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The End
11-11-2004, 03:18 PM
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now now all my kiddies, join in around good 'ol Blur and listen to a story of morals and all that good stuff. :O

The Worthless Fish and the Powerful Foe

Blur looked out the bus window, and saw the miles and miles of scenery go by. It was a dreadfully boring day and it was dragging by as if some godly power had slowed time to almost a total standstill. Blur was on the bus to go on some field trip to The Natural Museum of Boring as Snot Ancient Stuff. His class was going to see the awe-stunning library of a million books and and the first lamp shade invented by ancient egyptions. The museum itself was an hour away, and that was the longest hour of Blur's pitiful life. On of the teachers towards the front of the bus stood up and turned toward the back of the bus. He had short brown hair, and was wearing normal tacky teacher clothes.

"We are five minutes away from the museum!" he shouted.

"Great," Blur mumbled.

Before the teacher could sit back down, the bus suddenly rocked and and tipped over, while still going sixty miles per hour. The metal screeched along the paved highway, and the bus came to a stop. The bus driver got up shakily and talked on the loud speaker.

"We will be alright, everyone just file out of the emerge out of the emergency exit on top of the bus."

Everyone was so shaken that there was no shouting or screaming, everyone was too shocked to even know what was going on around them. They filed out of the emergency exit and just stood in the street by the bus, still dazed and slightly confused. Blur had recovered from the shock already, and was looking around.

The bus had come to a stop beside a large lake. It took Blur a moment to realize that they were besides a lake full of Magikarp. It was known as Karpo-Lardo Lake and had a very rare occasion of seeing a staryu in its calm waters.

Blur had been searching for a Staryu, and he knows it would be more entertaining to sift through hundreds of Magikarps than go to that museum.
When Blur turned around to go back to the bus, he felt something was very wrong with the area around the lake, something evil was at work there. He shrugged the feeling off and moved back to the bus to get his backpack, where all of his pokeballs were.

As he clumbed inside the bus, one of the teachers spotted him crawling in. He knew that his time was limited to get in and get out in a different exit. He grabbed his leather bag in his seat and kicked out one of the windows. He jumed out and ran towards the woods, making a clean escape. By the time the teacher had realized what had happened, Blur was gone into the woods.

When Blur stopped running