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06-11-2007, 01:08 AM
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I blinked shaking my head I felt so dizy, so strange. I fetl someone pick me up but my neck and snarled,"This on is too weak, you made him a baby pokemon, he is usless!" the person that was holding me yelled. I saw a green D on the person's uniform...

I closed my eyes tightly. I felt myself being stuffed into a small tube. The tube let off a sound like a fire craker and lifted up into the sky. it fell into a forest. I stumbled out of the tube which popped open dazed. I was just startled but not ingured. It was hard for me to walk, I tried to stand up on my two legs but something was wroung with them. I fell back on all fours. I muttered something but it came out a a bark, but I understood it as, whats going on. I blinked and stumbled over to a puddle and collased my body became soaked with water, I felt even weaker now. I looked at my reflection not getting up. I was staring at a growlith. I let out a startled yelp and jumped back.

Something like sharp pins dug into my back. I turned around quickly to see a swarm of beedle, I must have stumbled into their nest and they must have used pin missle....

06-27-2007, 09:34 AM
My name is Seth

I noticed A growlithe getting picked on by A pack of Beedrills, so i snapped into action.

Shadow come out and use Pyschic(Umbreon).

This got rid of them now to check that growlith. Wow he looks pretty bad so without thinking i carried it through the forest so i could get it to the nearest poke center. Later in the forest i noticeds the same beedrill came back for round 2."Back off, haven't you caused enough troubl-(then my brain started to work so i threw a pokeball)"come on ....almost there NOOOO! It got out . maybe i should weak- but before i fininshed thinking the beedrill tackled me and i dropped the growlith! Shadow Pyschic then Sing."My pokemon did it's work so now i threw another pokeball and......it's a succsess. Go beedrill tell the others to knock it off."Bee bee bee beedrill bee.
The results were they followed. Now to get that growlith back up. This time i put him in my backpack not knowing i put him on my lunch. A Poffin with a soup with a hint of tomato berrie in it. OOOHHHH...who cares about the snack i have to help this pokemon. So i take out my pokegear and tell my mom about the situation...