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Enchanted Flygon
11-10-2004, 05:51 PM
Chapter one

Deep in the Viridian Forest...
"Work Harder you worthless idiot!" a man with a red face said
A really angry man with a sandshrew was fighting a young trainer with a squirtle
"Use water gun attack,Squirtle!" a young trainer said
"Grrr...Sandshrew, if you dont win, NO supper tonight!" said the angry man
Sandshrew started to weep
"I've got to find Officer Jenny" skipper said under his breath
He ran off undetected toward the road to Viridian City.

Officer Jenny had just sat down to eat lunch when Skipper came bursting in like a hippo in a small door way
"What seems to be the problem, Skipper?" she asked
"*huff* Sandshrew *huff* Mistreated *huff* Viridian *huff* forest *huff*"
"A sandshrew being mistreated in the Viridian Forest!!!??????"She said angrily
She ran outside as quick as she could and hoped into her motorcycle
"Coming?" she called to me
Skipper ran out and jumped on the side part of the motorcycle
"Lets go!" she said and hit the pedal as hard as she could

Note to everybody: Chapter Two coming soon