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10-30-2004, 08:51 PM
Note: rated PG-13 for mild languge and images
yeah i'm a little late so if i'm disquailified thats ok, just take a peek at my fic!

"Drip,drop. Drip,drop. Timed with the clock. Drip,drop. Drip,drop."

"Cold, I'm so cold; please warm me up!"

"Sir,I'm getting a reading! We've done it again!"

"Please! I'm so cold;please warm me up!"

"Drip,drop. Drip,drop. Timed with the clock. Drip,drop. Drip,drop."

"Sir, his core temperature is plumeting-we're losing him!"

"Call in Harriet! Call in Harriet! We have an emergency in room 501; the
pokemon has mutated drastically! Abandon this project!"

"Wait! Wait! Please don't leave me, I'm so cold, so...cold.............

"Drip,drop. Drip,drop. Timed with the clock. Drip,drop. Drip.drop."

"Reports have come in that a pokemon of unknown kind has escaped
from the Shinjubie Institute of Medical Sciences; past reports have
indicated illegal biological experimentation not addressing the Pokemon
Exp. Protection Act. It is unknown wether the pokemon is a threat at
this time. Stay-"

"I am (gulp) coming to you live from Kio Park; as you can see behind me
the mutant pokemon is ,is obliterating the police force;there are
bodies in the street-many, many people are hurt (gasp); let me move
over here o-out of the line of fire (BOOM!), the police are doing all they
can, but nothing can stop this monster-oh my god, MOVE! MOVE!
It's coming-AAAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh.................."...(crunch)

"Please.....please warm me up......it's so dark...I'm so cold............I'm...
so cold.......so........"

"He,he, Who, ha, ha!Ah, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
Te, hee. They didn't keep time with the clock, no no no no no
no no; weren't timed with the clock they were; no no no no no
Drip,drop. Drip,drop. Timed with the clock. Drip,drop.Drip,drop"

10-30-2004, 09:28 PM
20 years ago was when it happened. When all morals and beliefs were cast into the wind sending Shinjubie City into a doldrumic state to rot from the inside out. 43 were dead from what was counted in the city; the number eaten will remain a mystery. The monster's slaughter lasted aproximatly 27 minutes when its molecular stucture began to break down as its own cells started to reject one another. In a soul-breaking screech, it reared to the glowing moonlight and howled its final breath as it disinigrated into a puddle of steaming white stew. Dr. Harriet was charged with inhumane practices and
involutary manslaughter; she was sentenced to life in prison. Her accomplises
recived anywhere from 20 to 40 years behind bars. The devastation that October night sent shockwaves all through out the boundries of science and beliefs and hundreds of thousands of people called for stricter laws on science exploration on life. Some called the incident "eborne behothe sience", or "black beast cometh", an old ritual done on Halloween to call the dark legend Terros to life to cleanse the land of light and uphold the dark order. Those who held on to this belief left Shinjubie City for fear of Terros'
curse. The city, stained with the "bad name", became a haven to the twisted of society and Dark City was born.

10-31-2004, 01:33 AM
Night is coming quickly now, although most wouldn't be able to tell since its always dark around here. The sun barley, if ever, has shined in this city; the clouds keep it in prison. Doesn't sound like a happy place huh? It's not, and with the way things are going it never will be; and yet I stay here, I live here. If you knew my past you would think that my staying here in this hell hole is beyond stupidity. My past is like a blender. Sweet ingredients placed in a jagged mouth- the excrutiating suspence of the impending killings-then-without warning-Bzzzzzzzzzzt! Dark city is all I have ever known, and I can't leave it, not yet; its not like I'm scared of the unkown or anything, its more of a feel of duty like an officer or a teacher, someone on a mission, only its a blind mission. I've paid all my debts, I've kept all my promises, moraly, I'm free as a pidgey, yet I stay. I've stayed up for days wondering why, its increadibly agrivating.(Sigh) I know my morals though, and no matter how much I hate it, when I am needed, I will stay. I've already been here for only 20 years.
The kind of pokemon you would normally find in a dark city would be ghost, poison, or, hey, dark, right? Well I'm a normal type or at least I think I am. I'm an evee, but there is nothing normal about me. For one thing, my coat is a sterilng silver and white, and my eyes.....One is a bright orange and the other is a dark but shining bright black-blue. Not at all normal to the evee brand and I could care less. Being unique in this city can either save you or kill you, and lady luck tossed me a nice hand. They know not to mess with me now. I have powers unknown to my kind, I have a psy-sense which with I can sense presences,I can see in pitch black darkness, I have increadible strength, I can use all sorts of attacks, and during the night, the power of my dark attacks increases drastically. I have held my own, I don't need anyone.
I sit now atop a burnt out building which over looks the city. A few specks of light are all that signal it in the dark and even then they don't always show. Out of the darkness it just appears, I heard some out-of-towner
say that, they didn't stay long, hell they didn't stay the night. This town is brutal. To find a sweet person here is like discovering the meaning of life, and yet I found Mary........
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a building come into normal view, and then another, and another! Like a great light was growing upon them, pulling them out of the shadows. I looked to the sky and the clouds were parting.
A subtle wind blew the clouds gently away, I could begin to see the moon, it was big and brightand bold. I could see the stars as they innocently twinkled; they were beautiful. I was captivated by the moment, for the first time in my life, I could see the clear shining night sky. There were no clouds now."Mary, I can see the sky." All of Dark City could be seen with normal light from the moon. I could feel a great strength surge through me. I stood up, I want to get closer, I want to be next to that moon, I want to be closer!
Suddenly my stomach twisted with dread, a terrible feeling surged through my insides.The wind came to a dead halt. The moon began to glow a menacing bright orange. The stars dissapeared."No!.." Somehow, though I began to feel that this was normal, this was to happen now, now I must do somthing, but WHAT? 20 years of living in this hell hole has showed me nothing! "What do you want me to do!?" Suddenly the building began to tremble as if in a earthquake. The inner structure was collapsing! As the building began to disinergrate I jumped to safety onto the street below. A car was coming striaght at my landing point when the driver saw the crumbling building and slammed on the brakes. I landed an inch from where he stopped. The burnt out building was no more. The moon was eminating strange vibes. The man stepped out of his car and walked to the front. My hair bristled, friend or foe you never know. Our eyes met and a volume was spoken. He had blonde hair and a five-a-clock shadow, his clothes looked tattered and worn of a faded white shirt, jeans, and long tattered overcoat. A familiar sense came from him, I knew the stranger.

10-31-2004, 01:34 AM
Almost a whole minute passed as we stared at one another, never in my life had I seen this man, and yet I knew him. Suddenly, simultaniously, we spoke each other's name-
The feeling was clear now, I must go with him." I know all about you," Micheal said," I've seen you in my dreams and in my nightmares."
"I've never seen you in my dreams or nightmares, but you are familiar to me. Tell me, when have we met?"
"That at the moment is not important", Micheal looked to the moon,"It's starting", he whispered," Damn, 20 years was too much time", he said as he went back to the side of his car.
"Hey, I need to know, who are you?
"You know my name and I know yours," he scowled as he dug through his car.
Apparently this human didn't understand who he was dealing with. "Hey!"
I picked him up with my psy-sense bumping his head as I lifted him towards me."Answer my question! I've been waiting 20 years for a sign of my existance in this hell and your the closest thing that has any answers of it! Now tell me, how do I know you!?"
"You don't think I've been waiting 20 years as well? You think that your the only one who's got questions that need answering?"
"Tell Me!" I sharpened my powers.
Out of his pain, Micheal utered one word,"Mary".
That name cut through me like ice. I droped him on the spot. "How do you know about Mary?", I breathed.
"One night I dreamed of a nightmare so horrible that I didn't sleep for a week."
"That girl on the table was Mary-"
"Shut up".
"What? First you wanted me to speak ,now you want me to shut up. Yeah, we definatly know each other."
Mary, why you?
"Listen to me, Mary was the first and they're going to come after you soon or rather tonight, do you have any idea what tonight is? Eve? I know how much Mary ment to you, she ment alot to me too, and I swore that once I was relesed I would avenge her, and put an end to all of this, but I need your help. Please Eve, its up to us to stop-"
"When do we leave?"

10-31-2004, 05:34 AM
Micheal explained his past on our way to the Shinjubie Institute. 25 years ago, he joined up with the Institute in order to find a cure for his father's cancer. The Institue stated that they were so far ahead in the field of medical science that they were sure a cure was to be found in at least 2 years time; Micheal was only too happy to help. People have cruel ways of attracting other people. Micheal was an essential part of thier ultimate goal or rather Dr.Harriet's ultimate goal. As head of the institute she was ruler to her workers below.
She tried to persuade Micheal to do other research than his current project of curing cancer, but Micheal was not about to, he was "so close to the cure", and his father needed every day.She tried again, then she tried nicely, then she cut off Micheal's research."Help us or your research will be destroyed!," Micheal had no choice. Harriet was in comand and Harriet made things happen. He was trapped. The new research assigned to him was recreating homeostasis and molecular structure. For seven months he worked tirelessly in order to complete it as fast as possible, his father was running out of time. When he finally completed it, he was worn of mind. Dr. Harriet allowed him to continue his research, Micheal had no time to lose. Another 3 months and his cancer research was done! He was going to save his father. It was a miricle that he lasted this long.
When he presented his research to the Chairman of the Medicle field, the chairman reviewed it and just when he was about to praise Micheal for his miralce research, he found a terrible flaw in it and all his work was useless. Micheal's father died the next day. It turns out that Harriet deliberatly placed that flaw in Micheal's research as a back up negotiator and forgot to take it out. Micheal became a broken man, he was a puppet, a tool of Harriet now. His father ment everything to him and Dr.Harret made things happen. She made Micheal another promise, that one day he would see his father again. Micheal was broken, he belived her.
For about three years Micheal worked on his new project, thier ultimate goal: the recreation of life. They had successfully generated pokemon clones, but none of them were ever fully "alive",and at the most they "lived" for about a week. They wasted no time. During the period of an experiment's life, as many tests as possible were conducted to perfect thier recreations. Micheal began to fix himself, slowly and surely and now Micheal began to make things happen right under Harriet's nose.
Now, Harriet was wrapped up in her own experiments which were top secret and only her closest drones new about it. She would collect thier research to add to her own and it conumed her day and night."I will finish what my husband started," she whispered to herself; Micheal was in earshot. Micheal had lowered himself to drone level in order to get closer to Harriet and her precious project. When he had finally gained her absolute trust, Micheal was lead into the back room to be sworn in as a "close associate".
Then he disovered Harriet's project(s). In one long, giant tube lay a glowing essence. Micheal said that he would never forget the warmth he felt from it. In the other giant tube was another essence but he got a compltetly opposite feel from it. "That was pure evil," he said. Micheal worked with the M.A.R.Y. project, the warm project with which Harriet had taken the cloning process a step further. Now she was creating independent life, but not for a pokemon, but a human being. A little girl.

10-31-2004, 07:01 AM
The night sky was ruled by the orange moon which banished the stars.Micheal
contiued his tale.
As Micheal worked with M.A.R.Y. he began to feel something strange with the experiment, something he hadn't felt in a long time, love. He cared for "Mary" and she cared for him. He would never forget the first time Mary smiled at him. They had thier own game together. Mary would place her hand on the glass and Micheal would do the same. Of course this was done in total secrecy, if Harriet ever found out of Micheal's interfierece with M.A.R.Y. she would make things happen, but it wasn't like Harriet was completley in touch with reality anymore.
She worked with the other project called B.B.C.; it wasn't named that before, she had changed it when she started to get weird.
Harriet was upsessed with B.B.C. This project was an independent life of a pokemon, or at least he thought it was a pokemon. He remembered one day he looked over to the tank and the creature gave a menacing smile back at him. B.B.C. scared M.A.R.Y., B.B.C. began to give everyone a little scare. Micheal would never forget those eyes, since mine and his were nearly the same. We both had orange eyes but his other eye was totaly a shiny black, mine being a partial blue. Harriet then performed a cermony to a strange driping device that contained a red liquid which would drip every 6 seconds. She protected the device with a force field.
Harriet was really strange now. She moved B.B.C. to a private room with which she could work with personaly, that was fine with Micheal, now Mary wouldn't be scared.
As the projects neared completion, Micheal had formulated a plan. He needed to save Mary from this terrible place, he had to get her out, and on October 29 was when he would make his move. He deliberatly placed a miscalculation
in one of the experimental pokemon to only stir up excitement, nothing more. and in the confusion he and Mary would make thier get away, easy, simple and foolproof; he couldn't be more wrong. That was the night when the renegade pokemon escaped and the sluaghter began. He managed to get Mary to a safehouse with a close friend of his, but he was arrested soon afterward and charged with being an accomplise in crime, if he was charged with his real crime he would have gotten the chair no doubt, but Harriet took the big blame for she was in charge of the facility. In jail, was when he had his dreams of me and of Mary, my Mary. The girl that I knew.....and loved.

His dreams revealed to him a profecy, one called "eborne behothe sience" It was one of the strangest moments of our trip for I recited word for word with him even though I have never heard of it before.
Come with me o solemn eve as you keep the moon so bright
take your spirit by the wing, and follow it in flight
cast aside your curse, and then embrace the shadow
take the sun in prison, then cast it to the shallows
O black beast cometh hither, take the light away
for you to cleanse our wounds, you must break the light of day
His dreams also revealed to him that B.B.C. was still alive, and that he was in connection with Mary's.......and the people supossedly after me. When they ransaced the place they didn't find the experiments, Harriet had hidden them, all they did was condem the building. Micheal thinks that the profecy is coming true and that we must stop it at all costs. B.B.C was in connection with it all somehow, he is the one responsible Micheal is sure of it. Personally I didn't care about Micheal's plan, all I wanted was revenge for Mary's death and if this B.B.C was responsible then he will pay.

10-31-2004, 08:13 AM
The street to the medical institute was like a black arbok; subtle twists and turns beckond us closer for the strike. The dying trees became apparent as I left Dary City for the first time.They formed a parallel formation with the orange tined moon; there were no stars. Suddenly the car gave a cough and a spit and a sputter and died."Looks like we're walking the rest of the way."
As we stepped out Micheal wouldn't notice it since his feet were in shoes, but the pavement was as cold as ice. He pulled out a big black bag with a long strap. "What's that for?"
Fine with me. The warm night air began to shift in temperature as we neared the building. Soft, cold breezes stroked the dying trees rattling thier leaves, making thier branches moan. They cast wicked shadows of broken stick hands on one another; they were hard to see on the black road, but they were there, waiting, stalking.
There was turn in the road uphead and the parallel boundries of the sky, trees, and road were broken by the ominous top of the Shinjubie institute. As we walked the long curve it looked as if the building was peeking around about the trees, like monster with an out-stretched neck. At the end of the curve we came face to face. It was a straight walk to the institute, the dying trees lay a broken but solid boundry keeping parallel with the road,and the mountainous institute lay at the end sitting coldly, quietly.
"I'm coming you filthy sun of a *****," Micheal whispered to himself.
"Ditto," I said.

10-31-2004, 08:52 AM
There was a break in the iron gate where we could get through. As Micheal struggled to get his bag through, I took this time to reflect on myself, and gather my strength. As I looked up to the building, it looked down on me. I felt an intimidating tingle go up my spine but I shrugged it off. Now is not the time to be intimidated. I must avenge Mary, I will base my life on it. A new feeling began to creep up, my duty feeling, I thought I left it back in Dark City, but no it cept up again. That proves it I am supposed to be here.

"Drip,drop. Drip,drop. Timed with the clock. Drip,drop. Drip,drop."

There was a sudden thud behind me-Micheal was on his backwith his bag on his chest,"Auh, finally," he gasped, he noticed my alarmed state."What's wrong?"
"Thought I heard something," I said as I stared up,"You ready?"
"I should have been ready 20 years ago," he muttered as he got up.
There were two big grey doors with blackened windows that stood about a foot taller than him; they carried a sense that they were thick and heavy-good for keeping something in."What do we do? Ring the doorbell?"
Micheal began to make attempts to open the doors but it was very clear from the get-go that those doors would not open. I laid my ear against it to hear if this was even a safe way to enter. I heard a soft humming noise that shifted to a moan then back again."I don't think we should go this way,"I said. "This(grunt) is the only way that (errrr), that the security systems were shut down,(uh!) there were some pretty nasty traps laid and I don't trust that the power is totally out."
The hum shifted again to a moan and then to a deep growl.
"I think we should take our chances with the traps."
"You hear something?"
"Yeah and it doesn't sound right. Do you know any other way?"
Micheal stared for a moment in deep thought leaning on his shoulder on a door.
"Drip,drop. Drip,drop. Timed with the clock. Drip, drop. Drip,drop."
What? I know I heared something this time and it came from the right.
"Eve? Hey don't go that way!"
I know I heard it. The bushes began to rustle softly. Gotcha!
"Eve, wait! Stop!"
The wind suddenly picked up in a roaring rage, rattling all the trees and bushes into a mesh of moaning, cracking, and breaking.Suddenly,a loud screeching moaning metallic sound was made-like a pole falling over-I spun around in time to see a metal beam full of wires topple over from the saftey of the trees and crash into the bottom side of the building, busting through a window and partially a wall.
"I'm alright," I looked at the reasonable sized hole,"Looks like we've found our way in."

10-31-2004, 09:27 AM
As climbed through the debis to get to the building, I made my way in first. I barley set a paw in that building when my stomach went belly up and shocks raced up and down my spine. Micheal stumbled and coughed a bit but quickly recovered as did I."Auggh, I thought that would still be around," Micheal grunted.
"What was that?"
"One of our security devices to keep our experiments under control; as you can see that went a little haywire; from then on whenever we worked in this area we had to wear gas masks,"Micheal slugged his bag strap on his shoulder and took in a big whiff, "But then not all our security worked." He pulled a flashlight for himself, as I can see clearly in the dark, and we began to navigate our way. Micheal led me through many differet rooms each with its dark purposes of torture and torment for the experimental pokemon. I felt so sorry for them. No form of life should have to go through what they did.
"That is where they screamed," he pointed to a room full of sharp objects and stains."That is where they cried." We went through a room of humming generators, surgical tools, straps and two humming needles. We passed by a door with a terrible stench seeping from under the door."That is where they died. The body number just kept on growin and growin. Harriet did not care she just wouldn't give up." We passed by what was left of roon 501 which was nothing more than a hole with blood stains everywhere. We passed by where Mary and B.B.C. were housed. It began to get very cold. When we turned to a long dark corridor my hair instantly briztled. All sorts of shocks zipped up and down my spine and Micheal began to shiver, but we were not about to give up, we will end this tonight. I could hear the dripping of liquid behind the black door at the end. When we reached it we were shivering almost violently. Micheal slipped in a speacial key-card. The door unlocked.I could sense a presense in the room."Eborne behothe," Micheal breathed and he opened the door.

10-31-2004, 10:18 AM
To say it was Antartica in there would be an understatment. It was rediculoulsy cold, Micheal could barley keep it together."Stay with me Micheal," I said.
"I'm not g-going a-anywhere," he stammered.
To Micheal it was pitch black in there but to me I could see him, he was still in his tube, but it looked like it was about to burst.Then he opened his eyes, and they glowed a blood red as he raised his gaze to meet ours. Those eyes of his split striaght through the darkness."Finally you have come back Micheal to finish me off," he said in a scratchy voice,"And you've brought my special friend, how kind."
"No way in hell am I a friend of yours!" In my blind rage I lept at him-
With a quick flick of his tale in his stuffed tube he raised the strongst reflect attack I had ever seen, which repelled me off like a fly from a wall.
"Tsk,tsk,tsk, we musn't be hasty now. After all, that is why we here tonight."
"Had my dear Dr.Harriet kept time better, oh it would have been a different tale 20 years ago I tell you!"
"Did you not listen to my little song? Drip,drop. Drip,drop. Timed with the clock. Drip,drop. Drip,drop?"
"I've heard it," I spat, "now tell me, why did you kill Mary?!"
"Mary? Oh! You mean M.A.R.Y. Well, it was her time to die."
"You sick @&^%$*&^$$%@#%!!!
"Oh, mercy aren't you the colorful one for someone so small! I expected you quieter."
"It was not her time to die! She was with ME!"
"A sacrfice needed to be made so that the ritual could carry on. We needed to restart the dark time with fresh blood or it wouldn't work, and I'm not for one to wait another 20 years for my black beast."
"So you were supposed to be the b-black b-beast 20 years ago!", Micheal choked.
"Did you get that from your dreams? Of course I was to be the black beast Terros, his reincarnation, but my dear Harriet didn't keep the time well at all and instead his spirit eluded me, and retreated back into the shadows for his true reicarnation to appear."
It hit me. I am Terros' true reincarnation.
"Bravo! You figured it out!"
"You can read minds?!"
"Oh I can do more than that such as project dreams into those who actually think they have a purpose in life."
Micheal fell to his knees," It was all a trap!"
"Yes it hurts not having a bigger purpose than to be a puppet, and I wanted so much more. With the gift of my own intelligence I decided to make people around me my puppets. Dr.Harriet was run by me, and I pulled the strings around here. My ultimate goal was to become the black beast Terros!"
"You won't get away with this," I spat.
"Eve, I've getting away with this for 23 years! You don't know how long I've truly waited for this moment! With you here and my final sacrifice, I will be reborn as Terros! All give way to Hallow's Eve!!"
With a terrible bust of psy power he exploded out of his tank, knocking Micheal and his bag back into a hard wall, I held my ground as a gigantic hole was burst in the roof filling the room with orange light of the Hallow Moon. He had the form of a demented Charizard; he flew up closer to the moon.
"Come with me o solemn eve as you keep the moon so bright
take your spirit by the wing and follow it in flight
cast aside your curse and then emrace the shadow
take the sun in prison and cast it in the shallows
O black beast cometh hither, take the light away
for you to cleanse my wounds you must break the light of day!"
A beam of orange light shot from the moon to B.B.C. and consumed him in a black shadowy form. His size doubled as he was now the specture of Terros. "To be whole, I must have your souls!" With a kamakazi dive he flew striaght down towards me and Micheal, mouth gaping wide of jagged teeth.
Suddenly, I felt a surge of power, like when I was back on the burnt building's rooftop, I did what came to me insticivley. The moon now glowed a vibrant intesity which overshadowed B.B.C.'s oncoming attack-
I thew back my head and howled, I heard Micheal chant the incantation with his last breaths. For a second time stood still.
"Don't worry about me Eve, I do have a purpose in life, I am going to help you evolve."
The orange light consumed me and I felt my form change.I was growing taller with limber yet strong legs, my tail became long and swift,I grew powerful wings and I took on a dragonistic look. My colors changed to jet black with silver streaks in my mane. And my eyes shinned with the brightness of justice.
I opened my mouth, reared back, and fired a black and orange beam straight at B.B.C.'s would-be heart.
B.B.C. was no more. I hurried over to Micheal, he was down to whispers. "Oh Eve, I'm sorry for all that has happed, I should have known it was a trap."
"Don't try to talk it'll be o.k., it-Micheal?"
Micheal mustered one last smile and he was gone.
I felt a tear stream down my face for the first time in 20 years.
"Don't be sad silverfoot!"
There is only one person who ever called me that.
I turned around to see Mary's spirit, smiling at me. "We all have a purpose and yours is just beginning!" She began to fade.
"Wait Mary! I have so many more questions, am I really Terros now? What should I do? And how in the blue blazes did I come to be?!"
"You always did ask me alot of questions that I never knew the answers to, see ya later silverfoot, me and Micheal will always watch over you!"
and she was gone. I turned around and Micheal's body was also gone.
The moon returned to its normal pearly white and all the stars came flooding back. I watched dawn arise for the first time ending Halloween night.
I was so confused and I had a million questions that needed to be answered, and to answer one, I opened Micheal's black bag. Inside was a picture of Mary and materials to burn a building down. This place needed to be laid to rest but in a proper way.
With the new dawn I took flight in my new form leaving behind the white pearly ashes of the Shinjubie Instiute of Medicle Sceinces. Mends need to be made and with my new powers I have chosen a path, I will fix Dark City and other desolate places one stitch at a time.

How you ask? Hell, I don't know, I just got this job!