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Zombie Muse
06-12-2007, 06:44 AM
Europe is a multi cultural place, with many different people, and many different landscapes. There are mountains, tall and wide enough to be called it's own country. Vast wide plains that stretch from the long sandy shores, to its middle where the mountains form. Sea's that swirl and twirl under the harshes of storms. Hills that ride the land like the waves of the ocean. Cities that are under ground, that are under water, that are above the clouds. This was the perfect place for a man named Susaska to create a grand tournament for trainers he chose to come. He and three other people judge these battles which are held in the cities of Europe. Once the last won is here, then he/she gets the grand prize of all Europe.

Places to Battle:
Rome - Italy; Terrain - Mountain, Plain
Venice - Italy; Terrain - City, Sea
London - England; Terrain - City
Paris - France; Terrain - City, Plain, Sea
Leor - France; Terrain - City, Plain
Dubland - Ireland; Terrain - Plain, Hills, Meadow
Berling - Germany; Terrain - City
Fulda - Germany; Terrain - Mountain, Cave
Murmansk - Russia; Terrain - Meadow, Sea
Yekaterinburg - Russia; Terrian - Mountain, Snow
Atlantica - Mediterranean Sea; Terrain - Underwater, Sea

Terrain boosts:
City = + Steel, Electric, Ghost; - Flying, Bug
Plain = + Grass, Ground, Rock; - Ghost
Hills = + Grass, Flying; - Steel, Fire
Mountain = + Rock, Ground, Steel, Fighting; - Water, Electric, Normal
Sea = + Water, Flying, Dragon; - Electric, Grass, Fire, Rock, Ground
Snow = + Water, Ice, Dark, Ghost; - Fire, Grass, Bug
Cave = + Fightingx2, Firex2, Ghost, Dark, Dragon; - Waterx2, Bugx2, Flyingx2
Meadow = + Grassx2, Bugx2, Flyingx2, Physicx2, Poisonx3; - Firex2, Darkx2
Underwater = + Waterx2, Dragonx3; - Electricx2, Firex2

1. No God Moding.
2. No spaming.
2 1/2. Please no legendaries.
3. No dumb questions like, "Whats a dumb question?"
4. Be kind as in nice to others, kindnies, or corn.
5. Fallow the rules.
6. keep it at a PG-13 level, so no "I like her, she likes me, lets kissy kissy" crap.
7. Have fun! ((even though I might have ruined it when I posted Rule #6 for some of you :P, j/k))

Sign Up;
Pokemon(6 is the limit):
Pokemon in PC(3 is the limit):
Status(three people can become Co Judge's):
Bio(not requiered):

Other Info.:
- Judges cannot be apart of the battle, unless they are chalanged by a trainer that has won at least 3 battles, and if the judges loose 6 battles they are no more Judges, unless I say so!

- Please say if you Pokemon has any Tm's/Hm's on it.

- You choose who you fight, and where you fight, Judges have no say on that.

Head Man:

Co Head men/women:
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- - - -
- - - -

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My Team:

In PC:

06-12-2007, 09:00 PM
Username: ArusuesFavtor

Name: Jordan Turner

Pokemon: Weavile, Mismagius, Milotic, Infernape, Absol, Electivire

PC Pokemon: Staraptor, Ryperior, Toxicroak

Status: Trainer

History: For all of his life, Jordan has loved pokemon. When he was a kid, his first pokemon was given to him by his friend. It was a Sneasel. Jordan trained and trained to become the best. On his journey, he caught more and more pokemon. His Sneasel finally evovled into a Weavile. He never gave up in pokemon battles. He dreams to become the best trainer there ever was.