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Poke the North!
11-02-2004, 08:40 AM
Chapter One

The hours tread slowly and carefully, their minutes sluggishly plodding round the clock, and their seconds skip quickly past them both. Time is eternal, and everything moves at the same pace. Such is the ideal world, where there is the safety of the new dawn to comfort you after days of hardship.

However, it must also be said that the ideal world, at least for the induvidual, is one where dreams are fulfilled, wishes granted, and ambitions achieved. Ambition. A deadly thing, more harmful than some could realise, and it is true that on many occasions these dreams are perfectly harmless.

But the nature of the human race is such that many imagine themselves conquering ambitions that should not be conquered. Some things are best left unchanged, allowed to run as they always have.

This is where the two seemingly different concepts of time and ambition collide violently in a sudden moment of imbalance, and this is the point at which things go wrong.

Who can not admit that they have never thought about immortality? The chance to never die, to escape the fear of losing your sight, your thought...it is a tempting idea.

Some give up the idea, most in fact, but there are a few who pursue such an existence. A few ambitious humans who would change the concepts of time and life as they please, simply to satisfy their fear of death.

But until now, these attempts at immortality were in vain.

As time passes, the human race evolves, and its technology with it. Technology that, in the right hands, can prove to be too effective for the good of its creators.

Technology that, in the right hands, can destroy human existence for good.