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11-06-2004, 08:35 PM
~You've heard the stories of the legendary pokemon. Their story you now know. But you don't know about the ones who kept even those legendary pokemon in check. The Pokemonians were a race of people in ancient times. They had complete control over the legends by means of a mysterious shrine. But one night, this artifact was shattered. Out of it poured a flood of red light, creating the creatures we know as pokemon. But at the same time, their control snapped. The legendaries were now free to ravage the land. You will play one of the Pokemonians, and roam the world in search of the legends. Walk in their shoes, recapture the legends, and fight to survive in this...


Apricorn specialty: (pink, red, green, etc.)
Pokemon: (only one)
Legendary you are after:

I will not participate in this RP. If DP joins, he will be the "mod" for this RP.