 10:49 PM

Jason woke up to the crowing of a Murkrow in his little house outside the woods of Viridian he quickly got up and pulled on his dark blue shirt, jeans, headband, and his black leather jacket. He ran to the bathroom, grabbed a tube of toothpaste, and his toothbrush and started scrubbing away, when he was done he jelled his hair and grabbed a backpack that had been packed the day before, and ran to the garage.

An elderly neighbor just had walked outside to the mailbox when Jason spun him around on his bicycle.
“You Crazy Kid!!!” yelled the old man and started to open his mailbox again.

Jason was going very fast now gliding down the hills of the Viridian Forest, making a beeline for Pallet Town to get a pokemon from renowned Prof. Oak. Along the way he saw a trainer sleeping in the clearing, a pikachu by his side. Jason just kept on rolling thinking how stupid he was to sleep in this late.

When Jason finally got to the Town of Pallet, it was noon, and he kept on racing to the Professors lab, eventually he got there and he was astounded to see that the Professor was running away from a muk.

“Professor! Prof. Oak!”
Jason pulled to a stop in front of him.
“Professor, do you have any pokemon left?”
“No not really…”
“Darn it!”
“I’m just joking.”
“Ha. Ha. Very Funny.”
“Well what pokemon do you want?”
“I want a Snorunt.”
“That’s in the Hoenn region, we don’t have many of those here.”
“Okay… uh…. Eevee?”
“That I can do.”

The two walk into the Professor’s lab and the professor grabs a pokeball off the shelf, along with 5 others, a pokedex, a PokeGear, and a Pokenav.

“Take good care of it. Bye the way what is your name?”
“Jason Aquilis.”
“Jason of the darkness? That’s strange, what pokemon is your favorite type?”
As Jason was leaving Oak handed him a parcel,
“Take this and give it to the Pokemart at Viridian.”
“Will do!”

And with that Jason sped away in the direction of Viridian.