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06-19-2007, 05:01 PM
Pheonicis Peak

The battle takes place at a high canyon rising above a harsh sea. The two cliffs are dotted with small caverns and platforms, and sunlight is blocked off in the shadow of the looming cliffs. The peak is sparsely covered with tough bushes. Above, the beating sunlight makes the cliff like a desert, while the cool, arid climate in the canyon is shelter for most life. Ekans and Sandshrew have been known to roam the cliff faces, searching for food. A river runs through the gap, rushing fiercely through the narrow passage.

Welcome to Pheonicis Peak, Free-For-All Arena! 20 pokémon trainers have been called to a battle of immense proportions! Each trainer will have three pokemon, one out at a time. With twenty trainers on the field, this will make Pheonicis Peak the site of an epic battle. Don't stop. Don't fall. Don't lose.

Description: (Bio, looks, personality)
Pokemon1: (No legendaries or ubers)
Pokemon1 Description: (Special moves, looks, etc. Nothing too drastic.)
Pokemon2 Description:
Pokemon3 Description:
Items: (Up to ten, no stacking, no Max Potions, Full Restores, Trivia exclusive, or Revives.)

I decided this was too messy and crazy for an RP, and I'm going to let in newbies who aren't literate enough for RPing in additon to normal RP enthusiasts. However, to make this qualify for the section, I'm going to have a PSG-esque rewards system for answering trivia questions! So without further ado, the items!


Max Potion: Heals all damage. Tricky trivia and rare challenges.
Duo Potion: Heals half max HP to two pokemon. Useful for alliances.
Tri Potion: Heals half max HP to three pokemon. Useful for alliances.
Full Heal: Heals all status conditions. Easy trivia and common challenges.
Duo Heal: Heals status conditions to two pokemon.
Tri Heal: Heals status conditions to three pokemon.

Brass Knuckles: Increases damage for all direct attacks.
Posion Edge: Poisons opponent while inflicting poison type damage.
Hot Iron: Burns opponent.
Staminex: Makes enemy tired and makes it harder for them to move.
Static Patch: Paralyzes enemies who contact holder. One use.
Equality Spear: Does massive damage to enemies who have boosted their stats.

Ancient Tome: Increases all stats by one stage.
Great Shield: Negates damage for a short time.
Guard Specs: Negates stat-lowering moves.
Barrier: Allows user to place an unbreakable wall anywhere on the stage. Disappears after an hour or so. (Not real time)
Shade Runner: When shrouded, enemies must direct attacks toward other pokemon.
Provoke: Causes user to draw hits from enemies.

Have fun and all that jazz! At 20 people, the free-for-all begins!

06-19-2007, 11:00 PM

Name: Sonic
Looks: Sonic is a tall young man. He has light black peach fuzz, as well as some hair covering his arms and legs. His hands are moderately big from working with so much computer and technological mechanisms as a child. He is light in color, a slightly tanned peach. His face is long and oval shaped, with dark brown eyes set in the middle that seem to ask the question, "why?" He has thin lips and a slightly wide mouth, however. His nose is small and shadows his small mustache. Above his eyes are a smooth forehead, and above that is a dark blue jean hat, the same color as his long jean pants that conceal a bush of untidy, scrambled hair. On his wrist is a small digital wristwatch he has had for seven years and has always worn to tell the time. His shirt is a light green color that almost blends in with grass. His shoes are dark red sneakers that have been ripped and torn slightly in several places and with frayed laces that have been double knotted for months.

Personality: Sonic is a quiet, very internal person. He doesn't express feelings often, and usually doesn't say much. The unknown is a place he tends to stay away from, thus, strangers are kept at a distance mentally. He won't communicate with people he doesn't know very easily, but when he does know the person, he is an entirely different person. At this point, he can be a very loud, almost obnoxious person with very childlike views. He's a kid at heart, despite his shyness. He is not offended by much, so is generally a psychologically tough young man. Fighting isn't one of his strong points, however. Sonic's strengths lie in his vast knowledge. Sonic loves to learn, and is more gravitated toward reading a book or compiling data, rather than pulling out a sword and slashing away. While he can shun off anyone he doesn't know, he is totally loyal to those that he does warm up to, regardless of how much of a pest he is. Sonic has few friends, and is a loner for the most part. He doesn't say much to an outsider but mostly thinks by himself, observing the world but not integrating himself into it. Sonic prefers to step back from the chaos rather than dive into it. He thinks everything he does totally through and does not rush in brashly. Every move he makes is calculated beforehand, but he is not too quick of a thinker, so improvisation on the spot is not a strong point. Sonic can be clumsy, and is not very attentive except to studying and his schoolwork. (((Mostly copied from Team RP II)))

History: Sonic has lived in Olivine City during his childhood. He does not have a particularly exciting background, but he grew up there until he was thirteen years old, finding interest in the Light Tower there and watching day after day to observe the mechanims of the tower. At that time, he moved to Goldenrod, where he changed his eyes from the Light Tower to the Radio Station and the Train Station, becoming more and more obsessed with watching the technology run, and learning how to use the different tools and electrical workings of the Radio and Train Station. His classmates and peers began to make fun of him for this, though. His constant hovering around in the stations brought loads of mental torment from the children around him, pushing him away from the world and into his own bubble of thought. Sonic slowly began to shelter himself from their taunts, forming a sheild around himself that confined him and caused him to slide away from even compliments.

Pokemon1: Mantine
Pokemon1 Description: A Mantine that Sonic hatched from an egg and raised from a Mantyke. Given to him by a mysterious old man in a black-and-white cloak. It has a special move that Sonic stumbled upon while trying to combine different techniques into combos for battle, called Hydrowing, in which Mantine leaps into the air and allows its wings to be covered in water, then striking down at the foe from above. It is quite shy, and does not interact with other Pokemon often, preferring to keep its distance.
Pokemon2: Camerupt
Pokemon2 Description: A Camperupt that Sonic hatched from an egg and raised it from a Numel. Given to Sonic by an old man in a black-and-white cloak. It has a special technique that Sonic found while trying to put together combo moves to use in battle. It is called Volcanoshake, in which Camerupt pounds on the ground to create small cracks throughout the terrain, and then breathes fire through to create a vein-like flow of flame which rises from the cracks and burns the foe. Camerupt is not very outward, but is extremely loyal to Sonic. It will defend its master no matter what the cost, and Camperupt does tend to have a temper.
Pokemon3: Smeargle
Pokemon3 Description: A Smeargle that Sonic traded a mysterious man in a black-and-white coat an Alakazam to have. It has seen and successfully copied only seventeen different moves after watching a tournament- Silver Wind, Crunch, Twister, Shock Wave, Brick Break, Flame Wheel, Featherdance, Spite, Ingrain, Mud Slap, Mist, Howl, Acid Armor, Future Sight, Rock Polish, Bullet Punch, and Bubble.
However, when Sonic had tried to teach Smeargle Tri Attack, it refused to learn it. Instead, when it tries to use the move, four beams are fired rather than one, and the fourth one is made of rock rather than fire, ice, or lightning. Sonic calls it Quad Attack. Smeargle does not like to fight often, and would rather sit back and watch. It will battle for Sonic, however.

Items: None
Other: Carries a Datalyzer with him, which is like a superpowered PDA.

06-23-2007, 11:57 PM
Accepted. And bumped. Go me.

Also, I don't know about the Smeargle... maybe you should tone it down to just moves he's been up against limiting the pool.

06-24-2007, 08:35 PM
Got it, TVT.

Limited to 17 moves, one of each type.

Even if they're too powerful, I probably won't ever use more than half of 'em. :P