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11-12-2004, 02:53 AM
Oh well, I was bored and wanted a unique mon, so I sorta thought of this story. Have fun reading.


"Ahh, this is warm!" Raik grumbled.

He was on Mt. Chimney, along with Jim, his classmate and also his best friend, and Joyce, also his classmate. They were supposed to research on Forest Life and do a full report on whichever forest they chose. They were the last group to choose their forest, and since they didn't have much of a choice, they picked the warm and small Jagged Pass.

"Blast, the route to the forest is already this warm, I can't imagine how warm the forest would be," Jim blabbered, fanning himself with a paper fan he made out of a brochure he picked up at the Lavaridge Pokemon Center. Joyce only shook her head in exhaustion.

"Let's hope the forest is cooler than this stupid mountain we had to travel up," sighed Raik. Perspiration soaked his blue shirt as he took large but slow steps. His heavy backpack didn't help his exhaustion either.

After twenty minutes which seemed like forever for the trio, the forest was finally in sight. A bright smile appeared on the trio's faces as they neared the forest. They were just outside the forest, where few trees grew, when a man and a woman, both uniforms which didn't look like those of rangers, blocked their way.

"This forest is blocked off at the moment. Don't ask why," the man mumbled.

"Why..uhh, I mean, we have a pass to get in, we're here to do research," Raik mumbled.

"Oh really... Well, get past us first, children!" the man yelled, reaching into his pocket to grab a Pokeball. The trio were shocked by the sudden challenge.

"Go, Raticate!" the man shouted, tossing his Pokeball into the air. A flash of red light shone from the button of the Pokeball, and a deranged rat appeared. It growled fiercely at the trio, signalling its hunger to battle.

"Go, Camerupt!" the woman yelled, tossing her Pokeball into the air too. A lazy-looking fat camel appeared on the ground. Smoke drifted out of its nostrils, showing how hot could its firebreath be.

"You two are no rangers!" Jim accused, pointing at the man.

"Shut up kid, either you defeat us or you don't leave here alive," the woman warned.

"Looks like we'll have to defeat them, Raik. Joyce, let us handle these, okay?" Jim mumbled. Raik grabbed a Pokeball, which was attached to his unique belt, and nodded while looking at Jim. Jim grabbed a Pokeball from his pocket too, nodding at Raik too.

"Go, Snorlax!" Raik cried. Snorlax, with a flash of red light, appeared on the ground. It still looked hungry, but it always does anyway.

"Go, Hitmonchan!" Jim yelled. The active and agile fighting Pokemon appeared, bouncing and punching into the air.

The four Pokemon stared at each other aggressively, ready to fight.

The man made the first move, calling out to his Raticate, "Go, Raticate, use Super Fang on that Snorlax!"

Raticate, without hesitation, sped towards the fat, at the same time revealing its sharp fangs. Raticate hopped in the air, and dove downwards. Raticate landed on Snorlax, only to bounce off its fat stomach. The weak attack was of no effect to Snorlax.

"What?" the man gasped. "That's...insane"

"Snorlax, ignore that puny rat, destroy Camerupt with your Earthquake attack!" Raik commanded confidently.

"Hitmonchan, go for it, Comet Punch that Raticate!" Jim yelled.

Snorlax stood up, raised its arms high in the air, and shattered the ground with a hammer-like attack.

"Camerupt, quick, counter it with your own Earthquake attack!" the woman yelled.

Camerupt stomped the ground with all its might, shattering the ground too. The two cracks met, and an explosion was formed. The ear-deafening sound echoed so far and loudly that people from below the mountain could hear it. Both of the heavyweight Pokemon were thrown back by the force, injured.

Hitmonchan grabbed Raticate which was struggling in vain, slammed it on the ground, and followed up with quick and strong punches. The poor rat tried to escape, only to be stopped by the speedy punches. It wasn't long before Raticate fainted.

The man's jaws dropped as he called back his poor Pokemon. The woman snorted as the man lowered his head in shame.

"Never mind, we still have a chance, Camerupt, use Eruption!" the woman ordered.

"Snorlax, Hyper Beam!"

"Hitmonchan, pull back, you won't be able to stand the force of those attacks!" Jim commanded. Hitmonchan stepped back a little, awaiting the results of the attacks patiently.

Snorlax opened its mouth wide, and a ball of light formed in it. It fired the huge beam of power with all of its remaining energy. A ball of fire former in Camerupt's mouth, and it grew bigger and bigger. Slowly, Camerupt fired it, with drops of lava being left behind in the trail of the fire.

How will the battle end? To Be Continued...