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The world has descended into darkness. Poke'mon are being used for evil, and Team Galactic has taken over. Other, more minor teams also have become threats. In the midst of all this chaos, several 'good' people are stepping up to the challenge. They, however, do not even have Poke'mon yet. An old Proffesor gives them a pokeball each, which is their new starter.
The ten children must take these Poke'mon and save the world from the darkness rising up. However, Team Galactic has harnassed the power of both Dialga and Palkia,and now are setting about turning Poke'mon into Shadow Poke'mon, like Cipher before them. The ten children are cast into the confusing plans and plots of the dark, and must save the Poke'mon if there is to be any hope for the world at all. While doing so, they will encounter friendship, hatred, war, and perhaps the most important of all, love.


Lillian Werner made her way across the room, bumping into other people every few seconds due to the sheer amount of bodies inside. The party was definately a success, she supposed. However, it was mid-June, and very hot outside. With all the people in the room, it was stifling. Lily's face, usually pale in color, had turned red, and her bangs stuck to her forehead with sweat. Her black tube top made her shoulders a bit cooler, but she still felt like she would pass out soon. She was also wearing a black skort with a pink strip at the bottom. Lily wasn't a fan of skirts, however she did like wearing skorts. Like a skirt, only without the danger of someone seeing your underwear if you sat wrong.

Lily sat down in a chair near the refreshment table, and grabbed a cup of the punch. She sniffed it sucpiciously, expecting it to be spiked. It wasn't, and she sipped it gratefully. Someone had opened the door, most likely to leave, and a precious gust of fresh night air flowed into the room. Lily sighed happily as it touched her shoulders.

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i would join but im not so good at love plays/yea,

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Kota, being as shy as she was, hung on to her brother's arms as they walked through the room. She really hated these kind of things, as her shyness made her feel uncomfortable. Bota sighed as he hung on to his hat firmly, walking through the crowd of people and making his way to the refreshment table.

"Brother, can we go now? I'm getting nervous..."

"Unluckily... granma and granpa aren't home at the moment... so we have no choice..."

Kota sighed as she let go of Bota's arm and sat down on a chair next to Lillian. She glanced at her and managed to smile shyly before looking back to the floor.

"H-Hi... what's your... name?"

Bota served himself some punch and quickly drank it. He felt someone push him, almost making his hat fall off his head. He got slightly mad, but he held it in as he sat down next to Kota, yawning.

"Who's that Kota? A friend o' yours?"

"No brother... I met her just now... well... not exactly met as I don't know her name yet..."

OOC: Remember, Kota = Girl and Bota = Boy. I know. It's confusing. That's the point =3

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((hehe, I know, I've been reading the Poke'mon,Child, Together RP randomly. :crackup:))

Lily glanced up as another girl sat down next to her and inquired about her name. "Oh, hi, I'm Lily."She smiled, feeling shy and nervous as she usually did when meeting new people. "What's your name?"She asked, hoping she might perhaps gain a new friend through this exchange.

A guy came up soon afterwards, and, listening to their dialogue, Lily realized he must be her brother. She smiled at him, blushing a little. She enjoyed meeting new people, she just wasn't good at it. She reached over and got another glass of punch, she had finished her last one a few minutes ago.

((Blech, short.))

06-14-2007, 10:09 PM
Kota glanced at the girl, feeling less shy but still shy. She likd making friends, just that her shyness kept her from making them. Bota, on the other hand, could make friends with anyone, no matter what the situation.

"My name is... Kota... Kota Mirahashi... nice to meet you Lilly..."

"Name's Bota Mirahashi, Kota's brother. Nice to meet you Lilly"

Bota took off his hat, revealing his black messy hair. He scratched it for a moment before putting back his hat, glancing at Lilly again. He smiled at her before putting his hand on Kota's head, messing with her hair.

"So Lilly... where're you from?"

"Me and my brother are... from Agate Villlage..."

Kota never addressed Bota by his name, but instead by "brother" or "big brother". It was a bad habit of her, which she really didn't understand, but she decided to not make it much of an important thing.


06-14-2007, 10:28 PM
"I lived in Agate originally, too, with my grandparents. But my mother came back and made me come here. To Phenac." Lily replied, looking slightly sad at the mention of her grandparents.

The door was shut was again, and Lily felt the stifling heat return to the room. "God it's hot."She commented.

She had a bag with her, which was probably highly unusual. In it was a book, some clothes, and a tooth brush and tooth paste. There was also enough food for a meal or two, and her wallet. Tired of her mother's constant complaining and obvious dislike of her, Lily had decided to leave. She hadn't even thought about what she was going to do, but the obvious course would be to get a Poke'mon first. It would be nearly impossible to get anywhere without one, even if Lily had barely any training expierence.

Psychic Oats
06-14-2007, 10:39 PM
"It's unhealthy to drink that much punch."

A boy wearing a blank white slong-sleeve shirt was standing over Bota, Kota, and Lilly, looking down at them. His icy blue eyes pierced down at the three. Suddenly, he wheeled around, and shouted at a boy standing near the door.

"Do you feel how hot it is in here?!? I'm gonna die unless you open the door!" he shouted, pointing his finger at the boy. The boy got a worried look on his face, and scrambled to open the door. After he had succeeded, he slowly edged out of view, slipping away in to the rest of the people.

Daishii turned back around to the three, and closed his eyes, sighing. "Ah...jeez...some people don't think very much, do they?"

06-14-2007, 10:49 PM
Lily was slightly shocked when the new boy came up, but quickly grinned. "Apparently not."She said lightly, throwing her empty plastic cup away.

"As for the punch comment, I had to drink something in the heat, or I'd have dehydrated or something." She said, dramaticly.

"Oh, and I'm Lily."She added, feeling the need to introduce herself. Though normally shy, she could be very outgoing at times. Especially when she had had some sugar or caffine, though she doubted the punch had had that much sugar in it.

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(Mah buddy Lonsie is joining and he wants Eevee, so Reeah is still in...)

Reeah stared disgustedly at the poor excuses of humanity that surrounded her. A bunch of idiots, quite a few of them half drunk, dancing stupidly. This certainly wasn't her kind of party, not that she went to many.

Reeah had recently pulled of an extremely successful heist back in her home of Goldenrod. It was hard to believe how easy the Game Corner there was to break into, and how much money they kept late at night. She used the stolen cash to take a little trip away to Phenac, a retreat where she could relax and not worry about anything. Fat chance of that. This party was stifling, and everyone seemed to be idiots...

"Do you feel how hot it is in here?!?"A guy shouted from one side of the party. "I'm gonna die unless you open the door!" She smirked. It got the job done. Another boy, scared out of his wits, openned the door, and Reeah could feel the cool air rush inside.

Deciding to walk over and meet the boy that yelled, she made her way to the punch bowl. She nodded at him as she passed, giving him a smile that suggested no more than her approval of how he managed the situation, and she grabbed herself some punch.

(Yah. Reeah isn't very nice. Just a warning. She's usually in Team Rocket when I use her. =P I won't post again until I come back, so kinda drag me along. Please?)

Psychic Oats
06-14-2007, 11:25 PM
"Hey Lily," he said, taking a seat next to her, "My name's Daishii. But, knowing most people, you don't really care, do you?". He leaned his head back and sighed, staring up at the cieling with his icy blue eyes. His hand was absent-mindedly fidlling with a Pokeball he had pulled from his pocket. After a few seconds, he leaned forward in his seat, and turned towards Lily and the other two again. At that moment, a girl walked by, smiling a half-hearted smile at Daishii, and started getting herself some punch. Daishii made a slight waving motion with his hand to her, and turned to speak to the boy and girl sitting next to Lily.

"So," he started, his icy gaze staring through them, "Who're you two?"

06-15-2007, 12:04 AM
Lily blushed. She hoped he wouldn't notice, besides, she had already been fairly red fromt he heat. "Of course I care."She replied,"Why wouldn't I?''

She was slightly hurt that he thought she wouldn't care, however she understood. She had learned that people didn't care herself from her mother. She noticed the pokeball.

"Oh, you're a trainer?"She asked,"I'm planning on becoming one." Her dark, sapphire-colored eyes sparkled with excitment. She really couldn't wait to be out of this hot, stuffy room and out on the road.

Why had she even come? Besides for the fact her mother had been with yet another boyfriend and had told Lily to leave, Lily really couldn't think of a reason for coming to this party. Perhaps it was cover. She wanted to leave, and so she had come here so her mother couldn't find her. Or perhaps it was to pass some time before she actually left. Maybe it was just a greater being calling her to come for some strange reason. She believed in destiny, and she liked that answer best. She was starting to feel impatient, now, though, and couldn't help wanting the party to end so she could set out. The party did, however, seem to be rather long-winded, and she doubted there would be any bit of light left when she could finally leave.

06-15-2007, 12:16 AM
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Kota looked at new guy that came along, as always, her face turning red thanks to her shyness. She could barely speak as she opened her mouth, yet her brother cut in for her.

"Name's Bota Marashi, this is my sister, Kota Marahashi"

Kota bowed her head in greeting, still feeling slight shyness, but she managed to speak out.

"N-Nice to... m-meet you... Daishii..."

"Yeah, same here. You sure got that kid good, he was really stupid for not leaving the door open, I mean come on, it must be at least 100 degrees in here!"

He laughed, glancing at Kota who was still looking down, rubbing her fingers together shyly. Bota reached for her ear, whispering something only she could hear.

"Hey... Kota... try to talk with him, he's not gonna bite or anything..."

Kota looked at Bota, smiling at him before pulling herself together and looking at Daishii.

"So... Daishii... where... where are you from...?"

OOC: No, Kota doesn't like Daishii, she's just shy to a high extent XP

Psychic Oats
06-15-2007, 12:35 AM
Daishii turned again, looking at Lily.

"Oh, you're a trainer?" she questioned, "I'm planning on becoming one."

"Actually yeah, I am one. But, not very good. I'm pretty new to this," Daishii explained, looking around at the various part-goers. After examining the people with a slight frown on his face, he turned back to Lily.

"An intelligent person like you in a place like this? That doesn't match. Why're you here, anyways?" he asked, still fiddling around with the Pokeball. Then, he heard the other two he had spoken two talk.

"Name's Bota Marashi, this is my sister, Kota Marahashi"

"Hey there...Bota and Kota...that's gonna' be hard not to mix up..."

"So... Daishii... where... where are you from...?"

Daishii closed his eyes, turning around. Then, he whirled around again, his icy blue eyes wide and piercing as he stared at Kota.

"I...don't...like...to...talk...about...it..." he said in a creepy voice, widening his eyes.

06-15-2007, 12:52 AM
Lily smiled as he answered,"I'm leaving."She shrugged,"My mother...Well, she's not the nicest person in the world...And I'm leaving. I found this place, and thought a party would be a nice place to be if she looked for me. Doubt she will, though. But you're the same way, right? Why are you here?"

When Kota asked where he was from and he replied in a creepy oice that sent shivers of fear down Lily's spine, she immediantly regretted her question. Maybe he didn't want to talk about his past to anyone. She really didn't want snapped at, especially by Daishii. She blushed as she thought this. Why was he singaled out? Most likely because he was one of the only people who had really talked to her for a long time. Yeah, that was probably it. She didn't think Kota really would snap at her, and she really hadn't said too much to Bota, so perhaps it was just an irrational fear that Daishii would, because she had seen him do so before. She shook the thoughts out of her head. Better not to dwell on it, or on any other relationship thoughts. She might have a couple friends here, no need to ruin that by thinking too much.

Psychic Oats
06-15-2007, 01:28 AM
Daishii sat back in his chair, laughing and scratching the back of his head.

"I'm just joking!" he laughed out, pointing at Kota. After a few moments, his laughter died down, and he looked towards Lily.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I'm here just because I stumbled upon it..." he stated, "In fact, I don't have any reason to be in this town at all."

He saw that Lily was somewhat deep in thought, and decided not to disturb her. Instead, he pressed the button of the Pokeball again and again, enlarging it and minimizing it repetitively.

06-15-2007, 01:43 PM
OOC: I cant be in that village, 'cause Izzy lives in Slateport!
Izzy looked around the corner to the boys ((And girls)). Slowly, she made her way over to them.

06-15-2007, 07:38 PM
Lily pushed her thoughts out of her mind, and pushed her red hair back behind her ears. "God, I hate this party."She mumbled, her hand slowly reaching down to touch her bag. She wanted to get out of here, badly.

The hostess of the party, a blonde girl wearing an extremely short pink skirt and a white top, giggled as she flirted with several guys. Lily felt disgusted, and turned her gaze away. Reaching into one pocket on her bag, she pulled out her poketch. Her mother had tried to get her to give it up, but it was one of Lily's most prized possessions. She had quit wearing it a few months ago after a particularly violent attempt on her mother's part to get rid of it. It wasn't red like most girl style poketches, though, Lily's grandpa had gotten her's custom made. It was a light shade of pink, with white where the black parts usually were.

She strapped it on, pressing one button which changed it from a calculator to a digital clock. The last time she'd used it, Lily had been doing her pre-algebra homework. She glanced at the time, it was after 8 now. Her eyes shut, how much longer could it go on?

As soon as she thought this, the hostess glanced up from her flirting and called out an announcement,"Hey, everybody! Due to the heat,"She giggled,"We'll be going outside now!" She turned and strutted to the door, and procceeded outside, a group of males following her.

Lily sighed and cast a glance at the other's. "I hope this is over soon."She said, standing up. She followed the other party-goers out the door.

06-15-2007, 07:49 PM
Bota got up from his seat, Kota quickly getting up behind him and hanging on to his arm. Anyone would have thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend if it wasn't for the obvious similarities in their faces that pointed out to the being bro and sis.

"Kota... when is grandma coming back...? I wanna go now... you know I hate parties..."

"But you hate staying in that old house all aone too, don't you? Besides, I want to leave just as much as you do, but gramps has the keys, remember?"

Kota sighed, still hanging on to Bota's arm as the two of them followed Lilly closely. When they finally got outside, the stars made Kota smile with delight. She always liked the stars for some reason. Bota poked Lilly on the shoulder, wanting to ask her something real quick.

"Hey Lilly, I noticed that you have a Poketch. You got a Pokemon?"

"I wish I had a Pokemon... preferably a cute little Combee... and if it's female... I could get a royal Vespiqueen..."

"I've always wanted a Poochyena... I know they're actually hyenas... but Mightyenas are slightly similar to wolves..."

06-15-2007, 07:59 PM
Lily smiled, "No, I don't have a Poke'mon. I want to get one soon...I've always wanted a Shinx. My grandparents had a Luxray, and I lived with them when I was young..."

She missed that Luxray, more than she missed anything in Agate village besides her grandparents themselves. She blinked quickly, and took a deep breath,"Both of those sound great. I like Poochyenas, and Combees are cute. I'm not really a big fan of Bug-types, though.

"As for my Poketch, my grandparents got it for me. They figured they'd still have me there when I was old enough to become a trainer, but...My mother came back." She shrugged. Her voice got very quiet before she went on,"I don't like her."

06-15-2007, 08:06 PM
Bota looked at Lilly. He understood what it was like to not like one's parents. He smiled at Lilly before looking up at the stars, putting his hands inside his pockets.

"You're not the only one that doesn't like a parent... I never really liked my father... he always moved... all thanks to his job... and even after I ran away to Agate, he didn't even look for me... he just kept on with his job..."

Kota looked at Bota, knowing he was right. After Bota left, all that his father could think about was work. Not once did he mention Bota. Which was one of the reasons Kota also ran away.

"Well... let's not talk about gloomy moments in life..."

She looked up at the stars, noticing a falling star cross by the sky. She smiled, jumping up and down at the sight.

"Did you see that? A falling star! I haven't seen one in so long..."

Bota smiled, patting Kota in the head before yawning. He took out his PokeGear, which had tons of custom upgrades. All of them compliments of a friend of his in Sinnoh. It had all of a Poketch's capabilities, but still kept the PokeGear look.

"Hmm... it's past eight... I expected gramps and grandma to be back at home by now... though they did say that maybe around nine... oh well..."

06-15-2007, 09:29 PM
Lily gazed down the street absently.

"Hey, did you see that?"She asked, suddenly, sitting up straighter. She might have imagined it, but she could've swore she had just seen light flicker across the wall of an abadoned ware house. She looked closer, narrowing her eyes. There it was again, a bit longer this time, and unmistakably fire.

She heard a clump, and got to her feet. "I know I wasn't imagining that!"She said,"Something funny's going on down there!"

She started walking slowly through the crowd, pushing people aside if they got in her way. She had to find out what was going on by that warehouse.

((Ok, we're going to meet the old man now. Everyone who's not on/hasn't posted yet will just be dragged along.))

Psychic Oats
06-15-2007, 09:58 PM
Daishii shrugged, walking slowly after Lily. He wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but she looked interested. As he walked, he stared at the various building he passed. Criticizing the worksmanship on many of the barely visible flaws of their construction under his breath, he examined them with his sharp blue eyes. Then, he turned his head to look at Lily as she ran towards what looked to be an abandoned warehouse.

"Don't go running into some place like that," he yelled to her, "It may be restricted!". He looked down and shook his head, still following the girl.

06-15-2007, 10:21 PM
"It doesn't look dangerous."Lily pointed out, glancing back at Daishii,"Besides, something might need our help back there!" She walked to the edge of the building beside the warehouse, and glanced around the corner. What she saw shocked her.

An old man was sitting by a fire, holding a large briefcase. His long white hair cascaded down his back, and a silver-y colored beard flowed down his front. He reminded her faintly of Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies, but there was something much differant about him. He had an air of mystery about him, that made Lily feel afraid to step out into the space between the buildings. The man was wearing a white labcoat, though he didn't look like any proffessor Lily had ever seen, or how she had imagined the ones she had heard of. His face was wrinkled, though he couldn't be over 65. His eyes were a pale gray, almost colorless and that more than anything scared Lily. When he moved his hand, Lily saw his fingernails were overgrown.

She was rooted to the spot, unable to move forward and unable to walk away. Something about him called her to him, yet something, some deep instinct within her, warned her to stay away. And yet, excitement flowed through her veins, urging her onward. She turned her head sligtly to cast a questioning glance at Daishii. She wasn't about to go out there by herself.

06-16-2007, 12:09 AM
"Hi!" Izzy said, running twords Lily.

06-16-2007, 06:45 PM
Lily glanced at Izzy, though she didn't spare the time to greet her. She turned her attention back to the old man, who was now warming his hands over the fire and looking tired and troubled. Beside him, she noticed, was a bag which was open. Inside were ten pokeballs, and the other pockets looked like they held things too. The pokeballs were all differant colored than usual, instead of red on top there were a gray color. "What..."Lily muttered to herself.

"Come on."She whispered to Daishii, and stepped forward. She hoped the others would catch up, too, but she couldn't wait anymore. It was time to see what this man was up too. She stepped around the side of the building.

The old man looked up, and his eyes seemed to shine more brightly now. "Hello."He said simply.

06-16-2007, 07:02 PM
Bota was already infront of the man, sitting on his knees and poking him. He seemed to do this alot when he met someone weird or something of the sort. Kota, as usual, felt embarrassed for even knowing him every time he did that. She walked up towards Bota and pulled him by the arms, away from the old man. She then walked up towards him and bowed her head in forgiveness, feeling slightly scared at the man.

"I-I'm sorry... my brother is... he's very... stupid... so... I'm so-sorry if he disturbed you or... something..."

She glanced at the bag and noticed the PokeBalls, she felt curious and wanted to grab one, yet she held back the urge and looked back at the old man.

"Anyways... my name is... Kota... and my brother over there is... Bota..."

06-16-2007, 07:13 PM
Lily giggled softly as Bota poked the old man. He was certainly odd, but he was cute in a way...Oh, God, I did NOT just think that! Her mind scolded her.

"Uhm, hello?"She replied to the old man, though he seemed more interested in Bota and Kota now.

"I am Nick."The man replied to them, his pale eyes faintly sparkling,"And I believe you are some of the new chosen ones."

"Um, what?"Lily asked, feeling confused.

"The world is a dark place, as I'm sure you know. Team Galactic is harnassing the power of two legendary poke'mon, named Dialga and Palkia, as we speak. Once this happens, the world will become an even darker place. Shadow Poke'mon will be used again, and it is up tot he ten chosen ones to save the world. You must be careful, though, because Team Galactic, and Team Snagem, are very violent and powerful, they will not shy from harming you."Then old man replied, then stayed silent, as though giving permission for any questions to be asked.

06-16-2007, 07:20 PM
Bota facefaulted into the ground. He had read so many stories about chosen ones, and now, he WAS one of those chosen ones. He stood up, glancing at the PokeBalls and sitting down on his knees next to them. He looked at Nick and nodded curiously.

"What are those PokeBalls for? I thought one could only carry six, not ten..."

Kota nodded in agreement. Although neither of the two had a Pokemon, they had learned many of the rules when they were in the stadium in Agate.

"Yeah and... usually... they are red on top... not grey..."

06-16-2007, 07:32 PM
The old man nodded, pleased,"Yes, but there are ten chosen ones. A starter for each. You may each chose one." He smiled,"And they are gray, because I designed these pokeballs. They are special, because they bring out your gift. Each of you have gifts, you just don't know it. But being a chosen one will mean you will find out what your strengths are, which is your gift."

"That makes sense."Lily said,"So, can we just choose one or what?"

"Yes, you may just choose one. You will most likely be drawn to the one which is meant for you."

Lily nodded and reached down intot he bag. Her hand closed around one of the grey-pokeballs, and she felt a thrill, a sense of strength, course through her. This is mine. She thought happily. She noticed something on the pokeball, besides its odd coloring. It had a small lightningbolt shape on the top. "Hm..."She said, letting her new friend out of the pokeball.

And there, standing in front of her was a Shinx.

06-16-2007, 07:48 PM
Bota grabbed a PokeBall, starring at it for a moment before looking up at the sky.

"Come on out whoever you are!"

A black beam shot down into the ground, and right where the beam hit, a Poochyena was sitting starring into Bota's eyes, who were sparkling at the moment.

"A... A Poo-Poochy... POOCHYENA?!"

Bota grabbed the little hyena and starred into it's eyes, in which the little guy barked happily and wagged it's tail.

Now, it was Kota's turn. he grabbed a PokeBall and threw it up in the air, a yellowish red beam shot out into the sky. The Pokemon that came out flew down towards Kota, buzzing as it's three heads looked at Kota.

"Oh my god! It's a Combee! And it's a girl too!"

She held the Combee in her arms, hugging it tightly as the heads buzzed with delight. Both Bota and Kota turned their heads to Nick and bowed their head in thanks.

"Thank you so much Mr. Nick!"

"Yeah, you do not know how grateful I am!"

06-16-2007, 07:55 PM
"Yeah, thanks."Lily smiled.

"Until the rest of them are claimed, however, you cannot go on. You can sit over there, or practice battling."Nick said, gesturing towards a large space which could serve as an arena. Beside it was a log that looked like a bench.

Lily nodded,"Thanks so much, again."She replied, picking up her Shinx and hugging it. "Come on bud."She said, walking towards the bench and sitting down. She wasn't sure whether either of the other two would want to battle, so she decided they could ask first.

((The poke'mon are at level 5, but they can learn more than four attacks at once eventually.))

06-17-2007, 04:40 AM
Izzy happily took a pokeball out of the bag. Then, out in front of her, was her very own Vulpix.

"Thanks!" Izzy said to the man, returning Vulpix and walking to the others.

Psychic Oats
06-17-2007, 03:33 PM
Daishii walked over lazily, reaching into the bag, and carefully taking a pokeball out. He threw it, and it opened, revealing a brilliant scarlet light. The light slowly materialized into a Swablu which fluttered energetically in the cold night air. Daishii's eyes widened a bit, and he took the red pokeball from before out of his pocket.

"I guess I won't need this, then."

He tossed it out, a bright green light coming out of the pokeball. A Linoon emerged, and ran into the woods.

"Guess it hated me as much as I hated it," he noted to himself, smirking and returning his Swablu. Then, he heard the old man mention battling, and turned quickly around. Since Daishii already had experience as a trainer, and knew he mad an advantage over most of the others. Besides, as a child, he was known for his tactical intellect more than anything else. He smiled, tightening his grip on the gray pokeball.

"So, does anyone want to battle me?"

06-17-2007, 06:29 PM
Lily turned to Daishii, grinning. "I will." She knew her Shinx would have an advantage over the flying-type, even if Daishii was more expierenced than she was.

"Shiii."Shinx replied, growling. Lily smiled, placing a hand on the Shinx' head before standing and walking towards the battling field. It was the same size as most battling arenas, and had the same lines around it. However, instead of being dirt, its floor consisted of ugly dying grass.

Shinx raced in circles around Lily's feet, shaking the small tuft of fur on top of it's head. Small sparks shot from its fur, startling Lily a bit. She'd have to be careful. "Alright, ready Shinx?"She whispered to her new partner.

Psychic Oats
06-17-2007, 07:43 PM
Daishii narrowed his eyes, throwing his pokeball out onto the field. Swablue emerged, flapping its wings a couple times to stretch out. It chirped a bit, turning around to Daishii. Daishii nodded, and Swablu turned back around towards Lily and her Shinx.

"Well, Lily, just so you know, I've never finished a Pokemon battle before. I've had hundreds; not a single one was able to be finished. The only reason is because I force the opponent to forfeit if they disobey any one rule of battling." He smirked, looking at Lily's Shinx.

"This is going to be cake..." he muttered, clipping the pokeball back onto his belt. Then he locked eyes with his opponent, his smile disappearing.

"Alright, ladies first."

06-17-2007, 08:23 PM
Shinx leaped forward onto the field, his tail waving frantically.

"Alright,"Lily smiled, slightly afraid, but not overly so, at the challenge."Shinx, tackle!"

Shinx nodded, bounding forward. As he raced, his fur sparked more, though he didn't know any electric attacks yet and could not use any yet. He pushed himself high into the air to attempt to slam into the little blue bird, letting out a roar that had no hopes of scarying anyone.

((Eckk, short.))

Psychic Oats
06-18-2007, 01:47 AM
"Swablu, dodge it."

The bird Pokemon flapped its wings once, rising higher into the air, and avoiding Shinx's attack.

"Now, use astonish."

Daishii's Swablu dived down behind Lily's Shinx and screeched, in an attempt to frighten the Pokemon.

OOC: During battles, my posts are realllllly short...

06-18-2007, 03:53 AM
OOC~// I've got permission to play as two Rockets who want to stop Galactic, in case you're wondering.

* * *

The binoculars gave another click as Hun zoomed in on her prey.

‘Attila, over here – we have some movement!’ She waved to her partner to come and join her, noting bothering to take her eyes away.

Attila stared up at his pale-haired partner, perched almost precariously on her belly at the edge of a rock face overlooking the warehouse. They’d been stalking this ‘Nick’ character since they had a lead on him, and to be frank, hardly anything made sense in this mission. Giovanni had gotten a lead, some mad old coot ‘Professor Nick’ was giving out Pokemon to newbie trainers. Odds were, those trainers could stop Galactic…

Crazy as it seemed, times were hard and extreme resorts did not seem that extreme all of a sudden. Galactic had taken over a majority of the world, and that meant a thinner avenue of Rocket activity. Rocket activity meant Rocket money, and Rocket money meant their paycheck.

Climbing up the sheer rock wall, until he stood next to the woman, he looked in the direction of the binoculars. Pulling off his shades and squinting, he still couldn’t see much else besides a small flickering light and the silhouette of a man that it sent across the brick wall. Mmm... such a warm orange glow… He’d give anything for a fire right now…

‘Quit being such a baby and look.’ Hun handed the eyewear to her partner roughly and sat back to let him stare clearly. ‘He’s got children with him, and he’s giving them the Pokemon. Now… What are we supposed to do…?’

It wasn’t much of a question, more like when an adult gives a child a brainteaser like ‘Can you tell me what time it is?’ while pointing to a clock.

‘Uh… Move in and steal the balls?’

He ended when she punched him abruptly in the face.

‘No – we wait until everyone has a Pokemon and we move in and team up with them. You have your civilian clothes?’

‘Sure do! My mom sent this to me.’ Attila reached below him and pulled up his backpack – inside was a bomber jacket, a pair of jeans and a ripped black top. If he was going to shed his Rocket uniform, he’d do it with style. He brandished the jacket in front of her face, ‘What you got?’

Hun gave a pained ‘tsk’ and pulled herself upright. She was still wearing her gray Rocket uniform, moving her hand across her chest in a showy manner to show she’d dyed the red ‘R’ away. ‘Unlike you, Attila, my parents aren’t as… supportive… of my current area of employment are yours are.’ She remembered her latest call to her home for money just a day ago – the butler had hung up, rather rudely, on her, cailming they didn't want to be 'associated with the criminal underworld.'

Attila returned to the binocs. ‘They’re having a battle’ He tried to change the subject – a Shinx and a Swablu, fresh from their balls were possibly having the first battle of their lives. ‘Jeez, I hope the Electric type wins. He looks bloody cool…’

‘Let me see,’ Hun snatched at the eyewear for a closer look. ‘Oh yeah…’ She murmured as she clicked to zoom in on the battlefield of forlorn, scraggly weeds. ‘Personally, the Swablu’s bound to be a winner – it’s got a winning look and hell, that trainer is a hunk.’

‘He’s younger than you,’ Her partner said with an edged of jealousy in his tone. ‘And besides, it’s out-typed. Electric kicks Flying butt.’

‘That may be so… but when you got it, you got it.’ She pulled away from her view of the battle and sent him a wink.

06-18-2007, 08:07 AM
OOC: Okay, Kanon = Combee. Kanon means flower (Ka) and sound (non) in Japanese, so it makes sense, don't'cha think? And Poochyena = Taro. Taro means Thick/Big (Ta) and son (Ro) in Japanese, but I dunno how it goes with a Poochyena, but meh... DON'T KILL ME >> <<


Kota kept running around the place, playing with her new Combee. She smiled at her as it kept following her around everywhere she went.

"Come on Kanon! Another lap around the warehouse, 'kay?"

The three heads buzzed at the same time as Kota started another lap around the warehouse.

Bota was sitting on the log, watching the battle with his Poochyena. Both of them were dreaming of their first battle, and they had a feeling it would be sooner than expected.

"So Taro, you sure about this whole "saving the world" junk?"

Taro nodded, not keeping his eyes away from the battle. His tail started wagging, his eyes set intently on that Shinx. He wanted to fight him first.

"I'll take that as a yes... now... who should I root for..."

06-19-2007, 02:43 AM
Reeah inevitably left the party early as well. It was boring as heck- none of the boys were cute, and more importantly, there was nothing good to steal. Even with the load of dough she had now, the urge to steal was pressing down upon her. The thrill of it was addictive, like a drug and just as legal. She shuffled down the empty streets, glancing about, looking nervous. In actuality, she was anything but. She was almost hoping someone would mug her, for a bit of excitement. She figured the knife in her pocket could take care of most anyone that bothered her.

Walking on, she noticed the tell-tale flicker of a fire. It was some homeless dude, no doubt. Not worth investigating. That is, until she heard the clash of a Pokemon battle. Coming closer, she saw the battlers- a Shinx and a Swablu. Cute little things, she had to admit. Wistfully, she wished for her own Pokemon, but that seemed unlikely. Who would give some thief from Goldenrod a Pokemon? No one, 'cept maybe Team Rocket, but she wasn't low enough for that. They did more than just stealing. And anyway, Reeah found stealing Pokemon from their trainers ethically wrong, with what little ethics she actually had. Stealing Pokemon from somewhere like a game corner, now, that was a whole different ball game. Too bad they kept them under high security. Those Dratini's were awful cute.

Continuing, she noticed the man. Dirty and old, she wrinkled her nose at him. At least, until she saw the bag. It was full... Of Pokeballs. Her eyes widened. What the hey? What was he doing with so many? She glanced back that the two fighting trainers, and spotted more kids, most younger than her, with Pokemon as well. Could he... Be giving them away? Suddenly pessimistic, she realized how slim a chance she had of him handing one over to her. Her age was a factor- he could just be giving them out to cute kids walking down the street, for all she knew. Or, they could be related. The ones with the Combee and the Poochyena were definitely similar in appearance. No, stealing one sounded like the best option. A plan formulating in her mind, she quickly walked past them all, ignoring them completely.

She circled the place, glad for her dark clothes. She went around the back, approaching through the alley from behind. She stepped slowly and quietly, not making a sound. The flickering shadows from the fire masked her movements well. She came closer, and she began breath slowly, but more heavily. Almost there, almost...

The bag was lying beside the man now. The top was partially open, and a Pokeball hung halfway out of it. Perfect. She snatched it up in one quick movement, her hand a pale blur. Exhilerated, she felt the steel sphere warm her hand, almost as though the creature inside was giving her welcome. Joy coursed through her body, as well as excitement. This was it. She had a Pokemon. What had she snagged?

Lost in her euphoria, she forgot where she was and released the Pokemon inside. It was revealed in a flash of red light. Cute face, bubblegum pink fur, feline appearance... A Skitty. It was deja vu all over again.


"Please, Daddy, can I have a Pokemon?" A younger, more carefree and naive Reeah, then known as Jennifer, pleaded with her father, a heavy set, slightly balding man. He looked up from his newspaper at his pleading daughter's face.

"I'm not sure, Jen-jen," he said, giving her nickname. "They're a big responsibilty. Are you sure you can handle it?" The teen's face lit up.

"Oh, yes, of course! I've read all these books, and Ashley has a Meowth, she told me all these things about Pokemon-"

"All right, then," the man said, nodding. "I'll get you a Pokemon, but not a battler. They're to strong, and might mess up the house. You know how Ms. Wheeler is about tidiness." Jennifer nodded. The maid, loyal to the house, had few guidelines, but she didn't much like Pokemon. "I'll get you... A Skitty. Yes, cute, small and easy to care for." He nodded again, the matter taken care of, and Jennifer squealed excitedly.

End Flashback

It had never happened, though. That morning, her father was shot, and her life turned so drastically wrong...

Reeah dropped to her knees, overcome by the overwhelming despair she'd pushed away for so long. She fought tears, ultimately winning, but her fists still shook.

"Nya?" The cat Pokemon approached her new owner curiously. Why was she so sad, when the Skitty was so happy? She approached the despairing teen, rubbing her cheek against Reeah's arm and purring loudly. Finally gripping her feelings, Reeah smiled. It was a true smile, showing the happiness she felt, not a sneer or smirk. She patted the Skitty's head.

"Thank you... Kit."

(0_o Kinda long, for me, anyway...

Um, Judith, might you of once been here under the name Wanlingnic? I saw a sign-up by you someplace, and it was with one of her characters, and everyone refered to her as Judith.)

06-19-2007, 03:17 AM
Kota kept running around the place, Kanon following close behind her. She looked up at the little bee... err... bees, smiling at it before tripping on... someone... She landed flat on her face, Kanon flying down to her and flapping it's wings like a fan on her face.

"Oww... my face..."

She quickly whirled around to face the girl with which she tripped on. She noticed it was the same girl she saw in the party, but there was something... different...

"Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... trip on you... I wasn't watching where... I was going..."

She glanced at the Skitty, quickly rushing to it and looking at it's cute, squinted eyes. Kanon flew towards the Skitty as Kota scratched it behind the ear, smiling at it before turning to the girl.

"I didn't catch... your name... did I? I'm Kota... and this is Kanon!"

"Bzz! Bzz, bzz! (Translation, so the Skitty can understand it: Yep! I'm Kanon!"

06-19-2007, 03:31 AM
"Oof!" Reeah went over as well when Kota tripped over her, and both girls went spawling.

"Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... trip on you... I wasn't watching where... I was going..." The other girl said hurriedly, picking herself up.

"That much was obvious," Reeah muttered crossly to herself, rubbing her side. The Skitty, whom she had dubbed Kit, was busily investigating the girl's Pokemon, a Combee.

"I didn't catch... your name... did I?" The other girl said as Reeah stood.

"Probably because I didn't tell you," Reeah said blatantly. Getting tripped over hurt, and it put Reeah in an angry mood. When the girl looked at her timidly, almost in a scared way, Reeah waved a hand. "Don't mind me," she said, somewhat quietly. "Just a little... Moody tonight, I suppose. What's your name?"

"I'm Kota... and this is Kanon!" She replied, indicating her Pokemon happily. It buzzed at Kit, which surprised the pink kitten.

"Nya?" She asked, curious.

"I'm Je- Reeah," Reeah replied, correcting herself in time. All this remembering her past nearly made her forget the present. "And this is Kit..." Sudden remembering how she obtained Kit, Reeah felt slightly panicked. Had the girl seen her steal the Pokemon? She managed to keep her cool, though, and waited for the girl's reply.

06-19-2007, 03:56 AM
Kota bowed her head at Reeah, her timidness still overtaking her. She tried to shake it off, and she barely did. Kanon flied down to her head, resting it's wings as the two bottom heads' eyes closed, leaving the top one to be the nightwatch for the night. Kota shyly extended her left arm towards Reeah, hoping for a shake.

"Well... uhm... it's nice to... meet you Reeah-Chan..."

Kota managed to pull out her usual smile, the wind blowing by, making Kota's locket swing open. Inside it was a picture of her, Bota and their mother, the only person other than Gramps and Gramma that cared for the two siblings.

OOC: Ugh... short... but 3 Days Grace is draining my mind so yeah x_x

06-19-2007, 05:41 PM
Shinx jumped backwards, his fur bristling and sparking more violently. "Shhhhiiii!"He hissed, flexing his small claws against the ground. His eyes blinked, his expression turning to a mocking leer.

"Shinx..."Lily said softly,"Tackle again."

The shinx nodded swiftly, then leaped up again. This time, however, he made it look like he was aiming lower, so that when the bird flew up like he knew it would, he woul hit it.

Psychic Oats
06-22-2007, 10:55 PM
Daishii smirked, and he made a motion with his hand, while uttering a few words under his breath to his Pokemon. Swablu chirped twice, and Daishii's eyes narrowed at the coming Shinx.

"I know there must be some trick to this attack, by the way you and your Pokemon are concentrating."

Swablu remained motionless as the electric Pokemon came closer, about to strike.

"And, in a case like that, one is taught to block the attack, rather than dodge it. Although this alternative may end up in damage to my Pokemon, it has a chance of injuring yours, as well." Daishii's shrewd and impeccable assessment of events in Pokemon battles was his most differentiating attribute. He raised his hand, signaling to his Pokemon.

Swablu charged forward to meet Shinx, opening its beak and letting out a Growl attack. Then, just before the clash, Swablu stuck out its beak as it started to glow blue.

"Now, peck attack."