View Full Version : Guitar Prodigy

06-10-2007, 05:04 PM
Does this kid rock or what? I couldn't do half of that when I was his age....


Cybernetic Ghost
06-12-2007, 09:42 PM
Its cool and all to see, but Stairway really isnt a hard piece to play. Its why most people learn it as one of their first songs, lol. IM NOT SAYING IT ISNT STILL IMPRESSIVE, im just saying playing Stairway dosnt make you a prodigy in my book.

If the kid flawlessly plays Comfortably Numb or All Along the Watchtower or something, I'll be impressed and say hes on his way, but yeah. He probably still will get somewhere, though. Hard to say now though, since talented people miss deals all the time, and people with little talent at all get deals, since you can fix so much up in the studio.

Hell, I didnt even know it till a Pep Rally, but turns out, some kid in my school was on an episode of Oprah playing the drums when he was 8 lol. Only found out cause he was playing the drums in the Rally(hes like, 16 or 17 now?)