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06-18-2007, 01:16 AM
Giratina grew frantic. It paced around a giant spear pillar, most likely carved out of a giant stone, with a legend etched on it. It fluttered it's wing's in dismay. It had not seen, nor heard of anyone, or anything being able to even reach the lake that it's cave settled near by. After all, it lived in a secluded cave, protected by a lake and a very frustratingly hard maze, full of very strong Pokemon that made some of the elite of trainers challenge themselves. But, when it had sensed disturbances near it's surroundings, it knew it not be safe for long. More light than ever was shining in the damp, dark rooms of TurnBack Cave, and some Pokemon seemed agitated. Not much happened, for now. The ancient, distraught beast had to choose it's most important, and maybe final judgment of it's life: To see who had come near it's dwelling, or to retreat to the far ends of the cave, hoping that who was ever out there would either give up or never try. Giratina quietly sprang up into the air, forming a swirling cloud of dust, as it used the small amounts of light to maneuver it's body through the air safely, weaving between rocks and such.

Not too long after Giratina had started to move deep into the cave, a loud rumble was heard. Soon, a very large machine with drills all over burst into the cave, and then dozens of people came out with loads of equipment. Soon after this mysterious group intruded into Giratina's cave, a large, bluish light could be seen, almost like a giant spark, and then, a very loud, ear-piercing, otherworldly screech that could frighten even the greatest of Legendaries could be heard for thousands of feet around the area, reaching the poor residents living in the nearby hotel that wasn't too far off. After words, a loud crash had been heard, and at the exact moment after that, everyone, every single person's mind was filled with the same image at the same time: A old, maybe even ancient cemetery, old and worn. The scene was covered in a deep mist, making the faintest outlines of things. And, right in the middle of everything, was a large figure, large with massive wings, and six legs. It let out a small roar, which might have even sound like something, and slowly disappeared by a swallowing darkness, covering it from the bottom up until it was gone.

At first, everything seemed calm. But, when a calm comes, so does a storm. Soon, terrible winds soon blew across Sinnoh, which seemed to come from every direction. People would seem very hot, then insanely chilly. As much as the residents of Sinnoh didn't want to accept it, reality was slowly falling apart. Reports came from all over the world, speaking of terrible storms of wind, terrible rages of water. Pokemon were slowly dying off from the extreme weather changes. Pokemon lucky enough to be in a safe area, be it a PokeBall or secluded area were safe, but others were not. Some Pokemon, like Ice Pokemon, couldn't handle the weather's insane mood swings, and slowly died off. The same was for unfortunate Grass Pokemon who weren't used to the very cold weather. Frail Pokemon like Budew's and Cherubi's population dropped great amounts.

But, worst was yet to come: First, the moon shone dimmer than normal, and so did the stars, then, and a lot more scarier, things started fazing, be it, albeit fuzzy, carbon copies of things appearing next to them, or just fading in and out. Soon enough, most of Sinnoh, and probably the hole entire world, watched in horror as the moon slowly turned a light red, covering the earth in a terrifying red color.


People who live closet to Spring Path, where supposedly the Pokemon lived are investigating the scene, as well as people looking to legends to see if they said anything about Giratina. They also tried the cave where Giratina lived. Unfortunately, all they ever found was one small piece of a legend in the cave, carved into a giant spear pillar:

"Fear the Rush, as it comes
things will never be the same without it,
The one named Giratina, if ever lost,
the only way to fi--"

After that point, it stopped. With out the rest of the Legend, all hope was lost. Things looked grim, until one foreign stranger told of a tale about a great and mighty flute, called the Azure Flute, that, when played at the Spear Pillar, would open up a magical staircase that would lead to the greatest Pokemon of all, and all the answers. But, first, to get there, one item, and one item only would let Dialga and Palkia let you pass: The Otherworldly Cloth, only found in the deep reaches of Turnback Cave, the exact place where Giratina was.

But, the only problem was that no has seen the Azure Flute in a century, maybe even more, and legends speak nothing of it. So, all hope was lost again, unless. . ."


Saturday Night, after the incident:

Ven could not believe what was happening. Lights of houses flickered from the flashes of TV's through the windows. Leaves wildly danced through the air as a terrible wind again blew over the town. A trainer would come in, and it would be insanely cold. One would leave, and a terrible heat came upon the building. He gazed sadly out his own window, staring up at the reddened moon. Well, it seemed to be his own window, until a Nurse exclaimed, "Ven, your Pokemon are healed."

Ven looked over from the window and saw the nurse put out a small tray with five PokeBalls and then go back to work. Strange, shouldn't an Elite Trainer like Ven have all six slots full? Well, he did, his last Pokemon, Empoleon, always stayed out of it's PokeBall. Ven looked out the window quickly again before getting up and walking over to the counter. His sweater sleeves fell down, mostly covering his gloves. He said, "Thanks again for healing my Pokemon." as he put his PokeBalls on a belt he had.

Ven turned for the door, while the Nurse said, "No problem, happy to." Ven made a motion meaning bye as he walked through the door. The automatic doors slid back into place. The Nurse at the counter sighed. "I wonder if things will be all right."

The Nurse's attention was brought back when a boy said, "Excuse Nurse." she snapped back into it, and said, "How may I help you?" But, in the back of her mind, she thought, "I really do hope he can do something about this."

06-18-2007, 03:28 AM
"Oh man, oh man, oh MAN," Immelia Verde whispered frantically to herself as she made her way towards the Pokemon Center in Veilstone. Immy had never been this freaked out in her life, but ever since all the disasters had happened, she couldn't help it. She didn't dare open half of her Pokeballs, for she did not want her Pokemon to be deathly hurt by the weather changes.

"Nibbler, be STILL," Immeh started to open her dark purple backpack as she ran up some steps, but with a huge gust of wind the backpack escaped her grip. The youth screamed and reached for the backpack in mid-air, but she tripped over her long dress and fell to the dusty ground. When Immelia opened her eyes, see saw her backpack, a creature inside squirming around in it.

"Oh, NIBBLER. I'm so sorry, baby," the teenage girl crawled over to the backpack and zipped it open. A tiny white ball of fluff rolled out, shivering in the sudden cold. Immelia picked up the little Rattata and cuddled it as snowflakes started to fall. "I'm so sorry! But don't worry, we're almost to the Center."

Picking herself up, Rattata and backpack in arms, she continued her way to the red-roofed building. Immy didn't care how mud was seeping through the fines of her once lovely green dress, or how sudden heat was burning her eyes, she WAS getting to that Pokemon Center. Ever since the incident happened, and blazing heat melted nearly three of her Pokemon, she was braver than ever.

Nibbler squeaked and hid himself in Immelia's arms as he not only spotted how everything was a disturbing red, but also as he saw a boy as they passed into the doors of the building.

"Shush now, Nibbler," Immelia placed her finger on her Pokemon's nose in an attempt to quiet him down. "It's alright. Now I'm going outside for a minute while the nice lady takes you to feel better, okay? Nononooo, ssshhh," the teen patted the white Rattata as he started to whine when Nurse Joy picked him up. "I'll be back, don't worry."

When Nibbler quieted down, Nurse Joy carried him to the back room, followed by a Chansey carrying the tray with Immelia's five other Pokeballs in it. Immeh waved to her Pokemon, sighing, and walked back outside. It was cold again, but not too cold, and there was no wind. However, lights in the surrounding buildings flickered and blew out around her. "Let's hope the madness ends soon," Immelia thought to herself, rubbing the dust from her eyes.

06-18-2007, 11:17 AM
As the trecherous winds howled in the town of Veilstone Scotty was determined to get to the pokemon centre and knew he could not give up, Him and his Scizor were finding it almost impossible to move becuase of the strong winds,

He put his hand down to his pokeballs but he knew he could'nt do it... He could'nt risk any one of his pokemon they all ment so much to him, He then looked into the eyes of his Scizor saying.. We Can do this Buddy all we have to do is concentrate like we have all of our lives.. Lets do this.

Scotty and Scizor then broke into an extremely fast sprint hoping they would make it to the pokemon centre, They then found themselves on one simple route as they were sprinting as fast as they could down there... He heard a muffled 'Roooooooooar' in the distance the whole ground shook Scotty did'nt know what to do.

He continued his journey to the pokemon centre and he saw the doors open up in front of him.... He was in finally after all that hard work he was in, He then handed all his pokemon to Nurse Joy who then said We will do our best for your pokemon they should heal perfectly... We have had numerous check in's today its amazing what this weather can do..
Scotty then nodded in agreement and sat down and waited for his pokemon, He then stared out the window thinking about the noise he heard and what is still left to come.....

Saraibre Ryu
06-18-2007, 01:10 PM
Rain poured down and wind trashed at us while we tried to make our way to a Pokemon Centre. Flying in this weather wasn't the best of idea's, but my Flygon insited we do so, as I was riding her. Even my Charmeleon Ashe was persuaded and was being held tightly in Tearess's arms. Some event had made my pokemon go into odd behavior, so we were here based on what they felt happen. Aura, my Dragonair felt it the most and thats why we were here.

You'd think a highly skilled trainer like me would have all completely evolved pokemon. Well, its up to the pokemon for when they evolve, so they will when the time comes.

Tearess had some difficulty making her way back to the ground. When she finally did, we made our way to the Pokemon Centre, Ashe holding her tail infront of her so the flame wouldn't get any more wet than it already did. I returned Teares to her pokeball, and ran inside after Ashe. There were already plenty of other trainers inside, which meant that the place was busy. I took my hood off and sat in a chair on the side of the room, out of the way of everyone else. Ashe came next to me, happy to be dry again.

If Tearess ever does that again I'll kill her.

"Well, you could've stayed in your pokeball, or not of had a chance in improve your endurance to water." I told her.

There's nothing more that Ashe likes than improving her water resistance. She could beat, and has beaten a great many water pokemon in her past and is proud to have done it. She doesn't let her pride go to far though.

06-18-2007, 03:13 PM
Ven passed a few trainers as he walked around the city of Veilstone, wondering what to do next. Another horrible chill came down upon the town. Ven pulled down his sweater, but when he did, another heat wave came. He said, "Forget it." and kept his sleeves up. Fearing the worst for his Empoleon, Ven put it into it's PokeBall, something he rarely ever does.

"You'll be better off in there." Ven said with PokeBall in hand. He clicked it onto his belt and started

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06-18-2007, 03:19 PM
Drift was walking quietly in the snow South of Snowpoint City. Her whole body twinged as the red filled the earth. Seishin let out a cry, and Kouken looked up at Drift. "Drift..." He said. He grabbed her hand and began to shiver. Drift placed her hand onto Kouken's head... "There's been an upset..." She began. Seishin started to growl. "He senses it..." Kouken said. "Seishin senses it, too... He's very upset." The snow turned to the color of blood. Drift cringed. "...What..." Drift was confused as to what was going on. Seishin's eyes glowed white and he roared to the sky, and lept off. "Seishin?!" Kouken cried, and ran after him. Drift looked in their direction. "Hey, you two!" She ran after her two Pokemon...

As she finally caught up, she was now near Mt. Coronet... "Why has he led us here?" Drift asked Kouken. Kouken looked down at the ground and shut his eyes. "I... do not know." Seishin fell to the ground in pain, and began to let out suffering whines. "Seishin!" Drift collapsed to the ground, and layed her head onto his body. "Seishin... Please..." Even for the group, it was becoming unbearably cold - and they are all used to freezing conditions, but this was too much. Drift became worried, as Seishin was a very old Pokemon. "Seishin... I know this isn't what we usually do... But you have to get into your Pokeball... For your... safety." Kouken shivered, looking on, with worry in his eyes. Seishin looked up at Drift with fear. Drift held up a pitch black Pokeball with 'Seishin' written on it in decorative letters. "Seishin... please. Do this for me, okay sweetie?" Seishin licked Drift's hand and lept into the Pokeball. Kouken ran to Drift's side and huddled next to her. "Drift... What's happening?" Drift stood up, tears in her eyes. She looked into the distance as her pitch black hair fluttered everywhere. "There's been... A terrible upset... A Ghost is in danger..." She looked at Kouken. "But that is not the concern right now. We need to get Seishin to a Pokemon center right away." Kouken nodded. "But... Drift... Where is the nearest Pokemon center?" Drift grumbled. "Uhm..." She took out her black bag and reached into it. Fumbling around for awhile, she finally pulled out a map. She unrolled it. It was rather large... Drift held one end while Kouken held the other. Before Drift could even get a good look at it, Kouken placed his paw over Celestic City. "There. This is where we must go. It is closest." Drift nodded, and rolled up the map and began walking in that direction. Kouken walked beside her.

After about 20 minutes of travel, the snow cleared and they came across a bridge. In the distance, they could see the peaceful Celestic City. Drift looked down. The water was blood red. I don't understand... She thought. She knew a Ghost was in danger, but who? And why so powerful? Giratina... Are you there? She began trying to telepathically communicate with Giratina, a friend of hers whom she met a few years back. The telepathic communication was shut off by a powerful blast of some sort. Drift opened her eyes and tears flowed down. She had no idea why she was crying. "Drift?!" Kouken was already across the bridge, not noticing Drift was behind. She just stood there, with tears flowing down. "...Why are tears gushing out of my eyes? Someone is in terrible pain... It's not... Giratina?" The tears subsided, and she looked to the sky. "Drift, come on! We need to get Seishin healed!" Drift looked at Kouken. "...Right." The ran across the bridge, and into Celestic City.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Drift approached an elderly woman, "Can you please tell us where the Pokemon Center is?" The old woman stared Drift up and down with a suspicious eye. "..." She pointed her cane into the direction of the Pokemon Center. "Uhm... Thank you..." Drift said, perplexed at the old woman's reaction to her. Kouken became inpatient "Come on, let's go!" They rushed into the Pokemon Center, and handed over Seishin's Pokeball to Nurse Joy...

06-18-2007, 03:38 PM
While Scotty was still sat gazing out the window he was having a vision of what the 'roar' could have been, He soon clicked back into the real world when Nurse Joy came up to him and spoke "Excuse me sir, Your pokemon are healed and we hope you have a safe journey as you leave., Scotty then replied "Thankyou very much at one point I thought I would never make it here..

As Scotty left the pokemon centre the doors opened widely infront of him and there was no wind just scorching sun which was almost unbearable, He set off down the road wandering what to do now his pokemon were all safe, His Scizor was still beside him like he always has been from Hard times to Good times and was proud of Scizor for helping him through all this.

All of a sudden Scotty heard a noise and he looked down at his belt and noticed one of his other pokemon Nova an Arcanine had popped out of its pokeball somehow. Scotty tried to call back Nova but it was in some kind of distress, It then started to run away over a large hill, Scotty ran after nova as fast as he could until he was drawn to a sudden hault, There standing infront of his very eyes was a whole group of Beedrill, He must have ran straight into their territory whilst chasing after Nova.

Scotty then decided to make a move... "Go Scizor!, Use Double Team! This was a very strategic move by Scotty, It made the Beedrill Feel as if they were up against a lot more powerful Scizor's, The Beedrill then buzzed away, Scotty and Scizor then went too look for Nova, He then looked over and saw His Arcanine drinking from a river, He thought to himself It must have been dehydrated he then returned Nova after a long run and sat down by the river with his Scizor both thinking why this was all happening.

06-18-2007, 04:28 PM
The weather changes made Immelia feel incredibly dizzy. First it was cold, then warm, then freezing, then fine, then scorching... the teen felt as if she was to pass out. Her dress didn't help, either. So, she fell completely backwards on her back when a little albino puffball tackled her as she walked into the Pokemon Center.

"Nibbler!" Immeh managed to gasp out as she stood up and saw the Rattata in her lap. "What's the matter with y... oh gosh..." that's when the youth saw that all of her Pokemon were out of their Pokeballs. Her two Froslass, Ginger and Emmy, were being mesmerized by the television, which had the world news on, of course. Her Wartortle, Check, was having a conversation with a Chansey of what has been happening. Finally, Bubble (the Charizard) was trying to stop Que (the Glaceon) from toppling outside.

"GUYS! What in blazes is going on!?" Immelia pulled at the hair on her head, entangling her bow within the strands. All of them look worried, in distress, or in doubt. The Froslass Sisters turned their heads, floated upwards and towards Immelia, and spoke; all simultaneously.

"We don't have good feelings, Miss," they told the girl in their eerie voices. "We all be worried. There has been a disturbance, if you have not already noticed."

Immelia looked taken aback. Of course she knew there was a disturbance! Just as the teenager was about to reply to the Pokemon, her Glaceon spoke.

"Yeah, and.. OUCH! We really want to h-..stop that! Help," Que got out as Bubble tugged at his tail to try and stop him from running outside and getting hit by the current heatwave. "That's why we ran out before. We were trying to see what was going on at the Cave."

Immelia let out a huge sigh. So that was it; her Pokemon wanted to help the legendary Pokemon that had caused all of this, for that Pokemon was in pain.. danger, even. One by one, Immy stared at each of her six friends. Each one looked determined, even Nibbler, who couldn't do a thing but Bite and Run Away. The youth stood up, Rattata on shoulder, hands on her hips.

"Okay then. Let's see if ya'll might do something, you smart Pokemon of mine," the teen girl then walked to the counter, where her five Pokeballs were, and returned each of her friends to them in a certain order. After that, she grabbed her purple backpack off the floor and opened it, grabbing the sixth Pokeball and showing it to Nibbler. "Are you sure you don't want inside, baby? It'll be much safer."

The tiny Rattata whined, shaking his head vigorously. Definately not. Immelia smiled and put the Pokeball in it's designated pocket, letting Nibbler jump in too, and walked back outside. The heat had busted some of the streetlights, and it was gradually getting colder again. Immeh set her sights for the south and walked carefully; she did not want to tire herself or trip at the beginning of the most important journey of her life.

06-18-2007, 05:07 PM
Drift sat in the Pokemon center, waiting. She looked out the window at the crude scenery. She noticed all the street lights were not working. Nurse Joy came up to her with Seishin's Pokeball on a tray. "Here you are, miss. Your Absol is as good as new. It just looked like it was suffering from exhaustion." Drift took the Pokeball off the tray and released Seishin. Seishin appeared in a white light. After the white light disipated, Seishin let out a cry and lept onto Drift. Drift fell backward as Seishin licked her face. She giggled, and then Seishin backed off. Drift got up and brushed herself off. "Excsue me, Nurse..." The Nurse turned around. "Yes, miss?" Drift approached her, pondering something, "The street lights of Celestic... They're not working. How is the -" Nurse Joy cut her off, smiling, "We run off an emergency generator. All Pokemon Centers have one." Drift nodded, "I see..." Nurse Joy smiled, "Be safe! It's horrible outside - noone knows what's going on." Nurse Joy then went off to help another trainer.

Drift looked around. There was no television in the Pokemon Center. Drift approached another trainer "Excuse me," Drift began, "Do you know where we can view the international news?" The trainer smiled, stroking it's Swellow and playing with its feathers, "Celestic is over run by elders. They basically hate TV. You know how old people are." The trainer laughed. "The closest city with a working TV in their Pokemon Center is Veilstone. You should head on there. A bunch of people are gathering there for some reason, anyway. You may get some useful information." Drift nodded. "Thank you." She looked at Kouken and Seishin, "Let's go."

Saraibre Ryu
06-18-2007, 11:03 PM
I glanced out the window, seeing the ever changing weather that Auri couldn't help determine. I felt like a stranger, being in a Pokemon Center that I wouldn't have to use. My pokemon were fine, even Tearess through that shifting sky.

I felt worried, and concerned. Aura was affected most, being caught in the very lake that the incident was occuring in. In the mean time, Ashe was tugging on her bandana while waiting for the weather to at least slow itself down a little. I knew I had to leave soon, whenever the weather was good enough for a successful take off. I stood up and walked toward the desk.

"Excuse me?" I asked, Ashe walking beside me. "Which direction is the quickest way to Veilstone?"

"Its a few miles down towards the south." She answered.

"Thanks." I said, leaving the building.

The weather had turned to blistering heat, and Ashe was pleased for a few moments. I called out Tearess once more, and hoped on her back while she took Ashe into her arms. With a few vigorus flaps we were off again.

"This is the last flight run before we reach Veilstone. We better get there alot faster than we normally did."

06-19-2007, 01:43 AM
Drift exited the Pokemon Center of Celestic and made way to Veilstone.

On her way, Kouken put out his paw in front of Drift. "..." He closed his eyes, and the back parts of his head lifted. He was searching for aura. "Something's watching us..." Out of some bushes, a Mawile jumped out, thrashing about franitcally. It's large floppy jaw was snapping, as it bled from it's arm. It attacked Kouken. Drift cringed and got into a battle pose, "Okay, Kouken! Aura Sphere!" Kouken jumped onto a rock and focused his aura energy to create a sphere filled with Fighting type power. He thrust the ball of energy at the female Mawile. The Mawile fell to the ground, and was struggling to get up. Kouken was about to perform a Rock Slide attack to finish it off, but Drift stopped him. "Kouken! Enough. It's in pain." Drift knelt down and looked at the Mawile. The Mawile growled. "It's okay. I'm here to help you, okay?" She took out a Pokeball. "Pokeball, go!" Mawile was weak enough to be captured. Drift turned to Kouken, "We have anew addition to our team..." She pondered. "Marina." She said. Marina, the female Mawile, would be joining Drift and the others on their journey. "Kouken, Seishin," Drift turned to them. "We must get to Veilstone city to help Marina. We must make haste." Kouken and Seishin both nodded, and they continued on their way.

Entering Veilstone City, Drift's mood changed. She suddenly became depressed. The conditions were worse here than in Celestic. Everything was dim, covered in a blood red. All houses and apartment complexes were boarded up with steel, wood - anything citizens could find. You could hear babies crying, and Poochyenas barking. Drift looks to her left, and saw the only lit up building in town - the Pokemon Center. Drift walked in.
There were a whole bunch of people huddled around a TV, watching the news. "This is Scarlett Smith reporting. The sky has turned to a deep red, and electricity has gone out everywhere. Travelling trainers are urged to stay in Pokemon Centers, as they run off an emergency generator and you will be safe inside. Please do not exit and buildings, and stay in the city you currently are in." Drift cringed at the new. She looked at Kouken and Seishin, who were staring at the TV with worry in their eyes. Nurse Joy approached Drift, "Excuse me, miss, would you like us to heal your Pokemon?" Drift fumbled around in her pocket, "Just one." She handed Marina's Pokeball to Nurse Joy.

Drift sat down in an empty corner. She sat there quietly, stroking Seishin, and looked out the window. She pondered so many things...

Enter, Marina
Species: Mawile
Nickname: Marina
Gender: Female
Classification: Deceiver Pokemon
Ability: Hyper Cutter

06-19-2007, 02:32 AM
Immelia sighed. She could go no further. Police officers were guarding the gateways to out of town, and one had told Immelia- "I'm sorry, but we advise all to stay inside the city at all times. We will not allow anyone to cross - unless it is to come in - and suggest you go back to the Pokemon Center at once."

So, with no choice, Immeh turned back around towards the Center. Every step she took north she regretted.. she really wanted to find out what was going on. The downpour that had just started didn't raise up her mood either. Usually she loved the rain, too.

As soon as Immelia got to the top of the hill where the Pokemon Center was, Nibbler poked his head out of the backpack and stuck his tongue out at the officers. The teenager smiled and giggled to herself. "At least you're having fun, you little rat," she told the albino Rattata.

The rain poured down harder and harder as Immy neared the safe, red-roofed building. The dirt and dust quickly turned to thick, sticky mud. As the girl began to run to escape a sudden chill, the mud grabbed a hold of her little black shoe. Immelia let a gasp escape her lips as she turned her body around so her back could face the ground; for she carries her backpack in her arms, and she did not want to injure tiny little Nibbler. As she did this, her ankle twisted, managing to escape the stuck shoe, and the teen fell to the ground in pain.

The teenager coughed and sputtered out mud and rain water. Nibbler climbed out of the backpack, still held by Immelia, and stood on his "mother's" collar bone, staring at her in worry. The Rattata made a chirping noise while Immeh wiped away rain water from her eyes. "Today just isn't our day, is it?" she smiled.

Grabbing onto the bench that was thankfully beside her, the youth picked herself up and limped the rest of the way to the Pokemon Center. As she walked.. limped inside, the Nurse Joy looked at her in horror, opening her mouth to say something.

"No no, it's alright. I'm fine. My Pokemon too," Immelia replied to the nurse's nonexistant question, sitting herself in an open seat closest to the door. "As soon as I'm ready, I'm right back out the door.. and maybe-" the teen looked around the room, an idea dancing in her brain, "-maybe I can have some help. Though.. I highly doubt it....." sighing once more, Immelia looked out the window in a depressive state. She certainly looked depressing, all wet with muddy hair, skin, and clothes. All topped, or ended, with a swollen right ankle.

06-19-2007, 11:40 AM
Drift turned her head to the fallen teen covered in mud. Just then, Nurse Joy approached Drift with Marina's Pokeball on a tray. "Miss..." Drift snapped out of thought and looked up at Nurse Joy, "Uhm... Yes?" Nurse Joy held out the tray to her and smiled, "You're Mawile is fine. It looked like it was in a trecherous battle with another wild Pokemon before you caught her." Drift took the Pokeball off the tray and held it in her lap. "Thak you." Nurse Joy suddenly was not smiling anymore, "However..." Kouken, Seishin, and Drift both looked up. "Your Mawile has been infected with Pokerus." Drift's eyes filled with despair, "...Infected...?! What...?!" Kouken stood up from meditating, and Seishin got up as well. They all crowded around Nurse Joy. "No, no, it's really nothing to worry about," Nurse Joy began, "She won't act, feel, or be any different. It's actually a good thing..." Drift squinted her eyes in disbelief, "Good...?" Nurse Joy smiled, "Yes. You see, Pokemon with Pokerus tend to grow much faster and stronger than a Pokemon without the virus." Drift's worry subsided, "Oh... Alright then." Nurse Joy smiled, "The virus will pass in 2 days, tops. But during that time, make sure to train her hard, as it may be the 2 best training days of your life!" The Nurse giggled, and walked back to the service counter.

"Marina, come on out." Drift opened the Pokeball and a pink light emitted from the Pokeball, and Marina appeared out of her Pokeball. Marina chirped happily, happy to be healed and out of her Pokeball. Marina then stopped, and looked back at the direction of the distraught teen with the albino Rattata on her lap. Marina rushed over and began to growl at the Rattata. Drift ran over in the direction of Marina, "Marina?!"

06-19-2007, 02:38 PM
After a long rest by the lake, Scotty decided to get up and do something while he still could, There was a slight drizzle of rain but he felt hot and stuffy, He then stood up with his Scizor beside him, Come on Scizor, Lets go Scizor nodded and followed Scotty.

There were not many other people outside but Scotty did'nt like the crowds in the pokemon centre, He then stared down at his stomach and heard a little rumble, He had not eaten since the day before so he was very hungry, He clenched a pokeball in one hand and said.. Come on out Sparkio! He had sent out his Luxray, A very sly electrical pokemon, Sparkio.... Launch a thunderbolt into that tree!, Sparkio then unleashed an amazing spark at the tree, Down fell lots of fruit which they all began too eat, It started getting chilly and he returned his Luxray as he feared the worst for it.

He then glanced at Scizor, It looked tired and worn out, Scotty said Come on buddy, Lets get you too the pokemon centre we do'nt want you too get hurt., They approached the pokemon centre... But just before the doors opened once again a muffled 'Rooooar' which echoed around the whole city, Scotty stood there and stared at the sky and he was shaking slightly, What is that noise I keep hearing?, Its starting to freak me out.

He continued back into the centre, He saw there were lots more trainers than earlier in there, He then glanced at mud stains on the floor and wondered where they had came from, He glanced over at some of the other trainers one being very muddy and another chasing a mawile, He then handed over Scizor to nurse joy, Take good care of him please., Nurse joy then said No worries we'll do our best for your scizor., He smiled and wandered over and stood by a pillar and waited there for his Scizor too be treated.

06-19-2007, 05:02 PM
Nibbler gave out a loud screech that snapped Immelia back into the real world. He was wriggling around wildly, getting upright in the girl's lap and climbing onto her shoulder, still squeaking like crazy. "What the.." Immeh whispered, mostly to herself. That was when she saw the growling Mawile.

"Errr..." Immelia had absolutely no idea of what to do. There was a growling Mawile in front of her, a tiny little white Rattata screeching and squeaking in her ear, and she couldn't do a thing because this Mawile most likely belonged to someone. The youth clapped her hands over her ears; she was going to have a nervous breakdown if this didn't end soon.

"Nibbler, what did you do to make this Pokemon so mad? You weren't making faces again, were you?" All that accomplished was that the Rattata stopped screeching, though now he was whining and clinging to Immelia's shoulder. "Oh, Nibbler, stop it," the youth told her Pokemon, turning back to the small Steel Pokemon, smiling nervously.

06-19-2007, 05:51 PM
Drift ran over. "Marina!" Marina then turned around and looked at Drift happily. She ran over to Drift and nuzled her head on her leg. Drift looks at the young teenager, "I'm real sorry about this. I just caught this Mawile. I had no idea she'd do this... I hope she didn't harm you." The albino Rattata caught Drift's eye, "Oh, what a cute little Rattata! Interesting color, as well." Drift smiled and looked down at Marina. Marina was no where to be found. Drift looked around and noticed that Marina was trying to apologize to the young Rattata.

06-19-2007, 06:20 PM
"No, it's alright, she didn't do anything.. and thank you," Immelia said as she tried to get her Rattata to stop clinging to her neck. He was staring at the Mawile, well, mostly at the large jaw of the Mawile. It was the largest jaw he had ever seen, even bigger than Bubble's. The Rattata tried it's best to look at the sweet face of the Pokemon, which calmed him down a little. Nibbler squeaked kindly to the Pokemon.

Immeh looked down at her dress and noticed how horrible she looked. The youth blushed a deep pink, trying to brush out the packed in mud on her green dress. "Stupid rain.." she mumbled to herself.

06-19-2007, 06:29 PM
"No, it's alright, she didn't do anything.. and thank you," Immelia said as she tried to get her Rattata to stop clinging to her neck. He was staring at the Mawile, well, mostly at the large jaw of the Mawile. It was the largest jaw he had ever seen, even bigger than Bubble's. The Rattata tried it's best to look at the sweet face of the Pokemon, which calmed him down a little. Nibbler squeaked kindly to the Pokemon.

Immeh looked down at her dress and noticed how horrible she looked. The youth blushed a deep pink, trying to brush out the packed in mud on her green dress. "Stupid rain.." she mumbled to herself.

Mawile smiled and held out her hand to the Rattata. It seemed as if she calmed down. Drift took a seat next to the teen, and motioned to Kouken and Seishin to come on over. Drift smiled, "I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Drift, and these are my Pokemon - Kouken, Seishin, and you've met Marina."

06-19-2007, 06:32 PM
A big scene had caught Scotty's attention, Two girls having what looked like a scrap over a mawile and a rattata, He was'nt sure on what too think but walked over.... Is everything ok over here?, Scotty asked in a puzzled way.

06-19-2007, 06:35 PM
Drift looked up. "Yes. Everything is fine. I was just sitting here chatting with..." Drift smiled, ":oops: I still haven't learned your name." Then she looked up at the trainer standing before her, "I'm Drift. And you are?"

06-19-2007, 06:38 PM
Ah sorry... Im Scotty and just waiting for my Scizor to heal, :happy:

I like your Mawile it's certainly very energetic, Scotty said smiling..

06-19-2007, 07:15 PM
Drift smiled. "Hello Scotty." She looked at Marina, "Thanks. She's new - I just caught her outside of Veilstone on my way from Celestic." Drift looked at Scotty, "Oh, and these are my other Pokemon," Drift smiled, "Kouken and Seishin. Say hi, guys." Kouken waved to Scotty, "Hello!"

06-19-2007, 07:25 PM
Hey no problem its always nice to have a new addition to your squad,

Hey guys these are some of my pokemon "Scotty releases two pokeballs from his belt, out came a Luxray called Sparkio and a Leafeon called Swipes, You say hi aswell guys! Scotty smiled as he looked down at the pokemon greeting and making friends.

Out came nurse joy and said Excuse me your Scizor is ready to come back out, Ah thats good, Excuse me for just a second Drift, He walked over and said hey to his loved Scizor, And this is my best and first ever pokemon Scizor, :happy:

06-19-2007, 07:49 PM
Drift smiled, "A Scizor. Very nice."
Just then, the lights in the center flickered and shut off. Lots of people muttering to one another and Pokemon cries filled the air. The Nurse got up onto the service counter with her Blissey and Chansey, "Attention everyone!" "Chansey!" "Blissey!" Chansey and Blissey were speaking to the Pokemon, and Nurse Joy to the humans, "Our generator has shut down. This has never happened to our Pokemon Center, and it has been here for many many years." The Nurse continued, "We advise you to all stay inside this building. You may not exit this building, let alone the city. There is something serious going on and Pokemon professors and Elite trainers world wide are investigating right now. We will be distributing candles for light."
Marina ran to Drift and huddled next to her, shivering. Drift looked at Kouken and Seishin. She could not see them, but could feel their worries.

06-19-2007, 08:08 PM
Immelia had still been trying to get Nibbler off of her neck, and speak to Drift at the same time, when the lights went out. "Crud..." the youth mumbled to herself, giving up on her Rattata. He had start to sob and hiccup, scared that he couldn't see his human mother. "It's okay, baby, the lights are just out."

Nurse Joy's Blissey had come over with two candles. Immeh had grabbed one, holding it near enough to her face that others around her could see her. She nodded a 'thank you' to the Blissey, who smiled and went to get other candles.

As her eyes started to adjust, the teen girl looked around. She spotted Drift in her white clothing and poked her shoulder. "Sorry I didn't speak before. I'm Immelia. Immelia Verde, from Snowpoint," Immy felt Nibbler's grip on her neck relax, and his sobbing had seized. Though his hiccups were still audible.

06-19-2007, 08:20 PM
In shock of the lights that had gone out Scotty stood there with his Scizor, Hmm this is strange Im keen to find out what these events have all been about, You see I heard 2 loud 'roars' of a pokemon not too far away... Ive been thinking about it a lot recently and im wondering that this could be the cause of the dramatic change to everything... I fear there is more too come...

06-19-2007, 08:23 PM
Chansey came by and handed a candle to Drift. "Thank you," Drift said softly. Chansey smiled and walked back to Nurse Joy. Drift then turned to Immelia, "Really? I'm from Snowpoint, as well." Drift smiled, then turned to Scotty, "Yes, I heard some faint roars as well... What really pains me is that I know that there is a rather powerful spirit in trouble right now... And that frightens me..." Drift looked down at the burning flame of her candle as it wisped about.

06-19-2007, 08:28 PM
OOC: I'm going to be gone for a few hours. x-x And even though I want to reply right now, I can't. I will when I come back, though...

06-19-2007, 08:40 PM
OOC: Actually, I need to leave as well. :oops: I'll definately be on to RP later, though. :happy:

Saraibre Ryu
06-19-2007, 11:20 PM
I pulled my hood up over my head while the rain poured. Tearess couldn't just see through sandstorms, she could see through smoke, rain, snow, and kind of weather. I couldn't tell where we were, but I knew that we had been stopped short. She landed on the ground, and put Ashe down. We ran into the next Pokemon Centre, Tearess using her wings as an umbrella for Ashe's steaming tail.

I took my hood off, Tearess shaking the water off of her, while Ashe gave her a glare while she brushed herself off. I looked around. There were other people, by the look of them, trainers, inside. The power was clearly out, and Ashe's tail, even though it was a blue falme, lit up alot of the room. I looked in my pockets to make sure I had all my pokeballs with me. I counted six, and with a relieved sigh, sat down in a chair.

"Well we didn't get much ground covered." I said to my two pokemon.

Tearess hung her head in a slight disappointment.

"No, it wasn't your fault Tearess, you did excellent for this kind of crazy weather."

She perked up and gave out a happy cry, getting more water on Ashe. She wiped herself off again and stood on the other side of me, warming herself with her tail.

06-20-2007, 12:25 AM
Ven slowly began to awake after being suddenly knocked out. He could barely see, and felt heat, and cold, heat, and cold. He could barely move, never mind talk. He felt something very heavy on him, some crushing the air out of him. As he lay there, he struggled to look at what had fallen on him: It was no more than a cardboard box, brown, slightly open. When he tried to figure out where it came from. He looked up, and saw the Veilstone Department Store. He couldn't tell what was in it, but it was very heavy, whatever it was. As he tried to draw breathes and yell for help, heavy rain started to pour, gleaming deadly in the terror of the red moon."Would I really end here?" He thought so quietly to himself, "Will I really end trapped under a box made out of cardboard?!"

Ven tried to hit the box out of frustration, but he knew he was weakening quickly. He struggled desperately to reach one of his Pokemon, but he couldn't reach, the rain dousing him with a torrent from the skies above him. Through the ever pouring rain, though, he could here words, those ever so small sounds that reassure you that you are alive, that there is hope, no matter how foolish the accident may seem.

06-20-2007, 07:07 AM
Hmm this is getting worse by the minute, I scence someone is in danger, Sparkio, Swipes return, Excuse me nurse joy, I need to leave the centre for a little while I'll be back soon though, She replied Hmm ok but we do advise you to be careful. Cmon scizor lets go, He waved to Drift and ran out the door and started searching the city.

06-20-2007, 04:01 PM
Drift watched Scotty exit the building. She then looked over to Kouken, who was meditating next to her. At her feet was Seishin, who was sleeping, and Marina, who a minute ago was shivering, was now sound asleep next to Drift.

Drift turned to Immelia and saw all the mud on her, "What happened?"

06-20-2007, 04:33 PM
Meanwhile, rain still poured down like a faucet over Veilstone City. Thunder crackled and lightning flashed in the distance of Sinnoh, probably up on Mt. Coronet. Ven was slowly getting closer to either opening the box to see what was inside, or to reaching one of his Pokemon. When Ven couldn't do either, he tapped the box again, but this time felt something hard under his knuckle.

06-20-2007, 04:33 PM
Immelia snapped back to reality once more when she saw Drift looking at her. "Oh, well, my shoe got stuck in the mud that was outside-" the youth looked out the window and paused for a moment, "-and I fell and twisted my ankle," the teenage girl pulled her long dress up just below her knees, looking at her ankle. It was bruised, swollen to almost twice it's size. Sticking her tongue out, Immy put her dress back down. "I wouldn't have hurt it if I didn't twist my body around so my back could face the ground. But I HAD too. I was carrying my backpack in my arms, and Nibbler was in it, as usual..."

Nibbler was now sitting in a stoof next to Immelia, grooming his once white fur. Most of him was now a chocolate color, due to him climbing all over the mud on Immeh.

06-20-2007, 08:32 PM
Drift nodded, "Kouken." Kouken snapped out of his meditation and looked at Drift. Drift pointed to Immelia's ankle, "She twisted her ankle." Kouken nodded, and walked over to Immelia and smiled, "Please be calm, miss." He then closed his eyes and waved his hands over the injured ankle. A large aura filled his hands, and then it disipated. He got up and smiled, walked back over to Drift, and ressumed meditating. Drift smiled, "It should be better now. Take a look."

06-20-2007, 08:42 PM
"What..." Immelia quickly pulled her dress up to her knee again. Her ankle was perfectly fine, no bruising or swelling whatsoever. Smiling, she moved her foot around to feel no pain or sharpness. Putting her dress down once more, she looked up. She was at a loss for words, and she managed only one. "Neat."

Then the youth frowned, looking towards the door. "Where did that boy run off to? I saw him talk to Nurse Joy then run off outside..." Immeh felt uncomfortable, which made Nibbler perk up his ears and look at her. The Rattata was all clean and snow white besides his tail, which still had some mud spots here and there.

06-20-2007, 08:47 PM
Drift looked at the door, "I don't know..." She got up, "Something is making me upset... I really cannot just sit here and do nothing... Somehow, I feel this is a calamity that no Elite trainer or professor can solve, let alone fix." Marina woke up and hopped down off the chair and stood next to Drift, looking up at her endearingly as she spoke. Kouken opened one eye and looked over at Drift. He then jumped down of the chair he was meditating on and stood next to her. And, of course, without word or sound, Seishin was up. Drift looked at all her Pokemon, "..." She turned to Immelia, "I have to get out of here. I think my Pokemon know that we can't sit here forever." Drift then looked over where the Nurse was, and the Nurse was busy talking to another trainer. Drift turned back to Immelia, "Would you like to join us?"

06-20-2007, 09:05 PM
Immelia stood up so quickly that some loose mud on the back of her dress flung at Nibbler. He groaned, making a facial expression that said 'Forget it, I'll never get clean.' The youth nodded at Drift. "I'm with you all the way. Along with all of my Pokemon," the purple backpack that Immeh held a wiggled a little bit, for the Pokemon inside the Pokeballs wanted to show that it was true. The albino Rattata climbed up his human mother's arm and sat on her head, chirping once he got settled. "See? Everyone's ready to go."

06-20-2007, 09:35 PM
Drift smiled and nodded. Then she turned serious once more, and looked over at the Nurse. The Nurse was still chatting with another trainer, and the Chansey and Blissey were chatting up a storm with a Swellow and Ariados. Drift motioned to Immelia to follow her. Then, Drift ran to the door and ran out the door out in a quiet fashion, with Kouken, Seishin, and Marina close behind her. The Nurse looked over, but by then, Immelia and Drift were outside. Drift fixed her hair and looked up at the sky, "Now..." She turned to Immelia, "What should we do now?"

06-21-2007, 02:40 AM
Immelia crossed her arms. "Well, we should probably find the boy first. The more people, the better chance we have of solving this rather.. strange mystery," Nibbler smiled at his human mother with a toothy grin. Putting the tip of her index finger on her lips, the youth thought of more. "I don't exactly know how we can actually find him though. We can't fly around the city, people might see and call us in."

Nibbler bounced up and down, which gave Immeh a small headache. He chirped and squeaked, jumping off the top of his mistress's head. Now on the ground on all fours, the Rattata wagged his tail, sniffing at the ground as if he was a Growlithe. Immelia tilted her head, confused. "What the heck, Nibbler..."

06-21-2007, 07:06 AM
As Scotty ran around the city he managed to see a cardboard box on the ground, Hmm it must have blown over from somewhere,He then turned it over and saw a trainer lying on the ground he looked in pain, Oh my word!, Are you ok? Can you still hear me?, He then shivered and sat down beside the trainer too see if he was still ok.

06-21-2007, 02:46 PM
Drift smiled, looking at Nibbler, "Well, he may be onto something." Drift then turned to Kouken, "Kouken, can you find Scotty's aura?" Kouken nodded, "Yes." Kouken shut his eyes, the back extensions of his head lifting into the air. He turned his body from left to right, and back again, looking for Scotty's aura. Kouken then opened his eyes, "He's over there, around that corner." Kouken stuck out his paw pointing to a long street. Drift turned to Immelia, "Let's go." Drift then began running down the street.

06-21-2007, 02:56 PM
It was cold and almost unbearable as Scotty was not going to leave the boy on the ground, "Come on man, Are you ok? Give me a sign please!, He then sat there maybe waiting for someone too come along and find him...

06-21-2007, 03:16 PM
Ven slowly opened his eyes to see another boy kneeling next to him. He was barely coming to, though. He pointed to the box and motioned to push it off, or at least he tried to.

Rain slapped the box as Ven was playing a game of charades that would probably save his life.

06-21-2007, 03:23 PM
The boy was pointing to the box, Scotty then thought... "Oh sorry ill push it off",He pushed the box off from the boy and said, "Oh good you are alive, Hey are you ok or are you hurt?, Should I get you too the hospital?, His Scizor then noticed that the rain was thumping down hard on them all, Its ok Scizor thats the least of our worries now, If you want to stay dry then go into the box., The Scizor nodded and sat in the box.

06-21-2007, 03:59 PM
"Let's," was Immelia's reply to Drift. As she starting running in the direction Kouken had pointed, she saw that Nibbler was already way ahead of them. The youth has never seen the little Rattata so ambitious before. Chasing after her Pokemon in hot pursuit, the little albino Rattata lead them to two boys - one kneeling next to the other who was on the ground.

Immeh came over and crouched down next to Scotty, hands on her knees. "Goodness, are you okay? You don't look so good, guy. We need to get you out of this unpredictable weather before you catch something," the teen girl had rambled out quickly.

06-21-2007, 04:03 PM
Scotty looked up too see another girl kneeling down next too him, Hi, Look this guy isnt in the best condition he needs help fast, And plus it's freezing out here, Scotty shivered in pain but was more worried about Ven, We have to do something fast.

06-21-2007, 04:04 PM
Drift caught up to everyone and noticed the same scene. She kneeled down, "Hey, are you alright?" She looked up at Scotty, "What happened?"

OOC: Sorry my post isn't very long. o_o; I get short when it comes to back and forth dialogue. xD

06-21-2007, 04:06 PM
He replied Oh hey Drift, Scotty looked down at Ven on the ground, He is in a very bad condition im not sure what happened but A box was on top of him where I found him , And im not feeling too good we need to get somewhere warm.

06-21-2007, 04:08 PM
Drift looked puzzled, "...A... box did this to him?" She then looked at the young boy lying down on the ground. Then looked back up at Scotty, "Finding somewhere warm is impossible. The weather is different every second..."

06-21-2007, 04:13 PM
Scotty nodded, Yes im not sure how but A box happened to do this, He's getting cold though I know the weather could change but he's losing his life by the second.... Scotty paused, He heard a slight noise, He stared around and noticed the box was gone, Hey where did the box go? He paused again this time something was wrong, Where's my Scizor? He started to panic and get worried, I have to find him I do'nt want too lose him!,
A slight tear jerked out of his eye he then looked at Ven with a worried look.

06-21-2007, 04:15 PM
Immelia gnawed at her index finger. "But, maybe if we get him INSIDE somewhere? Where we all be safe from the elements?" she hugged her white Rattata close to her, worried that if he was exposed to the horrible weather that he would be in Ven's condition.

06-21-2007, 04:17 PM
Scotty nodded, Yes im not sure how but A box happened to do this, He's getting cold though I know the weather could change but he's losing his life by the second.... Scotty paused, He heard a slight noise, He stared around and noticed the box was gone, Hey where did the box go? He paused again this time something was wrong, Where's my Scizor? He started to panic and get worried, I have to find him I do'nt want too lose him!,
A slight tear jerked out of his eye he then looked at Ven with a worried look.

"Go, find your Scizor," Drift said seriously, "I will tend to him," She said, looking at the injured boy on the ground, "Kouken." Kouken came forward. "Please, is there anything you can do?" Kouken nodded, "Yes." He knelt down and put his hand over the boy, "He feels wounded. If I heal him now, he will be fine." Kouken performed the same thing he did on Immelia's ankle, "There." Kouken said and stood up, "He may still be weak, but he is healed." Drift smiled, "Thank you, Kouken." Drift then looked at the boy and placed her hand gently on his shoulder and shook him softly. "Wake up... Wake up... You're better now... Everything is okay..."

06-21-2007, 04:22 PM
Scotty nodded Ok I should'nt be long hopefully, Wiping the tears from his face he began to run, He looked weak though as he had been sitting in the freezing cold for a long time, He said to himself I have to find Scizor I will not give up!, He came thundering round the corner and stopped.... He saw shadows and spirits of pokemon floating around him... He said What on earth is going on? He clung to his chest, Ugh come on I have to get through this, He carried on searching..

06-21-2007, 04:46 PM
"I'll stay too. Maybe my Charizard can help..." turning to face away from Ven and Drift, she took a Pokeball from her backpack and threw it, saying "Bubble, go!" Out from a bright yellow light, a Charizard stood, looking confused. When he felt rain pouring down he screeched, grabbing his tail and holding the flame up close and under his wings.

"What the heck, Immelia!?" he growled as he walked over to the three down on and near the ground. "What are you trying to do, kill me!?"

Immelia looked taken aback. "Of course not! I just want you to help this boy and all..." the youth pointed at Ven. "It's cold and the rain is really pulling him down," the Charizard rolled his eyes. He would've crossed his arms if he wasn't holding his tail.

"I guess I can hold my tail over him, with my wing over that. But what if it gets hot again, hmm?"

"Well, you can hold your tail underneath your other wing. That way he'll still be in some shade. Please, Bubble?" Immeh stuck out her lower lip and stared at her starter with big, sad eyes. Releasing a groan, he stretched out his wing with tail underneath over the still weak boy.

06-21-2007, 05:27 PM
Scotty kept feeling pains in his chest, But he was determined to look on, He needed extra help, "Go Twister!, Out popped a Dark Hitmontop who looked well trained, Twister we have to look for Scizor ok? The Hitmontop nodded and helped the search, He kept hearing more 'Roars' from a distance, The pains in his stomach were getting worse and he was feeling dizzy he took a break and sat down on a sheltered ledge, A huge pain came across him and he began too feel sick, Twister could only watch the suffering of Scotty.

06-21-2007, 05:28 PM
OOC: Ack, too much! xDD

IC: As soon as the box lifted off his tired body, Ven gasped air for his life, and sat up. He faced away from the other person and slightly coughed up blood. His weak and tired self managed to release a "Thank you" as he struggled to get up. He barely was able to walk as his breath was visible very shortly. His red and white hair strips were fading as so was he, drifting back and forth, until falling as the second girls feet after she came in looking for the first on who arrived.

06-21-2007, 05:44 PM
Immelia gasped, running her hands through her hair and pulling at it. "We need to get him to a hospital, and also find out what the heck is going on before the whole world meets it's fate... Bubble, help him into your back. The rain is starting to die down and it's becoming warmer," Bubble just nodded, carefully coming down close to the ground and maneuvered Ven onto his back.

"If you feel like getting sick, just tell me and I'll stop," he said to the boy on his back. Immelia turned to Drift.

"Come on, let's go get some help," the youth said, nodding wearily as if she was tired and sick.

06-21-2007, 05:57 PM
Scotty was now in a lot of pain and anger, He could'nt give up looking for Scizor though, He could barely move as he began to Throw Up all over the ground, Just as he was about to get up a thunderstorm broke into action, "What's happening!?", Scotty shouted into the sky as he was in anger, "Twister Use Rollout!", Twister looked up at Scotty in a confused way, It could'nt seem to get why Scotty was asking it too attack, But it did anyway and it used Rollout on a fence as it shattered down.

Scotty kicked the ground in frustration and anger, He was about to break down and could'nt control himself, He grabbed his head and screamed out in pain and fell too the floor... All he could see was his Hitmontop rush over wounded from the attack, Then Scotty's eyes began to close...

06-21-2007, 06:11 PM
Ven slightly shook his head and slowly recovered to find himself on a Charizard's back. Of course, knowing Ven, he screamed like a little girl and fell off. After saying "Ow." and brushing himself off, he looked around, and said, "Two girls and a fainted boy. Pathetic." he brushed himself off, even though it must've hurt, and walked over to the box to she what was in it.

As Ven bent down to look into the box, a very strong gust of wind nearly blew him over. He regained his balance and opened up a soggy box. Inside it were mechanical objects; walkie talkies, tape recorders, giant shocking guns. . .Wait, what?! Ven picked up a very odd shaped gun with a small yellow ball at the of it. His pressed the trigger and the yellow ball was now a giant purple ball of electricity that made a small wave of electricity in each direction, not to mention an eerie purple glow. "Just as I presumed. ." Ven said, then he brought his hand up to his mouth and coughed again. Small drops of blood fell from his hand as he put the gun back.

06-21-2007, 07:27 PM
"Oh, look, see? He's better again. Can I go back inside?" Bubble sat on the ground as a thunderstorm started, shielding his tail. Immelia put her hands on her hips.

"One: he is NOT better. He's still coughing up blood and THAT means either internal bleeding or something else that is serious."

"Or maybe he just lost a tooth..." the youth glared at her Pokemon as he said that and went on.

"Two: Fine. You can come back into your Pokeball. But don't think you'll get any thanks," returning her hateful Charizard back to the red and white sphere, she turned to Ven. "What in the world IS that.. um.... whatsyourname?" she smiled uncertainly, looking into the box.

06-21-2007, 07:31 PM
Scotty just managed to open his eyes as he was lying in the middle of nowhere, (We'll atleast that was what he thought), The pain would not stop and he began to Throw Up again, He saw his Twister lying next to him also injured, Scotty then thought to himself... Is this the end?..... Am I really going to let go.... His last thoughts were ate up by a big thunder sound vibrating the area...

06-21-2007, 07:45 PM
Ven put the smoking gun down as an insane heat wave came over. But, Ven seemed not effected. "The name's Ven. And that was what must likely was used to capture Giratina." Ven replied. He avoided Scotty's vomit (OOC: EEEEEEEEEEEEW >_<;;;;) and knelt down next to him.

He was quiet while he thought. Then, his eyes widened as he had thought and realized what was wrong. "He needs intensive care and now." he quickly blurted out. "The reality bending has caused the same thing to happen to Scotty. He needs to be far away from the mayhem." Ven struggled to stand up on his own, never mind with the boy. He trudged over to the nearest hospital/PokeCenter to see what they could do. Ven cursed something about the predicament as he walked on

06-21-2007, 07:53 PM
Scotty just managed to open his eyes slightly again this time to be moving in the arms of Ven, "Huh?", He shouted out W..w... Whats happening!!! Another tear jerked down from his eye, My Scizor.... No!!!!!, Please do'nt say he's gone! Please! Please!

06-21-2007, 08:00 PM
"Calm . .Down!" Ven yelled. He was having trouble holding on to a struggling Scotty. "Your. . .Scizor's fine!" He said, trying to re-assure Scotty. "In fact, it couldn't be any better." Ven lied. Matter of fact, he didn't even know the kid had a giant, red bug made of hard steel. A huge gust of winded roared past the group of kids. The red moon was slightly going down. "I wonder how the sun will be. . .Knowing my luck, it's be another sickly color." Ven thought to himself.

06-21-2007, 08:28 PM
Immelia picked up Nibbler and followed Ven, who was currently struggling with Scotty. Besides the fact that she was getting sleepier by the second, she felt absolutely fine. The youth also hoped that if she did get sick, it wouldn't be all that bad. Immeh doubted it, for everything was becoming worse before her very eyes.

"You're Scizor is probably at the Pokemon Center, or somewhere else in the city looking for you, Scotty. Really, your Pokemon is fine," she joined in the attempt to calm the sickly boy down.

06-21-2007, 08:34 PM
OOC: Looks like Kouken's going to have to perform surgery. :eek:

Drift ran behind Immelia, and reached Scotty as well as Ven. She shook her head. Scotty was throwing up, and Ven was coughing up blood. She knelt down next to Scotty, "Immelia's right. Let's check the obvious places of where he may be looking for you." Drift then stood up, "If everyone is ready to go, let me know. If not, Kouken here will heal you all and get you up to snuff." Kouken nodded and smiled.

Saraibre Ryu
06-21-2007, 09:51 PM
OOC: What happened while I was away?

06-21-2007, 11:09 PM
OOC: A lot, sorry :/

IC: Ven put down Scotty and said, "Dammit then." he rested his tired body on the cold, hard ground that is Veilstone's. He said, "I'm to tired to struggle with him." Again, he started to cough up blood.

IC: G2g, sad, ain't it? xD

06-21-2007, 11:15 PM
OOC: Drift - LAWL. XD That made me giggle.

Immelia kneeled next to Ven once more, handing him a couple of handkercheifs. "I don't know what I can do for Scotty.. I don't carry around first-aid kits, which is kinda stupid.. but I do of these tissues. You can cough into them. Sorry, it's the best I can do for you till we get ya'll some help," the youth girl stood up again, giving Ven a careful, uncertain shrug. Nibbler had fallen asleep on her shoulder, and was putting an unusual amount of weight on it.

06-21-2007, 11:29 PM
"Eh, it's not a cure. but it'll do. Thanks." Ven said to the girl as he, again, tried to sit up. When he finally did, he asked. "So, my name's Ven. What about you?" he said.

06-21-2007, 11:36 PM
"I'm Immelia Verde, from Snowpoint. Nice to, uh, meet you," Immelia gave Ven a small smile as she bent her arm to pet her tiny albino Rattata on her shoulder, who was quietly snoring. "And this is Nibbler."

Immeh yawned, rubbing her right eye with her free arm. "Jeebs, why am I so sleepy? How can I BE sleepy?" the weight on her shoulder gradually strengthened as the youth yawned once more.

06-22-2007, 02:28 AM
"Nice to meet you, Immelia." Ven said with a slight smile. The sun peeked out from the edges of the world, shining upon this rather dreadful land that everyone knew as a horrible new land. "So. . .What now?" Ven said to everyone.

OOC: Short, I know :oops:

Saraibre Ryu
06-22-2007, 06:06 AM
OOC: Time to get myself back into this.

IC: I clung to my Flygon, seeing the sun come over the hills. It was the first look of good weather I'd seen lately. My Charmeleon, Ashe, was hanging in the arms of Tearess, my Flygon. We'd been flying for a while to get to Veilstone. After a horrid feeling came over my pokemon a little while back, I had to see what was wrong. I had never seen my Dragonair, Aura, so distressed in my lifetime of owning her.

After a few more minutes, Veilstone was in sight, and almost below us.

"We're almost there Tearess. Are you sure you can carry us any longer?" I asked.

Tearess didn't reply. She lost altitude slowly, and her wingbeats became more uneven and weaker.

"Oh no! You wore yourself out again!" I cried. "Ashe, try to wake her up before we start-"

It was too late. Tearess was already half asleep and we were headed straight for the earth below. Ashe thought quickly, and bit on Tearess's arm with a Fire Fang attack. Feeling the instant heat, she snapped awake. Before she could argue, she realized that they were all plumetting to the ground, and let open her wings. Unfortunately, she didn't open them quite in time and she crash landed into a small tower of boxes. Ashe was flipped out of hers, and Tearess had a tire stuck around her head. I pulled myself out of the trash and helped my Flygon with her new fashion statement. Ashe looked at her in frustrated annoyance, but before Tearess could argue, she sat on the ground, nearly half asleep again. Without a word I returned her to her pokeball, and put it back in my pocket.

"Never should of let her go that far." I said to myself.

Oh, you think? Ashe commented sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes and threw out another pokeball. Out of it came a Wingull who happily flew around in circles.

"Hey Auri! I know you're happy to be out again, but can you go take a look around and try to get us somewhere local?" I asked the high spirited seagull.

She gave an enhusuastic cry and nodded. We followed her for a while, hoping to find someone who knew about what happened recently.

06-22-2007, 07:03 AM
As Scotty was on the floor, He started to run away looking for his Scizor, He was still in deep anger.. "Scizor!! Where are you!?", He screamed, He kicked a large pole in distress, Then the fence... He would'nt stop....

Saraibre Ryu
06-22-2007, 07:06 AM
Auri gave out a cry, and circled over to where we had heard frustrated banging coming from. Auri landed on my head as we approached a trainer. Ashe stood next to me, waiting for the question of 'Why are your Pokwmon alternate colors?' to come up.

"Excuse me?" I asked. "Could we help you with something?"

06-22-2007, 09:39 AM
OOC: I'm back! And, nice to see you Saraibre ^^

IC: "Oh, no," Ven complained, "Not another one." He muttered at the arrival of another person. He looked up to see Scotty in a fit of rage to find his Scizor. Ven put his bloody hand up near his eyes on the right to protect himself from the sun's rays while heading after Scotty who was angering for a lost Scizor.

"Calm the the hell down!" Ven yelled after the kid, mad at his random out bursts. But, soon guilty he felt, as he knew Scotty couldn't help himself. Ven un-clipped a PokeBall from his belt and said, "Go, Nimble!" Soon, out popped out a Lucario. But not any Lucario, for this one had distinguishing features. First, it's yellow chest hair was darker than most of it's kind. Then, second, it's chest horn/bone had broken in half, leaving the remaining half broken. And, finally, it's thighs are severely slimmed down. Oh, and He can speak telepathically to Ven. Coincidence that two people have Lucarios that they can talk with, no?

Anyways, Lucario finally spoke to his trainer, Ven. He said, "What is it?" And it wasn't in a snooty way, or a sassy way, or mean, or anything like that. It was with the most loving and care that statement could possibly have. His trainer pointed at a rampaging Scotty.

Ven stated, "The kid's looking for his Scizor, which I have no idea where it is. Also, he's been acting up a lot, random acts of rage and violence, vomiting, hallucinations about his Scizor. The sort." Nimble nodded and was on his way to see what was up with Scotty.

06-22-2007, 01:47 PM
"Oh man..." Immelia sighed as Scotty started up a fit again. Nibbler was finally coming to, his eyes blinking at the rest he head. The little white Rattata was surprised to see the boy with the Scizor from before running around in a rage. He looked to his human mother, eyes asking many questions.

"Nibbler, don't ask me. I have no idea," Immeh yawned, a bored expression upon her face. The albino Pokemon's ears perked up at a sound he had heard from behind, look around, and fell backwards into the youth's crossed arms. "What? What is it?" the girl said, looking around. That's when she saw yet another trainer, who had strangely blue Pokemon. "Her Pokemon are really pretty..." was the only thing that came to Immelia's mind.

06-22-2007, 02:03 PM
Scotty turned around and noticed another girl standing next to him, I....I... Have lost my Scizor my first ever pokemon, Why is this happening to me!, Scotty then ran off, In a rampaging manor kicking everything in sight, Argg... Everything is my enemy! Where are you Scizor!!, As all this was happening he noticed he was still light headed and unable to control himself, He then vomited again and kicked a stone into a field...

Saraibre Ryu
06-22-2007, 04:44 PM
I looked down at Ashe, then up at Auri who was thoughtfully perched on my head. I rumaged around in my pocket for a second and threw out a pokeball. Out of it came a blue Grovyle, wearing a darker blue bandana around its neck, as all my pokemon wore bandana's around their necks, so I knew, and other trainers knew that they belonged to me.

"I bet my Wingull and Grovyle could find your Scizor." I said.

My Grovyle looked around, then back at me.

What am I doing? He asked.

Ashe answered. Looking for a lost pokemon Bandit.

"Yeah, Bandit, I know its not forest, but you're faster than any normal Pokemon. Could you and Auri go find him?" I asked.

They both nodded and with one great leap, Bandit was jumping roofs of buildings and Auri was flying behind him. I didn't reall like the way the other trainer was acting, but I knew he loved his Scizor. Ashe shook her head at his behavior.

Gonna let Aura out to give him some therapy? She asked sarcastically.

"Hey, that's mean." I snapped in a kidding way, knowing she was only joking.

06-22-2007, 07:40 PM
Ven turned to the new girl, mysterious to Ven and the others. He remarked, "Hey, look, we've got this under control. You don't need to but in like." He finished the nasty remark and headed to the only place where he heard the Scizor was: Veilstone's PokeCentre. Ven was no match for the Pokemon's speed, but he knew the quickest shortcuts here and there.

But, Lucario was having his own problems, and that was dealing with Scotty. "What's wrong with your Scizor?" He yelled.

"You know, only I can hear you, Nimble." Ven replied to his Lucario's yell.

To which Nimble said, "I know, but I still felt like yelling out to someone." The Lucario was slowly catching up to Scotty, following a trail of debris and all that.

Saraibre Ryu
06-22-2007, 07:57 PM
Well your definition of butting in is our definition of helping. Ashe replied, getting a little angry.

"If you had this under control, why would your friend still be rampaging about then?" I called out, knowing it would probably anger him.

Auri came flying back overhead, giving out many cries like some car alarm.

Bandit found the Scizor! She exclaimed.

"Good, where is he?" I asked.

That's the problem. Bandit is running with him all over the place near the Pokemon Centre.

"Well, I need to take Tearess there anyway." I replied. "Lead the way Auri."

06-22-2007, 08:43 PM
"Oh good, your Pokemon found the Scizor," Immelia told the new girl. "Maybe that will settle Scotty down. Thank you," the youth nodded at the one with the lovely blue Pokemon, smiling. Nibbler nodded as Immelia started off once again for the Pokemon Center.

Saraibre Ryu
06-22-2007, 08:52 PM
"Well, just hated to see someone in such a state." I replied, remembering Aura when that night came around. "I'm Rikku by the way. This is Ashe, and up there is Auri."

Nice to meet you, and I'm sure Auri would give you an overwhelmed greeting if she weren't busy. Ashe said politely.

06-22-2007, 09:01 PM
Nibbler was looking intently at Ashe, who was very different from Bubble, as Immelia walked. "I'm Immelia Verde, from Snowpoint City. Nice to meet you, Rikku," the youth said. "Well, it would have been nicer if everything wasn't so freaky at the moment."

Nibbler saw something zip by in front of the and wriggled around frantically in Immeh's arms. "Wree!" he screeched as he climbed up onto the top of Immelia's head.

Saraibre Ryu
06-22-2007, 10:44 PM
"Well, I'm here to find out what made my Dragonair act like your friend of there a while ago." I responded.

Ashe looked up at the albino Rattata, seeing as it was clearly energetic, but it had been startled by something moving. Ashe then saw another quick movement infront of us. She stopped and leered in the spot where she thought the figure to be.

There's something there. She growled.

"What?" I asked, stopping and looking in the direction my Charmeleon was glaring at. "You sure you saw something?"

Have I ever not been sure of something? She questioned rhetorically.

"Good point."

06-22-2007, 11:13 PM
OOC: Wow. Sorry. I died... for awhile. :eek:

Drift snapped out of a long day dream. The stress of everything was too much. Drift looked at Kouken, and Kouken hopped onto a roof of a building. "Everyone," Drift announced, "Stand still." Kouken raised his hands and created a huge sphere out of energy. He then slammed the sphere into the ground on which everyone stood. A huge aura like field surrounded everyone, healing them mentally and phsyically. Kouken then jumped off the roof and stood next to Drift. Drift fixed her hair casually, "Everyone should be fine now. You should stop coughing up blood momentarily," As she said turning to Ven, "And you should stop being so freaked out. Your Scizor was found, too, even though Kouken elminiated the stress in us all... For the most part." Drift then turned to the new comer, "Oh... Hello. :oops: Sorry, I didn't see you there. I'm Drift, wanderer of Sinnoh, originally from Snow Point, and you are...?"

Saraibre Ryu
06-22-2007, 11:48 PM
I turned to yet another new trainer, who was wanting my name.

"I'm Rikku from Canalave city." I answered.

I am Ashe. Ashe replied with a slight bow. Pleased to meet you.

She then went back to concentrating on whatever had moved before. She was looking for its pin point spot, hoping to intimidate it enough into blindly attacking her, then strike back, if it were of bad intentions.

06-23-2007, 12:57 AM
Nibbler was looking around frantically, getting his little paws tangled in Immelia's long hair. "Calm down, baby, it's alright," the youth reassured her little Pokemon as she tried to get the Rattata off her head with no prevail. He whined as he saw the creature zip by once more, clinging to the top of his human mother's head.

OOC: ..argh. Short posts are killing me. D|

06-23-2007, 02:12 AM
Ven ran off. He went to the Pokemon Center. So, where is he? Something couldn't have happened to him could it have? Knowing him, the boy probably got something to drink, or wondered off again. But when Nimble, his Lucario, tried to talk telepathically to him, and Ven didn't answer, he knew something had to be wrong. "Veeeen!!" Nimble cried out to the heavens. He quickly went back to the group of girls.

He pointed to where Ven was last seen and managed a small "Ven" into their minds, albeit fuzzy, but still readable. He then dashed over to see where Ven could be.

OOC: My absences just work out so damn much xDD

06-23-2007, 02:15 AM
Kouken nodded and turned to the girls, "He says he's looking for Ven. Ven has run off in that direction." Kouken then followed his fellow species.
Drift quickly ran off, but before doing so, she smiled, "Nice to meet you, Rikku," and dashed off, following her beloved Lucario.

06-23-2007, 02:21 AM
The Lucario raced on as he past shadow, then light, then shadow again, to to the constant buildings. Veilstone is a big city, and he didn't know where to run next. He stopped to send an Aura out. To his dismay, Nimble could not sense Ven's aura. Growing ever more frantic, the Pokemon took to the tops of buildings, hoping to get a better view. Cars, cars, empty streets, more cars. . .Nimble saw nothing of Ven's display, and he carried about his business of tracking him down.

06-23-2007, 02:24 AM
The Lucario raced on as he past shadow, then light, then shadow again, to to the constant buildings. Veilstone is a big city, and he didn't know where to run next. He stopped to send an Aura out. To his dismay, Nimble could not sense Ven's aura. Growing ever more frantic, the Pokemon took to the tops of buildings, hoping to get a better view. Cars, cars, empty streets, more cars. . .Nimble saw nothing of Ven's display, and he carried about his business of tracking him down.

Kouken and Drift busily followed. Kouken sent out telepathic waves to Nimble, "Have you checked the Pokemon Center?" Kouken asked, since they were rather far away from it, too far to sense an aura, therefore, he could very well be there. However, only time can tell if he was or not. Kouken made way to the Pokemon Center.

06-23-2007, 02:35 AM
To which Nimble replied, "No, I have not. I'll head there now." While on his way on the ground, he was running in a small alley on the way to the PKMN Center, when he stepped in something wet. He thought as first, "Water? Feels sorta different, though." But, he feared to look down.

He reached down with out looking and his right paw touched the liquid. When he brought his paw up, he nearly cringed at what he saw: Blood. Fresh, deep red blood. He reached down again, but reached of to the side, only to feel human flesh. As soon as he did, he felt a pulse of Aura. "Ven!" He yelled out. He bent down next to his trainer.

Nimble quickly gathered is thoughts and was calm. The was a small puddle of blood near Ven's mouth. "I knew he was coughing up blood," Nimble began, "but I didn't think it would be this bad." He put his hand near Ven's neck to feel a small pulse, along with a small Aura. "Good, he's still alive." Nimble stated. As that moment, he knew all things were falling apart, for good, Yeah, he knew about the impending doom, he knew that everything was messed up and this damned world. But now, it finally dawned to him, he soon realized that this could easily be the end of us all, all because some reckless jerks HAD to capture Giratina. He held in some tears as he silently called out to his brethren to tell him about Ven, and something else, some unknown thing that would soon come together, piece itself completed, if this whole ordeal could ever make sense.

OOC: O_o

Saraibre Ryu
06-23-2007, 03:06 AM
Ashe felt something bad in the air. She didn't know what it was, but she tugged at my arm furiously.

Take Aura out. Something bad has happend I think. She explained.

Without question after looking at my worried pokemons face, I released Aura, my Dragonair. I was wary about releasing her, as she hadn't come out since she went berserk a few days ago.

"Aura, do you feel something as bad as Ashe does?" I asked.

Aura did, almost instantly. She had a concerend look of sadness and worry on her face.

Something bad has happened to a human. We must hurry. I think it was the boy from before who Ashe didn't like. She answered.

Oh no. Its Ven. I thought. He was coughing up blood before, but something worse must've occured.

"Alright Aura." I said, pulling out another pokeball. "Dialgo, come out!"

Out came a dark grey, navy blue and evergreen Garchomp. He looked at me half enthusiastically, wondering what I wanted.

"Look, Tearess is out of comission, so I need to ride you and find Ven." I explained. "He's in some kind of trouble, and we need to help him out."

Dialgo looked at me with an 'I don't know' kind of look, but obeyed when I jumped onto his back with Aura wrapped around me, and Ashe in my lap. Dialgo gave me no time to hold on as he went into a run through the Veilstone streets. After searching for awhile, Auri came hovering above us, saying she had seen Ven. We followed her until Dialgo stepped in a pool of blood. I looked ahead and saw Ven and a Lucario ahead of us. Aura slid off my back before I could get off Dialgo, and she made her way over to the Lucario, asking what we could do.

06-23-2007, 11:55 AM
OOC: Sorry I went for a while :oops:

Scotty looked up after hearing Scizor had been found, He ran as fast as he could until he heard another faint 'Roar' in the distance, It made his whole body shiver every time, He clenched his head and fell onto his knees, What's happening!, Why is this hurting me so much!, Scotty then got up and ran to the centre, There he got reunited with his Scizor, A tear came out his his eye as he spoke, Oh man, I thought I had lost you buddy, Do'nt ever do that again, A smile of delight came to his face as he then noticed all the others seeming to panic a lot.

06-23-2007, 05:04 PM
Ven hazily looked up to see his Lucario, who was still kneeling next to his trainer. "Nimble?" he uttered. "What's going on? Why am I on the ground? And hy am I surrounded by blood?!" Ven asked these question, questions that were right now unanswerable to his Pokemon, Nimble the Lucario. Ven tried his best to look over at the new girl with many a discolored Pokemon, at which he thought, "How the heck?". Soon, a loud roar was heard, then a wave of smoke flew through the nooks and crannies of what is known to be Veilstone. Funny thing, actually. Ven always that he was healthy as could be. He never thought he would be terribly injured like this. Anyways, back to the impending doom again:

"Duck!" Lucario yelled. As the wave of dust and debris hit the small group of two trainers and their Pokemon, the all ducked down and covered their head, except for Ven, who was already down, and the girl trainer's Garchomp, who was un-affected by the shrapnel. As the wave cleared, Lucario stood up, looking at the direction of the roar, and said, "Looks like we got trouble."

06-23-2007, 05:11 PM
Scotty was getting signals of pain, Even more faint 'Roars' thundered into his body, Making him stop in pain, He felt anger coming from somewhere, As he was'nt sure what to expect he then decided to call out a pokemon, Come on out Nova!, Out popped a shiny Arcanine, Scotty and Scizor jumped on Nova's back and started to search for the others the pain was getting worse as he heard the 'Roars' of suffering...

Saraibre Ryu
06-24-2007, 09:54 AM
As the roars came, Aura was afflicted with pain, and cringed in the agony as more roars came. I quickly returned her to her pokeball the first chance I could with Dialgo standing over me, protecting my from the debri. After it stopped, I was greeted by my blue Grovyle, and my mint colored Wingull.

"Okay guy's, you did a good job." I said, returning both inside their pokeballs.

What kind of trouble? Dialgo asked the Lucario, ready for a fight.

In the mean time, I was worried about Aura, and Ven.

It happened again. Dialgo wasn't as affected by it, but it was worse for Aura. Why? What's going on. And Ven...we really need to get him to a hospital. I'm not that highly leveled infirst aid to help him, I'm a mechanic for gods sake! Well, this is just disasteriffic.

"We need to get Ven help right away. A Pokemon Centre, a hospital, something."

I'll carry him if need be. Dialgo generously offered, seeing that the trainer was in a critical condition.

06-24-2007, 05:20 PM
And now, the Lucario would do probably he most random and insane thing in this situation possible: He propped Ven up, slapped his face a good three times, and said, "Come on, we really need you!" Ven slowly came to again after being slapped around by his Lucario. He was weak, and not sturdy at all, but with the help of his Lucario, he managed to get up.

Nimble turned to the Garchomp and said, "I don't exactly what kind of trouble, but we'll need all the help we can get." Well, what do you know, Nimble can talk to other people and Pokemon, other than Ven and other Lucario's.

At this point, Ven was able to fully talk, and he said, "Well, what ever it is, I'm ready to fight it." He slowly reached down to his side and un-clicked a PokeBall, lifted it up, made it smaller, and called out his Empoleon. He released from Nimble's grasp, and walked forward, saying, "Let's take this thing on!"

Saraibre Ryu
06-24-2007, 06:17 PM
Ashe, Dialgo and I looked at the way Ven's Lucario 'cured' him. It wasn't the most random thing I'd seen, taking into consideration of how many random things I'd seen.

"Okay...that's not how I would've done it but it works for me!" I commented enthusiastically.

Ashe was looking up at the Empoleon.

Another water pokemon... She thought. Partly a steel type, and something I could take out myself.

Dialgo looked up at the sky. He only did that when he knew something big, scary looking, and usually complicated to deal with was coming along. I knew that because he was of a careless nature and only cared for things he was either interested in, or things that involved him in a very direct way.

Its coming closer. It'll be here any second. We might want to get out in the open. Dialgo suggested.

06-24-2007, 06:23 PM
Scotty came rushing around on Nova, He came to a hault as he felt movement thundering at the ground, He gazed up at the sky and it was starting to turn red like blood, Another shiver came down his spine and so did another 'Roar', Scotty held in the pain as he was desperate for some help...

06-24-2007, 10:19 PM
Lucario gulped, and said, "Not it. . . .them". Soon, dozens of flying rocks came from the direction that Lucario said they/it/whatever was coming from. Nimble deflected most with a quick Dark Pulse attack, but it was only one attack, and it wasn't one of the widest, so some stray rocks came flying through, crashing into the small area they were standing in, ricocheting off the walls and falling to the ground. Soon, more and more rocks came, bigger and faster, along with dozens of grunts wearing off-white and brown hats, with "TS" written on their shirts. One could clearly figure out what they were called because of the rock Pokemon, Team Stone.

Lucario and Empoleon braced for battle and Ven rolled up his sleeves and said, "GO! Get out of here! I'll hold them all off, now go!" He was actually willing to get himself into the battle. He turned to the group of people and Pokemon and gave them that sad Just-go-hopefully-you-won't-get-hurt-only-I-will-now-just-leave-me-here-and-retreat look. If there is one that is. He put his hand near another one of his PokeBalls and started to step forward. Ahead of him were many a rock Pokemon: Rhyperior, Golem, Rhydon, Rhyhorn, Nosepass, Magcargo, Shuckle, Tyranitar, Lairon, Aggron, Lunatone, Solrock, all in enormous waves. Ven gulped and continued to walk forward. It was the cal of the storm as the unknown new criminal team ravaged through the city.

06-25-2007, 07:02 AM
Scotty heard a lot of avalanches not too far away, Does'nt sound too good, Lets go check it out, Come on nova full speed!, As they came dashing up around the corner he saw Ven and his pokemon, Surrounded by waves of rock pokemon and so on, Ven!, What's happening do you need any help?, Scotty shouted across to him.

Scotty already had 2 pokemon out, Scizor and Nova, Who where always ready for a fight when it came.

06-25-2007, 11:55 AM
Dozens more rocks came flying towards the group, but it didn't affect Ven at only. "Only if you want to risk lives." Ven said to him. He couldn't help but notice something was off, though. . .But he couldn't tell what. . .Oh yeah, the fact that there's a raging sandstorm coming there way, that might be it. Ven finally turned around, rocks still in hands, then sighed and closed his eyes. He looked up with them open and said, "Any one who wants to join the fight, you must say it now or flee." Well, he was more along the lines of announcing it. He continued, "This is not only a fight for our out town, but a fight for all of our lives. Countless innocent people live here. How bad would you feel if you just left them here, only for them to leave their homes, houses? Lives?"

Ven turned around again only to see the swarm of Pokemon closer to them, and proceeding ever more close. "here, you must battle with the most power, the most will-power, the most ferocity, but above all, and I don't care how stupid it may sound, or how this whole speech might sound, but above all, with the most love." He turned back again as if he couldn't make up his mind. He declared, "I'm sorry what I said before, I was just worried, and to be honest, a little sacred. " Ven turned his head back; "They're getting closer", he thought. He turned back, looked at Rikku, and said, "Rikku, take the left side, head Pokemon is an Aggron." He then said to Scotty, "Scotty, you take the right side, head Pokemon is a Rhyperior. And I'll take the front, who has the Tyranitar. I don't know who these people are, but it's fighting first, questions later."

The calm of the storm was at it's peak as the unknown team and the small group were face to face. Members of the team could know depict their eye colors, and sadly, the weren't going to stop and take their time to look at it. Ven soon screamed out, "Let's fight this battle!!" And soon dashed ahead, but did in unexpected thing: Took out his other four PokeBalls and released a Torterra, an Infernape, a Lopunny, and a Froslass, all whom didn't need to ask Lucario or Empoleon what was going on.

OOC: Holy dear god, we're gonna die! T_T

06-25-2007, 02:29 PM
Scotty then shouted back to Ven, "Ok, Lets do this!, None of you criminals are going to be forgiven for what you are doing!", Scotty sent out his remaining 4 Pokeballs, A Hitmontop, Kingdra, Leafeon and a Luxray, "Right guys we just have to fight off these criminals, For the whole City's sake!, Right lets start with you Scizor!, Double Team!, Then Metal Claw!", A risky combo was pulled by Scotty and his Scizor but it worked, Taking down a few other pokemon Scizor pulled back to Scotty.

As Scotty pulled back he noticed the wavses of the pokemon just kept coming, "Argg.. This wont be easy, But I have to believe we can take them down!", Scotty clicked his neck and stared straight into the leading pokemon on the side he was taking on, In a glaring way anger was filling his face...

06-25-2007, 06:26 PM
Ven riskily (OOC: OMG, it's a word? xDD *Slap* Sorry, IC now.) dashed right into the fray, narrowly dodging a few rocks. He yelled to his Pokemon, "Alright, it's time now. I really hope nothing terribly bad happens to us, and more importantly the city--Neigh, Sinnoh." He turned once again to the wave and yelled, "FOR SINNOH!"

Now, Torterra had it lucky. With a bellow of, "Terra!!" it shot out thousands of leaves in an attack could leaf storm. Now, this giant turtle is normal peace loving and docile, but there's no time for that now. How ever, Pokemon like Lopunny had a rough time. First, it had used Agility. But then, it needed to think very fast. "Lop! Lop. . .PUNNY!" Which, in her language, meant, "I know, WATER PULSE!" She put hear hands together and shot out a giant blob of water that exploded in a shockwave of water, hitting tons of Pokemon. She soon noticed the the sandstorm, and used her version of Mirror Coat, deflected the sand for a bit.

Meanwhile, Infernape was the group's combat specialist, along with Lucario. Together, the could easily take out dozens. Empoleon didn't worry too much about them, for now; she worried about her friend, Froslass. They faced each other and nodded. Soon, Empoleon turned back and shot an enormous Flash Cannon, while Froslass did something completely unimaginable; using Lucario's quick help, she jumped right into the fray of Pokemon and started to spin rapidly while using her Icy Wind move, but also using hail, which worked out in quite a few ways: It got rid of the sandstorm, powered up her moves slightly, made her harder to see, didn't affect Lucario and Empoleon because of their Steel, Torterra had his shell, Infernape, well, his head had it's flame. . .Oh no! Lopunny!. . .Doesn't seem affected? Hmmm. . .

Soon, the Tyranitar came. A quick combination from Lucario and Infernape's great team, along with the Icy Wind and Hail, and it went down, only to reveal an enormous wave afterwards. Not being able to stand there and watch his Pokemon continuously be battered, and just not being able to do anything, he actually went into the battle, being cut and bruised by the hail. Ven started wrestling smaller Pokemon, like Shuckle and Nosepass, despite them being rock types. In one part of his mind, Ven knew this was terribly wrong, but at the same time, he knew that it didn't matter anymore.

06-25-2007, 06:52 PM
Scotty charged up ontop of some rocks where he had a good view, " Everyone attack!", First his Kingdra used Hydro Pump taking out a lot of rock pokemon, Then Scizor and Hitmontop teamed up using Scizor's Agility It was able to make the pokemon break up a lot more, Then Hitmontop came in using a powerful Close Combat, Then going into a Fast twisting Rapid Spin, Knocking out a lot of other Pokemon.
Scotty then went straight for the leader Rhyperior, Using a combination of Kingdra's powerful Hyrdro Cannon and Arcanine's take down, It was eventually brought down and crashed into the ground.

Now all Scotty had to do was take out the remaining pokemon left in a couple of waves, "Argg my Pokemon ca'nt do this alone... Im joining in!", Scotty came dashing down from the hill and jumped on top on an Onix, He managed to shout the words to his Pokemon "Hey Guys!, Keep doin what your doing and do'nt worry about me!", The Onix was getting angry but Scotty was'nt giving up he climbed onto its head and tryed to lead it into the other enemy Pokemon, Perhaps flattening them in the process, All he had to do was hold on tight.

06-25-2007, 07:07 PM
"Everyone!" Ven yelled to his Pokemon. While he tried to get his Pokemon's attention, his Torterra fought it's way into the center of the battlefield. "Torterra's gonna use Earthquake!" He again yelled out to warn his Pokemon. They all accounted this and continued fighting. Soon, a humongous Earthquake shot through the battle field, luckily not damaging his Pokemon that much. Ven suddenly thought, "I wonder how the others are doing. . .". He then perked up and said, "Everyone listen!! This is your time to go all out! Empoleon, get in there with Torterra at the heart and use Brine and Grass Knot!"

She grumbled, "Empo!" and trudged off, using Grass Knot in a big a radius as she could. Ven continued.

"Alright, Nimble, Focus Blast as much as you can without completely tiring yourself out!" He screamed.

To which Nimble responded, "Got it!"

Ven nodded with a small smirk, then looked at Infernape. "Infernape, old friend!" It perked up at him. "Put all your might into your best Close Combats!" He replied to Ven and rushed off. He searched for Lopunny, which he soon found. "Lopunny. . ." He started, "no, keep doing that. . ." She was using Water Pulse.

"Lopunny!" She replied to Ven.

"And Froslass, Blizzard! And your best one!"

"Lass Fros!" she yelled to Ven. Soon, still spinning, Froslass was emitting a terrible Blizzard, well, for them, that is. Ven finished fighting a grunt and ran through the scene, trying to find a leader of some sort.

06-26-2007, 07:07 AM
As the earthquake shook the ground the Onix was wobbling around, Making Scotty on the top of it almost fall off, But he managed to keep his grip, Then after a lot of struggling he brought the Onix down and crushed a few other Pokemon, "Phew.... That was a close one", He said whilst running over to his other Pokemon, There were only a few left on his side now and all him and his pokemon had to do was concentrate.

"Right!, Lets do this Guys! Scotty said with great encouragement to his Pokemon,
Lets go Scizor, Use Metal Claw and take out everything in sight!, Right Aurora, Keep up those Hydro Pumps full power!, Twister, Go right in there with your Rapid Spin, Arcanine flamethrower and take down, Sparkio, Crunch!, And finally, Swipes use Leaf Blade!" Now Scotty had commanded his Pokemon he now ran into the battle, Throwing things offcourse and jumping on more things, The cuts on his arms and legs were getting worse, But he nearly had his side down.

Saraibre Ryu
06-26-2007, 10:40 AM
Dialgo and Ashe stood infront of me, waiting for an attack to launch.

"Alright you two!" Dialgo use Crunch! Ashe use Iron Tail!"

The two of them charged, Ashe's tail turning white with every step she took. Dialgo jumped onto a Lunatone and bit down hard on it while stomping it to the ground. Ashe took on a Rydon and Golem and struck both of them with her tail hard, knocking them into a dumpster. I knew that this wasn't going to be enough, so I threw out a pokeball, and Bandit came out. With both my pokemon, Dialgo busy avoiding Lunatone's attacks while Ashe was making her way back to me without stopping to look the other two down, I readied another attack.

Dialgo, jump back here and use Sand Tomb!"

Dialgo roared and a huge sand twister encased all three pokemon.

"Bandit use Solarbeam now!"

Bandit nodded, jumping up high into the air. After generating enough energy for a powerful attack, he was seeing into the eye of the Sand Tomb attack. He let out a powerful blast of solar energy at the trapped foes, leaving them no where to avoid the attack. After the twister had stopped, there was a pile of fainted rock pokemon left.

06-26-2007, 02:01 PM
Ven glanced over at the side Rikku took after he thought he saw a giant flash of white. He smirked, but he knew he had his own battle to fight. He dashed even further into the battle, annoying Pokemon here and there: Breaking Magcargo's fragile shells (How could I?! T_T), pushing smaller ones like Lairon and Shuckle out of the way, chucking rocks at bigger Pokemon, small things like that. But, probably the best and the worst thing at the same time, he REALLY fought with them, not just wrestling, but doing the best he could to help KO the Pokemon. And, apparently, Nimble, his Lucario whose studied the Infernape fighting style, and Ven's Infernape both had the same idea.

Nimble and Infernape made their way to Ven, who was fighting with the last lines of Pokemon. They knew how bad he was hurting, but they also knew he wouldn't be stopping any time soon. Slowly, two and a half by two and a half (Nimble one, Infernape one, Ven half), they were slowly beating the last on coming waves. Torterra thought this was great, but hated his own predicament.

Torterra was having trouble with small Pokemon crawling all over his back. He knew there was only one thing he could do, and was prepared to do it. Torterra started to glow a slight dark brown color, sort of reddish. Soon, the aura stopped glowing, and an awesome explosion of power came from Torterra. Any expert watching the battle would see that it was a Superpower attack. A few TV choppers in the sky got tens of shots and videos of this horrid battle as Torterra began to run around, tackling and biting any thing he could to do his share of this battle.

Few Pokemon remained as the others, Empoleon, Lopunny, and Froslass finished them off, as Ven's great team worked on the others. Littered through out a ravaged place once known as Veilstone City were dozens of Rock Pokemon. But, the strangest thing was: No one was recalling them. All the Team Stone members had disappeared. Is it because they knew they were going to lose this battle?

06-26-2007, 02:44 PM
Scotty jumped over jagged rocks, Trying to avoid a sudden fall, There was only a Golem left to take down out of his side, Kingdra used a powerful Hydro Cannon at full blast and the golem crashed into a ditch, Scotty took some deep breath's whilst panting for air, His put his hands on his knee's and looked at his cuts and all the devestation caused by the battle, "Wow.... That was hard, Hey Guys you did brilliant Im very proud of you all", Scotty said with a caring victorious tone.

He then sat on a rock and all his pokemon approached him and layed down next to him, All of them were exhausted and wanted to rest, Scotty then returned all of his Pokemon apart from Scizor ofcourse, "Well done Scizor, You did great we make a great team do'nt you think?", Scizor nodded with an encouraging smile.

He then noticed a lot of cuts and bruises he had got from the big scrap, "Ahh.. Everywhere aches, Especially when that Onix went down, Oh well it was for the City's sake, I wonder what that Team Stone where up to anyway..."

Saraibre Ryu
06-26-2007, 05:36 PM
"Alright Bandit. I'll let you out next time we need ya. Great job." I said, returning him to his pokeball and putting it back in my jacket pocket.

Team Stone? Not too familiar with them. Ashe commented.

I think I have but I'm not sure where. Dialgo commented. We better go and find the other human.

"I agree." I replied, clibming onto Dialgo's back. "If we run into anymore rebellious pokemon, we'll have to knock them out. If they were abandoned, then we might have to do it."

Ashe sighed as she got into my lap. You and your justice. We know you're right, but theres just too many this time.

"Yeah, well it doesn't hurt to try anyway. But first lets find out where Ven went, is going or up to."

Dialgo started off down the alley way and into the street, hoping to find any signs of travel down the street. After awhile, I saw Scotty not to far ahead of us. We decided to go and check up with him first.

06-26-2007, 05:45 PM
Scotty was holding his arm in pain in the alley, He may have broken it when he fell off the Onix, He looked up to see Rikku coming down the street, "Oh Hey Rikku, We all did pretty well back there, Scotty managed to say in deep pain, "So do you know where Ven went?".

Saraibre Ryu
06-26-2007, 11:07 PM
"I was just about to ask you the same thing." I answered.

I looked at Scotty's arm, knowing it was in no good shape. I knelt down and examined it quickly and carefully.

"You can explain to me how you got your arm fractured as I splinter it." I added, rummaging in my bag for my first aid kit that I always carry around.

After I finally found it, I took a medical splinter from my bag and wrapped that and some bandages around Scotty's arm.

"You wouldn't mind explaining to me what all this comotion was about either would you?"

06-27-2007, 07:01 AM
"Thanks a lot", Scotty replied, " Im not to sure what all this was about but something has driven them here and im pretty keen to see what it is, Oh and my arm.. I fell off the top of an Onix, Then crushed my arm, I hope I'll be ok."

"Anyway we should probably go search for Ven right now, He was fighting just in front of me but when I injured myself I did'nt see him again."

06-27-2007, 02:00 PM
All of a sudden, Ven yelled out, "Look out!!" soon, a Rhyhorn with Ven attached came running by, and so did his Pokemon, Nimble and Infernape close together, Lopunny close behind, then Froslass, and lagging behind Torterra and Empoleon. Then, they could here Ven saying "Gotcha." after a red flash. Soon, the PokeBall teleported (Apparently teleported is wrong >_>) out of Ven's hand and headed off to Bebe's Pokemon Box System, or PBS.

Soon, after returning all his Pokemon, Ven walked over to his group, and fell. He was sound asleep, way too tired to walk anymore.

Saraibre Ryu
06-27-2007, 02:09 PM
I stood point blank at the sudden event that just happened. So did Ashe, but with an 'okay I'll pretend that didn't happen' look. Dialgo went and picked him up and put him on his back.

"Alright, lets go to the Pokemon Center so we can all get checked up on." I said.

Ashe nodded, and Dialgo went ahead and ran Ven to the Pokemon Centre. Remembering the past little while, and that Tearess had gone and worn herself out again, I remembered what happened to Aura. She was in pain again because of the roars, which I didn't know were coming from.

Everyone's getting healed up regardless of whats happened. I thought to myself.

06-27-2007, 02:32 PM
Scotty closely followed behind everyone, With his Scizor, Scotty was clenching in arm for every step he took, He stopped and said to himself, "Ahh.. The pain is too strong I ca'nt run anymore", He kneeled down and unclicked a Pokeball from his belt, Out came Nova his shiny arcanine, "Alright Nova, Im in a pretty bad state, Think you could give me and Scizor a ride please?", Nova nodded with a happy smile.

Nova came whizzing past the group and headed straight for the Pokemon centre, "Good job Nova keep it up were almost there... As they got there the doors opened up, He returned Nova and gave all his Pokemon to Nurse Joy, After this he knew he needed to get to this hospital and fast.