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06-18-2007, 02:43 AM
Welcome to the Bomberman Jetters: Mujoe’s Wrath role play!

One day, Mujoe was mining in the ground and found a part of a crystal core. Scanning it in his scanner, he found that it was a part of the Bomb Crystal. The one gem that’s more valuable to Bombermen than life itself. He goes over to his Hige-Hige clan, the clan that he rules, and gets the help of Mechadoc to make a machine that can turn anything into the most powerful Bomberman ever. The Jetters Base receives a call from a Bomber Squad Leader saying that animals are turning into Bombermen and that the Bomber Squads need to go and save all of the animals and defeat Mujoe. The Jetters President, Dr. Iein, sends the six squads out to find the animals and rid them of their evilness by Mujoe and Mechadoc. Will you survive?

I have laid out a few rules here and I get really irritated if people don’t follow them :oops:

-Normal PE2K rules
-Normal Role Play rules
-No mini modding
-Do not post here if you are not a member of this role play
-No flaming the Bomberman franchise, members here, or me.
-You MAY NOT switch out of squads unless I say it’s ok for you to. If you feel like you need to switch out of squads, PM me with your reason.
-Make your posts as long as at least 200 characters or this will get locked.

Role Playing
Role Playing is kind of put out nicely. You just have to act out what you are going through as if you’re writing in a journal in first person time. You can do basically anything you want. Every time you get a call from the Jetters Base, you have to go back to the Jetters Base and see what’s going on. If they have a mission for you and you’re out in the open, you can basically just go right off to the mission, but when you complete a mission, you have to report back to the Jetters and tell them that the mission is complete. If you finish a mission and the Jetters Base doesn’t give you another one immediately, you can just walk around and do virtually anything. If you’re not on a mission, you can also talk to some Jetters Base Members and do some side quests that they might give you. Sometimes, they’re really challenging and sometimes, they can be completely retarded. For instance, if you get a side quest from Dr. Iein, he might ask you to find a rare item deep in the ocean which can be challenging, or he might just ask you to go to the Ramen Shop and bring him back some ramen. Either way, it’s worth doing some side quests if you want to get extra stuff like items that can boost your abilities, power, speed, etc. or just doing it for fun (and sometimes yen… :hungry: yes, we use yen in this game, not dollars). Who’s going to be the role of the Jetters Base Members you ask? Well, I am. I control everyone in the Jetters Base and that means I get to control what missions and side quests you do. Oh, and all the squads are on the same side, so don’t get in a fight with them please :smile:.

Ok, just so this doesn’t get locked, here are some examples of what you should make your posts look like and how to write them up.

Normal Wandering posts should be a little bit like this:

As I set off with my squad, I see the Jetters Base wishing me luck. All the members of the White Bomber Squad walking towards our destination: Rouge City. From what I’ve heard, it’s a very rough town filled with thugs and what not. Knowing this, my squad’s leader probably is destined to find some Hige-Hige clan members there or at least a Bomberman created by Mujoe.

As I am carrying my things with me at 8 PM, I look up at the starts and wonder, “How can just a grain of a crystal be so important to a Bomberman?” I wonder all night long how this is possible and how our own lives aren’t as important to us as just a crystal. Suddenly, my Rooey comes up to me and comforts me as I am going to sit down. I can understand that he wants to make me feel brave and that there’s nothing to worry about.

“Thank you.”

My Rooey smiles. So too do I.

This is what your posts should look like if you're fighting someone:

The heat starts to rise as Crocodile Bomber’s bomb explodes. I start to sweat, not knowing what to do. I reach my hand up into the air and a bomb cloaked in fire pops out of nowhere. I charge up my throw and aim at Crocodile Bomber.


At that moment, I throw my bomb, creating a catastrophic explosion. I can tell from the scratches on Crocodile Bomber’s arms that he got injured badly, but he didn’t look tired yet. He still seemed to be full of energy. My Rooey nudges and starts to talk to me.

“Rui! Rui Rui! (Throw a Thunder Bomb into Crocodile Bomber’s mouth! It will electrocute him and he will probably get defeated!)”

“Louie! Are you crazy?! I’m not experienced at throwing a Thunder Bomb yet! I have to get permission from Mighty to do my next action!”

“Rui! (Just do it!)”

“….Okay fine!”

I yell out to my squad leader, Mighty, and wait for my next command from him.

Here's what your posts are reccomended to look like if you find an item that will boost your abilities, kind of like a real RPG:

As Ribbon Bomber explodes, I see a big flash of light. All of a sudden, little beams of light shoot towards all of the Bombermen in my squad like little meteors. Everyone opens up their belts and sees that a new Bo[/INDENT]mb Star had been added to their belt case. Everyone yelling, “OOH! A new Bomb Star!” and, “I got another Bomb Star!” was all I heard at that moment. I look inside my belt and find a bomb star in my belt case as well.\

“Look Louie! It’s my fourth Bomb Star!”

“Rui Rui! (Alright!)”

Suddenly, I find a little blue, bracelet-shaped shard on the ground. I had no idea what it is, so I asked my Rooey.

“Hey, Louie! Do you know what this is?”

”Rui! Rui Rui Rui! Rui Rui Rui Ruiiii! (Oh! That’s an ocean bracelet! It’s said that that allows you to hold your breath underwater for a very long time!)”

“Really? I’ve got to ask Mighty about this.”

I run over to Mighty and ask him about the ocean bracelet.

Now that that’s over with, let’s move on.

These are the only weapon in this role play. These are essential to your quest to tracking down Mujoe and they will help you out the entire way. Here’s a list of the bombs and their attributes:

Power: **
Speed: **
A standard bomb used for attacking opponents and exploding rocks. It’s one of the weakest bombs.

Fire Bomb
Power: ***
Speed: ***
A well balanced bomb that is cloaked in fire. It’s a very powerful bomb that is used almost at all times.

Burning Fire Bomb
Power: *****
Speed: ****
An improved version of the Fire Bomb that’s also commonly used. The flames that surround it are so hot to touch, it is said that only a skilled Bomberman is one who can master using this bomb.

Thunder Bomb
Power: ***
Speed: *****
A very speedy bomb that is uncommonly used. It can electrocute an opponent and sometimes paralyze them.

Water Bomb
Power: 0
Speed: **
A bomb that’s only used for its watery explosion. When it explodes, it leaves a puddle of water on the ground where it exploded that anyone can slip in.

Ice Bomb
Power: ***1/2
Speed: ****
An icy bomb that’s too cold to touch, enemies can’t stand to touch it. When this bomb explodes, little shards of ice fly out in all directions that hit anything they touch.

Plasma Bomb
Power: ****
Speed: ---
A bomb that is so fast, it never fails to hit the enemy. Sadly, you have to find and obtain a scroll to use this bomb.

Hyper Plasma Bomb
Power: ---
Speed: ---
The best bomb in existence. Sadly, you have to go on 10 missions for Dr. Iein to be able to use this bomb.

There are a total of six squads. Each is run by a Squad Leader. The Squad leader is sometimes different from the members of the squad and more powerful. Some squads are skilled in using certain bombs and are weak at using others. However, each squad can use all of the bombs. Here’s a list of the squads and the squad leaders:

If a * is by a Squad Leader, then that squad leader HAS TO be a girl.

White Bomber Squad
Leader: Mighty
Squads Skill: equally skilled in all bombs
Squads Weakness: N/A
Squads line for victory: Team work

Black Bomber Squad
Leader: Kurobon (means Black Bomber in Japanese)
Squads Skill: Burning Fire Bomb
Squads Weakness: Water Bomb
Squads line for victory: Pure Power

Red Bomber Squad
Leader: Akaibon* (means Red Bomber in Japanese.)
Squads Skill: Water Bomb
Squads Weakness: Burning Fire Bomb
Squads line for victory: Sneak Attacks

Blue Bomber Squad
Leader: Aoibon (means Blue Bomber in Japanese.)
Squads Skill: Water and Ice Bombs
Squads Weakness: Thunder Bomb
Squads line for victory: attacks that hit everyone on the field and healing selves

Yellow Bomber Squad
Leader: Kiirobon (means Yellow Bomber in Japanese.)
Squads Skill: Thunder Bomb
Squads Weakness: Water Bomb
Squads line for victory: Speed and Evasion

Green Bomber Squad
Leader: Midoribon (means Green Bomber in Japanese.)
Squads Skill: Fire Bomb and Ice Bomb
Squads Weakness: Thunder Bomb
Squads line for victory: Defensive strategies

Yes, those adorable kangaroos are in here, too. You basically get to do anything you want with it. Feed it, take advice from it in battles, ride on it (trust me, they’re big enough for you to ride on them), command it to do things (as long as you’re nice to it), take it to a movie (xD), anything is possible. Your Rooey is your own pet. Every member has to have a Rooey when they sign up and that’s a requirement. You get to name it anything you want. From Freddy to Afro Dude. Just as long as it’s a name I approve of. You get to choose your Rooey’s color so it stands out from all the other member’s Rooeys and just incase someone chooses the same color you wanted to make your Rooey, you get to give your Rooey a personality and special marks (i.e. a bitten left ear, squeaky voice, black spot on right arm, etc.). Your Rooey will help you out in your adventure and you get to control how it will do so.

Here are the people that have signed up. They are organized in what squad they are in.

White Bomber Squad

Black Bomber Squad

Red Bomber Squad

Blue Bomber Squad

Yellow Bomber Squad

Green Bomber Squad

Bad guys:

Sign ups... yeah, I have a thread for that. Go here: www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45719

Have fun everyone :happy:

Please note I may add some stuff later that I forgot to put up here such as the over world map.