View Full Version : RahXephon Episode 9 - catch attempt

11-06-2004, 06:23 AM
WOAH, WTF. I urinated on the kitchen seat. All was abalaze like total irony, and then the herd of skarmory came out, chucking disembodied weasel parts at me like a french roaster fed american coffee beans.

Then there was like, five bucks in my pocket, so I bought two bags of bananas, and fed it to the aipom. he was all "I'M MAD CURIOUS YO" and he jumped into my great ball.

This is quite dissimilar to the instance whereas I would be the one to catching AIDS.

I blasted the Doors.


charizard yo what's the deal

be like "DAYUMN, I ain't 'ot 'ime for yo' icky sh**"
"ha ha word charry D, I hear where you be"
"then get back on the train and hit 'em in the knee"

SUDDENLY, COMMUNISTS ALL AROUND ME! I Matrix-dodged the trifling spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobe in the hopes that the third movie wouldn't suck as much as the second.

Then my muscles erupted in spasms of pure ploygamous desire. "TOUCH MY BODEH" came the nigel, too worried up th' cubberwham to deal with his emotions.

I killed those cats like a man raised purely on Mountain Dew and said "It's okay behbeh, I'm @|| kindz of sex0rz. }:]>"

but there was Darth Voldemort behind these and my bl00d were blatantly spilled on teh toastings, which were promptly ate by Wallace and Gromit, one of which was asuredly gay.

so on the way bombarded with nets and hallucogens I wrote a poem comparing my ex's eyes to piles of NICE

theElimN8r: sorry
theElimN8r: I've been
theElimN8r: gone
theElimN8r: from reality
theElimN8r: on a boat trip to paradigm city
theElimN8r: where the truth is cut loose
theElimN8r: like a fox or puss in boots
theElimN8r: and yet to see them all would be crimin'


that made Kim all kinds of furious, which is EXACTLY why I'm back.


EDIT: Sorry, I wrote this around 2:30 in the morning... :dazed: