View Full Version : Freewebs Complaint

Shadow Eevee
06-16-2007, 06:29 PM
First of all, I am satisfied with Freewebs, so I am not looking for a new website hoster.

We all know that the Simple Site Builder on Freewebs is n00by and hard to get out of, but now they are really pushing it. They have a widget bank, and other stuff too. I thought this wasn't a big deal at first, but now it's getting worse. I just advertised my site once in the Freewebs Lounge, and I had like 3 people on my back saying 'Ur Site SukZZZZZ', 'WTf' and 'How'd u get that layout?????????<_<' . My point is, that freewebs is supporting SSB people more than HTML. They don't have any tips, guides, layouts or anything else other than that crappy freebar.

I was thinking about contacting freewebs about this, but one person wouldn't change anything, but a couple of people would. Who else agrees with me?