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Dawn of a New Hope
Prologue: Land of Quests

The land of Nihiron… also known as the land from where the Pokémon training society originated, this massive country that spans dozens of islands is also the location where this story is set. With many of the most dangerous events having happened in one of these islands, including the dreadful attacks of the various 'Teams' that tried, one point or another, to take over the world, it is a wonder that the regions still survive. In the last fifty years, however, nothing of that kind has happened; it seemed, even, like there was a return to peace of days long past, and that the troubles were definitely over. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh… the horrors of the past, the Shadow Outbreaks, the insane Leaders… all gone, hopefully forever.

However, time and history never change for someone's wishes, and due to events long forgotten, this 'peace' will be broken… and the catalysts of this, ironically, are those who never wanted to be involved in the first place.


So... they are back, are they? I suppose I should prepare things… I may have failed before, but not again… never again. I will not fail! I will make sure things work out as I saw them, this time… this time, things will work out fine… and my world… my beautiful world… it shall be born again…


Petalburg City wasn't very crowded during that day. This was common, really; the various trainers that usually stopped by the city to fight against the Gym Leader had chosen to go somewhere else this time, what with the Gym Leader being on one of his various trips across the regions. In case someone had wanted to battle him, well, they'd have to wait until he returned… which could take weeks.

Not that this was really a concern for Aly, who had entered the city from the western entrance, her Blaziken to her side. The journey from Rustboro had been tiresome; there had been several trainers who had seemed to think her to be an easy prey, and thus she and her Pokémon were exhausted.

At least the Pokémon Center was close enough that she could reach it without any problem, it seemed… well, until she approached it; the crowd around the Pokémon Center was simply huge! …and it didn't seem like she could get through without some hurt, either.

She at least could hear some of the comments - things like 'I can't believe she's here!' and 'Wow… what a babe!', among others. A couple of them were obviously more crass... but without a good view of who this person was, she couldn't figure out who they were talking about.

Wait! This was a Pokémon Center… it surely had a back entrance! She could go through it… but then again, that wasn't a very nice thing to do, and could get her in trouble… but on the other hand, pushing through the crowd didn't seem very useful either.


Five years ago…

Thunderbolts… several of them, crashing upon the ground...

This had been THE night; the one where all the adults went out, and went to the highest hill of the forest, waiting for a thunderbolt to strike them down, in order to fight against it and become stronger. Pikachus and Raichus alike, all taking nature's attacks straight on, certain that this would not be the end of them… and while a few never quite managed to survive, well, that was unlikely… and besides, those were weaklings anyway; surviving a thunderbolt ought to be an easy task, for the evolved adults!

…which was why the small Pichu was here, this night. She knew that she and the other young, the 'children' so to say, were supposed to stay hidden, so that the thunderbolts wouldn't hurt them… after all, they could barely control their own electricity, much less survive a direct hit from a thunderbolt. However, Ex did not believe that… she was one of the few Pichus that had a decent enough control of her electricity, so if she could do that, she certainly could survive a thunderbolt!

Of course, those adults were meanies… they still forbade her from coming with them, so she had had to sneak out and hide, behind a couple of bushes… and watch, with wonder, as the various adults took on the bolts, using their bodies to transfer it to the ground, without being harmed. From her position, she couldn't see all of them, and that included the ones that happened to fall… but this was enough to make her all the more wondrous.

Eventually, the adults seemed to have had enough, slowly walking away from the hill. The thunderbolts were also reducing in intensity, but the thunderstorm would continue for a while… just not as much on this location.

Ex waited, until the last Raichu was gone… he seemed suspicious, but the old man hadn't found her, and so she was still safe. Once she was sure he left, she walked out, on all fours, and slowly climbed to the tip of the hill. Only the pack leader had stood there, before… but the Pichu felt she should go there too, and besides, who would know, anyway?

As she took her place, at the hilltop, she witnessed the thunderstorm increase in power... and it was scary; even more lightning bolts struck the ground around her, than when she was watching it before. None of them were coming close to her, but she still could feel the heat from the strikes, and the brightness… but still, there she stood, waiting.

Finally, a pause, as the skies seemed to glow… and Ex looked straight up, waiting. It was so strange… had the storm stopped?

However, her eyes soon saw it; a pure blue lightning bolt, heading straight at her. She stood ready, waiting for it to strike...

…wait a second…

…that wasn't a lightning bolt…

…that was… that was…


When Ex woke up, it was morning already; she was surrounded by the adults of her pack, who were looking at her with mixed emotions… concern and worry, as well as anger. She had to explain why she was found in the hill when she shouldn't have been there, though she didn't really remember what had happened, at least after the big blue lightning bolt… something that made people confused; no bolt like that had been seen, and when she tried to go on, they simply ignored her. She probably had just hit her head or something, according to them…

Still, things hadn't been the same after that day; Ex seemed to change... her actions were more focused, her mind seeming to grow faster, what with her sudden interest in things that a young Pichu shouldn't be interested in… and finally, the fact that she had began asking questions the elders couldn't answer, or didn't understand why she asked them. Innocently at first, troubling later on… and each and every question without response only made her ask more and more questions.

The apex of this situation was when the 'coming of age' day came… when all the Pichus who were one year old or close enough would finally evolve, becoming Pikachus and being finally considered mature by the other members of the pack. Ex and the other Pichus waited, for hours, until their bodies would finally transform… but, to everyone's surprise, Ex did not change. No white glow, no longer ears and tail, no larger body, no darker cheeks, no nothing… Ex was still a Pichu.

However, Pichu or not, she was also mature; she seemed to have the same mentality as the other Pikachus… only, just like her weirdness, it was much different from the norm; Ex's questions were much more indecent to them all… and while she didn't seem to be growing crazy or anything, the fact that she didn't even seem to care about finding a random mate to have children with or anything like that was troublesome.

Thankfully for them, however, Ex had already taken her own measures… and more or less on the first 'anniversary' of her accident, she left the pack, deciding to know what life was like on the wild… as well as getting away from all those old people who had no answers for her.

From Ilex Forest, she went southwards, to where Azalea City lied… and there, her life as a loner began. She spent the following years doing her best to survive, as while the forest-like city had its charms, it sure wasn't fair for the young Pichu, especially considering her smaller, weaker frame and the fact that both humans and Pokémon alike seemed to distrust her. It was a hard life… but despite that, it was better than living in her old pack, still; at least there was some more tasty food… and she could always hide in a building, if she needed to be heated during the cold season.

Living like this, four years passed… and while she was still a short Pichu with peculiarly-interested eyes, Ex was used to living life as it was, though not all was good. It could always have been worse, though, which was probably better than nothing.

Recently, wanderlust had found its way onto her, and she was decided… she wanted to go travel across this region, at the very least, so she could see the sights… and hopefully, find some place for her to do something important, that'd matter, for real! So, she had been travelling for the past few days... and well, finally she was in Violet City! Just from staring at it, she could see lots of things to do, lots of places to see... enough she couldn't choose from!

And so… it starts.

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And so… it starts.

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OFF: Errr... what's the problem here? Can't have detailed intros and other scenes? Oh well...

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Smiling, she finished putting the last object, an empty, dirty potion container, inside of the tiny backpack.

Looking over at the content of her backpack, the Pichu couldn't help but wonder why humans always labelled so much stuff as junk and thrown it into trashcans when it was still nearly new and useable... not that she mind. After all, it's thanks to such humans if that little backpack, a toy meant for the backs of dolls, was now her very own backpack, ready to contain whatever stuff she would find during her journey.

A few pieces of the best food she could find, a few empty open cans just in case, empty potion bottles, an old TM machine container model someone thrown away... all good stuff.

Slowly, making sure not to drop it, Ex got on her hindlegs and then, proceeded to try and imitate how humans put those things on. OK... that thing goes right... that one goes left...

... and well, after much difficulty, no thanks to her paws and their lack of thumbs, she finally managed to put it on! Whee! So much joy!

Finally, she took those old blue cool goggles and that cute little worn out and mostly torn blue scarf she found and turning to the old mirror placed against the wall of the alley, she put them on to the best of her abilities. Again, she cursed her lack of thumbs as she dropped the goggles for the sixth time.

... and after much effort, the things were in place! Truly, looking at herself in that mirror... she look truly cool! Finally, she's ready to go! The entire world awaits!

Slowly walking out of the alley, still on her hindlegs, Ex begun to wonder. Where to go, now? She had lived her entire life so far in the nearby forest and that other city. Not like she's used to travelling... and well, frankly, a goggles-wearing, backpack carrying Pichu will probably attract all kinds of attention to itself. Still, considering how hard it had been to make it here, it was better than travelling without anything. That... she learned it the hard way.

But well... will she be able to run with that backpack? What about using her electrical powers? Her whole body can resist her powers and all... but will it melt her goggles and damage her backpack?

... bah. She will find a solution on the way and it's better than having nothing anyway!

Peeking out of the alley...

No humans to the left... no humans to the right... no sounds...

Great! Well, now that this is done... what to do? Bah! She will think of something on the way...

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(What does OFF mean?)

Aly once again contemplated her options. Going through the back could get her into trouble, but then again, this crowd was way too huge to try and fight her way through...

What she actually wanted to know was who this person was that everyone was talking about, and why exactly they were so awesome. ...But that would have to be thought about later.

Glancing around, Aly turned and motioned for Flame to follow. The large fire/fighting type nodded and trudged along after her trainer as the two of them silently made their way around to the back of the Pokemon Center.

"Blaze?" Flame's voice was heard behind her as Aly took hold of the doorknob to the back entrance.

"Shh," Aly put a finger to her lips, signaling for her to be quiet. "I know we're not supposed to, but if we stay out around front, we'll be there all day!"

Flame nodded in understanding, but still looked a bit hesitate about the whole thing.

Aly pulled her Pokeball from her waist and enlarged it, causing a red beam to shoot out and engulf Flame, sucking her inside. She knew she probably wouldn't like this, but she was going to be put in there anyway, to get healed.

Reattaching Flame's ball to her belt, Aly pulled open the Center's back door and slipped inside, silently shutting it behind her.

(Can't think of much...)

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(OoC: 'Off' is about the same as 'OoC', but only referring to the first word, really.)

As Ex wandered around the city, several points of interest cropped up, easily visible from her height... and when not, she always could climb onto something, at least. Of the most uninteresting ones were the Pokémon Center and Pokémon Mart, where trainers converged to... some of them keeping their Pokémon out, meaning Ex could always try to sneak in to talk to them, if she wanted to. Of course, many of those trainers had strangely-colored Pokéballs, in tones of red and blue, with a shining thing on top... while the name wasn't familiar, these were bad news, so it wasn't a good idea.

To the east of the city was a large building, with a huge neon sign on the top, reading 'Violet City Pokémon Academia'. It looked like a very large building, with over three stories, and it had quite the open space... not to mention various Pokémon could be seen, behind the gates. In fact... how weird; just from the outside, she could see a group of Pokémon talking excitedly about something, out of sight for most humans. She could go see them... or she could not; it was up to her, after all!

There were two other main buildings she saw in the city... a huge tower that reached very very very high up, so high she couldn't see the top from her location in the ground, where several Pokémon flied around. There was even a rather huge Pidgeot... but that was impossible, right? She had to be seeing things... The other building, meanwhile, she hadn't seen from very close up; it was too far away. Still, she could make out several details... there were many Bellsprout-shaped forms, for instance, large enough to be visible. It had to be the so-called 'Sprout Tower', which was famous even back in Azalea...

So many things... so little time. What was Ex going to see first?


How lucky Aly was, that day... nobody seemed to have seen her go behind the Pokémon Center. When she was passing by the side, she managed to see an officer, trying to keep people away... but he hadn't seen her.

The backroom of the Pokémon Center was small, though it had a few doors leading into other rooms. One of them was marked like an office, and another, which was only a doorframe, led to a corridor that, probably, would direct her to the main room of the Pokémon Center.

The third door was closed, but only barely; like whoever had opened it had just pressed it against the doorframe, and didn't finish closing it. She could go on to see what was happening in the front, or she could check that other door now...

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Aly finally decided to just head to he front of the Center to see what was going on; and to get her Pokemon healed. She could always come back to the door later, right?

As she quietly made her way down a darkened hall, voices began to become apparent, growing louder as she drew closer to the Center's lobby.

She blinked a couple of times as bright lights invaded her vision. It turned out that the voices hadn't been coming from the lobby after all, but just outside the doors. Whoever this person was had to be someone extremely famouse to be drawing this much attention...

Still contemplating on who the person may be, Aly approached the front desk to speak with the town's local Nurse Joy. Once she got her Pokemon healed, she'd go out there hearself to see what was going on. Maybe this time she could get at least a better view...

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Unfortunately, Nurse Joy wasn't around... and to add to that bad luck, the doors were opened shortly after, and a group of people came in. None from the crowd, it seemed... but one of them noticed her, shortly after.

"Hey, you! What are you doing here?!" the black-haired man asked, his appearance making it kind of obvious he was some kind of director. "We had told the nurse to keep the building empty for now! Our taping will be ruined!"

"Excuse me, Michael, but is there a problem?" a female voice asked, and the man froze, his sunglasses not managing to hide his surprise.

"Oh, no, Milo, everything is fine... I just have to deal with a rat here," he tried to dismiss Aly, but a woman walked from the group, who now... if she took a good look at them, she'd notice they were actually a television crew, with cameras and microphones and the likes, even if the attention of everyone was more focused on the woman... at the very least, she looked famous and beautiful, clad in a violet dress that seemed to enhance her rather unnatural-looking assets. The brown hair looked well-treated, and the amount of makeup she wore made her face even more aesthetically pleasant... even if it looked a bit too much.

The woman looked her over, before smiling. "Now, now... this child here must have simply gotten lost, dear! I don't see why she should be punished... instead, let us have her be our newest satisfied customer!" she told the director, before walking towards Aly. "Now, dear, allow me to introduce you the product that will definitely revolutionize your life: the BatonToner 3000, a special new brand of beauty products that you just need to own!"

She took a box from one of the aides, offering it to her. "This is a whole set of hair, skin, and care products that are made to improve your appearance. Even young ladies such as you should have one of these, as they will prove invaluable in helping you have the boys you want... and looking at you, you clearly need all the help you can get!"

After that, she pulled the girl closer, with a surprisingly tight grip, and turned them both towards the cameras. "BatonToner 3000, the medicinal revolutionizer! Another brand new Sapiate product!" she continued, the cameras flashing and taking pictures of both of them, while the director stood at the side, fuming.

07-03-2007, 04:44 PM
Aly scowled, pulling away from the woman before turning to face her.

"Thank you for that...generous offer, but I'd rather not," she answered slowly, making sure not to stumble over any words. "I actually just came here to get some treatment for my Pokemon."

She looked around at all of cameramen surrounding them, still snapping away. Why, though remained a mystery. The man that had yelled at her before was standing off to the side, supposedly fuming because of what was happening.

After glancing back at the Center's desk, then the woman, Aly asked, somewhat quietly, "Would you happen to know where this town's Nurse Joy is? I kind of need her right now..."

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If the woman was disappointed, she did not express it; the cameras kept on flashing, for a few moments more, before stopping. The director then walked towards her, a bit more appeased it seemed. "Well, that's a wrap, folks! You guys take five. Milo, go to the back room, I think you need to practice some more," he told them, with a restrained tone, as if he was trying to treat this like nothing different had happened. The woman blew him a kiss, before walking towards the back of the building, the rest of the crew trailing after her... leaving only her and the director there.

"Great... just great!" he cursed, once he was sure they couldn't hear him. "Of all the times that woman has to have a whim... ugh! I swear, she'll be the ruin of me one of these days!" After saying that, he turned towards Aly, glaring at her. "And as for you... do you have any idea of what you did, saying you were refusing the product? Do you?! If it wasn't for the fact that these were only shots and not taped, my career wouldn't only go down the drain, but through the sewers as well! Haven't you ever heard of Sapiate, girl?!"

He took a pause to breathe, before looking around. The crowd had been dispersed enough, it seemed, so he went on. "I had hired this building for the taping. The nurse was going to take a day off while we were taping... it's not like there aren't other healing centers, and this is a way of earn good publicity! And you nearly ruined everything! I swear, amateurs are the worst group to deal with, definitely!"

At that moment, he had turned his back to her, so he turned towards her again. "So what are you still doing here? Get out! You've already ruined things enough for today, I don't need another headache to my list!" he snapped again, rather seriously. It seemed she wouldn't get much from him, at this rate...

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Aly scowled, not quite sure how to respond. Instead, she just turned and exited the Center, walking out onto the dirt path to see which way seemed best; and which way led to the closest Pokemon Center. Obviously, she wasn't going to get any help from this one.

Taking out her Pokenav (tell me if I'm not allowed to have that), she quickly scanned over the cities and towns, finding the closest one with a Center, which seemed to be Oldale Town. But, she'd have to go through the fields along the way, which meant more wild Pokemon. Rustboro City, which was the other way, was an option, but then she'd just be trailing back the way she came.

With a frustrated sigh, she put the Pokenav away and looked down both paths. After a moment's contemplating, she finally turned down the one leading to Oldale Town. It was a bit risky, since trainers and wild Pokemon were bound to be awaiting her, but at the moment, she didn't really care. Besides, this path was shorter. Hopefully, she could get there without any other problems...

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OFF: Ugh. Sorry for the lack of reply. Had a slight lack of inspiration...

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Ex had remained there, looking around and being rather hesitant... but then, she remembered something. When going to new places, the first thing to do is to get attuned with what's going on. In short, to get information.

... and well, considering she wad curious, it was a very good advice in her mind.

Now, she could always go and head to talk to those Pokemon near the suspicious humans... but considering the bad vibe they gave off, she decided it was best not to do so. After all, trained Pokemon tend to be loyal to the point of stupidity regardless of their trainer being good or bad and she certainly wasn't about to get herself beaten up and caught!

The two towers seemed the most attractive locations. Mystery, excitement, exploring a new place, a little bit of danger without it being as suicidal as getting involved with trained Pokemon serving bad trainers...

... but well, she decided to make them her second choice. After all, this group of Pokemon near that so-called academy just sound so excited! She wanna know what's so exciting!

Thus, she moved foward, walking on her hindlegs, wanting to get involved into the conversation. Considering she was on her hindlegs like that, she would be pretty hard to miss. Hopefully, no human will be walking near here and notice her...

07-05-2007, 10:57 PM
The exit to Oldale took some time to reach; it seemed Petalburg was fairly big, all things considered... and even going the shortest way wasn't fast enough. At least nobody seemed to notice her, all thigns considered...

...that is, until a kid ran to her side, excitedly. "Hey! Hey! You were in the Pokémon Center? Is that really true, miss?" he asked, eyes shining. He loked fairly young, like he had just started his Pokémon journey, and yet... the blue eyes and red hair looked kinda familiar.

...eh? Where could that be coming from... must have been some mistake. In any case, the boy was tugging on her arm now, trying to get her attention. "Come on, please tell me! What was miss Milo like? What did she want? Come on, come on!!!"


Ex was lucky; she managed to not be noticed by anyone... for the most part. A human girl seemed to have seen her, but by the time she turned around and tugged at her parent's hand, trying to get his attention, the Pichu was already out of sight, in the Academia's gates. Thankfully the gates had wide spaces, which allowed her an easy passage through them.

So, off she went to approach the other Pokémon... one of them speaking rather loudly. In fact... now she could easily hear one of them, who was speaking rather loudly.

"...so come forth, brothers and sisters, and allow the glory of our kingdom in the Silver Valley to be made! Allow your instincts to grow stronger, and break the bindings of the human dominion over you all! Accept Deolysk in your heart, and then, and only then, you will all be saved!" the Pokémon said, easily visible as a Slowking. "Saved from the darkness that approaches... the shadows in the north! They, you must fear!"

He pointed in that direction, the oddly golden 'crown' he wore glistening. "Do not worry, my brothers! All will be well, as long as you believe in Deolysk and the truths of the Legendaries... the truths that only Deolysk can provide!"

07-14-2007, 12:43 AM
Aly blinked a couple of times, taking a few moments to let what was happening sink in.

"Um, yeah, I was," she answered the first question before letting out a startled cry as he began to tug on her arm. "Uh, she was...nice..." She didn't really know what word exactly to use. The woman had been nice, if you wanted to call it that. It was the guy - the director that was the rude one...

The boy's other questions slipped her mind as she glanced up at the dirt trail leading out of the city, hoping to get onto it sometime soon...

07-15-2007, 02:52 PM
(OoC: You're still in Petalburg, not Oldale...)

The boy seemed to be happy in hearing that, but he continued to ask her more and more questions, not paying attention to her distress, for the next few minutes. "Did she give you something? I'm pretty sure she did, I heard she was giving out stuff! Come on, show me! Please! Pretty please! I want to see it! I want to! It's something cool, isn't it? Come on! Show me!"

07-15-2007, 08:36 PM
OOC: Oh, sorry 'bout that. :oops: I went back and edited that last sentence.


"Um, actually, she didn't give me anything," Aly answered, deciding not to mention the fact that she had actually refused what she had been offered. Hopefully, that wouldn't cause the boy to become angry or offended, thinking that she was lying. That was the last thing she needed at the moment.

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(OoC: Don't worry.)

The boy seemed to be disappointed at hearing that. "You didn't get anything? Aw, man! I heard they were giving out something really cool! I didn't get to hear what it was, but it was probably so cool..."

As he walked away, pouting, it seemed the path was clear... but on the other hand, the boy looked really sad, too...