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Plot -

By the year 2007, their had been at least a dozen, known cosmic activity-- meteors. In the month of June, one such thing happened. A meteor, fell from high orbit. As you all know, meteors burn up in on entry. This meteor consisted of a frozen substance not known to man. It had melted on entry and because of its mass, caused a great change in the amount of moisture in the air. The meteor had malted in a small town in Virgina called, Bridgewater. Bridgewater, is known for its research, and economical value so its townsmen are all middle through upper class. If a very unfortunate person just happens by, they are dirt poor, the Bridgewater bank gives them a house and a few thousand in cash. Now the unknown substance has rained down from the sky, it has effected Bridgewater's way of life. The substance is known to, turn people into Aliens because it is so foreign to the human body. The government knows about the Meteor, and the Aliens, and is has a Make-Shift HQ, in Bridgewater. Using it to capture and test the Aliens that they happen to come across.

Reservations -

(only 4 at a time)

Sign-up -

Age: (over 19)
Housing:(What you live in)
Do you you have kids:(Yes or know. If yes how many and tell a little about each.)
Occupation:(Researchers and Farmers mainly. Some other things will be accepted)
History:(At last a paragraph. More is strongly encouraged)
Personality:(At last a paragraph. More is strongly encouraged)
Why you moved to Bridgewater:(What brought you to Bridgewater)
Have you been Mutated yet:(turned into an Alien)
If Alien, describe your self:(At last two paragraphs. More is strongly encouraged)
Character Description:(Just describe how (s)he looks)

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Oh! Virginia my state!!!!! yes resvere me a spot hun. I will work on the signup!
Also it is supposed to be No Hun not Know Ihope you know the differnce.... Anyway seems like a Good RP

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Its No love ^^; heh i sure do hope you Know the difference.

And you forgot how they look...It is qiute important to a RP Sign up :wink: i am always glad to help!

its no double posting love, its bad.

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its no double posting love, its bad.
>.< right, sorry so sorry. ^^; signed-upfor the site couple weeks ago...slipped my mind *Writes down mental ntoe* No....double....posting..Got it!

Anyway thanks Espeonlover!

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i suggest you edit your first post and put the 2nd one in it. (E.g, you double posted, the 2nd should be edited into the first)

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i suggest you edit your first post and put the 2nd one in it. (E.g, you double posted, the 2nd should be edited into the first)

Was there a point to saying 'E.G.'? =_= Not really, cause you said the same thing twice...

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Bridge water signup

Name: Marissa (Or Rissa) Williamson

Age: 20

Housing: A small house, with her brother and sister n a farm

Do you have kids: Nope, not yet

Occupation: She farms a bit with her younger siblings, and is trying to get an internship with the researchers.

History: She has two younger siblings who are 13 they are twins. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 16 and since then she had been taking care of them. Originally a big city girl. Her world was turned upside down when the meteor fell. One of her dear friends became mutated and fled to some remote area. Her younger sister refuses to leave her room now, for she fears becoming what her friend has become. Yet her brother is fascinated with the strange things that happened. Marissa chose to find a better income for her small little family and is trying to become an intern for the researchers in town. She had always been attracted to the outdoors, and wanted to help out.

Personality: She has a bright and bubbly personality; she can be quite flirtatious at times. Actually she is almost always that way. She is a fun loving person, but recently her fun and craziness has been turned down a notch because she has been having trouble caring for her family. Her world is becoming a stranger and the life she once knew is disappearing at an alarming rate.

Why you moved to Bridgewater: The big city was too much of a hassle for her to handle with her siblings so she moved out to Bridgewater where it was peaceful and, a lot more safer.

Have you been Mutated yet: Nope but a lot of her neighbors have

Character Description: (you kind of forgot this.) Marissa has Bright blonde hair and shimmering emerald eyes. She has an athletic build and tanned sun kissed skin. She is always wearing faded jean shorts and spaghetti strap tanks of various colors. Sometimes during the winter she wears faded jeans.

Here it is :wink:

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Thank you for adding that. I'll fix it. Also, Accepted.