View Full Version : The kemptet region needs Gym leaders and elite 4+Champion

06-16-2007, 06:18 AM
All spaces avalible.
Pm me for Application
Requirmants:1 legendary per type(Dark gym the legendary could be a Darkari)
Each Applicant Can have any amount of pokemon between 1-6
Heatran and regies are not counted as legendary because they are not mentioned in poke legends.
However Darkari does'nt really exsist so that is allowed
Sheymin is a ordenary pokemon because it is not a legendary,(in this region it's common)
Aceres is'nt allowed since it is the god of pokemon
Dialga and Palkia arn't allowed since they a duel type legendarys
Other duel types are fine.
I will post the fixtures on this thread when all the spaces are filled.
Challengers can PM me and I will arange a battle
Challengers will obey the same rules as the gym leaders
1 Legendary This time Palkia and Dialga are allowed since the Challenger Does not need a single type.